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Parent Article: FBI Agent "Schooner": Baltimore's Dumb-Ass Extraordinaire
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You are a LOSER, Stephen DeVoy. Live with it.
01 Apr 2004

Imagine the following scenario: a highly productive software engineer with degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy is quickly rising through the ranks of a defense contractor working for the Information Awareness Office.  In the wake of the attacks of 9/11, this software engineer directs the programming department at one of the country's few Artificial Intelligence firms.  His work is helping Bush's "war on terrorism."

Yeah, better "imagine" it, because it has nothing to do with the truth. You were/are not productive at all. You spend too much time in the irrelevant details, and not enough time on the core of the problems you are supposed to solve. Case in point:  Your theories on who is doing what and who is who are all so ridiculously off track that its pathetic. You were fired for a specific reason: YOU ARE NOT A GOOD PROGRAMMER. You presented yourself as a professional, but turned out to be a loser, not a team player, and a whining paranoid moron. That is also why you cannot find a job anywhere in the United States of America as a programmer....(oops, I forgot. KOBE has arranged to have your security clearance and security index permanently changed to "high risk").

This software engineer is bright, friendly, kind and thoughtful.  He also happens to be an anarchist.  Even anarchists need to earn a living, and this engineer has a wife and daughter to feed.  At this point, he still believes al-Qaeda attacked the US and that his work can help prevent another attack.  Our software engineer is popular at work, well liked and is known for doing things like giving up part of his salary to help pay the monthly health insurance of a laid off worker, volunteering his time to help his daughter's school with their instructional computers and doing whatever he can to remove the glass ceiling keeping women out of various technical groups at his company.  He has in IQ in the genius range, obtained the highest possible score in a standardized abstract reasoning examine conducted when he was in school and is a prolific writer, a published poet and political activist.

You are good at patting yourself on the back for your non-accomplishments and your self-perceived image. You are not very bright, since we have found it very easy to manipulate and trick you. The only member of your "Bostondor" group was a KOBE operative. It was too easy, but since NOBODY else seemed to be interested in joining, it was a waste of time. You speak to yourself in the third person, and respond to your own questions. Your IQ score is high, but your cognitive reasoning skills are that of an adolescent. You have an incomplete logic process which leads you to wild speculation and paranoid delusions. You publish yourself, and you take credit for things which you did not do. Proof is in the pudding, and you are a demonstrated FAILURE.

While discussing political issues online, an FBI agent from the Baltimore Field Office, using the online name "Schooner" (hereafter referred to as Agent Dumb-Ass) is crawling around the net like a perverted hate monger looking for IP addresses of Muslims and Anarchists online for the purpose of investigating them.  He gets a whiff about a military contractor that happens to be an anarchist and zeros in on our software engineer.  When our software engineer realizes that someone is scrounging for IP addresses in an attempt to harass dissidents online, he creates his own online forum where IP addresses are hidden so that dissidents can write and discuss politics without being observed by Agent Dumb-Ass.

Who needs to "scrounge" for IP addresses when one commands resources far beyond mere IP addresses? Your theory about FBI involvement came from where? Your twisted, paranoid mind. You have no proof, no names, NOTHING. What you think is "Carnivore" is really nothing but a simple AI program whipped up by KOBE. You will never be able to prove it, though. EAT SHIT.  We haven't attempted anything. We have succeeded.

Agent Dumb-Ass is incensed by his inability to collect more information on the identities of Muslims, Anarchists and Liberals posting on the new forum, so he begins to post pornographic images on the forum in the hope of having the corporation that hosts it, Voyager Info-Systems, shut it down for TOS violations.  In time, our software engineer, badgered and tired out by Agent Dumb-Ass, closes his forum and announces that he closed it because of Agent Dumb-Ass's hounding.

Goal: Shut down the moron's forums wherever they existed   Result: Successful

In response, Agent Dumb-Ass declares war on the software engineer, threatening "to get inside his ISP" (i.e. use Carnivore to monitor him), "drop a dime on him" (i.e. get him fired from his job) and "develop and post information about him on the Internet" (i.e. put up a bully website and publish false, libelous and defamatory articles about the software engineer).

And what happened? You DID get fired. We DID get inside your ISP, We DID "drop a dime on you", and everything you said....but you will never find out HOW we did it, or WHO did it.

Up until this point, our software engineer, an anarchist, is using his keen intellect to help in the war against terrorism.  However, as the harassment by Agent Dumb-Ass increases, our software engineer becomes starkly aware that such surveillance technologies (the very technologies he is developing) are being used by agents of the US Government to harass Muslims and dissidents.  Our software engineer decides to begin warning the world about what the Information Awareness Office is doing.  Nothing our software engineer knows is classified.  All of the information he has is available online from DARPA's website.  Therefore, nothing he is stating in his warnings is barred from public exposure.

There you go again "Our software engineer", "this editor", "his". You sound so fucking stupid. Its like one of those psycho drama sessions where a child is instructed to tell of his/her abuse in the third person through a stuffed animal. BWAHAHAHA.

Agent Dumb-Ass has the Defense Intelligence Agency visit the employer of our software engineer and succeeds in getting him fired for being an anarchist.  The US Government has now lost a brilliant mind in its "war on terrorism."  However, even worse for the US Government, it has let loose someone who knows a few things that others do not know.  For example, it has let loose a person that witnessed the Israeli Spy Ring shadowing al-Qaeda which visited his office.  It has also let loose a person who, given the time to think about what happened on 9/11, is able to put together the most probable theory behind the actual events - that George Bush ordered the attack, used the Mossad to plan and cover logistics and used al-Qaeda (a CIA operation) to recruit useful idiots to execute the plan under the false belief they were fighting a holy war.

Pretty impressive, huh? Not too long ago, you printed an article about the "insignificance of KOBE" didn't you? You also said that we were conclusively NOT the FBI, and that you would print no further on the subject. We turned out to be a bit more than that, now didn't we, Stevie Dee? You have no idea what you have stumbled into, or what entity you have encountered.

It gets even better, the US Government now has to deal with a person who both had knowledge of the US Government's efforts to spy on American citizens and who was a target of that spying.  Naturally, with so much time on his hands, being unemployed and all, and being an effective writer with various websites, our software engineer was now in the position to bring down the Information Awareness Office.  In fact, he was in the position of being not only the most informed person no longer loyal to the program but one of the few people capable of using almost no resources to do it.  Agent Dumb-Ass decided to let the author of the concept of meme warfare out of the government's employ and onto the net with lots of time available.  What a dumb-ass!

You dont know anything, because we have removed you from your source. You havent broght down anything but your dignity, your value to the IT community (which you will never be able to find gainful employment again), and to your family, who has been ridiculed and has suffered because of your foolish actions.

Being in the unique position to both understand why it was in the interest of the American people to stop the Information Awareness Office and being in the unique position of being the only person in the United States who knew how to stop the Information Awareness Office, our software engineer set out to do just that - and succeeded, causing the US Government to scrap major projects, exposing the maliciousness of the Department of Defense and removing John Poindexter for the Information Awareness Office.  That act alone puts Agent Dumb-Ass at the top of the list of the most stupid FBI agents in the history of the United States, but Agent Dumb-Ass did not stop there.

More foolish speculation. This whole diatribe is predicated on your belief that the FBI is behind all of this. You are wrong. Just as you were wrong about identifying KOBE operatives, just as you are wrong about just about EVERYTHING. Who am I supposed to be today, Stevie Dee?

Agent Dumb-Ass continued to abuse his authority by committing online crimes against our software engineer and online hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims.  Agent Dumb-Ass used Carnivore to obtain our software engineer's emails and, in one case, post one online - therefore proving that FBI agents cannot be trusted with the power that Carnivore provides.  Of course, this was not enough for Agent Dumb-Ass.  He also dragged in the Secret Service, Homeland Security, various local police departments and other government agencies, costing the tax payer millions of dollars, all to assist in his personal war against an anarchist who was not even a member of an organization.

Pretty impressive, huh? Commanding such resources should be easy for everyone, shouldnt it? You and I both know the answer to that. Perhaps we should bring O'Reilly in on this AGAIN.

Agent Dumb-Ass then used Carnivore to alter his target's website, denying his target his First Amendment Rights (a civil rights crime) and exposing the use of Carnivore for purposes other than the FBI claimed.  In fact, Agent Dumb-Ass has proved that the FBI lied to Congress about the use of Carnivore.

Its not Carnivore. Its another AI program developed by KOBE (or is it?) You will never know, and you cannot combat it.

I am that software engineer.  Here is something FBI Agent Dumb-Ass posted in a public forum.  It should help his boss figure out who to fire.

You are a LOSER. You remain unemployed as a Programmer (for which you went to school for), and you will never be taken seriously by anyone ever again. You have published so many false theories, made so many accusations, implicated so many innocent parties, you will NEVER recover. You are a laughing stock. KOBE is Laughing at your "near genius IQ"