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Announcement :: Politics
Respectfully former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich.
25 Sep 2008
Establishing resources for investigation upon contradictory positions of arguments in substantiation of means of service attrition by arrival to Boston with 9/11 investigation rationale - see letter to senator Frank Lautenburg.
PSYOP season 2 IN CONTEXT OF QUESTIONS will get best answer.
Respectfully former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich.

Respectfully Sir, I the symptoms of this countries current mortgage crisis in one in which I hope to SUBJECT YOUR DISTENDED POLTICAL influences to resources that may attribute to clarify a recommendation to the advisers regarding this situation. Briefly I will clarify that he case in which if your distended services were to have a review of in its entirety is a case of symptoms of a economic transition in surveillance effecting the process of promise keeping. One that while complex is one of subject matter regarding the assessment of an internet tax and classification and rating of on-line capital effecting many markets. This in lou of many efforts in reform of a senate serve reform bill and taxed internet legislation regarding the state federal and international taxes applied to cyber jurisdiction of prejudices that may have a greater clarification by review of the symptoms adapting market attrition against asset holders and lien holders a influence that by great criticism is subject of default of loans that will be in subject matter of the mortgage crisis more prevalent by case symptoms as a subject of service attrition through use of counterintelligence risk management by what is referred to as procedural reasoning systems. The concern is simple in the terms of preventive legislation applied to the internet – that is of greater regards to the entirety of case as a symptomatic of service attrition against real resources as with intent or what is referred to a inverse acquisition. I will subject to your criticism the subject matter of the general interpretation of the use of laws that are based on predetermination and genetic discrimination to be eventualities of the terror watch list of the department of energy and in this case supports an application of preventive technologies against mortgage holders with a service attrition model to default loans as to showcase the form of socialism occurring in the decision making process as a real estate scandal on par with savings and loan. The symptoms of the case support that monitoring of assets and application of laws that allow for counter intelligence to have a polarized finality of oversight that subject acquisition to the fifth amendment as a rationale concern in a time of public danger- that assert to be acquisition with unreasonable payment of fees by or through service attrition. The concern is one that the subject of case helps to identify as a institutional capacity of the information or tertiary sector to define assets holders as threats an apply counter intelligence constraints to acquire real property by tortuous interference in business expectancy and misappropatiation of trade secrets making it difficult for competitive markets to compete with a fair trade in that subject of predetermination of intent of potential lesser under new government regulatory oversight of mortgage loan as subject of forcing through attrition defaults by perfect matching of the assets of loans as threat. This indiscriminate process one that in this case as model is defined by declaration of threat and then matching the doe terror watch list to a service attrition as a right to convoke insights into acquisition behaviors of individuals and corporations as inverse acquisition. While the case supports over 26,000 pages of content and the rating schema of the procedural reasoning systems analysis that have created what in an analytical opinion is like the following in analogy. IN the cold war the counter intelligence of this nation built a top heavy investigative capacity to prevent threatening attacks and maintain positions against threats- however in the process of laying a railroad of institutional capacity of intelligence the railway after 1991 shifted to unilateral global divestiture of resources to maintain the budgets and maintain the funding and spending as to maintain the contracts of cold war contractors- even so close as to the brac closure the many companies and corporation whose market focus was defense the limitation of the investigative communities created in the private sector research and development a inquisition of development and use of inverse acquisition to acquire property by placing the legitimacy of the military and intelligence in the capacity of a development in inquisition both of inquiry and development but in the cross-section of the markets where one can almost arguable define as the service industry verses the transportation industry that the subject of a unified defense in net centric warfare and surgical warfare in defining individuals as threats has greater protection against the American way of life of competitive acquisition that does not polarize. This process of polarization as I m sure you are [perceiving the sense of the political scientist is one that asserts the attempt by revenue sources to maintain the railroad as a metaphor is consistent with use of resources to define threats in the minuscule to define legitimacy of budgets regarding defining the unfathomable terrorist as a subject of application of resources as further a labor issue. It is the symptom of the procedural risk analysis process to take the opposite and divide it into 2 that creates the parity of the service attrition against real resources as a subject of inverse acquisition. If we allow the mortgage crisis bailout the greater concern in time will be the abuse of powers against the 5th amendment as to state in one regard it is acceptable to subject all mortgage owners of the approximate 38% of the country to the policy of surveillance and default loans over time making it the biggest land acquisition in history against American citizens yet- for who is the second question? If we were to define it by the coercion acts and the asses the symptom of quartering of the us home we would not be too far off from the potential’s that at an earlier period could be prevented. While analogies to the revolutionary war are not wanted as to be placed on the very bill that would allow for the service attrition- you would almost have to be a gene descendant of a minute man to discuss the issue unless you were prejudiced to such a level to model policy. This case assert to define an important aspect of service studies by regarding intangible property in the sens of labor and information by the subject of a tax internet focused on a non-proliferation internet tax rating of use and intent and firewall technologies and a tax Internet for contractors of the the us government that are not designated as nuclear proliferation while ti may seem contrite to assert the taxes on the internet are not a subject of representation they are- it is the abrogation of interpretation that in the last ten years has seen a decrease in judicial interpretation of intent and a scaled bias against interpretation of content acquired by preventive tactics of spybills to determine a persons intent as similar in many regards of the process of predetermination and intelligence design. While a greater argument exist in the defense of intellectual property from acquisition that would conform policy to default mortgages I feel as yet we are unable to fully prepare the argument in the best context to support the interpretive lack of judicial precedence for subject matter. Yet, while unique in this case the subject matter of intelligent design is still the subject of preventive legislation and one where with in concerns of legislation drafted in the following days by senator McCain and hopefully obamba, and advisers to the presidents office and other legislators that the single legislative concern I hope that wisdom enumerates int eh legislation is to monitor closely the subject of persons with whom mortgages or debt are of bail out are discriminated against with statistical filters. His regulatory oversight is inextricably linked the pathos and behavior of the service attrition and inverse acquisition process of forcing defaults.
P.S. Sir, your visit to the U.S.S. Constitution in 2002 was cut short I thought due to the investigation into Osama bin laden sister and accomplices that were later found at .mit. This however if I am wrong will be discussed in the psyop season 2 with investigative causality that I feel at point are subjects of jurisdictional conflicts of investigative findings in case- or means to such. The content on more clearly defines the legal theories of effects of 9/11 on the aerospace trading market of commodities by effects of “service attrition,” to the automated data matching systems that define threats as a concern of the speculative industry of presale on aerospace seat by companies such as then Space Adventures Ltd. Whose promises for seats when not met allow for high yield investment capital on promises that are not regulated by eth S.E.C. AND THAT RESULTED IN REVENUE AND APPROPRIATIONS FOR Mr. Garriot to purchase a seats aboard the I.S.S. – see context of content of olive branch petition.2 as regarding the effects on the securtites market by the aerospace industry as trading market commodities of intangible nature.

Respectfully J Dedrick


Note: Investigations into subject matter of flushing networks against positions of Chavez of Russian and Chinese influences has an active state presence in a context of legal theories of 9/11 that include investigation into sister of “ossama bin laden,” residency and that when compiled to operation overlord include controlled offensive behavior against the former soviet union by defining KGB activity in south America in sleeper pathology that has tenuous disputes regarding Vladimiro Montesinos networks in brazil that currently have presumed presence near transits of data regarding former UN weapon Security Council member. comments regarding misappropriations of trade secrets may have invoked involvement in questioning what resources potentially existed as a form of entrapment as dependency surveillance subject matter of positioning of authority that has symptoms in case to defend inverse acquisition of private corporation that was using the WDVA as a executive search agency .

Inclusion of letter to Georgian Ministry of Foreign affairs 2 days prior conflicts will be included in psy-op season 2 as concerns of effects on contractors in Georgia was subjected to reason for content by sleeper pathology rationale prior conflict- as third party influences regarding content effects on prevention of conflicts absolved that knowledge pertaining to intelligence existed but that was conditioned by case rather than by other persons as subject of successful actions to maintain controlled offensive behaviors against former soviet union- and that inclusion of forensic linguistics in content to address administrative prejudices is subject of defining the usage of procedural risk management software with risk management matching as claims to united nations high commission for refugees allege as seen in case 07-01-00502-1 in addendum content. Further note it important to review the groups account of expert witness

SIN is to PURGATORY what VULCAN is to TRADE RELATIONS ISSUES WITH FTC what SIN IS CRAZY is to SYNCRACY -( )-What Agile is to DARPA what New Mexico is to property by service attrition what kamikaze culture is to fujimora what operation overtlord is to questionings regarding 5th amendment regarding ARMY/NAVY interpretation of vehicle as subject of conflict!

YUSCHENKO questioning Drugging of political party member that is closer to separatist technocracy is to resource in sleeper pathology is to review of sleeper pathology by opm screening filter.

than as or not as if content of xautoun regarding Romania Port is issue regarding sleeper pathology to east German soviet conspirator. IF it works then 193 nations making mock trials to advance discovery through united nations to proceed on war crimes tribunal in manner of procedural risk management software as referred to mind kamp ultra.

This group is focused on nations participating in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty with the United Nations who make "mock allegations," in international proceeding with the United Nations to gather discovery elements, i.e. books, papers, documents, media for the prognostication of all allegations in case 07-01-00502-1- that allege the use of human test subject to develop policy for disarmament of nuclear submarines to which is engendered to be research and development involved in all manner of technologies that are based on "computational neuroscience," cognitive neuroscience and nano-technology as the case is intrinsic in discerning the limits to which methods used in disarming nuclear submarines or other fire control position with nuclear bombs or hydrogen bombs may when abused be used for little more than "malicious interrogations," subject to developmental guidelines in policy with debates on the TALON SPY PROGRAM and by case model supports that the means of nuclear deterrence when applied to operator control in the case in assertions of other nations purporting to advance - cognitive nuero-controlers and all manner of parapsychological advances where by a nation may assert to be able to utilize mind control in efforts to uphold the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.REQUIRES KEY-"malicious interrogations,"- INQUISITION OF DEVELOPMENT VS DEVELOPMENT OF INQUISITION When contemplating MAJIC in regards to BLUE NUERON it is best to do the following to find the source "MENGELE," for the NUERONBERG TRIALS at MIND KAMP - Think through the Long Term, Think Through the Short Term- then find the SHADOW HANDLER and BLIND SPOTS in the PRIME, SPATIAL, EEGBIOFEEDBACK, TACHYCARDIA, (SYMBOL to FUNCTIONAL PARADIGM) HEART then count out 1-117 while stopping at 101 LEFT or LONG TERM (REFELCTION) LIVE OAK 101_ways_2_KILL_OSSAMA_BIN_LADEN then think through the following (RING)or+ or- or+ RIGHT ART / or- or+ or- LEFT Science- then think through /= snap, crackle, pop RICE KRISPIED (MENGELE) that is what I need or + or -or+ want- then emotion function of transduction to following issues with GENE TARGETING DESCENDENTS OF CONTINENTAL ARMY THEN THINK THE ANSWER IS NO.

This work is in the public domain