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Message to Bush Supporters
03 Nov 2009
Message to Bush Supporters
Concerned Canadian | 03.11.2009 15:26 | Education | Health | History | Birmingham | Manchester

"You should have crawled out of your mother's *ss and drowned yourself in the toilet!"
Free Fool Shots!

GHW Bush revealed that the Anthrax that is being used to terrorize the populace with the current flu epidemic is being produced at hundreds of bogus government Anthrax production sites nationwide. This flu epidemic is a pathetic attempt to duplicate the Spanish Flu of 1918. 10/21 Free fool shots.

Bushes Steal Elections the Same Way that Hitler Did! 8/17

With a small group of Devil worshippers, the Bushes have convinced you that they were born to rule. The "secret ballot" has given Nazis control of elections. Once you serve these Nazis, you can never stop!

Since the "powers that be" in the Nazi states that arise from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have proven to be worthless; the Day of Due Payment Has Come!

"IT IS ESSENTIAL TO TEACH IN NATIONAL SCHOOLS ONE SIMPLE, TRUE PIECE OF KNOWLEDGE, THE BASIS OF ALL KNOWLEDGE - THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE STRUCTURE OF HUMAN LIFE, OF SOCIAL EXISTENCE, WHICH REQUIRES DIVISION OF LABOR, AND, CONSEQUENTLY, THE DIVISION OF MEN INTO CLASSES AND CONDITIONS." (Protocol 3) No matter where you go for help, you will hear, "That's not my job!", and as a result of "work-to-rule", whatever service you do get leaves a lot to be desired. Rather than consolidate governments under the rule of Sheriff departments that were established by Hitler himself, the best solution is probably to eliminate redundant departments like the fire and health departments and create one department to address all human needs; but this society is not willing to pursue rational solutions anymore. (2 Tim. 4:3) When I see that there is not a single authority that will address the bioterrorism and other lawless practices of the Bush Nazis as I have revealed in my writings, I understand that there is probably no better solution than to "wipe the slate" clean. (Rom. 9:22; Prov. 16:4) The only authority worth supporting now is probably the "watchman". (Eze. 3:17-19) 7/16 GHW Bush revealed last night that the Protocols promoted the Holocaust in more ways than one; i.e. the primary victims in the Holocaust were those who had read, mentioned, or acted upon the content of the Protocols. When #2 Nazi, Hermann Goering said, "I decide who is or is not a Jew."; he was referring primarily to making Jews out of anyone who was linked to the Protocols in any way. The only Jews who perished were those who opposed this practice of using the Protocols as "bait". Now "The day of due payment, the day of your watchmen has come, the day God visits you." (Mic. 7:4; Hos. 9:7; Is. 22:5) Thank GHW Bush for this info! These Protocols sound like they were written by Nazis, pretending to be intelligent. Re: Their intelligence: "What did it smell like? What color was it?"

Anthrax, Scorpions, Scabie Mites, and Spider Bites 7/6

Favorite Nazi mode of bioterrorism to send you to the doktor. 6/26 God's Spirit Purges Nursing Homes Too! Nurse: "Ahoy ye scurvy dogs!" "If you can't get along with our coprophagic homosexual Devil worshippers, we don't want you here! You won't last long here!"

Sovereign Lord - "Who are you that you fear mortal man, that you were in dread constantly the whole day long on account of the rage of the one hemming you in?" (Is. 51:12-13). Do you forget that your Lord has promised to deliver your soul from death itself and bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil? (Ps. 33:19: Heb. 2:14)." If some moronic Bush Nazi has tried to convince you that his stupidity is intelligence, "..You must certainly put him to death. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death.." (Deut. 13:6-9) Then you will return "..and reign with Christ a thousand years. This is the first resurrection." (Rev. 20:4-5) That is why you were put here! ""Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit," says the LORD Almighty." (Zech. 4:6) "So the LORD will cut off from Israel both head and tail in a single day; the elders and dignitaries are the head, the prophets who teach lies are the tail. Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are guided are led astray." (Is. 9:14-16) Pick a day! Any day!

The End of the Internet

The Nazis have made the Internet into a Nazi Death Trap via hackers and supercomputers!

At universities throughout the earth, one will probably find situations similar to that at Cornell where there are @ 50 cops protecting @ 30 hackers, hacking around the clock. With the aid of supercomputers these hackers seek out and destroy people for merely having read about or talked about the iniquity of the Nazis. (James 5:6) By programming supercomputers to track watchwords like "Nazi, sh*theads, or my name", these hackers can find anyone transmitting info about the Nazis or their practices. In light of this, I believe that the best way to deal with these Nazis is via printed material, short excerpts of my articles etc. like Bush BAAL Worship below. There is no need to mention where it came from, just say that it has been "Brought to You by GHW Bush, your favorite Nazi, or somebody like that." Let these Nazis know that they are chasing after their own death by seeking out such info or the source of it. (Prov. 11:19) As I have written, these hackers have been set up to be sacrificed by the Nazis. There is nothing that they do on the computer that can't be done by a supercomputer alone. It is probably a ruse for Zion's Secret Police; i.e. the "thugs, brawlers, and hooligans" of Secret Service to appear as the "knights in shining armor" and get rid of these hackers, so that SS can continue with their Nazi ways. Of course these Nazis will come up with some sweet bumbling fool like Dumb Boy to tell you that he can make computers secure. It can't be done! There is no security on the Internet! The Nazi-controlled universities cannot be fixed either! If you get rid of those in control, they will just replace them with more Nazis, even sweeter Nazis. 6/9 FYI One of the first targets in the Nazi takeover of an institution is the office of personnel; thus there is no way to change the type of people that get hired. These Nazis accentuate experience over intelligence, for one's experience is proof that you can get along with their coprophagic homosexual Devil Worshippers. That is why volunteerism is stressed to such an extent. It enables them to determine who supports the Nazis. Note that the schools that post this on their College Publisher message boards are probably the only non-Nazi schools in this country, or maybe they are just preying on the people who read this.

The Nazi "Swine" Emergency! Houston IMC 4/27
author: Bobby Meade
Apr 27, 2009 11:54

Bush Nazis are bringing out the "big guns"; i.e. Swine Flu, and they are passing out free face masks that are probably as worthless as the ballyhooed vaccine at stopping the anthrax spores that have produced every flu epidemic there ever was. Don't get fooled again!

4/28 Even though there is no other substance that can duplicate the effects of exposure to anthrax spores, we have yet another round of anthrax attacks posing as a flu epidemic. This Swine Flu "epidemic" is most likely caused by "weapons grade anthrax" being broadcasted on selected populations to promote Swine Flu hysteria. Throughout my battle with insect infections of the past few months, GHW Bush and his Bush Nazi swine have been throwing a form of anthrax on me that produces immediate chills (fever) in an attempt to convince me that I am seriously sick from the bites and stings of these insects. This is why the disease experts are professing to have found a new type of flu, for the instantly debilitating effects of inhalation anthrax have been replaced by chills with this type of anthrax. In addition to throwing it at me at home and the libraries; they were also broadcasting it, most likely from their Eagle stealth helicoptors. I have looked up what is available on anthrax on the computer, and I am sure that my Antrax; An Ancient Scourge is still the best account by far of anthrax, even though they give the "stage" to Hitler's Health Care. As I have publicized, The Center for Disease Control revealed that the initial symptoms of inhaling Anthrax may resemble a common cold. It produces a rise in body temperature, depression, spasms, respiratory or cardiac distress, trembling, staggering, convulsions, and death. It is the toxicity of the spores that affects people. They usually do not multiply within the body. Vaccines are delusional pursuits. Once affected individuals seek treatment for exposure to this stuff, it is an easy matter to eliminate whoever they want with an additional microscopic dose of the same. One millionth of a gram; i.e. 10-20,000 spores is a fatal dose! In addition to the initially targetted population in Mexico, the Bush Nazis will probably also keep broadcasting this stuff on selected populations in the states, especially those who have been reading my reports on their stupidity. It is easy to promote the outbreaks because there has been a significant number of spores in the atmosphere for the duration of this scheme. The vaccine shortage scenario is apparently promoted by Bush Nazis, pretending to be in distress about not getting their vaccine. A good solution would probably be to inject these hypocrites with multiple doses of that vaccine and find out what the heck is in it and what it does. Don't forget that these Nazis also move on the meat industry by broadcasting anthrax in meat-producing localities because most coprophagists can no longer digest meat. 9/23 As I have revealed, "..the Karposi Sarcoma of the early AIDS epidemic was cutaneous Anthrax, and I witnessed similar sores on an Irish lad who was apparently infected by handling dead animals at Cornell Vet School, which was illegally producing the stuff." This was after I read @ 2000 of Cornell being considered as a potential site where Anthrax would be produced for the government then reading that site was rejected. After reading that North Carolina was being similarly considered as a site for Anthrax production, I realized and GHW Bush confirmed that this was a Bush Nazi scheme that happens everywhere and is usually not publicized in the name of national security. It's all a sham, and "Fedya Guvmint Thugs" probably show up and say that they want to prove to the government that this site can successfully produce Anthrax by producing a sample batch after it has been publicized that the site was rejected. I bet the current flu strain is the result of having isolated then successfully cultured a variant of Anthrax that is different from what is normally used to infect the populace. Such sites are where the Anthrax is coming from to terrorize the population with the current Swine Flu. I bet that there are hundreds of sites nationwide that are producing Anthrax that way, for all you need is dead animals to produce Anthrax. Note that the Bush Nazis also destroy IMC sites in such localities to prevent anyone from revealing what is happening. Most Canadian sites, Ithaca IMC, and just recently North Carolina IMC have been disabled. As for the dumkopfs who believe that viruses look like and have cell walls like bacteria does, "...viruses are submicroscopic infectious agents that are made up of genetic material not complete cells, so are not considered living organisms." 9/25 It seems like there may be more than one type of vaccine, and one type has something like Anthrax spores in it that produce a skin reaction. FYI: From Militant Bush Nazis in the Works 2007: "...A lot of these chemicalmongering Bush Nazis worship Moses because such stuff came via him. The first plague of Ex. 9:3 produced the dead animals that produced the spores (soot) Ex. 9:8 of the second plague, Ex. 9:9-10, the dead horses of World War I produced the lethal flu epidemic of 1918 that infected one-third of the world population. Anthrax is a Biblical Greek word from Exodus 9:9; Deut. 28:27. I've seen pictures of Anthrax spores, round with pointed bumps on them,..." Note that these scientific sh*theads claim that the flu of 1918, the Spanish Flu, was also H1N1. 10/7 After WWI the dead horse were apparently left in the battlefields; thus they were innoculated with anthrax via the mouth, then the spores filled their bloated bodies via their stomachs. When the winds started blowing in March 1918, these bloated bodies were probably hacked open to release the spores and distribute them worldwide. This flu was very severe in war torn Europe, but there are few details on the severity of it there or the spread of it. In the US the weather appeared to be instrumental in the spread of it, for it started on the east coast. "It was called ?three-day fever?, ?purple death?, ?purulent bronchitis?, ?sand fly fever?, "Blitzkatarrh", or ?Flanders fever?, for the "virus" ravaged its victim?s lungs. Sometimes within hours, patients succumbed to complete respiratory failure. Within hours these patients turned a bluish-black hue indicative of cyanosis, or lack of oxygen. Those with black feet were considered beyond help and were carted off to die." When I endured continuous anthrax onslaught for several months on Geneva St. in Ithaca, I remember losing my voice and having a cough that I will never forget. I am sure that the severity of the Spanish Flu was proportional to the number of spores inhaled; thus high concentrations of spores caused fluid-filled lungs and the resulting cyanosis very rapidly. 10/8 The high concentration of flu victims on the east coast of the US was apparently due to the returning soldiers being stationed there. They were probably detaining any soldier who had a fever and murdering them with more anthrax. 10/11 Encyclopedia Britannica claims that this flu came from Kansas! World Book says that there was 800,000 deaths in the US and 25 million worldwide. I believe that the returning soldiers were the main target, especially immigrant soldiers, and that their deaths were not listed by the military even if they were detained and died in VA hospitals because their discharges were immediately effective when they returned to the US. Having endured an anthrax-induced fever for more than a month, I know that there was no way out for any soldier who was being exposed to that stuff. 10/14 GHW Bush says that the current flu deaths are targeted people and/or their relatives. I believe that the tell-tale cyanosis does not develop in most cases because the victims are dispatched so quickly. 10/16 Since anthrax spores were proven to have lasted 1000s of years when they were found in the pyramids of Egypt, these soldiers and many other alleged victims of the flu should be exhumed to prove what killed them. (Ez. 37:12-13) 10/17 "Fedya Guvmint" mentions flu deaths but no location is given. That is probably so that they can conceal the source of the anthrax and the people throwing it while they promote their epidemic myth. Fort Devens, Boston was the site of many flu deaths in 1918. Worcester IMC removed what I wrote on this. I bet these sh*t-eating Bushes were visiting detained soldiers, saying; "Thrax this one! Thrax that one! Thrax the whole lot of them!" That was a naval base. I bet the Navy is full of sh*t-eating homosexual Devil worshippers for letting the Bushes get their foot in the door. From Canadian My Space Biology Forum: "..The picture of the anthrax bacterium is composed of conglomerates (rods) of spores. Show me the individual spore. The influenza virus picture is not a virus. It is probably a bacteria that has been smudged so you cannot see details of it. A true virus would never assume such a shape. It definitely looks like cells. Explain how a virus can supposedly produce the instantly debilitating effects of the flu. There is no way that a virus could replicate that fast or affect the body in such a way. It is the toxins of the anthrax spores that produce such results when inhaled. No other substance can do that! ....What's the magnification of the electron microscope? Is it considered submicroscopic? I doubt it. How many nucleotides (i.e. "building blocks" of DNA) are contained in the actual true virus? Very few! And they cannot be photographed! You see those little round objects in the rods? Those are the spores...." 10/24 I've read reports that the flu of 1918 was characterized by rapidly appearing purple blotches on the skin. In light of this, I suspect that they were throwing some cyanide-containing compound in conjuntion with the anthrax to make that happen in order to justify quarantining the soldiers. The death toll of returning WW I soldiers at Fort Devens has apparently been concealed, for they were probably sent someplace else to die. In reply to the professed intellectual in the Biology Forums I also told him that I've estimated that there was @ 45 million atoms in the chromosomes that were photographed by plant scientists and became the foundation of genetics. I then asked how many atoms were in the average true virus. I am sure that it is just a fraction of the number in a chromosome. These pictures of the alleged H1N1 virus are most likely bacteria spores composed of billions of atoms.

Looking for Hitler's Mommy - She's a perfect lady, and she blushes like a gal if you sing about her and the road to hell! "Have you been offending these Nazis? You were born, huh? What was that? Some kind of an accident?"

Hitler Programmed US for Destruction!

What if God, choosing to show his wrath and make his power known, bore with great patience the objects of his wrath, prepared for destruction? (Rom. 9:22) Hitler had @ 55 years after WW II to screw this society up beyond recovery. All sectors of society, including automotives, TV, computers, health care, education, media, and entertainment have been manipulated by Hitler to fulfill God's prophecies regarding the current system of things. Hitler has given America eyes that do not see, and ears that do not hear, blinding their minds and enabling wickedness to prosper. (Is. 6:10; Jer. 5:21; 2 Cor. 4:4) Everything the Lord has made for His purpose, even the wicked for a day of disaster. (Prov. 16:4) Unlike the Bushes who have personified wickedness, I did not see a wicked person when I saw Hitler in 2000. (Eccl. 8:8; Prov. 26:26) I saw a man who had been driven to accomplish something his entire life. If Hitler's number is 911, consider that Proverbs 9:11 says; "...through Me your days will be many". As the end of this "system of things" draws near, keep in mind that "the night is nearly over, the day is almost here". (Mt. 24:3; Rom. 13:12) This world in its present form is passing away. (1 Cor. 7:31) Do not be surprised if the world hates you. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. (1 John 3:13; 2:17) I guess only time will tell if Hitler was a man demonized by myths or one of God's servants. PS: I wonder if Hitler visited Rikers Island when he was up here. I found his mother's name on the computer. She was a Hungarian Jew, but she may have had a husband's name or her surname was not Jewish because only one of her parents was Jewish. In about 10 minutes on the computer, I traced her to Rikers via England in 1903 or 1904. She was apparently pregnant with Adolf when she left England; thus she was detained and probably lost her life there, trying to hold onto her baby who was kidnapped and taken to George Junior Republic. Thus began the Third Reich!.. 9/5 Saw a Swastika on an old American Indian carpet from the Southwest. Upon investigation I learned that the Swastika was an Indian good luck symbol. Don't that beat all? That was probably Hitler's way of showing you that Nazism came from America.

Even though there is not a university that would graduate someone as stupid as Dumb Boy or his old man, GHW Bush; that Nazi school, Yale University probably prides themselves on helping dupe the public into thinking that such morons could graduate from Yale. I bet that their diplomas were written on toilet paper in invisible ink! GHW Bush says that Yale's secret society, Skull and Bones is composed of drop-outs and flunk-outs from Yale and that they just eliminate anyone who opposes anything that they are trying to promote, even brainless Bushes in the White House. Is there any surprise that their "private army"; Secret Service; i.e. Zion's Secret Police can hoodwink everyone? With 100,000 of them, there is no way that anyone could ever talk to Dumb Boy or his old man. Now that President Obama has been made manifest via the usual vague and ambiguous inaugural address, there is no way that he can escape from the "coils" of the SERPENT. Of course the SERPENT will show him pictures of mutilated victims, even victims that they had mutilated themselves, in order to get him to support anything, even a rogue state of Turko-Mongol Jews in the Middle East. On top of that, like the thugs that trash a place to get hired as security guards, the SERPENT is always fabricating Terror Alerts regarding threats that they had promoted or intentionally ignored. President Obama's predicament is to be expected, for there is no way that a politician can staff his or her office in DC without the SERPENT controlling it. Initially the SERPENT will probably send them illiterates with bad odor and sh*t on their teeth so that they will be happy to hire any SERPENT with half a brain. DC is set up so that only SERPENTs need apply or can live there. No one is ever going to be able to reach President Obama now except for the SERPENT, for any contact with him now goes through the SERPENT in the name of "national security". What Gad damn nation are they securing? Dumb Boy and his old man are now about as accessible as Osama bin Laden; thus they will continue to try to convince you that they are not the most detestable people there are by subjecting you to their toxic menagerie. They are always "all shook up" and talking terror because they believe that will convince you that they are not the problem, and the problem is the conflicts that they fabricate, real or imagined, like 9/11. Read on!

If you doubt that anything that I say about them is true, keep in mind the following excerpt from Holy Smoke, entry dated 4/7/07 and based on my Rigging the Messenger article of 2001: "If you don't believe what I say about Bush Daddy saying such stuff, consider that he wears an electronic bracelet a la "Dick Tracy" that broadcasts via his audio-visual cortex whatever he says, hears, or thinks to me via the computer chip that they implanted in me at Georgetown Medical Center 6/3/95 after they broke a hairline fracture in the Emergency Room. In fulfillment of God's word, the sin of his mouth lets him be trapped in his pride (Ps. 59:12; Prov. 12:13; 13:13), proving that he is the "son of perdition", the "man of lawlessness" (2 Thess. 2:3) Do you doubt the truth of 9/11 as has been transmitted to you from Bush Daddy's own mouth and ears? Do you hesitate to fulfill the Sovereign Lord's words against them? How long will you serve the Bush Nazi god, i.e. their stupidity? (Deut. 13:6-9)" (10/19 These Bushes have never been convicted of a crime because anyone who tries to file a charge is immediately "neutralized".) That chip broadcasts everything from and to me via the audio-visual cortex of my body and infrared radiation emanating from and being received by the Eagle Stealth helicoptors that have dogged my steps 24/7 for 14 years now. Infrared radiation is audible to a small proportion of the population, especially those who have been subjected to significant levels of it. It is located on the electromagnetic spectrum between visible and invisible frequencies thus you can see it sometimes too. I have written more on it in my blog. GHW Bush apparently can never stop the broadcasts of what people tell him; thus I hear a lot of revealing information about the activities of the SERPENT that I can confirm in my own way and relay to you. Let me also tell you that several times a day when my voice is being broadcasted, I inform those that can hear the broadcast of the latest news, message for the day, etc.

God's Gonna Trouble These Waters!
Bobby Meade 1/3/09 08:14

"Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?" (Is. 53:1) That "arm" appears in the clouds in the sky. When you see it, you are supposed to renounce the lies of the Bush Nazis and start destroying them! (Ps. 68:34; Pr. 29:12; Is. 33:1)

"This is a lone demonstrator. The leaflet does not request contributions or break Capitol Police Regulations. The applicant has an application on file with Special Events. Any Questions should be directed to Special Events; US Capitol Police." Ask them if "Garcia is God!"?

Nazism in America - Curse of the Bush Nazis: "The curse of an evil deed is that it will always continue to engender evil." - Schiller. I bet you thought that Nazi was a religious term pertaining to the Nazarenes. Wrong! The Nazis are the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots, arising from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan. Most of them do not know that they are Nazis. Satan's servants appear as preachers of righteousness. (2 Cor. 11:14) Sweet people!. People like that did the Potato Famine, the Wisconsin Death Trip, the Holocaust, and much more. If you had read the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan, you would understand that most of the Israelites in the Middle East are Turko-Mongol Jews. Keep in mind that they are also intent on dividing and conquering; thus you can't feel sorry for anyone when the SERPENT is on all sides. 4/15 Don't forget that these Turko-Mongols came from Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, and both those tribes actively promoted inbreeding. They worship stupidity. They are also probably the ones who are destroying IMCs everywhere in order to suppress this information. 10/3 The destruction of Indymedia sites happens because IMC is the only site where one can effectively oppose big business, Hitler's Health Care, government corruption, or the SERPENT.

Saving Bush Nazis
gloucs | peace | news report Friday August 22, 2008 16:26 by KoolKat - The Lord's
Thafe Thaviour is Here! I Will Save Your Sh*theads!

GHW Bush keeps saying that I have been murdering sh*theads! In fulfillment of Isaiah 14's prophecies about the "King" of Babylon, GHW Bush is the one who is murdering "his own people" by having them do the most dumb*ss stuff that gets them killed. I save sh*theads! I will save brainless Bristol; brainless Britain; and more! "Must thave! Thafe Thaviour thaves! You feel thafe?"

Upon being asked, "Where do you get your inspiration?" "The inspired life is its own reward. You find something that feels like it is worth pursuing, and worth putting your heart into. It is a lot like the Holy Spirit of the Bible. People talk about the Holy Spirit speaking to people when It doesn't. The Bible says that It will speak what It hears, which means that the Spirit will let you know when something or someone is from God. Inspiration comes the same way. It grabs you when you happen upon something that you know is worth pursuing. "He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on His own, He will speak only what He hears (or sees), and He will tell you what is yet to come." (John 16:13) Read the clouds! His power is in the sky! (Ps. 68:34) If you ask the Spirit any worthy question and the answer is "yes", check the clouds, and you will see a "Y" or "Yes". 8/27 Keep in mind that the Devil is the sweetest Gad damn person that you are every going to meet! (2 Cor. 11:14; 1 John 4:1; 2 Tim. 3:7) I am His witness. I am His messenger. (Rev. 11; Is. 42:19) 2/10 God has promised to make me a light for the Gentiles, that I may bring His salvation to the ends of the earth. (Is. 49:6) I watched President Obama's speech last night and realized that in order to do anything you have to believe in God and trust in His deliverance. (Ps. 78:22) Via His Spirit we will establish a kingdom that cannot be shaken. (Zech. 4:6; Hebrews 12:28) "Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the word of His servant who has walked in continual darkness and seen no light?" (Is. 50:10) It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. (Heb. 10:31) Don't you think that I have laid my life on the line every day to do my best to ensure that every Gad damn word I say is true? It is not worth checking any books for knowledge that I have obtained from them, for the Nazis usually destroy those books, and they would know what you were looking for before you did and target you for seeking such info. God's Spirit will confirm any knowledge that I have relayed to you. If you doubt that Hitler lived to @ 2001 and did every thing that I said that he did and more, you can confirm those things via His Spirit and the clouds. You can confirm even more such as when and where he died. I am just not interested in impertinent details. (2/11 Radar maps showed a hand east of Cordoba with the finger pointing at Cordoba. God must have a sense of humor, no?) There is a way that appears right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. (Prov. 14:12) "Here I am thinking up against this family a calamity from which you people will not remove your necks!" (Mic. 2:3) President Obama talked about sending your children to college. It's not worth it because Hitler probably had a hand in that too! It is generalized dumbed-down knowledge, and students are not learning how to think anymore. They are learning how to behave like sh*theads, sweet and stupid. Small classes are a scheme to teach and promote stupidity, to divide and conquer. In the general population, stupidity has become so prevalent that the Nazis are teaching things that used to be common sense. In respect to the obsession with delivering good health care to the populace, health care has to be overhauled "from the ground up"! It doesn't matter how sweet they are. The priciples and practices of health care came from Hitler. You are better off dead than relying on health care for anything! Since justice is paralyzed, you have to rely on the look on their faces to identify those who are supporting the stupidity and the iniquity that prevails. (Hab. 1:4; Is. 3:9) Places that are supporting or promoting these things are the strongholds of the Nazi dunces that are marked for destruction. (Amos 6:8; Deut. 28:49-57; Jer. 19:9,15) Like tying a stone in a sling is the giving of honor to a fool. (Prov. 26:8) The personnel offices of these institution have exalted fools. If you are a non-Nazi, working at such an institution, that makes you a "companion of fools". (Prov. 13:20) You have gotten in line for your own death. (Prov. 11:19) Do you think that you can sacrifice the dumkopf Nazis on the computers at your institution and that will be the end of it? No! You have to get rid of every single Nazi at that institution; i.e. the sh*theads, the queer boys, and the Jews that have supported these Nazis and/or the promotion of stupidity. If you fire these Nazis or kick them off campus, the people will hold you responsible for plaguing the population by allowing such despicable people to live. In order for your institution to survive you have to show the world what God does with such foolish people. (Prov. 3:35) That means that you will probably have to confine the condemned like the "flock marked for slaughter". (Zech. 11:4) Won't that be a good way to find out who supports them? Keep in mind that they are all sworn to never read a word that I have written. It's either that, or they can't read! (Is. 29:11-12) 7/26 Besieging a stronghold in a Nazi town might be impossible so it might be necessary to just lure them to a convenient location where you can deal with anyone who comes looking for them. GHW Bush also says to tell the Nazi strongholds that if they let one Nazi out of their strongholds, it will be the end of all of them. 8/26 Health Care cannot be reformed. It must be replaced! These preprogrammed demonstrations for reform are probably all health care workers, pushing their own agenda. 9/24 I investigated what happened to a man named Rodney who had Cerebral Palsy and used to come to the pool and swim for hours while I was lifeguarding when I was 15 years old, and I learned that he was run down by an automobile. Two days ago GHW Bush revealed that Health Care has tried to get rid of all people that are afflicted with CP in order to prevent them from suing the doctors, for more often than not there was brain damaged as a result of the use of forceps during childbirth. After seeing a picture of forceps being used in Mosby's Medical Dictionary, I can imagine the doctors saying, "We's gonna crush your head so we never get any sh*t out of you!"

Bush BAAL Worship II 12/1/08

As you should know from my Bush Daddy Religion article, the BAALs are Bush's Asinine Anal Lovers. GHW Bush says that he has been eating feces for 70 years. 70 years of brushing people off, saying he is too Gad damn important to talk to anyone and killing anyone who questions his stupidity. He and all his Bush Nazis have replaced the sulphurous fire of the Bible with feces(Gen.19:24 Lev.18:21; Ez.20:26; Is.13:16); i.e. the secret "power food" of the Moabites of Sh*ttim.(Numbers25:1-4) It fries their brains! GHW Bush fried W's brain @ 55 years ago. They can't feel emotions! They can cry on the spot. They say that is proof that they feel emotions. Behold, they are less than nothing, and their works are utterly worthless; he who chooses them is detestable." (Is.41:23-24)

You have to listen to these Bush Nazis who worship excrement, don't you? It is a fatal mistake! Behold the Mystery of God: The mystery is how God is going to get rid of every damn one of you. By supporting Bush Nazis, you have set a trap for your own lives. These kind caring Bush Nazis, feigning distress and regret 24/7 and talking terror all the time are Al Qaeda themselves, posing as angels of light, i.e. the Devil.(2Cor.11:14) Do you wonder why everyone appears to be "senseless and without knowledge"?(Jer. 10:14) These Bush Nazis publish and repeat senseless falsehoods to you until you are convinced that they are true. Of course they will also tell you themselves how smart they are. "Friend deceives friend, and no one speaks the truth".(Jer.9:5) That explains why there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.(Prov.14:12) It works! When you support senseless falsehoods, people just shake their head and walk away, saying, "I can't argue with such stupidity!" Now these Bush Nazis who set you up to support falsehoods are going to point the finger and say, "These are the sh*theads you want! Listen to them! They talk like idiots!" Isn't God's work strange?(Is.28:21; 29:14; Jer.8:9; Hab.1:5) "..a little while and the wicked will be no more"(Ps.37:10) Have you been listening to the Bush Nazis and heeding their requests to support falsehoods? Then you have probably set a trap for your own life.(Prov.5:21-23; 11:5,19; 16:4; 28:10) Someday they are probably going to tell you to stay home, and that will be the day that they come and get rid of you, claiming that you were one of them for having supported their falsehoods. (Jer. 18:22) They have made falsehood their hiding place. (Is. 28:15) Whoever knows God recognizes the Holy Spirit and the spirit of falsehood. (1 John 4:6) God will reject everyone who loves and practices falsehood. (Rev. 22:15) Thus we are told to avoid such godless chatter. (2 Tim. 2:16) These fools keep saying, "Let God hurry and do His work so we can see it!", and they are never going to see it.(Is.5:19) The fool just disappears. To where? Maybe Strawberry Fields.(Jer.9:22) As you should know, "those who complain will accept instruction." (Is. 29:24) "Let me take you down cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields!" 3/12 In a lot of cases those who have been encouraged to talk like idiots are Nazi "bait", for the Nazis target anyone who comments on their idiotic talk.

11/20 This is where a Change of Gods comes in. Those "strawberries" are the heads of the Bush Nazis; i.e. their idols. New Gods! Bush Nazi Idol Worship: Has a nation ever changed its gods? Sure these Bush Nazis can do anything that they put their sh*t-eaten brains to! That is why they continue to do things that they know are worthy of death. Now as the "fruit of their schemes", the nations shall know that God gave them into the hands of their adversaries, and they fell all of them by the sword. In other words, when you dispatch these idiotic Zionist Nazis, you must cut off their heads, for they are the Holy-wannabes of Israel, and their heads are the idols of Israel. They have been behaving like they are "God on earth", calling good evil and evil good. Rest assured that God's words back them up in their efforts to become His people, for God says that after two days He will revive them; on the third day He will restore them, that they may live in His presence. Tell them that though they have fallen, they will rise and that God has promised them a new heart. Because they have sinned against Him, they will bear the LORD's wrath, until He pleads their case. Via these Bush Nazi Idols, God's salvation will be carried to the ends of the earth. (Jer. 2:11; Rom. 1:32; Jer. 6:19; Ez. 39:23; Ps. 63:10; Ps. 12:3; Is. 5:15,20; Hosea 6:2; Mic. 7:8-9; Ez. 36:26; Is. 49:6) This information on how to get A-Head of the Bush Nazis has been brought to you by Jerry Garcia and his Deadheads. Eeee Gad! Here comes Jerry! "Driving that train!..." "Got up and made for the door! And he cracked me on the head with a two by four!" "What? Who? Huh?" "By God I've found Peace! Peace at last! Peace that lasts!"

In spite of all the negative PR for the Devil and the number, I was and still am intent on saving these sh*theads whether they want to be saved or not! 8/19 GHW Bush keeps saying that I have been murdering sh*theads! In fulfillment of Isaiah 14's prophecies about the "King" of Babylon, GHW Bush is the one who is murdering "his own people" by having them do the most dumb*ss stuff that gets them killed. I save sh*theads! I say, "Save this guy's head! Save that guy's head!" I care! Maybe the thing to do is leave info on the Love Festivals, Practice Marches, coprophagia, etc. in public restrooms. That's where they hang out.

From: Forum Topix Hacked; Al Qaeda at Cornell? Spring 2007 From FOB; i.e. Fools of Babylon not Friends of Bill: (On the other hand, may they are!)

...THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE AT ALL!!! ... Is Dennis Kolva still leading a pack of hackers up at Uris Library under an assumed name? You know Dennis. Big hairy guy. Used to be Rudy Baga for the Grapevine, where they would try to correct his illiteracy. Professor Bob Mower banned that guy from campus when he caught him stealing from the flower beds in front of Plant Science.

This arises because Zion's secret police control that campus. In The Beast Raises Its Head Again (Abduction at Cornell), I made clear how these Cornell cops couldn't read an ID that I had paid $125 for, kept me handcuffed to a pole for three hours, fingerprinted me five times, and tried to get me picked up by Hitler's Health Care again. A year or so after that in 2003, they did succeed in getting Ithaca police to come abduct me again. My years in captivity have enabled the Bush Nazis to proliferate their poophead kingdom to an extreme. These cops at Cornell are hand-picked Bush Nazis from the White House, where they worked for a day or two. They would say, "This one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! That one's stupid, he'd make a good cop! This one's so Gad-damn stupid, he'd make a great cop!" There are forty or fifty of these cops, for that is what it probably takes to defend such stupidity. Every one of them claims to have a college degree, which is most likely backed up by a forged diploma. The computer hackers think that they are invulnerable because these cops back them up in anything they do; plus they are protected by Bear Access, which cloaks their hacking and use of secret access codes. As for the probable link between the WTC disaster and Cornell, Dennis Kolva was friends with an FAA official in DC, for we went to DC to remodel his brownstone @ 1979 on 18th NW & Florida Ave. As for the claims of Khalid Mohammed, his presence at Cornell, and his apparent disappearance; he was probably picked to take the blame without knowing that I was aware that he had been up at Cornell. These cops apparently knew in advance of the WTC because they were down there immediately. Everything that you need to know about such things is probably stored on the hard drives of servers and Cornell computers..... 3/12 Unlike most NYS universities, the police at Cornell are empowered by the Sheriff Department. That probably explains why they behave like they are God on earth. 9/19/09 Asked a SUNY campus police if he checked IDs if the students had been on campus for a while. He said, "No." I told him that is how sh*t-eating homosexual Devil worshipping dropouts and flunkouts took over Cornell. None of them have valid IDs, and the Cornell cops pretend to be too stupid to read an ID. 10/19 Note that these universities that are frequented by the Bushes usually don't tolerate their being on campus, the Secret Police that have taken over campus police are the ones who enable such visits to happen.

PS: Bush Daddy says that the mentioned hackers made the WTC disaster happen by transmitting the threatening messages that coerced the pilots into crashing the jets. Since these hackers didn't know what they were transmitting, the foolproof plan is to say that they cannot be held guilty. (Zech. 11:5) That's how the SERPENT operates. Re: Cornell; i.e. Big Red; i.e. ".. the Lady in Red! Take my advice, you'd be better off dead!" J. Garcia "Casey Jones" 2/13 Re: Flight 3407; via the "sputtering engine", the flight path and His Spirit, I say that they were dumping gas on Binghamton and ran out of gas, flying into such headwinds. Dumping gas is a dumkopf safety measure of the "wings of the SERPENT", the FAA, and the middle "A" stands for "Airborne". You know what the "F" and "A" stand for. At least they didn't knock any more skyscrapers down this time! To teach these dumkopfs what gas does, make them take ten hits of a can of Quick Start. Consider that the Bush Nazis and most of their ilk in NYC didn't think anything of knocking down the WTC towers that way, for those were defective buildings with exoskeletons that were not going to hold up much longer. 2/19 GHW Bush revealed that the alleged hijackers of the jets that crashed on 9/11 are a trap and that the Bush Nazis, FAA, etc. target anyone who tries to prove that there were actually hijackers as was reported. (Jer. 5:26) Remember that you don't argue with such stupidity. The look on their faces testifies against them. That is all you need. (Is. 3:9) 7/12 Did you read about the Dead Zone in NYC? It happened when some sort of radio signal was disabling remote key control of cars in @ a 20 block area of Manhattan. I bet that is how Nazis can cause train wrecks. There is probably some connection in train controls that can be affected remotely. 8/3 Remains of Capt. Speicher, the first and ONLY casualty of the 21 day Persian Gulf War have been found; i.e. unless you believe the fabrications of the sh*t-eating Bushes and their manipulative media. 8/6 The only reason that I was able to make the PGW happen the way that it did was that I yelled so loud that it convinced the SERPENTS who control the military that it was going to happen whether they tried to stop it or not. Since the military now has contracts for essential services, especially communications, that is how coprophagic homosexual Devil worshippers can target and send soldiers to their deaths. Contracts are always awarded to companies that are full of SERPENTs. In addition to that, I believe that most soldiers had their brains "fried" in the PGW, eating MRE. (8/24 It also seems that Nazis impersonating military personnel are infiltrating and manning ROTC programs and recruitment stations thereby enabling unqualified Nazis to enter the military.) Do you wonder how these sh*t-eating Bushes get elected? They have a crowd of followers from Skull and Bones, Kennebunkport, etc. that appears wherever they campaign and targets anyone who opposes them. Since the voting process cannot be secured any more than a computer can be secured, it is a simple matter to rig the vote. That's how Hitler did it too! (The "secret ballot" is not practical with Nazis in the works!) 8/10 Looks like it will soon be the end of these Bushes if I can spread this news. Don't forget that GHW Bush mockingly said, "666, love George Bush" when I wrote my "Fear God.." paragraph in 1998. I bet that the only way that he could go on living now would be to promote the number as I did in DC for six years. Wouldn't you let him and/or Dumb Boy live if they were promoting the sexualized version of that number to save the coprophagic homosexual Devil worshippers? Like Kramer refusing to wear a number on the Seinfeld episode, featuring an AIDS Walk, you could teach Nazis what happens when they oppose the number. You could also have Nazis throw some of their toxic "harmless stuff" at the Bushes wherever they go to prove how harmless stuff like insects, chemicals, and gas are. 8/14 I always had a hard time explaining why "666 is love!"; but now I realize that GHW Bush does it best. That is probably the only way that a coprophagic homosexual Devil worshipper can love somebody. 8/26 There is no way that these Bushes are going to promote the number while they are alive; thus GHW Bush must fulfill the Great Dead King prophecy (i.e. his "king or some other damn thing" prophecy.) in order to show us what happens to Nazis who don't accept the number. His body will be made to up stand on two feet like a man, and he will be given the "heart" of a man; i.e. my heart-shaped picture of the earth with the number in it. (Hosea 10:3,15; Dan. 7:4)

Excerpt from FT post; Butcher of Hanover 10/26/07
Do you know the Butcher? Forum Topix is the same, kind caring Bush Nazis feigning distress over every little thing. The Butcher, Fritz Haarmann, was featured in last Sundays NY Daily News Justice Story. He preyed on vagrants and runaways in Hanover, Germany @ 1920, and it is reported that he murdered from 24 to 50 men and boys. In a fit of passion he would kill them by biting them on the throat. Is that where the "hickey", a word that first appeared in 1934, came from? From NYDN:

"...Haarmann would then methodically dismember the bodies, removing the intestines, organs, and brains, legs and arms, then stripping off all the flesh and putting it in a bucket. The bones would be tossed out the window and into the river. The flesh he made into sausages to sell on the streets and feed to friends?."

Hitler was rising to power in 1925 when the Butcher went on trial. The story was actively suppressed by Hitler or the German government although they claim that it was the Federation of German Women's Clubs. Was Haarmann a Jew? Is this what produced Hitler's hatred of the Jews and the promotion of the Protocols? All the Nazis adopted the persona of the Butcher, it seems. Kind caring people who would befriend you in order to kill you. Kill you with kindness, if you will. The kind caring professionalism of Medicine and other professions is also the work of Hitler and the Nazis. Forum Topix and the media have become like Dr. Goebbels, Hitler's Minister for Public Enlightment and Propaganda, who promoted the idea of rule by authoritarian supermen. Now it is not supermen but kind caring hypocrites. 1/12/09 I checked articles on this trial in the NYT 1925, and it appears that the Butcher was beheaded the day that his trial ended. German justice? I imagine that someone got so fed up with listening to the Butcher trying to sweet-talk people into believing that he really loved these men who he was butchering that they beheaded him in court and said, "Trial's over!" 8/6 That's why they always have GHW Bush talking to me in a little girl's voice. He is imitating the Butcher.

From Times-Tribune Com: Comment regarding immigration: Immigration will be a non-issue in Israel, the Holy Nation, the nation without borders, that will soon encompass the entire Western hemisphere and then, the entire earth. The Bush Nazi Idols decribed above are the "key" to this Kingdom. Whether you are an immigrant or not, you just cut off the Bush Nazi's head and claim his or her house, saying they will be back in a few days. Their heads will probably end up in Hooterville where they will bear the LORD's wrath, until He pleads their case and establishes their right. This is all backed up by the Bible. (Here are the pertinent references: Deut. 28:30; Lam. 5:2; Amos 5:11; Micah 7:9. Here I also thought that I was posting on Lancasteronline (another Bush Nazi site?), but it turns out that I was posting and proclaiming salvation from the "mountainous region of Ephraim"(Appalachian Mts.), for I am also "a voice from Dan". (Jer. 4:15) 12/15 Before you send these heads off to Hooterville, which you should know is on mountaintops all over the earth, you will probably want to pin their lips to their ears to put a smile on their face then put them under a sunlamp to take a picture for the records; thus you will be able to say something like, "Don't it look like he's having fun? He must be in South America! He'll be back in a few days." Don't want to do that? Maybe you can find some Deadhead to do it. I was always wondering what they were here for. Deadhead - "He ain't dead! His stupidity will live forever!" 9/11 "Don't he look Spanish! I bet he was one of those Shining Path guerillas!"

Blog Update: 9/30 Seems like this Nazi assault with insects is intent on sending me into "toxic shock", for the body can only take so much insect toxins without being overloaded. Since the Nazi landlords installed a sink in the dug basement beneath my bedroom, too much moisture has been a problem. Had to work like mad to stop mold by wiping down and painting all window sills on Friday. 9/2 What they've done is remove a basement window so that cool air is coming into my bedrooom, thus in addition to the mold problem, they also spray arsenic in the warm portion of the basement to force insects into cool air from which they migrate to my bedroom. 9/8 Can't get rid of these mites cause every time I get them out, they force more into my apartment, and the mites move like madness to occupy the sores that have just been vacated. Outside the Eagle has been hitting me constantly wherever I go for they use pellets containing the insects that are made to disintegrate just as they hit the target. Range = 2-3 miles! 9/19 Just got back from UK. Kweer chaps! 10/16 Conf. to Queer Queen Charles: In addition to aircraft dumping gas, the basement door has been wide open so that culprits can enter and fill my bedroom with gas every night. Can't talk to Nazi landlords at all without Nazi Mental Health being brought in to defend these sweet Nazis and to claim that I have delusions. Are they giving you Chamberlains a good name or a bad name? Bragging rights? 9/9/09 I have determined that the microscopic parasitic mites that the Bush Nazis have been throwing at me have been bred for their size and that they are from South America. There has been a great influx of Spanish-speaking people into Binghamton and Broome County in the same way as there was in Ithaca when I lived there 2000-2003. As always the females of Shining Path; i.e. Sendero Luminosa, are ready to give me dirty looks and throw plenty of toxic "stuff" at me wherever I go. To promote the fulfillment of Isaiah 33:1, maybe the best solution is to blame Shining Path for everything that these Bush Nazis have been doing and say that the Bush Nazis are the ones promoting this information. I guarantee you that this SERPENT is so stupid that the HEAD doesn't even know who the TAIL is sometimes! Comprende? When I wrote The Letter that Shook the World in '89, Shining Path's response was "26 headless bodies in a Peruvian River". Since I was born 9/26, that must be how they communicate. Just say that these Bush Nazis have been talking about Shining Path or that those throwing insects, chemicals, etc. are the Bush Nazi idols of Shining Path. Since Shining Path will probably cut off their heads for talking about Shining Path, just say, "Psst! This Nazi has been talking about Shining Path!" 10/1/09 "Oh, that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion!" (Ps. 14:7) Whatever Shining Path does, let it be a witness between us that the Lord is God. "Oh, that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion!" (Ps. 14:7) As you should know, Zion is Christianity, and Christianity is a godless pack of title worshippers! Jesus is a title! Christ is a title! His name was Immanuel! (Is. 7:14; Matt. 1:23) Also see: Insect attacks continue. Blowguns in the library is their favorite modus operandi. Film it. Post it. Praise their stupidity. 10/8 I believe that most poisonous insects are genetically programmed to strike at the same spot repeatedly; thus I have numerous scorpion spider stings on the tip of my middle finger. This insect behavior probably happens because death results more quickly from stings at the same site.

FYI: In all Nazi strongholds, particularly college towns; there is Nazi housing, full of Nazis harassing people so that they can be picked up by Nazi Mental Health, for speaking out against such "sweet people". (Jer. 5:26) No one can oppose them because they have so many sh*theads backing them up. 6/15 The same pattern seems to be manifested in nursing homes where one finds Nazis preying on non-Nazis. Once a targetted patient speaks out about harassment in one form or another, they are heavily medicated to the point where even relatives can be convinced that the end is near. Check it out, and I am sure that you will find that Nazi patients are the only ones who survive in nursing homes for any significant length of time. 6/21 I call you "scurvy dogs" because the anemia of scurvy is probably what promotes Alzheimer's. Hitler probably brainwashed you into eating that acidic California produce to the point that I bet that you would eat plastic fruit if California sent it to you.

See ; ; or . Also see

All of these Bush Nazis getting shook up about my articles are the same. They don't understand that they are being told to act all shook up, so that people will not discover their iniquity when they read what I have revealed about them. In spite of this, they keep saying, "Lets reveal some more sordid information about the Bushes to Bob and see what happens when he writes about it!" To those who say, "Something bad is gonna happen if you read Bob!" Damn right! These sh*theads saying that are probably going to be killed on sight! For supporting the lies of the Bush Nazis, you are as bad as them!(Prov. 29:12) 1/8 Cornell Big Red Salvation for the Ivy League sect: Although there were many Ivy Leaguers who claimed that 7 billion Jews died in the Holocaust, I bet those were not really Jews; thus I can safely say that the Ivy League is pretty much a godless pack of atheists that couldn't change their gods, for they never believed in a God to begin with! The only reason that they would ever enter a religious institution was for sex, food, or drugs. I am His witness. I am His messenger. It requires a scientific approach with no Biblical references (Matt. 10:34) to motivate such a godless people, so I, Deaf Ivy have written an agnostic haiku that shows them what to do:
Agnostic Incarnate

Thafe Thaviour thaves!
To save your intelligence,
Will cut off your head!

In his first poetry since he perfected poetry with The Closet in 1989, the Deaf Messenger shows you what it means to be the best poet to ever walk the earth.


Bob's friends were Nazis, sweet and kind.
Sweeter Nazis were hard to find.
When Bob was born, they all did vent;
"It was a Gad damn accident!"

Point the finger and wag the tongue!
"Look and see what Bob has done!"
Point the finger and wag the tongue!
They said they'd do it till he's done!

With sulphur, anthrax, mold, and more,
They drove him to the doktor's door!
Doktor said, "I can help you out,
but please do promise not to shout!"

As pills and needles toyed with Bob,
His friends' "concern" did make him sob.
When Bob stumbled and "bit the dust",
His friends' desire did burn like lust.

Since Bob collected coins and more,
They showed us what his friends were for!
They took his money and split town,
Before his body's in the ground!

Bobby Meade Copyright 3:26 PM 3/18/09

FYI It took me two hours to do that as opposed to six days for the first one. I admit that a lot of the raw material was already there, but lets see anyone match it. It seems like no one can write perfect poetry because Nazis control all poetry contests and the universities. These Angelou Fools claim that moronic musings are poetry. "Oh my! What flowery talk! Whose *sshole did that come from?"

Re: College students and alcohol: In addition to binge drinking that leaves some students comatose, consider that Nazis use knockout drops to render drinkers unconscious then "roll them" by putting bile duct toxins or some similar substance in their mouths. A lot of the victims probably never miss their brains. They tried that on me @ '98, and I was able to leave the bar and hold on to a bridge railing for @ 5 minutes to avoid passing out. 9/5 Re: Drunken fools in college towns: You always see two drunken fools staggering home, falling all over each other, when the bars close. Usually one of them is not drunk and is a Devil worshipper intent on rendering his or her partner unconscious so that bile duct toxins or some similar substance can be forced down the unconscious one's throat to fry his or her brain. The victim will never see this partner again, will never miss his or her brain, and will be taught how to finish school as a brainless Devil worshipper.

"I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me." (Is. 65:1)

"And way when our year has ended, and I have gone away, you'll often speak about me. And this is what you'll say;.." "Gee! Thafe Thaviour sure saved a lot of dumb boys!" (Acts 5:39; Rev. 19:13; 12:11; Hosea 6:5; Jer. 5:14; Is. 63:1-6) 4/11 To these dumkopfs that keep saying that I am supposed to turn back: All who rage against me will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose me will be as nothing and perish. (Is. 41:11; 42:19; Rev. 11) The aforementioned bioterrorist practices come from those who apparently worship Moses and think that he did nothing more in his life than throw anthrax and poisonous insects; i.e. "..those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." "For supporting the bioterrorist practices of the Nazis of the Synagogue of Satan, you can stay here no longer!" "Wait! Let me stick my finger up your ass! I'm sure you have cancer!" (Exodus 8-10; Rev. 2:9; Ps. 5:10; Lam. 4:15)

Conclusion: These strongholds of the Nazis, particularly the universities, have become dens of sh*theads. (Amos 6:8) So I turned my mind to understand, to investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the madness of folly. I learned that the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor. (Ecc. 7:25, 12) Keep in mind that GHW Bush, the lawless Jacob, and his Nazis make all of their followers promise to never read a word that I have written so that they can use God's words to motivate all of their followers to "toe the line" and continue with their evil ways. (Jer. 23:30; Micah 2:1-12) 7/22 Who can oppose the Beast? (Rev. 13:4) The Beast is these sweet coprophagic homosexual Devil worshippers; i.e. the SERPENT. They will harass you to death for no reason at all, for no one can bring the justice system to work against them; thus the look on their faces is what will serve to convict them. (Hab. 1:4; Is. 3:9) Do not answer a fool according to his folly..." (Prov. 26:4) If you were to throw chemicals, insects, gas, etc. at them, they would overwhelm you with the same; thus the only solution is to dispatch them to the hereafter. (Deut. 13:6-9; Rom. 1:16-32)

8/28 The bioterror attacks of the Eagle stealth helicoptors continue here. These billion dollar Air Force One aircraft of the first Bush admn. must be brought down. Demand that Congress publicize the leaflet that I saw, revealing the features and capabilities of that aircraft, which was produced @ 89 by Lockheed or Rockwell, someplace like that. Using these aircraft to defend the stupidity of coprophagic homosexual Devil worshippers from Kennebunkport is absurd! Since the polychromatic carbon fiber bodies of these crafts are only visible at take-off and landing, offer a reward to shoot them down. Say that you thought that military star on the side of it was a star of David. 8/31 There is no record of these aircrafts available on the computer. These leaflets were made available to Congressmen and the public at something like an military aircraft symposium, in the North Corridor of Rayburn House Office Bldg. during the summer shortly before or after one of the Congressional breaks. The ballyhooed Osprey was the main feature of this symposium. GHW Bush said that they got rid of anyone who took those leaflets and that when he left the White House, he obtained the Eagles by saying that they were dangerous. 9/2 GHW Bush says that Sen. John Heinz was murdered for trying to take Bush's Air Force One bioterror stealth vehicle away from him.

FYI: The fulfillment of prophecy is cause for great celebration; thus "....they raise their voices, they shout for joy; from the west they acclaim the LORD's majesty. " (Is. 24:14)

10/22 Banned from My Space Forums again! Their smartest sh*theads can't defend their stupidity! Comment on Fibromyalgia is Real, and Painful! General Health Forum: "Fibromylagia is probably brought on by calcification of the muscles and the joints by petroleum. I have had petroleum poisoning twice, and it is the most painful affliction there is. The only remedy that I believe works is lemon juice from fresh squeezed lemons, not concentrate, along with copious quantities of pure water like water you find in Poland Spring clear containers. That is the only way to get those toxins out of the body. Airplanes dump billions of gallons of aviation fuel into the atmosphere every year. When it evaporates into the air, it doesn't break down. It is the leading cause of asthma, which leads to death via calcification of the lungs. Acne is also a fatal disease brought on by exposure to gas in the air. Medical treatment for these aliments usually involves more petroleum products. Calcification is an irrreversal process that just keeps progressing and calcifying the related organs until organ failure results in death."

Hasta luego, adios ye scurvy dogs with your petrol-calcified bodies! Don't forget that organ failure is a sign that your demise is at hand. My distinguished adviser, Len says that the brain is the first to go! Not to worry, you haven't used yours in years! You could always get a free fool shot. I hear that it's painless. They administer it right between the eyes. Or you could take it by mouth. Whatever the case, keep your powder dry!
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