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Announcement :: DNC
Turning the tables on talk radio
06 Apr 2004
With a little technique we can make these right wing talk radio shows work for us. And further erode support for Bush among rightwingers.
WTTK 96.9 FM Talk radio is part of the far right wing talk radio movement. They rely on people like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’reilly, Imus, and the arch psycho Jay Severin. They broadcast in the Boston Southern New England area.

Jay Severin is a far right wing Pat Buchanan styled talk radio host with a lawyers approach. J Severin is an ex political advisor and worked on the Buchanan presidential campaign, and advised Sharon on his campaign in Israel, enough said. As of late a group of us have had much success turning Severin’s show against him and the neo-con religious right wing movement.


1) (617) 822-1969
Call for Severin’s show early (it comes on the air around 3pm) Airs from 3pm to 7pm weekdays.

2) His producer and call screener is named Jeremy so be polite tell him where you are calling from make up a city, town, university, or say you are calling from your car. Use a cell phone or block caller id function, so you may repeat call from the same phone!!

3) Call him Jay as in the letter J.

4) Compliment him (huge ego)

“Jay I love your show I have been listening since (ex. “You first came on the air in 1999”, or “the 2000 election”, or “Sept 2001”) “ he will eat this up.

5) Compliment his audience (he calls the audience “the best and brightest”)

“The best and brightest must be the greatest audience in (“New England”, or “this time slot”, or "the East Coast” , or “all of talk-radio” or “the United States”, or “the world”) again appeal to his ego and throw him off guard.

6) Severin is heavily into the following things. Dogs, Kayaking, rock climbing, politics, mountain biking,
skiing. He loves to vacation and do these things in Aspen and other similar places. He lives at the East end of Long Island and loves the ocean and old New England coastal charm. So talk these things up.

7) Severin is very critical of the war in Iraq as it stands but supports the reasons for going. Severin also claims to be a constitutionalist.

So say something like

“Jay I supported going to war but Bush is now carrying out an unconstitutional war and needlessly placing our troops in harms way. I think Bush’s conduct of the war in Iraq is a war crime against our own troops and I believe impeachment of Bush is necessary. He wont get my vote again!”

8) Severin loves to ask yes or no questions like a lawyer and if you don’t answer yes or no he will attack you and hang up.

9) So turn the tables and ask question like. “Jay do you believe there are any parallels between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam war.” He must answer yes to this.

Point!! Severin was a huge anti war protester during Vietnam so appeal to the arguments of his day.

“Jay we have been fighting in Iraq for over a year now and have not found any weapons of mass destruction. Is it fair to say Bush has lost credibility.” Again he must agree.

“Jay I have to admit that Dick Clarke made some excellent points while testifying before the 911 commission, would you agree?” (he may ask you to make the points again so be prepared)

“Read an interview with a recently returned soldier and just live it out yourself. If put on the spot just make claims. But know some small towns in Iraq that most people wouldn’t know. Of course know your military unit history. And you can always say you don’t want to be too specific for security/personnel reasons. Look at an atlas of Iraq first or while calling.”

“If the Bush administration lied about 911 and weapons of mass destruction why should we believe them now?” (again be prepared to point out all the lies)

“Jay if George Bush really wants to make us safer then why has he and Dick Chenney stonewalled the bipartisan 911 commission?”

“Now that Haliburton has been exposed for its corruption and profiteering from the Iraq war wouldn’t it be appropriate for Dich Chenney to step down? After all Chenney is closely linked to Haliburton and this gives an appearance of conflict of interest”

“Jay I supported the war at first and I believed the president. But now I feel betrayed by this president and administration. Why should my only son/daughter be sacrificed for an unconstitutional war that is gauranteed to end in failure?!!”

Big point!! Claim to have a son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin, parent any loved one in harms way in Iraq and get emotional. He will side with you and eat this up. Be vague but know something about the military unit they are in or listeners will out you, you can always claim not to know the details of military life other than camouflage, short hair, and one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer.

Young women with a giggle and some flirtatious conversation will stay on the air longer and will get on the air sooner.

Big point!! He loves to believe he is attractive to young women…. He is hideous. But think Collin Ferell so you can pull this off.

10) Again turn the tables on Severin ask for his solution.

“Jay hi I am a long time listener. I have been listening since November 2000. I want to come to one of your live shows to see you in person (tee-heee). When and where is your next live broadcast?
Jay the reason I called is my ___(insert favorite person may be fictional)__ is _ (in, or getting ready to go to) Iraq, and I am sooo scared! He/she does not have body armor they say there isn’t enough body armor right now and the HUMVEES they drive are not armored either.”

“How can Bush possibly send my __ (insert favorite person)___ to a war that we now know was founded on faulty intelligence, without proper equipment, to die for Iraqi freedom? Then expect my vote in November? I voted for Bush in 2000 but I think I will vote for Kerry or sit out this coming election.”

Simply pick up a newspaper or go online and figure out what units are either deployed to Iraq or heading there. Don’t make the mistake of calling an Army unit a Marine or visa versa. If you do make such a mistake just say you are nervous he will buy this explanation and give you instructions to take a deep breath.

Of course the longwinded egomaniac J Severin will mix in a lot of his own stupid words. But a call like the above proposed call will go over very well. It will undermine Bush, and Severin’s own right wing neo-con agenda. Good luck!!

Ps don’t listen to the show just call and fire away. Listening may make you too angry to keep your story
strait. Remember this is the most listened to radio program in New England and reaches 4 or 5 different
states. With a listening audience around 2 million daily so even one successful gorilla call a week makes a
difference. Get dialing. (617) 822-1969 Call often and from anywhere.

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Turning the tables on talk radio
07 Apr 2004
made a call yesterday it was too funny the host admited that Bush was incompetent at best and that Bill Clinton for all his faults was a genius.
Re: Turning the tables on talk radio
14 Apr 2004
Several times during his daily broadcast Severin says Bush is definitely the better choice over Kerry. I do not believe he said Clinton was a genius. I have heard him make only negative comments about Clinton. I think you are engaged in a lost cause.
Re: Turning the tables on talk radio
08 Jun 2004
jay would much rather the truth but again you liberals cant tell the truth. your tips are an insult to people who actually have loved ones In Iraq
Re: Turning the tables on talk radio
26 Jun 2004
YOU SICK scumbags........lets PRETEND that we have a loved on in Iraq and play on it. Sounds like you are a bunch of socialist leftist Clinton ass kissers to me.
Re: Turning the tables on talk radio
14 Jul 2004
"...radical, accurate and passionate tellings of truth" ??? You suggest right herre that your supporters lie. Losers.