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Commentary :: Human Rights
Sabotaging the American Economy is Called Treason
21 Feb 2010
This action of attempted sabotage of
the American economy is called high treason.
Making things a hell of allot simpler. We'll
thank the triilioniare traitors while we book'em,
or, let the cowardly American nation run on the
banks THAT ARE ALREADY EMPTY, because they stole
the money through frauds well documented.
Sabotaging the American Economy is Called Treason

Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse To Allow Withdrawals

/ / Why Texas?!?

This is very strange indeed, and even more
strange when you consider that this was
"accidentally included on customer statements
nationwide." \ \

See kids? This action of attempted sabotage of
the American economy is called high treason.
Making things a hell of allot simpler. We'll
thank the triilioniare traitors while we book'em,
or, let the cowardly American nation run on the
banks THAT ARE ALREADY EMPTY, because they stole
the money through frauds well documented. Just
look at the FDIC baling banks who only are cash
takes.. did you hear me..? Onyl cash takes!@
Yourcall - dontbedumb

King Johnny America

P.S. Ron Paul Sucks!


Man gets 14 1/2 years for child porn
no, that would be more than twenty

Reid was arrested for this only one time 1999
crime in 2003. He didn't get to see a Judge for
a plea until April 2009. WHY ISN'T THAT IN THE
PAPER? And in some, it was only one child of
four, without molestation or kidnapping?, and a
total of 100 photos. The problem here is the
severely lacking coverage everywhere.

The trust his late parents left him is stated, as
SPECULATED all the way up to a fuzzy 10 million
by the Trustee who should know it to the penny.
A Trustee who has been alleged to have criminally
pocketed at least a million in 2003!, of which,
the trustee doesn't deny - AND hasn't been
charged criminally for it either, and, has
refused to pay back what he stole - At least from
what minimally is available for Public perusal.
So minimal, it could be interpreted that his
PHARMA son hasn't seen him since either, with
"It's been difficult not having him in my life,"
it's a stretch, (no prison visits?) I know.. but
G, this story doesn't smell right.. "A victim"
not "the victim"? or, "too traumatic" as in
conjunction with already "prepared", doesn't go
either, for the incident occurred years prior,
and wasn't charged a rape or molestation. Again,
too little info to make a proper judgment, but...
Court reporters are actually paid Huge money to
write these things

The Selseth homes are probably worth 10s of
millions each.. and remember people, this is
Gangland Chicago where cops and Judges let women
be beaten by bushite nazi grunts back from Iraq
for fun, escaping any serious repercussions.

Chicago Police Beat small woman

Johnny was here.

P.S. Oh, and yeah, I did post this on the site.
Still don't see it either?


/ / fired rubber bullets, tear gas, concussion
grenades, and stun guns indiscriminately at the
estimated 25,000 protesters, which included 20
busloads of senior citizens \ \ Photos of huge
near fatal injuries are availible I've seen but
can't find presently..

Miami Police Shot Protester, then laugh about it.

These bushites must not be allowed to live free
in our world, shooting INNOCENT Americans for
dead, to war our Humanity for ungodly lawless
corporate totalitarianism. She was no threat,
yet, they took pleasure in guning down an
American. The bushite do not war our worlds to
defend freedom, but to kill all that is good, all
that is just, and that is loved. If she had had
her eyes shot out, or died, they likely wouldn't
have bragged so loud, but WE ALL KNOW NOW, they
would have been even happier in killing an
Amnerican protecting for Justice. I DEMAND SGT.
MICHAEL KALLMAN be arrested for attempted murder,
and once convicted, (due to the circumstances of
him being a bushite Zionist war criminal back
from killing little kids in Iraq as a lying sack
of shit, an enemy of the Republic), formally
executed by the Christians, the Jews, the
Muslims, and the Atheists. OH YEAH! Death to
the bushite Nazis who war our worlds for the
escape of George Walker Bush and Cheney for
closing 911 police investigations, death to the
enemies of Justice for America, death to the
enemies of God and Man. I am.


(Karzi notified that the buashite grunters knew
BEFORE this following Nazi strike, these were
abandoned tankers stuck in the sand surrounded by
mostly children. )

Alcohol ban after BUSHITE MCCAINIAC staff were
'too hungover' to explain airstrike that murdered
many many innocent God Loved Peoples

They knowingly mass murdered our Humanity!
Two Amerikan Bushite from the Air Force, So
drunk, they will not even be asked for an apology
to God and Man. ? Please, I beg you as a Son to
Life, please, please, people of our worlds, KILL
THE BUSHITE LAWLESS ENEMY. So Life has said here

"Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate"

"Germany" said no such thing, but death to the NAZI
who has PIRATED the German Peoples to spew such lies.

If you at all believe in God as good, if you at
all believe Justice is freedom, please, please,
please forward this post to everyone. Please,
don't wait for others before you stand as a human
being who cares for the lives of innocent others
being targeted for mass murders by Saakashvilli
and Cheney. Understand, it was RON PAUL who
okayed the ten billion of American tax dollars
given to Saakashvilli, who spoke nothing for the
defense of who he knew were mass murdered then.
10 billion dollars. Please fight back in defense
of all that is right, all that is true, all that
is Just. Please email this post to everyone in
Russia, China, Europe, and elsewheres.. please I
beg you, please try. For the good of Humanity,
please try fighting back against these forces of
evil, that only count on you not caring. On you
believing you have no power, so don't even try to
save yourself from falling to die victim. Please
try. Please. Please. Before you have no
chance. Your voice is important. Let this be

Mikhail Saakashvili and his supporters are ready to
start a new war and plunge the country into chaos again.

Book: Cheney pushed for armed conflict with Russian in 2008

This explains the demon whore of Satan retard
Sarah Palin LYING to America, in support of
murdering those countless innocent families in
South Ossetia by Saakasvilli's war crime actions.
She claimed to Gibson on ABC News those countless
children who were murdered, were murdered for her
personal gains to lie in GOD's presence, to
reward herself of those first degree mass murders
as a Zionist war profiteer. (Cause what's that
dead Son of God 'fiction' fellow ever going to
really accomplish in the Amerikan TV world of
today right?) Murders that occurred at every
Hospital that was targeted, elementary schools,
or households that Satanic Saakasvilli had the
Zionist Nazi Grunts throw grenades into.
Murdering so many innocent souls, they couldn't
even find enough free space to bury the dead.
who today, calls for more wars against innocent
peoples, without even a LIE, WITHOUT EVEN A
LIE!!!! NOT EVEN A LIE to hold her baseless
position of wanting to see more innocent MASS
MURDER victims. She glees in the Public Arena as
a dedicated Zionist to see the innocent murdered
for Satan, for Nazi terrorists to escape Justice.
For Terrorists to escape Justice!!!!! Fuk I HATE
her almost more than Condi for 911. Retard Sarah
Palin is the most evilest women that has ever
existed in all of recorded History. Plus, she
stole the bridge to nowhere money. Corporate
Amerika wills to hypnotize you here by saying
nothing to correct her NAKED demon lies, (like
they don't against those who support torture at
CPAC/AIPAC as deserving to die rightly for
Reagan) or that popular 'alternative' NWOer line,
'she's just a puppet, she's just a puppet'. But
what about the countless innocent murder victims
I would say lacking Justice SHE denies to defend
our dying freedoms? It was no accident that she
said, "un-provoked". No accident. SEE? Say she
didn't know nothing truly, (even though she took
Sakkasvilli's dick up her fat ugly ass as caught
on video) and just said that because her 'puppet
master' told her to, regarding the support of
blind mass murder for stolen money.? DIE BUSHITE
DIE I would Judge fairly there also. SEE?
Puppet as whatever, no two ways about it, she is
seriously EVIL. While the seriously gone
delusional bigot Alex 'I'm the new Pope' Jones,
tells everyone, that anyone that criticizes him
and Ron Paul, and the Tea Party for anything is
cointelpro. Her final death will be marked as a
holiday in my book. While Alex is a mess for not
taking open line calls in Respect for facts he
DOESN'T OWN, nor is he absolutely infallible,
despite his obscenely ridiculous claims to be so.
I as Creator, do not own truth, nor as that Man
Alex pirates in his cartoon NWOer world, am not
Infallible. I'm wiser beyond Alex's furthest
imaginations, sure, a great guitar payer, a
singer, a lover, um.. yeah, it's true I'm a
god.. (King of the gods actually with REAL
answers to how this works) but I do not know
everything under the sun. The Pope is a Joke to
not fight for what is right, what is Just, what
is spiritual. Alex Jones isn't all bad though,
he's just confused horribly on many things, he
figures wrongly as a weak minded absolutioning
bigot/racist. Open polite debate finding easy
simple answers for everything is what he blindly
fears for looking stupid/ and or evil as clearly
unjust. While I am stupid near every day, but
near NEVER EVER, unjust in determining
thoughtfully, another's right to be free of
global tyranny. Unlike Alex, I don't advocate
shooting innocent Americans in the back to sound
tough in a hellish world of real ungodly tyranny
which he would proscribe!, nor do I have any
misinterpretations about the free to be rights of
Mexicans, Blacks, Japanese, CPS workers, gays or
straights, rockers, country folks, Aliens, and so
on.. Justice for all is the Key here.

British academics ask Elton John to read Goldstone

/ / "On the cross, he forgave the people who
crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and
forgiving. I don't know what makes people so
cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East
-- you're as good as dead," said John, who is
gay. \ \ no cause is separate from existence
ourselves. All are innocent, in a world fighting
against injustice committed by war criminals.

I'll say, Elton's knowledge of Christ and middle
eastern affairs is as ignorant as a guy who spent
many days playing piano, writing incredible
songs, while not learning these subjects he sings
as so familiar with, are the Middle Eastern
Nations HIS tax dollars go to kill those innocent
peoples he claims a care for. In Iraq, the once
most educated, progressive nation in the region,
(more PhDs per capita than Amerika by far until
the Nazi grunts targeted them for rape, torture,
and mass murder) as the place that was by Bush
indiscriminately bombed murdering more than two
million innocent souls for no cause but to thieve
from us all. Where is his holier than all those
peoples stand there? Hard working Americans gave
the trillioniare demons of Saudi Arabia more than
85 BILLION dollars in American weaponry just
recently to murder innocent Muslims, Christians
Jews and Atheists as openly ungodly Satanic, be
they gay or otherwise, and where is Elton's, 'I
know more than everyone else there about rights
for life in the barbaric middle east'? What
about the innocent Christians targeted for mass
murder by Nazi Israeli paid for by your
entertaining those godless demon enemies of God
and Man, those Zionist savages of pure wicked
evil that steal innocent Christian homes on a
daily basis? I love Elton as any lover of
beautiful music would, but come on Elton, all the
Taliban asked for was evidence to form your
conclusions. Are you going to still go blinded
for Bush the antichrist as your false deity? or
believe in the rights of others by truly
defending them? Come over and visit me, if you
have the time, and we'll talk further, and
maybe.. jam!! Yeah man, that would be sooo
coool. And maybe.. you might consider borrowing
me a few dollars until I can get up on my feet
with the Global Media Empire of Truth Telling for
the Causes of All? But yeah, no.. I'm not gay.
Maybe it's just in these last 6000 or so years I
haven't met the right "guy", but it seems
doubtful. Well, then again, I guess I have had
sexual relations with my lonely self, playing
with my god like Penis.. err.. so I guess that
would make us all gay in that way... Or
transsexuals, or maybe women. Womans. I love
womens. If all I though of were womens, would
that make me like a lesbian? I frankly don't see
what women see in us men, for if I was a women
I'd either be pleasuring myself constantly, or
have a wife. You know this whole female business
might sound confusing to you because it's
confusing to me too. I was born a virgin birth
to a timeless universe, that I never could make
heads or tails of. I think I did once, but now
I'm forgetful how it all came about. I think I
know she still knows something though but I can't
tell who from what anymore. Women's rights
should rule I figure. Anyway, let's Jam!!!
Peace for them, means peace for us. Welcome to
Johnny's Garden. Your song. No, I mean.. ah
nevermind. You just gotta hear me sing some
Elton Elton! Be as good as you are, and don't
forsake yourself as a friend to all here. Love
is Simple. Hate breeds. Justice is Freedom.
Israeli Zionists are ungodly war criminals who
target innocent Jews for mass murder. And
confess to it OPENLY. They admit to breaking the
truce, to getting murdered Jews for money. As
they did in Lebanon. First strike targets were
the Jewish communities of Lebanon. Israel is
TRULY run by godless nazi savages who intent on
killing Innocent Jews for money. Jewish
scripture teaches to be extremely generous
because of this conflict, and also teaches, that
every fifty years, A TRUE JEW, should consider
giving away all their worldly possessions to
those less fortunate. Do you know what Israeli
Nazis did on the Jewish 50 year Jubilee this last
go around? Killed some Christian children,
tortured some families, stole some homes, and
raised the prices to an all time high at the
"Jewish" bakery near where I live.. In fact it
costs more to buy a dried week old loaf of bread
there, than it does to buy a fresh baked loaf at
the corner store. A single cookie, small cookie,
can run near a dollar. A dollar for a single
cookie. Cakes, dontevengothere. Cinnamon buns.
Do you know six cinnamon buns cost seven dollars?
Cinnamon buns with so little cinnamon on them you
could argue, they were no such thing. Where at
the corner grocer, you can buy eight buns with
(NO EXAGERATION) ten times the amount of cinnamon
and frostings, for about five dollars. How do
they stay in business you might ask, with such
contempt for the average customer? They near
exclusively cater to Zionist "Jews". Ugly,
ungodly enemies of life who steal from Life,
proudly, who speak nothing but contempt for GOD
at the public requests given at the counter for
"charity" for aiding in the criminal theft of new
homes from innocent Christian families, all done
to leave Jews starving in the garbage dumps of
Jerusalem. Come by Elton and I'll show you first
hand what God's FREE love is all about. They
also sponsor these hate fests in Winnipeg, where
they invite people from around the world with
tens of thousands of dollars, to speak on why
Christians, Muslims, and Atheists have no real
right to exist, like God's Chosen do. We had
Winnipeg's Mr. Asper, one day say near exactly
that in the actual presence of the LORD, and he
fell down right dead in front of everyone. They
called it a natural death. It was truly a
beautiful thing it was. (I DIDN'T TOUCH HIM) An
evil hated man of such ill character, it was
truly a blessing to all to see him die right in
front of everyone like that. All us REAL G-D
loving Jews were Jubilant that day I'll tell you
quite honestly. You Elton could change all this
for the better. You Elton could be a hero of
wonder, so spectacular, that no one ever, will
doubt that gay men are real men with the
manliness to save the world greater than near
anyone alive or dead I'm saying!! Be a buddy to
life. Friend?


Peoples Should Hunt to Kill Torturers God Commands

'Conservatives' Real Agenda Revealed at CPAC/AIPAC
Conference: Love of Torture and Hatred of Obama'

'Bob Barr shouted down at CPAC[AIPAC], called
waterboarding torture'


Richest 400 Taxpayers See Incomes Double, Tax Rates Halved

These are almost all extortions with zero talents
but to 'get away' with the highest crimes of
fraud. Who, on top of everything else, don't
want to pay taxes on the money they never earned
but stole. And in America, as it is without
Justice, American can't be bothered to phone
happy Geroge Noory who openly wills to kill
the nation for the Neocon, and complain about
it. He's too nice a guy to bitch about Bush
and Cheney making their get aways.. Right?

The American Nightmare: US Economic Elite Wages War on the American People

/ / NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA,
carried out terror bombings in Italy and blamed
the communists, in order to rally people’s
support \ \

Then know, what a disloyal bushite enemy is.
It's a nazi grunter who refused to uphold his
word, his oath, and refuses still, cowardly, to
demand the arrest of all peenacker neocons for
the high treasons of 911. Dying for continuing
the lies is the silence of a betrayer, who's
commitment is not to defend America, but to rape
and pillage from US all with excuses that will
never fly. Bush and Cheney closed 911 police

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers


Chicago Police Beat small woman

Let's get a kitty of let's say 1 million dollars,
and behead this "cop". Then place his severed
head up above the entrance to the police
department head quarters for a least a week. If
real men existed in America, this righteous act
would be done for free for the love of women
everywhere. But we all know Amerikan males, and
their hatred for Justice, and love for stealing
life. But just to see that "cop" die would be
all worth the effort. TO KNOW: even with this
video, he wasn't rightly convicted for the crimes
he was CLEARLY guilty of. He was initially
charged with 15 counts that included official
misconduct, intimidation, conspiracy and
communicating with a witness. All but the
battery charge were dropped before the trial's
end, which gave him a suspended sentence after he
stating that he "didn't want to receive another
injury, I threw her to the ground to get her off
of me."

Just kill him for that. We all see what he did,
as still holding no remorse whatsoever for his
crimes. And again, look at the "males" in the
video. I am sadly not superman okay, but I would
have grabbed anything to near kill that beast to
defend that woman. A fork, a spoon, a sugar
shaker, anythign fuk, a chair, a bat would have
been good.. But the witnesses do near fuking
nothing.. who cares right? That's America for
you. In Afghanistan, the Taliban would have
likely immediately grouped as a team of two or
three, or four (whatever was available) then, cut
his testicles off and shoved them down his
throat. A little extreme, yes, but you as a tea
bagging bushite Republican election rigger would
think twice, then three times, before thinking
the men of our community would allow you to
escape such criminal actions as is done today in
Nazi Amerika. Anthony Abbate received 2 years
suspended sentence in 2007 (no jail), without
being fired until just several weeks ago over
likely another not named incident. Just your
neighbor's wife?, your neighbor's daughter?, and
who cares for them then if you can make a killing
like a "rich" bushite does escaping our laws

(Anthony Abbate was one of at least 100 Chicago
police officers who had been hired despite having
prior criminal offenses, including that of a war
criminal. Understand my American friends, the
bushite neocons do this to sabotage our Police
services, for they also do aptitude tests, where
if the soon to be cop is above average
intelligence, he's not wanted. Treason that is.)

No no. He wants to get back to "policing" in
Chicago, after spending no time in jail, or
fined. And America is such a shit hole of evil,
he probably will. Do YOU live in Chicago? Can
you make up some posters for the folks who care
somewhere? Bikers.. some bikers could get
behind US on this I'm most certain. SOME. Let's
maybe try there for men.. Anthony Abbate must
not be allowed to continue wearing a uniform in
the cause of Justice in my Chicago.

"The Chicago Police Department made a unilateral
decision that they were going to charge him only
with a misdemeanor without telling the State's
Attorney's Office," Charge the Police Chief for
aiding and abetting, and throw a book at him, to
set an example.

What the fuk is wrong with ungodly evil Chicago?,
look at this picture:

"Troubled Chicago cop gets probation in 2008 Niles bar attack"

We have to call a stop to this, where Police
grunters back from Iraq or Afghanistan are not
being held to account for their criminal actions,
like when they gang rape American women through
KBR. Understand, thousands, and thousands, and
thousands of American Peoples are serving LIFE
TERM prison sentences for 'three strikes'. What
are strikes? Shoplifting, stealing a slice of
pizza, smoking a roach.. or pain killers from
a doctor because you have extreme pain, and
so on. Republican Rush Limbaugh wasn't put to
death, but those in wheel chairs who truly
suffer chronic pain are given life term prison
sentences for the very same offense Rush walked
from. We need Me, and we need Me now. Don't
believe in a better world American? Just refuse
to forward this post for fear of real Justice
in the Holy name of Johnny? Rather blame the
shadowy NWO? The Elites? or the Liberals as
a nazi fascist coward? Okay, fuk you too. - Wall Street's Bailout Hustle

/ / Goldman Sachs and other big banks aren't
just pocketing the trillions we gave them
to rescue the economy - they're re-creating
the conditions for another crash \ \

Just a reminder to all the cops out there
that care: these actions of Goldman Sachs
et al. are highly criminal. in likely more
than fifty ways. We have a situation, that
Americans refuse to humble themselves to
wise men or women speaking, because we make
them out to be what they truly are. Moronic
imbeciles. So, they'd rather kill themselves
with poisons granted by their silences in food
and vaccines, sending their sons and daughters
to DIE for the escape of Bush and Cheney,
attacking all our innocent Humanity to thieve
further from, before accepting to allow a man
or woman like Johnny to speak for open
debate, Coast to Coast to remedy this problem
to the best of our abilities. No, we suffer
for retard demon witch LIAR Palin, we suffer
for demon enemy traitor Neoconner George Noory.
We suffer for seriously delusional Alex Jones,
and extreme right wingers like Ron 'I'm a
failure always' Paul who doesn't witness
crimes anywhere here as a mutli millionaire.
Not 911, not Iraq, not banking, not earmarking.



"Justin Primm - ron paul sold us out.mp3"

This recording is quite incredible if your
at all interested, in why so many foolishly
are conned to think Ron Paul will do
something he hasn't in thirty years of
taking donations to become so wealthy.
Who cares right American? It's just Your
dreams, your furture ALREADY given
away to trillioniare extortionists.


"Iran not producing weapon-grade uranium: IAEA"
U.S. National Intelligence - Iran 'has no bomb-grade uranium'
U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged
"John Bolton still would like very much to bomb Iran"
Bolton ' Iran has been doing secret research
on a nuclear weapon warhead.'

I would order the entire Human species to
try, and kill John Bolton and the rest of
every last Neocon LIAR for high treason.
Note: do you know why Bolton was never
confirmed? Because he couldn't find one
single American person on this planet
to say a single nice word about him. A
requirement under American law. Strange
but true. He HATES to death truth, freedom,
justice, life, law, and God. A Zionist
unloved by every last living soul. Serves
him right right? True, I am hated by
Amerikans for being strong, wise, funny,
and great.. by in many cultures, those
traits are worthy a respect naturally
granted. I have real people that love
me, that I have never even met!

/ / 19 American invading terrorists killed,
7 tanks of the U.S and British invading terrorists eliminated within 3 hours in Marjah
Martyrdom operations kills 15 American invading terrorists in Khost
Martyrdom operations kills and wounded 30 puppet and invaders terrorists in Paktia
Mujahideen killed 36 terrorists of the U.S, Nato and puppet forces besides destroying 7 tanks in Marjah
ect. ect. ect. according to recent reports from Kandahar province. \ \

Excellent. These bushite demon enemies of God
and Man are warring ourselves for the escape
of Bush and Cheney as the culprits responsible
for closing 911 Police investigations. These bushite
demon enemies of Life, war to torture, war to rape,
war to thieve from AMERICANS. So thank you wise
teachers of Afghanistan. I am sorry for your unfair
sacrifice for the Love of Allah that grants you all
we can in support of Justice as Freedom. Bushites
are evil enemies of US all, enemies of US all. Men
in America do not even barely exist to raise their
phones to demand Justice for this day. They instead
thank demon enemies of Life like Geroge Noory, as
a 'great man' who OPENLY propagandizes their nation
for the escape of the demon antichrist, Mr. Bush Jr.
evil Personified.

Bush 'we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty'

Americans know American women are gang raped
by KBR, and they can't even be bothered to raise a
word of concern, but for to demand lower taxes, or
call Obama a socialist for trillion dollar extortions,
and sabotaging Health care, or to vocalize against
those "anti-war left wing traitors" they call
ourselves, as those who hold a love for Freedom
from tyranny. A love for Family. Death to the bushite,
death to the enemies of God and Man. Thanks again
loves, thanks again.

Dying for Lies is the Silence of a Coward

IDF denies disciplining top officers over
white phosphorous use in Gaza war

"Israeli Court: Firing On Unarmed Peace Activists Is OK"

Do you really need the Bible, and the Messiah to
come down here to tell you how Satanic as evil a
Zionist enemy of the Jew really is? They murder
our spouses, they murder our children, not
accidentally, but on purpose, to steal our lands,
to steal our money, then tell us all, it wasn't
their fault as the truce breaker (dying Jews),
but our own for trusting they were honorable. (I
mean, come on, they steal peoples homes on a
routine basis) Demon Nazi evil enemies of God and
life the war criminals are, when successfully
prosecuted in OUR names. Enemies of the Biblical
Jew to celebrate the firebombings of innocent
families conned by Israeli to gather for
protections, and targeted UN schools,! as the
Unholy action of anything but, the enemies of all
free peoples. The Zionist kills innocent Jews
for money as a war criminal, a honest to god war
criminal. Justice is what we must defend as
freedoms sacrificed by our voices of fairness not
recognized. Freedom from tyranny is Justice to
day. Let's do this. My name is simply John, and
I wish to have a word with everyone. We should
be greater as a love for life we never even knew
could be possible, until we developed some way of
communicating, that the intelligence of our
Nature would will a just cause without saying,
therefor, this could all be the chance to restore
Peace like everyone dreams, by warring to bring
the individual bad guys to real Justice. Bush
and Cheney closed 911 Police Investigations, and
we need them re-opened to capture the escaping
terrorists responsible. that they are aiding.
This is not a rocket.

Biden: Israel has 'sovereign right' to attack Iran,7340,L-3741697,00.html

THAT'S MASS MURDER. Death to Zionists, the attempting
war criminal enemies of the Republic.

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy "The two questions that the
congress will not ask . . . is why did 9/11 happen on
George Bush's watch when he had clear warnings that it
was going to happen? Why did they allow it to happen?"

Are you American going to still remain silent? Refusing
to phone happy George Noory, the enemy, to demand
Americans be defended from tyranny? Bush closed 911
investigations. The bail-outs were extortion. Mercury
from vaccines cause brain damage to children. Fight
back against his will to remain passive and happy while
God's America is further plundered.

/ / NATO has promised to curb the number of air strikes
against houses in Marjah in an attempt to reduce
the number of civilians it kills in the invasion. \ \

"NATO Forces Blocking Movement of Wounded Afghan Civilians"

This is why all NATO commanders, and every last
grunter in the American Air Forces will be tried
by US, the Public as war criminals for execution.
This is an admission that they have targeted
defenseless innocent families. There is no
legal reason to bomb innocent peoples as Satanic,
but to escape the Neocon Peenackers for 911.
TRAITORS! What is the crime of a Taliban a.k.a
Teacher? Bushites deserve to die to defend their
next targeted innocent victims they murder to
thieve from US all. Die bushite die.


"Justin Primm - ron paul sold us out.mp3"

Ron Paul is a guy who calls the Iraq war
of indiscriminate warfare murdering innocent
millions, with the dumpings of radio-active
toxic waste against our entire species,
torturings, rapes, and the theft of all the
nation's resources a police action, and refuses
to acknowledge the bail-outs were a crime
also like 911, a loyal Republican to the
death of America. So, no wonder he doesn't
speak words wanting Justice for anyone in
America getting robbed and left for dead

I Demand I be allowed to speak freely for open debate
in America on the Coast to Coast radio networks.

Bushite liars are the true enemies of God and Man

Video: Palestine | The Truth.

News Articles:
Israeli settlers on horseback set at least 1,500 Palestinian-owned olive trees...

Israel admits organ harvesting...including Palestinian organs...


Rise up for innocent life American, or don't and
see where you'll get yourself in the end,. Do
US a favor, and Forward this post on. Your
King has spoken.

Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal
orders to escape the Peenackers for 911 as
ENEMIES of the LORD and Life.

POLICE BRUTALITY: Cop turns off camera & beats up female

There was evidence to file charges. He shut the
camera off!, and the injuries, obviously, are not
conducive to a single 'fall'. What could the
grunt possibly argue was the reason he shut it
off, to then again, turn back on after the
assault. To escape? From whom? Not from me,
how about You? Sure, she was bitchy, but that is
what comes to the decorated Copper who defends
the innocent, who is a greater man than these
bushite nazi savages who, as war criminals, join
our police services as an evil disfunctioning
illiterate of sadistic lawless ungodliness.

/ / Ali A. Mohamed, a trainer in bin Laden's Al Qaeda
network, was stationed at Fort Bragg for more than
two years. Special operations troops from the post
are engaged in Afghanistan today. \ \

"ECW Wrestler Sandman Says 911 Was An Inside Job"

This is so fu*king awsome man! Real men do exist
in America, they're just hard to find with all
the Neocon shills pirating our airwaves. Justice
is what we will.

Transferring Billions in Taxpayer Money to Hedge Funds

"The Great Highway Robbery Continues: How the FDIC
is Legally Transferring Billions in Taxpayer Money
to Hedge Funds"


/ / Australian traceroute confirms "Silicon
Curtain" - WRH now banned in Australia and
New Zealand \ \

If Americans continue to let George Noory tell
what a great awesome day he's having escaping the
Neocons, you'll get what you deserve rightly.
Why do you refuse to help any other by not
forwarding this post in America? You're on the
internet, yet, refuse to demand Justice for our
days. You people are sick and dying to remain
silent this way sacrificing for the Peenacker

Senator Lindsey Graham on our Pre-9/11 Mentality

"These trials should not occur in New York, or
any other American city, to do so, is to ignore
we are at war"

Yeah, at war with the naked traitor Senator
Lindsey. Bush and Cheney stopped 911 Police
investigations. How can anyone like Senator
Lindsey determine someone's guilt or innocence,
if evidence is no longer required under the evil
enemy bushite's irrational arguments that make
zero sense, but to the ACTUAL TERRORISTS theys is
attempting to for sure escape? To buy this
demon's criminal charade, one would rightly
expect an American that denies the rights to
Justice for a terrorist, is an American enemy
combatant, not granted the protections
"Americans" afford for themselves. These demonic
enemies of Life, are never escaping the rightful
war crimes prosecution for the thefts, rapes and
mass murders of our loved ones. Death to the
'lawless' enemies of Liberty in NATO's military,
enemies for Justice truly winning Freedom.
Freedom as to where all stand demanding the
arrest, trial and execution of traitors Bush and
Cheney for 911. Bush nazi grunts are the enemies
of Life and deserve to die before another
innocent child is targeted willfully by these
ungodly Zionist vermins.

Cheney, told American Police agencies, that if they
dared looking into Enron, they would be all arrested

What Congress Does Not Know about Enron and 9/11
see kids? Cheney is a bad man.

Look. Bush [Powell handled the money] gave the Taliban
47 million dollars in August 2001. This after learning
from Tenet in JULY, al-qeada in Afghanistan with ol'
bin Laden, were in the final states of an imminent
terror strike! as he reported dutifully on that 60
minutes interview. Then according to federal prosecutor,
John Loftus, Cheney, told Americans, that if they dared
looking into Enron, they would all be arrested. I knew
about W199I, sure, but I wasn't aware that that included
Enron. IT'S A GOOD THING WE'RE HERE. If I had spoke on
Coast to Coast once a week for five hours since 2001,
someone most certainly would have told me about this
Mr. Loftus character, and we wouldn't be lost in a
decade of indiscriminate lawless warfare against
God and Humanity by Amerikan Zombie Inc.

Johnny's World Wide Works of Wonder

"Jewish Chronicle editor says extra-judicial murder is kosher"

This is why GOD calls the free to be Zionist
Satanic. They clearly, truly, are evil godless
enemies to every living soul here. Simple stuff
really., what is referred to in the current
civilized worlds as: Criminal. Do you believe
you are worth defending, or no.. How anyone
remains publicly silent of this on our magic
tv sets, is beyond comprehension for me. It's
like, we people are not those people treating
us without the evidences to form our conclusions.
FACTS they seem too far absent without excuses
for. It's a fair game though should be no?

The new McCarthyism sweeping Israel

/ / The onslaught has prompted Nicholas Saphir, the Jewish
businessman who runs the New Israel Fund in the UK, to
warn that the "Jewish values of social justice and our
duty to tikkun olam (repairing the world) have come under
serious threat in the state of Israel". \ \

Zionists are NOT JEWS. Enemies of the Jew, to steal God's
good name. To profit off our deaths as Satanic enemies of
Humanity. As so writ, in our Bibles, and just common sense.
These Satanic enemies of Life, steal innocent Christian
homes near daily. The Zionist Nazi Government of Israel,
does this with threats of MURDER, paid for by the American
suckers. The Zionist Nazis broke the truce to get
killed Jews for money. THEY ADMIT THIS FREELY.


AmeriKan Zombie Inc.

TEA PARTY CONVENTION - Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz, Interviews with Participants

Notice not one of these bushite nazi savage
illiterates, speak a word for the defense of
American women being gang raped by 'lawless'
KGB.. er.. I mean, KBR. Or that anyone in
Government could ever has, committed a crime
like trillion dollar bankster extortion,
as sanctioning torture, or causeless wars to
escape the peenackers, 911? no no, it's a too
big government.. Fraud? No no, it's just big.
And and taxes are too high. All those
earmarkers cashed in by Ron Paul et al. you mean?
No no no, taxes are just too high. Wall Street
pays too much? no it's the do nothing welfare
mothers, or socialist school teachers, or
socialist firemen, and socialist health carers,
and the socialist traffic signal repairmen,
those guys really get my craw.. Or those that
require I have evidence to form my reasons for
silently supporting the murder of millions of
innocent human beings as a good little nazi
should. Good little Zombie Commies that will
to rob America further blind for bushitism.

New 9/11 photos 'prove WTC exploded from inside'


Freedom To All

Bushite grunters, the enemies of every breathing
human being, are a criminal force who's direction
of aggression is currently pointed at Amerika for
ransom. Understand: these bushite of the air
forces drop bombs on defenseless innocent
families, excused because they got anonymous
Intel top secret like. It is for these war
crimes, that all in the U.S. Military will be
charged for war crimes against God, and upon the
successful prosecutions, where the 'lawless'
disciple of the antichrist grunter has been given
ample time to change it's evil mind warring for
rapists of American women, we bill together,
Rightly, Judicially, with honor in defense of
true Liberty. When the bushite thieves die
warring for the escape of the Neocon Peenackers,
all of our innocent Humanity cries in relief.
Death to the bushite that bombs our villages,
death to the lawless enemies of God and man who
the magic TV labels our heroes. We need to get
back all our stolen values of Justice realized.
Banksters don't cover our loans, we do. They
have defrauded our nations TRILLIONS, driving us
further into fraudulent indebtedness as the
consequence of their criminal causes. To demand
Justice for all, is where Life truly stands.

I am a good man in a world going wrong

Like when a Ron Paul or TV pro says, 'yeh, they,
sorry people, they lost the money, golly shucks.
go away now I'm a loser like all of everyone else
can be ever, cause Government is always bad'

The Zionist kills innocent Jews for money as a
war criminal, a honest to god war criminal.
Justice is what we must defend as freedoms
sacrificed by our voices of fairness not
recognized. I am the good guy here, you are
something else to not know my free to be path.
Or to know it, and despise Life's true natural
talent at willing for the good every time as best
we can. I am loved, not by AmeriaKan Zombie Inc.
okay, but never the less, loved in life as more
than a half honest, good hearted human being. I
am a good man in a world going wrong.

Johnny the Jew


Jews Want 'Museum of Tolerance' Built On Muslim Graves

NOT JEWS. Enemies of the Jew, to steal God's good name.
To profit off our deaths as Satanic enemies of Humanity.
As so writ, in our Bibles, and just common sense. These
Satanic enemies of Life, steal innocent Christian homes
near daily. The Zionist Nazi Government of Israel, does
this with threats of MURDER, paid for by the American
suckers. The Zionist Nazis broke the truce to get
killed Jews for money. THEY ADMIT THIS FREELY. Ugly,
ungodly, evil, and war criminal. It is only censorship
by a demon enemy happy George Noory, that hides these
challenges to remain un-apposed, for the Zionist Nazi
can't compete when free to speak, open dialog for
Justice winning is allotted. Hence, Americans refusing
to support my wise words for polite open public debate.
They'd rather die victim to slavery for rich and happy
George Noory, than humble themselves to wise men or
women speaking. See the vid, 'Learn to Speak Tea Bag' as
the whole truth. We are hated by corporatized America
not because we are bad People, but because we are good.
And, like the true Liberator I am with knowledge of the,
Justice is suffering because of ourselves condition,
hated even that much more for living for freedom as
honorable. Freedom is where we is at see?


Chris Hayes Attempts to Explain That the Constitution Does Not Only Apply to Citizens on Morning Joe

Scarborough: "You cannot blame what's going on
in Israel on the Bush administration."

Brzezinski: "You know, you have such a stunningly
superficial knowledge of what went on that it's
almost embarrassing to listen to you."


Bob Kerrey (911 comm) admits 911 was Pre-Planned

Grilled by the TSA on "who did 9/11"

/ / Nick George, a student at Pomona College in
California, was grilled by the TSA on "who did 9/11"
and asked by FBI agents whether he was a communist
after airport security officers found Arabic-English
language learning cards in his luggage last summer \ \ to what is expected next? Torture maybe?

What the hell man, Bush did 911. Planned for it
and carried it out by closing Police Investigations..
what's it to you,.. copper? Who am i? Johnny, Johnny
from Anytown, USA. Wanna see my Badge? Certainly,
Honor for God and Country I hold proud as my badge
of Freedom found by Justice earned, what about you.
What are you doing here not speaking up for Justice
on 911? Claiming our rights to deny such wanting
by remaining ignorant of these facts presented to
US all.. Huh? Eh? Speak louder cause your cowardly
murmerings, are lost to the sounds of sadistic
bushite bombers, rapists, and torturers.

(forward this to everyone you will)


The Loan - AMERICAN TAXES - The Foreclosure - FREE MANSIONS!
Why Are Americans Passive without honoring wisdom to demand
open debate with the pros? - Think About That

'Jim Cramer on CNBC while defending Bernanke and Geithner
says that the Bavarian Illuminati, Trilateral Commission,
Goldman Sachs and Queen of England are not all bad'

AmeriKan Zombie Inc.

Bushite grunters are a criminal force who's
direction of aggression is currently pointed at
Amerika for ransom. The Thirty Trillion Dollar
bailout was a popular fraud in America called,
Extortion. Poof! Now, we have The Government of
AmeriKan Zombie Inc.. Whom, it could be assumed,
will to continue on with a murderously blind
military dictatorship to escape the evil Neocon
Peenackers of 911, or as now including, the Wall
Street trillioniare Bankster Shysters.

With Congress and the Presidents murdering so
many good, honest, hard working men and women in
Iraq without a just cause to escape enemy Neocon,
to warring even more for lawless military
dictatorships around our suffering world,
treating US all to torture, false imprisonments,
or drone strikes due a tip some anonymous heroin
dealer alleged is, AmeriKan Zombie Inc..

We are falling victim by ungodly con men
enriching themselves of our funerals. The
disloyal Bushite Grunters who murder our innocent
families are not Heroes as CNN and FOX claim.
The do not war God and Humanity for Freedom's
reign. As a committed vigilant defense, of
Justice demanded always as anyone truly free.
The Wins of a Civilized World bring many joys.
Bringing the absence of Hunger or indiscriminate
bombing runs, with the loves of experience,
beyond the searchings for immediate shelter or
life saving medicines. We need to get back all
our stolen values of Justice realized. Banksters
don't cover our loans, we do. They have
defrauded our nations TRILLIONS, driving us
further into fraudulent indebtedness as the
consequence of their criminal causes. To demand
Justice for all, is where Life truly stands. We
want the money that was stolen through the
massive Wall Street fraud returned. The Bailout
was extortion. Bush and Cheney need arresting
for stopping the Police agencies of America to
properly carry out the arrests of the criminal
suspects. The charge against George Walk Bush is
called obstruction. We, The Peoples are not all
betrayers to a greater day. We, The Peoples are
not proud ignorant enemies of the Republic like
Sarah Palin and every single last Republican,
demanding Justice be denied against terror suspects.
This battle is lead by the forces who champion the
rights of all as fairness you cheats. No evidence
against an accused means the person is innocent.
(DIE BUSHITE DIE) And, I believe it was the Magna
Charta (but don't quote me on this) that added,
even if the guy confesses straight away, and goes,
'no, no, don't you see? I did it all?' requires
STILL, acknowledging a confirmation of fact to
substantiate as conclusionary. Then, something
like, 'no free man will be imprisoned' ..I swear
this stuff is really simple. We can achieve back
what we lost somehow by believing in ourselves
winning a greater day, yes we can. And We start
that day, by insisting that the culprits responsible
for 911 not escape our wrath over the censorship of
a demon enemy of Life like happy George Noory.
Expecting all honorable police services to will
the co-operations needed, to bring these bad guys
to Justice. Listen: we are going to try all
these bastard peenackers of the bushmob, by fair
public trials. And yes, get all of everybody's
monies back, as best we can, from the deceitful
war profiteers of lawless mass murder and torture.

People like Amy Goodman were warned to step back
from WTC7, because the pre-planted explosives were
going to be taking it down momentarily. Then, it
happened just as they planned it. Remarkable? So
much so, that international news networks reported
it falling just before it starting falling. Who on
Earth could possibly dispute such? but a bushite
liar, a zionist thief, an ungodly war mongering
enemy to Life, warring YOU for the further escape
of the neocon peenacker highjackers.

AmeriKan Zombie Inc. "Let them rob us all of
house and home, but just whatever you do, don't
let wise people like Johnny America speak for
justice on all sides, because I'll be no longer
sounding better than everyone else, dying US
censored victims for remaining quiet."


"Jewish Chronicle editor says extra-judicial murder is kosher"

This is why GOD calls the Zionist Satanic. They
clearly, truly, are evil godless enemies to
every living soul here.


Columbia University declares “Obama never attended Columbia University”

If this is true, then maybe his father never
was alleged to be an American Citizen, by
anyone,. thereby making Obama not fit for
the Amerikan Zombie Inc. Presidency. See
this is the kinda knowledge you don't get
anywhere but here, with yours truly,

King Johnny America


This from Mike over at:

/ /

'Barack Obama accuses Iran of attempt to build a nuclear bomb'

Dear President (at)

You really are an idiot.

Under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty, Iran has a right to use nuclear
technology for peaceful purposes. This includes
power stations and medical isotopes. Enrichment
to 20% is consistent with medical usage.
Therefore, Iran's actions are legal under the
terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
which Iran has signed right alongside the United

In demanding that Iran surrender their legal
rights as specified in the NNPT, the United
States is in violation of that treaty. Under
Article IV, the United States is obligated to
assist Iran in building their power stations and
medical facilities. Clearly, if the United
States were in compliance with the NNPT, we would
know for an absolute certainty what Iran was and
was not doing with their nuclear facilities.

I am not calling you an idiot on the assumption
that you are not aware of these facts. I am sure
that you are. I am calling you an idiot because
you seem to assume that We The People are not
aware of these facts. [...] \ \


Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’

Listen demon whore, Americans pay for the murder
of innocent Christians, as ungodly enemies of God
and Life. Your evil witch liar ways are over do
you understand demon Amerikan Tv Nazi celeb? To
love Israel, is to demand the exectuion of every
last Zionist war criminal demon liar, excused
by a Satanic evil enemy of God's Creation like
a Rep. Michele Bachmann., and that's the truth you
Republican and Demonrat ungodly thieves to every
breathing Human Being. And WE know it.

The demon whore of Satan, retard Palin
likes lying about killing children in South
Ossetia for stolen gains to prod the sheeple into
more dying for war criminals, A DEMON WITCH LIAR,
while championing the cause to deprive justice
for an accused she calls a terrorist. A
terrorist she couldn't substantiate as guilty of
anything, officially, and apparently, doesn't
need to in Crazytown USA, population: Zombies.

Some peoples are dumber than rocks attempting escape
for Bush on stopping official Police Investigations...

"FACT: A 767 cannot fly 500mph at 800ft because of air density"

So If it fell from the sky at 600, it would just get
slower and slower then Mr. Newton?

Obama "You're entitled to your own opinion, but
not to your own facts."

We The Peoples: A Team from the CIA with Cheney did 911

/ / Lastly, for conspiracists who believe the WTC
was brought down with traditional explosives
(i.e. bombs/thermite), do you really think
crashing large planes loaded with fuel into two
of some of the tallest buildings in the world
you've just rigged with explosives for a
controlled demolition would be a good idea? \ \
Yeah, they did. WTC7 fell just as they planned it,
without a plane hitting it, and CNN still doesn't
care. Mercury is in vaccines to cause brain
damage 100 percent of the time to American
Sarah Palin, wants to bomb countries without
evidence for anything as a demon whore of Satan
who deserves herself before anyone else, the
sentence of death from our skies because of it -
BILL HER. 'Play the "war card" Obama to get in
good graces with the GOP.' Zionist Sarah for
rigged election President Palin 2010. CNN still don't
care there either. This killtown is kinda naive
on typing in a search engine results that every
CNN News rat readily could access. THEY, the
corporate TV news pros will kill America for money
truthfully. Godless demon enemies of Life in the
American funded government of Israeli, do it
proudly as biblically Satanic near every day.
But killtown, does make some interesting
observations and has some killer info - however -
some of his general observations are easily
chucked as foolish bushite propaganda. Example:
how is it possible that these, no-plane ‘let Bush
escape’ NWOers, aren’t aware of iron following
like water out of the towers, or molten metal
present for weeks and weeks? Or, is he 'just as
sure' claiming also, that bombs weren't really
dropped on Iraq murdering more than a million
innocent souls as targeted?, or that People in
New York didn't really die as a consequence, or
the dead teen grunters how about? It's mute if
anything close to true. But, we all, including
'killtown' want Justice we claim, and Bush
personally has stopped our police services from
finishing their/our task officially. So, who of
any faction in this wanting for survival, would
disagree defending this Life is our challenge?
Including those who call airliners tin cans
because they have to, to make it more believable?
Note: airliners are not made out of tin cans.

9/11: Impossible Speed & Impact -- Busted! Updated

The views on this are total bullshit, as it is
clearly, one of the near most popular vids out
there in the truth circles of contested debates.

'1,000 of the Most Brightest Architects & Engineers Call for a Real 9/11 Investigation'

hardcopy petition evidence press kits to every member of Congress

Send too, to Police Chiefs and Heads of
Governments around the world. Something tells
me, the demonrat and Repuglicons don't care
enough yet to save anyone from terrorist
activities of mass murder, if it means they can
profit from it without corporate TV challenge on
their public treasons. Like escaping gang
rapists of American women, or John O. Brennan

orchestrating Abdulmutallab to board a plan with
a bomb to MURDER AMERICANS, all so Obama could
mass murder the Peoples of Yemen who appose the
tyranny of Wahhabism. Two examples of many.
Obama is a Bankster's extortionist, a war
criminal of mass murder in the military
dictatorship of Yemen that they bombed like in
Gaza, by the payments made by 'willing'
AMERICANS!!!. Justice is what King Johnny
America wills like anyone would you idiots.

CIA Cheney 911 EXERCISE on 11 Sep 01 Time 0932

Banned at TruTV Forum - All "killtown" posts and any who quoted him have been removed

NRO's 9/11 'mock' plane crash set for 9:32am, drill included a smoke generator!

/ / the scheduled mock plane crash of 9:32am. One of
the two clocks that had fallen inside the Pentagon
from the explosion had stopped at the same time. \ \


George Noory must be demanded by America to
allow Justice to win our fredoms defended.
Or die for the Zionist Neocon as innocent
targeted victims, too cowardly as evil to speak
in defense of their neighbor's right to life
and Liberty. It just your neighbor's wife?,
your neighbor's daughter?, and who cares for
them then if you can make a killing like
Repuglicon and Demonrats on FOX with the
Whore of Satan Sarah Palin, the Retard?
Justice is what we Will.

"Obama's Budget Calls for Billions in New Spending for Drones"

After we all learning these weapons are used
exclusively to indiscriminately murder us peoples
at random with what the heroin pushers term a
"suspect"? learned only to be so by anonymous
sources they brag as demon evil of Satanic
threat. These are ungodly war crimes perpetrated
by bushite nazi zionist grunters through NATO and
the Blackwater of "CIA", who war America's
Freedom as rapists for the escape of the neocon
peenackers responsible for 911. AS REPORTED
WORLDWIDE: Bush and Cheney closed 911 Police
investigations once it was revealed, to have been
orchestrated as funded by General Ahmad. The
General who was formally reported to be at hand
on Sept. 9th, over at the white house visiting
friends, where of that same day as reported by
MSNBC, Condi was putting the finishing touches
with her signature on the 'Top Secret
Presidential War Directive' DOCUMENTED WAR CRIME
PLAN designed to invade Afghanistan for pension
thievers Enron scammers. Premised on not giving
evidence against any accused as responsible,
would secure occupation for a desperately needed
liquefied natural gas pine line for a power plant
in India. Escaping those truly responsble for a
crime that hadn't even happened yet when penned!
All for a power plant owned by Enron. The Dubai
Working Group was run by Cheney in the lead up,
as to having grunts, the evil nazi fuks who
mubble nothing but contempt for Freedom,
stationed just outside Afghanistan readying to
war, waiting for the mass murder of America
strike to blitz, so they could go in and murder
anyone too. To torture, to thieve, to hate Life,
to hate Love, to hateGod. See, Enron, who was
facing imminent arrests and possible life
sentences for STEALING SO MUCH of every American
family conned to die, (were even publically
desperate.), being Mr. Bush's biggest financial
contributors, they were worried Americans might
be smart enough to catch on.. You remember?,
Pension thievers Enron who AS CRIMINALS,
quadrupled the cost for electricity in California
to all become billionaires? who ended up
escaping for near everything - didn't even have
to give back the stolen pensions to America, nor
even go bankrupt for Christ sake fuck you.
(banksters cashed in however) Anyway, the General
was the guy who went over to Afghanistan in
person, to let the Taliban know, no evidence
would ever be brought against the accused, and
that they were Muslims. When questioned, General
Ahmad resigned in embarrassment over getting
caught red handed.. Like when a Ron Paul or TV
pro says, 'yeh, they, sorry people, they lost the
money, golly shucks. go away now I'm a loser
like all of everyone else can be ever cause
Government is bad', not individual criminals,
never with a Libertarian, no, it's big bad
government. Fraud due to waste? no no no, it's
just big - can't fathom it so - only one precept
away to the know nothings of anarchy rulze, 'we're
cool', suits them good too. While the TRUE
PATRIOTS who appose lawless indiscriminate
warfare against the INNOCENT of Humanity are
called, "Anti-War Left-Wing Traitors" by the
tough guys, who will to rape your child, who will
to rape your wife. To torture to thieve from
America. (just to be clear, I don't really
allege Ron Paul is like an, all out bad guy here
- it's too bad he doesn't speak for Justice to
preserve a free society, but that's pretty much
what America is portrayed as trained - and you need
to be near a free thinkin god i guess to be able to
conceive these histories off the beating trails of
TV passivity. i guess, or all you people are just
idiots to take these war criminals lying down..
God is good man, god is good.

"Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem"

Look at this. It is just videos of "people"
on the streets in Israel. And corporated America
doesn't want Humanity, just to hear and see what
these hideous things are. These videos of normal
life in Israel are being banned!! Think about that.
An Israeli person of that nation, exists without
a love in their hearts for GOD, to openly steal,
to torture, to murder innocent folks on purposes
to reward themselves as the Satanic enemies of
everyone is horrific, yes, but important for
every Human alive still breathing to know, this
is what their lives are given for as targeted
victims by American Zombie Inc., who just don't care
for anyone, let alone to support me in my demands
for open debate with the facts, denied ourselves
by a monster like George Noory, Rush Limbaugh,
Sean Hannity, or a demon whore of Satan Palin.
We all know now Bush and Cheney "did" 911, and
nazi amerikans just refuse to even raise their
phones in quiet concern, 'nah theys just puppets,
the jews did it, the jews did it'. Actually dying
our Humanity that way as pathetic evil cowards to
the tyranny of lawlessness. Zionist Nazis.

/ / Dr. Andrew Wakefield is being discredited to
prevent an historic study from being published that
for the first time looks at vaccinated versus
unvaccinated primates \ \

My Loves, mercury vaccines cause for
sure brain damage without doubt. Believe
me, we are going undefended by corporate
Snewz Amerika Zombie Inc.. Let US change
this for better. Kay?


Man, this is good stuff


Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran

Palin is a demon whore of Satan.


Alex Jones "I'm the bad guy?"

Alex Jones "I'm the Problem?"

The Universe is not all one way, and the Alex
Jones true conservative way. Alex has some great
strengths, like no other, and terrible weaknesses
of ego over the truth easily won by the facts
understood of who we are actually. He has often,
strangely, alleged any criticism of his views of
anything apparently, means therefore the
expression of question, can only be interpreted
by himself as a defamation of everything else he
had ever done since early childhood. Messy pants
in the vortex of his absolutionism. Instead of
taking time to form a response intelligently, why
going to a gold reserve isn't dumber than all
hell for example. (Zero to do with Jews.) He's
foolish that way, in other ways, he's great. He
claims such resolution as is impossible on my part?
Am I freaking you out, or is Alex Jones just kinda
dumb that way leaving us undermined?

Control through fair measure by laws against
needless war is the top priority here for me.
For everyone. Getting Justice done for 911.
That's our mission for Life that needs defending
against war criminals of mass murders. Defending
by You now and forever after I'm gone. This is
living for a better future, as freedom's ruling
for true Justice winning. Libertarians,
generally, are lost to the chaos here, or conning
for something else entirely. For their position
factually, is to let escape all criminals that
all have ever done us wrong., 'Smaller government
with less power means liberty, smaller government
with less power means liberty'. Weird lot of
blind wandering fools with lots of money eh?
who's that there reading my mind right?
Libertarians are big dumb puppets of tyranny's
'hidden' escape plan from Justice willed by the
true Patriots. We can demand the arrest of Bush
and Cheney for treason today to bring about a
better tomorrow to those innocent folks bombed by
the enemies to all in NATO needing arrests also.
While Libertarians want to talk about lower taxes
and welfare mothers, not bankster frauds and war
crimes committed by currupted politicians who
care not for the Liberties of any to remain
silent on the treasons of George Walker Bush and
Co.. Justice is what every honorable soldier
believes is a goal worth winning. Not to lose

This work is in the public domain