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Commentary :: International
Terror Alert Raised with Phony bin Laden Tape
21 Aug 2009
I haven't yet heard the NWOers even mention the life and
death struggle of Humanity to have arrested Baxter for
attempted Genocide, and all doctors and nurses who
participate with the crime as criminally negligent.
Click on image for a larger version

Terror Alert Raised with Phony bin Laden Tape

Tom Ridge: I Was Pressured To Raise Terror Alert To Help Bush Win [with phony bin Laden tape]

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

I haven't yet heard the NWOers even mention the life and
death struggle of Humanity to have arrested Baxter for
attempted Genocide, and all doctors and nurses who
participate with the crime as criminally negligent. See?
The whores of Alex Jones don't want US blaming actual
criminals, where the Police are as our sides. Alex Jones
don't like that, because someone who isn't a bigot/racist,
would freely express the clear falsehoods of his true
underminings of standing American Law and GOD. Alex Jones
would rather die all of Humanity as victim, than face in
public his inequity on our real identities. Thus is why he
refuses my calls by claiming I'm a dis-info liar. Only by
censorship, is his illusion capable. I am open for
business, he refuses to be honorable. A greatly wiser
person can not be granted the right to speak in the
interests of all parties, no. Why? Because all "Liberals"
believe in Voodoo he claims. Example: we have Iron flowing
like water on video, so, he gets his whores to donate to the
Paul family who have never spoken for yearned justice by
the facts freely available on any issue.. No Ron Paul is
too busy to support the arrest of General Ahmad for 911,
Bush and Cheney for doctoring the NIE, or the arrest of
the Banksters who CLEARLY, CLEARLY, CLEARLY, have stolen
so much from so many. That is what a con man like Ron Paul
does. And Libertarians love him for it - life isn't
scary for them - just the indiscriminate bombing victims
in far off distant countries that 'nobody' cares about.

Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity, by Robert F. Kennedy, jr.

[it's Robert F. Kennedy jr. for Christ sakes]

However, it does appear, near all of every American,
refuses to even raise their voices to defend Liberty. Too
happy with illusionist doper George Noory, the demon
enemy Zionist war criminal who cares not for America's
sacrifices - no - he rather enjoys it. Sadistic
child killing enemy of Liberty, who broadcasts his
poisons near every day accoss the entire country, and
near no one, near no one even cares enough to listen.
Evil is like that. It is GEORGE NOORY! that speaks his
willingness to go ballistic against any grunter who
refuses a criminal order. AND - he said so in Alex Jones'
face, who responded with his typical, George Noory
is so wonderful demonic con of epic evil. Running cover.

Then.. look at me. Beit whatever false understanding
you have of my intent, People can't be bothered
either. Years ago I would send out thousands of emails
a day, and get back, like two responses. The care for
our dying worlds, is near non-existent to the selfishness
of ungodly Zionist rule to suffer 'others' needlessly for
the riches of tyranny. Our water and food stuffs have been
compromised, along with the American Air Force spaying
entire cities with provable toxic agents as the Enemy.
Iraq war = no cause. Americans truly don't care. It's
just YOUR child, it's just YOUR grandparents to die
innocent victims.

My love with God is to be simply the 'magical' man I am.
(A real Man mind you.) Something Americans have only seen
in our movies maybe. It would have been greatly empowering
- and I could have continued with a near normal future
on hopes one day to meet a lady or two, and settle down
to have a family of my own. This now looks almost impossible
in this state of our dire challenges. So, I, as the actual,
no bullshit, Son to God, am now going to raise my concern
over America's contempt for all Life. Every lawless bushite
death is a mercy on our souls. They war the innocent of
Humanity with rape, torture, thefts, and mass murder, all
for the escape of the Peenacker Neocons - and deserve to die
before any more innocent victims fall in their place. Don't
think we can do it? Believe God doesn't exist as worth a
reckoning for the American Nazi Zionist Republicans?
Republicans who, with fixed elections, universally take cash
bribes by irrational private insurance companies to sell
out American intent on a daily basis for the vile
debasement of our entire species? Think again, think again.

PURE EVIL: Child killing traitor to America

See the frantic nature of the Bushite McCainic
godless Nazi whores? Anything to kill innocent
Christian children for a Satanic Zionist. Why
would any human being cheer for the needless
murderers of almost two million INNOCENT persons?
Done to 'escape' the Satanic Peenackers, and the
Bankster frauds? AND LOOK, they can't be bothered
to spend ten minutes researching their understandings
on why they support TO THE DEATH, the murders of
our innocent children, our wives, our husbands.
These ungodly Zionist whores of the demon antiChrist
cheer for the murder of INNOCENT PEOPLE. INNOCENT
PEOPLE. INNOCENT PEOPLE. Escaping the Zionist
traitors as PURE EVIL. PURE EVIL.

When a bushite dies, all the universe with God cries
a sigh of relief. They are ungodly enemies of Humanity
who war our worlds for the escape of the Peenacker
Neocons. TRAITORS.

Remember: none of the 911 suspects were Afghans. NONE.

Remember: the FBI TODAY still admits no evidence linking Laden to 911.

Remember: Bush and Cheney immediately closed 911 investigations.

Remember: Nazi grunts are warring to rape Afghan women
or starve them, pushing dope, torture, and thefts, so
all to escape the Neocon Peenackers for the crimes of
no questions!, no questions! Like why is Iron flowing
like water from the towers??

Remember: General Ahamd funded 911's Atta.


Israeli soldiers are weak and cowardly - Here's the proof!

Notice the Zionist's comments, on it not caring
for us, the innocent victims. Open, in your face,
the Ungodly McCainiac Commie Zombie Zionist speaks
without care for the openly, innocent ourselves
robbed and murdered by Satanic war criminals.
Why? - makes the Zionist enemy of God and Man
"richer" with our stolen values.

Israel Attacks Jews,
Silence from Mainstream about Violation of Law

They kill Jews for money. They bombed Jews in Lebanon
for money. They want to bomb the HUGE sacred Jewish
communities in Iran.. wonder why? Zionists are not
Jews, for Jews don't steal in God's good name. Nor
target innocent beings for stolen gains. A zionist is
a thief to life, and as such, needs to be formally
charged for their criminal offenses, given lawyers,
and upon a successful prosecution, rot in a prison
cell and/or pay restitutions. YES. why? so not another
innocent person must fall in their place as next
victim to a zionist's public commitment to lawless
tyranny for evil intentions.

The Lord, in the Holy Bible, calls the Zionist,
the Satanic enemies of every Human Being with
God in fair Judgment.

The Holy Bible "I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of

Look, these enemies of Life steal INNOCENT PEOPLES
HOMES as thieves of The King of Jew's simple philosophy.
Too difficult for Amerika's NWOer movements "against
global tyranny"? for your "American" mind as pretending
my Nation of America, is not a cowardly fascist Nazi
grouping of godless savages, who pray to win by robbing
Humanity from our Humanity by supporting in silence
the indiscriminate bombing and looting of the Innocent
to "profit" themselves from? Freedom? No, today's
give blind for evil, 'profitable' ungodly Zionism.

Afghanistan After Democracy


Baby Girl Vaccinated by FORCE is NOW Austistic


Neoconer's cure is to grind up pieces of sick
dead animals and inject it into us.

Fight back by leastly raising your phone
in defense of your own child godless

We need to organize an International Public
Debate conducted from Coasts to Coasts to
resolve this serious inoculation program.
All Police Services are presumed to be public
witnesses for the Prosecution. Who would say,
"no no no no no no no" to a polite debate of
the facts? a demonic Bushite McCainiac Zionist
whore of evilness committed soullessly for the
unlawfull escape of the Peenacker Neocons. An
illiterate that don't listen, and can't count,
and couldn't care more for denying free
communications for those that make them
out to what they truly are. They war our worlds
for censorship to not allow wiser voices
for Justice to prevail. Bush closed 911

Johnny for NEW! Coast to Caost Radio Host.
Vote early, and Vote often ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yeahway Man

NWOers trying to divide the innocent masses turning
US against each other to not allow organization on
law or principles.

/ / as the establishment left had hoped, puts the final
nail in the coffin of the smear that the poster depicting
President Obama as Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker
in Batman was in any way racist. \ \

Ask the NWOers, what is racist? What is bigotry?
Can't blame Bush for 911 by closing investigations,
can't blame Obama for extortion, or wanted as a
bank robber, or for the war crimes.. no he's a
"Socialist". It's a racist/bigot claim. Why?
Because the NWOers who whore for Alex Jones, who do
near nothing for ourselves are illiterates - pick up a
phone, they refuse, how about a Dictionary? This
Bush whore enemy of Justice refuses to support wiser
men or women speaking, for Freedom by Justice to rule.
A Neocon enemy of Freedom who probably likes to blame
anyone but the actual known criminals, all to boister
for the escape of the Peenacker Neocons. Americans are
ruled unjustly by Zionists like Alex Jones. Enemies who
will refuse to empower Americans with THE FACTS to
recognize who personally is responsible for treasonous
actions. Be it on stealing a Christian's home, Health
care, warfare, Ron Paul ect And the NWOers love him for
it, no responsibilities to demand Justice to falling
American families while they scream, your an idiot, your

Alex Jones told his whores yesterday, that those that
disagree with himself are Liberal, and Liberals
practice Voodoo. (I am not Liberal, I am John.) Then
he went on to tell us what ALL Atheists believe in
their 'secret' supporting of blood sacrifice. !.
[maybe as a secret they know nothing about as likelier]
Evil is dumb, and Alex is getting far worser than he
was - continiously. Division to steal Justice from
ourselves is his Bigot agenda. You think I'm lying
right? Hell bound it does clearly seem to be. Watch
his whores, like Mansons, offer nutziode lame excuses
after another. Anything to not address Bush closing 911
investigations. Anything to not demand George Noory
allow Americans to defend America. Likewise, anything
to not defend innocent Palestinians from the evil
criminal forces of Satan. AIPAC openly recieve
kickbacks covered by suckered American tx payers, and
Alex wills what??? Nobody socialize, nobody socialize!

US Is Picking & Choosing The Afghan Opium Trade Winners

A McCainiac Zombie Commie Response

Palin "Sen. Barack Obama, [.. will] usher in
an era of “government as part of your family,
taking care of us, making decisions for us.”

What do they think a RePublic is? A nation of
Zionist fuktwits dying from self criminalization?
Yup. Our Government, like all Governments, are
collective Governments; a collective of
people claiming to legitimately/illegitimately
serve the public's authority for our better good.
Law. Including the worst of the bunch (- You know,
Bush the Peenacker frontman's, close personal buddies,
(if you recall him kissing ass for Saudi Arabia.))
That is why we have elections. Are the Bushite
McCainiac Zombies, (who, if asked, are naturally
in support of near all military dictatorships)
trying to remove the phoney election process all
together now? I am already a Christian, a Muslim,
a Buddhist, as the Jew's Jew, King of the World I
entertain Atheism as a fascination, a healthy
exercise of wit to peer awestruck at the awesomeness.
The beauty of it all. I am of the sky, I am of
the Earth. I am of a Virgin Birth, and can near
explain it completely by science to anyone
interested, but.. alas, Americans are hating
the guys or gals who have answers - makes'em
look dumb. With it being a nationed pre-programed
to be chauvinists, we have a hell of a battle
to speak freely.. but well, You'll see. Help
yourself some how about? Send this to two people,
for a spicy conversation starter..
igotamillionofthem - Now, off to free open public
debate on the Coast to Coast International Radio
program. ! Come on! It'll be fun!

Joe Says He Would ‘Beat The Livin’ Tar’ Out of Smarter Americans

/ / Update Joe [the "Plumber"] also provided some parenting advice at the conference, telling right wingers that his "size twelves" do just as good a job as teachers when it comes to making sure his children are educated.

"I’m not telling people to go out and do that and I don’t advocate that if we can make our point through facts." \ \

See, if Joe the (NOT) Plumber is proven an evil enemy
of Justice for America, and has no facts to defend his
treasonous McCainiac Zombie criminal behavior, he will
physically attack YOUR innocent child? Do you care
American? Do you even exist American? I think not with
their deafening silences. They can't be even bothered
to even raise their phone to happy George Noory. The
demon who has stated for the record: he wills to go
ballistic against any and all GIs that refuse a
criminal order given by the traitor faction.

"Obama Defends Escalation of War in Afghanistan"

Defends indiscriminately murderering innocent third
worlders to rape and starve women? To have executed
People for the only "crime" of being a Christian?

Taliban fighters are guilty of nothing but standing in defense
of the innocent victims of 911. Bushite antichrist forces are
the worst of religious fundamentalists. They refuse to arrest
"judges" who order the bushite dumfuk to murder those who
speak for women's rights through the Quran. They refuse to
arrest "judges" who order bushite dumfuk to murder Christians
guilty of nothing but respecting Mohammed.

Why Are Cops Tasering Grandmothers, Pregnant Women and Kids?

We can trust that the Taliban would have gloriously
executed these 'lawless' sadistic Bushite McCainiac
Commie Zombies no?


Ray McGovern: "It's there in black and white - The
intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy"

Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent.

High treason.

War Criminals Not Executed by the Public Option of
a Fair Trial in a Nation Truly Apposed to Tyranny

American Cops Tazer Child 19 Times Leaving Him in a Coma

Ozark Police Buy "TASER Cams" After TASER Incident ...

Ozark Police Capt. Thomas Rousset and his cohorts.

Charge these demons with attempted murder yesterday,
convict them, then have them prison bound for all
the world to see, what a good cop can do defending
our communities. There is no excuse for this clear attempt
at murdering the lad, and these bush bitches need to better
explain themselves rationally, or be served a rightful
conviction under the Law. The story might sell poorly to
the terrified as terrorized Ozarkians, but it don't jive
out here in the boondocks, nowhere, nohow. "Incoherent"
doesn't equal "kill cops" doesn't equal Tazing our little
Bro regardless. Telling a bushite nazi "cop" to fuck off
and die, while your incoherent with a painful broken back
by itself, does not warrant attempted murder 19 times by
tazing. NO THREAT that coudn't be handled by a heavy
penciled note against the child for prosecutions. Plus,
why is it suggested the couple that called 911, saw him
walking? Where is the questions that were asked but not
re-uttered as vital? (Speculation: did enemy child abuser
Thomas Rousset [a demon that 'sees' no problem here] push
him off initially?) Is the life and death issues important
at all to you "American" "Patriot" "Freedom" "Lover"? Do
you care for another American teen deprived Life and
Liberty? Not your problem as a family man over there you
say without a real newspaper either?

We are,

Big Brother


'Child Abuse: Using children to TEST flu vaccine'

Mercury is seriously toxic.

"warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease"

Who actually cares here? CNN? FOXNEWS? MSNBC?
Rush 'let me torture YOUR Family for fun thanks' Limbaugh?
Happy George Noory the DEMON ENEMY?


/ / The left is already telegraphing its strategy
to discredit the town hall movement. \ \

'Left says, the right says' - NONSENSE. Bigotted
division to try and derail our Justice movement, where
the facts are the facts. A Bushite McCainiac
has zero concern for freedom in America, for
they refuse as NAZIS to demand the arrest of Bush
and Cheney for blantant treasons times 50. Bush
closed 911 investigations. Iron flowing. Doctored
the NIE. NWOers don't like these FACTS that got
innocent suckered Americans killed for stolen

Sean Hannity and His Panel Carry Water for the Insurance Companies

Americans are paying Insurance companies billions
and billions every year for nothing. Don't have to,
but will for fear of wiser men and women with
calculators speaking. Look at the NWOers who blame
Socialism, and their silences against Bush the
decider, Ron Paul, Cheney, 1441, doctoring of the
NIE, Iron flowing like water, Obama's Banksters
extortions, Rove fixing elections as blatantly
criminal, ect.

Obama "... nothing will be gained by spending
our time and energy laying blame for the past."

No Justice whatsoever?

'Top brass have 'no idea' how many troops have been wounded in Afghanistan'

Well, we know that the Tenth Mountain Division would
take great pleasure in murdering babies and grand mothers,
so, more than 50% has been classified now as officially,
mentally hanidcapped or dead. (ABCNews) And rightly so no?
To kill/mame a bushite, is to save the lives of their next
targeted innocent vicitms. DBD. :) They war GOD for the escape
of the Peenacker Neocon. What kind of Humanity would deny MY
voice of freedom to lie cheat and steal for Ron Paul? For
DEMON LIAR Rev. Ted Pike? Where have I not served Justice well?
Never, for I am a Son to Life. And i know, i know, you don't
care, only blindly hate the wise such as me, while blindly
blaming the NWO for your assaults of banker thefts and mercury
poisonings. Americans hate everyone wise, which of course
includes themselves denied. What about evidence? Justice?
Nah, they can't be bothered. It's just YOUR child, it's just
YOUR grandparents they'll rob from or murder next. Who cares?
as the American Republican bribe takers who fight to
deny better health care would say. They can't even be bothered
to raise their phone, let alone forward my post of facts
un-contended. I told the Rev personally he would be TRULY
a demonic enemy of God and Man to support harm against People
he only knew as innocent, and his response was, that that
wasn't the point. Well, it is, and he is evil to the max dudes.

No honor among thieves who feed off the
cowardice of the American citizens refusing
to stand for the cause of Man.

Justice for All.


Americans Love that torture with happy George Noory.

/ / It is sad that we have to have our “papers”
to walk down a street. Bob Dylan was detained
because he did not have his ID with him. \ \
Well, the cop was probably a third worlder,
military dictator type - considering what
Americans will be forced into for refusing to
support the arrest of Bush and Cheney for HIGH
treason. / / If it was Mick Jagger I might have
cared. \ \ yeah, in Amerika, who gives a fuk for
the innocent victim's right 'escaped', for Peenacker
Neocons? A price Americans are willing to pay with
their cowardly lives dying for tyranny.

Obama To OK $15 Billion For Israel's Air Force

That IS a war crime, as a terrorist crime
for supporting such indiscriminate murdering
theives of Humanity and God. Israeli NAZI
admit to breaking the truce. Israeli NAZI
admit to regularly stealing a good man's
home. Americans don't care enough for Life
as a Zionist entity of evil decieved. No


/ / According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, the target of
Saturday's explosion in Kabul was not the headquarters of the
International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Afghanistan but the
American embassy. \ \

Bushite killing Bushite for stolen nickels.
See, a thief can't be trusted. No honor.
Remember: Omar the Just speaks FLUENT
english. An Englishman's English. Like,
he is literate. Let US hear again, what
Omar the Just had to say: 'where's the
evidence to form you mindless opinion
Satanic dumfuk enemies of God and Man'?

Zionists. It's a nation of lying,
stealing, murderering Zionists. Alex
Jones refuses to allow his cult to
understand why arresting bad guys like
Bush and Cheney is important to defend
the Constitution. Like Obama for
bankster extortions. I haven't yet
heard the "Conservative" even mention
the life and death struggle of Humanity
to have arrested Baxter for attempted
Genocide, and all doctors and nurses who
participate with the crime as criminally
negligent. It's an evil person who tells
your American child, mercury as a toxic
heavy metal isn't something to be concerned
about. We want trials, and life term
sentences given out to these death
mercants of evil wickedness, doing
all they can, like Alex Jones and the
NWOers, to escape Bush, their deity,
for high treason. Americans are scum to
tell the person to blame for your
downfall, isn't anybody, but the
Global-Elites, the UN, Builderburg,
CFR. Note: Clinton admits she takes
orders from the CFR, now what NWOers?
Eh? It's like these Libertarian rejects
who refuse to read anything, waiting
for an audit of the fed... when the fed
has already been audited - what are they
waiting/looking for? Don't know yet that
the banksters never covered our loans as
it was? They like Ron Paul becasue they
don't then have any responsibilties to
demand Justice, there isn't any for Iraqis
or Americans. That is why weak and pathetic
Anarchists like the Libertarian - no
challenges to expose themselves as CLEARLY,
disfunctioning illiterates.

'Traffic lights at major intersections are not there for your safety, it's
"Socialized Health Care" Socialism - Socialists that SOCIALIZE.... Say No to the smarter People, say NO to the smarter People!!! - They has been writing our Sceenplays for THOUSANDS OF YEARS ! ! ! '

Unarmed Civilians "Waving white flags" are

actually terrorists can't you see evil right in
your face? Victim? As innocent until known
otherwise? They Steal "Civilian" homes daily.
NAZI Israeli dropped millions of land mines
on Lebanon to murder our children indiscriminately
for decades. They starve Jews in the garbage
dumps of Israel - IT WAS ON TV - Let Truth prevail.

Israel Nazi State

Israeli nazis state they will murder humanity
indiscriminately until rockets stop falling on
their country. Yet, they broke the truce. They
always break their truces. Understand these
Satanic enemies of God, dropped seven million
land mines on Lebanon when learning the conflict
was over. They will kill Jews for money, THEY are
the Nazis.

ANTI-SEMITE is FoxNews every time they assault God
with "Israel, the Jewish State" to torture, steal,
and murder.?. ANTI-SEMITE!

IDF's YouTube Gaza channel to Correct Ourselves


Lawrence O'Donnell to John Culberson: You Lie to America About the Evils of Government Health Care

Daniel Freeman, a member of the unit, told the Gazette,
"Toward the end, we were so mad and tired and frustrated..
You came too close, we lit you up. You didn't stop, we
ran your car over with the Bradley."

Hunt the bushite

/ / The Zionist state has tacitly admitted that
doctors at the Israeli forensic institute at Abu
Kabir had extracted the vital organs of three
Palestinian teenage children killed by the Israeli
Army nearly ten days ago. \ \

The LORD calls the Zionist, Satanic enemies of
God and Man for good reasons. And what do American
Christian mothers and Fathers have to say on this
issue of their sacrifice to Satan? Not much my
friends, not much.

For God, to pay blindly in life support, to corporate
bribers of the Repugger sell outs is, a Bushite McCainiac
Commie dying from intelectual brevity. They HATE the
wise person speaking like me because we make them look
evil as stupid, no I mean like really really evil. Oh,
and it's YOUR teen sons and daughters conned to die in
the conflict to escape, the Peenacker Neocon.

True Commies a Bushite McCainiac Are

/ / because it is a thief, a rapist, a
war mongering murderer of innocent families,
as leastly wars for such lawless actions to
continue. \ \ 'escaping' the Peenacker Neocon.


/ / The Obama administration admitted last week it
promised to oppose proposals to let the government
negotiate drug prices \ \

Hardball: Lawrence O'Donnell Exposes Clueless Town Hall Protester

Commi Katy 'Americans/Soldiers dying for whatever cause, who
can care enough to listen?'

/ / she is the poster child for the entire undereducated,
under-informed mob that make up the right wing town hall
protesters. \ \

Buying in bulk is cheaper.

Message for America from the King

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

Wouldn't you just love to see a bushite torturer
executed under American standing law, before the
bushite Nazi tortures another? Rush Limbaugh has
spoken of his silence in torturing innocent children
to death, as 'letting off steam' and yet, what good
does bearing a gun, in the land of the free do,
when a Bushite McCainiac has so far "escaped" rightful
execution warring the criminal cause of the ungodly
Zionist Israeli? who refuses to support the rightful
arrest of the traitor Peenacker highjackers? who can
spew such vile hatred for Justice as our Human
condition, nationally on their radio, and the NRA says
what? (note: Reagan made it a death sentence to
torture another innocent person for amerikan's NAZI
pleasures - additionally stated in the War Crimes Act
that Americans, the real Americans, would hunt the
demon torturers down hiding anywhere on Earth, to
ensure the Bushites war criminal's Rightful death
sentence for it's murderous crimes against INNOCENT
Humans Being - do you thing happy George Noory would
care to see his likewise ilk, what he refers to as
"Heros", executed under American law as a traitor?
Love that torture with happy George Noory why do

Media Ignores Real Controversy Behind Torture Photos; They Show Prison Guards Raping Children

/ / "There's no religion in this world that says you shouldn't immunize your child."

(Note from LizzieTish to Dr. Cohen:
Ahem.... excuse me? How about squalene, thimerosol, cancer viruses in the vaccines? Those are the best reasons to avoid the vaccines. You should avoid them too, Doc.) \ \

Arrests please, arrests. Criminally negligent.
Please. Please. Please.

[bushitre nazi] Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

"military personel to assist civilian authorities"

This not America.

Remember: these thieves like kicking down doors to murder kids,
torture, poison, falsely imprison, or starve Women. And also
remember: near 30 percent of these "special forces" grunters
are from third world dictatorships, including many from South
Africa who were CONVICTED for enjoying the most evil of
crimes against our Humanity. Enemies, who in Iraq, gunned
down women and children while desecrating Our Beloved Elvis.
Breaking out of our prisons COP KILLERS. "Americans" still
ready to speak nothing for the freedoms of another?? Don't
care about Indivisible little Johnny still? Likely so, for
Zionism is a profitable business according to millionaire
AIPAC Repuggers and Dems alike. Murdering innocent
Christians in America, is what their magic TVs have no
quarrels against war criminals to defend ourselves
on. Again, support my demands for open communications, or
don't. Your choice, not mine.


Aug 11th, 2009
Alex quoting himself mocking as a Liberal,
"I'm the big scumbag filth."

I don't think Alex could provide one single person but
himself who says anything even remote to this nonsense.
Justice Alex, that is what we are all about. Freedom
to be more than your label of who you think we all are
in your foolish NWOer tale. Where the bad guy 'puppets'
all escape without a plan for capture. An American fool
who is desperate for schooling, that he would not seek
from, the classified, as derided already. (Don't like his
version of "Conservative" you Liberal ponytail spelunker?)
Alex Jones has stated, anyone that disagrees with himself
is delusional because he only tells the truth - as THE
Case Study, on the nature of, 'delusions of grandeur' =
that only exists as he insists something wiser not be
seeked for counter out there as being heard, plain and
simply. Example: "Socialized Health Care is bad" Traffic
lights that ease congestion through regulation, save real
peoples lives too, fit that Repugger label, "Socialized
Health Care" that Americans do not have the intellect
to resolve deeper for actual solutions. (Again, with open
lines, a Repugger can't compete - that is why they are so
evil, as nasty bushite McCainiac liars and cheats making
'escape' for the Zionist Peenackers of 911's shame)
Right now, a Repugger/Birther/AlexJonesNut WANTS Americans
to pay "Health Insurance" companies 60 billion dollars a
year for nothing. You, as the suckered by Alex Jones are
taxed 60 billion, and the 60 billion goes - for nothing.
In Socialized Canada, (as like near every last developed,
semi developed nation on Earth,) we don't just give CEOs
of HMOs billions for nothing but their hatred for Anyone's
medical costs - 'eats into the bottom line'. True Commies
a Bushite McCainiac are. Why so dumb for nothing eh? In the
early Thirties, Canadians asked ourselves, why are we paying
private bankers for nothing but to leave our vaults empty,
while they walk away Scott free with our savings they claim
they "lost" mysteriously? We in Canada, through openly
discussing the matter, arrested near all the commie bankers,
and created a Central Bank named, The Bank of Canada. IN THE
THIRTIES WE DID THAT. Now, yes, still, the Banksters are
taking our monies for nothing, like Hedge Fund managers,
but well, the lesson was almost learned there, and the
dividends have paid out handsomely in comparison. Americans
haven't had anything near that for fear as wise man or
women will look them truly as useless garbage feeders who
victimize Humanity with their poisonous silences over
Israeli Nazi Zionist war crimes. The Zionist American
admitted to breaking the truce with Humanity, to get killed
innocent Jews too! who would have disagreed in stealing an
Innocent man's home.

SEE? Alex Jones doesn't repeat these words in defense of
all present, not because he can disagree, but because
you'd be delusional to not hold these truths as your
own if you were Christ like. A Universe measured by
character, by maths, by science, by skill, is a
Universe where Repuggers are known as thieving enemies
of Justice in fair play. Bush closed 911
investigations - that is treason.

Plus, Alex has all these monster lies built up, such
as refusing every man woman and child from acknowledging
Ron "the co-op" Paul won the Republican National
Convention - vote was found rigged, and Ron only ran
for cover as the Patriotic "Strict Constitutionalists"
to defend what all those people thought they paid
him millions and millions for. Soldiers with their lives
by his refusal to support the arrest of Bush and Cheney
for high treason - the evidence rarely if never mentioned
by Alex Jones is indisputable - as the Constitution
outlays. Evidence like Iron flowing like water. Now, the
Alex Joneser NWOers wants more money from the dying
suckers to back the same blind ideologies, the same go
nowhere Johnny nonsense, the same crap of division by
hostile racist/biggoted witlessness. We are better than
that. And I can prove it. Justice for All.

President Karzai’s supporters ‘buy’ votes for Afghanistan election

REMEMBER: Bushite GENERALS with the DEA will
CONFIRM TODAY. They are there to defend CIA
shipments of heroin into America, to poison
the well for new recruits. TODAY, Bushite
Gererals push dope into America for life term
prison sentences for addicts, while stating
ONLY, they will murder near penniless heroin
farmers who aren't of their BUSHITE clan. Bushite
WAR Generals are doing NOTHING to defend America
from further Repugger robberies, as are sending
the suckered teens to their rightful deaths for
lawlessly warring God and Humanity to escape
the Zionist Neocon, with false imprisonments,
starvation, torure, rape, and so on..

Die bushite die.


The Universe Is Open for Business

/ / At the end of the day, it shouldn’t take
us by a complete surprise that in a country that
pours white phosphorous on civilians and starves
millions behind barbed wire, some people develop
deadly inclinations. \ \

That Americans pay with their taxes for.
Willingly. Republicans happily. Change in
plans Peoples: Blame a criminal how about?
Israeli are run by Ungodly Satanic enemy
forces. Enemy forces to Jews. Not maybe,
really. They targeted SPECIFICALLY, Jewish
communities in Lebanon firstly. See? The
Zionist don't want Jews who know a thing
about Scripture getting to tell the Tale.
Ask Jews around the world of threats of
harm, for refusing to support a godless Nazi
state run by barbaric savages who steal an
innocent person's home. Like daily. Again,
it is shocking I know, but the Zionist
enemy, is truly a murderous enemy of every
single one of US innocent folks as written
about in the Holy Book. Jesus Christ the
Jew included. Plus they don't like my
Nigger buddies. (Israeli supported slavery
through Apartheid to the absolute bitter end
unjustly) Blacks being of course, the original
Jews from the Dead Sea Scrolls. They live today
in Etheopia. Zionists don't want you reading
History either. They want US robbed our
Humanity, until the Messiah arrives they figure
will never foolishly come to save everyone, a
man of God that doesn't exist? Ha.

then, well.. who knows?


CLEARLY, Curt Maynard, is a Liar

/ / the Bible itself makes it clear that
homosexuality is an abomination in the
eyes of God (Leviticus 18:22), \ \

How about all Christian men from the Holy Book,
write this false accuser down for the abomination he
is Zionisting, (blame Jews! Blame Jews!)? A lying
enemy of love who pushes intolerance for the lives
of innocent others. God can not be sardonic? The
Bible advocates no such harmful actions against the
innocent in this life, and we'll see every illiterate
American dead who steals this fair right to life
and love freely which ever way you live fit. As
long as your freedoms don't infringe over the
rights of another free individual - while Children
through law reserve special attentions due to the
contempt many in our "Civilization" have, who
exploit innocence for their personal hatred for Life,
bigotry, racist, or dysfunctional sexual tendencies.
Some American GIs, as mutual consenting bushite
dumfuks, actually eat their shit, no, eat their
shit! Hey, eat shit and die you sick Amerikan
fuks, if that is what you want to do with your
spare time. The Universe is Open for Business.
Oh yeah, and someone should tell Curt, the Ugly
Zionist Faggot, masturbating males are transsexuals.
But see? Sees these truths, and will run away
as cowards refusing to face the inequity. Rather
instead lie for Zionists. 'Escaping' the actual
culprits by blaming anyone else but the person,
or persons responsible directly for war criminal
actions. War, Top Priority. Republican Bush closed
911 investigations. Hate speeching DEMON LIAR
Reverend Ted Pike don't care enough to mention it
still. Repugger grunts are pushing heroin into
American children... advocating TORTURE - where's
the Rev? Republican Condi stated a refusal to halt
the INDISCRIMINATE CONFLICT, as then sent the millions
of land-mines to be dropped quickly on Lebanon, as
soon as she heard an end to the indiscriminate actions
of mass murder would be imminent. - as a good will gesture
from American Republicans who STOLE THE ELECTION to
the Zionist enemies of Christ in GOD. When did America
VOTE for Condi I ask you. Where's the LIAR Rev?
Millions of land mines. Millions. Does Curt care,
or would he rather blame Jews like he always dooz.
Maybe Nazi Israeli is paying him for his, hate the
innocent other like your typical Bushite McCainiac
Repugger "Righty" champions too? Couild be. Justice
is what we want Curt, Justice! I wanna see Reverend
Pike tried for uttering threats, once found guilty,
will be personally harmed as he has said against my
innocent happy friends he claims a right to intimidate
un-lawfully. Plus, the DEMON can't help himself about
lying (LIKE A DEMON DOES) on near every single intent
of the Hate Crimes Bill. (Of which I don't support,
for the crime of assault is already against the law.)
So, I'm hoping my pursuit of free time for dating will
eventually improve, and People won't be so unjustly
terrified when we come knocking begging for
some help. Please, for the love of God, send
this post to anyone. No yourself then.
Free to do what you think is right, by having
read this far into it, leaves you with little
of no other choice. We Are Incredible! Two people
I ask, send this to two people. Thanks.

hmmm. this is an interesting diversion while we're waiting..


Yeah but, does Republican Ted Pike, care? Really?

Rightists Are Cowards, Pedophiles And Homosexuals Who Prey On Our Children

That'll fuk'em. Remember: Repuggers are hugely
often more ignorant than we care to mention,
because as the "better thans", they're all so
dead stupid to us who genuinely fight to do
what's right for ourselves. They CAN'T even
comprehend this statement because they are
universally bigots, racists, and/or cheats.
Evil is dumb.

The Satanic Enemies of Christ in God Speak Out!

'Israelis are demanding that the Earth's Peoples
stop 'funding terrorism' by giving aid to starving Gaza.'

Remember: Israeli NAZI admit to breaking
their word regarding a truce, to get killed
Jews who appose STEALING innocent Peoples

Evil Nazi demon enemies of every innocent
person living still on this planet. Do
YOU care as an American to fund such
crimes where Israeli target for murder,
ON PURPOSE, innocent Christian School
girls?, or the wise old Jews of Lebanon?,
or with America's continuing silence of
supporting inaction against the Zionist
war criminals responsible, for dropping
literally, millions of American land mines
to murder indiscriminately for decades?
Did you know: they openly steal peoples
homes there as thieves? Who's the
"terrorist"? Die bushite die.

Who Profits? Criminals. War criminals. Ungodly
war criminaling thieves of Nature, thieves of
Humanity, murderous thieves to Jews too. Like
in Lebanon and elsewheres. Criminals. War

They'll sacrifice their own teen sons and
daughters to escape the Zionist 911
terrorist traitors, before demanding wiser
men or women being allowed to speak openly
on Justice for all Coast to Coast.,

/ / An uninvited American who visited her gets
7 years, 4 of them at hard labor. \ \

Cheney's partners in crime now openly
kidnapping Americans, and what do GIs do?
Target the helpless near starving for
indiscriminate slaughter. Americans. I want
you to see, an American has been sentenced to
prison for no crime, to pay with his life,
years of hard labour. Cheney's action still
worth your continuing silence over? What will
you be? Bushite whore, or Patroit Warrior?
"junta chief, Senior Gen. Than Shwe" is the
target for confrontation by the human
population in that region. As for here; who's
with us getting Cheney and Bush in the clink for
mass murdering Americans? And the bail out
winfalls of payback for loans they never
covered to begin with?

/ / the John Warner Defense Authorization Act
of 2007, which allows the president to declare
an emergency “even if he is the only person to
perceive one”. \ \

Well, that is just stupid, and un-American. For,
what if the person of questioning, was guilty of
high treason? John Warner has some serious
explaining to do in explaining his true motive
here, in the land of the make believe. Johnny
for Coast to Coast Radio Host! Vote Early, and
Vote Often!

from prisonplanet

/ / [lefties/oposite of "Conservatives" alledge] \ \

Yeah, and for what? As a lefty pretending to be a
Conservative then? as a righty pretending to be
Liberal then he was? What? Who's being conned here?
Not sensed nonsense, creating conflict where none
needs be present. A murderer is a murderer. Again,
the blabble lamer NWOers are People parsers of
pining, they side us as someone else's fool ass.
Besides as great as me, the born free. I can't
even read my own labelling, so why should I take
it from another's frame of obsolete certainty? Equal
rights is what this war of words is for. Issue
by issue, and if you have no clue what your
saying, say so, or you'll look foolishly fearful
when you blurb, "But I'm sure the notion Just as sure,
IS of the center as whole - where ever you
choose for is here and now as forever always
all over everwhere as manifested for inquiry
into the nature of illusions We Is. A wonder of Life
in the timeless Universe as they say. What it
all comes down to is, Real Justice must be willed
for nieghbourly universal practice, to secure
the Real freedoms of our fellow innocent victims
to tortures, bombings, lootings, and enslavements
in this eternal name. I'm the One see? Once the 911
perpetrators are brought to Justice, and we
fix the banker mix-ups, and recover the Iraqi
Development Fund for the Iraqis, Country music will
really be, mostly where it's at. hwere was I....
What is it that I can't think? Okay, now I am
officially lost.." John, you were saying? and..
we'll press on.

We Already Have 'Death Panels.'
If You Can't Pay the Bill, You're Sent Home to Die.

DEAN:I think putting $60 billion a year into the
health insurance industry is insane. I really do.

Bushites think we're socializing here for better
health, and they don't like it. Can't compute for
a better world with facts, as refuse to humble
themselves as near complete dysfuctioning
illiterate malcontents, who's care for Justice
is painfuly absent. Bushite and the McCainiac
have no skills in political discourse, or in the
use of a calculator. They blindly con America for
the escape of Bush and Cheney, their Deities, so
what can anyone of US expect but to further
suffer from lack of care for the America we

SEIU 'victim' Kenneth Gladney wants his case prosecuted as a 'hate crime'

What could the context absolutely be on anybody's
thinking? Do you want me to tell you as an idiot?
Absolutely impossible, for that would be foolish
for my part arriving falsely to. We are being led
by the criminally insane 'escaping' themselves
from accounting for the crimes of 911.. Assault
is already a crime. Geeze, I wish you person could
pull it together and demand some 911 Justice action.
These Bushite McCainiac losers waste our lives by
incompetence, life loathing, and greed. Probable
cause to confirm a support for torture? Or stealing
an innocent Christian's family home, and giving it
to a godless zionist thief for AIPAC kickbacks?
Why doesn't anybody just ask the dumfuk illiterates?

Your Anyone Friend,



Refusing vaccination labels you a “criminal”, so says WHO

/ / [LAWLESS BLACKWATER] Police are allowed to
use deadly force against “criminal” suspects. \ \
And like to rape our girls as 'un-accountable'.

Suspects in the word here. I would as King, demand
the trial for public execution of any responsible
for what would be murder in the first. But Americans
don't like wise men or women speaking, makes them
look truly dumb as evil doers dying in self contempt
for freedom ruling.

These criminals need to be brought to Justice
like Bush and Cheney. But of the three hundred
million Americans? who gives a care for their
fellow countrymen? We know by the deafening
silence, near all American are quietly wishing
the third world Bushite will only rob, rape, or
kill their innocent neighbor, and their neighbor
thinks the same for themselves. Then, the
'lawless' Bushite McCainiac grunter comes in,
rapes them both, kills them all.. let's God sort
it out. Well, we've sorted them out now. A
Bushite is a satanic enemy of God as Life who
refuses as any real Patriot would, a support for
the arrest of those responsible on 911, who
wishes only harm to our species to escape the
Zionist enemy. A Bushite has no cause for Justice
in our worlds because it is a thief, a rapist, a
war mongering murderer of innocent families, as
leastly wars for such lawless actions to continue.
I mean why would anyone join the grunters in
the Peenacker military in these last eight or six
years for any other reason? Think about it, and
think quick. They like killing innocent People
to rob God from ourselves as loved. Don't you
just hate these demon Nazi fuks who abuse our
women, as any real family man would also?
American? American? Where are you?

Mike asked a good question:

/ / So the vaccines they are getting ready to
pump us full of are no longer effective against
this form of the virus.

But they will pump us full of the stuff anyway.

Why? \ \

To kill US all off for the Zionist banksters
apparently. Again, AIPAC is PROUDLY, all about
killing innocent Christian and Jewish families
for cash profit through kicking back MURDER.
The most vile, evil enemies among all of
America's factions.

Ron Paul: Obama ‘deserves an F’

What about the criminals getting away
with the crime of bankster extortions
though.. Peoples homes have been stolen
too don't you know about what the
Constitution defends?


Al Jazeera - how to get the truth out

You know, if the Bushites and the McCainiacs
had their way, they'd put you in prison just
for simply witnessing such freedom of
facts openly expressed through public
broadcasting. Why? They of course couldn't
argue a point if their phony lives depended
on it. Remember: American GIs are dying for
no better good, or reason understood. Under
godless lawless rules of indiscriminate mass
murderers thieving from America, her virtue,
her honor. Be men for American freedom,
and demand the arrest of those responsible
for 911. Too difficult a task to get to
the facts?

Again, the illiterate bushite can't compete
because it is a loser. A loser suffering
from the popular American psychosis of
chauvinism. What does that mean in Eglish?
Well, they go on and on how great they are,
knowing little much of anything else. It's
frankly obscene when it comes to subjects
like education, or that the Bankster never
even covered our loans as it was.. . ..
See? they look at you dumbfounded, because
they are. Dummies I mean.

Johnny was here as a friend to my poor
God, my spiritual contact for all things
intelectual, taking the barbaric brunt
of the Peenacker's evil wickedness as
illiterate Americans, subjugating
the nation into war criminals/victims
for lawlessness; Satan. By not demanding
the evidence for bin Laden getting the
explosives into the towers, we lose as
suckered. Again. Let's instead, get the
bad guys like they did in the good old
days instead how about? ? 911
perp traitors are not going to just
give up without a gripe. Justice is
Freedom, and Bush and Cheney were
clearly war criminals in their
actions propped up through corporate
censorship. Killed plenty of Americans
as a consequence. See? The Law is the

Alex Jones "They play us off against each other."

Alex Jones 'us real conservatives all "think" me,
while You "ponytail liberals" 'think' [...]
and oh yeah, traffic lights at major intersections
are not there for your safety, regulated as a form
of control, it's Socialized Health Care a.k.a.,
Nazism. Plain and simple. Who could sqeeze in aowrd
in edge-wise? :;,.tell everybody nothing else but!
All I do is tell the truth. Shhaaudup, Bush is
just a Puppet. NWO is it. They've been writing
our Screenplays for thousands of years!


Major 9/11 Truth Breakthrough!!! KBDI Denver Airs 9/11 Press for Truth

Excellent my friends, excellent.


'Persecuted Christian' Navy Chaplain is a Big Fat Liar;

Zionists wear many masks. Why would not a Chaplain
demand the arrest of those who committed 911? (Bush
closed investigations, iron flowing like water..)
Where is the Chaplain on the Satanic Bushmob
doctoring the NIE to con the teen grunts for
needless deaths to enrich war mongering 'no
bidders'? Needless! Is faith a willing blindness
to not hear the screams for mercy from the
innocent millions targeted for enslavement
with false imprisonments, torture, or mass murder?
While the bushmob billionaires make off with the
Iraqi Development Fund? Imagine that.


Popular Insect Repellent Deet Is Neurotoxic

Didn't anybody ever test this Neurotoxic
Insecticide for Human consumption as Regulated?
Or is that just what our governments let happen
without ourselves as spoken for fairly?

* BG music turns on to the rock classic:

Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain

Make Me Holy Again

We need Justice to rule our Freedom to speak.
Justice grants a Freedom to achieve. Like we
needed on 911 that was absent. Our fault,
let's fix this. Issue by issue is the plan,
not blind ideologged party affiliations,
and so; priorities need setting. In war, war
is the priority. Why? Because your kids are
risking their deaths for something apparently,
they tell us without mentioning much. Like,
OUR DEMANDS: evidence to form a conclusion on
another's guilt or innocence for instance.
Bushite must be arrested for kidnapping and
torture, as trying cowardly to foolishly
escape the FALSE ACCUSING traitor Peenacker
Neocons we all know about, the Zionists, for
mass murder in God's Country. A space where
free speech will be again, common place.
Rooted in the indivisible rights we share
equitably. Why do we arrest bad guys whom have
told us they are good? Because that this is
what they are to US innocent folks: Tortures,
kidnappers, and mass murdering CIA and Air
Force bombers of cities. Lest you as an
American "think" We, the People, don't deserve
such a right to say as much in our own
defense? Think hard but quick, think hard but
quick. Reference some of Johnny's earlier
works to help with your study on "forbidden
knowledge", such as, Regressive Tax Systems,
and the Life we make choices with in
reflection of everything. This has been a
tragic desperate struggle of Humanity with
our failures to effectively communicate for
Justice - but I'm doing the best that I can
- help out some friend before it's the end
for the U.S. too. Lawlessness will be
outlawed, and Posse Comitatus will be
re-instituted in a free to move America I
Remember. Where dreams come true standing
as the common wealth of Human Civilization,
in a land of the free made so by the innocent
lives defended, by actions as fairly leaded.
We needed a King we didn't know we never
lost. It's like.. Surprise!! I am me.

And I'm not just saying that. Words have Power.
My name is John or Johnny, whatever floats
your boat works fine to most.. how's it going
so alone by ourselves here? John's of course
gone now, (if he was even ever is debatable)
it's just me and you.. er.. I mean You and
little old this as far as can be guessed. boo!!
Just kidding. your really all by yourself as
a infinite spark of Quantum energy in a
Universe so... ahh later on who you are..
Why don't you instead for now, reach out and
pick up your phone to call for real 911 Police
actions. Arrest Bush and Cheney for high
treason, and the rest of the Peenacker gang
to be placed in a comfortable, but locked up
setting for public questioning. Polite
questioning. No need to even slap anyone
here as American mass murderers deserving
of a comfy chair. See? Evidence is the pre-requisite
to convince ourselves of a guilty verdict in
a civilizing society. Then, CNN, CBC, etal.
will take US fairly from here to, (with open
lines) where Justice as Freedom for All is
understood as wise too. It's NOT impossible
you dying fool!! Johnny for NEW! Coast to
Coast Radio Host. Vote Often. Or, don't. and
see if i care.

Monster Magnet - Power Trip "I'm way too busy
power tripping, but I going to shed you sunlight."

/ / Interested in Christianity and Economics?
Read Hülsmann, says Tom Woods. \ \

Never heard of the most prolific writer on the globe
as worth easily dismissing? Apparently.

Who Wants Tyranny?

Who wants the tyranny of censorship to escape Bush
and the Neocons for the provable crimes of 911 in New York
City where thousands of Americans were murdered. MURDERED.
Bush closed investigations. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU CAN'T
FIGURE HERE? Demand open communications above the NWOer
shills who bark against REAL Patriots, "Bush is a puppet"
Whatever, he still needs to be arrested without bail for
high treason. Obstruction.

Remember: none of the 911 suspects were Afghans.

Remember: the FBI TODAY still admits no evidence linking Laden to 911.

Remember: Bush and Cheney immediately closed 911 investigations.

Remember: Nazi grunts are warring to rape Afghan women
or starve them, pushing dope, torture, and thefts, so
all to escape the Neocon Peenackers for the crimes of
no questions!, no questions! Like why is Iron flowing
like water from the towers??

Remember: General Ahamd funded 911's Atta.

Blackwater boss and guards 'killing Iraqis for fun'

Die bushite die.

Blackwater pimps out young girls

Imagine, Americans are still paying the
salaries to these child rapists who want
to train for new recruits in America. I
sure wouldn't wanna be without an
effective lawyer to get this settled
once and for all as publicly revealed for
all to see what is, an enemy mercenary.
Statutory Rape, along with kidnapping and
murder will remain a crime to everyone
under the Law, because that is what it
is still, depite American Congressmen's
in-action on such serious charges
against our Humanity by those who
claim to be lawlessly 'un-accountable'
to everyone by Satanic Decree. 13303.
We don't think so as the no longer
silent victims. War criminals need
to be prosecuted to defend our innocent
selves as intelligently protected.
As Freedom cherished. Simple? Yes, or
could be. We know: in Ignorance for
Justice willing, the NWOer cult of bigots
are blowing gaskets. Easily fixable
through free debate on the wonders of
knowledge as measurable for you too.
Whoever you may be.

Bushite liars are the true enemies of God and Man

The Ungodly Murder of Innocent Men by Israeli Nazis

/ / At noon an Israeli military jeep with four
soldiers entered Tameizi’s land. After 15
minutes the man was thrown, blindfolded and
still handcuffed, into the back of the jeep. \ \

Let us not lose the focus of fact, that these
people of ourselves live in a concentration,
prison death camp, robbed of everything.
in Curfew near anywhere in "peace time". And
still, to this day, do Nazi Israeli CONTINUE
TO THIEVE the Homes of god loving folks in the
region, guilty of no crime but to have been
born into such brutal ungodly oppression
against Civilization. And to see, face no TV
opposition as American tax payers continuing
to fund such war crimes in our absent names,
is a crime on to ourselves if allowed to go
unchallenged. Johnny for Coast to Coast radio
host. Free the Slaves! Free the Slaves!

G. W. Bush "Money trumps peace.."

Bushite ENEMY Dismisses Karzai Demand to Halt Indiscriminate Bombing


Bush "International law? I better call my lawyer."

When a bushite is halted, the innocent of Humanity
cry a relief for the saved lives of their next
targeted victims.


Senior Military Sources Confirm Rape and Sodomy At Abu Ghraib

Obama Openly Protecting Child Raping Torturers

/ / [Obama] ..says that stories regarding the
contents of the photographs are false. \ \ But,
they DO show war criminals who plan with the
Neocon and Obama to escape their rightful death
sentences under the fair Laws of President


/ / There can no longer be any doubt that the
Cheney / Bush administration not only lied to the
American people about WMD's and Torture but lied
to and obstructed the 9/11 commission during its
investigation of 9/11. \ \


'Nobody Is Allowed To Speak Over My Shouting'

A Bushite illiterate stood up and told his Democratic
Congressman "keep your government hands off my Medicare,"
then, shouted repeatedly (until he was escorted out),
'nobody is allowed to speak over my shouting,
nobody is allowed to speak over my shouting'.
Why do these NWOers do it? They KNOW they can't
compete if just asked plainly, "Make your case."
They can barely speak Eglish, their first launguage,
but for to quote the cultish Alex Joneser bigot crowd,
'traffic lights! at major intersections!!, are a hidden
top secret!! ugenics!! program! run! by! the! Socialists!!!'.
Mechanical in just how easy they are to be programed
(by the biggest healthcare defrauder of History) without
an informed opinion in their shallow Nazized grunting
heads. That's why they still, in silence, (some proudly,)
support indiscriminately bombing our innocent families,
pushing heroin to enlsave the nation, raping,
torturing and pillaging. Suckering teen grunts
with minds of an average mean 12 year old thief,
to die as TRUE NAZIS for the 'escape' of the, for
sure guilty party; The Peenacker Zionist Neocon
enemies. Says who?

Full 'Jungle Monkey' Email by Officer Justin Barrett

/ / His first priority of effort should be to get off
the phone and comply with the police, for if I was the
officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle
monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC
[oleoresin caseinate aka pepper gas] deserving of his
belligerent non-compliance. \ \ "[" and this "]" are
the bushite's edits of itself illiterizing like
a slower to task monkey would pounding on a typewriter
before the Industrial Age somewhere. Don't get me wrong,
I love monkeys.

That would be the crime of assault. HEY PEOPLE!!
Guess what? This twisted demon nazi fuk came back
from killing INNOCENT Iraqis to thieve from as a
war criminal, to return to our America, becoming
an un-qualified unjust Cop of our Communities. So,
what would we expect to see, but an animal not
qualified for the title of man. Any Officer who
thinks to pepper gas US for this, will be
investigated for criminal doings, while kicked
immediately out of the force as the enemy.
Sadistic evil demonic nazi fuck! He probably
voted for McCain! A bonafide McCainiac?! A
bushite too.. whatafukheadeh? I challenge every
single American political "Expert" on the magic
TV to defend a disagreement, with this on this,
for we will never find one without censorship.
I am just. This fuck head deserved to die before
stealing the lives of any Innocent "Jungle
Monkey" Iraqi he murdered for the escape of the
Zionist Peenackers of 911. This is what the
bushite enemy wars; a world of where fair play
is the name of Game. Where lawlessness is
outlawed. Where Freedom rules Supreme. (Do your
own thing, as long as your thing, doesn't
infringe from freely doing my/our/their/his/her
thing - see?) They can't compete as willing
losers to the great debate! They deserve their
own fate refusing to be honorable in the face of
such Ideas as our own. Example: A person
accused of a criminal offense without any
evidence is innocent. But he won't.. .. !
Probably thinks reading is for the stupid
people - cause he knows all he needs to know,
'bin Laden did 911' - case closed - a cowardly
sadistic child killing traitor who likely
masturbates to the obscene Apache videos of
striking entire cities from our safe to fly sky.
Probable supporting of torture too.. why doesn't
someone ask the dumfuk, since it looks like
he's going to be floating there like some kinda
pinata for some time. H-E-Y! Ask him about
what "Ponytail Liberals" think!! That should
be a hoot! ORororOr .. Or, ask him the
meaning of socialized traffic signals,
regulated by traffic cops to ease congestion
and save Peoples lives.. and he'll probably
spin around faster and faster, then pow,
implode, leaving a derelict husk of
meaninglessness crap!!! DOITDOITDOITDOITDOIT
(besides, George Noory is running his cover)
isn't this exciting!!!

"Obama's "Death Panel" Could Kill My Down Syndrome Baby"

Who cares what the demon lying bitch Palin has
to say? She should be in the Public Courts on
Treason charges for stealing the Bridge to
Nowhere money, and lying to American grunts
about Russians attacking Humanity "Without

"“The Crusade for a Christian Military”:
US Forces Trying to Convert Afghans to Christianity? "

Yeah but, John says, "Die bushite die." because
the bushite is a godless nazi traitor to Man AND
GOD. These are enemies who bomb our families
indiscriminately, these who torture our innocent
wifes and children, or brothers and sons,
stealing and dope dealing while for really
dying, as cowar

This work is in the public domain
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