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News :: International
California Attorneys Joshua Ridless, Francis Pizzulli,Robert F Kennedy Assassination,Afghhan Torture and Penny Stock Fraud,Money Laundering
25 Mar 2008
And now I discover that Santa Monica,California attorney Pizzulli,the penny stock scoundrel and defender of torturer and Middle East money launderer Jack Idema,(through Moslem 'hawala channels and possibly through attorney Pizzulli's own underworld U.S. penny stock connections),- was also instrumental in using the California Supreme Court to suppress investigation into the assassination of Robert F Kennedy as well !
California Attorneys Joshua Ridless, Francis Pizzulli,Robert F Kennedy Assassination,Afghhan Torture and Penny Stock Fraud,Money Laundering

The story I unknowingly embarked upon when I 'invested' in early 2001 in the Stanford University connected penny stock scam and money laundering operation called Endovasc,(that extended as far away as Kuala Lumpur and Dubai as well as Israel,etc.,post-9/11!),has taken many a twist and turn as I have become aware of U.S. government complicity in these scams for the American equivalent of state sanctioned 'hawala' the Middle Eastern equivalent of money laundering.In fact it even appears U.S. penny stocks are used by far right Middle Eastern 'allies'of the Bush-Cheney Regime for that very purpose.I have already discussed this in my previous indymedia article-post titled,'U.C.Berkeley Grads Josh Ridless,James Angel Join SEC Chris Cox's Fraud Speech Movement',and in many others before that.For those particularly interested in the Robert F Kennedy assassination and California attorney and penny stock scamster Francis Pizzulli's cameo role in using te Calñifornia legal system to intimidate journaists,investigators and citizens in their persuit of the facts you will have to bear with me.

University of California Berkeley Grads James Angel,Joshua Ridless Join SEC Chris Cox's 'Fraud Speech Movement'

But more shocking is that the corrupt Santa Monica southern California attorney Francis Pizulli has represented the first,(mainly covered up),post 9/11 case of American torture of civilians in Afghanistan that preceded the Abu Ghraib rape and torture scandals in Iraq.Mr.Pizulli was attorney for a Mr.Jonathan or Jack Idema who tortured Afghan citizens in his 'safe house' in Kabul ! It is quite conceivable that while I and other defrauded investors of Stanford University's and Washington,D.C. banker David P Summers' and National Taxpayers Union's James Dale Davidson's ,'s,Endovasc biotech 'nicotine for angiogenesis or blood vessel formation patent fraud were being told that we were investing in humanitarian medical research and development - we were really funding war fraud of Iraq and Afghanistan and sponsoring torturers and butcherers such as 'Jack Idema' - or for his legal defense !

I wish to continue on the subject of Santa Monica,California attorney Francis Pizzulli who has been connected to Nevada penny stock 'transfer agent' and money launderer Alexander H Walker for many years as well as to Virginia and Baltimore and D.C. banker David P Summers who has fraudulently posed as a 'biotech genius' for years,(for the purpose of running 'biotech' penny stock pump and dump scams), while the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission never made him disclose his role as a Northern Virginia Bank and Dominion Bankshares banker,etc..Just as James Dale Davidson,founder of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union,(who was part of daddy George Herbert Walker Bush's money laundering regime who also supported and probably funded the Bill Clintons' before using his and Agora Inc's and ex CIA William Colby's Strategic Investment penny stock mail fraud operation of the 1980's to accuse Clinton of murdering his own childhood friend Vince Foster - all for purposes of black mail it would appear !) Davidson's most recent illegal 'pump and dump' scam involves another U.S. incorporated Israeli securities fraud called Pluristem that claims to get medicinal stem cells from placentas that he has promoted from his far right newsmax.con 'news' website as well as from his and Forbes and Norquist's's NTU or National Taxpayers Union office near the SEC headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.Ex CIA and Carlyle officer Frank Carlucci,who some believe is suspect in the death of Lumumba in Africa's Congo in the 1960's is also involved in that illegal pump and dump money laundering operation.)

Attorney Francis Pizzulli I have discovered - besides being involved in a number of mainly Nevada incorporated penny stock scams over the years,(most but not all being 'biotech' penny stock pump and dump scams),has also,as a member of the Italian-American Bar Association,butted his fraudulent nose and opinion into the subject of 'cloning' no doubt to insinuate his opinions or far right Catholic dogmatic opinions upon others - particularly women ! No doubt he sees himself somehow as 'god's' or the catholic church's or the pope's legal representative in the United States or California or wherever.Apparently he doesn't mind torturing and hanging 'adult fetuses' upside down or 'water boarding adult fetuses in clandestine torture houses in Afghanistan or wherever to judge from his frierndship with and defense of a Jack or Jonathan Idema who as my article titled 'U.C. Berkeley Grads....' mentioned - did just that ! And now I discover that Santa Monica,California attorney Pizzulli,the penny stock scoundrel and defender of torturer and Middle East money launderer Jack Idema,(through Moslem 'hawala channels and possibly through attorney Pizzulli's own underworld U.S. penny stock connections),- was also instrumental in using the California Supreme Court to suppress investigation into the assassination of Robert F Kennedy as well !

I mention James Dale Davidson,founder of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union because among his many penny stock frauds over the years is Endovasc that also had insiders such as Alexander Walker, Summers,the Israeli-Ukranian Grin brothers,Pizzulli as well as Janet Greeson who even now runs a penny stock scam with the apparent knowledge of and encouragement of Georgetown University and its U.S.Securities Exchange Commission,NASDAQ and NASD(now Finantra) connected professors John Polise,John Reed Stark and James Angel.
I previously documented in my last article that U.C. Berkeley Boalt Law School grad - Joshua Ridless - who I paid $5,000 to begin legal action against Endovasc and to expose my ex broker Charles Schwab as both broker and major market maker or stock dealer and manipulator of Endovasc's worthless shares through anonymous and not so anonymous,(LOM of Bermuda),offshore accounts and Stanford Universty's role in and profit from the fraud - was also requested to obtain a Los Angeles court settlement between Endovasc and attorney Pizzulli from 2003.As it turns out that was all Joshua Ridless succeeded in doing besides otherwise squandering the remaining $5,000 on frivolous persuits such as reading and charging me for the reading of articles that he should never have charged me for and should have notified me before reading and billing me for them.So I requested the only valid product of his frivolous persuits on my account - and that was the Los Angeles settlement agreement between Endovasc or David P Summers and Francis Pizzulli whose relationship appears to go back a long way and is connected in great part to fraudulent penny stock incorporations in Nevada and their mutual involvent with Alexander H Walker and his Nevada Agency and Trust Company(NATCO) that has worked with so many international right wing money laundererers and stock manipulators over the years.
Below I found on a google search of 'joshua ridless berkeley' some mention of my corrupt attorney Joshua Ridless from U.C. Berkeley's Boalt Law School from 2003.If you take the link you will find the two articles briefly quoted below.First is the '3 strikes'law that can send a poor person in California to jail for life for stealing 3 guns - or 3 candy bars or 3 heads of lettuce for that matter ! Yes - for life ! Then you will see the Boalt Law School article promoting their boy made good,(ha),Josh Ridless,and his San Francisco law firm of one,(although he tries to disinform at times by saying 'law offices' or eluding to his dream of ruling a legal empire of 'securities' or stock attorneys EVEN THOUGH HE IS A ONE MAN 'LAW FIRM'.) He also misinforms by pretending to be doing selfless work for the poor,(no real legal help though),but no doubt any poor person who may have stolen 3 lunches to avoid starvation would not receive the time of day from that white collar fraud defending hypocite! Joshua Ridless admitted in a craigslist advertisement or self promotion(recently removed),that he specializes in aiding 'startup companies',also generally known as 'penny stocks',with their SEC filings and qualifications,etc..And it is precisely those types of 'companies' implicated in offshore stock manipulations,fraud against American investors and money laundering that goes unprosecuted,even though their illicit funds often end up in bank accounts of far right criminals as far away as Kuala Lumpur,Dubai or Israel,etc..And this is at a substantial loss to U.S. taxpayers and defdrrauded Americans and the U.S. economy ! Apparetly both San Francisco's Josh Ridless and Charles Schwab thinks this a good thing.

As an aside while we're on the subject of San Francisco and massive penny stock fraud,House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of SF distances herself from New Orleans African American Democrat William Jefferson who was basically entrapped by the FBI and yet kisses up to Florida 16th District Democrat Tim Mahoney who replaced Republican Mark Foley who was disgraced for buggering male interns in the House of Reps.And yet Tim Mahoney along with SF's Charles Schwab buggers investors and his Florida based vFinance,itself a penny stock scam,collaborates with offshore Caribbean and Cayman anonymous accounts and even was 'market making' with worthless penny stock shares in cahoots with Schwab and LOM of Bermuda. Mahoney's vFinance was also aiding the scumbags of Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur in their promotion of worthless Endovasc shares at the time Santa Monica attorney Francis Pizzulli demanded $125,000 from that scam,(to give to to the parasite Jack Idema ?),which came from defrauded investors such as myself . Shame on Nancy Pelosi ! Mahoney may not buggar male interns but he certainly buggars investors - the perverted greedy scumbag ! Bellador Group that Mahoney's vFinance must have beedn aiding in its U.S. penny stock operation in Kuala Lumpur also has a CIA connection because they were dealing in SRA International shares - the 'company' that handles most of the U.S. government's 'IT' or internet Technology contracts and which the CIA is or was the major shareholder through its In-Q-Tel penny stock ops.

What I am getting at with regards to Josh Ridless and the '3 strikes' law against the poor is that attorney Ridless has stolen from me at least $5,000 and he refuses to send material in his possession that I paid him in cash for,(which is why it is indeed theft),! It is not his to keep - he was paid cash by me to procure the Los Angeles settlement between Endovasc and his fellow California attorney Francis Pizzulli by and for me and he did it - and yet he keeps it in his personal possession after charging me for it - not even sending or emailing me a copy ! That is fraud and theft and in truth it is much more serious and fraudulent than the consecutive theft of a dozen candy bars or heads of lettuce for that matter ! If his alma mater - the University of California Boalt School of Law - did not manage to teach him such basic rules of law or ethics then how can he ever be trusted to bring ethics to any persuit he persues - whether it be the rule of law or supposed volunteer work he claims to persue such as teaching the poor to read and the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center, a group in San Francisco's Western Addition and the oldest African American nonprofit in the Bay Area !? Does attorney Joshua Ridless use this bragged about 'volunteer work' for a tax write off ? Probably.
From School Of Law - Boalt Hall UC Berkeley

NEWS > Media Coverage > Alumni in the News > 2003 Stories >
Alumni in the News
May 2003
9th Circuit Judge Bucks Three Strikes Rules
The Recorder, 5/30/03
Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Harry Pregerson ['50], the oldest active member of the court and a stalwart of the court's liberal wing, is defying recent Supreme Court precedent in some of California's three strikes cases.
In several recent appeals of three strikes sentences for nonviolent third offenses, Pregerson has dissented from unpublished affirmances. Since judges are not normally free to ignore Supreme Court rulings, Pregerson's stare-down with stare decisis is remarkable.
"In good conscience, I cannot vote to go along with the sentence imposed in this case," Pregerson wrote in one typical dissent.
"I think the Three Strikes law should only be applied to a defendant whose criminal history, including his last offense, demonstrates that he needs to be taken off the streets because he poses a realistic threat to the health and safety of the community," Pregerson explained Tuesday. "There are cases where a long term in prison is justified and cases where it is not."….
Read the story
Busy S.F. Corporate Lawyer Prizes his Volunteer Work
San Francisco Chronicle, 5/27/03
When Joshua Ridless ['97] was in high school, all he wanted to do after school was play lacrosse and hang out with his pals. But his father pushed him into spending his afternoons helping disadvantaged kids with math and science.
To his surprise, Ridless liked it.
"It was incredibly rewarding," he said, recalling how he was able to see beyond his cozy suburban Connecticut neighborhood. "Just being able to see kids learn with your help."
Today, Ridless, 32, is a San Francisco lawyer with a steady corporate practice, representing small and midsize firms in all types of transactions.
But he also makes time to help—at no charge—the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center, a group in San Francisco's Western Addition and the oldest African American nonprofit in the Bay Area. …
Read the story

California Attorney Francis Pizzulli,Robert F Kennedy Assassination,Afghhan Torture and Penny Stock Fraud,Money Laundering

Below is a recent email sent to 'my' San Francisco 'attorney' Joshua A. Ridless who appears to be denying me a document or documents I paid for.
Endovasc was or is a Montgomery, Texas 'biotech' penny stock pump and dump fraud and probable money laundering operation connected to Judge Ken Reilly,John O'Quinn, (a corrupt Houston billionaire attorney),as well James Dale Davidson of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union and David P Summers a Northern Bank of Virginia exec who has fraudulently posed as a Texas 'biotech genius' for years - never disclosing he was really a Washington,D.C. connected banker !:
"Joshua A. Ridless"
Dear Joshua Ridless,
Below are the last parts of your 'legal work' for me that reference the Pizzulli matter and verify that you did indeed persue and retrieve the court documents of the Los Angeles litigation and settlement of Francis Pizzulli and Endovasc and Geothermica(whatever that is),case.
You tell me you had already sent me the letter you wrote to Endovasc and were kind enough to send it to me again.8You seem to be fairly knowledgeable about computers and the internet so I am surprised that you did not realise that either something blocked my receiving that email or my account had been deleted and confiscated although I don't belive Yahoo! did that until 2005.)
However I am only requesting the Pizzulli material I paid for and(if possible)our previous email communication from that time.You can rest assured that had Yahoo! not deleted my email,(or stolen for interested parties),that I would still have it.In fact while emphasizing that you had indeed sent me the letter to Endovasc(that they never replied to)- you never brought up the Pizzulli matter as if it was something between him and you and I was an insignificant party to what I myself requested and paid for.You know he was or is an attorney for a Mr.Jack or Jonathan Idema who was only released from Afghanistan in 2007 for having tortured and hung some poor souls upside down,etc., for who knows how long at his 'safe house' in Kabul.In many ways I feel that by involving myself with Mr.Pizzulli and Endovasc and Stanford University and Charles Schwab that I have some responsiblity in all of that - besides having seen Endovasc shares and money go on to Bellador Group and Kuala Lumpur and Dubai and probably to Union Bank in Israel with the Ukrainian-Israeli Grin brothers before that !
So please,Mr.Joshua Ridless,send me the Pizzulli document or documents and if possible our correspondence.That indeed will be my last request of you.In retrospect I would have prefered to have perused them long ago myself rather than having you charge me to do so and never even giving me your opinion on what you read or allowing me to read and form my own.
Tony Ryals
7/12/2004 Review Los Angeles County Superior Court website for filings
Time 0.2 Rate 195.00 Amount 39.00
7/12/2004 Review client email correspondence dated July 10, 2004,regarding call to Schwab regarding compliance with 15(g)
Time 0.2Rate 195.00 Amount 39.00
7/13/2004 Telephone conference with Corporate Legal regarding pulling filings for the Pizzuli matter
Time 0.2 Rate 195.00 Amount 39.00
7/15/2004Corporate Legal Services charges for pulling complaint
Rate 43.42 Amount 43.42
7/16/2004 Review client email correspondence dated July 12, 2004
Time 0.1 Rate 195.00 Amount 19.50
7/16/2004 Review client email correspondence dated July 12, 2004, regarding the Pizzuli matter
Time 0.1 Rate 195.00 Amount 19.50
7/16/2004 Review complaint received from Corporate Legal Services regarding the Pizzuli matter and forward to client
Time 0.6 Rate 196.00 Amount 117.60
7/16/2004 Review client email correspondence dated July 15, 2004,regarding Agora matter
Time 0.1 Rate 195.00 Amount 19.50
7/16/2004 Review client email correspondence dated July 15, 2004,regarding Nevada Agency & Trust
Time 0.1 Rate195.00 Amount 19.50
7/23/2004Review client email correspondence dated July 21, 2004 regarding Schwab allegations
Page 3
California Attorney Francis Pizzulli,Robert F Kennedy Assassination,Afghhan Torture and Penny Stock Fraud,Money Laundering

What follows below are links to and quotes from internet articles and posts relating to the Robert F Kennedy assassination in Las Angeles in 1968 and the possible CIA and far right Cuban as well as possible Middle Eastern,(besides Sirhan Sirhan himself who took the role of the lone gunman in it all just as Lee Harvey Oswald did for the assassination of Robert Kennedy's brother,U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kenned,in Dallas only a few years earlier).A Mr. Robert Morrow who himself appears to have had connections to both far right Cubans and a far right Cuban money laundering operation while residing in Baltimore in the 1960's as well as to the Richrd Nixon and even the CIA wrote a book titled "The Senator Must Die" in the 1970's.It was a rehash of Morrow's work of misinformation and half truths in a National Enquirer type tabloid that led to California attorney Francis Pizzulli's,'s litigation all the way to the California Supreme Court in the 1990's that aided in putting fear and outright censorship into many enquiries and investigative reporters since that time.While it would appear that others are indeed of more interest or worthy of investigation than attorney Pizzulli's,'s Pakistani-American clients(who Morrow identified as being Iranians working for the U.S. puppet Sha Reza Pahlavi of Iran) - some such as those conversing immediately below this link,(on an internet board discussing the death of Sirhan's attorney Teeter),still do not give Pizzulli's,'s Pakistani client or clients,(the father of the supposed Pakistani photojournalist implicted by the tabloid and Morrow as a prime suspect also filed for damages and the penny stock scamster attorney Francis Pizzulli defended him as well!),a clean bill of health as regards complete non involvement in the assassination of Robert Kennedy.
Personally I have searched the internet for the name of the Pakistani magazine or periodical that employed Mr.Pizzulli's Pakistani legal client in order to find examples of his photo shots and past photojournalist credentials prior to the night of Robert F Kennedy's assassination but can find none.By taking the links I post here or doing a google search 'robert kennedy assassination pink polka dot dress' you will eventually find what and who the quote below "the girl in the polka dot dress" is refering to.Personally I am not saying that the reference to an Iranian or any ' freelance photojournalist from a Pakistani magazine' refering to the corrupt penny stock conflicted attorney Francis Pizzulli's,'s Pakistani client or clients is any proof of guilt.As you will see a number of suspect individuals with LAPD,CIA,and far right connections appear to have turned up mysteriously from around the world that night to 'protect' Robert F Kennedy.But I am saying that besides being involved with and having profited from numerous penny stock frauds and scams such as Endovasc of Montgomery Texas,(incorporated in Nevada),that ripped me off - attorney Francis Pizzulli and it would appear other California attorneys and law firms did us all a great disservice in using those Pakistanis in a California legal action whose result if not intent was to discourage any further media investigation into the assassination of John F Kennedy in Califorrnia ! Strangely a google search of 'francis pizzulli robert kennedy assassination' turns up the Supreme Court rulling but the penny stock con artist Francis Pizzulli's name is not color coded by Google.One must scroll to the bottom to find his name and the other attorneys and firms I have listed below ! And as you can see the California Supreme Court ruling says,'Counsel who argued in Supreme Court (not intended for publication with opinion)'! Why ? You would think they would all be proud of their role,intentional or otherwise in abridging the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment right to free speech and in putting fear into future journalists,periodicals,investigators and citizens who would dare broach the subject of Robert Kennedy's assassination in California in 1968.

Anyway had I not been ripped off in a penny stock scam that the corrupt far right Santa Monica,California attorney Francis Pizzulli profited from and that may very well have also benefitted his client Jack Idema who was implicated - as I have said - not only in the torture of Afghan citizens pre Abu Ghraib in Kabul,Afghanistan as well as an illegal Herndon, Virginia Islamic money laundering operation and Middle East money transfer system known as 'hawala' I would never have been led to the strange little known cover up of Robert Kennedy's - assassination.I have until now always accepted that a disgruntled Palestinian,Sirhan Sirhan,acted alone - even though I was always more suspicious about his brother's - ex U.S. President John Fitzgerald's assaination in Dallas,Texas.Now it appears to me that some U.S. trained and employed far right Cuban and CIA and Los Angeles Police Department connected individuals as well as Middle Eastern were buzzing around the hotel where Robert Kennedy was assassimnated as well.And the U.S. 'intelligence'
investigating and covering up the 1968 assassination tragedy succeeded in diverting attention from bullet wounds at very close range in THE BACK of Robert Kennedy's head while he was being confronted by Sirhan face to face ! Also ONLY THIS PAST YEAR has an audio been released that all sound experts who have heard it claim has bullets firing that could not have been accounted for from Sirhan Sirhan's gun alone.And a .22 caliber gun that may have been used by a security guard went missing at the time and was later resold and now it appears another video tape shows possible suspect CIA connected individuals may have been present at the scene as well.Plus it is well known and well documented that a high school student,Scott Enyart,at the time took very revealing photos inside the Los Angles kitchen on the night of the assassination that were confiscated and held for years.When time came a couple of decades later to return those photos to their proper owner - they still were not returned !(I wonder why no 'Francis Pizzulli' like attorney was there to recover that students photos ?) And after only a court litigation caused a ruling in favor of that now middle aged high school student - his photos of the assassination went missing between their place of storage and PlACE OF DELIVERY ! However like I said the recently discovered audio tape and newly released video bring the 'official' story of the tragedy of Robert Kennedy's assassination.And as you can see below some still have questions about the penny stock attorney-con artist -Francis Pizzulli's - Pakistani ' freelance photojournalist' client.:

Yes, all that's true. And yet, it is not insignificant that this particular freelance photojournalist from a Pakistani magazine has been linked by some with "the girl in the polka dot dress." One doesn't need to swallow Morrow's ideas about bullet-firing cameras to consider whether the man in question was not somehow involved with the events that night. That he seems to have done rather well for himself here in the States since then is also a pertinent issue. As is Morrow's own promotion of the idea of a camera firing bullets in the first place; strange how many outlandish ideas seem to be promoted in "support" of conspiracy, isn't it? - chatter from internet message board discussing recent cancer death of SirhanSirhan attorney Lawrence Teeter

Kennedy campaign worker Sandy Serrano claimed a young Hispanic man and a young Caucasian woman wearing a "polka dot" dress burst from a southwest exit of the Ambassador Hotel's Embassy Room ballroom moments after the shooting, giggling and exclaiming, "We shot him." When she asked them "Who?" the young woman answered, "Senator Kennedy!" The two then walked into a hotel parking lot where an elderly couple named Bernstein saw them, still laughing and saying, "We shot Kennedy."[17] The Bernsteins flagged down LAPD officer Paul Sharaga, who issued an all points bulletin for the young couple but this was canceled without explanation by his superiors. Serrano said she was later coerced by police into changing her story. - from Wikipedia


Below list of attorneys and law firms whose Supreme Court actions whether in favor of Pizzulli's Pakistani clients or the tabloid he sued,led to further debasement of U.S. First Amendment right to free speech in California as well as to further suppression of open investigation into the decades old assassination of Robert F Kennedy there.Nothing to be proud of in either case.:
..him as the assassin Ali Ahmand. In August 1989, Khalid Iqbal Khawar (Khawar) ...... Francis C. J. Pizzulli for Plaintiff and Appellant and for Plaintiff and ... - Similar pages - Note this
Falconer, James F. Brelsford, Roger R. Myers and Nicole A. Wong as Amici Curiae on behalf of Defendant and Appellant and Defendant and Respondent.

Counsel who argued in Supreme Court (not intended for publication with opinion):
Francis C. J. Pizzulli
718 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401-1708
(310) 451-8020
Anthony Michael Glassman
Glassman, Browning & Saltsman
360 N. Bedford Dr., Suite 204
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 278-5100
Amy D. Hogue
Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro
725 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA 90017-2513
(213) 488-7100

Full Version: Lawrence Teeter: Sirhan's lawyer dies
Mel AytonApr 13 2006, 10:37 AM
QUOTE(Dawn Meredith @ Aug 28 2005, 08:42 PM) [snapback]38274[/snapback]
QUOTE(John Gillespie @ Aug 22 2005, 07:23 PM)
This may be a foolish question, knowing the breadth of your research and contacts, but have you read Robert Morrow's "The Senator Must Die"? It still remains the definitive work for me and something I recommend in the utmost.
It's also known for having very interesting, substantial and "out of the box" sections on the JFK assassination, as recently noted on this site.

Hi John,
No I have not read that book, Been meaning to. Dr. Phil Melanson's "The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination- New Revelations of the Conspiracy and Cover-Up",
is a pretty definitive book I believe.
Does Marrow deal with the MC issue? (I hope).
I have long thought this is the easiest case to "solve".
But with Larry Teeter gone, I wonder who will step in to speak for Sirhan.
He had the most amazing "trial" I have ever heard of: The DA and defense "STIPULATED" that Sirhan's gun had killed RFK!!
I noted in another thread that John was taking issue with Tim Gratz insinuating that lawyers are honorable, and abide by attorney/client privilege. Not the ones in these cases. (Until Teeter and and James Earl Ray's atty. Dr. Pepper).

"Stipulations" is a legal term which has nothing to do with interpretation of it.
William Pepper did a great diservice to the MLK case - see the MLK links on this forum. As far as Morrow's book is concerned, it is one of the most ridiculous I have ever read. The information below needs to be read by everyone before they start to grasp Morrow's silly theories:
In its issue of April 4th 1989 Globe magazine published a story which implicated Khalid Khawar in the assassination of Robert Kennedy.The article gave an abbreviated summary of Robert Morrow's book "The Senator Must Die" (1988) in which the author accused Khawar of having been an Iranian intelligence agent who had been present at the Ambassador Hotel on the night of June 5th and who assisted conspirators in killing Kennedy.The Globe article included a photograph from the Morrow book showing a group of men standing near Kennedy as the Senator gave his victory speech in the Embassy Ballroom.Globe enlarged the image of these men and added an arrow to one of them identifying him as the assassin Ali Ahmand.
In August 1989 Khalid Khawar sued the Globe and Morrow alleging he was the person depicted in the photographs and identified by Morrow as Ali Ahmand.The evidence at the trial showed that in June 1968 when Kennedy was assassinated Khawar was a Pakistani citizen and a free-lance photojournalist on assignment for a Pakistani magazine.At the Ambassador Hotel's Embassy Room he stood on the podium near RFK so that a friend could photograph him with Kennedy.When Kennedy left the podium Khawar did not follow him and was still in the Embassy Room when Kennedy was shot.Both the FBI and the LAPD questioned Khawar about the assassination but neither agency ever regarded him as a suspect.
In 1989 when the Globe published its article, Khawar was a naturalised American citizen living with his wife and children in Bakersfield, California where he owned and operated a farm.After Khawar read the article he became angry he had been implicated in the assassination.Khawar even received threatening phone calls and his property was vandalised.
The trial soon revealed that Morrow's allegations were false and that the Globe's article was not 'an accurate and neutral report of the statements and charges made in the Morrow book'.Khawar was awarded damages of $1.2 million.

Daniel Wayne DunnApr 21 2006, 12:17 PM
[quote name='Mel Ayton' date='Apr 13 2006, 10:37 AM' post='59922']
Yes, all that's true. And yet, it is not insignificant that this particular freelance photojournalist from a Pakistani magazine has been linked by some with "the girl in the polka dot dress." One doesn't need to swallow Morrow's ideas about bullet-firing cameras to consider whether the man in question was not somehow involved with the events that night. That he seems to have done rather well for himself here in the States since then is also a pertinent issue. As is Morrow's own promotion of the idea of a camera firing bullets in the first place; strange how many outlandish ideas seem to be promoted in "support" of conspiracy, isn't it?
Review of Robert Morrow's "The Senator Must Die:
The Morrow-Kohly-Nixon Connection
Peter R. Whitmey
California Attorney Francis Pizzulli,Robert F Kennedy Assassination,Afghhan Torture and Penny Stock Fraud,Money Laundering

google search robert kennedy assasination also robert kennedy assassination
Robert F Kennedy
On 4th June, 1968, Harold Weisberg appeared on television in Washington where he discussed the possibility of Robert Kennedy being assassinated. Weisberg recalled a meeting with a Kennedy aide. Weisberg asked why Kennedy had supported the conclusions of the Warren Commission Report. He replied: "it is simple, Bobby wants to live." Kennedy's friend added that there were "too many guns between Bobby and the White House". Weisberg asked who controlled these guns. The friend replied in such a way that Weisberg got the impression that he meant the CIA.......
Robert Kennedy now began his journey to the Colonial Room where he was to hold a press conference. Someone suggested that Kennedy should take a short cut through the kitchen. Security guard Thane Eugene Cesar took hold of Kennedy's right elbow to escort him through the room when Sirhan Sirhan opened fire. According to Los Angeles County coroner Thomas Noguchi, who performed the autopsy, all three bullets striking Kennedy entered from the rear, in a flight path from down to up, right to left. "Moreover, powder burns around the entry wound indicated that the fatal bullet was fired at less than one inch from the head and no more than two or three inches behind the right ear."
An eyewitness, Donald Schulman, went on CBS News to say that Sirhan "stepped out and fired three times; the security guard hit Kennedy three times." As Dan E. Moldea pointed out: "The autopsy showed that three bullets had struck Kennedy from the right rear side, traveling at upward angles – shots that Shiran was never in a position to fire...
Kennedy had been shot at point-blank range from behind. Two shots entered his back and a third shot entered directly behind RFK's right ear. None of the eyewitness claim that Sirhan Sirhan was able to fire his gun from close-range. One witness, Karl Uecker, who struggled with Shiran when he was firing his gun, provided a written statement in 1975 about what he saw: "There was a distance of at least one and one-half feet between the muzzle of Shiran's gun and Senator Kennedy's head. The revolver was directly in front of my nose. After Shiran's second shot, I pushed the hand that held the revolver down, and pushed him onto the steam table. There is no way that the shots described in the autopsy could have come from Shiran's gun. When I told this to the authorities, they told me that I was wrong. But I repeat now what I told them then: Shiran never got close enough for a point-blank shot."...
Chief of Detectives Robert Houghton asked Chief of Homicide Detectives Hugh Brown to take charge of the investigation into the death of Robert Kennedy. Code-named Special Unit Senator (SUS). Houghton told Brown to investigate the possibility that there was a link between this death and those of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King...
As William Turner has pointed out in The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: "Houghton assertedly gave Brown free reign in electing the personnel for SUS - with one exception. He specifically designated Manny Pena, who was put in a position to control the daily flow and direction of the investigation. And his decision on all matters was final." Lieutenant Manuel Pena was an interesting appointment. In November 1967 Pena resigned from the LAPD to work for the Agency for International Development (AID). According to the San Fernando Valley Times: "As a public safety advisor, he will train and advise foreign police forces in investigative and administrative matters. Over the next year he worked with Daniel Mitrione in Latin and South America.
Charles A. O'Brien, California's Chief Deputy Attorney General, told William Turner that AID was being used as an "ultra-secret CIA unit" that was known to insiders as the "Department of Dirty Tricks" and that it was involved in teaching foreign intelligence agents the techniques of assassination.
FBI agent Roger LaJeunesse claimed that Manuel Pena had been carrying out CIA special assignments for at least ten years. This was confirmed by Pena's brother, a high school teacher, who told television journalist, Stan Bohrman, a similar story about his CIA activities. In April 1968 Pena surprisingly resigned from AID and returned to the LAPD.
Lieutenant Manuel Pena argued that Sirhan Sirhan was a lone gunman. Shiran's lead attorney, Grant Cooper, went along with this theory. As he explained to William W. Turner, "a conspiracy defence would make his client look like a contract killer". Cooper's main strategy was to portray his client as a lone-gunman in an attempt to spare Sirhan the death penalty by proving "diminished capacity". Sirhan was convicted and sentenced before William W. Harper, an independent ballistics expert, proved that the bullets removed from Kennedy and newsman William Weisel, were fired from two different guns.
After Harper published his report, Joseph P. Busch, the Los Angeles District Attorney, announced he would look into the matter. Thane Eugene Cesar was interviewed and he admitted he pulled a gun but insisted it was a Rohm .38, not a .22 (the caliber of the bullets found in Kennedy). He also claimed that he got knocked down after the first shot and did not get the opportunity to fire his gun. The LAPD decided to believe Cesar rather than Donald Schulman, Karl Uecker and William W. Harper and the case was closed.
Cesar admitted that he did own a .22 H & R pistol. However, he claimed that he had sold the gun before the assassination to a man named Jim Yoder. William W. Turner tracked down Yoder in October, 1972. He still had the receipt for the H & R pistol. It was dated 6 th September, 1968. Cesar therefore sold the pistol to Yoder three months after the assassination of Robert Kennedy.
Cesar had been employed by Ace Guard Service to protect Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. This was not his full-time job. During the day he worked at the Lockheed Aircraft plant in Burbank. According to Lisa Pease, Cesar had formerly worked at the Hughes Aircraft Corporation. Lockheed and Hughes were two key companies in the Military-Industrial-Congressional Intelligence Complex.
Thane Eugene Cesar was a Cuban American who had registered to vote for George Wallace's American Independent Party. Jim Yoder claimed that Cesar appeared to have no specific job at Lockheed and had "floating" assignments and often worked in off-limits areas which only special personnel had access to. According to Yoder, these areas were under the control of the CIA.
Yoder also gave Turner and Christian details about the selling of the gun. Although he did not mention the assassination of Robert Kennedy he did say "something about going to the assistance of an officer and firing his gun." He added that "there might be a little problem over that."
Cesar was afraid that the assassination had been captured on film. It was. Scott Enyart, a high-school student, was taking photographs of Robert Kennedy as he was walking from the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel to the Colonial Room where the press conference was due to take place. Enyart was standing slightly behind Kennedy when the shooting began and snapped as fast as he could. As Enyart was leaving the pantry, two LAPD officers accosted him at gunpoint and seized his film. Later, he was told by Detective Dudley Varney that the photographs were needed as evidence in the Sirhan trial. The photographs were not presented as evidence but the court ordered that all evidential materials had to be sealed for twenty years.
In 1988 Scott Enyart requested that his photographs should be returned. At first the State Archives claimed they could not find them and that they must have been destroyed by mistake. Enyart filed a lawsuit which finally came to trial in 1996. During the trial the Los Angeles city attorney announced that the photos had been found in its Sacramento office and would be brought to the courthouse by the courier retained by the State Archives. The following day it was announced that the courier's briefcase, that contained the photographs, had been stolen from the car he rented at the airport. The photographs have never been recovered and the jury subsequently awarded Scott Enyart $450,000 in damages.
One possible connection between the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy is that they were all involved in a campaign to bring an end to the Vietnam War. One man who does believe there is a connection is Edward Kennedy. NBC television correspondent Sander Vanocur, travelled with Edward Kennedy on the aircraft that brought back his Robert's body to New York. Vanocur reported Kennedy as saying that "faceless men" (Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan) had been charged with the killing of his brothers and Martin Luther King. Kennedy added: "Always faceless men with no apparent motive. There has to be more to it."
Lieutenant Manuel Pena remained convinced that Sirhan Sirhan was a lone-gunman. He told Marilyn Barrett in an interview on 12th September, 1992: "Sirhan was a self-appointed assassin. He decided that Bobby Kennedy was no good, because he was helping the Jews. And he is going to kill him." He also added: "I did not come back (to the LAPD) as a sneak to be planted. The way they have written it, it sounds like I was brought back and put into the (Kennedy) case as a plant by the CIA, so that I could steer something around to a point where no one would discover a conspiracy. That's not so."....
Pruszynski recording
Decades later, it was discovered that the shots in the kitchen pantry had been recorded on audio tape by Stanislaw Pruszynski, a freelance newspaper reporter who was covering Senator Kennedy's presidential campaign for the Montreal Gazette and today resides in his native Poland. Pruszynski had made the recording with a battery-powered portable cassette tape recorder and an attached microphone. Pruszynski's tape has become the only known sound recording of the Robert F. Kennedy assassination and analysis of it has only just begun. On February 21, 2008, scientific results that conclude the recording reveals a second gun in the assassination were presented at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences annual meeting in Washington DC for further study and peer review.[6]
On June 6, 2007, the newly-discovered Pruszynski recording was the centerpiece for a television program about the Kennedy case on Discovery Times Channel, now known as Investigation Discovery. The one-hour documentary, entitled Conspiracy Test: The RFK Assassination,[7] [8] provided evidence from the recording that convicted gunman Sirhan Sirhan had not acted alone. Pruszynski's audio tape, which had never been broadcast in the 39 years since the murder, was aired for the first time during the Discovery Times program. According to three out of four audio experts interviewed for the documentary,the reporter's recording shows that a second gun was fired in the Bobby Kennedy shooting...
Film and video shot by more than one camera in the Embassy Room—in particular, an ABC-TV black and white video-relay camera—captured pictures of Pruszynski, his recorder and microphone in hand, as he descended the ballroom platform's east steps, departed the steps and proceeded toward the kitchen pantry precisely while the shooting was taking place off-camera, inside the pantry.....
Pruszynski's audio recording captured several rapidly occurring sounds, each one very short in duration and with something of a popping or even clapping quality. "Conspiracy Test" quoted four audio experts who analyzed the Pruszynski recording: two experts in the United States, a third in Denmark and a fourth in the United Kingdom. Three of them determined that the tape had captured at least 10 gunshots—and possibly as many as 13 shots—in the RFK assassination; all other possible sources for the sounds, including popping balloons, ricochets, echoes, etc., were ruled out. The presence of at least 10 shots is highly significant because Sirhan's handgun could fire no more than eight shots at a single time and because Sirhan possessed only the one revolver and had no opportunity to reload his weapon once the shooting erupted in the pantry. Confirmation of more than eight shots being fired in the RFK assassination would be strong evidence of a second gun being fired by someone other than Sirhan.
The fourth audio expert dissented on the issue of number of shots, reporting that he was only able to confirm seven or eight shots in the Pruszynski recording. However, the Discovery Times program made it clear that the fourth expert had not been provided all of the information and materials that had been made available to the other three experts. While all four experts bypassed a crude cassette copy of the Pruszynski recording that had been created years before by the California State Archives in Sacramento, only the first three experts worked directly from several high-quality digital and analog master dubs of the recording; the fourth expert had to rely on a copy of just one of those master dubs. Unlike the first three experts, the fourth expert also did not know where Pruszynski and his microphone were located during the Kennedy shooting and was unaware that Pruszynski and his microphone were moving toward the shots as they were being fired. In the TV program, the fourth expert conceded, "Any information relating to where Mr. Pruszynski was standing at the time or any movements he made during the sequence of shots would, to some degree, have been of assistance."
The Pruszynski recording's importance rests not only upon the number of shots fired but also upon two additional issues: the intervals between the shots and differing acoustic characteristics. Accordingly, two of the four audio experts reported that the Pruszynski recording contains evidence of a second gunman firing virtually simultaneously with Sirhan. They determined—and a firearms expert concurred—that there was at least one set of so-called "double-shots," and possibly two sets. In the one set of "double-shots" that these experts confirmed for "Conspiracy Test", the set's twin shots were fired too close together for both to have come from Sirhan's revolver. The shooting's two separate sets of "double-shots"—that is, the third and fourth shots in the first set and the seventh and eighth shots in the second set—were separated by 122 and 149 milliseconds respectively. In field tests, a trained firearms expert firing under ideal conditions could only manage 366 milliseconds between shots using the same weapon. The dissenting fourth audio expert did not address this key issue of shot intervals. In addition to the "double-shot" findings, one of the Discovery Times audio experts reported to the AAFS in 2008 that five of the shots heard in the recording—3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 in a sequence of 13 shots—had odd acoustic characteristics which the expert attributed to their being fired from a second gun pointing away from Pruszynski's microphone. In his scientific paper on the Pruszynski recording, the audio expert reported to the AAFS that a forensic investigation had matched the anomalous acoustic characteristics to those of a Harrington & Richardson
.922 firearm.[9] Sirhan's weapon in the pantry was a .22 caliber Iver-Johnson Cadet.
The significance of the Pruszynski recording was unknown for 36 years until early 2004, when an American journalist obtained a copy of the California State Archives's crude cassette dub of the original recording. The original is the only audio recording known to have captured the actual Robert Kennedy shooting. Two other sound recordings made that night by newsmen Andrew West of Mutual Broadcasting System radio affiliate KRKD and Jeff Brent of the Continental News Service recorded only the shooting's immediate aftermath......
[edit] Other victims
Initially, there were conflicting reports about the number of bystanders shot. Eventually it was confirmed that five people other than Kennedy were wounded: William Weisel of ABC News, Paul Schrade of the United Auto Workers union, Democratic Party activist Elizabeth Evans, Ira Goldstein of the Continental News Service and Kennedy campaign volunteer Irwin Stroll.
At least two other people were accidentally injured by being struck in the face by camera equipment.... Despite the autopsy report suggesting that all four shots that hit Kennedy came from behind, all witnesses seemed to agree Sirhan was facing Kennedy when he fired. In conducting the autopsy on Kennedy, Los Angeles coroner Dr. Thomas Noguchi found powder burns on Kennedy's ear and gunpowder residue in his hair. Noguchi said this indicated that Kennedy was shot from a distance of, at most, 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). (When a firearm is discharged, the powder residue travels only a few inches because the material is very light.) Noguchi's conclusions led to speculation that Sirhan was too far from Kennedy and in the wrong position to have administered the fatal shot (also fired from a .22 caliber handgun, one which had apparently been fired into Kennedy's head at point-blank range from behind his right ear) and that a second shooter must have been present. Dr. Noguchi wrote years later that:
"Until more is precisely known…the existence of a second gunman remains a possibility. Thus, I have never said that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy."
— Dr. Noguchi [11][12]
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