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Commentary :: Media
Sarah Palin Versus a Dumb Blonde Standard
21 Apr 2010
Too bad Sarah Palin is not blonde. Fore if she were bleached, whenever she said anything remotely stupid or vapid, or her words could be twisted as such, she would be called on it. But more importantly some “male” dumbos of the Tea Party coalition, that is those who have sprung to pay her fees to speak at their conventions, too could eventually get it. They too, some of them that is, would finally see beyond her “charm,” and look for someone more than a playboy bunny to inspire their political consciousness.
Sarah Palin Versus a Dumb Blonde Standard

Too bad Sarah Palin is not blonde. Fore if she were bleached, whenever she said anything remotely stupid or vapid, or her words could be twisted as such, she would be called on it. Not that she has been given a free ride by mainstream media, as she is the first to argue they have mistreated her, that is both her motives and her meanings.

And it is true the mainstream is still being rough with her. Take James Poniewozik’s recent Time Magazine article “Family Guy Defeats Palin” (March 8, 2010). Plus the “same” Time Magazine issue quoted Steven Whitehead on another Inbox page to write “If Sarah Palin is a populist threat for the presidency, politics has become American Idol, and we should hang our heads in shame” in response to Joe Klein’s “It’s Her Party” (Feb 22, 2010).

Nevertheless, if she were blonde, there would be even less mercy, and then Ms. Palin would either have to drop the dumb sass act or get out of politics (granted plenty of mediocre minds have gravitated to politics).

But more importantly some “male” dumbos of the Tea Party coalition, that is those who have sprung to pay her fees to speak at their conventions, too could eventually get it. They too, some of them that is, would finally see beyond her “charm,” and look for someone more than a playboy bunny to inspire their political consciousness. It is hard to believe any group would pay her to speak at a convention when she is “not” wearing a playboy-like costume? (I’d pay 5 dollars to see her in a thong. I’d even pay 10 dollars to see her in a porn film. But she would have to pay me at least 100 hundred dollars an hour to listen to her talk on serious issues including for travel time and then I’d still insist on free drinks and dinner to be in good humor.)

Now don’t get me wrong if you assume I’m saying attractive and sexy women are dumb—cause I’m not. But to work a playboy job doesn’t require the pretense of a serious intellect that presumes to judge and criticize a president or the state of the world. Yes the fact remains that there is enough of an “established” prejudice against blondes to be dumb that even the average Jane or Joe is likely to pick up on such an exemplar of stereotype if a blonde acts silly.

This holds true even if many men are socially prejudiced in favor of blonde women. (After all it was really men who couldn’t see all the intellectual acumen and psychological beauty of other women not blonde, so much so some other jealous women, that is those who had so much psychological beauty, that they blamed the “dumb blondes” for being so stupid. This of course spared the males of any negligence from being insulted—after all it wasn’t their male fault their nature didn’t make them more politically correct or spiritually astute!) Nevertheless if you repeat the dumb blonde refrain enough it eventually sticks, and so men too have to at least question their own aesthetic or prurient tastes. (So just for the record we “all” know that brunette women, and other women of the rainbow coalition, are “always” savvier than Anglo Saxon women don’t we—and certainly more than a match for sophisticated men of every stripe?))

But you know, Sarah, honey, baby cakes, take a lesson from Madonna and die your hair to honey butter. That is if you really are determined to climb the heights of ambition, given how many sanctimonious pundits are opposed to your sexciting imposition, then conform to the stereotypes of male desire. This may seem counter-intuitive to what I just argued but the truth is that most Americans, including most of America’s men, are so fricken naïve about politics and U.S. realities, they could never catch on to how truly corrupt this nation is (do you think most are going to take the time to read Chalmer Johnson’s Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire or a myriad of other works that reveal what the media does not?), and how “both” political parties have been corrupt for a very long time. And most people have certainly not caught on to how corrupt is the mainstream media. Therefore any blonde bimbo will do—and the more peachy the better.

Equally there is no question the MSM is trying to paint the Tea Party coalition into a fringe rightwing goon squad of little importance and which has little awareness. E.J. Dionne claims studies show tea members to be white, male, conservative, reactionary, and of an older “privileged” group wanting their country back. This jaundiced-eyed media claims to see little in the way of higher intelligence to spoilsport, tea-tossers. According to the mainstream teetotalers don’t realize anything significant—they’re just a bunch of sour grapes reactionaries.

Still the truth is that many people, inspired by rightwing reactionary talk radio (no too few), are looking to find a scapegoat to blame for their spoiled American frustrations, because they allowed themselves the right to assume too many things they should never have assumed—while they equally hate others for making assumptions—especially left leaning assumptions. And Barack Obama has become the perfect target. (But then that is the goal of demagoguery—to manipulate peoples’ capacity for hate and manipulate their naiveté, while giving them the impression that their fellow-hate-mongering is self-induced and rational. It doesn’t matter who the democratic president would have been the hate machine would have found or created the necessary hate fodder. The intensity of hatred was equally so for Clinton.)

Granted, democrats and President Obama are vulnerable to legitimate criticism; such as assuming the country can afford what it cannot. Nevertheless, the entire spectrum of the American people has been taking far too much for granted for far too long. And the corruption levels have just got higher and higher until they have corroded throughout. Take the military budget. It affects jobs in every state. The have conspired a need for jobs. There are “enormous” profits made by investors in the military industrial complex and the Pentagon is addicted to war and power. But who is complaining about this form of corruption?

Thus we have both a corrupt Republican party and equally a corrupt Democratic party. Even some tea-partiers know this—so they are actually a notch or two above romantists still clinging to a two-party dominance, fantasy.

But as long as the Republicans outsmart Democrats and the Independents by dominating the mainstream media, such as with talk radio propaganda, the rightwing will continue to mesmerize naïve Americans with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and his numerous imitators, or hate mongers like Michael Savage. (How many tea party people have bothered to read David Brock’s Blinded By The Right or his The Republican Noise Machine? How many American have anywhere close to the idea of how the mainstream media really works its filtering process and is complicit in its duplicitous interpretation on 9/11?) No wonder the likes of Sarah Palin can charm the pants of so many.

Face it, Americans, over 95 percent of them, are ignorant as to how this country really works. Furthermore, most people believe what they want to believe. They listen to, and read, those who feed them what they want to hear, and meanwhile reject everything else as noise. Most Americans don’t do a lot of research, nor do they have the time to do adequate research on many subjects if they even had such a propensity. Furthermore there is too much disinformation out there to confuse matters.

At least the rightwing has been savvy enough to realize that plenty of minds are manipulable and don’t have time or patience for intellectual work. Furthermore the rightwing understands that people are emotional creatures who are easily distracted by fear and prejudice. Besides by far people don’t want to confront truth if truth is not what they want to believe, or if truth seems too drastic to deal.

Take the subject of global warming. Many Americans are either atheists or theists on the subject. This is to say many people assume the have the capacity to know the reality of the matter one-way or the other. These people who have an opinion assume they have explored adequate information, and have a grasp on the motives and financial means of information presenters, and therefore they “know” beyond a reasonable doubt, as final arbiters, as to whether there exists a phenomenon called global warming.

Whereas there are too few skeptics or agnostics on this matter—as well as many other matters. This then is the curse of flat democracy in which people are told their vote has meaning and therefore what they think is relevant. People too readily buy into the flattering idea that they are like gods of intelligence—one and all—no matter how inadequate or incompetent their thinking and research. This too is part of the presumptiveness of plenty of Americans—the idea that they are standing on firm intellectual footing and are the fools of no one. Yet they are often the fools of money.

Whereas if you ask these atheists why they don’t believe in global warming, and if they are honest they will likely say, because they hate Al Gore, or they hate ecologists who are always thwarting business enterprise, etc. Whereas others will refer to the climate-gate scam in which hundreds of emails have revealed corruption at the scientific level, etc.

But the true skeptic would equally question if some who have participated in such a climategate scam were not operatives “planted” in such positions to create such a scam in the first place—like a secret sleeper cell waiting for the right moment to discredit some objective. True skeptics of political awareness realize how tricky and deviant human nature—especially when it comes to all things political. They would welcome information revealing deviance and corruption but they would not so readily assume that then a final verdict has been reached. The fact is there is an enormous amount of “industry” money and politics involved in the global warming debate—so how can anyone assume a God-like all-knowing position on the matter—even if it is true some knowables such as a scan for cap taxation has been concocted? How many people who claim to judge in their absoluteness even have a science degree at the bachelors level?

But the point is not to argue the reality of whether global warming is true or not, but to point out to the fact that most people are easily seduced to basically believe what they want to believe—irrespective as to truth. This gray area of manipulability gives the media an excess of power.

So if there are true leaders within the tea-party it is time to declare some kind of intellectual manifesto of awareness so as not to allow dim-watts like blind followers to Limbaugh usurp higher levels of awareness such as those younger people who backed Ron Paul (and this is not to imply Ron Paul is perfect and all-knowing because he is not).

Obviously the U.S. government is big and spends way too much on various programs and this is a very serious issue. But people who have a blind faith in laissez faire capitalism and economic freedom from Adam Smith’s day are equally corrupt on an intellectual level. Adam Smith was considered a radical in his own day—by conservatives no doubt. But the point here is that some libertarians now believe in a philosophy that the state is meant to worship the individual ego. This is to say they believe that individual egotism and freedom are the highest values and therefore each person is a like a God and that private property is the “highest” good and the only economic value that really matters.

While people within our country have gone dog eat dog as economic war against all—such as investors in military enterprise selling weapons to all sides—all they seem to care about is what is in it for them in their zealous worship of their economic religion. It is clearly a case of class warfare with lower and middle class kids dieing in wars concocted secretly by black arts of deception.

Or every American should just accept that no industrial process is too much indulgence if it benefits some economic end or private investment program. Every citizen of the world should kindly accept littering the planet with once used packaging for a hamburger meal if it served customer ego-satisfaction and/or the corporate bank account as private investment. This is why private investment dollars can flow into practically any kind of enterprise with little consequence even if unethical. Money can flow to any country abroad with no legal penalty—save what few sanctions Homeland Security has deemed beyond the pale.

How many of the Tea Coalition have watched Mark Achbar’s film called “The Corporation” and realized our judicial system has created a legalized form of a psychopath? This video is one of the most important documentaries of the decade (and there are many). Yet how many people really understand how this country and political bodies are ruled by corporations—and not by any kind of populist movement?

In the end many people are like the dumb blondes they presume or project as vacuous. Sarah Palin’s popularity is a reflection of the country. Irrespective of person, the self typically thinks its own opinions worthy, and if others disagree they are thought as substandard in judgment. So we all have reason to get snobbed up about it.

And yet this is why the tea party coalition—as naïve as it may be or not be—but by inviting Sarah Palin to speak insinuates idiocy—is dangerous. The powers behind the powers are marrying wacky Palin to extremists teetotalers and sending them both on a lost trail of illegitimacy. This marriage of convenience gives the mainstream an opportunity to portray all tea party people as wanting change but not savvy enough to realize what they really need.

Meanwhile true naiveté, and it certainly exists in heaps and bounds, is ready for some kind of demagogue, especially in a time of crisis such as an economic collapse. Hitler’s political party was exceedingly small when he joined it. The name was changed to accommodate a width of coalition. Well America too have a society Blinded By The Right. Plus more corporate money will play Los Vegas politics, that is corporate money that seldom respects human or ecological values. Further we as a nation are cursed with a retarded population so dumbfounded and so easily hoodwinked it can’t think outside the box. Sounds like fascism knocking or something worst. But Sarah Baby will be marching on. You Betcha cowboy—you show me that gun and I will think you’re a “real” man—and there is a blonde babe waiting at the end of the rainbow for you!

This work is in the public domain
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