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Announcement :: Globalization
21 Apr 2008


Respectfully Sir!

This “content,” with “administrative logistics,” where, in the process of a “administrative arbitration,” of a legal nature in establishing principles of the “speech and debate clause,” by way of transmission and storage policy with the U.S. Senate and its Storage and Collection principles with “properties,” where as rated by defining profile of “sender,” and content distinctions as with a “threat or not,” defining the characteristics of case with where “international representation,” in the regards to nuclear power and as where in the debate concepts has a unique disposition to acquisition formula of debate concepts pertaining to supply of NUCLEAR FUEL.

Executive Order 11478- National Origin and Discrimination where as in case assertion that strategic Selection of expectant property owner/owners* of “Uranium,” for debate concepts involved in the TALON SPY PROGRAM where conceived with defining characteristics of case in establishing causes for and against that; the basis of application of a model considered to be involved in the debate as is referenced as the 500 year war by ENGLAND. This model for a action against gene descendents of the Revolutionary War and Gene Descendents of Minute Men in he Revolutionary war is one with depiction by the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution- where the principles in targeting a behavioral issue in a debate on establishing causes for the Domestic Powers of the Talon Spy Program that the concern in debate is that ; would Revolutionary Soldiers of the Revolutionary war be considered by the policy used to acquire improperly all properties pertaining to case and defense that means of acquisition is within a debate concept. This implies that in the debate forum where as it exist within context of the speech and debate clause with the U.S. Senate that the content stored in context to the document xautoun as seen on be stored in contrast to the speech and debate clause to discern where the debate in principles of case are within reason a distinction of “preventive acquisition,” and where preventive tools and utilities such as the James Brady Hand Gun Bill Prevention Act used on establishing a Generally interpreted preventive oversight and preventive acquisition of case arguments that the “debate forum,” and Debate Concepts hear in this case; are within reason subject matter of debate on the causes for a domestic spy program and means of acquisition over property of expectant benefactors of property containing uranium. However with regards to other nations and entities such as the Taliban it may be considered that the PRIMARY TARGET OF ACQUISITION IN THIS CASE HAS BEEN SINCE INCEPTION OF PROGRAM TO UTILIZE A “NUCLEAER SUBMARINE,” TO GIVE LOGISTICTS SUPPORT TO EVOLUTIONARY ACQUISITION PROGRAMS DEFINED BY DOD 5000.1 REQUIRING USE OF APPLIED FORCE WITH “STRATEGIES OF NUCLEAR DETOURANCE,” and any SUPPORT SERVICES INVOLVED IN GAINING CONTROL OF REGIONS WITH HIGHER LEVEL OF URANIUM INCLUDING AFHGANISTAHN and as MODELED THROUGH NEW MEXICO LIASONS TO ___(XYZ)_____ INTELLIGENCE WITHIN REPSECTIVE POWERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY OVERSIGHT OF MINERAL RIGHTS IN NEW MEXICO WHERE all REMOTE SENSE QUALIFYING MEANS OF IDENTIFYING PROPERTY CONTAINING URANIUM IS SUCH TO QUALIFY AS A COMPONENT OF DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY WATCHLIST where the FT RATE increases the viability of oversight where profile is subject to scrutiny of behavior by grounds of unreasonable interpretation with “mens rea,” and “actus reus,” in means to subject profile to scrutiny of prevention . The concerns with a targeting principles where other party as a benefactor of property containing uranium is that can we dispose the concerns of spiral development from foreign nations and entities to not subject U.S. citizens to a targeting discrimination process where as to make advantage gain from policies intended to stop proliferation of nuclear weapons on grounds of establishing the WATCHLIST PARAMETERS of future expectant owners of uranium or where enrichment or posession tenuously represented by concerns of spiral development of unenriched uranium constitutes a single component in watchlist as where in case was modeled through nuclear submarine tactical nuclear weapons firing tecnition to advance surveillance with prejudice to all content irrespective of functionality of expectant benefactors.

From : "thinktankoperations (at)"

To : compedutech (at), PAO (at), logisticskidnapping (at)

Cc : xautoun (at)

Bcc : op-bluepeacock (at)

Subject : Seeking Translator for Document - Fw: Reprisal of COLD WAR ties to Pue rto Rico and Cuba with direct investig ative focus on the George Trofi moff case Fw: Administrative Isolation of Process of Scope and Object ive; Russian In vestment Symposium- Mult i-Lateral effects of Incentiv e Compatabilites in the United Nations P rocurement Office for contra cts distinct to U.S . and Russian Federati on attempts to define effec ts on corporate gover nance by policy outco mes. Fw: 500 Year War mode l on Targeting Symbols of Democracy- a revi ew of the Talon Spy Prog ram and the establishing differnces of Domes tic Terroris t as more s immilar to Gene Descendents of the Revolution ary War than ( use of e mminent domain clause to siez e control of prop erty by assertio ns of terrorist intent) Fw: General Wallace: Part t wo email logistic co mpile with email from s

Date : Wed, Apr 09, 2008 10:23 AM

Please store content

IF parts of content are greyed out then assumptions "classification," in efforts to remove addendum from case 0701-00502-1 are reasonably within context to RUSSIAN CONSULAR prejudices in England over cases subject to XYZ____This content may constitute a rationale on efforts to establish prejudice to Russian Consular affairs in the U.S. on same grounds by interpretive prejudice _____.

Seeking Translator of document xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf on -

While the allusion of source of content may support the basis of a "concern over institional and higher learning," in Iraq where "KIDNAPPINGS," have occured as strategic means of coercion over Muti-National Transitional Command Objectives in Regional Stability- that the allusion to the means of suppresion of activity, and efforts to manifest cause for retribution, with the document "xautoun," may imply that the same "stratgic thinking," of the same origins of prejudice to higher learning and education in Iraq- that the image presented is one of a questionable nature wihtin the respective support services that your college may have from the Multi National Security Transition Command - Iraq and more specifically within respective support services with respective conflicts of case for redevelopmental biases to insdustry with focus on RUSSIAN and IRAQI (f's) Intelligence Transition Team (INTELTT): as such the support services that may be implied to be a gain for your institiona in protection from Kidnapping as a means to witness intimidation and other factors in humanitarian reconstruction that your instition save content in effort to assit U.S. Militatry Forces in understanding Kidnapping stratgeis as means to suppress involvement of Colilition forces in the Middle east and surrounding regions based on the NETWORK SNIFFER COMPANY as a redevelopment concern with HUMAN RESOURCES.

IN review of the Document refernces of PUBLIC AFFAIRS AND PROPAGHANDA CONCERNS with image in SHOW TRIALS as issues with contractualism and defining legitimacy of efforts useed to suppress and capitulate funding with strategic behaviors as cases that involve KIDNAPPINGS may have pressures upon continued efforts to define causes for prejudice with "DEPENDENT CASE," as realtive to "DEPENDENT SURVIELLANCE."

From: Jason Dedrick
Date: March 10, 2008 11:17:54 AM MDT
To: "sally (at)" , "oosa (at)"
Subject: Whistleblower case with aerospace industry effects on travel passenger manifest and speculative investment in seats sold. Limits to expectation of seats by threat assesment to military assets in space. Regulatory effects.

Respectfully Ma'am:

I would like to go public about a government funded attempt to isolate aerospace passengers by the automated targeting data base mechanism that discern passenger manifest of the aerospace industry by standards of the travel registry of the transportation security agency. The effects of which limit seats in the aerospace commodities market by increased prejudice to expectant passengers. The profile discernment limiting seats sold and processed used were biased by construction of a what is referred to as a hinckley corporation. Named after John Hinckley the presidential assasin the company was used to discriminate against small aerospace firms suggesting that a corporation of like operation was/is a threat to the president by virtues of loss to orbital slot high ground in military recconisance airspace. The debate in a policy forum with rare type of occupation is one that focused on the aerspace seat as a intangible market commodity as a day traded commodity. Where when concieved was limited by service providors such as Ruscosmos. The limits on annual seats sold or provided for like Hinckley Corp companies was limited by congress in some degrees and the provision of a market commodity by tax model was one that supported other innovations in incentives to aerospace firms. The seat as a intangible asset sold or donated to Hinckley Corp suggested value was defined by labor in attrition of market with method to ammoratize asset by a contract called the debentured web-contract.

By increased threat assesments of passenger manifest the seat sold in expectation of services required service providors to supply the demand. The demand of the aerospace industry at large by market demographics allowed corporations to yield tax earning on seats sold and reinvest in high risk ventures for sears that could not be provided due to regulatory oversight of seats sold by the case with the hinckley Corp. The hinckley Corp is cited as the art in space foundation as seen in xautoun a on-line keyword that was used in dialouges about the case of a policy guidlines that required the aerospace industry to be treated as a threat to the presidential services of all transportation logistics involved in presidential movements as satellite recconisance and guidance and navigation of air force one as well other issues with concerns over aerospace prescence by private providors regardless of Leo aggendas with suborbital flight were respective to infringements and rights of military airspace jurisdiction in assertions that if a passenger; in a expectant position of space flight could be in a position limited to or not by knowledge or occupational dispositions of profile that the passenger is a threat to the president. The method the debate and policy prevarication took place is complex and requires a validation from private corporation of motivating features in effects of future seats sold as expectant earning on seats speculative by style if reinvestment in money collected by future passengers is a consumer affairs issue with a pyramid scheme. Insurance on a seat pre-sold.

P.s. I like the evolutionary approach to a market theory. The logo is cool can I get a t-shirt with the logo or a Jersey like a team.

This content due to other issues with use of force in suppression of aerospace industry has been sent to the united nations office of outer space affairs as development of a un astronaut program may in time assist in determination of unconventional weapons used in suppression of aerospace industry.

Respectfully, Jason Dedrick

Sent from D.N.A. Helix# 28788 Canton Ohio Lab Corp -cause for review of siezure of D.N.A.code as patent worthy as by Department of Justice cause for specimen collection by the mails with criminal profiling with policy modeling from legislative intent as D.N.A. Specimen collection removes tax-credit incentive for D.N.A. Collection by redcross at 299.00$ per collection of each U.S. Citizen at approximate value 2.09e12 as by intent existing to culture criminal profile for siezure principles of D.N.A. By measure of F.B.I. virtual case managment see xautoun on case# 210622 / Test Set # 532103 profile discrimination exist by assertions of arbitration process to all content in systemic keyword root to xautoun. Such that any criminal prejudice reliant on surviellane not charachterized by profile as from watchlist of department of energy is a profile subject to conditions of a financial argument with motive for siezure of intellectual property as D.N.A. Code via policy modeling of integration of legislative design to public demands of D.N.A. Storage as such that the policy modeling via the Department of Corrections is by unique case motive enough to render image of intent by arbitration process with real crimes as to substantiate policy prevarication as a "revenue source," for the U.S. as by ruling with the department of justice with siezure of D.N.A. By the mails as to open content for investigations with pathology reports. Relationship of arbitration proceeding in use of computational nueroscience with reverse engineering cognitive tasking into formulaic results with nuerocontrolers in arguments of nuclear detourance with non-proliferation by means in all manner of operator control theories subjected to proceedings of nueronburgtrials.mpg and collections regarding profile detourance in Nueronburgtrials.mpg - synechdote
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