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Commentary :: International
The ONLY "Kosher" Conspiracy Theory
18 Apr 2004
Just watch how fast some Zionist mole deletes this "un-kosher" article!
The Only “Kosher” Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever noticed how most conspiracy theories are supposed to be laughable?

Have you ever noticed how governmental conspiracies like “Bush engineered 9-11” are tolerated but considered paranoid?

Have you ever noticed how any suggestion that there is a Jewish or Zionist Jewish conspiracy (or you could just call it a “collective strategy”) is considered almost completely taboo and certainly “anti-Semitic”? Perhaps “dangerous”?

And yet have you ever noticed how it is deemed required and compulsory for Americans to buy into the Al Qaeda conspiracy theory? By the way, Al Qaeda’s former name was “International Front Against Zionist Jews and Crusaders”. Rather explicit, isn’t it? Surprise, surprise—Muslims don’t appreciate Zionists and Crusaders coming over to their lands to exploit and meddle with the Arab world’s affairs.

It is obvious that the Al Qaeda conspiracy theory is the only “kosher” conspiracy in the United States of Israel--- ooops! I meant to write “America”.

Why is it that the Al Qaeda conspiracy theory is the only kosher, acceptable conspiracy theory, the only one constantly trotted out with very little evidence by “our” government and “our” media?

Could it be because the American media is dominated by pro-Israel Zionists? Especially since the media has been “embedded” into our “democratic” government?

Could it be because the Zionist Neoconservatives have been successful at taking over the US foreign policy department completely?

Witness how Bush bows down to Sharon every time he comes to Washington, DC with his hands outstretched for even more billion dollar “loan guarantees” (which means Israel never has to pay back the billions of dollars our government gives Israel, and Israel never has paid back one red cent.)

Witness how Bush has taken it upon himself to decide the fate of millions of non-Jewish Palestinian refugees who have been languishing in squalid refugee camps for decades since Zionists forced them out Palestine, by saying that they have no right to go back to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel, even though it is their right to return according to UN Resolutions, International Law and world opinion. Bush and the Zionists don’t care if they contributes to the on-going pain and suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of their Zionist Israeli oppressors. Bush only cares about getting re-elected. Zionists only care about what is good for Jews.

Witness how Bush referred to Ariel Sharon, known by many as “The Butcher of Beirut” for his role in the Sabra and Shatila massacre in 1982 in Lebanon, as a “man of peace”, just after Sharon ordered the Israeli Defense Force to obliterate the Palestinian town of Jenin in April of 2002.

Witness how our government has been less than forthcoming about investigating 9-11.

Witness how the Zionist-dominated US media has not followed up on all the verified stories pertaining to 9-11:

• of the “dancing Israeli spies” at the scene of 9-11
• the huge Israeli spy network that was discovered in the US at the time of 9-11
• the fact that many of the supposed 9-11 hijackers were cases of stolen identities and therefore nobody knows who the hijackers really were
• the fact that Israeli spies were monitoring the supposed hijackers for over a year and waited until Aug. 23, 2001 to give the American government some “vague” information regarding the possibility that terrorists might use commercial jets in attacks on US targets
• charges by certified expert engineers that only explosives could have demolished the WTC in the manner in which it happened (that the jets alone could not have demolished the WTC as is claimed by the government and media)
• the warning to the employees of the Israeli-owned company Odigo in the WTC a few hours before disaster struck on 9-11 to vacate the premises, which was confirmed in the Israeli paper the Ha’aretz
• the fact that Israeli companies own and operate the only phone security system that provides surveillance over the entire US phone system and has a “backdoor” which allows Israel to use all the data
• the fact that Israeli companies oversee US airport security

Witness how our government is holding back all the documents about 9-11 that are supposed to be made public, including some information that supposedly concerns any connection between Saudi Arabia and 9-11. However the Saudi Arabian government is urging the US government to make the entire document available for public scrutiny. What does that tell you? The government is trying to hide something, and I think that it is the Israeli connection.

Witness how our government and our media constantly trots out Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as the big, bad bogeymen responsible for all these terrorist attacks, and claim that they do it just “because they hate our freedoms”. Excuse me, but it seems to me that the Arab Muslim world most definitely wants freedom from the US crusaders’ and the American-Israeli Zionists’ imperialistic exploits. They want the US to get the heck out of Iraq and also for the US to stop supporting Israel’s persecution of Muslims in Palestine-Israel. Duh!

I believe the fact is that 9-11 played right into the Zionist/Crusader agenda for global domination.

So much so that it now seems entirely plausible to take it one step further and assert that perhaps the whole 9-11 catastrophe was, in fact, engineered by the Zionists-Crusaders criminals in our government and “advising” our government. By the way, Crusaders are the Christian Zionists, such as Bush. Please recall Bush’s political blunder when he used the word “Crusade” in one of his cute names for Operation this or that to describe his trigger-happy forays into the Middle East after 9-11.

The Neo-conservatives, hatched the idea in their “think-tank” Project for a New American Century ( back in 1996, openly stating the need for some Pearl Harbor attack to mobilize US public opinion behind their aims to dominate the rest of the world, which they arrogantly and mistakenly think is “OK” with the rest of us Americans.

The neoconservatives who are mostly Zionist Jewish American-Israelis passed it on to the Israeli Mossad (the counterpart and sometimes partner of the US CIA) to make it happen. By the way, technically all American Jews can become Israeli citizens just by setting foot in Israel without sacrificing their American citizenship. This was made possible after a trial involving a Polish Jew who came to the US, and became a citizen of the US, but then went over to Israel to serve in the Israeli government. Zionists lobbied to have American citizenship rules changed to allow this and, thus the law was changed.

At any rate, the Mossad then infiltrated Islamic extremists’ groups and / or recruited to find able and willing Muslim fanatic patsies to carry out the mission, which was likely to have been orchestrated with millions of dollars (perhaps even some of our US tax dollars) and the technical know-how that the Israelis have plenty of with computers and phone security systems.

The Mossad monitored their protégées progress with their hi-tech expertise and tools.

To cover their butts for US public relations purposes, they leaked to the FBI some vague information about terrorists planning to use commercial jets to attack US targets just a few weeks before the WTC attacks actually occurred on 9-11.

When the deeds were done, the Israelis rejoiced. Just do a google search on “dancing Israeli spies” and read all about it. Netanyahu said in a moment of candor that “it was good for Israel.” Sharon was also pleased because it would hopefully make it appear that all of Israel’s enemies were also America’s enemies, so therefore America would now go all out to fight Israel’s enemies for Israel.

And bin Laden stated he was also pleased. But did you notice, bin Laden never actually took credit for 9-11? Do you think it could be because maybe the man known as bin Ladan, hiding in a cave somewhere perhaps in Afghanistan or Pakistan, who is on kidney dialysis treatment, possibly did not have anything to do with 9-11? The Zionist-dominated US media and government sure wanted to blame bin Laden, but does that make it true? By the way, reportedly bin Laden has millions of dollars but it is NOTHING compared to the billions of dollars the Israeli government has, thanks to the US government which unconditionally supports Israeli government even though it is guilty of on-going state-sponsored terrorism against the defenseless Palestinian people just because they are not Jewish.

Bush may not have said he was pleased about 9-11, but he sure seemed to take great relish in playing cowboy and shooting ‘em up before investigating anything. His posse rounded up thousands of Americans, deprived them of their rights, and started shredding our Constitution. The Zionists such as the ADL and Daniel Pipes are attempting to take away our freedom of speech and make criticizing Israel a “hate-crime”.

In the meantime, the US government and its embedded media continues to make false claims about ties between bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction (which they will probably try to plant somewhere in Iraq), how the US government cares about “democracy” for the Iraqi people, how Israel and America are fighting against terror (rather than actually not only fostering terror but actually committing state-sponsored terror against the Palestinians and the Iraqis), denies that Israel has anything to do with the anti-American sentiment, denies that Israel’s stealing of Palestinian land and denial of Palestinians’ human rights has anything to do with Palestinian suicide bombers, and so the lies continue to flood forth from your televisions and mainstream newspapers.

My fellow Americans, I will end this article some final thoughts.

I doubt if our government will ever find Osama bin Laden, because then he would probably tell the truth—that he had nothing to do with 9-11.

My hypothesis in a nutshell is that 9-11 was not only the brainchild of the Zionist Jewish Neoconservatives and the Christian Right Zionist Crusaders, but they made it happen to suit their political ambitions of forceful, exploitive world domination – political rape, in other words.

The original name for Al Qaeda was “International Front Against Zionists and Crusaders”.

When you think about it, can you blame them for being against Zionists and Crusaders?

By the way, obviously not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Christians are Zionist sympathizers (aka “Crusaders”).

However, many of us who are not Jewish or Christian Zionists, have been complicit in our silence.

It’s time to break the silence and speak out against the racist double standards that our country is validating by backing apartheid Israel and engaging in endless, unjust wars against Israel’s well-deserved enemies. It’s time to demand accountability for Israel and now the US, and inspect our own and Israel’s WMD, as well pressure Israel to comply with UN Resolutions and International Law to become a true democracy with equal rights for all regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. The US must also hold itself to the same standards it demands of other countries.

As a bumper sticker I saw today says, “Sow justice, and reap peace.”

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This work is in the public domain