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News :: Politics
Watch Hillary Clinton Vehemently Vow to Raise Taxes and Vote for War
20 Dec 2007
A leopard doesn’t change its spots.
Hillary Clinton will go down in history as one of the most deceitful enablers of our time. To enable means “to make able; provide with means, money, opportunity, power or authority to carry on a certain conduct, action; to authorize, allow, or permit, ie by legislation; to make possible or effective, specifically to make possible or support the dysfunctional behavior of someone, as by denying it exists or compensating for it in some way.” To enable a person’s dysfunctional behavior is to be a party to that behavior by aiding and abetting that behavior.

Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck sold 5 million copies of “The Road Less Traveled”. He also wrote a book called “People of the Lie”. In “People of the Lie” Dr. Peck said that “the lies of the wicked are endless.” The American people seem to be suffering from some collective Alzheimer’s disease. A few short years ago Al Gore lost the Presidency because he could not shake off the stench which Bill Clinton had left in the oval office, and the bad taste which Bill Clinton left in the mouths of the people of the Red States.

In a country whose motto not long ago was “Better dead than Red”, it is ironic that today Time Magazine awarded Vladimir Putin the “Man of the Year Award” and the so called patriotic heartland of America is called the Red States. Nevertheless, the polls show that Hillary Clinton cannot defeat one single Republican, not even Rush Limbaugh. In a time when the Republican Party’s disastrous policies are now handing the Presidency to the Democratic Party the Democrats are poised to shoot themselves in the foot by nominating the only Democrat who cannot win one single Red vote.

Speaking of colors, it boggles the mind that black people, after centuries of being lynched, persecuted and put down by the white man, now with their first legitimate shot at the White House, are evenly split between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Perhaps the African American population is suffering from some sort of collective Stockholm Syndrome; they have fallen in love with their captors. The predicament which America finds itself in today is the result of 54 years of rule by mismanagement, deceit and lies by the Clinton and Bush families. When Bill Clinton openly tells the American people that Hillary Clinton’s first priority is to send Bill Clinton and George Bush’s father out as America’s world wide ambassadors, and then Hillary Clinton proclaims that she is the “Candidate of Change”, it acts as a verbal emetic.

Speaking of emetics, today while Dick Cheney fiddled as his office burned, and President Bush underwent his third colon irrigation this month, Hillary Clinton, the defacto leader of the Democratic Party voted to give George Bush another 70 thousand million dollars for the Iraq War, no strings attached. Hillary Clinton has continually lied that the Democrats need 60 votes in the Senate to leave Iraq, but as every lawyer knows Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid under the control of Hillary Clinton could simply turn off the tap on Iraq immediately by not bringing an Iraq War funding bill to the floor of the House or Senate. If we have learned anything from the Bush Clinton Royal Family, it is that the American people have an insatiable appetite for lies.

Jesus Christ said, “I Am the Truth and the Life and the Way.” A person can be judged to be truthful if their actions are consistent with their words, and if their present words are consistent with their previous words. Hillary Clinton’s words are on display at her official campaign website. Bill Clinton, the new first lady said, “I Am the Truth and the Life and the Way”, “I did not have sex with Gennifer Flowers for 12 years, or Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office”, and “I opposed the Iraq War from the outset.”

Slick Willie is once again running circles around his opponents and he is doing an end run around the Constitution’s 2 term limit for American Presidents, preparing for a spectacular dive onto his old couch in the Oval Office, as he flies across the goal line into the endzone for his third and fourth Super Bowl victories.

When Bill Clinton first ran for President in 1992, Gennifer Flowers said that she had a twelve year affair with Willie, which story was confirmed by Bill’s Arkansas State Police bodyguards. When Bill Clinton denied the affair, Gennifer Flowers produced the smoking tape conversations between herself and the slick one, in which they both cooed “Honey” to each other. Hillary Clinton rushed to her husband’s defense, lambasting Gennifer Flowers as a liar, and explaining to the American people, in true enabler style, that in Arkansas, everyone calls everyone “Honey”.

Billy Preston and Eric Clapton sang a song about the Jewish people’s exodus from slavery in Egypt and their 40 year march in circles lost in the desert searching for the promised land, called, “Will it (Willie) go round in circles, “Will it (Willie) fly high like a bird up in the sky”, here: People bet on horses which run around in circles and they bet based upon the horses’ track records.

The American people today are wandering in circles lost in the the desert because they continue to be chosen to be lead by first Senator Prescott Bush, from 1953 to 1963, then by George H. W. Bush from 1989 to 1993, ad nauseum. Often criminal cases are decided purely on circumstantial evidence. Normally the victim is unable to testify to the identity of her murderer. In these cases the jury must decide which are the true facts and then draw inferences from these facts. George H. W. Bush said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” When he proceeded to raise taxes he was shown the door, and ever since, every American Presidential Candidate has known that the only way to get elected is to promise to lower taxes. Any candidate deciding publicly to raise taxes is as good as dead on arrival.

A “tax” is where the government requires the people to pay a percentage of their income, property value, wealth, to the government for the support of the government and the government’s functions. A tax is a burden on, a strain on the citizens, to support the functions of the government.

The exorbitant interest on the United States’ 10 trillion dollar debt is a tax named interest expense. The 10 trillion dollar loan is a burden on the economy resulting in the plummeting dollar, and the interest should be used to fund education, health care and social security. The 10 trillion dollar deficit must be repayed and it is a tax on the children and grandchildren. Today, the Chinese and Saudi Arabians holding America’s mortgage are in the process of buying up America’s banks and companies, thanks to the Bush Clinton dynasty. The politician’s trick is to lie through your teeth, tax the people into bankruptcy, put the money in your own pockets and the pockets of your friends in the oil and warmonger industries, say that you haven’t raised taxes and demonize your opponents as tax raisers.

Hillary Clinton is promising on her website to strengthen the Middle Class by “lowering taxes for middle class families.” Hillary Clinton voted to invade Iraq. Hillary Clinton recently enabled George Bush to invade Iran by voting for the Kyl/Lieberman amendment. Hillary Clinton has promised to keep permanent bases in Iraq and a large residual force in Iraq to fight the terrorists in Iraq. When the inevitable all out civil war erupts in Iraq between the oil rich Shiites of Muqtada al Sadr in the south, the rival Shiite Badr brigade, the oil less Sunnis now being equipped by America and the oil rich Kurds in the North of Iraq, Bill and Hillary Clinton will lead the American charge into Tehran in a glorious attempt to conquer the Middle East oil fields for Texaco and Exxon Mobil. Unfortunately Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” has paid off his country’s debt, is flush with oil, cash, and fresh troops and he, Hu Jintao and Ayatollah Khamenei will beat the Clintons’ heads in, just as Russia and China helped tiny North Vietnam defeat the United States.

On March 6, 2003, Hillary Clinton met with the anti war ladies of Code Pink in the Capitol building. Hillary Clinton said, “The Bush administration is pursuing disastrous economic policies. This is the height of irresponsibility. The Bush administration is bankrupting our economy. It is absolutely wrong that for the first time in American history we have a President who is talking about leading this country to war and wanting to cut taxes at the same time. That is the height of cruel, arrogant irresponsibility!” Watch her say this here: Use your mouse to drag the circle to 13:45. At 14.00 on the video compare the real, screaming, finger pointing, shrill warmonger Hillary Clinton with the phony, laughing, cackling Hillary Clinton of today. Hillary Clinton is laughing for votes.

Hillary Clinton is laughing and cackling at leading us all into the Apocalypse of climate change (Bill and Hillary refused to ratify Kyoto) and nuclear world war III which every scientist knows will have no survivors because she read in her book of Revelations that when the earth is destroyed in the Apocalypse, a new earth and a new Jerusalem will descend from the sky to replace the present one. She also read in her book of Revelations that during the Apocalypse, Prince Jesus Christ will fly down from Heaven on his flying horse and defeat the snake, goat, lion Beast Devil. Unfortunately nobody told Hillary Clinton that the New Testament was written by Greek authors in Greek who plagiarized their grandparents’ Greek myth of Prince Bellerophon on his flying horse Pegasus defeating the snake, goat, lion Chimera.

We are all backing flying white war horses that have never won a race and spending all of our money on killing machines, when all we have to do to achieve world peace is to stop fighting and killing, but there is little short term profit in that, only long term profit. Which African American Presidential candidate actually voted against the Iraq War? Has Oprah Winfrey ever led you astray? Let go of your ingrained prejudices and vote for the continuation of life on earth. The millennium has turned and life must cease on Earth unless there is peace. You love Tiger Woods, don’t you?
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