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Announcement :: Globalization
04 May 2008
Respectfully Sir; The Honorable Vladimir Putin!

This letter should have all the validations of sincerity for your support in 9/11 investigations within context to regional superpowers nearer the stability of market economic where reprisal of the aerospace industries effect on two nations image and culture of competition. I remember sir, the first time I heard of your name. The story I was told was that you were 13 when you went into the KGB directorates office and was escorted with educational material- that paved the way to your many insights of your nations struggles. Be that a son of an Olympic caliber gymnast nearing and sense of competition has always brewed in me to better understand the multi-polar global competition within the context of national image at large with respect to the competing superpowers space ages. I had hoped that prior to May 6th of the year 2008 on the departure of your presidency that a reprisal of your efforts to help in a 9/11 investigation that some clarity to a sleeper cell in Colorado could be addressed. While the contention of the argument where with the former KGB directorate for foreign or oversees operations would have during the transition of the Former Soviet Union and within the subject matter of a Cold War era process in arguments substantiated upon where with funding and appropriations biased to activities discerned as modernization of legitimacy that unique dispositions to the Soviet Invasion into Afghanistan in the assistance that; the subject matter of data asset sold to taliban or traded could be more clearly refined. This context to with the letter 2 putin and where a current reprisal of all things resulting from the activity with the content of xautoun has resulted in the following assertions with dispositions of political affairs as defining of duties of the Minister of foreign Affairs Currently Sergy Lavrov. The document was transmitted in what may be referred to as a information warfare document as by a unique style of assessing a para psychological dragnet. The recent issues with a email sent tot he Russian Embassy in Afghanistan where a response is asserted to be one where current attempt to define behaviors of terrorist organizations in Iraq- that one being in this case the use of mentally retarded women in attacks as opopistional to the docuemtn xautoun as a docuemtn of psychological warfare- this resulted in 72 causalities as the refernce of the docuemtn as a network sniffer where industry intserst of human resoures in the regions outlying Iraq where former soviet Scientist and other occupations where human resources were of interest with mutual interst in multi-lateral talks on the development of a United Nations Astronaut Program- the effects of which on the assertions of Un Sovierrenty in space to investigate space based weapons with a trained fleet and as well policy in issues regarding the Un Weapons Secututy Council. Currently in addressing some of these issues it seems that the Board of Governors in the United states in discerning the prejudice of content posted on you tube in a style of recruitment by middle eastern terrorist that the use of RITTER707 as poster has subjected concerns to Taliban designations of targets to south Korean special forces 707 th Special Mission Unit and the Current Govneror of Colorado BILL RITTER such that- the targeting bias is within context of political oppositions in the case with content on - the other concern sir, is that the case with the Drugging of Victor Yushchencko as political malice where existing to the Ukraine president that the use of Special forces ALPH Anti-Terrorist Department as well the South Korean forces in discernment of the development of ground facilities for Launch in South Korea of a UN LAUNCH FACILITY for a Astronaut program requiring many provider of service and products would require Russian advantages in alliances between Ukraine and South Korea. This is cause for a review of the 9/11 investigative provisions of insights from your office in such validations of activities with xautoun that where; poltical malice in drugging of Victor Yushchencko and similar political features of malice as where mutually exclusive legal farming between the two cases is subject to a legal formula in assertions of diplomatic security affairs.

I still very much wish to write the novel on the separatist technocrat a cause of operation overtlord against MK ULTRA as retaliatory to ULTRA services by ENGLAND in efforts to define the nueronburgtrials of MIND KAMP by case 07-01-00502-01 and feel that presence in Russia to write political treatise on the incentive compatabilites of the un procurement office for parts and services of a UN ASTRONAUT program between us and Russian efforts to develop a multi-lateral treaty on corporate governance of very large military contractors whose ability to corrupt political systems is within definition of case where resulting investigations from mutually consistent interest from UKRANIAN SPECIAL FORCES AND S. KOREAN SPECIAL FORCES can define better the efforts in case to impact corporate governance between the two nations against mutually consistent and pervasive influences that have effected rational decision making and have been fueled by constituencies with many trade obligations.

I have found a translator for the Novel who is from the Regions Outlying Georgia and feel that She may like to assist in translations of the document pertaining to a separatist technocracy- I hope you have time to read the content on Boston indy media as follows.... in next e-mail.

Thank You For What Meager Means have been applied to better understand the Market Comodity of Aerospace Seat as applied to xautoun and effects on revitalization of both the US AND RUSSIAN AEROSPACE PROGRAMS.

Early Draft of Presidential Farewell Address
(No verified email address) 27 Feb 2008
Revisions by rules of integrity.
A rough draft of the President's Farewell address.

There is no audience greater than that audience receptive to a nation's struggles.
Struggles in identifying national image and the culture of America are with respect a
image I have seen in a first hand account here in the office of the President. A office
to which hold higher truths than any individual president can understand. Be certain my
fellow Aamericans that a great hardship upon this nation is ever present and ever peril. A
design of a hardship in easing concerns of the nation over a concern many Americans have
with respect to surveillance and other measure taken to insure America's design of
democratic republic is always tumultuous and ever in turbulence around the word, meaning
and dispostion of all conflicts being compromise. We are still an ambitious nation, with
many ideas yet brought to the fruitful contemplations of a design imparted upon the
nation's conscious. That being the nation's awareness and judgment in critical decision
making before our nation's purchases, our nation's ideologies and the conditions of a
nation's security. Having been here two terms and with the little image and comprehension
that any man or woman in the position of the president can ascertain as to the nation's
many struggles ahead- I not being a Five Star General having the insights of leaders who
have gone before me- will leave with great disappointment in the knowledge I am sure to
obtain in the future, where I will be without the powers that I rest in the confidence of this
nation. Security abroad and Security in the home- little needs to be said about a strong
nation of values and principles in the integrity of this nation's executive office and
powers in the assertion that any nation's president should be a mentor to these values.
Instilling in the home a strong sense of security removes an insecure nation distrusting
of its executive leadership- but in distrusting, asking often asking always of a nation's
integrity we define our uncertain democracy as one of a upstart nation, not an upstart
company. The company of a nation in defending its citizens is a hardship upon the fabric
of this office, innovations in peacekeeping measure with nuclear science in the past have
created a top heavy policy burden and enforcement disposition of this nations design of
acquisition. This is by all account the imposition over a nation the realizations of the
power of the atom. This imposition in the structuring of the department of energy has
created dynamics in the energy market that secondarily being perceived as a strong
national economy is primarily about a national instrument of policy behind which a backbone
of behavior has been designed upon. The additions to this nations home's in the sense of
national security as building a young nation and as any home builds the family unit, by
the instructions and education required to have responsible citizenry is tethered to the
national image-as by this account, were we fellow Americans to undo all that has been
done in peace keeping by the first use of the nuclear bomb to deconstruct the nations
department of energy as a British policy of unmoving feudalism then many parallels do
exist- yet my fellow Americans speaking with great consternation to the threats before us
in every industry, every watchdog agency, every example of prevention whereby
identification of threats exist we must assume to be trusting of the "policy matching," that
will exist in future years in standardization and regulation of the threat identification
systems we employ as a nation. Abusing the means of promoting a threat is one that is to
be highly regarded as a lobbyist activity and moreover a behavior in response and
government accountability where we have institutionalized our responses to nuclear
threats. This institutional capacity of the government in discernment of facts with
effects upon the daily transit of data here in this office of knowledge and information
requires a veracity that is not solely conditioned to the emergence of a threat.
Responding to all peoples concerns in time is a function of our responsible society able to
self govern- yet, large projects, and the comprehension of projects like the Moon Mission
and the Human Genome project where vast coordinations and multi-disciplinary sciences
with federally funded research and development centers are inextrixably defined by that
meaning that individual power in a democracy is not a virtue of even this office.
The future is unsettling to mention a few major projects that in honesty and the
perpetuation of the model of the office of the presidency will not be misleading to you
my fellow Americans- the puppetry of a nation's voice is not a virtue in the deliberations
of these key concepts which in elaboration I will subject to the contemplations of future
leaders to grapple with and hold to a impassioned discovery of education. I mentioned
Policy Matching, as it has become a symptom in America since 9/11 that where programs
that deal with evolutionary acquisition of the Pentagons buying power and other programs
engendered to have distinctions with the future threats we face, as this is your
government and you must pay attention if you seek to have practical power in it. I am
only responsive as a public servant, not altruistic as the demands of constituents is not
always altruistic, this meaning the progression of bills that are instrumental to profit
margins are largely overcomplicated in the rights of the Pentagon to be free from
solicitous activities where misinformation effects the decisions that have been made in
this office. The governments instincts in policy matching where threats exist in
virtually every industry to people and livelihood, labor and manufacturing
codependencies, economy and virtues are within respect to the following great threats
before us a matter of integration of behaviorism. The overly complicated and
representational process where we define our representational bodies, delegates,
senators, each elected official have in many instances only the instincts to do what is
right in light of threats, we assume, in protecting ourselves from the corruption that is
defined in this administration as the institutional codependency of insuring a series of
tools in a defense instrumentality are with a constant applied force used. This in
respect to the end of the Cold War and the collapse of a nuclear armament that employed
for many years this nations backbone and that caused many procedures, as we shift to one
of many nations concerned with non-proliferation of nuclear power regardless of nations
like IRAN, or NORTH KOREA that imbibe the knowledge pertaining to systems and instruments
of foreign policy where as to make a gain by a sense of extortion over out nations
resources, as we are a nation most knowledgeable of the power behind the atom and the
responsibilities imbued in its conditional power in effects of institutions. The analogy
I have discerned is one of the most complicated, that being the 30 year nuclear bomb, a
bomb that is institutional and that over time seeds institutional codependencies- it is
triggered by a convergence upon the United Nations Weapons Security Councils sovereignty
to inspect weapons even ours.
Our nation, one with resolve in reaching a educated society, filled with vigor and
vitality is one to respect sovereignty of state and sovereignty of the federal
instruments of power in insuring the dynamics of this executive office keep peace,
however in understanding the powers of international representation we should in small
steps, recognize this as a a individual power to insure stat sovereignty exist by
asserting a international power exist to maintain the same principles in defense that
this nation has defined in every military action against despotism - a behavior of centralized power, I laugh to say that
this requires that strategies involved in storming Normandy, no offense to France that we
would occupy territory just to apply force and maintain a policy high ground, but that the policy matching of our defense instrumentality is
restructuring to insure that a nation of educated citizens can overtime have the
knowledge of the atom. This nation's citizens is not ready for that, as any wise man would
have in eight years recognized, and as one effects the gernal domain of knowledge, we will not build a firewall between our citizens and its'
representational voices in prevention and non-proliferation as a occupation of defense
and detourance, and we will not be the military mob. Our power is one of a slowly
evolving contemplative resolve to define fairness and equality and to the nations of the
world that rest certain that our democracy is working rest emulation of our
nation in classrooms around the world in defining what virtues this nation holds true to
define it, the Democratic republic as yours as well, for democracy exist where democracy
exist, let it exist.
Those great threats ahead of us in each project that where in man hours alone and in cray
laboratories or super computing labs analyzing data and applying it to solve solutions be
wary of single solutions in simplification of a nation's problems. Be certain my fellow
Americans that many hours in discernment of nano-technology and its effects upon the
nation's security that we will endure the transformations involved and have a strong
market economy in product diversification to reach the many consumer demands, yet, as
consumers in the Pentagon be that procurement in its most succinct argument of a behavior
of nation are not bottom up in supply and demand and are rather in contrast in some
degrees top down, this compromise in reaching a equilibrium of responsible citizens and
the demands of individuals and nations requires long periods of deliberation as
nano-technology will effect all industry standards at minimum and effect the amount of
persons required to manufacture a threat. IN and of itself nano-technology will emulate
the policy institution that was created from the Truman era to the current era in the
policies subject to executive powers held in trust and confidence with oversight of all
things nuclear, as all thing nano-technology. I will briefly state that the innovations,
and concerns could we see the year 2032 in the images we see as a nation, will be done in
this broad umbrella of science and speculation and effect policy integration. This cause
for oversight of policy matching where behaviors in response and government
accountability to the concerns of its citizens will be largely held with great bias to
individual concerns. We will require this nation's minds to be active and participating in
its powers lest that result will be special interest groups defining this nation's debt as
a cause for restructing all emerging democratic republics where incentive to emulate is
not soley held by the virtues of a nation's public image. The blue collar elitist and
pluralist can hardly define this nation's immigration influence on the cultural
identification of fairness without subjugation by any authoring policy that we as a
nation do not do to ourselves. We will not feel ashamed when the global market place and
multi-polar competition with special interest groups infiltrates this nation's integrity-
fairness, understanding, and deliberation in a compromise with redifining trust as a
function of defining the national image by its security in the interpersonal
relationships each man and woman has with its nation. As without a nation to defend from
corporate interest groups the demands of the public will be fraught with hardships in the
institutional makeup of each purchase this nation makes. Your buying power should
attenuate always the educational reform required to re-innovate science and technology in
reaching the national image. Yet, in reaching into the depths of this nations continental
army, as a Behavioral guideline of what then was a feudal imposition of power over the
subjugation of a nation's emerging definitions of consensus-regardless of conflict
engendered in resolving disputes, that the nation that we are founded upon had little in
the foresight of feudal system as circumstantial to nuclear power, and the descending
dispositions of classification and nuclear oversight effecting knowledge gathering. Which
leads me to the next great concern this nation will have, Internet representation for
document collection, collection of components that when integrated and compiled equate to
the sum knowledge in parts to build a nuclear bomb. Internet policing, a international
agenda and state agenda and a federal agenda, this is a issue of taxation and
representation, were each state to state undeclared that it was within its right a state
legislation is concerned to build a nuclear bomb for little more that to deride the
policing consequences in effecting the terrirotial domain over the contetn required to
fasciliate this manner of checks and balances in discernment of a internet model for
taxation and represeentaitonal whereby the Department of energy Watchlist, or like duties
and responsibilites of governement entities where by the policy of each entity should have
the disposition to understand a threat specific to it operations, would not invade the
soviergnty of any state, corporation or nation with conflcits tenious on the use of
nuclear power to extort resources and conerns that differentiate the instrumetailites of
a military. This in simplification is the concerns that chief justice Rehnquist stated in
decisions regarding the 2000 Florida primaries about the distinction that the people have
lost there trust with the nation in the manner by which the supreme court was involved.
If my fellow Americans you, feel inclined to increase representation by census and by
Resources of each state then appeal to the matters of representations in discernment of
each conflict that is present in effects of your personal lives- those of you who take
office or work for your nation and government, your life is occupied by disarming threats
to national Security by nations who see a democratic republic as a are
negotiators in a hostile environment conflagration on all sides by the limitations of
your ability to understand the depths to which other nation's plan in obtaining a
irresponsible power and the failures in government accountability to respond at minimum- are expenses to consious in that effort to define the self as a public servent.

Government Accountability is Response at Minimum, as “contrite,” as storage of a e-mail-
be that history is not defined by its conquerers but rather its historians-(Look at
Supreme Court Members and Say- Big Brother Is not Yet realized but, if the 5,000,000
emails involve a argument about executive leadership roles in storage at minimum then I
guess the people have managed a fruitfull issue with check and balances- nod to plame and
rove and mclellan (see and C.C. This speech for revisal of
methods of subjugation to the United Nations Office of the High Commisioner for
See also:

This work is in the public domain