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News :: Globalization
My letter to Grant county sheriff, New Mexico
28 Dec 2009
Concerning my letter below: I just finished another good book concerning the jfk assassination, and the fabrication of multiple identities are a big part of the cia/fbi/nsa dirty trix departments as revealed during the investigation of all that; when jfk was ambushed, there were no less than THREE Lee Harvey Oswalds known around Dallas and the book depository (jack ruby helped with that, albeit unwittingly) , two were false, one of those was the actual main shooter (William Seymour, DISC, Operation40 w/felix rodriguez, barry seal, frank sturgis, etal). Thats why the real Oswald had to be taken out, nothing jived, he was just a holding action and distraction...a patsy, red herring, a dupe....I am trying hard not to become one of those for this fascist bunch of pigs here in the land of the lord.
early December 2009.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to you to make formal complaint concerning a situation in Hachita NM ofwhich I am a victim, and which I deem to be life threatening. This situation has caused me great strife and suffering over the last 6 + years. To summarize it, I am being victimized by a group of people involved in intentional identity obscuration of me, said obscuration resulting from what appears to be well organized teamwork on the part of some law enforcement (DHS), some religious/fraternity type people, and some who are just interested in self gain. Some of these perpetrators are all of the above. There is plenty of malice in it too, I assure you. Theft and physical harm are just two results I have endured, and the situation is worsening. The surveillance includes but is not limited to on-site, postal, and telephone wiretapping. There are no valid legal reasons for these predations, other than the malign.

My main website is, as advertised on the leather card I gave you during your visit to Hachita a couple of months ago. At that site are details about me, a link (Lots of pictures of me and identifying marks) and two books af great importance in this matter:

Devilvision: The Worlds New Wireless Grid
Death Recipes

These two books contain in depth details of this area and my experiences as they relate to human experimentation, mind control, international law enforcement, corrupt politics, and what many call the new world order. None of that is truly American, and is more than anything a steady and stark debilitation of our lifestyle and welfare. The wiretapping, illegal surveillance, directed energy weaponry, water poisonings, harassments and worse are quite a spectrum of abuse, and are being brought to the worlds attention. I think these things deserve your attention as a law enforcement agent of American law, an American citizen, and an American father.

There are all sorts of reasons and rationale being propounded by the perpetrators of this literal program of assault upon my person: its for my own good, i must be brought around to a certain religious way of thinking, i must get back in the "Work Force", or what have you....again, none of these illegal coercions are truly American, and all of them undermine personal privacy and respect. I believe this treatment originates at the highest levels, and I have a lot of proof of that. I am being used as an experimental animal in experiments of mind control and non-lethal weaponry, among other things.

I have advised Robert Zamira, Silver City Clerk, of some of this, and was in communication with Howie Morales over this and other matters, although he ceased communicating with me when he was appointed to his state senator position by the governor. I have names and descriptions, plus some pictures, of many of the perpetrators here, some within the government itself, and they are available on reqest. I am forwarding this information to other law enforcement agencies as well, alongwith human rights groups. This effort at exposure has been ongoing now, and I will continue it until I gain satisfaction, or am silenced by death.

Usually when some kind of identity obscuration takes places its because of money. There are some kind of intercepts happening here, people getting things intended for me, and I guess thats what this is. There seem to be two sides involved in this "Struggle", or war here, though I think they are also asingular group against outsiders. That seems to be some of the rationale for the crimes they commit: wiretapping, identity obscuration, smuggling, and much much more. There are other players though, and it many times appears to be a fundamental christian/mormon thing, although there are south American players as well, and German too, such as are ensconced in force at Holloman AFB, and other places within New Mexico.

The main reasons I make complaint about identity obscuration do not have to do with money, as most of the money being intercepted by others, in my name, are drug moneys, and I can do ok without all that -- I am not like the bush crime family, and most other republicans, talking a game of God and country, but really worshipping money when its all said and done. No, I refuse, I resist, I am an American for real, and not just a paper representation. I do not enjoy this enforced poverty the team players have kept me in, but i see things taking shape, and what goes around comes around. I am a world class writer with a heavy professional portfolio, being kept pridsoner in Hachita NM, because I am not in possession of the educational credentials, or servile enough for the corrupt and unAmerican governor of this state, who is just a lackey for the internationalists. I am very angry at these attempts to Force me into a way I find distasteful and unAmerican. I will fight these people to the death if necessary. THAT is the American way.

The main reasons I object strenuously to the identity obscuration perped by these fundamentalists and internationalists are as follows:

Once they have confused me with other people here they can then cause me great physical harm, which they do regularly, and I have no recourse. The traffic accident where the state and columbus nm police "Lost" the accident report on election day 2004 is just one incident of this. There are many others, and many are directed energy weapons tests on me.

Second, I have become a black test subject, someone who can be hounded and monitored electronically, with no recourse. The end result of that of course is my death, or perhaps a state of mental imbalance. There are many test subjects living under these conditions now in America, all are being tortured by the israeli government which has supplanted our constitution.

Third, loss of identity through DHS team work allows frame-ups for crimes I did not commit, but which can be used to incarcerate me or worse. This treatment of dissidents and enemies of the political structure is nothing new, it has just reached greater levels of efficiency.

Fourth, loss of identity such as I have documented is the main aspect of "Disappearing" someone. Kidnapping in Mexico is rife, and this is almost Mexico. Kidnapping/disappearances are considered a political tool here, and one of the reasons I was forced here.

Fifth, there is always money involved, and there are many here who covet the work I have accomplished in the last 7 years. If they can frame me or kill me or disappear me to Mexico with no one noticing, all the property I have been able to save for my future will be forfeit. This is big business among some police now, called asset forfeiture, and it has reached high science. I do not wish to be victimized by tis organized crime.

Please view my books at for all the details concerning my political activism and this situation general. Your prompt and ongoing attention in this matter is appreciated.

William Joseph Gallagher
POB 125
Block 14, Lot#1, Painted Schoolbus
Hachita NM 88040
No Phone (was 436-2250--now disconnected)

All details of my resume, career, and experience available on request.

This work is in the public domain