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Announcement :: Media
9/11 investigation
23 May 2008
Modified: 03:12:35 PM
Public Notice in same manner of Historical causes of investigations by the United_States_Senate_Homeland_Security_and_Governmental_Affai rs_Permanent_Subcommittee_on_Investigations be it known that any forthcoming knowledge pertaining to "public trial," proceedings that efforts to help in reprisal of Sleeper Pathology who would like to give advice, suggestions and expert testimony, to Representative Waxman regarding content of case and Committee on Oversight and Government Reform as well with establishing principles of the "TALIBAN's utility," to "coerce corrpution," as strategic codependency upon a subject of prejudice in case and cause for innuendo on of McClellan--- this innuendo is one that implies the involvement of case means(see of asset described in XAUTOUN and effects on Agency for International Development commodity import program...with all imports through space adventures ltd.

From : "thinktankoperations (at)" <thinktankoperations (at)>


Subject : d_Governmental_Affairs_Permanent_Subcommittee_on_Investigations infrig nemnts on other investigatiosn may be merrit to transfer investigative discernment of services Fw: PLEASE FORWARD TO: José E. Serrano (NY), Chair

Date : Fri, May 23, 2008 12:51 PM rs_Permanent_Subcommittee_on_Investigations if services with Senator Chuch Grassley subject the United State Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to investigative services in discernment of individuals and entities or organizations to scrutiny in manner of assistance with 9/11 investigation's as to discern the "coercion of corruption," as topic for representative Waxman in review of all cases ties to Cold War Racketeering cases with former Soviet Union and person's who testified with or against Corrupt Organizations as a issue for that the concerns in case with all cold war reprisal with Proximal Hammer in discerning potentials for Cold War Flare up that the criminal element of dynamic funding with Taliban and Corrupt organization with former Soviet Union in the causes for a assessment by the Oversight Committee on Government Reform to address concern with a Sleeper Pathology where current dynamics of Sleeper Pathology and Proximal Hammer having traversals of concerns may have a strengthened image of clarity effecting decision makers in the U.S. Military- the assertion in case is that in the government reform and oversight committee when establishing in direct relationships to this case that will help determine the capacity for threats of the former soviet union by sleeper cells in the United States and where Vasily MItrokins orders to subject targeting discrimination of those who could be used against -- and --- in where the oversight committee could stand to gain in the reprisal of cold war axis conditions of testimonies against corrupt agencies would be defined by the assertions that the SOVIET TALIBAN shifts in resources to corrupt activities in the united states targeting criminal syndicates of competition in which where criminal trafficking of Heroine or other types of influences involved in criminal activities that the agendas of DEEP PLANTS IN THE CONFIDENTLY INFORMANTS PROGRAMS due to institutional characteristics of the FBI and the FEDERAL MARSHALS AS SEEN in the case with regards to SCOTT KIMBALL where former C.I. of the FBI was placed into a position of privilege and who may now be a SERIAL KILLER as well as other C.I. programs where in this case support that a third party attempted to remove slander or defamation may be applied in the model of the means of persuasion by those who have testimony against criminal organizations. The assertion that cases where exist criminal arms trafficking with Russian Origin is one where the subject matter of testimony and confidential informant programs may lead to the institutional dynamics of the house oversight and reform committee to make suggestion based on case to the F.B.I. in a behavioral assessment of how criminal intelligence in CI programs has a ability to preserve its agendas when the strategic disposition of case with sleeper pathology is one where it may be construed an advantage to have "in position," persons of relegated influence in CI programs for long range spiral operations. Such advise to Representative Wax man regarding how organizations who organize by spiral models such as are clearly elucidated by the many interpretation of requirements in evolutionary acquisition and of spiral development by DOD 5000.1 and 2 that the assertion of a reprisal of the government many CI programs by the TALON SPY PROGRAM and the indecisiveness of "case's," where reference of TALON SPY PROGRAM with lummus product may where be applied in assertions to Representative Waxman the means to asses CI program on model of sleeper pathology to remove or subject critical discovery prejudice to any informants with whom knowledge of late seventies early eighties heroine trafficking syndicates, arms trafficking syndicates - as dynamic concerns with targeting discrimination by former soviet union of board members of high profile government contractors including LOCKHEED MARTIN and children and grandchildren and in some instances great grandchildren- the Dynamic of the assertion is that where individual involved in criminal activities who are children and grandchildren of influential contractors in position of buying powers - as reprisal in distance to which "BOEING AEROSPACE," WOULD UNDERMINE COMPETITION AND CHALLENGE PENTAGONS DECISION WITH PURCHASING SELECTION BEHAVIOR or where FORMER SOVIET UNION WOULD USE CASES Inclusive of having origins of influence and spending during the COLD WAR and where such in times to "pull upon," may have been within a "data asset," of same conspiracy model. This data asset would have included the children of executives at LOCKHEED MARTIN. IT is this issues with a sleeper pathology taht is indicative of support by the HOUSE OVERSIGHT AND REFORM COMMITTEE TO REVIEW in this case as a behavior to discern a CRIMINAL ELEMENT OF PREJUDICE EFFECTING SECURITIES AND FRAUD INVESTIGATION AS FOLLOWS.

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Respectfully, José E. Serrano (NY), Chair

This letter is to inform your offices with the utmost degree of respect and consideration to a very complicated investigative process regarding jurisdiction the committee over the "Securities and Exchange Commission."

INTRO: I will start with a brief in subject matter concerning a market trading commodity concerns and consumer affairs fraud with the effects of the privatization of former soviet union assets as by in this case with the Aerospace Seats of Roscosmos Space Agency. The concern in this case is based on fixed market trading commodity effects of investment revenue in speculative investment regarding the application of seat and use of seat in this case by the company in Virgina known as Space Adventures Ltd. ran by Eric Anderson. The concerns in this case are one where with the seat as the furthest state owned asset effected by the former soviet union and its collapse as when applied to the Joint Psychological Warfare Operation as referred to as PROXIMAL HAMMER after designers of OPERATION SLEDGE HAMMER where the sympathetic characteristics of investigation with case have proven the corruption and networks pathologies of organized crime connected to the Former Soviet Union has direct relevance's of concerns with which your committee may decide to enjoin to other senate investigations with two cases currently converging upon similarities that should allow the United States Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations to redefine content addressed to the Solicitor General of the United State Department of Justice. While I may be required to be vague in the Brief I will inform you that due to political concerns by person subject to investigative back feed the funding and methods of appropriations used to maintain an important securities fraud investigation that a shift in resources may be applied from the Veterans Administration for continued investigative prejudice with the Appropriations concerns taht the Members of House Appropriations will have to review regarding the Russian Influence in affecting Congressional spending behaviors with the sale and service mitigation nof the assets of Roscosmos to the company cited in XAUTOUN as seen on as a model for discernment of the application of a traded commodity where investment revenue from pre-sold aerospace passenger seats has a tenuous conflict with promise keeping in regards to minimal provision of aerospace seats for like use. The use by a private capital from the Company Space Adventures Ltd. where use of the former Soviet Union Asset with many investors who have high yield risk venture capital with interest earning dividends. The policy and legislation required to address the Congressional spendingbehavios being altered by outcomes of case are dynamic to the National Science Foundation use of aerospace seats for like grant worthy project as the "Art in Space Foundation," where political malice enfranchised by corrupt pathologies to appropriations offices that deal with overseas operations and where concerns with domestic infiltration of the former Soviet Union with KGB influences and directives is subject matter for other debates but where relevancies are in this case are that - the fall of the soviet union with cold war military contracts where codependency in budgetary provisions regarding the many other concerns over soviet assets in the hands of consumer markets and shadow economies has direct relevencies to the contracting agents and networks of trade relations. The concerns with PROXIMAL HAMMER and anchor points and monitoring and surviellance of subject matter before the Joint Chieffs of Staff regarding the shift in market economies in the former Soviet Union n where the aerospace seat is one a a range of eliciting a response characteristic of behavior in that national image and the culture of Russia with intangible market economies where sympathetic with us culture and national image as that the asset is one of the furthest removed "controlled asset of the state body politic," and its use was one considered to be of a humanitarian design and not one of a design relevant to other aspects of proximal hammer as arms trafficking concerns with the al quiada and other corrupt organizations. However the asset as a anchor point for assessing decision makers and regional stability concerns with Russian leadership and human resources where in efforts to disenfranchise trade with arms traffickers where supply logistics of many aspects of financing including heroine trafficking, have been usurped by shifts in decision making in the former soviet Union and measures to converge ___ assets with NATO and where when applied to data labs with PROXIMAL HAMMER AND types of networking pathology approaches, one may refer to in future times that required "artificial neural networking," to behaviors that suggest a complication with house appropriation committee not having a clear depiction at point with the decision making rational in closures with the BASE REALIGNMENT AND CLOSURE and effects on goals of the U.S. Military at large. The reason I cite this is that the reasoning in some base closures where dependency with Cold War activities is subject matter with defining resistance in decision makers or where reluctance with decision makers to accept transmissions of funding with clandestine activities in many dedicated persons and means to gather intelligence in the field. IT should also be cited that the transmission of content to the Russian Embassy in __________ with reference of the document xautoun as a type of information warfare operations that where discerning corrupt practices in organized criminal activities with "domestic participants in misleading," did unfortunately resulted in the reciprocation of a violent act on Fri, Feb 1 2008 initial pswar drop was a few days prior- the concerns of the TALIBAN and organized direction in Afghanistan has created assumptions that leadership with former soviet participation's in Afghanistan were cause to address use of "mentally unfit," used in military operations effecting regional capacity to recruit new members as other effects of types of business and interest in regiona for shell corporations with effects on human resources - as by the analyst subject to review of the full case disclosure on Proximal Hammer's effects in decision making on corrupt practices effecting decision making of the U.S. Senate or where decision making of the U.S. Senate in effects of service in this case have been guided by other less scrupulous agendas of application of the use of traded commodities and security refered to as the Debentured Web- Bond- that unfortunately the causalities in the manner of response in testing political guidance and effects on U.S. Senate with case are consistent with strategies of the Taliban in models of direction from the former soviet leadership in the KGB.

BRIEF: The initial anchor point in the signal ling of the fall of the Former Soviet Union was the activities of Russian Defectors. This signal ling of a capacity to weaken the Cold War Axis powers- this concern when the development of the operation in a clandestine capacity with PROXIMAL HAMMER was designfull to the concerns of the decision makers with strategic policy concerns. The most recent updated version of xautoun UPDATE "j.5," as where reference to section J as Strategy and Policy Concern- and where in validating a component of use of proximal hammer complimentary type of "radio counter measure," in psywar activity as refered to as OPERATION OVERTLORD with controlled offensive behaviors of the Former Soviet Union applied in discerning network pathologies in PERU where former Russian Spy Master Valdimero Montisesnos and other subject matter of continued investigations may be relegated to needs for regulatory oversight of "securities fraud investigation," on grounds of a reason for my contact with you in this manner with presold seats and price fixing with the aerospace industry and where a PROXIMAL ANCHOR POINT with content in BRASIL independent media. Please type XAUTOUN in your google search browser until you find reference of SSGN SYNCRASY HAD TROUBLES with SSGN- if you have troubles then you can use -

I hope after reviewing the content in xautoun as a very well prepared process of elucidation on the use of the aerospace seats in market trading commodities that an assessment of the company dynamics of Space Adventures Ltd. from Roscomos and with "assertion of contracting agent's," that the assertion of differences in ability for corporations to make promises in pre-sold seats where effects upon speculative investment in case is defined by the company as a GRANT WORTHY OBJECTIVE WITH PREJUDICES effecting the grant worthy objectives by agent provocateurs with whom alliances of a criminal nature are preventing supporting differences in a more well formed policy with securities and exchange investigative Powers in discerning the aerospace seats value by model verses the value of investment capital as to assist in defining opposing parties to model for investigation of a securities nature. Such malicious political parities in case with current aspects of decision made by appropriation through the U.S. Veterans Administration as a conduit to military leadership and prejudice effecting development and trade where promises with aerospace seats in model have a better capacity to depict the asset as a traded commodity with labor incentives.

Current Appropriations Concerns Reliant on Use of Government Entity and its Instrumentality's of legal discernment are based on 346/PD/SCT File Number: 527-71-0753 as Sent from M.R. MURPHY Acting Veterans Service Center Manager . However due to the legitimacy required in the investigation at point for trading securities fraud with effects on congressional spending behaviors of the House Appropriation Committee with suggestions to the National Science Foundation on Provision of limited seats from "Private Resources," and/or Government Resources- I feel that if continued funding in same manner is done then the effects on investigation will be with corrupt outcomes and effect legitimate investigation- as well with great prejudice to personal family property. I hope that advice in effects on non-derivative case for policy review taht the time labor and irreplaceable approach to modeling complicated discernment of seats value and tax incentive programs that your wisdom and advise in case are attributable to any manner of inquiry in inappropriate means of garnering gain over cases of fraudulent misrepresentation for prevention of securities and exchange commission investigations- Further, if there is any Reference in case by other New York Citizens Jerold Nadler that a quick synopsis of case as presented over a year ago may be easily clarified- this as distance in gathering documents pertaining to content previously tranmitted to Delegates in New York may have differences due to UPDATE OF CONTENT to XAUTOUN update j.5.

SEE ALL REFERNCES IN ACCOUNT OF tsiolkovsky_gravity (at) to suggest that the debentured web contract with department of commerce distinction in review with office of space commercialization where specialK (at) as referencing at time a webmaster surviellance bill and effects of interpritation of review of case by Secretary GUtierrez that later permutations of means in nueronburgtrials.mpg in means to create compartmentalization in psychology terms to ____ and restrict unwanted ideas by LORD - see lance of veracity or sword of veracity and refernce all content of - "snap, crackle, pop RICE CRISPIED LIKE DR. RICE (PUT YOU IN THE GAS CHAMBER AND CRISPIED YOU FOR DOING THIS TO A TACTICAL NUCLEAER WEAPONS OPERATOR AS A TO DEFEND A PRIVATE CORPOTION DUE TO ______ AND WHO USED OTHER CAUSES TO GAIN LEVERAGE AS TO _______ IN ORDER TO ______, ) PQR THINK YOU KNOW WITH ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE - THAT's WHAT I NEED OR+OR-OR+ WHAT I WANT.
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