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Stories of Sai Baba's Protection of People and Animals
15 Feb 2009
In poster's opinion, Sathya Sai Baba with over 100
million followers in India and around the world
is the world's most effective activist for animals.
The following are some stories.


In November of 1962, the Chinese army invaded India. There
was very fierce fighting.. for 2 weeks.. when suddenly on
Nov 22nd, the Chinese turned around and went back to India.
The following day was Baba's birthday. As many as 2.3 million
people have gathered on his birthday in the small village in which
he was born.

Baba said to the assembled crowds: I turned the army around.
India has no need of military power. She has divine protection.


Baba has asked His devotees to ban cow slaughter in India.
Baba's devotees have worked with others to accomplish
this in several states.


He also says that it is dharma to avoid restaurants
where meat is served.
1. Money is not given to those cooperating
with slaughterhouse systems
2. One avoids the food which on a subtle level
absorbs the anger of the cook, the anger of the staff.
3. The terror of the animals in slaughter
affects the areas in which their flesh is served
4. Where meat is cooked tiny invisible molecules
manifesting as foul smell... enter the nostrils
of vegetarians vegans and fruitarians.

(For nonvegetarians,
The adrenal hormone poisons
dumped by terrorized
animals into their blood
and muscles have links
only partially broken by
cooking. Eating flesh
Is eating the terror fright
and anger of the animal.)


In addition, many Mumbai apartment complexes
are for vegetarians only for reasons such
as ahimsa, the foul smell of meat, the health
hazards from being around food high in colon bacteria,
and the fact that inhaling the molecules of
cooking meat is unavoidable.

In Vision of the Divine, by oral surgeon Dr Eruch Fanibanda of
is recorded this leela:
A woman was waiting for Baba's darshan as He passed by and threw
of vibhuti toward her. He said to her in Telugu "These are for the
The woman explained to those near her that when her cat had jumped
up on the table and grabbed the dinner's fish, she began slapping
Suddenly fragrant vibhuti (ash materialized by Baba and invested
with healing power) appeared out of his fur.. and every Baba
picture in the house began to sway.
No meat fish or eggs are served at Baba's ashram.
Baba has told devotees (recorded in Sanathana Sarathi) to
avoid milk. An increasing number of Baba's devotees
are obeying his teachings.
Eruch B Fanibanda is an oral surgeon from Mumbai
given an award by the International Brotherhood
of Magicians for developing new magic technique.
He lived at Baba's ashram (40 cents a day in
the sheds for lodging in those days and a dollar
a day in room) for 5 years. He
said any magician would know that Baba's power
is genuinely divine. Fanibunda is a Parsi,
a Zoroastrian. His book is Vision of the Divine


Poster was told that the 1979 Christmas discourse
of Baba says those who eat animal flesh
are not His devotees

On another level, all are His devotees
(Poster has lost
Adobe on personal computer)


Isaac Tigrett recounts in the link below two of the times
Baba saved his life. Tigrett went to Baba's ashram for 14 years and broke
a record.. in being a foreign visitor who had the most visits without
an interview. He finally decided to sell the burger and booze chain
and then he was given an interview.


His return from Uravakonda and the announcement at Puttaparthi that
He was the Sai Baba of Shirdi, came when He was only fourteen years
of age. But the villages around, and even far off Anantapur (forty
miles away), knew of His being Sai Baba.

One day a jeep-driver crossed the river bed and walked the streets of
Puttaparthi, trying to locate Swami. His master, a young English sub-
divisional officer, had gone for Shikar to the forest on the other
side of the Chitravathi, and while returning to Anantapur the vehicle
had stopped right opposite Puttaparthi village. The driver did his
best, as did the officer, to get the vehicle moving, but failed. The
driver suggested that there was a 'Boy' at Puttaparthi who could
materialise Vibhuti (sacred ash). Yes, "create, by a circular
movement of His palm, the very panacea for all ills, even for the
jeep!" Stranded halfway, the Englishman agreed and let the driver go
to the village, while he himself sat in the jeep. The driver bumped
into the Boy at last, but was astounded to hear Baba say, "I am
coming, myself, to the jeep." He walked across the sandy bed, and on
reaching the road, peeped into the vehicle and saw the carcass of a
tiger that the officer had shot barely two hours ago. Swami's deep
love for all beings could not tolerate animals being killed or
tortured. He said, "I stopped the jeep at this place, for it is a
mother, whose three small cubs are at this very time loudly wailing
and calling out to her, that you are carrying. Go back! Recover those
cubs and gift them to some zoo where they will be well looked after.
And do not shoot wild beasts again, for they have caused you no harm.
Why do you kill them, surround them and lay traps to catch them.
Shoot them instead with a more superior weapon, your camera. That
won't maim or kill them." The Englishman was at once enlightened, and
he never carried a firearm again. Shooting wild beasts armed with a
camera, he discovered, was far more adventurous and Sathwic (pure).
He presented the orphaned cubs to the zoo, and when the tiger skin
came back from the taxidermist, he brought it to Puttaparthi.
Prasanthi Mandir was then under construction. He met Baba and placed
the skin at His feet. Sakamma of Coorg pleaded with Him to sit on it
in Yogic fashion, with a rosary between His fingers. She had a
photographer ready. And Baba obliged, though He has never sat in
Dhyana (meditation) or held a rosary!

Source: Sathyam, Shivam, Sundaram


Seven days before Baba passed away, a wonderful incident occured at
Shirdi. There came a country-cart and stopped in front of the Masjid.
A tiger was on the cart, fastened with iron chains, with its fierce
face turned to the rear. It was suffering from some pain or agony.
Its keepers - three Derveshis - were taking it from place to place
and making money by exhibiting it. It was the means of their
subsistence. They tried all sorts of remedies to cure it from the
malady it was suffering from, but all was in vain. Then they heard of
Baba's fame and came to Him with the animal. They got it down the
chains in their hands and made it stand at the door. It was naturally
fierce, besides, disease ridden. So it was restless. The people began
to look at it with fear and amazement. The Derveshies went in, told
Baba everything about the animal and with His consent, brought it
before Him. As it approached the steps, it was taken aback on account
of the lustre of Baba and hung its head down. When both saw each
other, it got on the step and looked at Baba with affection.
Immediately it moved the tuft of its tail and dashed it thrice
against the ground and then fell down senseless. On seeing it dead
the Derveshis were first much dejected and full of sorrow, but on
mature thought they came to their senses. They considered that as the
animal was diseased and nearing its end, it was very meritorious on
its part that it should meet its death at the feet and in the
presence of Baba. It was their debtor, and when the debt was paid off
it was free and met its end at Sai's Feet. When any creatures bow
down their heads at saints' feet and meet death, they are saved; and
unless they have got a good store of merit on their account, How
could they get such a happy end?

Source: Sai-Satcharitra, Chapter XXXI

Let us now see, how the second Cholera-ordinance fared with Baba. While it was in force, somebody brought a goat to the Masjid. It was weak, old and about to die. At this time Fakir Pir Mohamad of Malegaon alias Bade Baba was near. Sai Baba asked him to behead it with one stroke, and offer it as an oblation. This Bade Baba was much respected by Sai Baba. He always sat on the right hand of Sai Baba. After the chilim (pipe) was first smoked by him, it was then offered to Baba and others. After the dishes were served, at the time of taking meals at noon, Baba respectfully called Bade Baba and made him sit on His left side, and then all partook of food. Baba paid him also daily Rs.50/- out of the amount collected as Dakshina. Baba accompanied him hundred paces whenever he was going away. Such was his position with Baba. But when Baba asked him to behead the goat, he flatly refused, saying "Why it should be killed for nothing?" Then Baba asked Shama to kill it. He went to Radha-Krishna-Mai and brought a knife from her and placed it before Baba. Knowing the purpose for which the knife was taken, she recalled it. Then Shama went to bring another knife, but stayed in the Wada, and did not return soon. Then came the turn of Kakasaheb Dixit. He was 'good gold' no doubt, but had to be tested. Baba asked him to get a knife and kill the goat. He went to Sathe's Wada and returned with a knife. He was ready to kill it at Baba's bidding. He was born in a pure Brahmin family and never in his life knew killing. Though quite averse to do any act of violence, he made himself bold to kill the goat. All the people wondered to see that Bade Baba, a Mahomedan was unwilling to kill it while this pure Brahmin was making preparations to do so. He tightened his dhotar and with a semicircular motion raised his hand with the knife and looked at Baba for the final signal. Baba said - "What are you thinking of? Go on, strike". Then, when the hand was just about to come down, Baba said - "Stop, how cruel you are! Being a Brahmin, you are killing a goat?" Kakasaheb obeyed and kept the knife down and said to baba - "Your nectarlike word is law unto us, we do not know any other ordinance. We remember You always, meditate on Your Form and obey You day and night, we do not know or consider whether it is right or wrong to kill, we do not want to reason or discuss things, but implicit and prompt compliance with Guru's orders, is our duty and dharma".
Then Baba said to Kakaseheb, that He would Himself do the offering and killing business. It was settled that the goat should be disposed of near a place called Takkya, where fakirs used to sit. When the goat was being removed to that place, it fell dead on the way.
Hemadpant closes the Chapter with a classification of disciples. He says that they are of three kinds : (1) First or best (2) Second or middling and (3) Third or ordinary. The best kind of disciples are those who guess what their Gurus want and immediately carry it out and serve them without waiting for an order from them. The average disciples are those who carry out the orders of their Masters to a letter, without any delay, and the third kind of disciples are those, who go on postponing the carrying out of their orders and making mistakes at every step.
The disciples should have firm faith, backed up by intelligence and if they and patience to these, their spiritual goal will not be distant. Control of breath -- ingoing and outgoing, or Hath-Yoga or other difficult practices are not at all necessary. When the disciples get the above-mentioned qualities, they become ready for further instructions and the Masters then appear and lead them on, in their spiritual path to perfection.
In the next Chapter we will deal with Baba's interesting wit and humour.
Bow to Shri Sai - Peace be to all


British animal rights activist and author of Baba books Peggy Mason
has left her body. For many decades she worked to advance
spiritual knowledge and compassion for all creatures. 2 of her
books were
Sathya Sai Baba: The Embodiment of Love:
and Sai Humour.
She also for several years published a magazine about Baba.

Baba Devotee And Catholic Priest Fr. Mario Mazzoleni.. speaks of
ahimsa in his book A Catholic Priest Meets Sai Baba or
Un Sacerdote Incontra Sai Baba.

i on his decision to become vegetarian

(after 3 years as a strict vegetarian, Fr. Mario Mazzoleni speaks of
a desire for meat.*)

I would be a hypocrite if I led the reader to believe that I was
strong enough to be perfectly faithful to my Lenten resolution. ..I
hadn't yet completely resolved my desire for meat - and so the
repressed desire
was floating to the surface. It is a fact that the minute I would sit
down to meditate, the most succulent meals would pass in front of my
mind, full of fragrant roasted chickens and various sausages. What to
do? If I was going to ruin all my meditations for a
roast chicken, it would be better to eliminate the problem by facing
it head on. And so after 3 years of strict vegetarianism, I decided
to get rid of the desire once and for all by satiating myself with a
meat dinner. After all, I told myself to quiet my sense of guilt, "It
isn't a crime to eat meat, and I can't say that because I'm
vegetarian I'm better than many people who are carnivorous." It was
almost a traumatic experience. I remembered an analogous experience
of Gandhi's that he recounted in his autobiography. Convinced by a
friend that India could be liberated only by the grit
of someone who ate meat, he hid himself on a river bank to consume
some barbecued baby goat meat, and the next night he could feel
bleating in his chest. Instead of enjoying the coveted snack in
peace, the minute this little faithbreaker set his teeth into the
cruel repast* (* a reference to Dante's Inferno.. in which
meat is described as a cruel repast in XXXIII.1) he was himself
bitten by remorse and anxiety. I kept seeing the animal alive in
front of me, and this inhibited the desire that was so enticing when
it was simply mental. I immediately noticed some other effects,
physical as well as psychic. My intestines held that food much longer
than they kept vegetables,and my sense of smell, made sensitive by
several years of vegetarianism,
was able to detect the odor of the cooked animal on my skin. It was a
disagreeable sensation. As for my psyche, I noticed that my mind,
which during my 3 year "Lent" was no longer seriously agitated by
unwanted thoughts, suffered a set back from that carne-vale (meat
festival); polluting throughts started to enter again in triumph. It
was a lesson. As always it is experience more than words that has the
greater power of persuasion. The decision to adopt a vegetarian diet
was motivated also by a religious actor. I knew that I was going to a
sacred place.
quoted from Don Mario Mazzoleni's book:
A Catholic Priest Encounters Sai Baba

* such desires for meat are related to the stronger than
caffein substance, uric acid, in animal flesh. Caffein
is dioxypurine while uric acid is trioxypurine, 3 oxypurines.
Father Mazzoleni left for God a few years ago


In 1972 the writer's friend was mowing her lawn and accidentally
chopped the leg off of a toad. She suddenly
decided to stop mowing her
lawn. The following year when the local city
magistrates ordered her to
mow, she issued a press release about the ahimsa
(nonviolence) aspects of not
mowing. Channel 8
responded.. and scheduled an
interview.. but the following
day as she was driving up the
street in the Boxville type
development.. she felt no tv
show could communicate
anything but an unkempt
lawn surrounded by neatly
manicured ones in which no
dandelion dared lift his head.

She went in to cancel the show and while she was on the phone the Channel 8 van drove up. She waited for the newsman to knock on the door. He never did. She looked out
back.. and saw him filming a 6 ft. high thistle plant with a lavender bloom.. upon it had alighted a 6 inch wide deep royal purple butterfly who was
moving her wings back and forth. That was the whole television show.. the lavender
thistle and deep purple
butterfly. Never before nor
since has she seen a butterfly even half of that size. Baba had told her friend Gopal F that He first
came to Gopal in the waves of music in her taperecorder and
first came to her friend as a fly. One likes to hope it was a fly many lifetimes before.. but perhaps it was also this butterfly. Baba says that bees
sip only nectar and flies will eat both nectar and dung. Mayflies as well have higher tastes.

Baba subsequently let her know that He had materialized the butterfly for her and that He had given victory in the court
case, which was settled in federal court with probono attorneys.

The city came in and mowed down the lawn. Two merciful angels, Beverly Rosen and Bill
Whitaker, gave probono work and filed directly in federal court, challenging the mowing on the basis that it violates the 1st amendment of
the U.S. constitution to force
someone to kill living beings
against spiritual principles.
The judge ruled the city had
to pay damages. It is virtually
impossible to mow a lawn
without killing baby sapling
trees, ants, butterflies,
bumblebees etc. With huge
harvesters, the devastation is
much greater as red winged
blackbirds and small field
mammals are shredded.

Expand your love for all
beings until even the pulling
of a leaf off a tree gives you
pain. (Baba)
(search with keyword mowing)


Baba had given devotee a dream that He was on
a Greyhound bus (no longer owned by a US company
.. now owned by the British Laidlaw Co.). His bus
was leaving from 4th St. in DC. Devotee was on the
2nd bus in the caravan. They stopped at a Burger King
... (then Greyhound's chief franchiser for meals)... there
was not a single thing in the restaurant that
devotee could offer Baba as prasad.

Shortly after that Burger King began to serve veal
and Baba directed devotee to join a coalition of 4 groups
boycotting the chain.


Burger King is now selling a veggieburger. In 1980
they began to sell veal. 4 groups CALF in E Chicago, Indiana,
Vegetarian Inf Svc in
Washington, H Schofield’s
group in Boston, and TSU in State College Pa began
a boycott and asked the poster to help with media.

Using the chit procedure outlined by Baba (asking with surrender and
having 4 symbols, with 1 selected randomly.. 1 for a yes 1 a no and 2
wait's..or 4 in
all) the writer asked Baba if she should
join the Burger King Boycott begun in 1980 by CALF of E Chicago,
whose coordinator stood 90 minutes in 30 degree
below weather picketing BK) FARM, a Boston group,
CALF, and Trans Species Unlimited of State College, Pa. These groups
wanted a withdrawal of veal. She asked and got a yes. Then Bob
Pinkus, vegan activist, said to her that boycotts are like
saying "don't think of a white elephant". The boycott would increase
sales he said. She asked again and got another yes. Then Dr. Rao of
Kansas said to her: Boycotts are not ahimsan (nonviolent) because
they invoke corporate wrath. She asked a 3rd time (several months had
gone by) and got another yes. Lou Ann Yonish of Vegetarian Action a
few months later said
that veal boycotts should focus on expensive restaurants owned
locally so that objectives could be achieved more quickly. Again the
writer got a yes to continue. Dudley Giehl, vegetarian author, and
Michael Rothschild also did the chits with her after she told them of
the yes string and each got "yes". This was 4 to the 6th power or l
in 2096 chances to get yes 6 times in a row from 4.. that is unless
God is making the odds and guiding the process. Burger King in 1983
completely withdrew veal first in the U.S. and then in Canada.
Greyhound helped in this by asking Burger King to withdraw veal.

Although the McDonald's chain has offered McFalafel
in the Mideast, stores with no beef in India, and veggieburgers
in Europe, the chain still has no vegan burger in the US


It took 3 years to end the boycott of Burger King. Greyhound
helped considerably by pressuring Burger King.

. One day the writer was typing press releases for Philadelphia tv
and radio stations.. and came to WCAU.. which is on City Line
Ave. When she went to type 'city' she found her fingers typing
'cave'. She took that as a message to call Dr. George Cave
of State College, an animal rights activist. During the call he told
her he had just finished an interview with WCAU on
Pennsylvania's decompression chamber, a painful method of
killing 'surplus' pound animals. A short time later, she wanted to
listen to the Larry King Show on Mutual Radio. For some reason
she could not get it that night on WTOP in Washington, but it
came in clearly on WCAU, a distance away in Philadelphia.
The guest that night was Ray Cave of Time Magazine. Again,
there was another Cave Philadelphia connection, when
William Cave of Philadelphia's American Antivivisection Society
was a guest on WCAU. Later S Grafio took her to see Bawa
Muhaiyyadeen, a Moslem mystic and vegetarian, whose aura was so
bright it filled the room with white light, whose love was so strong
that babies
crawled to him from their mothers. She realized in unwinding this
that Baba was telling her (city typed into cave) that the city is a
convex infliction
upon the land.. that the cave is a concave recess.. that at times
inaction says the Gita is better than action.. Sometimes the path of
the Tao the path of water is better than the path of fire.

(CAU in ancient Roman script would look like CAV)
(CAU has the sound of COW)

* Baba also gave her a physical reminder of this. She had sent out
2300 press releases which yielded no media... later on, when she had
not done any media, the phone began ringing off the hook.

Robert Schuller: Anyone can count the seeds in an apple. Only God
can count the apples in a seed

Never harm a snake or a scorpion. He will
harm you only if ordered to do so by God.
If so ordered, there is nothing you can do about it.
(Sai Baba of Shirdi in Sai Satcharitra... an online book)

Expand your love of all beings until even
the idea of a leaf pulled off a tree gives you

Avoid eating in restaurants where animal flesh
is served.
Why pluck a flower and hasten her death?
God is in every creature. How can you cause such pain?
(Baba on flesheating)
The most heinous sin is to harm the heart
of another.
Love as Thought is Truth.
Love as Action is Right Conduct.
Love as Understanding is Peace.
Love as Feeling is Non-violence.

Help ever. Harm never.
V 9 Chapter 26 of Sathya Sai Speaks:

An ant was caught on a dry leaf that was being carried down a flooded
river and he called out from its tiny heart to God for succour who
prompted a kite that was flying over the river to dive and rise up,
with the leaf on its beak; for He
made the bird mistake him for a fish or frog! The bird was sorely
disappointed, but, the ant was
delighted to land on hard ground! God came as a kite and rescued me,
he felt. I must be grateful to
the bird, to all birds, he resolved. One day, while on his morning
round, he saw a hunter aim an
arrow at a bird; he bit the heel of the hunter, just when he was
releasing the mortal shaft; the aim
failed; the bird flew off, and was saved. The ant had paid his debt.

v 9 ch 26 SSS

In a letter to Mrs Jagadeesan Malisiya?

Baba wrote

"If a bhakta calls himself big, then he will have
to bear up the burden of even the smallest
The USDA, NIH, FDA and other government departments involved
in animal genocide
have agents who infiltrate vegan, animal rights and other
activist organizations. Government agencies vivisecting animals,
hiding the truth about Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Fish etc,
promoting animal flesh through USDA, Commerce Dept
etc., are threatened by the light of truth.

Mark L said that at Washington DC's cooperative food coop Stone Soup
and elsewhere,
USDA agents in cooperation with Giant and Safeway grocery chains
infiltrated and stole cash from the register, insulted customers,
were trained in polarizing a group by pretending to fight
with fellow agents.

IA Baba devotee was an animal rights worker in Arlington Virginia. A USDA agent
pretending to be a volunteer called the police when she tried
to get back the mailing list he stole. The police arrived and
he said to them "These are carpetbaggers from Ohio."
One of the police replied "that's interesting.. I'm a graduate
of Kent State myself". Then the USDA man went on:
"Her name is ____" ( not a common name). The second
officer showed the agent his name tag. It was the very same

The police left.

Baba once showed
someone on His palms
Pictures of that devotee’s
Brothers, reincarnated
As dogs.
Most animals become human on their
way back to God..
They do this through the cat gate,
the dog door, the elephant arch,
the horse portal.. or other species
having much human contact

1. Some animals have so much
love from masters that they bypass
human birth and go directly to
God.. Lakshmi the cow said Ramana
Maharshi of his pet was one such.

2. Some masters take birth as animals
to teach us humans how to deepen
our love

3. There are humans such as serial
killers who lose the privilege of
human birth (the language, freedom,
power) and must take rebirth
as a mammal until they learn
spiritual lessons. This is not
to say that humans are better than other
animals.. only that in general the size
of the opening to the God who indwells
all.. is larger.

: There are thousands of authors of Baba books and
Russian yoga teacher Indra Devi, British animal rights activist Peggy Mason,
Australian Theosophist Howard Murphet, chief of the British press section
at the illegal Nuremberg trials,
African Christian Victor Kanu, Italian priest Don Mario Mazzoleni,
Parsi oral surgeon Eruch Fanibunda, Malaysian, Indonesian Vietnamese, Hungarian, and Japanese
authors, Jewish psychiatrist Sam Sandweiss,
Muslim writers including poet Zeba Bashiruddin, Scandinavian meditater Lowenburg, pilot Charles Penn, Hollywood screenwriter
Arnold Schulman, Icelandic professor Haroldsson, Israeli metal bender Uri Geller, Connecticut Catholic lawyer
Charles DiFazio, Brooklyn nun Karen Fromer Blanc etc. etc. Rod Serling of
the Twilight Zone was a devotee who made a film documentary of Baba's
miracles. Isaac Tigrett, founder of the Hard Rock Cafes who sold them
upon becoming vegetarian, R J Karanjia,
editor of a Marxist magazine have published their experiences. Karanjia
might have been at the ashram next to the New Zealand property manager
for Mobil Oil. Baba's
magazine Sanathana Sarathi (Eternal Charioteer) is published in Spanish,
Hungarian, English, several Indian languages and many other languages.
Baba's devotees include several Indian Prime Ministers, an Italiam Prime Minister,
ambassadors to and from the US, Hollywood stars, Belgian and British royalty.
Baron Rothschild.
Visitors to the ashram have included Ravi Shankar, the Beatles, American jazz
musician Maynard Ferguson.


Online books 69 volumes of Baba's discourses and writings Summer discourses at Kodaikanal
39 vol of Sathya Sai Speaks, as well as Vahinis,
Summer Showers (Baba's summer courses) Sai Satcharitra Sai Baba and the Muslim mind by Zeba
American former financier Isaac Tigrett who sold the Hard Rock Cafes
he founded
Uri Geller, famous Israeli metal bender, is a devotee of Baba There is an online book he has written about Baba
Sathyam Sivam Sundaram 4 volumes by Narayana Kasturi, formerly of All India Radio

Volumes 37 and 38 of Sathya Sai Speaks now join 67 other volumes of
Baba's words online
In addition to these, not yet online but available in print
at Baba's ashram is Amrita Vahini, the 17th in the Vahini
Online version Sai Baba Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet, chief
of the British press section at the illegal Nuremberg trials
Stream Of Love by artist J.C.

Online Articles: A Sliver of the Tens of Millions
Colonel Diaz Herrera, former asst. to Noriega, was the subject of
a Wall St. Journal article .. in regards to his guru
A Russian scientist writes about Baba
Indian nuclear physicist becomes veena musician for Baba
R K Karanjia of editor of the Marxist Blitz Magazine
World famous jazz musician Maynard Ferguson spoke of his guru Sai Baba
who among other things materialized a crystal japamala for him
Catholic writer Caroline Myss speaks of Baba
Devotee Bon Giovanni
Michael Goldstein MD on Baba
Richard Wallis, retired property manager for Mobil Oil, New Zealand (reminds this poster that Baba comes for people of all political
parties, all faiths, all races... not just for socialists)
These include 39 volumes of Sathya Sai Speaks, 16 volumes of the Vahini
series, and 14 volumes of Baba's Summer Showers series but not yet
Amrit Vahini.

Ashram Address
Prashanti Nilayam
Anantapur District
Andhra Pradesh India 515134

Links to Baba books
The Wish Fulfilling Tree by Catholic priest Don Mario Mazzoleni

Baba Magazines
Sanathana Sarathi (Eternal Charioteer) in Spanish


See also:

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What has Sai Baba done about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
16 Feb 2009
Sai Baba seems like superman. Gee, does he care about humans too? What has he done to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Oh, I forgot, he did nothing.