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News :: Environment
POWER UP ECONOMY POWER DOWN GLOBAL WARMING New Energy Economy 100% Public 100% Renewable-A Prototype World Economy
24 Nov 2008
POWER UP ECONOMY POWER DOWN GLOBAL WARMING New Energy Economy 100% Public 100% Renewable-A Prototype World Economy
sfaces26-9-08 children coal.jpg
POWER UP ECONOMY POWER DOWN GLOBAL WARMING New Energy Economy 100% Public 100% Renewable-A Prototype World Economy


New Energy Economy 100% Public 100% Renewable-A Prototype World Economy

(This document is given to global politicians, energy stakeholders, grassroots networks etc.)

Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) – a not for profit entity established by the Government of Ontario to manage the province's power system produced a glossy booklet called "The Bottom Line on Energy Management: Making Ontario's electricity market work for your business" and exhibited it at the 20th Canadian Power Producer conference hosted by the Association of Power Producers of Ontario on November 19, 2008 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Here's a little insight into how these energy Czars think. The following is a quote from page 1 of the IESO glossy booklet:

If you were looking for ways to increase your company's profitability, chances are the first place you'd go to trim unnecessary waste would be your operating expenses – in areas such as wages, benefits, taxes and raw materials.

The following is the pamphlet handed out over the lunch hour 400 of them.

A century ago, Liberal Government corruption emanating from the Premier's office attempted to kill the prospect of public power once and for all. Fortunately, this attempt to thwart public power failed.

In 1906, a 1,500-strong power deputation from 70 cities marched up University Avenue and into the legislature, chanting: "We want cheap power and we want it now." ...[T]he passionate supporters of public power in every city went from door-to-door... all hammering away at the fundamental idea that power should be provided at cost. Power at cost excludes bloated executive salaries, hidden fees, hi interest loans and stakeholder profits, characteristic of privately built and operated power. In a private energy system, all the money collected through high electricity rates go out of the system and into the shareholders' pockets. People and their elected officials do not have control or oversight over such a system. It is a runaway train which will crash our now frail energy system. After one hundred years of public power, it is time to rejuvenate the system rebuilding it according to our present-day economic and environmental needs.

People of Ontario need to rebuild their energy system 100% RENEWABLE. To do this, People of Ontario need to keep their energy system 100% PUBLIC. It is the most inexpensive to invest in the system. It is also the best framework for democratic involvement of People of Ontario in the business of their energy. Ontario's energy system must support Ontario's environment and Ontario's economy. 100% PUBLIC AND 100% RENEWABLE energy system in Ontario accomplishes this extremely important goal.

Privatizers of Ontario's energy system were a century ago called "a band of robber barons who would put the people of Ontario in perpetual economic bondage."

A century ago, Ontarians asked, "Why should a handful of avaricious men reap huge profits from energy system that rightly belong to people?"

They also asked why would their environment be given away to 'predatory and parasitical' promoters who provide bad service at hight host. A century ago, People of Ontario knew that their Liberal Premier Ross has rejected public power to enrich himself and his friends.

Present day Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty, promised to keep Ontario energy system in public hands. He broke that promise. Ontario's energy system is given away to largest multinational private equity-owned corporations such as Sithe Global – owned by Blackstone equity group and fossil fuel and radioactive nuclear multinational corporations.

Ontario Premier McGuinty broke his promise twice over the last decade to phase out coal-fired plants in Ontario (an outdated and dangerous type of fuel, which puts our collective survival in question). He also decided that burning natural gas (also an outdated fossil fuel) should replace coal burning. As a result, Ontario is stuck with a lot more fossil fuel burning than in the past. Coal burning is not being phased out and natural gas is being burnt more and more. This natural gas burning is locked into 20-year contracts given to multinational corporations which build and operate these new plants. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty does not care about People of Ontario, Ontario's economy or Ontario's environment. People of Ontario need to take energy business into their own hands and make it 100% PUBLIC AND 100% RENEWABLE.



* Note: Premier Dalton McGuinty's economic plan for Ontario's future was laid out when he was both premier and special minister for research and innovation where his pet-project was Toronto's biotechnology hub known as MaRS (medical and related sciences). He believed that this is where the jobs and Ontario's future would be. As of November 19, 2008, MaRS phase II went belly up.

We warned back in 2006 that MaRS was a white elephant that would just suck taxpayer dollars into a black hole. To date, that figure would be over $100 million dollars. Now that venture capitalists dollars have shriveled up MaRS is once again going with cap in hand to try and suck some more Canadian tax payer dollars into its black hole.

"The suspension is disappointing but not surprising, according to Ilse Treurnicht, MaRS CEO. 'MaRS is a magnifying glass of what is going on in the global economy,' she said. 'We are clearly dealing with an unprecedented and unpredictable set of global circumstances.' ... The current "pause" will give MaRS the opportunity to develop a new strategy for implementing its plans, according to Ms. Treurnicht. Without asking for a bailout, she held out hope for future government partnerships." [BIOTECH INDUSTRY – Barber, John. (November 20, 2008) "Recession gives pause to innovation centre." Globe and Mail]

See also PSEA link "Abolition King Coal, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power and Weapons" section on Battelle Memorial Institute indy media articles

On November 19, 2008, People of Ontario came out to Metro Toronto Convention Centre to voice their opposition to

Association of (Privatizing, Fossil Fuels and Radioactive Nuclear) Power Producers in Ontario - APPrO

20/20 Vision - Maximizing shareholders' profits tomorrow by privatizing "Ontarians' Hydro Birthright" today

The 20th Anniversary Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre

George Smitherman, Ontario Minister for Energy and Infrastructure - a keynote speaker

A huge banner in green, red and black read:





There were familiar friendly faces and new friendly faces even as far away as Bradford, Ontario. There was a regional organizer for The Council of Canadians(*see info below on C of C Exhibit Evidence to Ontario Energy Board) offering solidarity and collaboration, and there was our friends in Boston, Massachusetts Community Labor United wishing us success and collaboration.

The following is from their website:

Community Labor United is a long-term strategic partnership between some of the strongest community organizations and unions organizing low and moderate-income people within our region, the greater Boston area.

Our current campaign --Secure Jobs, Secure Communities--addresses the growing wealth gap between rich and poor. Large commercial property owners in the Greater Boston area, like The Blackstone Group, enjoy many millions of dollars in annual profits, while residents of the communities where most of their service workers live --Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan-- can barely make ends meet. This campaign links SEIU Local 615's organizing of 2,000 low wage security officers working in downtown Boston office buildings with community organizations in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan. The campaign is holding Boston's large commercial building owners accountable to both investing in their workers and to investing in the communities their workers come from.

We are asking large downtown commercial property owners, including Boston's largest commercial property owner, The Blackstone Group, to invest $1 per square foot of property they own back into Boston neighborhoods. This investment would support some of Boston's most pressing community issues – foreclosure prevention, youth opportunities, CORI reform, and access to quality jobs.

In the winter of 2007-2008, we began pulling together the Boston Green Justice Coalition to address the need for leadership in the growing green economy from Boston's working class communities. We are creating a partnership of community groups, labor unions, environmental organizations and other allied organizations to build a broad-based constituency in support of a sustainable, equitable, and clean energy economy in the Boston region. We are dedicated to ensuring that our region's growing green economy will create quality jobs, local workforce development opportunities and create healthier and safer communities. In particular low-income communities and communities of color have been overburdened by our unsustainable economy therefore we want to ensure that these communities are at the forefront of the growing green, sustainable economy.

Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance fully endorses and supports Boston's Community Labour United 's campaign --Secure Jobs, Secure Communities – and Boston Green Justice Coalition.

Blackstone Group and their affiliates such as Sithe Global have shown themselves to be unfriendly community members that disregards local economy, environment and health. It is time that Blackstone Group co-founder and CEO Stephen Schwarzman who was hailed a year ago as the King of Wall Street, to begin to make amends. (Note: Schwarzman is a fraternity Skull and Bones

Brother to George W Bush at Yale.)* Today November 22, 2008 marks the 45th Anniversary of President JFK's Assassination- Please see JFK's speech on The Threat of Secret Societies-Criminal Syndicates and Freedom of the Press

Blackstone's Schwartzman Made Out Like a Bandit

June 20, 2008 by Brandon Clay

Sometimes timing makes you wonder.Think Martha Stewart's conversations with a junior broker before a certain stock tanked. Or Bear Stearns executives possibly dumping stock before the March implosion.

Rewind to last June. Here in Central Texas, it was rainy. Half-way across the country in Manhattan, it was sunny — especially from the balcony of The Blackstone Group's co-founder, Stephen Schwartzman's $37 million apartment. Schwartzman just brought his company public, a business he practiced for a living. That's what Blackstone does: buys lower valued companies, props them up, and then sells them to the public. This one deal netted Schwartzman a sizeable chunk of $2.6 billion, which he shared with the other co-founder. But, that's not all. According to NY Daily News, Schwartzman pocketed a cool $5 billion in 2007. That's billion with a "B".

Here's where it gets interesting.

Bloomberg reminded us today this whole thing happened 6 weeks before the subprime fiasco slammed Wall Street. In other words, Schwartzman's big payday was perfectly timed by Blackstone insiders. A quarter before, he doesn't make near the payout. A quarter later, the deal may not even go through. A year later, the market thinks they were jilted 41% - quite a discount from the original IPO.

Going back to his business, Schwartzman made it his ambition to know a stock's "low" and "high" price. Any high school economics student will tell you what to do when you know that. It sure seems Schwartzman and Company saw the top before it was coming.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming Schwartzman for a little capitalistic ambition. He's within his rights, and the law, to make as much money as is humanly possible. If it's $5 billion one year, then more power to him. But it would be nice to check the paper trail on this deal.

By the way, if you're wondering how Schwartzman's is spending his gains, check out the gilded-age opulence of his 60th birthday bash. To celebrate the occasion, Schwartzman dressed the part of James Bond and transformed the Park Avenue Armory into a replica of his apartment — complete with full length portrait of himself. Carousing with Bond girls to the tune of Rod Stewart (in person) and to the jokes of Martin Short, this guy makes Dennis Kozlowski, of Tyco fame, looks like Q.

Here's a little something about his co-founder of Blackstone
The Peterson Principle

November 19, 2008

by Matthew Cooper | See Archive

But in these hard times, a billionaire may find it difficult to sell sacrifice to the middle class. Most of the money fueling Peterson's cause comes from a windfall he received when Blackstone went public in 2007 and he became what he calls "an instant billionaire, which I never expected to be." Already wealthy, he netted about $1 billion from the initial public offering, and he liquidated before the stock fell. (As of mid-October, Blackstone stock was down 70 percent since its I.P.O.) ...

For Peterson, selling the public is in some ways a return to his adman roots. He worked at McCann Erickson in the 1950s before going on to run Bell & Howell in the '60s, serve as secretary of commerce under Nixon and run Leh­man Brothers in the '70s, and found Blackstone in the '80s. He's been poring over ad copy himself, such as a recent New York Times spread that showed how the $53 trillion promised by the government would swamp the country. It's Mad Men meets the apocalypse.

But can he pull it off? Can Peterson create a public climate in which politicians are able to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits and raise taxes? He's assembled an impressive team to help him...

PRIVATE EQUITY | Business | Buyout kings bracing for the blame

Buyout kings bracing for the blame

November 22, 2008

David Olive
Business Columnist

As recently as a year ago, when they were laying out billions of dollars to acquire some of the most familiar names in the corporate world, private equity shops were celebrated for their audacity ...

But then came the global economic meltdown that began last fall, and the lush 30 per cent returns to which investors in deals masterminded by buyout giants such as Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Cerberus Capital Management, Blackstone Group LP, Carlyle Capital Corp. and other high-flying acquisitors abruptly dried up. ...

The buyout kings, aware of their diminished stature, are girding for the blame when their biggest deals go south...

LINKS TO STORY ON PSEA'S CAMPAIGN AGAINST SITHE GLOBAL, NAVAJO-HOPI CAMPAIGN AGAINST SITHE GLOBAL AND NAVADA TOQUOP (Campaign against Sithe/Blackstone giant coal-fired plant Desert Rock in Navajo Hopi region) (Campaign against Sithe/Blackstone giant coal-fired plant in Nevada opposed by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid etc.)

* Evidence of the Council of Canadians to Ontario Energy Board August 1, 2008 / pages 37-38


Increasing Installed Renewable Capacity 2010

The reliance that Ontario Power Authority (OPA) places on the present 1250MW intertie with Quebec to meet the installed capacity of renewable energy resources target for 2010 fails to take into account FERC and NAFTA rules that preclude Ontario asserting any claim to energy flows from Quebec if that province designates to U.S. markets. This raises a serious question about whether this objective will be met given the absence of a firm commitment by Quebec to provide renewable power to Ontario.

Renewable Goal 2025

The plan for meeting the objective of increasing the total capacity of renewable energy used by Ontario to 15,700 MW by 2025 fails to take into account that NAFTA and FERC rules prohibiting certain Ontario measures that would reserve such power for use in the province. To the extent that renewable power generators are free to export power from Ontario their respective contributions to meeting the renewables goal for 2025 must be discounted by such export obligations


The first light-bulbs lit by Ontario's publicly owned transmission system were those wreathed into a crown on a woman's head. The power which lit the crown of light-bulbs came from Water. That was October 11, 1910.

Today too, people of Ontario want public power and power from Water, Earth,Wind and Sun.

All eyes were on 18-year-old Hilda Rumpel, dressed in a long white dress and wearing a red sash that read, simply, Ontario. On her head was a crowning wreath of tiny electric bulbs. In her hands was a cushion that held the switch. Everyone in the arena held their breath, mesmerized by the moment. All knew it was a turning point in Ontario history. ...[Ontario] Premier [Whitney] reached over to grasp Adam Beck's hand and, without letting go, used it to press the switch that lit Hilda's crown and flooded the arena and the surrounding streets with light that began as energy from Niagara, one hundred miles away. The arched banner across King Street also lit up, spelling out these simple, moving and utterly true words: "For the People." In the speeches that followed, Beck promised to continue the fight for public power 'until the poorest workingman will have electricity in his

home.' Hampton, Howard (2003). Public Power: The fight for publicly owned electricity. Toronto, Ontario: Insomniac Press

They "defeated a [Liberal] government, stopped privatization of public assets and set the stage for the development of a public power system that was soon widely imitated throughout North America." (p.26) Hampton, Howard (2003). Public Power: The fight for publicly owned electricity. Toronto, Ontario: Insomniac Press

Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance(a homeless network of transborder activists, students, academics, Aboriginal etc.)

Abolition King Coal, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power and Weapons

The Great Struggle Continues….

Contact: Ivona Vujica, coordinator Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance – PSEA psea4earth (at)
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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