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News :: Globalization
Starving in Canada
20 Aug 2008
by Daniel J Towsey

The Starving in Canada, the invisible poor, and the slave wage working poor.

Yes Canadians are starving. Thanks to The New World Order’s NAFTA agreement (conspiracy) in preparation for the secret north American union. That is covertly being phased in piece by piece.

But like usual, the haves. Do not want to know about or talk about the have nots.

The haves like to believe that its the fault of the poor and the unemployed for their have not problems.

(please read my “Welfare bum” article)

It’s shocking that Canada being such a huge country with every imaginable valuable resource could have people starving.

Thanks to the NWO criminal corporate take over of Canada.. we are no longer a common wealth with common laws...

(please read my “Made in Canada” article)

The wealth is no longer being shared equally with all common peoples.

Greed and secret corporate corruption now run our society..

We now have a food bank in every neighborhood. Most towns, and all cities also have soup kitchens.(which serve meager meals)

Canada has a very small population of 30 million compared to our huge country that spans over 7000 miles from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean..

The haves like to comfort themselves with the idea that we have soup kitchens and food banks that take care of the starving poor..

This way the haves can ignore the thought and ease their consciences.

Will, here’s the real story of the situation. Food Banks do not meet the needs of the starving, not even close.

First governments have passed laws that permit food bank operators to give out foods that are unfit or unsafe to eat.

Corporations get tax credits for donations to food banks.

Packaged foods are given away that are long past their expiry dates (sometimes by years, no one ever even looks at the dates), Breads that are moldy,Fresh vegetables that go bad as soon as you put them in your fridge, so that if you don’t eat them as soon as you get them, they are useless to you.

Or the starving get grocery items that are completely useless to them.

usually, food recipients do not get to choose what they receive.

The food that one gets from a food bank for an individual equals about five meals. Yes that’s it.

Recipients are only allowed to receive food once a month. As the distribution is monitored by computer data banks.

Single men are at a further disadvantage. For most food banks are operated by women.

The NWO has had a covert agenda of attacking men for a very long time.

This has been to destabilize society and the family unit. Its the old game of divide and conquer.

We have been led to believe the concept that men are evil.

this has been drilled into society by corporate media that men are more evil or violent than women. Again that is not true.

There are just as many cruel women, if not more than there are men.,

I find that women use their emotional manipulations to the point of cruelty. Bringing men to their breaking points.

Men have physical strength over women, but women have psychological emotional strength over men.

Now back to the issue of the poor.

Presently there is a minimum of two million people starving in Canada out of a population of 30 million.. But the number is much higher..

all minimum wage workers are not able to afford to buy enough food or good nutritious foods as they cost too much. Nor can they get to a food bank. As they have to go to work.

The haves are fortunate for they don’t have to worry about the added high costs of taking taxis home with their groceries.

The haves can drive around and get all the specials, giving them a further advantage over the have nots.

The haves can buy larger more expensive but more economical (Family sized) packages. further giving them an advantage over the have nots.

The have nots are also severely affected by this new corporate mega store trend.

Mega stores are now being built to the disadvantage of the have nots. For all these mega store are being built far from where the majority (of the have nots) live.

As a result, smaller community stores are all shutting down.

The have nots can not afford the taxi fares to get their groceries home from these far away mega stores that are built on the outskirts of towns. Which are much more convenient to the middle class suburbanites haves..

Governments are now catering exclusively to the haves needs and attacking the poor. Benefiting the corporations.

(Please read my “Nova Scotia power report”)

The province of Nova scotia, where i live, now has laws that make it a crime to be poor and on the street.

If you are seen sitting on a sidewalk with an empty container that can hold coins. You will be jailed and charged with a criminal offense.

Nova scotia further attacked the poor by removing rent controls.

Landlords advertise cheap rents. Then Landlords will find out your income when you apply.

Then a year later after your settled in and your lease renews. The landlord can and will raise your rent to what ever they think you can afford.

They can double it if they want. They can do what ever they want. No wonder people can not afford to buy food.

The have nots are further trapped as they usually do not have a vehicle to be able to afford to look for or move to a cheaper place.

Also, there is no longer any cheap and economic moving companies available. I used to have a moving company called “Cheap but good movers”

I was shocked to discover how poor, poor people really are. The majority of the people i moved where very poor.

I always found it amazing that our communities (Which the corporate bankers financed) look so good. Good roads, nice properties etc... but the tenants were very poor.

Please realize that the haves, have another big advantage over the have nots.

Have nots pay a much higher cost for housing then the haves pay...(It is rigged this way to keep the corporate bankers rich)

The haves can and always get their money back when they sell and move, and as usual. The have nots get nothing.

Our governments claims to care about the health of Canadians.

What a joke....the government is only concerned about corporate health.

(Please read my very important “Canada’s Police State Bill c51 Camouflaged as a health bill” article)

So my conclusion is that “Its really expensive to be poor”

Please keep your eyes open for my soon to be published article to be called “Welfare in Canada”
Welfare Bumb
Made in Canada
Nova Scotia Power Report
Canada’s Police State Bill C51 Camouflaged as a health bill
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This work is in the public domain
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