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Commentary :: Human Rights
Not My Problem - Johnny Talks with America
16 Jun 2009
If it's broke don't Fix It because no one in bulldozing
TV America Inc. is worth the public effort to defend.
Right. WHY?
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Not My Problem - Johnny Talks with America

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

If it's broke don't Fix It because no one in bulldozing
TV America Inc. is worth the public effort to defend.
Right. WHY?

This is why:

The Nazi American

/ / American warplanes [...] mistakenly killing dozens
of innocent women and children, \ \

"George Noory doesn't have the right to play us further
for death in tyranny, with his continuing refusal to
allow US speak freely on the evidence that directly
implicates Bush and Cheney for high treasons. For
bankers that do not cover our loans. (So why pay them
for nothing but a blind hope they'll lend some back at
high interest?) Water? Food? "Who agrees on sodium
fluoride in our drinking water - let's talk"?
I WOULD ask as the NEW! Coast to Coast Radio Host."

While George Norry tells US he wills to go ballistic
against any serving soldier who refuses a criminal
order, Alex Jones tells America, George Norry is the
greatest ever being incredibly evil near every single
day nakedly. Evil Alex Jones can be often when refusing
better minds to prevail for Justice IS our sides. Alex
wants more money to buy things.. again, how much do WE
have to pay NWO Alex before he will acknowledge that Bush
lied when stating, "Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors in"?
How much to pay Alex before he will acknowledge Bush and
Cheney closed American police investigations on 911
immediately after the crime occurred? Howe much to pay
Alex, a gold merchant, to pay before he will allow the
knowledge to know: private bankers of the Western world
do not even cover our loans - and going to a gold standard
is not addressing the real problem, as are his falsehoods of
socialized health cares to make US pay more needlessly
in ignorance propagated by bigots who can not define
their goose stepping right wing blind corporate ideologies
of 'absolute' 'right winger' foolish name callings - Name
calling of ourselves comprised of every other description
imaginable, all put in to what a right wing repugger
bigot falsely transcribes, a "Liberal" or a "Socialist".

How much to pay America to weigh our minds on the rights
of all as innocent regardless of our back grounds,
until proven otherwise? Corporated America excepts to
reject facts that they cowardly find personally
uncomfortable, like rape and torture of American Women
by KBR warring with the escape of those who committed
911, yet, importantly, for us, Humanity, we must honestly
assess a workable plan to defend the innocent of ourselves
falling further bombing victims to ungodly bushite
lawless tyranny. Bill a bushite to save America, or
don't and die rightly for godless Zionist tyranny.

"CIA Secrecy on Drone Attacks Data Hides Abuses"

The American Military needs to go in and bill these 'lawless'
bushite lying enemies of the Republic, for after all, they
are targeting for murder innocent men women and children as well
documented. Why do we do this? Because if they were stealing
the lives of People they truly BELIEVED were not just US as
helpless school kids caught on camera repeatedly, they would
with pride, explain to any with questions going unanswered
regarding their indiscriminate torturing and mass killings.
Death to the bushite, death to the bushite enemy of Freedom
for Living. Justice for All, especially the ungodly bushite
terorist enemies.

/ / Seymour Hersh recently described the JSOC as an "executive
assassination wing" controlled for many years by the office
of former Vice President Dick Cheney. \ \

New US Commander in Afghanistan Assembles Team of Assassins

These are acts of TREASON against America to steal our
rights to murder the innocent with "Top Secret" death squads
from pro-Bushite tyrannical military dictatorships, that openly
commit lawless acts of TERRORISM to escape the neocon
zionist enemy LIARS responsible for mass murder in New York
City. Bill a bushite for Humanity why don't you love
God for all you are Johnny asks?


/ / [...] a victory for the hardline President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Iranian elections would
be in Israel's best interest. \ \

The Lord, in the Holy Bible, calls the Zionist,
the Satanic enemies of every Human Being with
God in fair Judgment.

The Holy Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

Look, these enemies of Life steal INNOCENT PEOPLES
HOMES as thieves of The King of Jew's simple philosophy.
Too difficult for Amerika's NWOer movements "against
global tyranny"? for your "American" mind as pretending
my Nation of America, is not a cowardly fascist Nazi
grouping of godless savages, who pray to win by robbing
Humanity from our Humanity by supporting in silence
the indiscriminate bombing and looting of the Innocent
to "profit" themselves from? Freedom?

Just My Opinion

Yeah, that's right, it is 'just my opinion' that
YOU let yourself go this way willingly, lying to
yourself as a slave to allow the Innocent of
Humanity suffer YOUR contempt of silence like
Ron Paul does. Ron Paul supports escaping war
criminals like Bush and Cheney, AIPAC, and
earmarkers worth 16 billion dollars stolen
to a private place never to be found again, in
just one single example of repeating highway
robbery that he has formally called for more of.
Millions were donated to Ron Paul winning for
The People, of which he pocketed the cash for
himself and his extreme right wing, cash for free,
pro-pirate banker family, while giving in to a
rigged election for the Republican Party, of
which HE PERSONALLY SABOTAGED. I even remember a
time when he expressed a concern where he stated
something like, 'well, we don't want to steal any
delegates'. SEE? Show some self respect, Ron Paul
certainly hasn't while conning he candidly knows
something, but he's not telling US right now.
EXAMPLE: The Nation of Georgia, (a Zionist
controlled entity), targeted for FIRST DEGREE MURDER
in South Ossetia, defenseless innocent children,
men, and women. Targeted. Fully admitted now by
everyone. MURDER, of which they, with bushite
American and zionist Israeli military advisors,
ACUTALLY COMMITTED, and Ron Paul fluffed it all
off (while okaying a ten billion American TAX dollar
payment to Cheney's personal friend), by selling
ourselves, as just "some people think". Ron paul
refused to exercise his CONSTITUTIONAL Rights to
demand the arrest of Bush and Cheney for PROVEN HIGH
TREASON. Iron flowing like water from the 911 Towers,
and Ron Paul sells the mass murders exceeding well
over a million innocent persons, is all just a lefty
"Police" action preformed by bushite teen grunt minds,
of whom many, call Home third world military
dictatorships. To CON America for death to rob from
Iraqis for the Neoconner demonic naked liars. Torture,
IS against American Standing law (War Crimes Act), and
warrants the death sentence. Kidnapping also is a crime
under the laws of every Nation. The bushite must be
actively hunted to destruction by Our Police Services
with American Law, to defend the lives of the next
targeted innocent victims whom the bushite holds in
contempt. Ourselves. Die bushite die.

I DEMAND, as the Law in America does Stand, the public
trials and executions of every bushite TRAITOR serving
at Guantanamo for warring to torturing more innocent
kidnapped Persons for demonic Zionist enemy liars.
THEY deserve to fry for targeting innocent peoples
with bombs and tortures, while refusing, AS NAZIS,
refusing to hunt a Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney for
public questioning on closing 911 investigations
immediately after the crimes in America occurred.
Instead, the bushite wars for raping, for torturing,
for thieving, for private banking, and for most
importantly, senseless sadistic mass murdering.
Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of
God and America.

Glenn Beck's School of Debunking 9/11 Conspiracies

9/11 Truth Activist Sues Glenn Beck and Fox News for Defamation

Antidepressant Nightmares

This site is perfect for sighting American insanities.

Do "Americans" care for Justice winning our freedoms?

/ / I hate bushite nazi grunters who desecrate the
American flag with their tortures and raping, their
indiscriminate bombings and thieving from our great
Human species. \ \

Dumfuk Grunt "Duh, why are we here to kill
good people needlessly so the bushmob back home can
further rob our undefended families bro? Bro?"

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Understand: Iraq played no part in 911, yet, American
nazi grunts have indiscriminately bombed easily more
than a million innocent souls, while cheering "whore
yeah", for the demons of CNN who only smile over such
ungodly treachery. To torture, to rape, to thieve
from America, left undefended for further corporate

Demand I be allowed to speak freely for open debate
in America on the Coast to Coast radio networks.

Bushite liars are the true enemies of God and Man

Bush "International law? I better call my lawyer."

When a bushite is halted, the innocent of Humanity
cry a relief for the saved lives of their next
targeted victims. A bushite is a thief who remains
silent over American Women raped by KBR, or Afghan
Women by the collocated lawless dope dealing forces
of demonic tyranny they support with "American"
firepower. An Ungodly bushite is a first degree
child murderer who supports THOUGHTLESSLY dropping
5000 pound bombs on our populated cities to enrich
the pro-torture Zionist neocon mastermind criminals
responsible directly for the escape of those who
committed 911 in New York City - a place where
Americans were mass murdered as the forsaken
for stolen profits, all in praise for the antichrist enemy
of History, Our Mr. bush Jr. and Co.. (Bush closed
911 investigations immediately after the crimes
occurred according to the FBI.)

Senior Military Sources Confirm Rape and Sodomy At Abu Ghraib

Obama Openly Protecting Child Raping Torturers

/ / [Obama] ..says that stories regarding the
contents of the photographs are false. \ \ But,
they DO show war criminals who plan with the
Neocon and Obama to escape their rightful death
sentences under the fair Laws of President
Reagan. We mean, why do you want to torture
with rape an innocent man women or child to
death, as 'lawless' bushite enemies proudly
claim, of FoxNews fans for instance? Why? But
for to threaten Humanity with child killer
O'Really and the Cheney family for the
unlawful escape of the Neocons who actually,
on purposes widely published, did America
wrong with deliberate lies regarding the
crimes of 911 - Bush and Cheney immediately
closed 911 investigations according to the
FBI and Senator Daschle - documented ungodly
traitors to Humanity. My Humanity, Your Humanity,
Our Humanity.


/ / There can no longer be any doubt that the
Cheney / Bush administration not only lied to the
American people about WMD's and Torture but lied
to and obstructed the 9/11 commission during its
investigation of 9/11. \ \


Leading Democrats: Congress, Senate Owned And Run By Bankers

Private bankers DO NOT cover our loans. Demand
I be respected for my simple wisdom, by asking
the Coast to coast radio demons liars allow me to
challenge anyone on Earth who could mistakenly
disagree with me; because the Internet does tell,
I am without challenge. Without challenge but for
censorship by the NWOers, like AJ, who insist anyone
but those directly responsible for criminal actions
should be targeted. Builderburg? How about Bush
closing 911 investigations. CFR? Condi sent 7 million
land mines that were dropped on innocent Jews for
mass murder in Lebanon. Liberals? Repugger right
wing nazi fascists are evil to God and Humanity
almost exclusively, for, General Ahmad funded Atta.
And.. as a point of documented fact: Ron Paul is
not qualified as a con and a thief. Nor is Alex
'shoot innocent Americans in the back and call
it Liberty' Jones. A half honest newsman, but clearly
does not have the just leadership skills not to
divide US, the innocent masses against ourselves
for NWOer tyranny. AJ is the NWO he says WE must
fear blinded. He hears NO ONE be allotted as
known: Ron Paul won the Republican leadership
convention. AJ does what FoxNews does in fear
of wiser people speaking when they 'forbid'
America to know also: Bush never won an election,
and closed 911 investigations to sacrifice innocent
Americans for stolen profit. Alex is still, by far,
a greater man than 99% of the rest in pains USA.
At least his blunders are far an few between,
like us all, we can seem as idiots defending
ridiculousness in a hypno stupor, however, this
communications business of open communications
with the Universal constants of Freedom through
Just causes is something we have the answers for.
It's just some, for what ever absent of the facts
reasons, refuse Justice calling. Well, .. and
that's where I fit in: King Johnny. Actually for
real. Boo! I CAN EXPLAIN EVERYTHING!!! Hate me do you
because you can’t find a single word of mine you
could ever possibly disagree with? haeh this would
have made for a great comedy if it wasn't for all
the senseless tragedy. Censorship is the tool of
ungodly tyranny. I, as the Son to God willingly
destroy the popular tyrannies practiced by bushite,
to allow YOU to publicly critique my genius you have
near no hope of ever conceiving. Bankers DO NOT cover
our loans for example, where Americans react with
little more than a ‘so’?.

(Reminder for all you NWOers: Alex Jones was on
FoxNews and refused to say, 'Bush closed 911
investigations, so, do we want to get the bad
guys or no?')

24,000 Architects at SF AIA Convention Come Face to Face With 9/11 Truth

Obama Tortures Our Wills to Believe Him

/ / Obama administration is continuing to use a
notorious military police unit at Guantanamo that
regularly brutalizes unarmed prisoners, including
gang-beating them, breaking their bones, gouging
their eyes and dousing them with chemicals. \ \

Who's freedom are the lawless bushite winning to
sacrifice ourselves further as the innocent for?
Don't look for bad guys cause? cause?? FCkME!?, .. This is just a repeat broadcast of our
similar glorious Loves: Bush closed 911
investigations immediately according to the FBI
and Senator Daschle. Why? Because WE learned that
the MASS MURDER of Americans was funded in "secret"
by the bushmobster, General Ahmad. The EVIL
Neocons are making their escape! America is
ACTUALLY dying all because "American" men are
nothing of the sort. Cowards is what they are,
straight across the board, cowards who refuse to
demand Justice in our names. Likely crime minded
over the hopes that they too! can profit off the
loss of stolen homes and pensions, dreams an wisdom.

No evidence? Person innocent. No? fuk you an die
then Life spade. I did too. I hate bushite nazi
grunters who desecrate the American flag with their
tortures and raping, their indiscriminate bombings
and thieving from our great Human species. All
done to cowardly sacrifice themselves for the
escape of those who truly did Johnny wrong on 911:
the guilty of treason, "lawless" bushmob shysters
of evil incarnate. Enemies of every real Jew
standing, including too, the Man of men as Son
to God.

I never lie if I can help it, for why does a half
honest man really need to? Enuf to say, 'we know
things', if you catch my meanings. Read on to be
truly amazed, or fluff this John off as a reject
to a greatness once in your presence, but way
beyond your immediate grasping as literal
to save yourself in time. Cons lie because they're
dumb or evil, just like near ever single talentless
Republican extortionist - the corporate fasci
socialist sell-out of the public for private bankster
lootings, playing along with the "opposition"
the phony mute Libertarians, with several Democrats
too waiting to cash in with the full pensions, plus
garnered fringe benefits - are - as all that is
holding Back America from truly defending herself!
Demand "JUSTICE FOR AMERICA", so spoke, Johnny Love.

Invite me up to California, and we'll talk about
getting back the billions in stolen revenues
taken by Enron criminally as one possibly among
bankers and banking, bailouts and lootings.
isn't that special...
ahhoakey - Later.

"[Patriotic American] Army deserter deported from Canada, now in U.S. jail"

This is a for real war crime. Why? there was/is
no cause for the Iraq war. Truly. Example: why
bomb if you can go anywhere without delay? To
only murder innocent People INCLUDING SOLDIERS,
done as thieves do from ourselves in praise of
enriching lawless war criminals in tyranny, is
what any rational person comes to understand
if they survive the godless demonic tirades of
bushite in American bombers indiscriminately
bombing millions of defenseless innocent people
in praise of Christ. See? There is only so much
bullshit God can take, before he has to send a
Johnny Wizard down here to settle some scores.

KBR/Haliburton [AMERICAN] Worker Raped, Locked in Shipping Container

Lavena Johnson Was Raped and Murdered: Then the [BUSHITE ENEMY] Army Covered It Up


'And God Doth spoke to the Angels and Thus Said,
"Do not make me look evil and dumb to my one
great Love." We Am Better Than This I Say! willingly Treat another so unfairly?
in the presence of the great almighty Johnny?
Holding innocent prisoners without charge,
is the crime of kidnapping. Never forget the
torture. Severe punishments are already
firmly established on the books for these well
documented crimes that continue to deny
ourselves the freedom we deserve.. achem,
im just sayin' that's all..

When we, God and Humanity destroy bushite grunts
with the Law of evidence being the pre-requisite, we
win against bushites who willingly war God for rape,
torture, and enslavement of our species. To defeat
the 'lawless' bushite, you save the innocent lives
of their next targeted victims. Our innocent selves.
Bushites are cowardly as they are Evil. Just like a
McCainiac, but slower.

The Real Meaning of Allowing Guilty Pleas and Death Penalty Without Trial for Alleged 9/11 Plotters


/ / But tell US Marc, how is it better to bomb Iraq people to rid
ourselves of WMD, than it is currently to go anywhere unfettered? How
is it possible to improve a scenario that is as open as possible
already? How will American soldiers eating bullets improve the search
and disarm technique? What ever happened to evidence being a
requirement to convince US who is evil? Oh yeah, bush as the American
cop killing antiChrist doesn't like American principles. \ \

These words from the greatest Patriot that will
ever live.. Why? Because these are timeless reasons
of freedom to form an actual conclusion. Corporate America
is conning American teens for death by criminal sacrifice,
and American GIs are TRUE cowards for not speaking freely
for a just cause. Nope. They are told not to read from
the internet freely, and they jump to salute the enemy,
with a, "Yes sir." Cowardly enemies of American liberty
who refuse to demand the arrests of those responsible for 911.

Cheney's Chief Assassin Is Now Obama's Commander in Afghanistan

/ / The bizarre thing about making this a "he said/she said"
issue is that we already know for a fact that the CIA lied to
Pelosi about the torture.

Marcy Wheeler points out that (as she's been reporting for
weeks,) we already have documentary evidence that "when the
CIA briefed Pelosi and Goss on September 4, 2002, it told
them that waterboarding was not being employed."

Yet this was in fact a lie. Because we also know from Lawrence
Wilkerson that the CIA had been engaging in waterboarding
since at least February of that same year. As Marcy observes:

While we can't be sure of the date when Cheney started
ordering people to be waterboarded even after they were
compliant, we know this order had to have occurred before
February 22, 2002--because that's when al-Libi first
reported on ties between Iraq and al Qaeda. \ \

This is incredible beyond current comprehension on how
wicked evil these bushmob traitors are as still 'escaping'.
We need Johnny for Coast to Coast Radio Hosting, as open
communications on the needs of Justice winning for
everybody. Bush and Cheney closed 911 investigations
designed since the dawn of time to nab the actual bad guys.
Bushites are evil people who lie to steal our rights
to Justice practiced as freedom willed. Let's change that.

"Obama Joins the Cover-Up."

"Obama Trades Our Principles For Cheneyism."

Media Ignores Real Controversy Behind Torture Photos; They Show Prison Guards Raping Children

U.S.: Afghan militants using white phosphorus

Is the bushite torturing rapist, the nazi fascist
enemy, suggesting that to criminally act with such lawless
murders, should warrant death by American firing squads?
Christ says YES! For, the FALSE ACCUSING bushite within
the Air Forces, who routinely drop radio-active laced bombs
or landmines in the millions indiscriminately from our god
forsaken skies, are called American Heroes 'earning' a
welfare pension in the corporate news lexicon as do gooders.
Escaping the traitor neocon by flying above a third world
country, on the brink of starvation, dropping bombs on
anyone seen near a building, that of which were near all
targeted. They dropped a massive MOAB on Kabal if you
remember after "secretly" flying out the Taliban to a
safe location, or killing them off for supporting REAL
Justice in America by demanding evidence to form a
conclusion. Christ hates the bushite lying nazi grunting
enemy of true Liberty in a free to speak Universe of
wonder most spectacular... but right, we don't care,

Bank of America accuses JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs of cheating on stress test

This is big news asked the King of the
Universe to himself - as robbed the respect
he so rightly deserved in the land of the
damned by criminal greed.

Our Humanity is under attack.

"1300 Girls Harmed by HPV Vaccines; Paralysis and Epilepsy"

And remember this total is no where near what
the total actually is with continuing such
attacks against our better judgements. Done with
corporate propaganda steered to mislead all US
viewers of these 'unknown' regions. (You and me
as the seriously concerned going without real
scientific representation). I have only near
a fog of understanding what I am listening on
TV broadcasts as important to not fight for
explaining Bankers DON'T EVEN COVER OUR LOANS!
Or, Bush closing 911 investigations near immediately
according to the FBI and Senator Dacshle. Why?
Because WE had found out that the mass murder
of Americans was financed by the bushmobster
General Ahmad. The General who was there with
the bushmob two days prior to 911 finalizing
their invasion of Afghanistan plan for Enron.

/ / Read of the bushite in my America who call this work
of Satanic enemies, a good thing they support to
war terrorism for the sadistically evil liars of the
neocon. Then KNOW my friends, a bushite is the enemy
of every living soul on this planet. Have no love for
those in the Air Force, the enemies of Man who bomb
our families without excuse, but to know, they hate
US as Christ to speak free for Humanity. That DEMON
George Noory was so happy last night about all the
good the bankers AND CHENEY are doing for their hatred
they spoke of for all Russians. SEE? not to protect
America, but to kill you with their true commitment
to the demonization of innocent people, all to escape
the neocon terrorists. \ \


Americans Torture to Intentionally Extract False Confessions

/ / al-Libi just "committed suicide" in Libya.
Interestingly, several U.S. lawyers working
with tortured detainees were attempting to get
the Libyan government to allow them to
interview al-Libi....

[...] the Bush Administration used torture to
intentionally extract false confessions
linking Al Qaeda (and 9/11) to Iraq, to give
Bush a false "casus belli" to invade Iraq. \ \

Reminder: These actions against our innocent
Humanity, perpetrated on order by the Bushmob
false accusers are highly criminal, as ungodly
being really evil. And as a consequence, the
bad guys are still trying to make their escape.
Bushite torturers do not support following the
crime scene leads at the real murder scenes
because they are godless nazi enemies of America,
sadists who deserve to die by public jury, before
another innocent victim is made to confess of a
crime left 'officially' truly un-prosecuted.

Done to escape the neocon zionist enemies of
God and Man responsible for the crimes of 911.
Bush closed 911 investigations according to the
FBI and Senator Daschle who spoke on the issue
with the late Tim Russert on MSNBC's Meet the
Press. Hi! My name is Johnny! Vying for NEW!
Host of the Coast to Coast Radio Networks. Vote
Early and Vote Often!!

G. W. Bush "Money trumps peace.."

Bushite ENEMY Dismisses Karzai Demand to Halt Indiscriminate Bombing



Bushite Enemies of Liberty in America Continue
With War Crimes Against God and Humanity

U.S. Used White Phosphorous in Afghanistan

Afghan girl's burns show horror of chemical strike

Gates Balks at Demand to End Indiscriminate Afghan Airstrikes


Oprah Winfrey exposes Satanic Jewish practices

/ / Oprah Winfrey recorded a shocking interview
of a 29 year old Jewish woman who stated that
her family, and many other Jewish families
throughout the USA, routinely practiced Satanic
rituals in which incest, human sacrifice and
cannibalism occur. \ \

King Johnny's "Nazi Israel"
(note: History has changed since then)

Gaza 2009 - Operation Cast Lead

Again, they are Satanic here because
they THREAT to tell you, yeah, Zionists
are casting the leads for the real mass
murder scenes - Justice denied Humanity.
God doesn't exist to defend yourselves
from war criminals for Satan.

God will fuck you up!

WTC 911 Secret Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Accounts Revealed

/ / the massive New York state financial derivative
Ponzi Scheme, but is now centered on money laundry,
and possible funding of alleged terrorists in Pakistan. \ \


Military to Run State Schools

/ / The Armed Forces will be drafted in to
run state schools under plans to drive up
discipline and respect in classrooms. \ \

This is un-acceptable. Lawless bushite vermin
who cowardly remain silent over 911, are traitors
to the cause every soldier has ever died for.
Thieves and rapists walk freely among their
ranks without mankind present to support
the arrest of who actually did US wrong,
refusing US to follow the criminal leads at the
real mass murder scenes. Bush and Cheney closed
criminal investigations immediately upon we
learning, the money man for 911 was bushmobster,
General Ahmad. And frankly, bin Laden has
nothing to do with most our TV news celebs
being evil assholes. Johnny Law for NEW! Coast
to Coast Host! Vote early, and vote often!!

/ / US Defence Secretary Robert Gates yesterday in Kabul,
that the Taliban might have killed people with grenades
because they did not pay an opium tax is not supported \ \

For this, American men will try and execute with
joy, Robert Gates, and his terrorists in the Air Forces.
Gates, in our world can not state such lies in the
face of the fact that the DEA confirms, Gates and his
bushite crews are dealing heroin into America today,
while refusing to hunt bushite rapists of American
Women down for rights defended. KBR. While the Taliban,
as religious fundamentalists, believe selling heroin
to enslave American children is ungodly. The Taliban
also made the crime of rape, a serious offense
warranting as much as death. "Lawless" bushite grunters
are the enemy of Humanity, who war God for the escape of
the neocons for 911. remember: Bush closed 911
investigations near immediately according to the FBI
and Senator Dacshle. Why? Because WE had found out that
the mass murder of Americans was financed by the
bushmobster General Ahmad. The General who was there
with the bushmob two days prior to 911 finalizing
their invasion of Afghanistan plan for Enron.

/ / Colonel Greg Julian, a spokesman for US forces in
Afghanistan, said that the Taliban had used civilian
positions as cover for attacks on US and coalition troops. \ \

Death to Colonel Greg Julian for conning teen grunts
without a sliver of evidence to form our free thinking
minds. Countless videos are on youtube documenting the
first degree murders of countless Peoples, well in the
millions, bombed indiscriminately with radio-active toxic
waste. Completely innocent human beings. Bill the traitor
Gates for refusing to support Justice for America, or don't
and die more ungodly American sons and daughters to the
cowardice that they express in refusing to honorably
defend. Justice for all. Die bushite die.

the zionist bushite enemy forces

/ / After it was revealed by the Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price
that British trained policemen had tortured prisoners to death
with drills, we discovered, through the New York Times (!!),
that American intelligence officers had been working alongside
them at the Jamiyat police station \ \

Death to the bushite,
death to the sworn 'lawless' Zionist enemies of
Man who target our 'defenseless' innocent children
for murder, or torture, or rape. Death to the
bushites of KBR who 'escape' raping American Women,
and charge grunts more than $100.00 per small bag
of laundry. Death to the bushites of the Air
Force that routinely bomb our families
indiscriminately with radio-active toxic
waste for the neocon lying thieves to Life. Bill
a bushite nazi grunting robber, for Justice is God.



"The Devil" Peres to America: No choice but to compare Iran to Nazis

/ / "World has no choice?" Sounds like Israel is
making threats here!

How is Iran like Nazi Germany?

Iran isn't invading other countries (the way Israel
keeps doing), indeed Iran hasn't invaded anyone for
200 years.

Does Iran have an ethnic minority forced to starve
in a giant open air modern day "Warsaw Ghetto",
like Israel does? \ \

And Israeli are openly into actually targeting JEWS
for murder to profit themselves for, as they did by
breaking the truce, and by bombing Jewish centers
in Lebanon - God's Truth. Satanic as Ungodly enemies
of everybody according to the Holy Bible as a matter
of fact. (Hi! My name is Johnny.)


CODEPINK Interrupts Israeli President at AIPAC Conference

/ / AIPAC's policies lobbied to Congress that include unconditional support and financing for Israel's militaristic policies including the recent devastating invasion of Gaza, building of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the separation wall, refusal to negotiate with the Palestinians' democratically elected representatives, and threats to attack Iran. \ \

How is this not treasonous to play America's
part for sacrifice - is as to, obey without
question? In who's vetoed authority? 'Hands
Up!' What about championing equal rights for
all in our name we proclaim naturally? Where
evidence is the prerequisite on whether or
not we believe in something or another as a
cause worth dying for. AIPAC directors are
accessories to mass murder of ourselves as
the innocent targeted, they do for stolen
profits. Zionist leeches of the great
Jewish Faiths. Ungodly as is criminal so Doth
proclaim, The LORD, in the scriptures about
Satan's minions, and Johnny by whenning here:
LOOK : Nazi Israeli admit to breaking the truce
they put their word to. They false accuse the
innocent routinely, while stealing our homes
from ourselves at gun point, claiming God's
will not our own. Unfairly. Ourselves as the
left undefended victims paying extortions to
war criminals. Let US win one for everybody
by putting the war mongering enemies of God
and Man in their proper place. In a prison cell
awaiting public trial plastered wall to wall
as a good thing to shoot for as really
truly happening starting here and now, for the
betterments of all, what are we waiting for?.
the sky to fall again? Whaduyahsaie?

Torture Was Used to Try to Link Saddam with 9/11

Death is what these crimes warrant under standing American law.


/ / Yes! AIPAC is Sellebrating May Day at its
annual Traitors Conference that opens this Sunday
under the theme of “Selling Out America is Fun
for the Whole Tribe!” \ \

These be murderous traitors of demonic order, enemies
of Justice, enemies of Life.


/ / The grisly [BUSHITE RAPIST] crime was
initially blamed on insurgents -- "This is
what happens when you harbor terrorists," \ \

Enemies of every female, and do American "men"
have the manhood to defend their own
Women from bushite rapists by simply lifting
their phones to demand open dialog for Justice?
They refuse as lifeless nazi scums. Bush closed 911
investigations and what does Americans really
care for? KBR are raping American women, and
the "men" of America only can chorus how greatly
fantastic Ron Paul and George Noory the demon
liar are, providing cover with censorship for the
godless cowards who refuse Justice to win the
freedoms of themselves.

Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast radio host!

Truth commission to proceed despite Obama’s wishes

"We need to be able to read the page before we turn the page."

We is Me and Keemosabbi


It Will Be No Defense To Say, I Was Just Following Orders Says Bush

Lawless bushite nazi scum will be brought down
by the fullest extent of our laws. Prosecutions
to the bushite torturers and KBR rapists, the
indiscriminate Air Force bombers of school
districts, the enemies of America who war
Humanity for the escape of the neocon zionists
responsible for mass murder in God's country.

Johnny Law for NEW! Coast to Coast radio Host!
Vote early, and vote often!

"Rebuilding America's Defenses"

"advanced forms of biological warfare that can
target specific genotypes may transform biological
warfare from the realm of terror to a politically
useful tool"

Profit from mass murdering Humanity as the most
sinister of Satanic war criminals in History.

Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!

[..given by a treasonously blind McCainiac bush
whore of evilness. An un-American corporate snoozer,
a LIAR, protected by censorship of Humanity's call
for Science as Justice Supreme. A godless liar
worthy a life term prison sentence in our courts
of Thee - done before Ourselves, the innocent
they con for more 'profitable' deaths to escape
the likes of a zionist neocon betrayer to Life]

Vaccines contain poisons on purposes to hurt you.
The PROVEN fact here is that, without DOUBT,
Mercury causes brain damage one hundred percent
of the time.

Support our rise to popular acclaim to defend
ourselves from the criminally insane.

Deadly 1957 Strain of Flu Is Found in Lab-Test Kits

/ / The rush action, recommended by the World Health
Organization of the United Nations, was prompted by
a slim risk that the samples could start a global
flu epidemic. \ \

These demons know full well they are directly
responsible. The science is well understood
that these godless savage enemies of Creation
promote next year's Influenza strain, of which
they are 100 percent correct every year on the
random mutations that they profit financially
from. Every year but for the one year where the
vaccines were destroyed by fire before they
could target for murder countless thousands as
someone like Yourself.


9/11 “Mastermind” Falsely Confessed to Crimes He Didn’t Commit

/ / If one of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s major
confessions (Pearl murder) was false, why
should we believe his confession about 9/11? \ \

Yeah like, where is the evidence these
traitors refuse to provide US in mutual
respect for ourselves actually defended?

Example: how did KSM get the military
explosives in without anyone seeing?, while
the place was a wash with bushite scum
retro-fitting for sumtin 'secretly' special?
"Secretly" = they told US they destroyed
the official records as conduct good enough
for a conviction on conspiracy to escape
mass murdering in, Hood Inc. America (ns).

No honor among thieves who feed off the
cowardice of the American citizens refusing
to stand for the cause of Man. Justice for
911. bush closed police investigations.
treason. Live with Justice demanded, for
many were murdered unjustly - For stolen,
ill gotten gains representing true losses
of innocent Life. Your life. Die bushite die.

Justice for All.

Former Chief Accountant for the SEC: Bernanke and Paulson Broke the Law and Should be Prosecuted


Port Authority: Records For WTC Renovation Work Destroyed On 9/11

High Treason, hohum.


US rejects an Israeli demand

"Israel expects the Palestinians to first
recognise Israel as a Jewish state before
talking about two states for two peoples,"

We refuse to believe a real Jewish state, is a
state that is inherently, a godless nation
of war criminals without an ounce of Love
for Justice as G-D's true will for Humanity.

Nazi Israeli admit breaking the truce.


SEE? Zionists are TRUE Satanic enemies of God
and Man, as so written in the Holy bible.


Obama "... nothing will be gained by spending
our time and energy laying blame for the past."

No Justice whatsoever?

What about American women raped by KBR? Oh yeah,
right. Women’s Rights are of no concern of bushite
nazi grunts who instead, have murdered more than
700 innocent people with the predator drone
strikes as exampled, with a total of 17 "Al-Qeada"
kills. According to YOUTUBE "Al-Qeada" = men who
look like they might have been carrying a gun.

(Maybe they, as the Taliban, were defending women
from rapists, a task that no TV politico as
"American" expresses for urgent concern, regarding
the American Womens victimized by unarrested KBR
rapists/employees of 'The NWO Freedom Force'. An
American worker paid for, private military campaign
that bombs Our Humanity indiscriminately, routinely
as FOR SURE sadistically evil Satanic war criminals,
the enemy of each and every one. Robbing US blind with
as BOASTED!, a belligerent ignorance on the simplest
precepts of Justice; such as evidence to actually
convince ourselves of something. McCainiacs are evil
stupid people of History's worst example for false
accusations. To near never apply our skills of
communicating to seek greater understandings, but
to divide our/itself as a bigot false accuser not
qualified to hold such a position in complete
disregard for the worth of it's 'viewer ship'. US,
the Audience. "News Professionals" are $tealing
our center stages selling a contemptible self
censorship on OUR Reality, FACTS readily reachable
to make present as considering, but systematically,
fully ignored as Legitimate. Like We don't count
for anything. A contempt for YOUR LIFE that could
never naturally stand without minimally, constant
ridicule, if the truth were ever known far wised,
instead of blind sided. Our Media, OUR media must
demand actual evidence to convince ourselves who
is who here. False capital accusers, particularly
in the American and Israeli military, must be
challenged publicly for facts on still, blindly
targeting our beloved families for capital murder.
Done all to better our circumstances against these
bad guy war criminals who as such, like the McCainiac,
refuse to target KBR rapists and/or, the torturers
in CACI, 'Al-Qeada' as AEGIS, SAS as Cop killers,
or Blackwater for mass murder of absolutely anyone.
"It's a turkey shoot!" Death to the bushite scumbags
who refuse US evidence to form our guilty verdicts,
death to the 'lawless' Zionist enemies of God and
America who falsely believe they will escape our
wrath against themselves as the sworn enemy.

That is why these monsters of mass murder and banker
mayhem refuse our open calls for Justice as willing.
A smart man or women might make some sense of this
dire predicament to remind ourselves of why Justice
wins for the betterments of all.

O'Reilly: "Torture, My Ass"

Bill O'Really and his brew deny the self respect
we deserve of equal privilege standing. His excuses
for being so ignorant, is his selling point!, and
that's why he is so honored in America with a multi-
million dollar salary. ? You decide; is that fair?
(Reminder for all you NWOers: Alex Jones was on
FoxNews and refused to say, 'Bush closed 911
investigations, so, do we want to get the bad guys or

"John McCain says 9-11 terrorists came from Canada"

I HATE McCainiac enemies of Life, that lie cheat
and steal from our Humanity to escape the neocon
traitors responsible for the crimes of mass murder
in america on 911.

Imagine these nazi grunts 'policing' cities in
America to escape the neocon for 911.. oh yeah..
they are. A nation of cowards too cowardly to even

raise their phones, never mind their voices
against national demon broadcaster George Noory.

Fed Shrouding $2 Trillion in Bank Loans in ‘Secrecy,’ Suit Says

Who's money is it secretly hiding from? Demand
justice. The crime of Extortion, along with
massive frauds in 'secretly' doling the TARP
funds, CRIMINAL frauds that demand real
leadership publicly open to committing
ourselves to fairness for all victims.

Johnny Law for NEW! Coast to Coast Radio Host!
Vote early, and vote often!


Unnatural Acts: No Place for Mercy from Happy TV News Celebs

/ / Having stopped the torture, the Oregon
soldiers asked for further orders: what should
they do now? The request was relayed up far up
the chain of command, and the answer came back
from on high: Go away – and give the prisoners
[including young children and women] back to
the [sadist, pro "lawless" McCainiac BUSHITE
grunting demon dumfuk] men who were torturing
them. \ \



bright light on where our TARP bailout money is going

Media damning Americans. This is a CRIMINAL fraud,
A THEFT OF BILLIONS. They fraudulently (MEANS
ILLEGAL] misrepresented the American Public,
aka 'God' to steal our money. "Officially",
"Democratically" left undefended for further
plunders. Nothing on YouTube, CrooksandLiars,
a Prison Planet?, you decide. Your Humanity
too dumb to care for supporting Johnny for NEW!
Coast to Coast radio host? Don't appreciate
the brilliantly wise as Just do you really?

Why do we still refuse to support this call
for freedom? Justice.

What is doubt? who cares to love God with all
of everything you are? Is to love America, to
watch it fall undefended for plunder? God's
will is to be Just for the benefit of all,
support this call for demanding open national
debate over the bushite liars who war to escape
those TRULY responsible for mass murder in my

King Johnny


9 scientists prove traces of explosives in dust from World Trade Center

This is the point.


Just We Rule

Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust

On TV: Nano-thermite Behind Collapse of WTC Buildings on 9/11, Not Planes.

Obama DOJ Ignoring Evidence of Thermite from WTC

/ / Just how deep is America’s reserve of
dismissal and denial? \ \

They'll sacrifice their own teen sons and
daughters to escape the 911 terrorist
traitors, before demanding wiser men or
women being allowed to speak openly on
Justice for all Coast to Coast. How difficult
is it for "Americans" to raise their phones?
To post a concern, or to send an email?
..and to think: they call themselves Human
with Fox News hosts, hosting our Innocent
Humanity for more capital murders all to
further their stolen bounties in happiness?

Make YOUSELF known.


King Johnny Calls In to Talk Radio in America

These calls are just a small random grouping
of call-ins I've done in these last two
weeks in America. They don't include some
of the many longer, in-depth interviews,
that I have greatly appreciated doing, that
I may distribute some time later, if the will
exists in our forsaken, who cares? dying


Stop Spending Our Future - The Crisis


King Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast radio host.
Vote early and vote often !!!

/ / When does this stop?

When you, America, are tired of being ripped off
and demand that it stop. \ \

They are committing
the criminal act of extortion, and frauds
aplenty costing our ransom payments that include
many stolen homes. THEN - double whammy - The
TARP funds too! have been taken through fraud as
reported on MSNBC: 60 cents for every dollar
spent on buying a "dollar's worth" of toxic
debt. Easily convictable, (plus, we'd be able
to recover our loses) if we could only find the
common will to lift our telephone receivers, to
speak up for communicating: Real freedom is found
within Justice for ourselves. Who am I? No my
friend, who are you


"Now, if you listen to Hannity's show, if you
listen to Savage; you listen to Limbaugh, it's
almost like Alex Jones is hosting the show."

See? No justice as advocated with evidence
to form an allegation, makes Alex, and his
NWOers, look the same as the Hannity repugger
traitors daily. Bermas actually claimed a few
days ago that Ron Paul's dishonestly on 911,
Iraq, Russia, banking, and so on is actually
"cunning" to sell out America that way.. I would
ask him and his fellow NWOer cultists, is it
because, Mr. Ron "what Constitution?" Paul,
can con more money from the dying American
suckers that way?

AJ 'Lou Dobbs is legitimate"

What about the MURDER VICTIMS
of 911? Afghanistan? Iraq? Palestine? Haiti?
Somalia? South Ossetia~!!1!!

The bushmob doctored
the NIE. Conned Congress, and Soldiers. Did 911,
by closing criminal FBI investigations immediately.
Alex and George don't seem to want US to know
these FACTS that demand arrests of the culprits
responsible for high treason against Johnny's
America. Alex wants your money, and EVIL George,
our enemy, wants your soul stolen for Satan.

Ron Paul the THIEF "We Need More Earmarks!"

Alex Jones "We got the truth on our side"


HOUSE OF CARDS Causes of Economic Crises

So many crimes, so little time...

don't forget though..
the banksters do not cover our loans.
So why are many, who do near nothing for
anyone, actual trillioniare pirates? Because
YOUR an idiot for refusing to support
these calls for open debate to save ourselves.
DEMAND Coast to Coast demonic hosts who LIE
to con teen grunts for death through fraud,
support open dialog for real Justice in
America, or don't and further suffer the
consequences,.. of near complete inaction.
Leastly, pick up your lucky phone nazi
Americans to air some concern for the lives
forsaken due your personal re-action. Mr.
Bush closed 911 investigations!, designed
since the dawn of time, to nab the actual
bad guys.


Magic Thermite and the 9/11 Fairytale.




It Is Here! The Banned SNL Skit Cannot Hide From Louie

Hey, no prob. Obama needs only say, "it was
all perfectly legal". And pro-war crime magic TV
smilers say oh happy days. Like demon enemy
George Noory.

WE are greater in every way as true freedom fighters
to expose the evidence of probable causes for high
crimes of ungodly treason. Circumstantials are near
as far as he ever goes, and when near never mentioning
video of iron flowing like water, or as never
has, Condi's "TOP SECRET" 911 plan to invade
Afghanistan for Enron, it is only in passing as
just insignificant not worth discussing as real
empowerment to the People. He doesn't want that,
because a mankind like me or you committed to
equality under the Law might be allotted a space to
speak freely for Justice. Real Justice. Grant US
five minutes on Coast to Coast over those lying
demon enemies of Life why don't you just try?

Israeli T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killing of Innocent Children

Again, they are ungodly thieving enemies of LIFE.
Not lovers of God, but Satanic as most certainly
deserve to be gassed as war criminals, after a
fair public trial of our peers. They broke the truce,
then targeted innocent children for mass murder.
They are enemies of every single innocent Human
being breathing. They publicly hold contempt for
Hillel, the Founder of Judaism. Being an actual
Jew, the zionist Israeli despise as sadistic mass
murdering thieves of Creation. They openly STEAL
Peoples homes there don't you know.

Where, or how does
a bankster "Lose" trillions?, when they covet
every last quarter penny? JPMorgan has currently
more than a trillion dollars in capital, so why pay
out as a tax payer 9.9 trillion on hopes to bolster
loans? They trade worthless derivitives, (CNBC's
"House of Cards") then pay themselves in YOUR
pension money as commissions. A sub-prime scam where
they trick a family into re-finance on the promise
of lowering payments, then bamb! double YOUR
payments to steal the house they put ZERO down for,
is a criminal fraud. But, whores of Obama hear him
state, "it is all perfectly legal", and that's all
they need to placate our screams for real Justice.
Our America is dying for the false accusing
demon LIAR, Trillioniare Zionist Banksters.

King Johnny for open line Coast to Coast
radio Host - Vote early, and vote often!


Christ the Jew=Elite Globalist

Alex Jones is confronted with a mirror false accuser

/ / AJ is not into connecting.

He is making money by spreading fear and
paralyzing people \ \

Alex, my friend, don't lose the cool.

Why do we need to rely on anything
but a fair sounded argument? Look at me: my
word's would suffice in dialog with US, the
Public, if America would demand we speak
openly on Coast to Coast with the facts of
criminality present in tyranny - all with only
needs to drop threats of fists-in-cuffs
against war criminals for public trial. I've
never threatened charm against anyone but
zionist torturers, mercenaries, and those
"Christian" soldiers who kidnapped young
barefooted Iraqi children and hurt them as
the innocent on video tape as sexual deviant
fascist nazis who 'believe' they are lawlessly
un-accountable to God and Man. You have to
be one serious un-arrested SOB before I'll
talk of cage.. well.. there you go. It really
doesn't help OUR cause to be a tough guy
against another wanting open dialog for
Justice. ? right? All for open national
debate in America, raise you voices! Or
don't and fall the consequences of further
ignoring my freedom call for liberation.

King Johnny

The "9/11 Missing Links" trap..

/ / The "Jews" started the 9/11 Truth
Movement....(?) Oh, that's rich! \ \

Look, blaming "Jews" would include innocent
persons, oh like.. Christ. A Zionist though,
states openly the will to TARGET for robbery,
or first degree mass murder, innocent
children, as corporately acceptable being
Satanic enemies of God and man. Remember:
Israeli ACTUALLY targeted Jews in northern
Lebanon with 7,000,000 land-mines. And Condi..
is near the biggest, documented war criminal
of history, and she's a .. .well.. a war
criminal who pre-planned 911 with her "TOP
SECRET" plan to invade Afghanistan for Enron.
If she was "Jewish" or otherwise, she'd still
be found a war criminal who pre-planned.. blablah


/ / Dr. Condi was very smart when she declared
at the outset of the most brutal Israeli war on
Gaza that it was the Palestinian side which
is held responsible for violating the six
-month truce. \ \

She lies, Innocent Christians die.


Geithner's Toxic Debt Plan So Good,
Citi and BofA Can't Wait to Get Started

/ / We're paying enormous amounts to free them
from their toxic assets, and they buy more? \ \

Raise your hands: who's in for continuing this
way without themselves present as accounted for?

Did you know: this latest bailout of AIG, is
the FIFTH given from the public as still not
accounted for either? Once, their idiots, twice,
your the idiot, three, We, the Idiot. Five times?
is to be somewhere past what was once factored
as purely theoretical.

(fOo|x)*5 - the irrational expression on how dumb
the public can succumb, before dreaming something
even dumber, is beyond the possible.

Holy man.

King Johnny for open line Coast to Coast
radio Host - Vote early, and vote often!


Nader: Seven Steps the Obama Admin is NOT Taking to Fix the Banking Crash, Why Not?


Notice 12 versions - which one is right God
asks the religious in slanged broken English?


UN: Israel broke six-month truce in Gaza


Again, understand, Israeli NAZIS murdered 239
Police Officers who were just trying to defend
our families. The NAZIS also specifically targeted
innocent women and children for mass murder as
CHILDREN - then stated it was pro-zionist Hamas'
fault. Please, allow the godly men and women of
Humanity to speak freely in America, as open
speech dedicated to a freedom currently dying
as enslaved at the hands of the neoconner
corporate whores.

U.S. partner, not Hamas, firing rockets into Israel



Your buying "TOXIC ASSETS" wake the kucf up

I DEMAND yourselves open lines for remedy through
understanding, or don't and listen further for the
demon to openly lie cheat and steal from your life.
The bankers, who are ready to accept another trillion
dollars plus from giving Americans don't cover our
loans - they don't. Before the bailouts started, 99
percent of everybody stated it was dumb to bailout
bankers who's only job is to take our cash for free
as it was. George Noory, the demon who states Laden
did 911, and openly champions murdering innocent Peoples
with war crimes for stolen cash profit doesn't believe he
has a problem with staying happy with America's demise,.
American! You had better speak louder than the Coast to
Coast radio hosts who refuse real Justice to prevail, for
it is now YOUR lives on the line, not just US innocent
Iraqis or Afghans, or the made illiterate nazi teen
grunts of the Air Force who bomb Our Humanity
indiscriminately routinely without apology as the ungodly.

I want Justice, and I want it now for all the victims
of 911. Americans be damned, we want Justice, and We
want it Now.

Barack Obama Pimps the Bailouts on Jay Leno | 2 of 3 | 3-19-2009

'It was all perfectly legal."

No it wasn't. and besides, the private bankers
don't cover our loans. We need to work for
open communications Coast to Coast to remedy
a workable solution through factually based
dialog. Rush Limbaugh need not apply, but he
can if he wills to garner ourselves some
cheating splats streaking repeatedly as cheap
slap stick Johnny style. Rush said yesterday
that stealing trillions from suckered America
is free market capitalism as a prime example.
Again We defeat Limbaugh's COMMI lies in
SECONDS. The entertainment would be
illuminatingly useful while the actual intelligent
men and women of Humanity fairly work our
way though this to a better world. Justice
for all.

Ben Stein on Larry King, said something
near this in reference to bailing out
these trillion dollar frauds: 'it's called
extortion, and somebody out there needs
to insist on understanding that that means,
it's hugely illegal, but Congress has
forgotten you have some dying rights here,
but, they can still call in our forces for
Justice, if America wills it.'

Guess what? We might might be the only
peoples on Earth to realize the
significance of Mr. Stein's factually
based stance on this issue of yours.

/ / Indeed, emails show that the rating service
employees knew they were acting fraudulently \ \

Did we forget that fraud is not only costly, but
illegal as well? I don't believe so for me,
what say you any Peoples, with an ounce of
integrity to publicly insist on Justice winning?
These trillioniares have negligently managed
to dereviate us into holding empty money bags that
contained our once great wealths. Now, after
stating they "LOST" our money, somehow thereby
that means we 'grant' them to lose Trillions MORE!
into their own private pockets, from the Public
as unaccounted for further, (CNN, CBC,
FoxNews BBC, New York Times, and the rest of
the news professionals SUCK) leaving "us" claiming
we now owe them even bigger than ever. We're not
joking about having a serious communications, hot
button issue going un-addressed for questioning
their/OUR continuing failures. Johnny's Quest to
Host the Coast to Coast Radio Networks is Coming
Soon! Go on the Ready.. Justice We Will!

A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax
Payments, Some Involving Tax Deals in Offshore Havens
- Uses Taxpayer Money to Pursue the Lawsuit


Torture Revealed Yet Again

How can America continue to remain silent
on these murderous treasons of God and Man?
I don't think we can.


Cheney: Don't blame Bush team for economic woes

NWOer Jones: Don't blame Bush the decider

blame the CFR, IMF, Builderburg, Trilaterals,
the Masons, gays, liberals, socialists, wiser
women, wiser men, all without evidence to form
an actual warrant for arrest to defend ourselves?

How can Alex state Bush ain't worth American accountability
because Obama is oh so much worse? If Bush can do
911 and torture without Alex getting his panties in a bunch,
how is it that Obama can enrage him for dare increasing
the non-existent tax on those who "earn" 250,000 or
more in the lawless 'free m

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