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News :: Environment
Global Gitmo
08 May 2009
priase the jewish lord...
My experiences of the last 9 years seem to indicate a well developed
human biotech and control operation, something gone beyond the
experimental...a program developed during the two gulf wars, no
expense spared, maybe in conjunction with the bush experimental ape
farms, like jeb bushs interests in the florida glades....Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome may be the result of ENMOD and other wireless
experiments in the gulf war situations -- electronic fields and other
wireless types of energy were used with biotech and food additives to
try to literally amp-up troop performance. Wirelessly induced sleep
deprivation must have been pioneered big time in these gulf wars, and
many other basic, then advanced, experiments in increasing directable

These experiments are basically a low grade but continuous torture
over years of time, slow conditioning, follows specific programming
schedules -- see what israel has unleashed on the world with american
tax dollars. All part of making the disposable vet, I guess. When
removed from the highly energized wireless environment of wartime in
the gulf conflicts, ie. when the machine is shut off, the human
organism goes into emergency recuperation. Perhaps never truly

That may be the chronic fatigue syndrome, it is the backlash from
being their little wireless toy. Everyone gets it now, or could, at
any given time, whenever they shut off the machine, is just
another color on their palette of control...another aspect of their


Death Recipes

Good plausible deniability is the difference between murder and not.

This is all true, many witnesses, thousands of photos.

It is very unfortunate that in a very real way most Americans have been made incapable of understanding things like this, just as they have been made incapable of understanding the true depravity of their politicians, their preachers, their police...well, anyone can learn, and heres for trying. Still, this report is going to be too much for some people to comprehend. But I think its worth trying, especially if you have noticed funny symptoms and illnesses in the last 10 years or so.

Sometime during 1998, after certain public visibility while campaigning for Bill Clinton at Tampa in 1996, alongwith the advent of the net and all that portends, a newly developed and very novel anti-infective was introduced to my bodily system via aerosol application, by exactly whom I am not sure, it could have been one of several people. I have a short list of names available, and it happened around Seffner Florida. This anti-infective was developed by a french pharmaceutical company called SIGA pharmaceutical, and it was developed to inhabit, to become one with, the mucous membranes of the human; what it excretes made those mucous membranes poison to almost all other forms of bacteria...this amounts to a super immune response, and there seems to be no end date. It seems probable this Gulf War One organism can be passed sexually.

All good right? Super immune system boost, and finished with all those nasty colds and other stuff -- big dollar experimental treatment FREE. Right?

Of Course Not. I did not find out any of this for a long long time, but I remember details well, plus I keep many logs, and there were many hints and evidences along the way too. There were many observers of all this, in the woodwork as it were, and that datum is an important one for sure. When you become a special project of the NWO military, a project of the KGB/MOSSAD/CIA, you just never can tell who is going to pop up and ask to buy your camera, or intimate to you they know your most personal bathroom habits. I am doing this little ditty to highlight certain things I have undergone at the hands of the NWO government here, the israeli federal reserve, especially having just survived the second biotech attack (May 2009) perpetrated on me by Bill Richardson and the retired spooks of this little hell hole in the desert.

Richardson is one of the mena/tucumcari/barry seal gang, and the only positive thing about that is maybe the scummy piece of shit will die of a heart attack soon. He is perhaps the worst rogue force in govt today, seeing as he has all this real black, real hi-tech shit at his fingertips here in nm, and also his people, the latinos, have infiltrated all branches of government in this state, and they have a mafia whereby they can each maximize their own personal power with the help of their fellows....richardson is using experimental biotech and directed energy weapons against his political enemies, and these stations are set up in neighborhoods all over nm...they would say they are studying psychology if asked, but no one here has the intellectual wherewithal to even ask the questions anymore. This type of coercion has also been studied and practiced here on the indians since day one, and has a long tradition among the fanatic christians and their desert hovel/temples in this state and surrounding states.

So. This particular death recipe story has not been detailed except as excerpts from the various logs and I am attempting to put it in order and disseminate it because a lot of biotech is being sprayed everywhere as I write...the nwo is busted, and they are killing as many people as they can right now. Beware.

There is much more here (With many supporting Docs):

After receiving the SIGA anti-infective, which was probably given to the democratic activists because the leadership knew bush was coming, i then indeed became a tried and true test subject, whose purpose according to the black govt was to provide meat to see if they could penetrate that super immune system. And penetrate they did, twice now. Death recipes is the story of that, abbreviated.

There were several reasons I had joined the 96 campaign: most reasons were personal info quests. I wanted to see how true the latin support was (It was not) so i knew jeb was coming then, and I had already turned him once so I knew they were ready now and I, an individual, did not stand a chance against the fanatic christian demons, especially now that I had used my surprise card.

Also I knew about the familial connections between Clintons REAL father and the Rockefeller clan, and though I did ask around, all the drones doing this level had no clue and did not care. This was all very distasteful to me, and I could not imagine a greater waste of time, but I did it because I had done the preparation and I needed the input. The most important thing learned is that politicians and their lackeys are all a bit deranged, out of touch, and none of them really can tell right from wrong anymore, and most consider themselves the new royalty.

I left Florida around 1999, but came back right after 911 in a used schoolbus to begin the photogrqphy and writing tour that is becoming the next book available online around August 2009. I started near Tampa, at my old haunts near hwy 301 flea market in Thonotoasassa. That is where I was anthraxed on my upper back by a team of christian fanatics abnd zionists. It probably happened during sex. I have pictures of everyone involved in this op, most of those tripe disappeared immediately though, and that flea market burned as soon as I left to go north again, around the end of may 2001. The pictures included here show various stages of growth of this innoculation, it seemed to target a pentacle tattoo I have on my right shoulder, meaning the person who did it was aiming, but not well.

Once I was wearing this aggressive skin cancer caused by some sort of bioterror agent (The same kind of cancer that killed over 600 gulf war one vets) then began almost 4 years of directed energy weapons experiments on my person. None of this was with my consent of course. After 4 surgeries, the last being 12 days in the VA with a skin graft over it, I found a plant that killed this thing, or I would be long dead now.

From those experiments done on me with drive by (Police and wireless operators in semi-trucks) Fly-over (Dronesand military jets as well as private aircraft) and private individuals (DHS and zio-christian neighbors) I began to learn the depth and breadth of the haunting of America: millions of wanna-be spooks work for free to harass and harm those not in lock step with the zionist agenda...they are wimpy scummy worms, and could do nothing on their own, they depend on dirty tricks and lies....praise their lord....most cops, many truckers, and hundreds of thousands of retired spooks and those who just served intel during the is a sad state of affairs here in America and thats not too hard to see when one realizes that lords and kings are unAmerican, but all the churches constantly preach worship of lords and kings.

The directed energy weapons were also ENMOD based, and the skin cancer erupted radically and painfully every time lines were sprayed by the nwo planes in the sky. Those of course really began nationwide after 911.

Again, much more here (With many supporting Docs):

During these tests on me there seem to be pulse weapons in use, alongwith other energy sources by which to stimulate pain. Dental is another favorite place these nwo toadies attack with their bizarre little toys. Most of these type are real hard core xtians; almost all christian preachers are vested in the nwo as witnessed by their endorsement of thousands of russian jews brought to America at their behest, and their incessant preaching about love of lords and kings. These preachers are all traitors and mind control experts.

The Center for disease control has stated that 10 of the top 12 bioterror agents usually manifest as skin cancer, rampant skin cancer, and thats because the powders must be specially prepared for inhalation to work, and that preparation is dangerous and difficult. Also according to CDC: The top two risk groups are Politicians and their associates, and postal workers. I suppose Gulf War One vets would be in that group, but unfortunately those with odd incurable skin cancers (quote) are already dead.

So when someone is innoculated with an anti-infective, new ways must be devised to sunder their defense and create suffering. This is the purpose I have served for the NWO, against my will, throughout the entirety of the bush administration, and beyond.

I was directed here to Hachita by another team, mostly christian fanatics, and many may be in comm with the east coast groups. This may be regular treatment for people like me, with the result being death, especially considering the VA connection. The people here in Hachita have done this a lot, and have been some sort of asshole team amongst themselves for quite some time. There are very few of them NOT involved, almost to a one they act in concert to orders only they get. They are evil demonic scum hiding behind their jewish god.

At least one other person has been disappeared since I have been here. I have names and pictures of all this, who they are, where they live. The wiretapping is total and has been going on for 5 years, the surveillance planted by neighbors and the directed energy testing is unbelievable too. The wiretapping was illegal, they totally shut down my money to trap me, so I set about busting these scummy christian hix and their idiotic co-op, and so their boy jorge made it all legal, commie bitch that he is. It dovetailed perfectly with my timing; I cannot think the two are unrelated.

This second successful attack on me began when I was invited out to go hunting with a local man here. I was attacked by two F16 jets for over an hour with odd chemtrails and they flew right overhead while I hunted some brush. I had one tooth crack vertically that day, the same day, (coincidentally?) that dick cheney shot his quali hunting partner in the face. We also were quail hunting. I had several more teeth break on that side of my face that day, but the last one out nearly killed me, and was basically held in place for two+ years via a giant filling. That filling allowed an infection to occur through the breach of the broken tooth, and I believe that infection was biotech spread via aerosol overhead. 3days or so after this litte jaunt out, this mans wife sent me an unsolicited photograph of an old male with a badly deformed smile due to missing teeth....fwiw. Names and pictures and files on all this.

I learned from this that introduction of biotech weaponry through broken or damaged teeth can cause great damage and pain. The inner cranial pressure caused by the infection constantly goaded with wireless toys, as well as the SEEMINGLY intermittent tooth pain created by this op, made me much more sensitive to the directed energy weapons of the parkers, or flyovers, or the spraying...and more volitile emotionally as well -- definitely created angry violence and other schisms in my serenity, har har har and praise be to the jewish god. Finally, concerning the breaking of teeth via ultrasound or other weapons, to use as introduction of biotech weaponry: due to ENMOD there is no natural lightening any more, though right after that first tooth broke hard, huge lightening storms started for a day and half before I had the tooth pulled, and the pain from the lightening was excrutiating. I am reporting what I saw and experienced.

Getting this yet? Burn your 1040 forever. Hang a politician. Shoot a zionist.

Also during this most recent, second tooth episode, which is still ongoing, there was extreme monitoring of my condition among the other inhabitants of this foul place while my head filled with infection. This was an unseen thing for the most part, not visible except to those who knew what to look for, and look they did...I did note pressures increasing thoughout my cranium. I was singled out for intense energy bombardment whenever I went mining or out by myself, although the nwo knows that if I am by myself, they should not fly too low, because I will retaliate without even thinking about it, and thats why they chose the day out hunting to hit me with the f16s, I guess ultrasound, but perhaps another pulsed energy, because they knew I would not retaliate with a witness there. The second tooth was also cracked, and in retrospect I see it would have been wiser to have it out immediately.

But still I learned. I seemed to have perceived a new ENMOD event during my conditioning for death just recently, whereby local pressure is increased over an area treated with biotech aerosol weaponry, so that a forced inhalation or intrusion-through-teeth occurs...that is not hard to accomplish via chemtrail spraying, antennae, and satellites...there is also an op involving pressure which totally shuts down the humans digestive track, and can keep someone from defecating for weeks on end. Another death recipe of the zionist scum.

The NWO may even be using static charges derived from enmod operations to draw clouds of oppositely charged biotech or poison powders to a single site in an area where blanket coverage is undesirable...there are some days out here in hachita nm during chemtrail spraying where sparks jump over one inch sometimes 20-30 times a minute if you are busy and near metal. This type of singling out, this targeting of individuals, is high on the priority list to creating good plausible deniablity, creating good death recipes.


I also have pictures of the drones spraying the coup de grace 10 days or so ago, thats the spraying that made my infection go ballistic...the catalyst of the 3 or 4 step operation?...seems so, beware. This last happened after 5-6 weeks of cloudless weather, we received a spray operation late one afternoon, then at dusk short lines directly over town. The next day a sprayed canopy was maintained all day overhead, this is because direct sunlight kills biotech agents, whereas cooking them with indirect or amplified heat from the sun makes them ultra virulent....there were many people absent from town on that day, btw.

I have noted many odd pieces of equipment being moved into nearby neighbors houses here, and also rvs come and go at the oddest of times, many of them park as close to me as they can get, and though they remain empty a large part of the time, they stay for extended periods. There are mobbings and stalking by gangs of truckers locally, and there is a family to whom the man I went hunting belongs, I think they are like all retired LE or intel, and they are the nastiest filthiest most ignorant pigs here. They have ties to huckabee and other christian fanatics in the USA.

There are spotters watching everything here, on the day I went to get my tooth pulled the spraying was nothing short of surreal, and I was followed by three spotters that I could see, two that were known to me. I of course have pictures of this. This town is a little CIA jonestown-fer-jeezus or something, and should be investigated. There are active DOD people around here doing wiretapping and sleaze surveillance, and lots of retired DOD.

While everyone is watching soap operas and sitcoms and idiot baptist preachers who need to be hung by the neck and burned, a new science is being developed and it is a science of assassination, again, a science of death receipes, and it has been tested on you extensively since 911, and before, and it is the death of many. Coming Soon.

Call it swine flu, bird flu, or some other pandemic, the only reason it hasn't happened yet is because it is not perfected yet. But soon.

Very Soon.


There is much more here (With many supporting Docs):

This work is in the public domain
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