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Commentary :: Human Rights
Killing a Bushite is a Blessing
05 Apr 2010
Killing a Bushite is a Blessing for they are not
humans, but disciples of the demon AntiChrist -
enemies of ALL life on this planet
Click on image for a larger version

Killing a Bushite is a Blessing for they are not
humans, but disciples of the demon AntiChrist -
enemies of ALL life on this planet - who have
zero commitment, as no cares to defend America,
who just joy in murdering millions, falsely
believing we as a species will never halt in
hunting them down in our streets, and publicly
executing them rightly for their heinous war
crimes against God and Life. Count on it.

"Heroic" U.S. pilot seen firing on [innocent] people in Iraq

'Listen to the laughter and hatred'

Understand, these bush bitchs are called heroic
brave warriors in America's movies and news specials.
Hunt the bushite down in the streets and kill them,
for stating all Apache flyers need not to be hunted
down for Christ, and public executed fairly as war
criminal enemies who have murdered more than millions
of our innocent loved families. Just see the video of
them killing little kids at holy church services,
intentionally, and that the most henious of videos
are proudly displayed at American Military websites,
where grunts visdit, and don't gun down bushite, but
join to commit these same very acts against a familiy
man, guilty of nothing, something like yourself. What's
the point of owning a gun in America, where you don't
defend the innocent from mass murderers? Be a man, and
kill a bushite, and be blessed by God, and by all that
belive in freedom for the individual.

Be Human

Be Human and take a stand for the innocent targeted
by the enemy bushite nazi grunters who truly deserve
to die to defend our innocent loved families further being
robbed and or tortured, left for dead as unworthy TV
America's concern. Die bushite nazi fuckers die.
Death to the bushite LIAR demon enemies of God
and Man. Die bushite nazi fukers die.

WMD LIES - Bush Cheney Rumsfeld etc. - THE ULTIMATE CLIP

Where is the evidence man, where is the evidence?

"the head of Russia’s Security Council accused
Georgia of backing terrorism in his country."

We know the demon whore of Satan likes to kill
defenseless little kids in her TV glory of demon
evil Zionist war criming, (NOT JEWS) but we'll as
always do, need the evidence to make the proper
conclusions. Why is everyone, so God damn dumb
and or cowardly to speak against their own down
falls in tyranny I ask? Is it that they think,
it's only those 'others' to fall victim, such as
US Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists?

Some Witches are genuinely good and wise if you
didn't already know that side of the story in
prime time absent rulers for sound judgment.
Sarah Palin, in her defense, is truly as stupid,
as she is evil - however, she is still evil
advocating in broad daylight, the denial of a
falsely accused to Justice, while escaping the
actual evil doers. Funny, >but only for the
slightest moment< as horrifically, that she what
she is. A BAD WITCH!! A DEMON WITCH!! she
wants to see YOU, yyeess... YOU! fall for
innocent murder victim to enrich her demonic 'i
don't care what the facts are' pleasures..
pleasures of sadistic ungodly tyranny against our
species... and.... the Republican Tea Baggers
cheered for more of it as themselves!! REAL
WITCH.. and Republicans, near all Zombies. They
just are. These demon fuks as mostly illiterates
steal our time on TV to not demand the wide open
public trials for warranting death sentences
against Bush and Cheney for 911 - for they closed
911 police investigations with the crime of
treason termed, OBSTRUCTION. America's bought
Politicians don't keep their word they sell
stealing office. (Except for maybe Kucinich
and a sorted few others) We are better than a
Politician who takes cash bribes to sell his
purpose for existing. Yet, I don't have fan
clubs in every city hollering for our company,
'World Wide Works of Wonder' to open up already -
instead, I'm starving for attention to get this
message out before the Masses: Hello. My name
is John, and I wish everybody my company for
this sec.. We deserve better than lawless
anarchy sold as "freedom" by Amerikan Zombie
Inc. I as merely The Peoples, are too a phenom
of riches greater than Americans can barely even
hold a thought about, saying fairly to all truly
concerned: Justice is Freedom., torture is a
serious crime that warrants death every time.
While the bail outs were a series of crimes,
starting with extortion. "Toxic assets" are the
result of EASILY PROVEN corporate fraud.. ect.
we need some accounting here to defend ourselves
from bushite dumfukker magic TV tyranny, and
George Noory, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh
ain't going to allow any of US this respect we
deserve. America deserves better with a man as
great as I being you in part fairly counted.
Party of One. YOU. What do we think?

America is the nation of the AntiChrist

Why champion owning a gun, if your not going to
kill a lawless bushite nazi grunter advocating
mass murder against ourselves as innocent victims
in broad daylight? Just someone else's wife or
daughter those 30 Republicans have officially
sanctioned the rape and murder of? Going to
cowardly form doubt about never elected McCain
who voted to allow the rape of American females
by "lawless" minions of the demon Antichrist to
further escape? Nothing from "you" as an
American to say anything whatsoever? Remember,
Peoples of Humanity, when a bushite was asked
about defending America from plunder, he
responded as near all who serve likewise in the
Air Force who enjoy bombing our families at
Church services, "I don't care". Bushite don't
care to see you suffer and die unjustly for their
stolen profits. America is the nation of the
AntiChrist, ungodly, unholy, and evil in their
silence against the torturing of US innocent
Peoples, while STEALING all of Iraqi assets, and
the billions in charity given by good will from
everyone to Afghanistan. Kill a bushite grunter
who stays silent on this issue, and you'll be
doing US all a great big favor. A dead bushite,
means more lives saved, means one fewer FOXSNEWS
fan of evil gone from our scene spewing it's
hatred for true Justice in America to defend our
dying Freedoms.


Rise up for innocent life American, or don't and
see where you'll get yourself in the end,. Do
US a favor, and Forward this post on. Your
King has spoken.

Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal
orders to escape the Peenackers for 911 as
ENEMIES of the LORD and Life.

Republicans for Rape

Death to the bushite thieves and rapists, death
to the sworn enemies of God and Man who war
ourselves indiscriminately as the innocent for
the escape of the Zionist Neocon Peenackers of
911. DFBD.


Timothy Geithner is a Sniveling Scamster

CNN, CBC, and the BBC refuse to allow US the
knowledge to respect those who know of what
they speak. TV Americans like to pretend they
are loyal to America, while silently promoting
more war criming with the escape of Bush and
Cheney for 911.


"Kristol cheers 'use of force' to delay Iranian nukes"

Why don't we put this Neocon LIAR to death, to
save the innocent lives he targets un-challenged
on FOXNEWS for mass murder as a true Satanic
ENEMY of GOD I ask ALL PEOPLES to understand,
we are un-divided on protecting ourselves as the
innocent being taken for granted to lootings.


Gaza 2009 - We Will Never Forget

Any American tax payer who would support these
targeted mass murders of innocent Christian
children, deserves to die to defend our innocent
families. We know what a tea bagger is, we
know what a FOXSNEWS fan is; it's an enemy of
Justice who lies cheats and steals from our
Humanity to murder more for stolen cash gains.
A Nazi Zionist. A war criminal. Ungodly and evil.

/ / According to two former officials who read a
CIA inspector general's report on the incident,
Kappes coached the base chief--whose identity is
being withheld at the request of the CIA--on how
to respond to the agency's investigators. They
would report it as an accident. \ \ First degree
murder of a completely innocent person they
tortured, tortured to death as the bushite enemy.
Will America allow this war criminal monster to
escape the wrath of the American flag on which
all it flies high on principle? as Being just is
a society free of tyranny it boasts unwavering
among the greatest minds of all time to back
ourselves up for freedom. These bush bitch Nazi
LYING 911 war Criminals are seriously evil con
men who's strength is in only that Corporate TV
America won't report the facts to conclude
anything that doesn't leave them as ourselves
neutralized, 'ambiguous', on any fight for Justice
as real world diss counting. Better to sell US
out in lost causes without the simplest
elementary math skills, than defend the position
of rights to have a great deal more important
work as freeing ourselves of the dumfukker
tyranny of where TV SNEWS Celebs make off as
extremely wealthy. Who ever voted for Sean
Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, or George Noory as
monsters to deny all Humanity the simple facts to
truly defend ourselves? (Social Security 'Trust
Fund' rakes in less than 2% now, with funds
‘entrusted’ as absconded, in what WE would refer to
as a robbery in progress, of trillions.. Big
time fraud.) Enemies who pretend we can't see
them getting away with murder.. Mass murder.
Our friends, our families. Murdered, for their
criminal gains. We must not allow them escape.
We must stand strong on principles that united
all peoples. No evidence, person innocent.
Nobody wants to be murdered. We all want our
money back that the banksters extorted from
ourselves with lies as cheats not committed to
allow free debates for wonder on how just awesome
this life really could be as working for our
benefits. It isn't all that complicated, at least,
it doesn't have to. We can do it, all we need is
to try demanding for account. Not so we can become
glorious, but so that war criminals like Bush,
Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condi with Myers are tried
for 911, and surely executed for 911 as traitors
who order Zombie grunters to murder millions of
innocent peoples so they can rob them also of
Justice. Bush and Cheney closed 911 Police
investigations. Die bushite die.

Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

"Ron Paul: Chaos in The Streets and Poverty Coming To the USA"

"police" work isn't inherently bad. To believe
Ron Paul is to believe no one has ever been
rightly put in prison for a crime they were
for sure guilty of.

Jeeze Ron, what about Justice winning? Never
heard such a concept expressed down there in
Washington? Crimes Ron, massive cons of fraud,
rape, mass murder through contempt for
constitutional freedom. People who faith in
everything whoever is, understand: 911 police
investigations were closed by Bush and Cheney,
two guys that Ron formally doesn't support the
arrest of for treason on that unanswered question
either. Is he still a good man opening the door
for ladies, well sure. So maybe you say, Bush is
the archetype antichrist, and Ron's just too
fearful of evil personified.. okay, but then how
about Sachs for selling frauds?, then gambling on
that Securities fraud with yet other Shorts
fraud, then through the FIVE bailouts of AIG, be
paid off again again and again for like frauds of
the TARP funds. EXTORTION - banksters don't cover
our loans! we do.. Goldman Sachs didn't even do
commercial banking!, until the bailouts were
announced I read.. This isn't suppose to be
funny anymore. Know none of this about America
in the dramas? Despite the near fact, that Ron has
been a guest more than a hundred times with Alex
'I sell gold too' Jones, who sells much of the
same blind get your money out of the dwindling
economy regarding the robberies of the nature of
our National currencies as undefended by looters,
to prop his private 'solutions' for America where
he can maybe become extremely rich in the process
of defending his refusal for deeper
understandings, on these found simple real
solutions, when we actually know what we are
talking about in the bigger real world pictures.
As going to the gold standard is among the NWOer
cartoon options, that would be very dumb, and
doesn't address the true 'hidden' problem on the
nature of what credit actually is, as how we have
been undermined by paying back for loans the
banksters never covered to begin with; as just
where did all our money go as "lost". Every time
you hear the term "bubble" think escaping fraud?,
and the term "Lost" as no not so. (Plus as
a treat, how do you get the oodles of money to
buy expensive rocks that sit in a storage
facility?, that would most likely be looted
by the grunters immediately. Look at the Iraqi
Development Fund, or Fort Knoxx.) I however, am
not like Alex trying to co-op truth on 911 as our
father, to silence critics of other idears I have
about for anything but escaping 911 Bush and Cheney
for mass murder with several illegal wars against
millions, private bankster robberies of our
public bank assets, or those that push for more
torture/rape/assault as the profiteer war mongers
of lawless threats against our species. I want
Bush the false accuser for 911 to be challenged
fairly in public, with free international talk
radio debate with anyone on Earth to prove our
cases. 911 Police Investigation must be opened
for many good people have been mass murdered
because of America's failures to do so in
true defense of anyone's Liberty.

The Flags are our Own,

King Johnny America

Johnny Justice for NEW! Coast to Coast Radio Host
(Vote early, and Vote often..)

Sarah Palin: She glees in the Public Arena as a
dedicated Zionist to see the innocent murdered
for Satan, for Nazi terrorists to escape Justice.
For Terrorists to escape Justice!!!!! Very
popular on FOXSNEWS, while intending as "Tea
Bagger" to blindly have Amerikan Zombie Dumfuk,
pay billionaires more billions of tax dollars
irrationally as their care for "Health Care"
stolen by ungodly Zionists who's hatred of
effective governing with intelligence such as
elementary school maths, would never stand
without mocking in a free to speak forum where
reason for believing triumphs. Thus is why
Americans refuse to afford themselves open
debates with a man or woman near such as myself
skillfully, because as 'popular' TV politicos they
would lose severely to the Peoples who actually
have the gift of knowing of what they are
speaking, unlike America's NWOers. Banksters do
not cover our loans. The bailouts are the true
definition of extortion - extortions nearing
thirty trillion dollars stolen from all Americans
- and apparently, Americans would rather die that
way, than support forwarding this demand for free
debate on these truly thoughtless Amerikan Zombie
Inc. TV constructs of false conclusions. Such
as, no evidence gathered against person accused
gives US ourselves as the innocent persecuted,
as the real terrorists make their 'clean get
away' with the direct hoodwinking by Obama,
Bush, and enemy AIPAC members - THE TRAITORS to
America, THE TRAITORS to Freedom, THE TRAITORS to
GOD. The EVIL Repuglicon Demonrat "people" who
demand we're to be not included fairly - so to
rape, to rob, to torture, to murder futher for
their lawless barbarity of tyranical thought for
stolen riches. Criminals. War criminals who
hide with the American ingnorance as seen on TV,
and near all of national talk radio. AIPAC are
Nazi Zionist enemies of Creation who stay silent
on their direct funding of the criminal theft of
INNOCENT Christian homes, to starve Jews in
garbage dumps, to break truces as starting wars
which they did being Biblically SATANIC. with the
targeted murder of school children - NOT
ACCIDENTAL - the Israeli Zionist Nazi FOXSNEWS
fans don't deny targeting innocent Christian
school girls that were housed by the UN - or to
gathering Christian children together and burning
them alive with white phosphorus. Bushite Nazi
grunters who war side by side with convicted war
criminal, private mercenary firms whom have
been caught getting away killing our police
officers while dressed as al-qaeda are the
definite bad guys here. The Bush whoring
grunts of the demon Antichrist, who die
rightly by the will of the True American
Patriot when asked about Justice truly
willing State for the record, 'they don't care'
how about you though about yourself sacrificing
for the escape of the Zionist Neocon Peenackers
who done did do America wrong on 911?

"Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes"

So he WANTS a godless nation run by war criminals
who torture and murder innocent others for stolen
money? Vile demon enemy of God and Humanity the
Zionist OPENLY is. Don't take my words for it,
or of God in the Old Testament, Just honestly
hear it. Satanic Israeli ADMIT to breaking the
truce with Gaza, to have die, innocent Jews for
stolen money. They warned Hamas when they would
strike near their homes, while murdering,
ADMITTINGLY, at least, 239 Police Officers.

Nazi Israel

King Johnny Wizard "Zionists believe Israel
should not be defended from war criminals who
bomb Jewish communities indiscriminately to
murder children with millions of landmines."

P.S. First strike war crime targets in Lebanon
were the Jewish communities. Take it from God in
the Bible, or as the fully documented History,
these ungodly Zionist demon enemies of everyone
are truly Satanic. NOT JEWS. Justice is

Obama: I will never waver from supporting Israel

To give money to target for murder the innocent
peoples with, does not support Israel, but to bring
the death of Jews to profit the Zionist ungodly
liars of Satan. In fact, it makes Obama a WAR
CRIMINAL for funding such as the willful theft of
innocent Christian Homes to please a Zionist enemy
of Life. Who the fuk does he think he's lying to
here? Just Johnny? The King of the Jews is True
Red White and Blue

"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.
Soldiers of America need US desperately.
These bushite nazi savages only will to
destroy the principles of Justice that
defend our liberties. They war for the
escape of Bush and Cheney for treason
on 911. Enemies of Humanity, enemies
of God.

Ghouliannie "You can't describe something as a
terrorist attack, if it hasn't been investigated."


Signatories to Hoyer-Cantor Letter Reaffirming the U.S.-Israel Alliance

These TRAITOR war criminals need all arresting,
trying, and executing. These war criminals take
cash bribes to target for murder innocent
Christian children. They steal our homes
routinely to boot the innocent survivors over to
the concentration death camps. Death to the
lawless Bushite Nazi savages who care no words
for the innocent Jews terrorized for their stolen
benefits, death to the enemies of God and Man.
Fair and square. DFBD. The King of Kings has
spoken as an equal party to all here. There
really is a God. Would you rather die innocent
victim than have Justice win by polite open
debate denied this God forsaken world? Done to
earn freedom with the public arrests, public
trials, and public execution of those responsible
for 911? Like Blackwater's Cofer Black all men
of every nation would must, as hunting down
directly as real Patriots naturally would against
torturers? Or would you rather we not as a
FOXSNEWS junkie, for you'd in all likelihood, seem
rather illiterate pretending to be something your
not, (like a Ron Paul "Constitutionalist") just
the way the Bankster war mongering enemies of
Life want you. It is your life. As you were but
better if not near as possible under these dire
circumstances of so few real men in America
defending our Rights.

Ghouliannie "You can't describe something as a
terrorist attack, if it hasn't been investigated."

Senator Graham on Humanity's Pre-911 Mentality

"These trials should not occur in New York, or
any other American city, to do so, is to ignore
we are at war"

Yeah, at war with the naked traitor Senator
Lindsey. Bush and Cheney stopped 911 Police
investigations. How can anyone like Senator
Lindsey determine someone's guilt or innocence,
if evidence is no longer required under the evil
enemy bushite's irrational arguments that make
zero sense, but to the ACTUAL TERRORISTS theys is
attempting to for sure escape? To buy this
demon's criminal charade, one would rightly
expect an American that denies the rights to
Justice for a terrorist, is an American enemy
combatant, not granted the protections
"Americans" afford for themselves. These demonic
enemies of Life, are never escaping the rightful
war crimes prosecution for the thefts, rapes and
mass murders of our loved ones. Death to the
'lawless' enemies of Liberty in NATO's military,
enemies for Justice truly winning Freedom.
Freedom as to where all stand demanding the
arrest, trial and execution of traitors Bush and
Cheney for 911. Bush nazi grunts are the enemies
of Life and deserve to die before another
innocent child is targeted willfully by these
ungodly Zionist savages.

Cheney, told American Police agencies, that if they
dared looking into Enron, they would be all arrested

What Congress Does Not Know about Enron and 9/11
see kids? Cheney is a bad man.

Look. Bush [Powell handled the money] gave the
Taliban 47 million dollars in August 2001. This
after learning from Tenet in JULY, al-qeada in
Afghanistan with ol' bin Laden, were in the final
states of an imminent terror strike! as he
reported dutifully on that 60 minutes interview.
Then according to federal prosecutor John
Loftus, Cheney, told Americans, that if they
dared looking into Enron, they would all be
arrested. I knew about W199I, sure, but I wasn't
aware that that included Enron. IT'S A GOOD
THING WE'RE HERE. If I had spoke on Coast to
Coast once a week for five hours since 2001,
someone most certainly would have told me about
this Mr. Loftus character, and we wouldn't be
lost in a decade of indiscriminate lawless
warfare against God and Humanity by Amerikan
Zombie Inc.

Palin has DIRECTLY supported henious war crimes
against completely innocent defenseless God
loving families her 'friends' mass murdered for
Cheney, McCain, FOXSNEWS, and Saakashvili. She
deserves to be tried the war criminal enemy of
Life she is for directly covering down the war
crimes as an accessory to first degree mass
murder. The Antichrist position of 'well, she's
just too stupid' to not ever be corrected! for
her Demonology as a Satanic evil LYING Witch by
corporate News Pros like Sean Hannity, does not
apply in this instance. "Un-provoked" DEMON
WITCH!!!!! Witch I say Witch! A evil enemy of
Life as ungodly demon Witch!! Ugly evil Zionist
Nazi Witch with the FOXSNEWS's other great
Republican welfare recipient, Zionist enemy of
Jews everywhere, Mr. Cantor, walking out our
door with his wife's share of taking US for
hundreds of millions on the naked bankster
extortions, aka, stolen American tax 'give aways'
living in nice homes with Butlers and shit (who
ever would actually vote for that I ask all
People as confirmly counted by paper ballots?
'No to Justice', 'no to freedom', 'no to peace'!
Bushite nazi grunters who murder little kids can
not compete with US when all is said freely.)

Eric Cantor, You Are SO Busted!

Remember: this demon enemy fuk silently supports
burning alive defenseless little Christian
Children, while calling himself a "Jew". Satanic
EVIL enemy of Life who serves to be tried
publically the war criminal TRAITOR thief he is
(with his Zionist Bank Robbster of a wife who
STOLE more than 200 million from the American
suckers), and upon an easy conviction, formally
rot for his war crimes against innocent Peoples
everywhere, US, who's lives mean something for
defending from his obscenity to the light of our
free to see Humanity. He cons the American
public for murderous terror, as furthering the
Zionist Neocon Peenackers escape from America for
911. The enslavement of our species for lawless
tyranny is all. TV Americans don't care, but do

Plus, Palin stole the bridge to nowhere money.
All she wants like bribe receiving Republicans,
is to have America's teen soldiers conned to die
with LIES for the Neocon Peenackers, dying YOU
cowardly not speaking to pay further private
insurance company Billionaires, billions more of
taxed dollars FOR "Health Care" who would rather,
OPENLY, see you die before shortening their
needless takes - NEEDLESS DMFKS NEEDLESS - and as
many Demonrats too want for dying the forsaken
American elderly, but of course, not for
themselves as the wiser players. Just YOU! Ron
Paul, Rand Paul, and the rest of the bush whore
Right wing bigot Nazi felicitators suck their own
dicks respectively on this issue, where wiser men
and women who speak simple truths are not
respected to communicate the FACTS on this
Canadian elementary school maths science issue.


Romanticiding Alex Jones states America has the
greatest health care system in the world without
touching it [very large as complicated with many
branches of quack philosophy and junked sciences
included with setting bones, treating burns, or
giving birth] - while - full well knowing, they
inject our seriously doped down children with
mercury to cause irreparable brain damage..
sound good to Alex Alex? Alex? Oh yeah, he's
got to pretend we don't exist as beyond
incredible being a normal equal party to all, in
this tyanical Amerikan barbarity of bigotry as
their true self loathing they impose on everyone
'else' as themselves unfairly. Example: Alex's
"Pony tale Liberals" think what? Or.. what is
this un-defined "socialist" (or "Nanny" who wants
back the stolen trillions of WAGES from 'Trust
Fund' Social Security?) to a repuglicon nazi
facist woman hating racist war criming sadist,
who likes bombing cities indiscriminately from
our stolen skies to rob nations of everything
C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-L-Y as Satanic, who prattles on
endlessly about who is not responsble personally
for these war crimes against God or Life in this
boundless Universe they champion as FALSE ACCUSERS?

Let US all know, being Satanic in of itself is
not a crime, it is in the denial of the rights of
others, when legal challenges come into play to
equitably defend ourselves rightly in God's name
all would proclaim - fairly. Atheists included.
(Beit, that would foolishly demand blindly
without question, we except their single
interpretation on who they believe "God" to be as
not the intelligence of interacting chaotic life
in this causeless, timeless, reflecting without
absolute universe of wonder through real world
scientific understandings of course.) Look at the
eating of shit as a popular American sexual
preference as bushite grunters do with slave
labor fixin' their dinners. See? It isn't a
crime for the Marines to eat shit and die, but it
is to have US as slave labor - at least it once
was as enforced in America where the free once
resided as if in a great dream reaching for
higher ground. Now nightmarishly, torturers are
called heroes in a Bush Bitch FOXSNEWS ungodly
nation of 'whore yeh' grunters. Bush whores who
bomb defenseless innocent families at church
services for pushing dope to plunder America,
Heroes at the UFC, all done to sacrifice America
for the Neocon Peenacker Zionists without
broadcasted objection. Without objection. A
FOXSNEWS falling nation that has, still on the
books in the War Crimes Act ushered by The GREAT
Reagan; a warrant of death.. for such atrocities
- to the NAZI grunts responsible (Blackwater's
Cofer Black for instance) for their demonic
sadistic lies in error to victimize the innocent
in our stolen as forsaken good names escaping
further, the for sure ungodly evil doers. We
can't be defeated on this, nor can anyone else
who has the skill to simply speak such truths as
Power - of which the illiterate bushite detests
as less than human, for they as the typical
corporate American, hold the wise man or woman in
distain. For example, look at what a guy like
Alex Jones says about super wise man as plain
speaker of truths Kuccinich, worthy Grayson, or
about Socialists, or what is not said about by Ellen Brown, or the most read
historian Noam on Media really mattering, or Nazi
Israeli, or ENEMY of LIFE Liar Limbaugh? Is
Limbaugh here proudly defending the rights of the
innocent no matter where they call home? as your
distant blood brothers and sisters he would see
robbed to die crime victims as unworthy a concern
to our big struggle? For escape of the 911
culprits? Despite corporate America's refusal to
attempt any belief of such wonder in our 'shared'
actuality - our real relationship to the unbound
Universe of imaginations by wording the facts on
where we are being taken, and how far we are
willing to sacrifice for Amerikan war criminals
to get there is not spoken as we would. See, a
war criminal is when as Sarah demon whore of
Satan imposes her demon lying to MASS MURDER more
with the "no opinion" TV Pros., who near NEVER
correct a bushite nazi grunter intentionally
lying to kill off more innocent Americans to
escape the Zionist Neocon Peenackers for 911
(Mitt 'Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors in',
Bush 'bin Laden did 911', Sean Hannity 'Iran says
the holocaust never happened', fluoride, mercury,
VLTs, and the near difficult for everyone to
understand simplicity, of unjust private banking
without Johnny Justice - because it is truly so
shockingly simple - and NWOers like doubtable
controversy as a hidden factor of evil genius, a
genius only they can truly phathom as shadowy
groups of shadowy people without anything but
claimed suspision without evidence for a crime to
be found accounting for, with, "Bush, he's just a
puppet". Frankly, it's truly dumb I'm sorry to
offend, but you guys are mostly a bunch of evil
dumb asses you are, you just are. So is the Why
of Whys: Americans don't want to look dumb,
(like newspapers don't on Fluoride) so to hell
with poisoned to pay dying America - for they's
got to look great by not seeming anything but.
Understand, when Antichrist George Walker Bush
told US, 'we don't need any evidence', it wasn't
because he was lost without cause, it was because
he knew, KNEW! with his and Condi's made "TOP
SECRET" Presidential war crime plan to invade
Afghanistan, it was required of himself to not
seek himself, as responsible for closing police
investigations to escape the death sentence for
high treason as 911, with Cheney and company.
George Walker Bush is retarded yes, but a smart
retarded.,. who still believes he will escape my
America with the NWOers in tow for mass murder on
911 with Condi, Cheney, and Rumsfeld with Myers.
I think so buddy what.

Stories Of Those Who Died Because They Didn't Have Health Insurance

/ / Members of Congress and their families are
blessed with their very own gold-plated,
taxpayer-financed, Washington-run health care
system. \ \

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons, why isn't it good
enough for blinded as lost in indifference
American dumfuks? Good question. But we know,
Americans will except without complaint, another
Bigfoot international radio super special, funded
by extremely wealthy war mongers who always ride
first class when they push for more mass murder
against the defensless innocent. With their
George Noory like, evil lying and cheating of
American values., they know what America wants
without question. No doubt.


Administration Says Drone Strikes Are Legal and Necessary

To what? (Jeopardy theme here..) It's called
first degree mass murder. And those responsible
need to be hunted by every last American Patriot
for public trial, and glorious war crime
prosecutions televised world wide. It's like
America is taking US for some kinda chump giving
our lives for sacrifice instead, to the
continuing evil successes of escaping the war
criminals of 911 and Israel as True Nazi. A
Nation that first strike targeted the Jewish
communities in Lebanon, murdering countless
innocent Jews for generations as targeted in
fact, because in addition, they dropped more than
seven million land mines given by Condi. All on
a war they as always have, started as the ungodly
evil doing bad guy terrorists, war criminals
talked about in the Bible. NOT JEWS.

What the Bushite Repuglicon and Demonrats Bring to America

/ / When Dennis Blair told the House Intelligence
Committee that US citizens no longer needed to be
arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of a
capital crime, just murdered on suspicion alone
of being a "threat," he wasn't impeached. No
investigation pursued. Nothing happened. \ \

Why doesn't NWOer Alex Jones ever encourage his
bushite cult to phone talk radio to demand the
arrest of Bush and Cheney for obstruction? Good



Christ HATES Zionist Ungodly Evil Americans who
war creation WITH LIES to burn alive innocent
Christian children to please Sarah 'demon witch
of Satan' Palin and bankster thief war criminal
Cantor. The TRUE enemies of Liberty for
Americans and Jews who love God everywhere.

'More than 250 Congress members declare commitment
to 'unbreakable' U.S.-Israel bond'

NAZI Israel broke the truce on Nov 4th to kill
inocent Jews for money.

King Johnny Wizard "Zionists believe Israel
should not be defended from war criminals who
bomb Jewish communities indiscriminately to
murder children with millions of landmines."

P.S. First strike war crime targets in Lebanon
were the Jewish communities. Take it from God in
the Bible, or as the fully documented History,
these ungodly Zionist demon enemies of everyone
are truly Satanic. NOT JEWS. Justice is

The King of the Jews is True Red White and Blue


The Zionist Nazis of Israel

They know of the Messiah, yet, look at the hatred
for God and Jews that is openly expressed with
naked deception by these Satanic enemies of Life
who spew from the dark evil pit of their hells.
The Zionist Nazis of Israel targeted innocent
children to die as MURDER VICTIMS after breaking
their word of Truce, done for more money in OUR
stolen names. The Nazi government of War criminal
Israeli, openly steal innocent Peoples Homes
on near a daily basis, I mean Jesus, come on,
don't be obscene as an Christian to be so blind
as not to care to fall innocent others to this
treachery, of taxed to be ungodly as criminal.
War criminal. Escaping the enemies of Justice
for Humanity Mr. Bush and Cheney by closing 911
Police Investigations. Designed since the dawn
of time, to track down the actual bad guys who
done did do US wrong. factually. Let's start

The charge against George Walking Bush is called
obstruction. We, The Peoples are not all
betrayers to a greater day. We, The Peoples are
not proud ignorant enemies of the Republic like
Sarah Palin and every single last Republican,
demanding Justice be denied against terror
suspects. This battle is lead by the forces who
champion the rights of all as fairness you
cheats. No evidence against an accused means the
person is innocent. This is not a rocket.

You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise

/ / Democrats shouldn’t expect much cooperation
from Republicans the rest of this year, Sen.
John McCain (R-Ariz.) warned Monday. \ \

Look, is that unelected, senile old bastard
meaning he's going to punish Americans further to
serve you right? Just like he kills soldiers by
lying to their teenage 30 year old faces? You
don't have to be old to be wise.

The King Has Risen In Comic Book Fictions



"Iran is actively training the Taliban in
Afghanistan, and is directly involved in the
killing of British, American and Allied forces"

This is a war crime. and the LIAR will be
formally executed in front of all of US to teach
the Conservative, to teach the Liberal, to teach
the indefinable left, and the right wing Nazi
racist enemies who hold faulted bigotry as their
labels of public shame expressing hate for
Justice practiced for more helpless innocent
victims to rape and torture in Israel, in Iraq,
in Afghanistan, and in America. Any real man or
woman would RIGHTLY kill a Bushite to defend
anyone. Lawless Bushite nazi grunts who war with
torture for the escape of the Neocon truly
deserve to die, before they murder yet another
forsaken innocent soul. They will not commit war
crimes present in my name without paying for it
with their ugly, ungodly, evil LIAR lives. Evil
who like Sarah demon whore of Satan Palin, the
Demon Witch who deserves to burn at the stake
before another innocent child she war crime
targets with her naked public derision for
Justice, her direct hatred for the terror
victims, her complete contempt for Truth, for God
and for Humanity. Sarah Palin said,
"Un-provoked" DEMON WITCH! Her whores are all
the same, for, how could they at the RNC cheer
her for demanding Justice not be granted to
escaping terrorists? We know they will as
Zombies to kill America in this moment where
corporate news TV pros correct near no bushite
dumfuk to defend the masses. As with Sarah, we
know they will as silent, with the 'not
involved', passive, 'non-opinionated' Sneewze
Pros to rob and kill YOU too as a loner, left out
of the millioniare TV magic, dying poorer. Why
should they care? (Maths: Americans pay twice
as much in taxes as Canadians do already for
Universal Health Care - twice - who's the
socialist commie pinko retard then?) Why should
they even ever take the slightest risk? Bushite
grunts have confessed to gunning down children
and the elderly, or anyone in cars or trucks
similarly. AND ISRAEL, argued they were right to
murder anyone driving on a street in Lebanon
also.., if you at all remember, what has been
never broadcast on prime time for purview as
solid Nazi grunting soldier leads to war crime
atrocities committed in the LIAR Republican and
some Demonrat's richly Zionist name. Dead people
murdered in the millions by the bushite Nazi
grunting savages, of a nation quickly falling
because it also pays...awfukuoff2. I think this
falling of America must be a good thing, if they
all just simply refuse to forward my concerns as
their own. I am indivisible, and I am great. I
am of God as Creator, and it looks like I failed
by granting too much faith that dopey Americans
were still human enough to care. My America must
rise against the lawless machine, and reach for
Justice fleeting. Time is ticking. Happy George
Noory is my target to demand open free discussion
with the facts to garner Freedom for all sides.
That is what free speech brings to those who
honor these words as righteous. Don't? Go fuk
yourself them.

Vets, families, states’ law enforcement: Prosecute US govt. for murder in unlawful, lying US wars

Full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv

Remember, without any Police services allowed to
pursue the bad guys, they will continue to
escape. I ask loyal Americans to support my
demands for the arrest, trial and execution for
treason, Bush, Cheney, and George Noory. Noory
knows this minimally, yet, will broadcast to Alex
Jones' face, that bin Laden did 911, without any
complaint. An enemy who propagandizes for the
Bush regime on Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on to
KILL any as all Americans for the neocon's
continuing escape. (Loose Change has never been
ever allowed on for challenge, while Bigfoot is
sold as something the audience is only interested
in, as dying our precious times). A. Jones
religiously supports the sales of political
Parties as THE ONLY solution, instead of the much
more powerful position of principles, and doesn't
support this open public knowledge as critical to
defend all our mutual interests. Too fearful of
wiser men and women he is to defend his hyper
inflated ego 'above' everyone else is, as, to
hell with America. He's got to look good at all
costs as infallible. One Example of many:
McCain never won the rigged election he directly
forbids ALL the important knowledge of as
principle. He'll let all Americans die, before
the truth be told. Peggy. (Me, I'm an asshole -
sometimes - and when found in error, am pleased
for the new insight on my true greatness) Alex is
not a champion of freedom, who dismisses Bush a
puppet who personally told US, "we don't need any
evidence". I call dummy Bush the Antichrist for
good reason completely absent to form ANY
conclusions whatsoever on guilt, while proceeding
to murder as America has done, millions and
millions of completely innocent Human beings with
naked, blatant war crimes of rape and torture
with private mercenaries, in nations to this day,
being robbed of everything for furthering the
Bushite Grunter's lawless tyranny of ungodliness.
Obstruction. Plus, Alex Jones claims I am
completely unworthy cointelpro as a true defender
of the faith. 1+1=2 (the consequences of his
blanket bigotry). You decide whether you are
worthy the rights to be respected as the innocent
until proven otherwise. Demand true just actions
be taken to defend ourselves as falling innocent
victims. Not to blame the NWO for our criminal
loses, but the highly suspect actual criminals.

"FBI seized FAA records concerning the events of 9/11"

Mueller did. The true enemy of Liberty in America.


The Fire Pits of Purgatory for Private Profit Plus Plan

/ / Before her last deployment, 31-year-old Staff
Sergeant Danielle Nienajadlo passed her Army
physical with flying colors.

She was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center
and learned she had been diagnosed with acute
myelogenous leukemia, a fast progressing form of
the disease \ \ EXCELLENT!

Joined the military to gun down some innocent
families for Zionism's task to escape Bush and
Cheney for 911, so, what was the demon witch enemy
of America expecting? I thank God this evil nazi
crunt who joined the military to kill the innocent
for stolen money, will die quickly some horrible
cancer, before she as a naked TRAITOR tortures,
rapes, or murders more innocent souls to thieve
for the banksters and the Neocon Peenacker LIARS.
Don't tell me she couldn't be bothered to learn at
all in today's info world what the Iraq war is, or
of 911, or of anything else, while taking new still
in the box, Dual-Core P4 computers paid for by the
American suckers and burning them in fire pits for
Halliburton's 'cost plus' program. While preparing
to gun down the innocent, or bomb the defenseless for
multi-millionaire TV Celeb demon LIARS Sean Hannity
and Glenn 'no justice for you Christians' Beck. Had
she never seen the popular Youtube vids of bushite
Nazi grunts gunning down innocent children at Holy
Church Services, chanting whore yeah, whore yeah?
Warring side by side with CONVICTED war criminals
of Aegis, CACI, or child raping one dollar blow
job Blackwater pimps, and so on? What man or butch
women of ANY nation, ANY! would not gun down to kill
a "lawless" no morals Blackwater mercenary enemy
of everyone on sight? For raping children? Instead
of randomly gunning down innocent families in Iraq
for their lucrative entertainments? I thank this
loving Universe she'll die likely now, or tomorrow
before another innocent Afghani or Iraqi
soul she had targeted for willful MURDER fell
instead for her godless contempt for Justice,
and Life in America. Die bushite nazi crunt die!

Notice NO concern for Iraqis here...
/ / An Army study released in early 2009 found
that particulate matter at 15 sites exceeded both
EPA and US military standards. Even short-term
exposure could sicken—or kill—service members,
the report warns [like Socialist commies pinko
lefties who care for better health care?] \ \
me and Cheney's Halliburton can agree on! Every
Bushite's rightful death is a gift to God and
Humanity. Just look at all Americans, who read
my words, and refuse to forward these concerns as
their very own. Who call US, 'a left wing
anti-war traitor' Who refuse as the silent enemy
to phone George Noory with anything but praise
for his blatant naked public treasons of not
allowing the truth to be spoken. A Bushite was
asked, 'but what of Bush and Cheney stopping
Police investigations to arrest those who did 911
murdering thousands of Americans?' Or of
'Halliburton massively over-billing America in
the billions as criminal frauds??' I swear to
God, the bushite Nazi actually responded, "I
DON'T CARE". Stop near any vet on the street
with a gun in your pocket, and only in America,
it'll godlessly say near exactly the same.
Lifeless Nazi trash, who war Humanity for lawless
tyranny to enslave our Humanity to enrich
banksters and gangsters, gang rapists of American
Women, Fox News hosts, those 30 Republicans,
Zionist Israel with AIPAC, and torturers. No
commitment to defend America, no commitment to
God. DBD.

Signed, Johnny America - The True Patriot


unusual position?

"The effort to win over Afghans on former Taliban
turf in Marja has put American and NATO
commanders in the unusual position of arguing
against opium eradication."

/ / Opium is the main livelihood of 60 to 70
percent of the farmers in Marja, which was seized
from Taliban rebels in a major offensive last
month. American Marines occupying the area are
under orders to leave the farmers’ fields alone. \ \

The Taliban are religious fundamentalists. These
demon bushite enemy lies, are lies to push more
heroin onto American streets, to attack American
children. To life imprison addicts for the glory
of the bushite nazi grunts who hate God, truth,
and freedom. DFBD. See? The Taliban don't as
never could sell heroin, for that would be in
opposition to Allah's will. And the Taliban
stand as a groups of Patriotic armed men together
committed to kill rightly for Christ the bushite
nazi grunter illiterates who hate wise words
spoken against their ungodly dumfukker tyranny of
indiscriminate deaths and suffering.

"Netanyahu to ask Obama for weapons to strike Iran"

This is attempted mass murder. I as the Patriot,
ask all Jews to bill on sight, the demon enemy of
GOD named Netanyahu for this attempted war crime.
Again, there is only DEMON LIES spewn by this
enemy of Life, who advances indiscriminate mass
murder against our species. They dropped 7
million land mines on Lebanon. They broke the
truce on Nov 4th to kill Jews for money. They
STEAL innocent Christian homes on a near daily
basis. They gathered Christian children together
and burned them alive with white phosphorus, far
worse than ANYTHING the Nazis of Germany ever
did. They starve Jews in garbage dumps to
attract charitable aid to be used elsewhere.
They are Satanic enemies of all Creation, just as
the Holy Bible teaches. NOT JEWS. Love Life or
die rightly in self contempt America, love Life.

The tyranny of censorship is what stops our free
words that speak for Justice securing our dying
freedoms. Send this as your concern also why
don't you fight back to defend?

ArmyTimes "At least one in six service members is on some form of psychiatric drug."

Typical Nazi grunt behaviour. Why? There is
ZERO science to Amerika's psycho drug program.
(see Generation RX) So, we can only hope and pray
the poison is lethal. Which is somewhat likely.
God moves among the godless Zionist lawless
parasite enemies of Man. Die bushite die I
always say. They are traitors to America warring
to escape the Zionist Neocon Peenackers.

Obama's US Top Cop for Banks Wants Less Regulation

TREASON as America standing in for violations of
standing law against fraud. Torture. Mass
murder. Obstruction.. and so on.

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader: A Discussion on Healthcare, Politics and Reform

Wow. This one is definitely going to the
archives. This was a remarkable broadcast of our
History. Don't miss it.

[NEVER TRULY ELECTED] McCain and Lieberman's "Enemy Belligerent" Act

"the single most extremist, tyrannical and
dangerous bill introduced in the Senate in the
last several decades."




Interview With Radical
Activist 'Splitting The Sky'

Man, does that newspaper look incredible or what?
I'd buy that, and likely support it's sponsors I
tell you that right now. .. Maybe I should give
up on my dreams to become a big time radio host,
and shoot for writing?

Hey. As to this selection of a jury. All needs
done for Justice winning, is to ask, who did 911?
Anything else but the facts, makes them wrong.
We are power, we are win.

(example: to say, 'bin Laden did it', is not to
form opinion based on substantiated fact, but a
blind hatred for Law, a blind hatred for Just
cause as freedom, a blind hatred for wisdom, a
blind hatred for GOD and Humanity. General Ahmad
funded Atta, ENEMY Bush IS GUILTY of obstruction.
Ergo, not quailfied to judge. Typical dying as
ungodly Amerikan alined with the TRUE demon
Antichrist enemy of this Universe. When the
bushite Nazi Amerikan Zombie dies, we all win by
saving freedom as the lives of the Innocent.)


Afghanistan Enacts Law That Gives War Criminals Blanket Immunity

This is not the action of a Muslim country, but
of those Satanic, warring Allah for the escape of
the Tenth Mountain Division. The group of Nazi
savages, who instead of gloriously killing their
commander, would go into villages in Afghanistan,
and mass murder every inhabitant, to please the
demon Antichrist and "sexy" Rumsfeld. Likely
raping the children and dogs too, as sanctioned
by Rotten Rumsfeld as a way to war with
terrorism. You know me, "die bushite die". When
you see them, you bill them as any real man of
any nationality, or religion naturally would.
Just like Christ as the Mahdi would also. They
truly deserve to die, not to live warring as CNN
"Heroes" collecting expensive free health care.
Note: ABC News reported a little while back,
that half of the entire division has been struck
down so far, either dead by the trigger finger of
the true American Patriot, or with clinical
retardation. A beautiful thing when a bushite
nazi grunter ends don't you think? Yeah way man,
yeah way. Plus, all the Taliban asked for was
any evidence to form a conclusion by those who
lawlessly whore blindly for the demon Antichrist
escaping America for 911. Then, bin Laden
offered to just hand himself over as an innocent
man to save the lives of innocent millions. Die
bushite die the Son to God will for always say
rightly in defense of Liberty as Justice for all.

/ / The Knesset voted yesterday in favor of
Israel Beitenu’s "Nakba Bill", which authorizes
the finance minister to hold funds from
institutions or groups who question the nature of
Israel as a Jewish state \ \

SEE? Demon enemies of God and man, who can only
lie to cheat for stealing in darkness as the true
enemy to every living soul here. Just as G-D
tells. Israel has more Satanic per capita than
any other country in thee history of histories
according to a Jewish friend of mine who went
there where Nazi teens who champion stealing
innocent peoples homes, celebrated in dance and
song (paid for by Americans), the murder of who
they claimed was the Son to God. To actually
take credit for such a bastardized History
against a minimally, innocent wise good man with
a love for all? Believe it.

60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Told Iraq Had No WMD

American TV War of Terror Newze Celebs. make all
these complications just fall away when they
ignore the dire facts they personally don't have
the will to address as skilled, and refuse to
humble themselves to those who can for the cause
of man.

/ / Wachovia pays $160 million to stop drugs
probe Wachovia has agreed to pay US prosecutors
160 million dollars for its failure to stop drug
money being laundered to Mexican affiliates, the
DEA said Wednesday. Drugs and crime chief says
$352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively
laundered by financial institutions \ \

We have criminals in government stealing our
rights to be free of tyranny here. For, how much
does it cost to stop war crime treason charges?
(who is it that is taking the money on behalf
of victimized America? Who? Who? Who?)

"This Bill is a Death Sentence"

Top U.S. General: We Still Want Bin Laden Alive

Fuk eh? Who does this bush bitch traitor to
America and her soldiers think he's conning here
to die for evil doers? Is he saying with
American teen soldier's lives on the line and
dying from contaminated vaccines or radio-active
depleted uranium, (done to steal from America
left as un-defended), he doesn't care what FACTS
the FBI has ever gained thus far? Bushite ENEMY
LIARS war God and America to escape the Neocon
Peenackers. Traitors, plain and simple. Why?
Bush closed 911 Police Investigations, therefore,
there is no official version. Example: 911
Commission refused to even mention WTC7. Think
about that why doesn't he? Oh yeah, to steal,
rape, rob and murder the innocent as not worthy
the name of Liberator. No, a FOXNEWS LIAR for
war criminal thieves who rape American women, who
drop big bombs on our helpless innocent families,
who cheat US all of a better life. If we absolutely
have to kill anyone here, it should be the bushite
nazi zionist enemy.

Sattler had ordered more than nine two thousand
pound bombs be dropped on Fallujah, an ancient
city of three hundred thousand or so that were
murdered with Allawi's glee for nothing, dropped
in a city something like, 1.5 km by 2 km or so.
Then, sent the grunts in to "mop up". They
started with the order to murder every last male
between the ages of 10 to 55, but then said,
who's ever going to tell? And killed infants and
the elderly - all females too because, 'Zarqawi
could be dressed as a woman' they alleged they
knew as him top secretly. (Kimmitt claimed the
whole thing was a psycop to please the Neocon
even..) Then, for the cameras did this show,
where they said women and boys under ten, could
leave, to only be found further up the road,
hidden from view, slaughtered by those who fly in
Apaches. You guys remember all that right?
NOTE: The eleven year old young boys they sent
back in with the intent to mass murder later in
broad daylight. No I.D.'s were asked later when
the bushite nazi grunter "American Heroes", went
house to house, murdering every last defelessless
innocent family they could find. Understand,
when a bushite dies rightly by Public Trial in
the defense of us all that our innocent, God
truly smiles. A bushite death is a blessing.
Again, every "lawless" bushite Nazi's death is a
gift to God, America, Freedom, and Democracy.
As like Someone should ask ourselves why we can't
demand the arrest of bushite enemy rapists and
thieves, as sugar coating on the will to arrest
for public trial every last Neocon Peenacker.
With demands that the truth be spoken as freedom
winning above the thought controlled NWOers.
Instead, the bushite wars dying to see America's
true enemies escape pushing dope on to American
streets that give out life term prison sentences
to those guilty of shoplifting.. While me, I
would bring all media forces down to defend
against every last bushite nazi enemy found as
such by the ample evidence trail of war crimes
against our Humanity committed through censorship
practiced by our extremely wealthy national news
cons willing the lawless enslavement of our
forsaken species. We are no better to steal our
voices than anyone here naturally concerned at
these mounting costs that are being painfully
ignored. George Noory, Rush Limbaugh, Sean
Hannity and the rest of the demon cabal are
not hurting however. In fact demon propagandist
enemy traitor to America George Noory is
happier that ever to see Bush the Antichrist
escape retribution for the crimes he championed.
I think we need our own Coast to Coast show.

/ /Senior Bush administration officials sternly
cautioned the 9/11 Commission against probing too
deeply into the terrorist attacks of September
11, 2001, according to a document recently
obtained by the ACLU. \ \

No evidence for terrorists means the bad guys
escape. Justice is truly freedom, and denying
justice from the terrorists as a public option
strategy is the con of a war criminal escaping
our authority. And that Americans buy that for a
dollar should shame our entire species.

"Jewish Chronicle editor says extra-judicial murder is kosher"

This is why GOD calls the free to be Zionist
Satanic. They clearly, truly, are evil godless
enemies to every living soul here. Simple stuff
really., what is referred to in the current
civilized worlds as: Criminal. Do you believe
you are worth defending, or no.. How anyone
remains publicly silent of this on our magic tv
sets, is beyond comprehension for me. It's like,
we people are not those people treating us
without the evidences to form our conclusions.
FACTS they seem too far absent without excuses
for. It's a fair game though should be no?

Satanic Ungodly Flyer calls on non-Jews to 'leave this land'

"The Old Testament says the land of Israel is
small and belongs to Jews only. Others are not
allowed to stay permanently," the flier read.

Satanic enemies of God and Man. If they can not
provide this lie of "God"'s will being unjust as
criminal, let all men of every land and tribe,
hunt every last Zionist down in OUR streets on
the face of this planet to try them Publicly for
the demon crimes against life they are found sure
as guilty of, then end them rightly for God and
Country. Signed, the Messiah, King of Kings.

/ / Cantor said. "Israel has always been
committed to the peace process, including
advocating for direct talks between Israelis and
Palestinians, in effort to bring this conflict to
an end. Unfortunately, the Palestinian
government continues to insist on indirect talks
and slowing down the process." \ \ they gathered
all the Christian children including toddlers
they could together, and burned them alive with
white phosphorus - worse than ANYTHING the Nazis
of Germany ever did. They, the UNGODLY EVIL
NAZIS of Israel steal innocent folks homes on a
routine basis as SATANIC war criminals. AND they
broke the truce on on Nov. 4 to kill INNOCENT
JEWS for more stolen Amerikan tax money too demon
DOCUMENTED HISTORY. Fuk, like any man, I do hate
every last Zionist Republican severely. They are
enemies of God, enemies of Life as lying bags of
shit, cheaters like Banksters who profit off the
indiscriminate murders of our innocent loved

Mr. Cantor deserves to be formally charged,
tried, and executed a war criminal for his
obscenity against the Jewish faith. These demon
LIAR comments are beyond anything acceptable, but
for by corporate sneewze Amerika that refuses to
correct all AIPAC monsters escaping Bush and
Cheney for 911. Why is he so evil as a demonic
liar on so many levels you may ask? Cantor's
wife stole untold millions from the TARP fund,
and they don't want to spend the rest of their
ungodly EVIL Republican lives rotting rightly in
a prison cell for it, or formally be publicly
executed in true defense of American liberty.
Thus is why he as all Zionists HATE the facts,
science, maths, truth tellers, or GOD, or even,
The 'Messiah'. I must be the most hated man in
corporate America, not because I am a bad man,
but because I am a good man. A wise man who
knows some really cool stuff. A fair man who
stands in defense of the innocent being robbed
and left for dead. As evil doer war criminals,
the bushite are plenty stupid, and as such, can't
even dream that intelligence exists as the
timeless Universe is ourselves - without before,
advocating the corporate news censorship of all
wise men and women to deny YOU the privilege of
equal standing. Cantor wants US all to die
innocent murder victims so he can further profit
off our sufferings making off with his bankster
lootings. Where the good guys finish dead last
because they just refuse to even raise their
phone to happy George Noory in true concern of
Justice ruling for better days ahead.

'Bush gave bank auditors huge bonuses - for failing to stop the meltdown'


Lords pass controversial internet piracy bill

I did no such thing let me tell you friends. I
told you: Peter Power and Blair with Ian need to
be arrested immediately for high treason on 7/7 I
did. It's called 'following probable cause',
look it up.

I am actually me. No really, and you can tell
them all about it truthfully for lively debate on
these thorny issues of who is wearing the
sinnerman's "crown" here. I can tell you in all
honestly, there isn't much of anything here to
make me quiet for not speaking better in the
defense of our real world loses accruing. All is
not well that maybe, someday, will end well with
no one left letting this story freely be told,
but for the trillionaire Banksters and the
Lawless Gangsters. A story not based in fiction,
but of a war torn world done bad by, (for stolen
cash profit), war mongering mass murderers, who
like Tony Blair, express no remorse for the
murder of innocent millions. Millions. To steal
all Iraqi resources. To openly push heroin.
Allawi. Do you People know anything of this
monster of pure evil, who, many times. ordered
the murder of so many completely innocent Iraqs?
TELL. So, Blair as all his Zionist hijackers,
can con as normal for such dispicable blatant
naked war crime evil to continue for more thefts
to our dying rights as respected. What a
dispicable criminal. No wonder we did/do have
laws against that sort of thing at one time here

Iraq inquiry hears defiant Blair say: I'd do it again

What? Have millions of innocent peoples mass
murdered for no good reason? Millions without
regret is not a conclusion we should ever forget.
The Iraq war had no cause. You Mr. Tony Blair
are a war criminal - you get the Great British
People killed to

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