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Announcement :: Globalization
04 Oct 2008
While in defining integration of concerns respective to boundaries between nations:
It is construed that the respective interest of these two nations in that greater commerce in transportation in the movement of goods and the control of sea lanes and shipping lanes that subject of maritime jurisdiction where between nations where exist changes in culture that respective to the boundaries of nation in attempts to define and isolate property of the state as for political, security, economic, security, and civil security effecting upon each peoples of each nation; the culture defining by it the means in which economic transgressions in past times have occurred that respective to this claim the dispute of boundaries being one in more recent years to have many construments upon it.

There has in this short history of these nations before a economic transition of commerce effected by every condition of those tings we regard as natiosn as borders. Sovereignty being of the primary disposition of defining borders. Where this dispute in principle defined by incentive compatabilites that poltical concept of mutually distinct concerns when we isolate borders and define why we wish to have unilateral identity with these maritime coordinates.
Were in times of the nations in which before the cause of an international court of justice to appeal to the nations as all each independent and sovereign that; I would hope in decisions that each nation being of its colonial existence to the international world specter of a due process that while having upon its parts and machinery of due process the local municipalities, the federal and international dialogues achieving to achieve a representation that a sense of justice in deliberation by an international court be applied to each and every claim of sovereignty where resolves for disputes in some instances- rare- in some instance in which when applied to a changing information world, one in which that does not intrinsically have defined borders that in reaching the many struggles before an international court that has the content to deliberate upon that you annotate to this case the subject matter of inclusion that may hold the court to a discovery action in which any two nations in disputes of territorial sovereignty may define a sum library of resources for applying the following concerns with a specific rationale that respective to Romania’s position on this case be allowed for review in the procedures of the court as unique and as defined as assisted deliberation for court room prosecution in cases that allege war crimes or that limit the court comprehension in and of them self by the very allegation to have deliberation as an issue of threshold in which by this activity as a first time proceeding in which supporting documentation existing to the concerns of Romania included in questions of such may have .
These involve the “discovery potential,” all books papers documents of both nation both Romania and the Ukraine government of parapsychology as subject of a sleeper-cell investigation based on unified state secrets for only and of the deliberation war crimes proceedings in the manner in which content in a specific case was developed through parapsychology argumentation and in which is seen as cruel and inhumane and in which supporting documentation for expert testimony in which the utility of procedural risk analysis software in parapsychology was developed through the human reasoning faculties of a test subject and in which if pressure upon this topic is not continued to abrogate the international specter of involvement to allow for deliberation that does not remove the witness capacity to testify before the international court of justice of a hostile takeover and process of persuasion that the concerns of jurisdiction and sovereignty in the regards to this action as an initial action of the intercontinentalarmy that if both Romania and the Ukraine government in flushing the sleepercell activity to the surface does increase the investigative capacity to investigate the manner in which a process that has been referred to as MIND KAMP ULTRA a concatenation of research in ___________ that derived its origins from MK ULTRA and other practices of concealment.
For this reason in defining the sum of both state secrets upon the weight of the international court of justice to deliberate war crime proceeding that both Romainia and the Ukraine government in assisting the united nations define evidicuary components of the case to assist in prosecution by adding to addendum of court document pertaining parapsychology and coldwar activities involving or subjecting scrutiny to parapsychology research as an issue that involves the subject matter of defining borders.
Further in the principle of what an international court of justice is to an inter-continental army; were we as nation in a world closer yet; by many factors of growth and resource consumption curves effected each day by global impact studies upon the way in which nations identify ourselves that in reaching the principles of nation that in 1776 was upon its deliberation of existence one fraught with many turmoil’s in reaching such that a colonial existence to the world spectre of a international oversight of powers behind each states representation of votes regarding in this case a specific condition in which prejudice upon such exist regarding the representation in the international court of justice that; we are all nations as colonies each to a law higher subject to have borders and sovereignty defined not merely by the specifics of geography, trade and commerce and natural resources but by the process in which our dialogues to achieve to limit the incredulity of any system in which defined its rights to subjugate as a maxim of legitimacy achieved in the standard of British feudalism or feudalism compliance as distinctly different the ethos of a nation in which bears many responsibilities of democracy that are burdensome and expensive and that are not solely a expense that is any single nation’s burden.

From : "thinktankoperations (at)" <thinktankoperations (at)>

To : sleeperpathology (at), factfinding (at)

Compile all refernces of robotics and legal theory regarding radio interception of mar's robot by _______ for logisticts on radio communication interception of impropriety of content as subject of __________________ decelerations regarding model for legal aspects.

The investigative causalities of the "psy-op season 2," in context and in it’s entirety of content rooted to question regarding Ossama bin Ladens sister residency in Charles town navy yard and political affairs aspects of case in which assistance in that concerns of a narrowing of poltical talks regarding the polis missile defense grid is subject of continued assistatance in the following rationale:


The Russian and N.A.T.O. alliances and the U.S. and N.A.T.O. Alliances have a mutually consistent concern of investigations into the context of legislative intent of 9/11.
The Russian and United States Alliances in regards to investigations into the Terrorist known as the Taliban have mutually distinct investigative concerns and political talks that by the continued investigative causalities of psy-op season 2 in questioning the "motives," of residency sister of ossama bin ladens sister residency in Charles town navy yard have resrouces that in the narrowing of political channels regarding the plish missile defense grid as unilateral resources toward investigation that the web-page of support as narrowing upon grand conspirators ion the following question as well as all others in context to questions within the case entirety.
This question as a final diplomatic channel as not resolved until publishing ofd psyop season 2 on December 26 2008 regarding he 9/11 investigation in which the Russian government has or has not had a reason to support a subject of "international policing share," in the review of causes for NATO involvement that while concerns previously in the basis of corruption in the former soviet union that could have repercussions against such integration more recently with the concerns of the polish missile defense grid due to integration of NATO alliances data from the M.V.D. and F.S.B. that the questions in determination of networks enfranchised by Afghanistan practices of the Taliban hat in review of patterns and signals intelligence effected by Russian integration of data into N.A.T.O. that the narrowing political talks of the continued cases in which allow for continued investigative services of unilateral concerns to bot the United States and the former Soviet Union. This inevitably a concern of the U.S. Senate foreign relations committee of the U.S. Senate and in such the request you may make to Senator John Kerry’s office regarding the Visit of J Dedrick to the office of Senator Kerry as subject matter regarding content in the document xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf as investigative causalities to the resolve of case that this question below is an assistance to NATO allies in determination of the legislative intent of 9/11.

It appears that the legislative intent in the software that comprises the TSA travel registry data base in predetermination of flight risk that has many differing models in that regards to the following have many similarities to the industry of surveillance; the S.E.C. contact and monitoring list for insider trading practices the Office of Personnel Management prescreening software for contacts of potential threats and that in regards to continued investgiative potentials in a investgatio nregarding sleeperpathology (at) that the industry concerns of that time in september of contracts to the internatioal spectre of sofwtare that is defined as profile technology that the prescreen passenger manifest flight Flight 93 did include a legislative intent. This is a cocnern in case as the flight passenger Jeremy LOGAN glick in the matching princpels of the case support that a legislative intent existed only by developers motives as the following being more rationale than not is a concern- that the basis search queary of preflight risk to Boston or from Boston _____________ at that time a risk management process in which common sir names searches included in them more complete profiles to insure that persons aboard flight with common names were not flight risk as an identity matching principles of intent that may have increased signals characteristics to software with unique pressure upon development.

legislative intent may now include Jefferson County School District inclusion of national intelligence estimate of "dependents of the state," who's _________ have security _________ activity in deinfing regional concerns of sleeperapthology as siolation in definign the legislative intent of targeting discrimination as subject of dependency and web-screening content of as counter to narrowing poltical dialouges will inevtiabley have same grand conspriacy component of decisin making by defining content by polticalaffairs (at), and factfinding (at) as subject of why region and concerns of infleunces in bills definign dependency surviellance are subjects of capacity to convoke surviellance against security via f.t.c. in defining

Removal of the web-page and the political characteristics of content as investigative if removed or isolated to prevent investigative causalities need to be cited to the prime Minster of the Russian Government in context to case content as the respective issues of the senate foreign relation committee will have investigative prejudice if content removed or content altered to define way to conceal.

This group is focused on nations participating in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty
with the United Nations who make "mock allegations," in international
proceeding with the United Nations to gather discovery elements, i.e. books, papers,
documents, media for the prognostication of all allegations in case 07-01-00502-1- that
allege the use of human test subject to develop policy for disarmament of nuclear
submarines to which is engendered to be research and development involved in all manner
of technologies that are based on "computational neuroscience," cognitive
neuroscience and nano-technology as the case is intrinsic in discerning the limits to
which methods used in disarming nuclear submarines or other fire control position with
nuclear bombs or hydrogen bombs may when abused be used for little more than
"malicious interrogations," subject to developmental guidelines in policy with
debates on the TALON SPY PROGRAM and by case model supports that the means of nuclear
deterrence when applied to operator control in the case in assertions of other nations
purporting to advance - cognitive nuero-controlers and all manner of parapsychological
advances where by a nation may assert to be able to utilize mind control in efforts to
uphold the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.REQUIRES KEY-"malicious
contemplating MAJIC in regards to BLUE NUERON it is best to do the following to find the
source "MENGELE," for the NUERONBERG TRIALS at MIND KAMP - Think through the
Long Term, Think Through the Short Term- then find the SHADOW HANDLER and BLIND SPOTS in
then count out 1-117 while stopping at 101 LEFT or LONG TERM (REFELCTION) LIVE OAK
101_ways_2_KILL_OSSAMA_BIN_LADEN then think through the following (RING)or+ or- or+ RIGHT
ART / or- or+ or- LEFT Science- then think through /= snap, crackle, pop RICE KRISPIED
(MENGELE) that is what I need or + or -or+ want- then emotion function of transduction to

This work is in the public domain
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