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Commentary :: Globalization
royal doody
05 Jul 2009
lords and kings are unamerican....
Confidence: L., reliance, belief...Society is built upon trust, and trust upon confidence in one anothers integrity...South.

Confidence: The state of mind characterized by ones reliance on himself or his circumstances...a feeling of self sufficiency.
Websters International Dictionary 1902

The word dollar evolves from the German word Taler, the name given to
the first large sized European silver coin. The coin originated in
Tyrol in 1484. These coins became so popular that many other
countries also struck large size silver coins, many of which derived their
names from the very same Taler...Rijksdaalder (Netherlands), Tallero (Italy), Talar (Poland)...all these names and many more are abbreviations of Joachimsthaler: the largest European mint was that of Joachimsthal in the Bohemian Erzgebirge. Spanish pieces of eight also copied the Taler, and the abbreviation 2 bits (1/4 of a piece of 8) indicates the widespread popularity of that dollar-like coin as well.
A Guide Book Of United States Coins, 45th edition, 1992, R.S. Yeoman

"They work more effectively against us than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America."

George Washington
Speaking of speculators in the currency
Maxims of George Washington (published by D.

Appleton & Co., 1894)

American currency has become a fiat currency. This is also known as confidence currency, because it is based solely upon the confidence of its users, not upon any bothersome tangibles like silver and gold. This has happened here in the land of the pee and home of the slaves because around 1913 a group of international financiers were awarded the concession for our collective banking, and with it, the concession to coin our money, to print our paper. That is the Federal Reserve, of course. Through subterfuge and cunning, representatives of the international banks (Many British) overtook America by overtaking its currency. A slow attack. A hundred year war. Unspoken Agenda.

In spite of these nefarious plans by our enemies within, The American peoples confidence in themselves and their products was so powerful it allowed the international families of financial manipulation to prosper beyond their wildest dreams. Americas goodness gave these reptiloid cockroaches the ability to float valuable paper all over the world, in Americas name, on the back of the dollar. So now it is fun to watch them try to bring in more international paper, and all the scam international legal codes attendant with, because it is their undoing, and their naivete and stupidity is showing for all the world to see. If the dollar falls, so does the rest of the worlds paper. Quickly, too.

It is happening now. Goosey layeth no more, Abraham.

The international banking cartels made billions and billions and billions by renting our money back to us, while always steering spending to themselves, and their kind. This was the most immense treasure chest of all time! Great efforts were made to tax tax TAX so that the treasure chest would get all used up, and the American people, that vast engine of production, would, as if by some black magic, find themselves in a continuous and killing debt, enslaved to international paper in a deadly downward spiral. There is precedent: one needs only study the way the Irish have been enslaved in the past by the economic depravities of the crown. That is just one of Many examples. The opening of borders here, especially the Mexican border, was to facilitate more international paper, shinplasters times ten, and most importantly, to finally kill the dollar. Har. Har. Har.

Yes, history is rife with examples of royalty riding rough-shod over the people while smiling sweetly all the while. It is a fact, not a figment of someones imagination, and here in America during the first decade of the 21st century, this is all being well illustrated to many once again. This writing and others like it are not fabrications to smear the perpetrators or their kind. This is reality.

Once American debt became great enough, it was time to begin eroding liberty. The judicial fell to special interest law making, and the predation of the british bar; the police state became entrenched as tax enforcement Mammy. Debtors prisons, income tax, pip pip cheerio and all that rot. Again, this was done with a confidence money, a fiat currency, mostly paper. Now the coinage is simply token as well, no intrinsic value, it is carnage not coinage, and alllllll issued by a bank which is really a conglomerate of banks whose interests lie, for the most part, outside of America. The price of gold has been elevated in magnitude.

Yesssss, the attack by these people was cunning to say the least. They go back to day one, and Hamilton was an agent of theirs. Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill, but was publicly executed by another American during a duel. To make it short and simple the international money monkeys gained full control of American currency after Americas civil war, which is what that war was REALLY all about. These would be the people who would become the federal reserve, the financiers and their families. This control of Americas money was then employed as leverage to begin slowly gaining control of other things as well, in and out of government, within administration, media, healthcare, education.

There has been opposition. Wars within, almost constantly, and when you begin to perceive this, it is really something to see, let me tell you. TV is a banal and paltry ridiculousity compared to reality, and TV is just used to hide reality, I am sure. Anyway, many of these wars within our country are recorded on American coinage. The 6 pointed star was put on our coinage from very early because a major donor of silver for one of Americas first mintings asked that it be so. In the beginning this star was simply 6 rays, but many issues bear the true hexagram (Star of David) in stark clarity, especially as minting technology progressed. The 6 pointed star was replaced with a 5 pointed star early in the 1900s, and due to what must be a bizarre coincidence, this dovetails with the formation of the federal reserve and the income tax. Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My. Another coda among the coins: many early American coins can be graded via The Liberty Grading System, where the amount of liberty rubbed off the coin indicates, with high clarity, its level of wear, as if the engravers designed this so, and perhaps with a message: Liberty is always the first thing to go. Of course they are right. There are many other instances of our money illustrating the wars within, if one cares to look. I recommend it. Get Inspired.

What the international money people seem to believe in primarily is their own personal divinity, their exalted state near god, by being born rich. They give it all kinds of fancy labels and rationale, but thats it in a nutshell. They are full of themselves and they are full of doody (themselves = doody), so there you have it, and you may quote me. They are not American.

Consider the lone man scenario to illustrate that wealth is a strictly human power/control thing. Theres one man left on earth, everything he needs is all around him, he wants some wheat, there are huge fields of it, MILES of it, he only needs about 5 feet. Wealth, but it will be dust again before he could do anything with it, and besides, there are better things than wheat, how about gold or silver or gems or all the other foods? Its all so big it boggles the mind. But why? The mere thought of wealth under these circumstances is not just superfluous, but actually ludicrous. What wealth? Many would say, in a case such as this, that a little company could be considered wealth of a sort, so along comes wealth, another hu-man, who thought he too was alone, and now he has a friend. But a whole new way of looking at things begins to creep in now, for both men, and it is called the Mine and Theirs Syndrome. The Pharoahnic Disease. The Caesar Infection.

It only gets worse from here, the Mine and Theirs Syndrome; the more people involved the more frenetic and tattered at the edges, the closer to chaos, the fouler the smell. It has become so hydraulic that the few people in charge of things at the end of the first decade of the 21st century are attempting to gain total control over the entire planet, and everyone on it, through control of the environment which means at best they will control ALL of food and water, and at worst, they have already created ecological and perhaps even extinctive disaster. Buuuuuuut the planet is THEIRS, and we are on it, we eat THEIR food, we must go through THEM to get to God...and these few in control, so full of doody, have done all they can to destroy America, they took all the time they thought was necessary, spared no expense, because American ideals are all that stand in the way of their royal outlook and control of their planet and its people once and for all.

Well hell. Yet again the world owes Americans a great debt for twigging to this, and waking them up, but alas, for the most part, the worlds humans are much too cow-like and stupid to know anything about this yet. Also, let us not forget, the manipulators have entire control of most media for nearly 100 years or longer now. That is a definite factor to be considered, I don't want to be unkind to the cows.

A lot of the worlds new royalty is really old royalty with the names changed. One piece of action that has always been monopolized by these creeps is the industry of pain, and pain alleviation. Notice I include both together. It has been impossible so far to keep royalty from hurting us, so they can then squeeze every last cent out of us for alleviation of that pain. Royalty now pulls the strings of all governments worldwide, especially America, and through their law making, and civil attacks on us, like the war on drugs, they have succeeded in escalating the prices of all their drugs into outer space. The more illegal and hated a drug is, the more it is worth, and the number of headline celebrities partaking of any given drug will clue anyone with more sense than jujubes that those well hated drugs are the very BEST drugs.

All the talk of money and its effects, and its reality, its tangibility or not, becomes moot when it is finally realized by even the most hard headed that not just Americas, but the WORLDS economy is based more on a large and unaccountable black market in drugs, than on anything else. Perhaps guns come close but they are heavy and hard to haul in comparison; plus the public must always be whipped into a killing frenzy by media and other hate machines, churches for Je$u$, that kind of thing, schools, in order to make war profitable for all the hearst types the race spawns....anyway where was I? Right, the whole worlds visible economy is nothing but a facade for the real commerce, and you can take that to the bank, 'k? Real commerce is a no-holds barred work kind of thing if you can handle it, and the royalty do ALL to stack it against anyone with initiative or evil free thoughts. This is also why royalty hate guns. They do not really hate guns, they LOVE guns, they just want guns for themselves and no one else. Like the NRA. They love THEIR guns. They hate YOUR guns. Duh.

What we need is a lot less taxation and lot less tax enforcement, we need to be able to do commerce again, like Americans. This is going to entail use of alternative currencies, like gold, silver, gems, art, consumables of all types, as money, while we cut the fed right out of it, and let them scurry off to their various warrens. The law enforcement brought from Germany and South America by the federal reserve hireling bush, have been operating ENMOD behavior modification and a huge surveillance machine since 911. Those types need to go back to Germany and think on some things, think hard. Word of what this science is all about will precede you, comrades, good luc.

We do not need cops (aka tax enforcement), we need people carrying firearms if they are afraid, and most especially America needs humans trained and working in the orbital environment and related industries. Big Money if we can break the stranglehold of you-know-who. The royalty have absconded badly with a lot of the science that America has paid for, for a long time now, we want full disclosure of all that, all the science involved (BOO!) and much much more. We not only have guns, we know how to use them, and besides, your presence and representatives here are becoming a liability to everyone. Worse, embarassing.

All the bailouts and special interest privilege that has happened under the traitor bush and his regime, and is still happening, has caused a great loss of confidence by Americans at large. Loss of confidence in their money, and the people they thought they were paying to oversee the welfare of the mass. God help you bankers if you have pushed it so far we lose all confidence in our dollar, because that is the end of all the worlds paper, and from where I am sitting, it looks as if it might be the end of you too.

Fair Warning.

This work is in the public domain
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