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News :: Globalization
Image Entertainment Inc.:My Attorney Barrister Joshua A Ridless,Steve Honig Warm Up The Pump(And Dump?)
25 Nov 2008
Before 'my attorney' Joshua A Ridless,(who lied to indymedia volunteers who he was harrassing to remove my posts about not being able to contact me while he told me he was blocking my emails to him), begins a new assault on free speech on the internet in general and the indymedias - in particular over this writing - and maybe even throws the 'anti semitic' slur against me again for good measure, he should first go to Yahoo!'s Image Entertainment Inc., or 'DISK' message board where his and Steve Honig's,'s 'press release' is being called a 'pump and dump' press release first.And no I didn't post anything on Yahoo! about his Image Entertainment being a 'pump and dump',as he knows because Yahoo! stole my email and prevents me or blocks me from warning about scams like his.Glad to see someone is warning on Yahoo! though because those promoting frauds are generally given the greatest voice there.
SEC Cyber Czar John Reed Stark,Steve Honig, Joshua A Ridless,Image Entertainment

Before 'my attorney' Joshua A Ridless,(who lied to indymedia volunteers who he was harrassing to remove my posts about not being able to contact me while he told me he was blocking my emails to him), begins a new assault on free speech on the internet in general and the indymedias - in particular over this writing - and maybe even throws the 'anti semitic' slur against me again for good measure, he should first go to Yahoo!'s Image Entertainment Inc., or 'DISK' message board where his and Steve Honig's,'s 'press release' is being called a 'pump and dump' press release first.And no I didn't post anything on Yahoo! about his Image Entertainment being a 'pump and dump',as he knows because Yahoo! stole my email and prevents me or blocks me from warning about scams like his.Glad to see someone is warning on Yahoo! though because those promoting frauds are generally given the greatest voice there.

U.S.SEC Cyber Fraud Czar John Reed Stark,Steve Honig,California Attorney Joshua A Ridless And Illegal Image Entertainment,Inc. Pump(And Dump?)

Image Entertainment Inc.:My Attorney Barrister Joshua A Ridless,Steve Honig Warm Up The Pump(And Dump?)
Better jump down a manhole, light yourself a candle
Don't wear sandals, try to avoid the scandals
If you don't wanna be a bum you better chew gum
And the pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles - Bob Dylan
(And they also stole the meters):
Mystery of the Missing Meters:
Accounting for Iraq's Oil Revenue
Al Basra,Iraq:
The RIO II project, which includes the meter repair work, has come under much criticism, although specific details are scarce.
For example, the Bush administration issued Halliburton the RIO II order in January 2004.... But despite not starting work until November 2004, the company charged the government millions of dollars for engineers who sat idle. Halliburton's $296 million bill included at least 55 percent overhead. (In an estimate due later this month, SIGIR may predicts even higher overhead costs.).......
'Pump and Dump':
Pump and dump means using a breast pump to empty your breasts and throwing out the milk you collect. Doing this when you can't or shouldn't give your milk to your baby allows you to keep your milk supply up and eventually start nursing again. Your doctor may advise you to pump and dump while you're taking certain medications. -
The 'pump and dump' that concerns us here:
"Pump and dump" is a form of microcap fraud that involves artificially inflating the price of a stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price. Once the operators of the scheme "dump" their overvalued shares, the price falls and investors lose their money. -
''..........someone is committing securities fraud," said John Reed Stark,SEC Cyber Fraud Zsar
I have some questions for my attorney Joshua A Ridless that maybe he can answer - if not for me he certainly deserves to answer to any who may buy
Image Entertainment, Inc. shares based upon his press release that has pumped the price per share up almost 200% in a couple of days.He is after all a legal expert in stocks or 'securities' as well as cyber law.
Did all the increased volume in shares bought and sold occur only between and among small speculators and investors trading among themselvesor did insiders such as Steve Honig begin dumping or selling on the 'news' they themselves had fabricated ?
Were even more shares added to the 'float' or number of shares that were being 'traded' or bought and sold before the press release or not ? For instance 1,562,751 shares were bought and sold on day of 'pump' release of Attorney Josh Ridless,, whereas the average number of shares before that was about 66,290.9.Price per share shot up over 100% in one day and naive investors will be hurt by my attorney's and his partner's scam !
Before 'my attorney' Joshua A Ridless,(who lied to indymedia volunteers who he was harrassing to remove my posts about not being able to contact me while he told me he was blocking my emails to him), begins a new assault on free speech on the internet in general and the indymedias - in particular over this writing - and maybe even throws the 'anti semitic' slur against me again for good measure, he should first go to Yahoo!'s Image Entertainment Inc., or 'DISK' message board where his and Steve Honig's,'s
'press release' is being called a 'pump and dump' press release first.And no I didn't post anything on Yahoo! about his Image Entertainment being a 'pump and dump',as he knows because Yahoo! stole my email and prevents me or blocks me from warning about scams like his. Glad to see someone is warning on Yahoo! though because those promoting frauds are generally given the greatest voice there.:

Image Entertainment Signs Definitive Merger Agreement to Sell Company for Approximately $100 Million

Thursday November 20, 5:30 pm ET
CHATSWORTH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Image Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:DISK - News), a leading independent licensee, producer and distributor of entertainment programming in North America, announced today that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Nyx Acquisitions, Inc. to sell Image in a transaction valued at approximately $100 million, including the assumption of the company's outstanding debt under its credit facility, replication advance obligation and convertible note.

Under the terms of the merger agreement, Image stockholders will receive $2.75 per share in cash. The agreed-upon acquisition price represents a 299% premium to Image's closing share price of $0.69 on November 20, 2008, and a 267% premium to the 30-day average closing price of $0.75 ended November 20, 2008.......
In connection with the transaction, Gordon Bava and David Grinberg of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, LLP acted as legal advisor to Image, Joshua A. Ridless of Ridless Law Offices acted as legal advisor to Q Black, LLC and Raymond James & Associates, Inc. provided a fairness opinion to the Board of Directors of Image.
And this is particularly paradoxical and hilarious,(posters on Yahoo!'s
DISK message board calling attorney Johua Ridless''s press a pump and dump scheme),because only a short while ago California Attorney and San Francisco Bar Association 'barrister' Joshua A Ridless,among his other censorship activities against me,was
getting indymedia,(somewhat successfully),to hide or delete my article-post titled,'Yahoo!'s China,U.S. Government Agents Jerry Yang,Carl Icahn,Missing White House E-Mail,Adnan Khashoggi, GenesisIntermedia Stock Fraud, Terrorism '.

from mew orleans indymedia lists:
> I found additional defamatory and anti-semitic posts. Apparently the
> poster
>is reposting the same of similar content over and over:
> I'd greatly appreciate your help in removing these defamatory posts.
> Thank you,
> Josh

'Yahoo!'s China,U.S. Government Agents Jerry Yang,Carl Icahn,Missing White House E-Mail,Adnan Khashoggi, GenesisIntermedia Stock Fraud, Terrorism '

To call the article with title and link above 'anti semitic' is to say that being anti stock fraud is 'anti semitic'.I don't think so Josh.And even though Yahoo!'s Jerry Wang is mentioned in the title,it's not 'anti Chinese' either.Ha.But at least Joshua Ridless is admitting that Arabs - at least the far right elite Washington D.C. connected Saudis and others he can relate to such as arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi(who was business parner of American Orthodox Jews and scamsters Carl Icahn and Paul Singer in their GenesisIntermedia penny stock pump and dump money laundering fraud ) - is a 'semite' too.

Below are some of the comments from Yahoo!'s DISK message board about my attorney Josh Ridless','s press release being an illegal 'pump and dump' scheme. All those involved no doubt are confident the U.S. SEC or Securities Exchange Commission of Christopher Cox and his laughable or corrupt Cyber Zsar John Reed Stark will do nothing about it as usual.(As well they should be.):

On Nov 21: 1.55 0.86 (124.64%)
On Nov 21: 1.55 0.86 (124.64%)
No buy-out! 21-Nov-08 12:18 pm This is all fake. Only to try
to keep the share above $1.20 for 10 days.
No buy-out.
SEC should look into this 21-Nov-08 09:52 am
Looks like a pump to let the insiders dump their shares?
Image Entertainment, Inc.(NasdaqGM: DISK)
NEW Real-time: 1.60 0.91 (131.88%) 3:59pm EThelp
Last Trade: 1.55
Trade Time: Nov 21
Change: 0.86 (124.64%)
Prev Close: 0.69
Volume: 1,562,751(on day of 'pump' release of Attorney Josh Ridless,
Avg Vol : 66,290.9
Image Entertainment, Inc. (DISK)
Search :pump dump in Image Entertainment, Inc. (DISK) board:
1. Re: Does this deal seem fishy to anybody else?
... to short DISK. It's just that this has all the earmarks of a
pump-and-dump scam to let insiders get out of the stock at a tasty
premium. For the sake of...
Image Entertainment, Inc. (DISK)
schmuchatelly 21-Nov-08 11:20 am
2. SEC should look into this
Looks like a pump to let the insiders dump their shares?
Image Entertainment, Inc. (DISK)
alexny555 21-Nov-08 09:52 am
3. Does this deal seem fishy to anybody else? a cooked up means of pumping up the stock price to allow
insiders to dump shares. After which Nyx Acquisitions...
Image Entertainment, Inc. (DISK)
schmuchatelly 20-Nov-08 07:07 pm
4. Re: If a pump falls in the forest...
. . . then the dump claims it means the whole forest is going to...
Image Entertainment, Inc. (DISK)
zorro6204 8-Jul-05 02:13 pm
5. If a pump falls in the forest...
...and no one falls for it, does it still make a sound when it dumps?

But at least maybe Josh my attorney, (who ripped me off in my humble opinion),is making progress in not denying the 'semite' title to everyone but white European Jews.He may yet even come to realize Palestinians are semites too,perhaps even more so.
You will note that as a securities attorney he will never answer my questions just like he didn't after I hired him as an attorney because I was being lied to about Endovasc being 'naked shorted' - a term as it turns out that never had been used by securities professionals such as attorney Josh Ridless or any busines academic and was just made up by stock criminals the U.S. SEC allows to operate and that corrupt attorneys
like Josh Ridless aid and abet and themselves profit from.Ridless should have divulged his conflicts of interest to me that included too cosey a relationship with one or more Charles Scwab attorney in San Francisco,my broker who aid Endovasc penny stock and LOM or Lines Overseas Management to manipulate and operat their illegal pump and dump scheme and then use a fraudulent made up term 'naked short selling' to claim some unidentifies party had counterfeitted shares !The disgraced
Florida Democratic Representative that Rahm Emanuel helped bring to Washington was also involved in that fraud by way of his vFinance penny stock money laundering operation in Florida.

It should be noted that this same public,or stock selling company,Image Entertainment ,was involved a short while back in an international stock manipulation scam that had links to both India and Indonesia so its possible links to funding terrorism
cannot be dismissed.And it has been around issuing worthless shares for - not years - but decades!, without ever paying a dividend or turning a profit to shareholders and that it appears to make money for insiders to the scam by self promotion and ongoing 'pump and dump' activities - nowadays mainly over the internet.And now repeating history,it is claiming to be bought next year for several hundred per cent above its current stock price !
It would be bad enough that insiders release such misinformation to manipulate the public and naive investors months in advance of an event that may never occur regardless of Steve Honig's and Joshua Ridless','s assurances in a press release.But even worse is the fact they have done this before when they claimed in 2006 that Image Entertainment would be sold to Lion's Gate which,just like this time, caused the share price to be 'pumped' by naive and misinformed and thus defrauded investors who try to buy into a non event before it happens !
Strangely one can't find messages posted for the time frame of 2006 on Yahoo!'s 'DISK' or Image Entertainment 'message board.It appears that Yahhoo! in its 'wisdom' deleted that time frame in its 'wisdom' just as it deleted my warnings about stock fraud on their other message boards and stole my email !This only protects parties to stock frauds and Yahoo! knows that.
Maybe Carl Icahn's involvement with Lion's Gate had something to do with it being deleted - after all Icahn has been a major shareholder in Yahoo
and if he wishes to censor or erase Yahoo! message boards to suit his taste he probably can.I know the NCANS or National Coaltion Against Naked Short Selling of Republican patron Patrick Byrne of the NASDAQ Overstock.con pump and dump scam who is son of Geico billionaire Jack Byrne demonstrated the same clout to erase my messages and have my email confiscated on Yahoo!'s NFI and Overstock.con message boards in 2005.
It sould be noted that Yahoo!, like the scam penny stock site called ragingbull.con has worked hard to make iteslf more difficult to search over time and easier for messages of historic importance to be deleted. Note that the messages aren't numbered so no one could tell if they were tampered with anyway and one can't search a particular time period easily and it appears who time periods arte removed from Yahoo! stock promotion websites.
At about the same time the Lion's Gate pump and dump rumor was occuring the incident below involving the india
and indonesia connection.Knowing Josh Ridless and his photo with the Al Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem in the background and his efforts to remove all my posts re now disgraced Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other Israelis involved in U.S. penny stock and money laundering activities it would not surprise me if the Image Entertainment, Inc. scam has been used for money laundering through Israeli banks such as Union or Leumi
which has indeed occured in the past and still is.

The Israeli penny stock scam called
Pluristem incorporated in Zionist Joe Biden's state of Delaware is a good example of U.S. peny stock fraud connected to Israel. NTU or National Taxpayers Union and Agora Inc.founder James Dale Davidson in involved,as well as ex CIA and Under Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci of George H.W. Bush's,the bin Laden etc., Carlyle operation who is still suspect in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo in 1960,are involved with Pluristem and its far right Israeli money launderers with connections to Leumi Bank Israel that is now owned in part(10%) by Cerberus Hedge fund of Stephen Feinberg,ex Treasury Secretary John Snow,ex U.S.VP Dan Quayle and members of Dick Cheney's and Haliburton's Kellogg,Brown and Root.Cerberus also owns Chrysler and the Bawag Bank momney laundering operation of Refco fame in Austria.
''..........someone is committing securities fraud," said John Reed Stark

google john reed stark Marimuthu
Marimuthu Image Entertainment
steve,stephen, berry jonathan honig
Image Entertainment, Inc.
Image Entertainment, Inc. is a Chatsworth, Califomia-based distributor of DVDs. The company's shares are quoted on NASDAQ under the symbol DISK. In the fifteen trading days leading up to the intrusions, the average daily trading volume for DISK was 16,989 shares. Shares of
DISK closed at $3.59 per share on September 19, 2006.
On September 21,2006, between 9:07:24 AM EDT and 9:44:54 AM EDT,
Marimuthu purchased 1,900 shares of DISK at prices ranging fiom $3.36
to $3.49 per share using his ChoiceTrade account. Between 9:23 AM EDT
and 9:44 AM EDT on the same day, Marimuthu purchased 1,900 shares of
DISK at prices ranging fiom $3.36 to $3.49 per share using his
optionsxpress account. Between 9:40:44 AM EDT and
10:07:55 AM EDT the same day, Marimuthu also purchased 10,530 shares
of DISK at prices ranging fiom $3 to $4 per share using his account at
Firstrade. One or more of the Defendants executed these transactions
using Internet protocol addresses assigned to ISPs located in Chennai,
Then, between 9:09:34 AM EDT and 9:42:59 AM EDT, while Marimuthu was
in the process of purchasing shares of DISK in his own accounts, one
or more of the Defendants intruded into the account of a TD
Arneritrade customer and made unauthorized purchases of 6,370 shares
of DISK at prices ranging fkom $3.93 to $4.25 per share. Between
9:28:29 AM EDT and 10:58:58 AM EDT, one or more of the Defendants
intruded into a second TD Ameritrade account and made unauthorized
purchases of 169,000 shares of DISK at prices ranging fiom $3.43 to
$4.25 per share. One or more of the Defendants executed these
transactions using Internet protocol addresses assigned to ISPs
located in Chennai, India.
Shortly after the intrusions commenced, Marimuthu began to liquidate
his own positions in DISK. Between 9:47:59 AM EDT and 10:58:59 AM EDT
on September 21,2006, Marimuthu sold all 14,330 shares of DISK he
acquired that morning in his own accounts at prices ranging fiom $3.50
to $4 per share. One or more of the Defendants executed these
transactions using Internet protocol addresses assigned to ISPs
located in Chennai, India.
36. As a result of this conduct, Marimuthu realized profits of $7,279.
37. The intrusion scheme had a significant impact on the market for
DISK. On September 21,2006, DISK opened at $3.71 per share and
increased to an intraday high of $4.12 per share on volume of 776,548
shares, approximately forty-five times greater than the average
trading volume over the fifteen trading days leading up to this
SEC 'Cyber Czar'John Reed Stark Ignores SEC Chair Chris 'Naked shorts' Cox's Violation Of Security Law

'..........someone is committing securities fraud," said John Reed Stark

"Anytime anyone spreads
false information about a public company over a communication medium
like the internet, its message boards, chat rooms or otherwise, that
will raise questions as to whether someone is committing securities
fraud," said John Reed Stark, head of the SEC's office of internet
enforcement. But he declined to comment on the United situation.


SEC's Internet Police Turns 10 Years Old: The Birth and Evolution of
the Office of Internet Enforcement
November 11, 2008 at 9:11 am
By Bruce Carton
I was a lawyer in the Securities and Exchange Commission's Division of
Enforcement from 1995 to 1997, a time perhaps most notable for being
the infancy of the public's use of the Internet. When I first arrived
at the SEC, our online resources consisted of a single station that we
called a "Bridge machine" that provided some basic business news and a "Ticker Room" that consisted of a couple of Bloomberg terminals.
Sometime in 1995—just around the time that most of us at the SEC were
first starting to hear about the World Wide Web—an Internet terminal
appeared in the Ticker Room. I recall taking turns with others
clicking on links on Yahoo and trying to figure out what in the world
the Web could possibly be used for.
OIE Chief John Reed Stark
One of our more tech-savvy colleagues in the Enforcement Division,
however—a staff attorney named John Stark—quickly concluded that the
Internet had the potential to pose huge new challenges to the
enforcement program. Stark and another staff attorney, Dave
Gionfriddo, took the bold step of drafting a memo to then-Enforcement
Director Bill McLucas identifying the imminent, newfangled threat of
online securities fraud.
Their memo suggested that the SEC implement a range of measures to
address Internet fraud issues, including establishing an online fraud
office. For his initiative, Stark was promptly named "special counsel
for Internet projects" to head up the SEC's fledgling efforts to
understand the enforcement-related issues arising from the Internet
and to create and train a group of lawyers at the SEC who could begin
to bring cases in this area.
Initially, Stark says, he "was just one guy with a computer and a
telephone" facing a sea of fraudsters growing exponentially along with
the Internet. Over the course of several years, however, Stark was
able to create the beginnings of an "office" of people interested in
Internet-related investigations and litigation. And in July 1998, the
SEC officially created the Office of Internet Enforcement (OIE); Stark
became its first chief.
One of the first tools that the SEC employed in its Internet efforts
was the Enforcement Complaint Center, essentially an e-mail address at
the SEC to which the public could send tips. Back in 1996, Stark
received only about 20 such complaints per day; now the number runs as high as 10,000. Between the ECC and the growing number of SEC
attorneys surfing the Internet for fraud in the mid-1990s, Stark's
group found that it hardly had to look for fraud.
"It was everywhere and the promoters were brazen," he now says. Stark
recalls that his team could visit any investment-related message board
and find dozens of fraudulent come-ons. "The fraudsters seemed more
surprised to hear from us than anything else. They didn't realize we
had heard about the Net yet—and then became even more surprised to
find that we were one step ahead of them.".....
Intrusion cases involve fraudsters who hijack the online brokerage accounts of unwitting investors using stolen usernames and passwords, and make trades to manipulate markets for their own benefit in these accounts.
Stark says that the SEC's recent Marimuthu(NOTE MARIMUTHU'S CONNECTION TO RIDLESS' AND HONIG'S PUMP AND DUMP IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT FROM SEC FILING ABOVE) intrusion case involved a fairly sophisticated hack by foreign nationals, a parallel criminal investigation,and extradition issues..
Compliance Week can be found at Call
(888) 519-9200 for more information.
Subscribe to Securities Docket by Email
Bruce Carton,the author of the piece above shouldn't have been working at the SEC or as an attorney or whatever he should have been a stand up comedian to pretend so naively that that John Reed Stark is 'on the case' or thousands of cases he allowed to 'bloomberg' out of control.
In fact just where is our lovely internet enforcer John Reed Stark
when I'd like to ask him why Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson,Lord
William Rees-Mogg,Porter Stansberry of Agora Inc and more scam
websites,(dailyreckoning and the thedailyreckoning among MANY come to
mind or gunsandwhiskey.con ?,I'm not sure if their and ex CIA Chief
Colby's strategicinvestments.con is still around,etc.,etc., etc.,)are
still running their MASSIVE international stock and money laundering ops using U.S. penny stocks as their currency ?!
Why do they allow the CIA that obviously has internet skills as well
after buying Silicon Valley and internet related companies including
SRA International whose shares turned up in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai
boiler room Bellador Group of a Mr.Peter Taylor to give them 'monthly
briefings' when they are admittedly involved in penny stock
'investments'!?(Ex DIA George Tenet met with the Agora people at some
scam penny stock tout get together in New Orleans in 2004 by the way.)
Anyway maybe Bruce Carlton can get the word out to John Reed Stark and
the other OIE snoozing at their computer terminals about NCANS or
National Coalition Against Naked Shorting and Patrick Byrne and 'Bob
O'Brien' and their internet 'naked shorting' lie scam(re NFI,
Overstock.con,etc.,etc.,) that seems to be a carbon copy of James Dale
Davidson's,Brent Pierce's,Grant Atkins' and David Patch's NAANSS or
National Association Against Naked Short Selling and
nakedshortselling.con internet fraud that was never even noticed by
the SEC and the idiot,(at best),John Reed Stark,that NCANS was
plagiarized from.
The very insignificance of the few cases and busts by Stark and his
corrupt SEC mentioned by Bruce Carton below only proves that Chris Cox
and John Reed Stark, are in a cover up mode for the real large
scale securities and U.S. penny stock criminals, both foreign and
domestic who have direct Beltway connections.
And when will John Reed Stark check out his lil buddie at Georgetown
University,James Angel,who touts the pinksheets over the internet and
has direct contact with the boys and
'girl',Mary Hellburn,at NCANS and the ones at Cheetah Club in Las
Vegas according to Bob O'Brien who gave that as the NFI and NCANS
official address !(Ha) Not to mention that John Reed Stark and other SEC connected Georgetown University lounge lizards have let Samaritan Pharmaceuticals pump and dump fraud,
(of penny stock money launderer Janet Greeson and her son)to use Georgetown to promote there money laundering operation for years !She also has Endovasc connections,etc.

And while he's at it have John Reed Stark investigate SEC Chair Chris
Cox's phoney internet claims and rumors about Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac,
AIG,Lehman Brothers,etc.,being victims of 'naked short selling'.It
would appear Cox is aiding and abetting the fraudulent naked shorting internet sites of Agora Inc and J.D. Davidson and Patrick Byrne, rather than closing them down even when they make death threats ! Does John Reed Stark approve of all this criminalty and corruption and fraud and money laundering with unaudited shares that the criminals then claim lie are or were 'naked shorted'?! So far the U.S. SEC is part of the fraud NOT the solution !
Tony Ryals
SEC 'Cyber Czar'John Reed Stark Ignores SEC Chair Chris 'Naked shorts' Cox's Violation Of Security Law

And now Christopher Cox,the Chairman of the U.S. SEC himself,has lied outright about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and AIG and Lehman Brothers,etc., all being 'naked shorted'(which according to the stock fraudsters who made up the term and have scam promoting it along with fraudulent companies they 'pump and dump'on their websites that shares are being 'counterfeitted').This worked somewhat for their penny stocks that never paid dividends but now they have become so confident in their power to commit fraud and Chris Co and his SEC's boldness in helping them that they can even claim dividend paying companies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been,(until recent heavy shorting by offshore hedge funds that bankrupted them), - 'naked shorted'!
The obvious lie is that if brokers or market makers were really selling naked short or counterfeit shares(to use the criminals own definition of their made up term),then some shareholders would have had shares in their accounts that didn't pay dividends because they were fake ! So this is an obvious fraud OF TRILLIONS
OF DOLLARS - NOT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS LIKE PENNY STOCKS DEFRAUD - AND THUS SEC CHAIRMAN CHRISTOPHER COX - THE HEAD OF THE U.S. SEC - IS INVOLVED IN THE LARGEST STOCK FRAUD IN WORLD HISTORY !It makes Enron that his California law firm Latham and Watkins represented appear small time ! And the idea is not to recover the defrauded dollars from offshore or onshore accounts and hedge funds,
(where they are now hidden in anonymous accounts),but to replace money stolen from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by either taxing the lower middle class more or by simply incurring unsustainable debt for America's children ! To say W Bush and his SEC Chair Chris Cox and Treasury Secretary Paulson and Federal Resrve Shalom Bernanke are worse to and for American than Iraq's mob lynched ex President Saddam Hussein would not be and is not an exageration !

And never mention that ICTS International was an Israeli stock fraud incorporated in Joe Biden's state of Delaware and thus American investors were tricked into funding and 'investing' in them and perhaps had Americans been guarding Logan Airport on 9/11 rather than Israeli ex military men who were running a stock scam at the same - the Huntleigh airport guards,owned by ICTS International and bought along with the contract to protect Logan Airport in Boston with money defrauded from Americans through their Delaware corporation and NASDAQ listing,might have done there job and not have allow Mohamed Atta and gang to board those passenger planes bound for Rudy Giuliani's WTC in the first place !And had they at least had Seven Eleven convenience store technology they would have photos of when them boarding those flights !
But to be 'fair and balanced' according to's own records - it was George W's brother Marvin Bush,their cousin Wirt Walker III and a member of the Kuwait Al Sabah family royalty,(who had plenty of reason to hate Saddam Hussein), who were negligently given Dulles Airport to guard.And Securacom was a stock fraud as well ! Are these facts 'anti semitic' ?!
''someone is committing securities fraud," said John Reed Stark

SEC Commissioner Christopher Cox vows to bring James Dale Guckert/Jeff
Gannon to Justice ?
Tony Ryals | 06.03.2006 02:34 | Analysis | Globalisation | Technology | World
According to a quote from Mr.Cox of a few days ago this would appear
to be the case. The truth is more likely his and SEC attorneys' wish
to gag both professional business journalists including at the WSJ as
well as defrauded investors such as myself who wish to blow the
whistle on SEC corruption and fraud.
Jeff Gannon or James Dale Guckert was the White House 'plant' in the
White House press corp. whose job was to ask silly and flattering
questions to White House press secretary McClellan while legit
reporters questions went ignored. Jeff Gannon or James Dale Guckert
had access to White House staff that might have made Monica Lewinski
blush under the pseudonym 'Jeff Gannon' until a little snooping right
on the internet revealed his own homosexual porno websites that even
solicited male military prostitution. Then he quietly disappeared from
the White House and press corps. with no questions asked and no
government investigation whatsoever of his 'masquerading' , both as a
'journalist' and a heterosexual no doubt...........
The truth is more likely Mr. Cox's fear of professional business
journalists the SEC wishes it could gag or scare away from deeper
investigative reporting than they have been doing so far as well as an
attempt to scare defrauded investors such as myself who work to expose
the SEC's aiding of internet stock and securities fraud and their
protection of fraudulent internet websites that appear to be Beltway
and in some cases perhaps even mafia or CIA connected such as and and .Their for instance has threatened and libeled
the very WSJ reporters the SEC San Francisco attorneys subpeonaed
before embarrassingly withdrawaing the subpeonas due to both
journalistic and public outrage.
Agora Inc. of Baltimore with its world net cyber scam ops and various
world wide penny stock scam connections and its many official and
unofficial websites is a product of Bill Bonner and James Dale
Davidson,(who was behind the Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster' smear
campaign), such as and Bonner's
They fraudulently claim hundreds of percentage point profits while
promoting mainly illegal pump and dump scams and offshore scams that
defraud American and other investors that the SEC has known about for
years and done nothing about.Ex-CIA Chief 'WMDS' George Tenet attended
an Agora Inc. investment' symposium in New Orleans in 2004 and the
Agora Inc. stock promotion machine touted at least one of the CIA's
and In-Q-Tel's scammy pump ansd dump stocks called Ionatron.The fact
that James Dale Davidson is far right founder of Steve Forbes,Grover
Norquist connected National Taxpayers Union located in Alexandria,Virginia to be close to Washington,D.C. SEC office couldn't have anything to do with could it ? No,of course not.
However it is or was particularly egregious to me because I informed Joshua Ridless that Yahoo! had deleted or stolen my email account and all my warning to investors of fraudulent stock promotions occuring on a number of Yahoo! 'message boards'.My email was stolen by Yahoo! and they have refused to even respond and answer for their theft,included corrsepondence with 'my attorney' Joshua A Ridless himself who claims to specialize in cyber law as well as(ha),'securities' law.Truth be told I don't like Carl Icahn parasite upon Yahoo! and so many other companies whose stocks he can manipulate for personal gain but it's not because he's a 'semite' - in fact,Jewish or not,I doubt seriously he has any semitic or Middle Eastern ancestry.
Attorney Ridless claims to have sent me Pizzulli vs. Endovasc documents from the Los Angeles court system to my deleted Yahoo! email account but somehow can't give me copies because he somehow 'lost' them !Because the Santa Monica attorney Pizzulli is a known SEC protected penny stock fraudster,as my attorney may well be,
it now becomes clear why he has more concern for Pizzulli than his own client - a clear conflict of interest Ridless never disclosed to me !
And Pizzulli is interesting for other reasons besides receiving shares from the Stanford University connected Endovasc 'biotech' penny stock scam that defrauded me. Santa Monica attorney Francis Pizzulli is known for having taken a case all the way to the California Supreme Court in the 1990's that had the precise and successful purpose of a gagging or 'chilling effect' on reporters and investigators of into the assassination of Robert F Kennedy in 1968 and probably other controversial journalistic investigations as well!
And strange that a penny stock scamster,(just search for all the penny stocks Pizzulli is tied to over the years on a google search or at itself),appears virtually untouchable by the law or the SEC and is involved in such politically connected litigation as blocking journalists' investigations into Robert Kennedy's assassination.Also about the time Pizzulli received $125,000 of worthless Endovasc shares to dump he was attorney for the American citizen and Fox News video maker,Jonathan or Jack Idema, incarcerated for torturing Afghanis at his home in Kabul in his spare time !
Another factoid about attorney Francis Pizzulli is that he his the one who began litigation against Google's Youtube for gawd knows what hidden agenda and legal manipulation.
To my chagrin Yahoo! made bllionaire Mark Cuban who has come under fire from the SEC FOR DUMPING SHARES OF MOMMA.COM OR NOW COPERNICUS - was in favor of Pizzulli's parasitic harrassment of Youtube and also had
them or forced therm to remove a lot of 9/11 videos.But he did inform me that momma.con insiders used LOM or Lines Overseas Management in Bermuda,
etc.,to dump their shares from !And he has sponsered Chris Carey's stock fraud investigative journalism,that I respect very much.Paradoxical.

Here are more of my article posts my attorney Josh Ridless has harrassed indymedias to censor.I guess Rudi Giuliani is an honorary 'semite' but I doubt the Palestinians got to vote
on that:
Israeli Foreign Agent Sharon Tzur, Media Watch International,PM Ehud Olmert,Rudy Giuliani
9/11,ICTS,WeCu,:U.S.Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff ,Dangerous Israeli Fraud
UK Robert Wishart London Money Laundering, SEC's,Georgetown University's John Polise
Fox News:Greg Gutfeld, Hitler's Jewish Relative,Defends New Yorker Barack Obama Hit Piece
CNN,Wolf Blitzer Covered up Israel PM Ehud Olmert's Criminal Ties to Air Water Corp Scam
W Bush,Chabad-Lubavitch,Agriprocessors: Kosher Guns,Drugs,Ilegal Rabbis,Guatemala Slaves
Israel PM Ehud Olmert's Money Launderers, WTC,9/11/01,SwissAir 111 Crash,9/2/98
W Bush,Chabad-Lubavitch,Agriprocessors: Kosher Guns,Drugs,Ilegal Rabbis,Guatemala Slaves
Israel PM Ehud Olmert's Money Launderers, WTC,9/11/01,SwissAir 111 Crash,9/2/98

Joshua Cries Defamation And Anti Semitism;I Scream Israeli Government Connected 9/11 ICTS International and Security Fraud Racketeering
Note below SF attorney Josh Ridless who apparently must think San Francisco is in England the way he throws out terms like 'barrister' and 'solicitor',(sounds like someone who solicits a prostitute to me),threatens to sue me who he already bilked and who he refuses to return my files to including email between us after mine was stolen by Yahoo!.con as púnisment for warning about stock fraud on their NFI and OSTK,and Charles Schwab,etc. 'message boards' .I believe in retrospect Mr.Ridless has a severe conflict of interest in representing or mis-representing me in the first place as his now removed ad from craigslist makes it apparent that he 'solicits' business from the same type of
'emerging' or 'start up' companies that ripped me off in the first place.
It should be note that so far I have been threatened directly or indirectly over the internet both legally by Michael Zwebner,British-Israeli mafia connected death threathener who is a 'business partner' of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert among others according to U.S.SEC filings.
Joshua A. Ridless to me
show details Mar 27
I am in the process of filing an action against you for defamation relating to the posting campaign you have been carrying out. I have already sent you the entire file, including all documents pulled from the LA Court nearly four years ago. It is not my responsibility to maintain your email accounts.If you remove all defamatory postings, I will withdraw the action and,request that my filing agent again pull the file on the action in LA Court.
Your emails usually get blocked by the spam filter, so if you wish to communicate with me, my number is below.
Law Offices of
Joshua A. Ridless
244 California Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94111-4311
TEL (415) 614-2600
FAX (415) 480-1398
This is from Joshua A Ridless shortly before I placed copy of his pdf file documenting his charges that wiped away my $5,000 long before he even wrote the ineffectual letter to Endovac in Montgomery,Texas and long after he should have realised the collective culpability of of Stanford University,Charles Schwab 'market makers',Israeli Grin brothers and the Balmore Fund and Celeste Trust offshores,etc., as well as National Taxpayers Union's James Dale Davidson and Washington,D.C. banker David P Summers - both fraudulently pposing as 'biotech' execs ! Note I only asked if Ridless had ever worked for an East Coast bank - EVB an advertising agency apparently on his website listed as a client - has the same initials as East Virginia Bankshares.Because David P Summers is a sleazy banker posing as a biotech CEO and genius I just wanted to know.:
Your inflammatory and defamatory remarks are completely out of line and will not be tolerated. This will be my final correspondence with you. I'm attaching the letter you have requested, which was also sent to you via email back in 10/04. Endovasc, Inc. did not respond to my correspondence.
I advised you that your only recourse was to bring an action against the prospective defendants and if such action included Schwab that it would have to be brought in NASD Arbitration. You explicitly stated that you did not want to pursue that avenue. Having tied my hands, there was nothing left for me to do.
As to your outrageous allegations below, I have never represented any bank of any kind, nor was any bank ever listed on my website as a client. You never advised me that your Yahoo account was shut down until this year. Finally, I do not run paid advertisements for my office on any site.
I would warn you not to continue to flame and defame my good name. That is all.
(Note I only asked Mr.Ridless if he had ever done work for an East Coast bank which I never said was illegal or even unethical in the first place and he blew up.Maybe it is because he feels guiltry about knowing David P Summers who has posed as a biotech inventor and CEO of numerous illegal biotech penny stock scams including Israeli and Stanford connected Endovasc was an East coast and Beltway connected banker for years and Ridless knew it without disclosing to me.I don't know,) :
Joshua Cries Defamation;I Scream Israeli Government Connected Security Fraud Racketeering
Had Joshua A Ridless been sincere about investigating my complaints re Stanford University connected Endovasc 'biotech' pump and dump fraud and probable offshore money laundering operation it is conceivable he coukld have stopped a well organized penny stock scam fraudulently claiming 'naked shorting' or counterfeiting of penny stock companies' worthless shares that has travelled around the world - but always using the American penny stock and even NASDAQ market and soiling its already dirty reputation even further.Is it because Joshua Ridless knew exactly what was going on all the time but was too conflicted to do anything to stop it or to at least bring the fraudulent and powerful Agora Inc and Washington, D.C. NTU or National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson banker David P Summers to justice ? So am I ',Josh Ridless' supposed client who gave him the last $5,000 from my Charles Schwab account to stop the Endovasc pump and dump scam,the easy mark and because Joshua Ridless is more affiliated and sympathetic and conflicted by his interests in soliciting business from penny stock scams('startup companies'), the easier mark so instead he goes after me to silence me for the interests of Charles Schwab and international, including Israeli penny stock criminals and money launderers? The way he mentioned 'derivatives' in one communication to me indicates he has a good idea what's going on.So Josh cons me into giving him $5,000 without disclosing as he did recently on a craigslist advertisement and self promotion since deleted that he has or is in the pay of the very penny stock money laundering con artists I am fighting.I have saved his now deleted advertisement soliciting business from 'startup' public companies,i.e.-'penny stocks', and will post it,in part,below for the record.And equally unerthical is his attempt to intimidate me with threats of taking me,his clien, to court in order to suppress an article that only briefly mentions him and is more related to an attorney,Francis Pizulli, involved not only in Endovasc and other fraudulent penny stock scams but also to the legal defense Jack Idema,an American torturer in Kabul, pre Abu Ghraib and even waterboarding as well as Middle Estern money laundering ! Francis Pizzulli is also the right wing Santa Monica attorney who got a California Supreme Court ruling that stifled investigation into Robert F Kennedy assassination in the 1990s .But this is all in the very 2 article-posts Joshua Ridless my own ex attorney wishes to sue me for ! And if he(Ridless) is successul he hopes to suppress my further writing about U.S. penny stocks frauds and money laundering he hopes to profit from as an attorney for 'start up' companies or penny stocks he himself advertised in craiglist to represent.
Had Joshua A Ridless used my money to persue Endovasc's Stanford University connected penny stock fraudsters James Dale Davidson,founder of Steve Forbes','s,Alexandria,Virginia National Taxpayers Union and Washington,D.C. area's,Dominion and Northern Virginia Bank banker,David P Summers - both pretending to be biotech geniuses when in fact they have both run biotech penny stock pump and dump scams and offshore money laundering operations for years - rather than to harrass me his own client - many years of ongoing penny stock fraud involving money laundering with unaudited U.S. penny stock shares as far away as Kuala Lumpur,Dubai and Israel as well as Bermuda,Caymans,Liechtenstein,etc., could have been stopped or at least exposed by him.What a hypocrite he is in my humble opinion to use my remaining $5,000 sent from my Charles Schwab account to him in 2004 to waist it on frivolous billing fees such as reading articles he should never have charged me to read in the first place ! I sent them but certainly did not ask him to read them as part of his real work - to get my money back from Endovasc or press charges for illegal stock distribution and pump and dump using offshore accounts - in California where Charles Schwab sold me those worthless shares and was the biggest 'market maker' in them in the first place ! What were Washington ,D.C. connected individuals doing and still doing running penny stock frauds through offshore accounts for anyway with Charles Schwab's and Florida Democrat Tim Mahoney's vFinance's aid and profiting from ? Huh Josh ? Why can't you explain and why do you also cover up for them by harrassing and intimidating me who was conned into believing you were acting as my attorney ? AND YES YOU ALSO KNOW THIS HAS ISRAELI GOVERNMENT CONNECTIONS ALL THE WAY TO THE GRIN BROTHERS,MENACHEM EITAN,MENACHEM ATZMON AND ON TO THE ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER EHUD OLMERT,ETC. !
The Israeli Grin brothers,rumored to have originated from the Ukraine,have used Cayman based offshore account as well as Bawag Bank of Austria and shells such as Balmore Trust and Celeste to run their illegal U.S. penny stock ops including Endovasc through and herddefrauded money mainly from Americans to their and others protected accounts in Israel.Menachem Atzmon is a trusted friend and cover up artist for the Israeli crook and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and sat on committee to white wash Olmert's cupability in Lebanese war atrocities as well as to lie about his Jerusalem apartment scandal.Eitan was arrested however in New York or so the rumort goes for his role in the Xybernaut U.S. penny stock scam and money laundering op that ex U.S. Amassador to Morroco and Fox News' 'Middle East expert' and ex Virginia Senator George Allen are involved in.And Menachem Atzmon of cousre ran and still does the ICTS International ex NASDAQ and now pink sheets penny stock scam that guarded Logan Airport in Boston on 9/11 where the two passenger planes that presumably crashed into the WTC in New York originated from.Too bad ICTS didn't manage to take advantage oif a final photo op of Mohamed Atta as they boarded their plane that morning on 9/11/01,ain't it Josh ?
I get the feeling,in retrospect and seeing Josh Ridless's photo on his website with the Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque,I believe,in the background - not the SF skyline - that Josh is also conflicted in his patriotic allegiances and has actually come to believe U.S. penny stock fraud that rips off Americans such as myself is good for Israel ! In truth U.S penny stock fraud is bad for everyone except criminals and both the U.S. and Israel should crack down on those who perpetrate it such as Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,British Israeli partner in U.S. penny stock crime Michael Zwebner,operating out of Miami, who has used money from this fraud to intimidate Americans through the U.S. legal sytem,(just as Josh Ridless threatens to do with me),buy 'gay' prostitutes and even pay a Stephen Cunnigham who has promoted pedophilia on Zwebner's ragingbull.comUCSY or now AWTI penny stock message or promotion board to promote pedophilia and to threaten my life ! Zwebner even used the excuse of my wolfblitzzer0 alias or posting name as an excuse to sue Wolf Blitzer and CNN unsuccessfully for $100 million ! And now this same type of frivilous harrassment litigation is what U.C. Berkeley Boalt Law School graduate Josh Ridless is threatening to do to me - who unlike Wolf Blitzer and CNN who for reasons of their own didn't even report this outrageous story or uncover Ehud Olmert's involvement - can't afford to challenge my own corrupt attorney in a U.S. court and he knows it.So in my opinion he is both a bully and coward which are generally one and the same anyway.And Josh has recently come out on craigslist and exposed himself for what he really is - not a defender of defrauded investors as he would have had me believe - but a corrupt attorney openly soliciting business from penny stock companies just like the Endovasc fraud that conned me ! He has since removed that ad-.promotion since I brought his attention to its blatent appeal to penny stock scamsters but now threatens me - makes incorrect accusations against me - and still will not send me the only real work related to Endovasc fraud he did - i.e.- retrieve a Los Angeles court document - Pizzulli vs Endovasc that he claims to have sent me but that I never received.I don't believe he ever sent it by either email or mail but that is my opinion.He does have the record of receiving it on my legal bill however but at no time does the bill document that he sent it !
If he decides to try and railroad me through the California legal system that he is so familiar with but so unwilling to bring Endovasc crooks to real justice in and get my money back - he should also tell the judge that besides leaving me too broke to defend myself against him that Yahoo!.com of California deleted or probably confiscated my email and he won't give me a copy of his own that should be part of my legal files he should return to me.Either that or as he is also into Cyrber law - ask Yahoo! what they did with my account 'biodog0 (at)'. But no Josh prefers to harrass me for some reason known to himself.Does he really represent 'start up' penny stock companies against my own interests and wants to gag me - the only real writer reporter and documter of this internationsal fraud on the internet ? (Former NY Post penny stock investigator Christopher Byron mentioned my internet posts in April 2006 and although he had written for that paper since before Rupert Murdoch owned it,he was dismissed soon afterwards.)
Dear North Texas IMC Editors,
> I am writing regarding the postings found on your site located at the
> link
> below:
> This postings relates to defamatory, untrue and offensive statements
> about myself, which do not constitute protected free speech. Further,
> the author has been posting this same defamatory content on nearly
> every affiliate IMC website. In this respect, this posting violates
> IMC's posting policies in terms of duplicative postings.
> I also believe the postings violate the following excerpts of your
> policies:
> Hate speech and demeaning or oppressive comments will be hidden.
> While I have attempted to contact the poster directly, the poster
> refuses to communicate with me and resides in Guatemala.
> Various IMC affiliates have cooperated in removing these posts as a
> violation of policy. I would greatly appreciate it if you would do
> the same. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to
> contact me with any questions.
> Thank you,
> Josh
> Joshua A. Ridless
> 244 California Street, Suite 300
> San Francisco, CA 94111-4311
> TEL (415) 614-2600
> FAX (415) 480-1398

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