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Announcement :: Labor
The Talon Spy Program Innovates around the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the F.B.I. by Targeting Gene Descendants of the Revolutionary War.
26 Feb 2008
Modified: 27 Feb 2008
The Talon Spy Program initially design with interest around developing sciences in Computational Nueroscience to discern non-proliferation rights in applicaiotn of MIND CONTROL services with the GOD'S EYE VIEW PROGRAM WITH OVERSIGHT BY GENERAL LANCE LORD of the Government subjected scrutiny in the manner of research and development with Cognitive Nueroscience to define the powers of MIND CONTROL. This as a mean to stop nuclear proliferation, as a justifyable end mean in most cases, and in this case was defined in an experimental setting on the grounds of asserting that a nuclear weapon firing control operator aboard a nuclear submarine was the best principle in application of force with developmental biases to define the right of an application of force by mind control as cited in the very complicated case whereby international represetnaiton with the Un Weapons Security as that representaional powers in the international sense to relagate a oversight program with the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency programs through case 07-01-00502-1 WASHINGOTN STATE VS. JASON DEDRICK in the Skagit County Court in Washington State has supporting arguments in defining the "targeting disposition," of the Air Force in descisions used to "debate," on the concepts involved in parapsychology and behaviorism in a aftermath of 9/11 as not to loose rights and not invade domestic privacy. While much of the publically known content involving Parapsychology having historical ties to the concern over transmission of top secret content was based on rational discourse in achieving to better understand the concepts involved the Behavioral Analysis Units power's (SEE COURT ROOM FOOTAGE in 07-01-00502-1) behind a domestic spy program the case that is referenced here cites a secondary targeting principle in exposing a 9/11 principle in symbolic targeting. One to which you as a reader should be very wary of; that being the discernment in all discovery actions and methods of procurement of neccesary data recently pertaining to targeting principles of the Al-Quiada – such that the the Former Soviet Union during the end of the Cold War with many military strategist did in fact proliferate content through KGB cells with regional outlying knowledge and information gathering centers in ROMANIA, IRAN, GOERGIA, SYRIA, OMAN, YEMAN in preparation for a second Iraq war did plan an attack on grounds of symbolic concept to deconstruct the national image of America and its institional roots and all patholgies studies with the American Revolutionary War. The following concerns are concerns that all persons in BOSTON should assist in defining. The subject of a Domestic SPY PROGRAM DEBATE was conditioned in the following argument to subject criticism of a spy program after a developing concerns prior to 9/11 of the Home Land Security Agency( we may refern to it as a behaviral internal affairs investigation requireing the inspector general of the D.O.D. and other manners of checks and balances within the United Nations with all who may assert ajob transisiton to the United Nations is withn repsective grounds a discovery action as expert testimony gained in the decision of the International Courts of Justice to convene a meeting on the nueronburg trials of MIND KAMP may require legitimate oversight of all operations with legitimacy seeking in defining non-proliferation I.C.T.'s )- the gene warfare principles alone are concerning as recent attempt to validate a buyer on the data asset in discernment of KGB spy master Valdimero Montisesnos in assertions that involvement with (_______________) in plannign 9/11 targeted gene descendents of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR. The simple cause in the intelligence disposition of the case being somewhat argumentative is disposed to a few key characteristics to this point – that a direct descendant of the Revolutionary War was conspired against in a planned 9/11 attack and so was his entire family under the case of a PARAHINCKLEYCORP- in policy objectives of suprpession of profgiles and industries subject to threat assesments the HINCKLEY MODEL in contrast to the COMPANY IN XAUTOUN was used in reaching a verdict on a domestic spy program. The principles in the discernment of the targeting principle were initially biased on the 500 year war theory that England, not gordon ENGLAND FROM the SECNAV, after the continental army developed declared a 500 year war on all descendants of the Revolutionary war and handed the operational planning of monitoring and planning for future actions by the nature of this targeting principle. In this manner of developing a counter buy to subject criticism to the sale of KGB data(with sleeper programs and intell pathologies as well other arguments culted in reliance of gene warafre targeting we assume to be part of the Evolutionary Acquisition priograms invovled in Spiral Development programs) to the TALIBAN by reckless former members of the KGB, or others prior to DEC,26,1991 influences in the soviet invasion of Afhganistan did define targets and sleeper cells by principels in symbolic targteing- as the conern currently with the organizational conflcist in 9/11 support ___________. However in one case the defining symbolist/connectionist model of a planner prerogative were subject to scrutiny that the a case example of this targeting discrimination was as a crew member of the U.S.S. Constitution in Charles town navy yard during a continued investigation into the placement of ossam bin ladens sister as can be discerned in the content associated to the keyword xautoun with a psy-op document labeled 101_ways_2_kill_ossama_bin_laden with reference of the investigative conditions of her placement in the Charles town navy yard- however with a new paradigm of targeting disciplines involved in sleeper pathologies in the U.S. Seeking to define future threats the data asset but in England has sponsors that may purchase a compiled list of a gene descendants of the Revolutionary war in validating the principles of targeting discrimination by a symbolic terrorist who placed his sister within 500 yards of the U.S.S. Constitution while maintaing a surveillance high ground over Logan Airport as equal distance to the Old North Church- the concepts and principles where debate is concerned in this targeting discrimination are within reason to insure that a register of all members of the Continental Army and defining where direct gene descendents are at currently within the U.S. Military – as concerns over IMPLIED CAUSAL DISTINCTION to the heredity arguments involved in all project with the GENOME project subject that the U.S. Military in understanding rare recruitment practices can asses a military strategy involved in collection of said data in discernment of a others with whom a targeting dynamic exist. The argument that a Genetic predisposition in the TALON spy program exist to insure that revolutionary war fighters of the American Revolutionary war are treated as domestic terrorist is the function of the mind control debate a agenda in discernment of how far can a MIND CONTROL process subject to computational nueroscience and parapsychology go to disarm a nuclear terrorist. However in the model the distinction of weather the individual in question had access to uranium is a debate with the Property in NEW MEXICO in which the uranium being a component of the debate is a condition of a surveillance bill aimed at the former basis of intell collection by the foreign technology division of the Air Force – however in discernment of monitoring agendas behind the International Atomic Energy Agency and the method involved in differentiation of software used to monitor behaviors and profiles the conceraning the Behavioral Analysis Unit interpretation of the Air Force Talon Spy program the distinctions of the test subject as a interrogative product designer by methods used to develop interrogative rational in parawarfare with gene targeting duisciplines seems to portrait a distinct characteristic that the subject is maliciously interrogated on grounds of interpreting the behavior that are not consistent with todays analogy to the continental army as a intercontinental army. A Cause again global terrorism requires a cause for it- in discerning how to interpet the causes established in this case that a cruel and inhumane practice requires a MILTIARY PROSECUTION against the interrogative prosecutor designing logistics – that the WAR CRIME office that handled the Nuerenburg trials requires that he int3ernational court of justice allow a job transition packet for military service members seeking to shut down the MIND KAMP OF NUERENBERG. Such is urgent and requires policy with the United Nations be accommodated to assist in job transitioning to insure that military prejudice in effecting careers is not a distinction in decision making to expose that laboratories and software development from the computational nuerosceicne software BLUE NUERON IBM or other derivative used to interpret GENE MODELING OF CELLULAR MEMORY by NUEROGENETICS and other discipline in anthropological linguistics as designs of FEEDTHROUGH FORCED FEEDING INTERROGATIVE produce AS A TARGETIGN BIAS AGAINST THE BEHAVIOR OF THE CONTINENTAL ARMY- such that the WAR CRIME SHOULD DISCERN THE basis of research and development with sanctions from Pfizer and all lobbyist within the design of the pharmaceuticals industry where test runs through military programs must end. Especially in the case with xautoun as seen on Defining gene pathologies to all gene descendants of the American Revolutionary War for case statistics on members in the military currently who are product X and who within that by other discernment of gene warfare and strategics issues with gene targeting principles that also who are gene descendants of the Civil War and that also who are Gene Descendants of WW1 and Who Also are Gene Descendants of calculating the statistical potential for all arguments to be met that substantiate a MIND KAMP organizer was developing a surveillance bill for ________(INSERT WAR CRIMINAL)____________.
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