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News :: Globalization
bill richardsons bio
22 Dec 2008
its gonna be bad...
by Russell R. Bingman, Publisher
No B.S. News Magazine

From both sides of the Mexican-American border of the Southwestern United States, a conspiracy to create a new country, a new nation, is boldly moving ahead, led by Mexico's charismatic President Vicente` Fox and New Mexico's new Governor Bill Richardson, former crony and bagman for former president, Bill Clinton. Richardson has a long history of corruption in New Mexico and American politics...

Bill Richardson would have New Mexican's, American's and the world believe that he is as honest and forthright as the legendary stories about George Washington and old Honest Abe Lincoln. The truth is, New Mexico has a legendary history of being one of the most corrupt states in America, beginning with numerous broken treaties with Native Americans, and the notorious Lincoln County war which gave rise to the dubious legend of Billy the Kid. Bill Richardson makes New Mexico's past roster of characters in the Rogues Gallery look like amateurs... Richardson was a tax & spend liberal when he was in the House of Representatives. And he was always in the company of left-wingers as an Ambassador to the United Nations. But as a Democrat governor, he is trying to masquerade as a tax-cutting Republican. And he is firing every state employee with any type of criminal record, even those who committed petty misdemeanors 20 years ago. Something is definitely rotten in Denmark with all of that.

Richardson is responsible for getting the tax dollars, when he was a U.S. Representative for New Mexico, to build the state's largest, un-used airport, at Tucumcari, New Mexico. The air strip there can handle an aircraft the size of a 747 jumbo jet. The facilities most frequent use, was during the time that Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas and reputed to be running a major drug trafficking operation out of Mena, Arkansas. Numerous direct flights from Mena to Tucumcari took place during this time, and Richardson's story of rags to riches began. According to Richardson, although he has an Anglo surname, he is half Mexican and half Anglo, his genes tending more toward the Latin blood lines in physical appearance, and he speaks fluent Spanish and English. He's also very fluent in political double speak and bureaucratic B.S. He claims he grew up poor, but valued education - studied hard, worked hard, always told the truth and walked 17 miles, barefoot in a blizzard, to repay a debt of two-dollars and 27 cents... or something like that. It's too bad that hard work and honesty only pays off for people like Richardson and the Clinton's, and not for the rest of us. Remember, Hillary invested $1,000 on cattle futures in the stock market, and 90 days later, earned a profit of more than $100,000. Today, *********Richardson's family is worth several hundred million dollars, his family's most dubious earnings being some $390 million dollars from Enron, only two days before the big collapse and scandal broke, according to various low key news stories.

In early/mid January, Richardson was host to a delegation of North Korean diplomats, who made an "unofficial" visit to him in Santa Fe, supposedly under the auspices of him being a former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and an old friend thereby, to whom they could pour out their hearts and seek wise council, in regard to the escalating tensions between the Bush Administration and North Korea's possible building of nuclear arms. This of course was unprecedented in U.S. diplomatic history, and another violation of the Constitution, made to appear legal, because it was supposedly an "unofficial" pow-wow. None-the-less, the whole world, not the least of which was the American news media, still seemed baffled by this bizarre and mysterious series of meetings. And it created a real Catch 22 for the news media, which had been, and continues, to ignore some very frightening stories that are well known on the New Mexico/Mexico border, about a massing of well armed Mexican citizens, as well as a few thousand foreign troops, and anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand Mexican soldiers.

For those who find this assertion too incredible to believe, you are excused - you may now tear this story up, toss it in the fireplace and ignore it. It is not intended to convert you. It is however, valuable news for those who pay attention to what is going on in the world, who already have a few leads, and want to know more.....

One has to ask the obvious: Why did Bill Richardson travel, at great expense to New Mexican taxpayers, to Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum, when he had absolutely no contribution to make at that forum? When one considers that the paramount reason for his being there, was to meet the Mexican President, on neutral soil, something is going on - something very secret, and very wrong! Since the meeting in Switzerland was an arranged meeting, meeting there had to be for "legal" reasons. Richardson flying to Mexico to meet Fox would have been highly suspicious. Meeting him in Switzerland still is. What wasn't reported in American news media, but was reported in the Chinese news media, Fox and Richardson met with the North Koreans and the Chinese in Switzerland. And now the Mexican president is coming to Santa Fe. The head of state of Mexico, meeting the governor of a state which has no industrial or economic benefit to Mexico, at least not legal benefits. There can be no discussion regarding "matters of state" between Richardson and Fox. Remember, the U.S. Constitution prohibits it. That is why all heads of state, go to other heads of state. Mayors in one state don't make deals with governors in another state, and governors don't make deals with presidents or prime ministers of another country. The only purpose of meetings between Richardson and Fox, given all that has been going on regarding Aztlan - Republica del Norte`, is for the advancement of the Republic of the North...

On February 11th, the New Mexico state legislature passed a law giving authority to the state government, to exercise "mass cremations" of bodies, in the event of biological attack catastrophe or war, as was reported by KASA and KOB-TV news. This legislation also authorizes mass internment of citizens in concentration camps, for civil control. The whole idea is being sold to New Mexican's under the auspices of a biological or chemical attack upon the state by terrorists. What has gone largely unreported in the national news media, is the huge numbers of Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent thronging into Mexico, many near the U.S. border. And by all appearances, EPIC (El Paso Intelligence Center) is largely ignoring these activities. It should also be noted, as reported on the NBC Today Show in interviews with Bill Clinton throughout the week of February 10th through the 14th, that Clinton, since leaving the presidency, has visited 47 countries. What hasn't been mentioned, is that many of these countries, are Marxist or dictatorial states with terrorists operating freely within. During the last two years of Clinton's presidency, he spent nearly as much time in Africa and the Middle East as he did in Washington, and it was under Clinton Administration orders that Osama bin Laden was allowed to evade capture in some of these countries, even though he had already been identified as a terrorist and was on the FBI's wanted list. Investigations into Hillary Clinton's campaign contributions turned up money apparently donated by bin Laden's family and other terrorist sources. That has been reported on national news. These investigations continue.

Another factor that has come to light in early February, is the leaking of highly classified intelligence reports, that 90% of Iraq's hardware and biological/chemical agents for manufacturing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), was secretly sold to Iraq by Germany, most of it during the last 10 years. Germany is forcefully opposing a war against Iraq, because in the aftermath, this hardware and biological/chemical toxins would be easily traced back to Germany. Furthermore, it has also been established, and reported, that France has secretly negotiated, and signed contracts with the Iraqi government, for development and control of more than 60% of Iraq's oil fields, including its newest oil find, which according to geologists, is the world's largest oil field. France has been trying to keep this fact hidden, and opposes a war with Iraq, which would terminate all of these contracts. There has been a flurry of covert diplomatic activities between Mexico, France, Germany, Belgium and China in recent weeks since, and before, the World Economic Forum. Belgium is largely considered to be the world headquarters of the New World Order, since it serves as headquarters to NATO and houses the world's largest supercomputers, which collect data from all governments, on each nations citizens, in the western hemisphere...

One does not have to be an accountant to recognize that America is in great financial peril, along with all of the other perils. America's enemies declare that the looming war with Iraq is about nothing more than oil. On one hand there is some truth to that. Both WW1 and WW2 were about oil. In world war one, John D. Rockefeller and British Petroleum were about to loose control of the Middle East oil fields to Germany and the Kaiser. In world war two, Hitler had nearly seized the Middle East oil fields. Had he succeeded, he would have won the war.

The world's economy is based upon oil. He who controls the world's oil reserves, controls the world's economy. There are many who cannot grasp that concept, because their heads have been buried in their dark recesses for too long. None-the-less, it is a fact - it is the truth. It is not control of peanuts or potatoes or silver screens or hay fields that the world is fighting over - it is OIL. And that fact then poses a serious question: Just who in the hell do you want controlling the world's oil and economy? Russia? China? Saddam Hussein? Kim Jong-il? Vicente` Fox? Germany's Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder? How much per gallon do you think you'd be paying for gas, if one of America's enemies were setting the price? And how much do you think you'd be paying in taxes, or for a loaf of bread, or for a new car? America is guilty of a lot of sins - all due to political corruption and greed. But who lets politicians get away with it? YOU! You the American citizen, who sets on his or her ass, and refuses to do your part, your responsibility as an American citizen, to vote out the corrupt, and vote in the honest. It is YOU, who fail to get involved and stay involved, with overseeing what your elected servants are doing, and making sure that they do it right. Even the poor and the middle class of America, have been lulled into living like the affluent of Hollywood - who set on their ass, to be waited upon by someone else. A people too lazy to do for themselves, forfeiting their rights and responsibilities - let somebody else do it!

by Russell R. Bingman, Publisher
No B.S. News Magazine
Copyright 2003 - All Rights Reserved - (Posted on January 21, 2004 with the author's permission)

Almost immediately upon the heels of Part 1 being published, a news story <>; carried on Albuquerque's KOB-TV 4 that originated out of Chicago, IL while New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was on a trip there, reported that Gov. Richardson announced that "he and Governor Patricio Martinez of Chihuahua, Mexico, are considering a plan to create a railroad freight loop around Juarez, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, to Albuquerque." As pointed out in Part 1 , Richardson is forbidden by the U.S. Constitution from entering into any agreements of commerce or war with any foreign power or government. There is no act of Congress on record, granting Richardson authority to do this. Moreover, the building of a railroad falls under the purview of the U.S. Department of Transportation. But more importantly, "Why do they want a railroad loop?" There are already iron rails from Albuquerque to El Paso/Juarez. That stretch of railroad is already one of the most heavily monitored by the U.S. Border Patrol, because it is one of the most heavily used by illegal aliens. From northeast El Paso to Alamogordo, New Mexico, Border Patrol agents are kept running night and day, catching illegals who jump from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe train on its northern trek, and go running through the greasewood brush and mesquite, to awaiting vehicles, to be transported somewhere into the American Southwest. Since a railroad from El Paso/Juarez to Albuquerque already exists, and has since 1863, why does Richardson and Martinez want to build their own? Why isn't Congress or the Bush Administration raising hell over this? Oh that tangled web of deceit!

On February 27th, the Rocky Mountain News reported that 37 illegal aliens were arrested on February 26th, at Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Warren AFB is home to the Air Force Spa ce Command's 90th Space Wing, which maintains 150 Minuteman III and 50 Peacekeeper missiles over a 12,600-square-mile area of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. The illegal aliens were working for a subcontractor at the base, as construction workers, having used fraudulent identification papers to obtain employment. Officials at Warren AFB said that this was an extremely serious security breach in which foreigners were able to penetrate a powerful U.S. military installation. While Air Force and INS officials did not believe that any of the aliens intended to do any harm at the base, the situation proved how easily American military security can be breached and installations penetrated. In New Mexico, the Air Force has three highly strategic bases: Cannon AFB at Clovis, NM; Holloman AFB at Alamogordo, NM (which is now all but run by the German Air Force and has built its own German community in Alamogordo. Various areas of Holloman AFB now have signs declaring it to be United Nations property.); and Kirtland Air Force Base at Albuquerque, NM. New Mexico is also home to Los Alamos National Laboratories, White Sands Missile Range and Northern MacGregor Range, all high security installations, that can be easily penetrated. Illegal aliens are frequently found working at all of these facilities, having used bogus identification to obtain employment, while American residents, regardless of race, are frequently denied employment at any of these facilities, despite having proper, legal identification.

On February 26th, 2003, five illegal Mexican aliens kidnapped and murdered US Border Patrol agent Jorge Luis Salomon. Salomon was a 23 year old agent of Hispanic dissent. His head had been crushed by a reportedly, 50 pound boulder. His body was found in Bacoachi, Mexico, a town some 40 miles south of the Arizona border. (

In June of 2001, I wrote a story for my print magazine, No B.S. News, regarding a luncheon meeting between UN Secretary General Kofi (Goofy) Anon and all nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices, on May 23rd, 2001. While the event received some speculative coverage in the national news media, "why" this meeting took place seemed a mystery to everyone. First of all, it was unprecedented. Never in the history of the United Nations, had any U.S. Supreme Court Justice ever met with a UN Secretary General. To this day, none of these parties will answer any questions regarding that meeting. While it may be speculative to try to determine what the meeting was for, by applying a bit of Sherlock Holmes' "deductive reasoning," we can get closer to the truth. First, there are absolutely no legal issues or consultations of jurisprudence, that should, or could "legally" (keeping in mind the U.S. Constitution) bring these ten people together. There is not a single legal issue affecting Anon or the UN, that would fall into the purview of the United States Constitution. In fact, any meeting regarding any issues, political, legal or matters of state, would have to go to the U.S. Dept. of State, not the Supreme Court. But there is an issue that the U.S. Supreme Court is going to be ruling on in the near future, albeit totally illegal and un-Constitutional, and that being "THE UNITED STATES PROGRAM FOR GENERAL AND COMPLETE DISARMAMENT IN A PEACEFUL WORLD - DEPARTMENT OF STATE PUBLICATION 7277."(<>; )(This is only one of hundreds of websites where this document can be found). This document was released in September 1961. This document essentially eliminates all nationalism in the world, disarms every nation, while creating a behemoth sized UN Peace-keeping force . . . strips all citizens of all countries of their nationality, as well as their Constitutional rights . . . eliminates the right to own any firearms, or to decent, depart from or defend oneself against this new world order. Several target dates have been set, and subsequently pushed back, over the years, for the implementation and completion of this effort. On the face of it, it has the appearance and sound of being a good thing, after all, who doesn't want to live in peace? We all do, but not at the expense of becoming slaves to any power or any state, especially not a global village state, where one's thoughts are subject to criminal prosecution, imprisonment, even execution! Rights do not exist in this global village.

Under exactly what circumstances this Supreme Court decision will come about is speculative, it will none-the-less go something like this: There will have been more world war, nuclear exchanges between nuclear powers, and some super-politician is going to come forward as a "peacemaker," and the people of the world (and most certainly America) are going to be told that it is our nationalism and our constitutions which are responsible for all of the world's evils and ills, and that we need to scrap our constitutions, our national sovereignty and our selfish constitutional rights. And thus shall the U.S. Supreme Court step forward and weigh the heavy decision . . . which has already been made, but we're just being paranoid . . . and the nine black robed justices will tell us how "constitutional" it is for all of this to take place, and with the stroke of a pen, everything that makes America what it is, will be "legally" eliminated. Those of us who resist, disobey or fight back, will be labeled as criminals. Some of us already are, for those very reasons.

At the time that this luncheon was taking place, there were some supposed rumors going around, about America's

most recently impeached Chief Executive, Slick Willy Clinton, possibly becoming the next UN Secretary General in 2002. There was wide speculation that Anon was going to get the boot. Then Clinton made a whirl wind tour of Africa and the Middle East, then Asia, and miraculously, Goofy Anon was easily re-elected as the UN's ruling potentate. But the rumors about Slick Willy weren't really rumors. As many Americans will remember, during his impeachment, Clinton conducted himself not as one who was in danger of being disgraced and booted out the front door of the White House on his derriere, but rather, in a very non-chalant, devil may care attitude, as one who had nothing to worry about. Because he didn't. Certain sources whose identities must be protected, because otherwise their lives wouldn't be worth much, confirmed that during Clinton's impeachment, certain senior diplomats of several countries represented at the UN, gave Clinton assurances, that if in-fact his impeachment led to his removal from office, he would be elected as the Secretary General of the United Nations. This isn't hot air, or wild-eyed speculation - it is very much for real.

But, Slick Willy managed to blackmail his way out of being thrown out of office - by threatening many members of the U.S. Senate with exposure of some very damning and embarrassing events they had participated in, some of them even highly illegal. No! U.S. Senators breaking the law? Absurd! There' s no corruption in Congress, is there? Slick Willy blackmailing corrupt Congressmen? Well, that's why they call him "Slick Willy!"

Bill Richardson was the U.S. Representative for New Mexico, when Clinton got elected in 1992. He and Clinton already had a long, close association. Then in 1997, Clinton brought Richardson into the inner fold, to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. He was hailed as America's first Hispanic Ambassador to the UN. But his stint there was short-lived. As more and more scandals broke out on Bill Clinton in 1998, the Department of Energy became a high profile office, and he was nominated by Clinton to head the Energy Department. It was no accident that Richardson was tapped for this post. His family has millions of dollars invested in oil companies, and had millions more in Enron. There's a pretty fair biography on Richardson in the National Review archives (the link is broken - use a search engine) which reveals that the Richardson version of his rags to riches life isn't quite so rooted in poverty. He was supposedly born in Pasadena, California, although there are some who claim that he was actually born in Mexico, and that a U.S. birth certificate was purchased for him by his father. He is the son of a now deceased multi-millionaire bank executive of Citibank from Boston, working in Mexico, and an extremely wealthy Mexican socialite mother, who has for years rubbed elbows with world's powerful elite, including the Bush clan and the Rockefellers. Although he was supposedly born in Pasadena, he grew up in Mexico, and it wasn't until he was about 18 that he ever lived in America. He was sent to a very prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts, along with the children of some of the world's most powerful elite. He later attended Tuft's University, his father's alma mater. There is some evidence that he may have met George W. Bush back then.

Richardson was basically a man without a state. After his college graduation, he had wangled some petty jobs in Washington politics, filling a few low key positions for various members of congress, from different states. Having seen the power wielded by some members of congress, Richardson desperately wanted to get into political office. He chose New Mexico to be his new home in 1978, joining the Democratic party and getting involved. In 1980, he challenged the incumbent, Rep. Manuel Lujan for his seat in Congress. Richardson attempted to start scandals on Lujan, making serious accusations against Lujan's moral character and honesty. Lujan defeated Richardson.

As a result of the 1980 census, New Mexico had earned a third seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Richardson ran in a wide open field of candidates. However, in the middle of the election, Richardson was caught lying about his qualifications and experiences in Washington. He claimed in his campaign literature that he had worked for Sen. Hubert Humphrey for 3 years, as his senior foreign affairs advisor on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In reality, he had worked only two years for Humphrey, as little more than an intern serving a low level sub-committee. He was basically a gopher.

In addition to his lies about his resume`, his campaign finances came into question. He had no money of his own, yet miraculously came up with $100,000 dollars, which he claimed to have borrowed from a bank. It turned out that his mother wangled him the $100,000, through a Mexican bank. A federal criminal probe was initiated. Richardson had been trying to hide his real past as the wealthy son of wealthy socialites. He had even been telling some of his prospective voters that he grew up in New Mexico. The state and federal criminal probes exposed his true past, however Richardson was elected by small margin, although many claimed that many of his voters had been trucked in from Mexico and given bogus voter registration cards. After his election, the powerful New Mexico Democratic Party managed to get the investigation of Richardson called off. Oddly, Governor William Jefferson Clinton of (MENA --ed.) Arkansas aided in helping Richardson out. This was the last time Richardson would have to worry about financial matters at election time. And the Mena, Arkansas/Tucumcari, NM drug flow began to move like a river.

Richardson was elected governor of New Mexico in 2002. However, New Mexico was plagued with voter fraud, as were many states in the 2002 election. Ballot boxes were illegally opened - some disappeared - some ballots destroyed only a day or so after the election. Some sources say that as many as 160,000 votes were cast in the NM election, by illegal Mexican aliens, who crossed the border in droves, in both Arizona and New Mexico, to seriously alter election outcomes in both states. Numerous voter fraud investigations are still on-going in both New Mexico and Arizona. In Arizona, a fraud investigation is continuing into the election of Raul Grijalva of the 7th U.S. Congressional district. Grijalva is an angry racist and very outspoken in favor of Aztlan/Republica del Norte`. He, like Hector Correon and Professor Charles Truxillo, consider any and all opposition to their criminal conspiracy to over-throw the American Southwest, as racism. (Read Part 1 if your not familiar with this). Grijalva has been trying to get the FBI to investigate and arrest Citizen Border Patrols and various patriot organization members, as hate promoters. He especially wants Americans of Latin heritage, who oppose the Aztlan/Republic of the North conspiracy, to be arrested for hate crimes, because he considers them to be traitors. Grijalva, Fox and Richardson are friends.

There is a lot of speculation by main stream news media, that Bill Richardson is posturing himself for a 2004 presidential bid. On top of that, in recent weeks, this same main stream news media has been reporting on new rumors about Bill Clinton being the favorite candidate for Secretary General of the UN. At present, it seems highly un-likely that Richardson would have even a remote chance of running a serious campaign for president, because he quite simply has way too many skeletons in his closet. However, if one considers the fact that the United Nations is the world advocate for the destruction of nationalism, and the establishment of the global village, a goal shared by Bill Clinton as a co-architect of the New World Order, then it is easy to understand, that Richardson's meetings with other globalists, and his highly suspicious activities, would be for the purpose of installing him as the Governor-General of Aztlan/Republica del Norte`.... from 2002


Bill Richardson Admits False Bio Data

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson admitted today that he was not, as his
official bio has stated for many years, drafted by the Kansas City A's
baseball team in 1966.

The claim was included in a brief biography released when Richardson
successfully ran for Congress in 1982. A White House news release in 1997
mentioned it when he was about to be named U.S. ambassador to the United
Nations. And several news organizations, including The Associated Press,
have reported it as fact over the years.

How serious, if at all, is this in terms of casting doubt on his integrity
as a future national political candidate?


This work is in the public domain
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