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Commentary :: International
Enough Blowback for Everyone!
17 Mar 2004
If you thought 9/11 was horrendous wait ‘til you see what a good portion of the Arab world can dish up when they feel their backs are up against the wall, when they react to another U.S. client state and a U.S military platform in their midst. The Crusades have come back to haunt us.
A year ago when spineless Democrats caved-in to the Bush regime’s dangerous resolution of pre-emptive war in Iraq and took the bait of business-as-usual political posturing, the CIA reminded us (in a de-classified report at that time) that Saddam Hussein would be more of a threat to the U.S. after an invasion than before. As it turned out, it was not Saddam but the invasion itself that has increased the threat to our collective safety. But we didn’t need the CIA to tell us that; we used common sense. In classic Washington style, of course, most Democrats went for the worst option. One might have wished at the time that the Dems would follow the lead of the majority of voters in their wish not to go it alone in Iraq. Wish on. Instead the opportunistic recreant Democrats, not wanting to appear soft on the euphemism called defense, signed-on to the death certificates of our soldiers and those of an untold numbers of Iraqi citizens.
If you thought 9/11 was horrendous wait ‘til you see what a good portion of the Arab world can dish up when they feel their backs are up against the wall, when they react to another U.S. client state and a U.S military platform in their midst. The Crusades have come back to haunt us. You’ve seen some of that reaction already in the 500 plus dead U.S. soldiers whose bodies were littered across Iraq; soldiers who would NOT be dead had the Bush regime and congress joined the international community in dealing with Iraq and her neighbors through diplomacy. When things get even more ugly, say when a suitcase nuke goes off in some major metro downtown here on the home front or a biological weapon spreads some fearsome plague across the land, it won’t just be the voters of the United States who suffer death and destruction, their will also be a sizable portion of political death and destruction served out to those politicians who brought such horror upon our shores as well. Perhaps then folks will not be so quick to condemn statements like that made by former presidential candidate Howard Dean who pointed out quite correctly that we are indeed not safer since the capture of Saddam.
Witness what Spain suffered for buying into the Bush doctrine. A message, allegedly from al Qaeda, received after the train bombings says it all: "This is an answer to your cooperation with the Bush criminals and their allies. This is an answer to crimes which you committed in the world, notably in Iraq and Afghanistan, and there will be more, so help us God." What else did they expect?
Massachusetts’s Senator John Kerry may be one of those to fall. He already self-destructed in the eyes of many Bay state voters when he stood in the blood-filled well of the U.S. Senate and signed-on to the Bush doctrine of imperial pre-emption. The junior senator from Massachusetts sought in vain to have it both ways, like Senator Dodd of Connecticut and Clinton of New York, he spoke from both sides of his mouth at once, hoping to appear critical of the Administration’s insane policies while voting in support of them. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. When the blowback spikes, these voices of duplicity will be remembered almost as quickly as those of the present occupants in the Whitehouse.
Not all Democrats displayed such duplicity, however. Senators Byrd and Kennedy, among others, continue to raise serious doubts about the rush to war and the dubious sales job used by the Whitehouse to promote the invasion. Last year those senators pointed toward the CIA document concerning blowback and, since then, they have shed light on the despicable Republican maneuvers used to scam public opinion in 2003. Byrd and Kennedy were like voices in the wilderness, except there’s more sanity in wilderness than in the U.S. Senate. Forget the House of Representatives. That Other Body is a nest for the criminally insane where far-right ideologues place long outmoded puritanical concepts ahead of the welfare of the nation. All of those people will reap the whirlwind of their own ill-conceived policies. Frighteningly, some of the bible-bangers among them may even relish a holocaust, because there are those in congress who actually seek that bizarre biblical fantasy called The Rapture. Pray they don’t have their way.
The clock is running out for The Empire. As the political elite in Washington begins taking heat for their deceptions that led this nation into an illegal and immoral pre-emptive war, the barbarians prepare to storm the gates. The wheel of history goes round and round and, seemingly, few learn the lessons it teaches. Perhaps it is a flaw in the species; perhaps it is a deeply embedded suicidal population control mechanism; perhaps it is just plain stupidity. Regardless of the source, the names and faces of those who have brought it down upon us will be indelibly etched in our minds. History, after all, is the final judge and executioner.

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Re: Enough Blowback for Everyone!
18 Mar 2004
Our U.S. government will soon be spreading its resources and influence thin. Strong anti-war feelings are growing again. Spain reacted positively to its tragedy, and the idea will catch on. War is terror. Terror + terror = terror.
Force and fear will not end terrorist campaigns. Stand up and fight with better words and ideas, not with better weapons and technologies.
Understanding of human needs needs to be addressed. Equality is a neccesity. Food. Clothing. A comfortable living space for every human being. Industrial revolutions have made it possible to supply every human being with all of these things. It is now time to evolve from capitalism. When one person has more of anything, it's because someone else has LESS! We don't need leaders or heroes! We need humanity. "The people" need to love and help each other, not hate and do better than each other. Competition kills. Protest is the strongest exercise in democracy. Do it now if you want things to change.