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News :: War and Militarism
International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 4
12 Dec 2007
International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 4 (On Liberals, Control And Spell Casting)


A long time ago, a powerful wizard learned that he and his fellow witches and wizards could be thinking the same thing without verbally communicating it to one another. There was no need for a central figure to tell them what they were supposed to think. They all understood the same things and had arrived at their understanding of their own volition. The wizard, who had cast countless spells on countless streets across Europe, soon found himself under attack by people who thought they possessed the true nature of revolution. They believed they knew the answer. They said the revolution should be shaped and molded. They wanted to channel the energy of the revolution into the bureaucracy of the State and attempt to seize political power. Under the sway of the enemy's spells, they had grown scared and wanted to hold onto the State, finding it necessary for their survival. These people began to persecute and attack the anarchist witches and wizards, fearing their ability to act together, autonomously. This forced the anarchists to flee into the Realm of the Shadows, a place they inhabit to this day.

Since then, the State, under the guiding hand of Capitalism, has come within arms reach of destroying the planet. Its rationalized system of production (ie: destruction) has devoured massive areas of the world and will not stop until everything is gone. The situation grows more dire with each year that passes. The anarchist witches and wizards keep fighting against this suicidal civilization. And while the witches and wizards fight they are attacked, not only by their common enemy and its internal military, but by people who claim to be resisting while still desperately clinging to the State, believing it fixable. These people (hereafter referred to as Liberals) are still under the enemy's spells and are doing their bidding. These Liberals do not want their attempt to retake the State apparatus jeopardized by anarchists who will not submit to their ideology or agenda. Because the anarchists cannot be controlled, because the anarchists know EXACTLY who the enemy is and how to attack it, because the anarchists actually attack the enemy, because of all this, the Liberals are terrified of them. The enemy's spells make the Liberals believe in the enemy's values. Through the Liberals, the enemy has created a defensive wall against the threat of revolution. As long as those who want to change the system believe they CAN change it, they will never revolt AGAINST the system. Anarchists do not believe the system can be changed. The system has to be completely and utterly destroyed in order to save the planet.

Our task is to counter and neutralize the enemy's spells and show people that the world can and should exist without hierarchy, exploitation, control and competition. The only way to do this is to cast bigger spells and let more people hear our incantations. Magic, as you all know, spreads on its own once released from a wand. All we need to do is learn how to cast a spell large enough to free people of that last bit of our enemy's spells which makes them depend on the system even while it is destroying them.


In Seattle, during the final year of the 20th century, a group of anarchist witches and wizards let loose their Magic against the enemy which had occupied the city. Their effective use of spells attracted and inspired thousands of the people around them. Many of those on the streets with the anarchists learned how to use Magic for the first time. This Magic spread and spread, even getting into the ranks of the Liberals. But the Liberals, not wanting their masters to think them uppity, condemned the black clad witches and wizards, blind to the fact that it was the anarchist Magic which made the WTO protests into what they were. Some Liberals physically attacked the witches and wizards. Others protected the enemy's corporations in the absence of the police. And now, 8 years after, the WTO protests are something that even the most staunch Liberal looks back on as a victory. The witches and wizards blocking delegates are never talked about by the Liberals. They like to pretend that there is no such thing as Magic.

Despite what the Liberals may say about Magic, other people can still see what works and what does not. Anarchist witches and wizards cannot help but bring life and Magic to everything they take part in. Naturally, people around this Magic tend to gravitate towards it. They gravitate towards it because Magic is the ability to immediately change your physical surroundings and the situations you are stuck in. Magic is not walking in circles and it is not asking the slave master permission to rebel. Magic is fighting against what is destroying you and not hesitating. Magic is understanding your full potential and using your new found gifts to help others find theirs. Magic is revolution. Magic is contagious. It needs no words to explain it. Magic moves on its own and no one can resist learning how to use it. The only catch is that people need to actually see witches and wizards actively using Magic in order for them to become intoxicated by it.

Witches and wizards have had to stay in the Realm of the Shadows, only emerging when it was safe to do so. Because of this secrecy, people do not often get a chance to see real Magic on the streets. All of the spells that anarchists teach one another often remain stuck in the shadows and are never used up above. The anarchist subculture rarely interacts with the dominant culture. Many bad experiences have pushed the anarchist witches and wizards deeper into the shadows where they constantly guard themselves against the next threat or the next betrayal. In the shadows, no one can see us play with light or dance with ghosts. Our Magic stays with us and begins to rot.


Luckily, when witches and wizards actually do get out on the street and create situations where non-magic folk can witness and join in Magic, the effects are remarkable. Most people like having something to do. Most people do not have anything meaningful to do in their regimented lives. When an opportunity comes for them to attack what they have always felt powerless towards, most people tend to take it, especially when there are a lot of witches and wizards around who know what they are doing.

In the US (the IAC knows the situation is similar in other countries but will only directly refer to the situation in the US), the Liberals have exhausted themselves and do not know what to do. The State is doing what it wants to do without them. Their petitions and marches and people's tribunals have done NOTHING of any value to anyone who is being killed (quickly or slowly) by this system. A large number of people know this, but they are still sheepishly looking for a leader or leaders to fix everything for them. None of their potential leaders will tell them the truth. None of their potential leaders will fix a single thing of any consequence to the rest of the planet. There is nothing left to believe in that exists within this culture. All of its symbols and myths are quickly dying. In the face of all this, a group of beautiful, magical witches and wizards casting spells at this corrupt system looks pretty refreshing to a lot of people.

The anarchist subculture is rich with innovations and discoveries. We possess a wealth of information that few outside are ever exposed to. The smallest spark is all that is needed to ignite some people's minds. Our spells are easy to pass on. Once they are in the hands of others, they can grow beyond our wildest dreams. The Realm of the Shadows must become a little brighter. Our intentions should be clear to everyone and we should confidently explain ourselves to all who ask. We should be exactly who we are and never compromise our desires. Magic is so appealing, so alluring, that the smallest use of it can change the world.


One of our biggest threats right now (aside from the threat of the government) in the US comes from the Liberals. They act as an extension of the State and its designs. As long as the government can trick the Liberals into hating witches and wizards, any meaningful resistance will be forbidden not only by the enemy's laws but by those around us who “represent” the “left.” The government is good at using its population against itself and has done so superbly for decades. Liberals, under our enemy's spells, believe violence done to the State is wrong and that violence against us from the State is justified. This logic PERFECTLY serves the purposes of the State and has been intentionally conditioned into the population of the US in order to prevent a revolution. The US government, scared of the quickly disintegrating situation, is attempting to pass laws which will criminalize ALL real dissent and pacify the population. This cannot be allowed to take place. If the Liberals continue to trust the government, anyone who engages in Magic will become a “terrorist.”

We must spread knowledge of our existence and actively show people that we are NOT terrorists. We must show them the real terrorists who are right in front of them but who they have been blinded to: the terrorists in the banks and the terrorists in the police cars, the terrorists in high rises and the terrorists in city hall, the terrorists in the workplace and the terrorists in the capital. People are smart and can see. We should encourage more people to open their eyes. Not that anarchists have not been trying. We just need to try harder. If there has ever been a time to be bold and fearless, that time is right now.

Some of us, morbid from gazing at the darkness in the Seeing Stones, feel no desire to be active and are content to wait for the darkness to fall, assuming we will live through it. Some of us do not think anything can be accomplished while the machine is still running. The IAC believes the opposite of this. The IAC believes that the more people who know how to take care of themselves, defend themselves and live for themselves there are, the more likely it is that we will be able to weather the storm. Casting spells outside of our houses is a good way to spur people on to becoming witches and wizards.

The IAC would like to remind everyone that spells take many different form. Some spells conjure bread and soup from nowhere and other spells can cause buildings to grow bicycles. Some spells make people spit out their coffee as they drive by a newly defaced billboard. Some spells can slowly heal and protect people who are in danger. There are spells that can freeze traffic and spells that can stop a city. There are spells that heal forgotten neighborhoods. Some spells can even make people fall in love. It is rumored that there exists one specific spell which, if used correctly, can bring our dreams down from the sky so that we and our children might live in them for the rest of our lives.


The Liberals no longer have the monopoly on “resistance” that they once did. More and more people are fleeing from their static view of the problem and looking for a way to stop what is happening. The ides of the “right” and the “left” are beginning to crack apart. Multiple lines are blurring and ideas about violence and non-violence are slowly becoming meaningless. This decomposition must be quickened. We must get rid of all these old ideas and completely escape from the enemy's spells. The IAC believes this to be completely possible.

It does not take very long for the feeling of total freedom to take over a human being once they have tasted it. We all know what our spells can do and have seen Magic explode from our fingertips time and time again. Some of our comrades have likened certain instances of spell casting to children playing with fire, unaware of what it can do (the IAC agrees with their assessment). The use of Magic needs to stop being accidental and we should trust our abilities more than we currently do. If people are ready to listen to us, we must be willing and eager to speak. People want to see what we can do. People want to see us do more.

Every day that is wasted is another day the situation gets worse. Every day that is not wasted increases the planet's chances of survival. The capitalists are going to do bad things to each other. Those things might destroy the planet very quickly. They cannot be allowed to take things that far. They must be resisted constantly and diversely so that, when their empire begins to crumble, they will not be able to find anyone who wants them around. Very few people trust either parties of the US government. It has almost become something of a joke to many people and prevents them from acting. Wrapping up atrocities in humor is not acceptable. There is NOTHING funny about any of this (the IAC finds humor to be essential to life). This popular coping mechanism must stop. The US government, along with every other government, is destroying not only Iraq but the entire planet. What there is to joke about when it comes to this destruction, the IAC does not know (the IAC believes jokes to be more valuable than logic). Nihilism, when taken to certain point, becomes Anarchy. In this country of Nihilists, let us hand out fire.

Take a brief moment to think of those times when you and your loved ones succeeded with one of your undertakings. Remember how perfectly it went and what it took to have it go perfectly. Think back to all those times you continued to get away with it, as if you were surrounded by Magic. Without blocking out anything, remember the people sitting in the enemy's jails. Think about them very clearly. Think about what they will not see and what they will be unable to do while they are in the clutches of the enemy. Imagine being trapped in a room with the enemy's agents and imagine how you would act. Ask yourself if you are ready. Answer yourself honestly. And then suddenly remember how many more people there are out there, not locked up, still alive and still free. Once you have done that, open your front door and go outside.

Your Loving Friends,

The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC)

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This work is in the public domain
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