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Commentary :: International
Al Queda's former name: International Front Against Zionists and Crusaders
16 Apr 2004
They should have kept the former name.
Al Qaeda: “International Front Against Zionists and Crusaders”

Yes, it’s true. And what a big pity that they did not keep the former name. First of all, the name Al Qaeda means “the network” in Arabic, however it doesn’t have much meaning to anyone in the Western world.

However, International Front Against Zionists and Crusaders really says it all.

This appropriate title for the organization headed by Osama bin Laden spells out exactly what the Muslim group’s beef is: they are against the imperialistic actions taken by Zionists and Crusaders against Muslims, especially in the Arab world. It’s as simple as that.

Meanwhile, with such an ambiguous name as Al Qaeda, Zionists and other pro-Israel forces, which manipulate the media and propaganda that is fed to the American public on a daily basis, ridiculously claim that the Muslims “hate us” for “our freedoms”. How completely absurd! And they expect anyone to actually believe that? No wonder people have been canceling their newspaper subscriptions and turning off their televisions in record numbers nationwide!

And by the way, as questions mount about who REALLY orchestrated 9-11, why is it OK to talk about the conspiratorial Al Qaeda, and even the White House conspiracy, but not the Zionist (Israeli) conspiracy?

It is becoming completely obvious to anyone who has followed all the news concerning 9-11 both in the mainstream US media and most especially the internet and foreign newspapers, that the Zionist Jews in the US (otherwise known as Neoconservatives) and those in Israel played a very key role, if not the leading role in orchestrating 9-11.

Justin Raimondo wrote an excellent article entitled “Redaction Alert!” which can be found at his website In this article, which focuses on missing pages from an important eleven and a half page document pertaining to 9-11 known as PDB, which was supposed to be made public, he states:

“The incomplete one and a half page version of the Aug. 6 PDB is damaging enough: it relates not only the extent of Al Qaeda's penetration of the U.S., but also communicates a sense of imminent danger related to "suspicious activity" in the New York area. As to the contents of the remaining ten and a half pages, one can only speculate. Whatever else the government is trying to hide, however, odds are the Israeli factor figures prominently.”

He goes on further to state that:

“The unredacted Aug. 6. 2001 edition, if we can imagine it for a moment, must have described what was basically a three-sided game, in which the U.S., Al Qaeda, and Israel were all players. It also must have noted the ambivalent role played by the Mossad: After all, they were shadowing Mohammed Atta and his cohorts for nearly half a year before they told us much of anything about it.”

He further observes:

“ The whole notion of an Israeli spy operation in the U.S. is politically explosive: the revelation that the Mossad was monitoring the 9/11 plotters – while keeping us largely in the dark – is political dynamite. Their solution: redact it, along with all that other incriminating stuff, and hope nobody but George Tenet notices.”

Raimondo has recently written a book entitled “The Terror Enigma: 9-11 and the Israeli Connection”. He observes that:

“These latest developments are merely confirming and elaborating on the general thesis pursued in this space since December, 2001: that the events surrounding 9/11 were not as simple as the "us versus them" scenario painted by the Bush administration, but a more complex, multi-leveled conflict – in which the role played by our supposedly faithful allies, the Israelis, can be characterized as passive complicity, at best.”

From my own research of 9-11 events, the history of the Middle East conflict, especially with regards to Zionism and Israel, the neoconservatives, and Palestine, I must say that I completely agree with Raimondo’s assessment. Furthermore, I believe that the Israelis and their Zionist American counterparts are the ones who spearheaded the 9-11 event using Muslim extremists as patsies. They also found willing collaborators with the so-called Christian Zionists such as Bush, as well as others who simply want to get a piece of the action regarding lucrative rebuilding contracts in Iraq. It may be difficult to put a finger at any one person because of the complex shadowy web of players who have a collective strategy which manipulatively feeds off of and into the ambitions and passions of others who are also then similarly all guilty and complicit. On top of that, most of the top players are extremely powerful, rich and ruthless. Don’t be surprised if there are more mysterious deaths and unsolved assassinations of anyone who could possibly be a whistle-blower, such as Kelly in England.

Anyone who is also familiar with the Project for a New American Century, ( a neoconservative think-tank made up mostly of Zionist Jewish members, can see that the writing is on the wall, make that the Apartheid Wall that Israel is building with US tax dollars and with the Zionist-directed/dominated US government’s blessing. The war on Iraq (and if the neocons get their way, also will include Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt for starters) is the brainchild of mainly Zionists whose obsession is the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, and more than even that, world domination. Don’t laugh! Just substitute “Zionist” for “American” in Project for a New American Century and you have the probable truth of the matter: Project for a New Zionist Century. America is used simply as the launching pad and the cash cow for the New Zionist Century. As guilty as certain Zionists are, their non-Jewish Zionist cohorts must share the guilt for cooperating and collaborating.

Yes, of course, many, especially Jews, think that it’s “dangerous” or even “anti-Semitic” to talk about the Zionist conspiracy, even when it has become quite clear that it is a probable reality (or you can call it “collective strategy” if you like) because apparently during the world wars in Europe, the talk and fear of Jewish conspiracy fueled Hitler’s failed campaign to rid Europe of Jews during WWII.

There is fear that this could happen again, even in the United States.

However, such an ethnic cleansing campaign is not only not at all likely, it is also certainly unnecessary, not to mention unjust of course.

The best way to deal with all individuals who are found guilty of lies leading to unjust wars and hate crimes, crimes against humanity, war crimes and treason, whether they are part of the Zionist conspiracy, or the White House conspiracy or the Muslim Al Qaeda conspiracy, is to deal with them legally in a court of law. Put them on trial and give them the punishment they deserve if found guilty according to the law. Furthermore, there must be no double standards for individuals OR countries, whether they are Christian, Muslim, atheists, or Jewish.

This is why there must be no further toleration of apartheid Israel’s oppressing of the Palestinian people simply because they are not Jewish. Therefore the US must cut off all financial and political support to Israel until it is transformed into a true democracy that does not discriminate against anyone based on religion, ethnicity, race or gender. Furthermore, Zionism must be recognized as the racist ideology that it is, and therefore completely de-legitimized in the US governmental policies and governments worldwide.

This work is in the public domain


Re: Al Queda's former name: International Front Against Zionists and Crusaders
17 Apr 2004
An anonymous post defending mass murdering theocrats. Get this shit off of Indymedia!
Re: Al Queda's former name: International Front Against Zionists and Crusaders
17 Apr 2004
Hey, look who's talking! Obviously you must be a Zionist. Everyone must realize by now that Zionists are out to get anyone who doesn't cooperate with their program. Like arch Zionist Daniel Pipes with his website, just for one example. Zionists are now trying to make it against the law for government money to go to any campus where any professors criticize apartheid Israel. You Zionists are there are the ones who are defending mass murdering theocrats such as Bush and Sharon and the Neoconservatives and the war on Iraq and the apartheid Jewish state of Israel! Just see for yourself what Zionism is all about at