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Parent Article: U.S. Taxpayers Should Not Be A Pawnshop to Guarantee California Bonds
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AUDIT THE FED by Bill Gallagher
08 Jun 2009
Every American whose parents paid into the federal reserve tax and social security system should be wealthy. According to the financiers and tax mongers, money grows, you receive interest on your savings, and perhaps this does happen, but this growth money only seems to be awarded to certain people. And not the people who paid. Only through gross and purposeful mismanagement, read THEFT, has Americas product been subverted to israeli purposes. The old and sick here cannot get decent medical care, the number of homeless grow daily, while the federal reserve brags about the speed and power of its printing presses. AUDIT THE FED! Do it now.

We want to see the exact program that has led us to this state of strife and torture and pain and hate. Lets really see who made off with all of Americas tax dollars. Most people already DO know, because they are not stupid, but for the record, AUDIT THE FED! Show the world and America at large just what happened, and what is continuing to happen under the presidency of israels appointee Barry Sotero, who is more charming than the israeli appointee before him, but just as ignorant of true American ideals.

This country has become some sort of sick and ignorant theocracy (Jefferson warned us it would!), with worship of lords and kings now the norm. This in itself says a lot, this terminology which is being forced on American children from an early age, because, in fact, America was formed to do away with lords and kings, and everything else royal.

George Washington expressly forbid his image on any money because it smacked of royalty. By 1932 the zionists were so in-control of our money they were able to put George Washingtons picture on a coin (1932-us quarter) thereby thumbing their noses at our countries first president and the lesson he wished to teach, while also showing their true disdain for American ideals. Just as our traditional tax day (April 15th) is the anniversary of their Masada, the zionists have been busy imprinting their sick stinking glamor over most American things. Some say this is a result of the Star of David being taken off Americas coinage during the early 1900's: whatever it is, one can look back and see the evidence of a covert takeover through our currency if one looks. To make it a permanent public record for posterity, in hopes it can be quelled and kept from happening again, AUDIT THE FED!

The ignorant and lazy religious freaks who have sold out America to lords and kings are all traitors and superstitious mind controlled fools, and not only that, they do their best to push their ignorant unAmerican ways on other people. These types are the main reason israel, and before them the zionist and rothschild banking concerns, were able to subvert America from wealth and freedom into poverty and a police state. The largest union in America is the prison guards union! As well, the vast majority of Americas prisoners are in jail for debt of some type (All pot prisoners are in for not paying a tax!), which is another british institution that has somehow been revived by the israeli moles and their lackeys here. These same thud-brained religious freaks who created the good ol' boy network in government (the new ss -- homeland security etc etc) with their israeli masters have been nurturing the prison industry for a long time now, so they can feed with impunity, and they are rich rich rich. This is just one way Americas funds have been subverted, and to know the other ways there is only one thing for it: AUDIT THE FED.

Witness the latest and continuing corporate bail outs and war-for-$ initiated by the treasonous lord lovers of the bush administration. Witness the massive chemical attacks on us since 911, called rain making or drought remediation, but which are really behavior modifying law enforcement and perfect surveillance. Lets AUDIT THE FED and find out what the hell is really going on here, because we all know something is not too good, people are losing their homes by the thousands, and because of the spraying in the sky which has been continual since 911, rain has become sporadic and scanty. It is chilling indeed to realize that Monsanto itself realizes there is much more money in drought than there is in rain, and also that Monsanto has become a large part of our government. The same Monsanto family who first became wealthy trading in slaves. The drought and other environmental poisonings this company has created since 911 along with Halliburton is as purposeful as the deterioration of our currency...first lets find out the exact perpetrators, let us make a list: AUDIT THE FED.