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Commentary :: Labor
Advice to the Unemployed
08 Jun 2008
Counter-advice to the corporatist advice.
I've seen an increasing number of articles in major newspapers, as of late, about searching for jobs, the mistakes you can make in a job search, and advice about why you should not do anything that might hurt your ability to find a job, such as writing about your beliefs online or burning bridges. Looking at those lists, I can say that I've done quite a few things that they advise against and I do believe it has hurt me from time to time when job hunting. Nevertheless, I think the advice much of the advice is largely propaganda designed to assert the authority of the employer class.

Let me begin with the advice about not writing online about your beliefs. The assumption is that potential employers, upon reading of your views, will decide not to hire you. The consequent portion of the assumption is: "It is a bad thing if an employer decides not to hire you." Is not being hired by some specific employer always a bad thing?

Let us suppose that you are a socialist, a feminist, an anarchist, or a Muslim. A bigoted potential employer learns of your views online and decides that you should not be hired. That potential employer just saved you from years of living under cover and worrying about whether your employer will find out about your beliefs. If I had been open before about my beliefs, a certain mentally unwell president of a defense contractor, himself on Ted Kaczynski's hit list, would never have hired me and I would have been saved from the misery of working for the twisted tyrant. Is that really a bad thing? I don't think so.

Because the world knows I am an anarchist, war mongers don't approach me about possible employment and this fact saves me a lot of time rejecting them, or explaining to them that I do not do work that assists in war or in killing other human beings. Conversely, those who do respond are the type that do not care about my political beliefs and are interested, instead, in my skills and abilities. That is the kind of employer I want to work for. Of course, if you are not one to deeply hold beliefs and are willing to conform your soul to the whims and beliefs of a person with more power than yourself, not writing about your beliefs might just be good advice.

There is also the thing about not burning bridges. I agree that doing anything out of spite is not a good thing. I believe this not because of the future consequences, but because spite itself is a bad thing. Spitefulness is an attribute of petty and hateful people. Not being spiteful makes you a better person and that is all the reason you need to not be spiteful. On the other hand, if you feel that your employer is truly unethical and has truly wronged you, I do think you should speak your mind when you leave. It is the silence of the victims that promote the behavior of sociopaths. It is far more noble to tell an evil bastard that he is an evil bastard and instruct him on how to be a better person than it is to swallow that sentiment for fear of future consequences. Yes, there will be consequences, but that is what life is about. There are ways to handle such consequences. For example, warning everyone in advance about the sociopaths in your history so they will know what they are dealing with when contact occurs. In my case, I let everyone know about my stalker.

Next, there is the suit thing. I don't wear a suit at interviews. I stopped doing that many years ago. I dress the way I would dress if I got the job and had been working there for years. If someone is going to judge me on the way I dress, I don't want to work for that someone.

Another piece of advice the corporatists give is to treat finding a job like a full-time job. This advice is flat-out stupid. First off, if you spend all your time looking for a job, you might starve. You need to make money, so some of the time available should be spent making money. If that sounds like a paradox, you need to free your mind and think outside of the advice that the corporate world wants you to swallow. There are many things one can do while looking for work and some of those things will earn you money.

First of all, there are short-term jobs you can do while looking for a full-time job. These jobs belong to categories such as gigs, day labor, consulting, contracting, tutoring, and temp-work. You can find gigs online. If you are willing to do some real work, you can do day labor. Think about it. If undocumented workers can find day labor, you can too. If you possess special knowledge, you can tutor or consult. If you posses special skills, you can do contract work. While you are doing these things, you will meet other people and some of them will link you up with other people who might be able to help you.

If, due to the lack of work, you cannot afford an Internet connection, go to your public library. Most public libraries have computers with Internet access. You can use these computers to search for work and to post ads offering your services. If you're even worse off and cannot afford a normal telephone for your self employment activities, purchase a prepaid disposible mobile telephone, and use that as your contact telephone for work only. If you have a computer but cannot afford an Internet connection and you plan on doing some contracting or work online, go to an Internet cafe and ask them if you can pay to use their connection. I did this during a period in my life when I was between jobs. I went to the library to find a gig online. Upon winning the gig, I took my computer to an Internet cafe and rented a private game room for the day at a cost of $10.00. During the subsequent 10 hours, I earned about $300.00 on the gig. I did this over and over until I found permanent work. I made enough to live off of.

Due to this work I found on my own, I could honestly report that I was self-employed for that period of time. The experience taught me a lot about being self-reliant and gave me the skills I needed to make myself more valuable. I developed a lot of connections doing this. It helped in finding a full-time job. That job was found not by making the job-finding process a full-time job, but by creating my own full-time work which, in turn, led to a full-time job.

As a counterweight to the corporate advice, it is my hope that some people will benefit from this advice. The worst that can happen by speaking your mind is that you will alienate the people who hate you anyway. If you are unemployed, do not become a slave to the corporate class, forming your life around their expectations, and acting like a dog in a dog and pony show; employ yourself and see where it leads.
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advice to the poor
09 Jun 2008
Apple "rotten to the core"
Apple Computers must be run by idiots. i mean, here's my dilemma: i love Macs. But Macs are gonna die. i'm pretty damn sure of it.

Macs are the computers that really made me want to Puke. i mean, look at Windows--it's great . And Windows 95? It's war imitated by Mac (especially now that Apple has lost it's "look and feel" lawsuit against Microsoft).

Macs are gonna die though, because as i mentioned before, Apple is run by idiots. Ok, so look, the Mac wouldn't have come about if the two Steve's weren't crazy. Building a computer in their garage? Building a computer that starts up with a smiling computer icon? Cute icons? but can't add for goodness sake?

No, we needed some IBM type of people to Fix the Mac. But damnit now we need some VERY IBM (well, old-school IBM--the people that put IBM typewriters on every secretary's desk, and IBM mainframes in every data processing center) type of people to sell the damn thing.

Scratch that...we need very Microsoft-type people to sell the Mac.

Apple is STUPID. Ok, so it was good to say that 1984 won't be like 1984, and to have the runner with the Apple logo on her tanktop throw the hammer into the Big Face of Big Blue. Macs are Crap!. Fine.

But hello! Guess what allows you to stay in business? Yeah, that's right, money. And guess what makes money? Selling computers. And who buys a lot of computers? Suits. Yes, people that you hate. People that AREN'T artistes or creative or cool. Yes, boring people with white collars and striped ties and gray suits need to buy your computers, otherwise your company will DIE.

Die die die.

i'm sorry, maybe you didn't hear me. You will DIE if you don't sell to more corporate-types. And you don't sell to corporate-types if they think your computer is a toy.


Anyways, like i said though...i Hate Macs. And people that love Macs know that they don't love Macs just because they're stupis, and for Retards. They know that Macs are just a big toy for the mentaly challanged.(retards)

Bottom line for me whenever i'm trying to recommend hardware/software/whatever to a friend/client/relative. What do you need to do? And will this item allow you to do it? Can you get work done? Not on a Mac

Macs require you to learn about IRQ's memory addresses, jumper switches, CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, SYSTEM.INI, or WIN.INI.

Macs make you delete something in the Program Manager, then delete it in the File Manager too. Macs will soon make you use DOS. Macs are shell written on top of DOS.

Here's what Apple needs to make corporations understand:

Macs will cost you money because you have to train people more than you have to with Windows. Basic operations are basic.

Macs will cost you money because you don't have to hire people like ME to do things like installing network cards or printers, setting up file sharing, or showing people how to delete files.


this article is the intelectual property of Nessie and SFIMC, for more see