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Review :: Globalization
The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group
15 Feb 2008
The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group
By Daniel Estulin
Among a growing number of Americans, and for quite some time, it has been surmised that the Cold War was a created event, a show, whereby American tax dollars were used to nurture a secret world government of elite financiers, politicians, media types, and religious leaders. This group seems intent on slowly locking down control of the masses through ever increasing taxation, police forces, and control of information. The plan appears to be this: one day the elite of the world, through careful planning and secret works, will gain TOTAL control of the world and its people, with no one really able to say how it took place. The lately deployed electronic mind control and behavior modification system called ENMOD, in all its various forms, tends to bear this scenario out as well.

The book by Daniel Estulin entitled "The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group" does much to further illuminate these machinations of world events during the last century. Through exhaustive research and first hand accounts, this book details the people and groups responsible for this quiet conquest; it covers events prior to the cold war as well, thereby supplying an invaluable, and up until now, Secret history, that is not just pertinent and important, but really kind of terrifying.

The Bilderberg Group meets once a year, in what can only be called extreme secrecy. The group is composed of world leaders from many realms, and is named after the place where the first meeting was held, Hotel Bilderberg, at Oosterbeek, Netherlands, in 1954. Since then, the location of the Bilderberg meetings are kept secret until one week before the meeting, when invitations for that year are sent out. One day prior to a Bilderberg meeting, all private individuals are cleared out of the area, usually a large hotel of world renown, and then government agencies, up to and including the CIA, go over the site with dogs and a fine tooth comb.

America has many enemies, but none so potent as those within. Names like Rockefeller, Clinton, Kerry, Bush, Brzezinski, Kissinger -- these crop up over and over again when the Bilderberg group and its satellites are examined. The designs of this elite group have become more evident as their plans proceed, and culmination approaches. The book "The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group" highlights all this, and it should be said that were it not for this work by Mr. Estulin, the maneuverings by these traitors would be much further advanced than they are.

The Bilderberg group is actually just one of many groups planet wide whose purpose is world government, but this does not mean a world government encompassing American ideals of freedom and free enterprise, but one comprised of large police forces enforcing global taxation, electronic mind control, behavior engineering, and total control of just about everything of value. It is outwardly stated by these people that America, as well as the rest of the world, must sacrifice its freedom and prosperity for the betterment of mankind. Demands have been made for governments of decree, where multinational corporations rule by profit, and do everything necessary to insure they never lose control of those profits. A striving for the hive, thats what this is, and the kings and queens and lords and barons of this world are, and have been, actively seeking this throughout the entire 20th century, and now, into the 21st.

Two fairly well known tentacles of the Bilderberg octopus are the Trilateral Commission, and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). There are many members who belong to all three groups, or two of these three groups. David Rockefeller is the moving force behind a lot of the activities of these groups, and it should be noted that no other person has engaged in more treasonous activities than this one man. His family is well known for their hate of the American way, even though it is America who has mistakenly given them their exalted positions in the world. Not only have the Rockefellers bitten the hand that feeds, they have actually tried to put it in handcuffs! After reading this book I sincerely believe several of the Rockefellers, especially David, along with certain of their unknown relations, should be arrested immediately.

So. The secrecy of the Bilderberg meetings is well guarded, and has been ever since the groups inception. This secrecy is accomplished in many ways, including large security forces and military guards to keep any inquiring minds at a safe distance. The secrecy is also maintained by inviting moguls of the world press to the organization, who of course have the power to shut down any unwanted exposure. Along with leaders of the world press, the Bilderberg Group fosters membership among the powerful within industry, politics, education, and religion. The stated goals of this group and its satellites: One World Government with powers of restore a more equitable relationship between government authority and popular control via centralized economic and social planning...this includes but is not limited to a program to lower the job expectations of those who receive a college education...leading to: a zero growth society, a state of perpetual imbalance where wars are used to manage the perceptions of the mass, centralized control of all education, centralized control of all foreign and domestic policies, empowerment of the United Nations, global taxation systems, and much much more.

Some other interesting members of the Bilderberg Group, past and present: Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, John Kerry, John Edwards, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tony Blair, Rick Perry (Governor of Texas), Richard Perle, Alan Greenspan, David Brinkley, Gerald Ford, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Michael Bloomberg, Vernon Jordan, Katie Couric, and many more, including a good portion of world royalty.

Daniel Estulin has endured hardship, harassment, and worse, in order to bring this information to the world, and it can only be said that he is truly a Man among Men, and whether realized or not, the world at large owes him at least a debt of gratitude, and perhaps their very freedom. The one thing the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, and the CFRs fear most is exposure, questions from the populace. They cannot commit their theft if the people are aware of what they are, and what they are doing. They understand instinctively that Privacy is Power, and though they demand privacy for their group and its operations of elitist control, they do everything possible to deny privacy to the individual, which is the whole issue in a nutshell.

There are many societies in our world that do not require secrecy to further their agenda, and many, if not most groups, are the very antithesis of secrecy. The Bilderberg Group is not one of those, and groups like the Bilderbergers are also many, from the lowest levels of culture to the highest. The true label for this behavior, among we who do not mince words, is Organized Crime. Quite simple to see actually, when light is shined upon it.

It is naive to accept the word of those who have exposed themselves as war makers and hate mongers. In fact, it is foolish to consider them anything but liars. It should be said that any private or government society that requires secrecy to operate should be rigorously examined, held accountable, especially when their influences are overt and harmful to personal Liberty, Knowledge, and the general welfare. Perhaps it would be a very good idea to create counter societies to do just that, to examine and hold accountable the war makers and other liars of control.

The Bilderbergers know that any observations of their meetings would result in accusations of treason, and worse. That is why they require secrecy to achieve their goals. They do not wish the confrontation that always results in the demise of their type; they are, in every sense, unable to endure the light of scrutiny. Secrecy is the main reason they and their group have become exalted, only to take advantage of that ascendancy by creating and maintaining ignorance and hate and war and lies.

Read the book "The True Story Of The Bilderberg Group", by Daniel Estulin, and see for yourself what secrecy has wrought in your name.

review by Bill Gallagher

Post Office Box 577
Walterville OR 97489
publisher (at)

This work is in the public domain
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Bilderberg Group IS The Elite Of Elite
15 Feb 2008
The Bilderberg Group was filmed by Alex Jones in 2006. The video anyone can watch in full at Google Video. Type in ENDGAME. You'll get to know David Rockefeller and his cronies. The Rothchild's empire and one of the founders. Very enlightening for the average political junkie. ENDGAME will open anyones eyes to the corrupt and injust World we live in. THIS FILM IS NOT FOR THE SHEEPLE. (Continue watching FOX News.)
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