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News :: War and Militarism
Allah Hammers Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the Muslim Bible
30 Jun 2009
The Supreme Leader fiddles as Tehran burns.
Allah hammers Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei in the Muslim Bible. In his book “People of the Lie” famed Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck said that the lies of the wicked are endless and obvious. When your doctor decides to operate on you he not only needs your written consent but he also needs your informed consent. When you give children Kool Aid you need to tell them that it is laced with poison and that they are going to die a horrifying death before asking them to drink it, otherwise you are just a plain mass murderer murdering your own people.

The Earth is 5 billion years old. Human beings are 5 million years old. Abraham invented Judaism 4,000 years ago. Jesus invented Christianity 2,000 years ago. Muhammad invented Islam 1,400 years ago. These three religions are recent cults now leading the world into the Apocalypse, the extinction of life on Earth forever, and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is leading the charge.

The Muslim Holy Scripture, the Muslim Holy Bible is composed of the Hebrew Old Testament, the Christian New Testament, the Muslim Koran and the Muslim Hadith, the oral law. Lets put aside that these books were written by human beings with savage reptilian brains and possessed by murderous demonic spirits and a holy spirit. Lets pretend that these books were all written by God Himself.

Well, we can’t even pretend that because even according to these books the only part of these books that was written by God Himself was the 10 commandments carved in stone by God of Mount Sinai aka Yehovah, Elohim, God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah. The third commandment is “Do not take God’s name in vain.” On June 12, 2009 Iran held an election to elect a new puppet president for Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Iranian people know that they elected Mir Hossein Mousavi because they were there, they voted and they told each other who they voted for.

When Ayatollah Ali Khamenei announced that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defeated Mir Hossein Mousavi 63 to 34 the Iranian people rebelled because they knew this to be an obvious lie. Ayatollah Khamenei took Allah’s name in vain and declared, “The election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a Divine Assessment.” The ninth commandment of Allah is “Do not bear false witness against your neighbour.” The second commandment carved in stone by Allah is the Coveneant, the contract, the deal entered into by Moses, Jesus and Muhammad on behalf of all Christians, Muslims and Jews.

The Coveneant, the deal, the second commandment after God of Mount Sinai introduces himself in the first is “Follow my 10 commandments and I will bless you for thousands of generations. Break my 10 commandments and I will punish you, your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.” The imminent nuclear, biological and chemical punishment of the children of Iran will be intense. Their blood will be on the hands of their Supreme Leader, their murderer. Allah carved in stone, “Do Not Murder.”

The lies of the wicked are endless and obvious. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is telling the people of Iran that the Apocalypse, the nuclear destruction of Iran will be a wonderful thing, because it will bring about the advent of the two Muslim Messiahs the Mahdi and Jesus Christ to conquer the world for Islam. Lets pretend that Allah wrote the Muslim Holy Scriptures Himself.

Psalm 2 of the Old Testament has been interpreted to be the Messiah Prophecy. In Psalm 2 God of Mount Sinai says to the Jewish King David, “Ask of me and I will make the Goyim your heritage, and the ends of the Earth your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.” The word Goyim means the non Jews, the Muslims. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is telling the Muslim people of Iran that God of Mount Sinai will crush the Christians and Jews when the clear meaning of the Holy Scripture of Islam, Psalm 2, is that God of Mount Sinai promises that the Messiah will obliterate the Muslims.

A lie only has power over you if you believe it. The lies of the wicked are endless and obvious. The 6 billion dollar question is “How does Ayatollah Ali Khamenei get away with these lies?” Why is nobody confronting this liar by simply reading his own scripture to him? Are there no scientists in Iran telling the people that getting nuked into the dirt may not be a day at Neverland with Bubbles? Michael Jackson left his entire estate and all of the Middle East Oil to Bubbles in his will drafted in Bahrain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Why not on the mountains? Because that doesn’t rhyme?

Ayatollah Khamenei the fascist dictator of Iran has convinced the Iranian people that the Messiah of Islam, Jesus Christ, will conquer the world for the Muslim people. Lets let Jesus speak for Himself in the Holy Muslim Scripture. In the Muslim Holy Scripture Jesus Christ says Himself that when he returns, he will command his Angels to throw every last Muslim man, woman and child into the fire and burn them all alive. (Matthew 13:24-43). Is there no one in Iran who can read? This is no Pepsi commercial. We are allowing Ayatollah Khamenei to lead us all into the apocalypse on a pack of obvious lies. Where is the world media? Where are the university professors? Are they all sleeping like ostriches?

We have pretended that God wrote the Muslim Holy Scriptures but right in the Muslim Holy Scriptures God of Mount Sinai says that the Holy Scriptures are not the word of God. God calls the Bible writers forgerers of his word. The Biblical prophets were there when the bible writers wrote the bibles and signed their own word, “God”, taking God’s name in vain, and these prophets railed against this right in the bible, saying that it would lead to our present disaster with Judaism, Christianity and Islam leading us all against each other into the fire.

God of Mount Sinai says of the bible writers, “They say, ‘Says the Lord’, when the Lord has not sent them, and yet they wait for the fulfillment of their word!” (Ezekiel 13:6). God says of the bible writers, “You prophesy by Satan!” (Jeremiah 2:8). Allah said that “the bible writers are creating for the people a shelter of lies and falsehoods which will cause the people to fall backwards and be broken and ensnared and taken.” (Isaish 28:9-15).

The problem with Peace and peaceful events is that it’s invisible. The media does not headline, “Cleveland Wasn’t Nuked Today!” This is why the people of Earth do not know that a wave of peace is now sweeping the world. Here is what must be taught in every university and published in every newspaper on Earth in order for life on earth to go on:

The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion was founded on Feb. 25, 2005 and makes peace among and unites Jews, Christians and Muslims and everyone else by tying them together with their common threads and resolving all of their differences once and for all. Two years later Jordanian Prince Ghazi founded his website “A Common Word Between You and Us, Love” Since then the Catholic Church, The Church of England, the Orthodox Church, the world’s Muslim Scholars, the Arab League, Israel, Jordanian King Abdullah, Saudi King Abdullah, the European Union, President Obama and on and on have all come together at numerous interfaith conferences. The only holdout still clinging to his wet dreams of world domination for Islam is Ayatollah Ali Khameni. Because of this one wolf in sheep’s clothing, the modern Hitler, the people of Iran will shortly be wiped off the face of the Earth forever, and all the people of Earth will suffer greatly. This demon denies the Holocaust. Let him now deny the coming Holocaust in Iran as the people of Earth, including the Muslim Arab League come against him. Let him say, “Tehran isn’t burning, my beard isn’t burning, it’s all a figment of your imagination.”
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