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Commentary :: Human Rights
TEA BAG ENEMY LIARS war God and America
25 Apr 2010
He wants to kill innocent people, YOUR
CHILD, he wants America dead, all before a wise man
or woman who knows basic maths will be allowed
to speak freely against his demonic hatred for
traffic lights.
Click on image for a larger version

Evil Angry Tea Party Conservative assaults interviewer
because he's wiser than himself as a blind demon enemy

"whore yeah, whore yeah"! - all he knows is he must
whore for evil as evil, whore for war crimes as a
likely war criminal.

The only good Tea Bagging Saran Palin Nazi whore,
is a dead Tea bagging Zionist Nazi whore. Look
at how evil and corrupt this demon enemy of God
and man is. He wants to kill innocent people, YOUR
CHILD, he wants America dead, all before a wise man
or woman who knows basic maths will be allowed
to speak freely against his demonic hatred for
traffic lights. Or for Justice to rule in defense
of American freedom. Obama isn't a "socialist",
despite the lies of Alex Jones and his NWOers, or,
a "puppet", or an "arsonist" he's an extortionist,
he's a war crime enemy of Life who wars America
for the escape of 911's Bush and Cheney (neither
ever truly elected), along with traitors to Life
CRIMINAL AIPAC. Obama's mother (a white woman) gave
birth to him when she was 18, therefor, he is not
even an American citizen, never mind being "black".
Tea Baggers don't speak as such, because one would
need to first be literate, then honorable. Sarah
Palin is a demon whore of Satan, and the Tea baggers
like life that way where they cheat you your fair
share in a society that should rule as real freedom
dictates. Too complicated for a tea bagger who
refues to respect the wise as just, and would rather
every American die victim, before the truth be told. Again,
look: I am hated not because I am a bad man, but
because I am good. Zionists brag about how they killed
the Son to God, who at the same time think what?
We, as Humanity will hunt to kill every last war
criminal for death in America, by America, as America.
And if that America is just me, and 42,000 or so others,
so be it. Death to war criminals who murder ourselves
as the innocent forsaken. God doesn't forsake, and
i'll likely oversee the executions of easily thousands
of bushite war criminals found so as the evidence
is. Death to the bushite, death to the enemies of
God and man. Death to those in America who war
god for the escape of the neocon zionist peenackers
guilty for 911.

Obama Lied: Taliban Did Not Refuse to Hand Over Bin Laden

We are dealing with some serious liars here,
who'll lie to America to get killed teen soldiers
for more stolen money. And not so
coincidentally, I happen to be a guy here who can
actually explain the science behind what is known
as free. Not just your every day info either by
the way. To crave Justice for everyone, is to
love freedom to be all we can be. And..., things
haven't be going so well if you've noticed... We
need to start on demanding the public arrest and
public trial of the 911 conspirators, through an
open line international dialog on the simple
truths of how we've all been hoodwinked this way.
Like, 'banksters don't cover our loans, we do' as
a classic. I'd just like to state for the
record, I'm the good guy in all of this.. anda
we should be better than what we've been. We
need leadership. We need we fairly, and to be to
the point on prevailing over injustice against
any of us, as truly worth something to defend.
Hey! I'm just naturally saying, isn't life a
strange gift for everyone.. yup.. so people,
let's get to work at fixing this place up..

FOURTEEN Reasons to Reject Corporate Options for Health Care

WTC 7 "about to blow up"

War Crimes against Innocent Children by Bushite Nazi Grunt

/ / Why would the Taliban (a word which means students) attack school children, knowing that this would destroy local public support for them? This is like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson opening fire on an American school in the war against Britain. Does it make any sense? \ \

The Taliban had opened schools for girls, had
women allowed to be doctors or nurses, and had women
working at the Kabal newspaper where they didn't
have to wear the Burka - DESPITE NAZI American tea Bagger
LIARS who LIE to murder the innocent in attempt to
escape Bush and Cheney for 911. The Taliban would
kill rightly a bushite nazi rapist - unlike the grunts,
who war Afghanistan to rape women and children without
complaint to steal all our charitable aids. Kill a
bushite for the Love of God. Kill a bushite for the
Love of Country. Kill a bushite for the love of anyone.


At least the Taliban wills to actively hunt down
and kill bushite grunting rapists like any real men
would. America is a shit hole of lying cheats to
remain passive against this tyranny of false
imprisonments, mass murder and torture to escape
the evil neocon peenackers for 911 as so on.

The American People
need to rise up demanding the rightful arrest,
trial, and conviction for the war crimes these
false accusing bushite nazis have just committed
right before US all. See, Police Officers are
suppose to, by law, go after the criminals right?
Not denied to escape Bush on 911 with all
Cops and Firefighters who had their lives stolen
for war criminal gains that continue to this day.
See? now wouldn't this be like something
national TV and Radio Views could dedicate a few
battles on with yourselves, daily, to get Justice
won against the those who committed 911 against
the Greater America? My America? Your calls..

ShowBiz Tonight TV Poll
(wonder why this doc is light years ahead of NWO NWO NWO Alex Jones? me too..)

"Do you agree there is a Government Coverup of 9/11"?

YES 83% NO 17% [the, bushite dumfuk zombies contingent
included who enjoy mass murdering, raping, thieving,
and disallowing the freedom of expression where
Justice rules for Freedom's won - freedoms that real
American Patriots have died to defend. Bushite
nazi grunters who lawlessly war crime Humanity for
tyranny, who war crime for terror, should die instead
of our innocent selves they target with willful
ungodly evil intent as documented irrational mass
murderers. no?]

A Bushte enemy who seriously deserved to die today said,
"it's their fault for bringing their kids into a battle"
where the bushite randomly slaughtered innocent Peoples
for laughs as believing WE will not hunt them down
with the law and have them gloriously executed in
our true Love for God and Country. Zombie bushite
enemies of Life hate smart fellows that they
can't commpete against as illiterate nazi savages.
They hate God, hate Freedom, and hate US. DBD.

/ / General McChrystal’s command have finally
admitted that Special Operations units killed
three innocent Afghan women, two of them pregnant, \ \

Kill a bushite for Christ, kill a bushite for
America - just kill a bushite and save the lives
of innocent folks they target as Satanic enemies
of Life. Die bushite die. 18+ "suicides" a day.
Good work men. Let's bring those numbers up.
When a lawless bushite nazi grunter dies, God
truly smiles, for, we are then closer to
PUBLICLY trying and executing the Zionist Neocon
Peenackers guilty of 911. Those truly responsible
for mass murder in New York City.

Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr.
"Judge Rules Yemeni’s Detention at Guantánamo Based Solely on Torture"

War crimes treason. Death by firing squad.

/ / email chain, a Goldman staffer reports that
the firm pocketed $50 million in one day by
"shorting," or betting against, the housing market \ \

Openly profiting on the destruction of America,
that they purposefully implimented to criminally
take trillions from everyone as left for dead

Failure to Communicate

/ / the first official police state in the
country for immigrants. \ \

No, it's the third worlder military police, who
war to escape gang rapists of American women
along with Karl Rove and the Peenackers, who
as EVIL "cops" in Arizona that can barely speak
english, can now ask ANY American for their
proper papers, and if not complete in THEIR
minds, and on hand, they'll escape executions
for taking you in without probable cause for
no crime, and maybe torture You or your loved
ones to death, "legally". Reagan made the crime
of torture to warrant death, but Americans refuse
to kill bushite enemy on sight that joy in
randomly gunning down innocent folks, pushing
heroin, pimping child rape, stealing our
humanitarian aid, all to please the unholy
911 Zionist enemy of God and Humanity - so
what can they expect by remaining still silent
in the concerns for innocent 'others'? Just
immigrants to worry? Paleeze...

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, through out the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

Johnny America - The True Patriot

/ / then I will set my face against that man, and against
his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring
after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their
people. \ \ something like, 57% of tea baggers polled, claimed
Bush is fantabulous as demon antichrist enemy of Life, er.. I
mean, un-elected war mongering 911 President. (P.S. Molech is
the deity that the Bohemian grove whore for... to kill Christian
kids like Demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin
champions as ungodly enemy Zionist. Why can not we try her
immediately for her DEMONIC LIES, convict her as the for
sure war criminal she is, then have her formally executed
with Cheney and McCain in defense of true Liberty?)

The Golden Rule - A Man Takes a Stand

/ / The four were driving home from a volleyball
game along the highway when a military convoy spotted
them. After flashing their lights at the car, the
troops opened fire, killing everyone in the car. \ \

Kill a bushite for Christ, kill a bushite for
America. Die bushite enemy die.

TV America - Where The People Don't Count

When the bushite Nazi Amerikan Zombie dies, we all
win by saving freedom as the lives of the Innocent.
Death to the 'lawless' bushite soldier who wars for
torture, to rape, to steal, to bomb the innocent.
Death to the enemies of Mankind "escaping" the
Zionist Neocon Peenackers of 9/11.

Killing a Bushite is a Blessing for they are not
humans, but disciples of the demon AntiChrist -
enemies of ALL life on this planet - who have
zero commitment, as no cares to defend America,
who just joy in murdering millions, falsely
believing we as a species will halt in defending
GOD by hunting them down in our streets and
publicly trying for execution, of every last
bushite dumfuk still breathing our air for their
heinous war crimes against Love's mercy as Life.
Count on it. Kill a bushite for America, and
truly be blessed Life commands. Especially
these UFC 'Patriotic Warrior Marines' who whore
for the escape of traitors Bush and Cheney to
torture, to gang rape American women, and to
thieve from all as "lawless" cop killing Zionist
Zombie savages who speak no words for America's
dying defense. Nazis. Cowards. Death to the war
crimninal bushite parasite, death to forces of
the demon Antichrist enemy of Creation who parade
on American magic TV as anything else but what
they truly are, enemies of Civilization, enemies
of an equal rights for all in Christ mentality.

'Derivatives Reform: More Than 1,500 [CRIMINAL]
Lobbyist And Bankers Swarm Agriculture Committee'



Clarifying Rand's Position on Guantanamo

/ / Should we release KSM because he was tortured? \ \

What is he guilty of demon fuk, and shouldn't
we try Rand for treason to suggest any other
such thing? He was tortured, as Rand wills
against innocent Americans to officially suffer
his criminal consequences. Libertarians are an
evil fuk, who as cowards, only suggest the escape
of those that truly do America wrong. The NWOers
are a bit of a fukhead on this also. That is
what a facist nazism is all about. Don't
fight to defend the rights of innocent victims by
demanding the arrest of Bush and Cheney,

[UN-CONSTITUTIONAL - where's Ron Paul and the
"Constitutionalists" here?]

torture innocent peoples to Death with private
mecenary Cofer Black while pimping child rape.
Just keep it hidden from US, the Public like
they do regarding banking, vaccines, and the
notorious VLT. Ergo, Palin and her crew go, 'no
public option! no public option!' and the self
labeled Libertarians, the Conservatives, the
Republcans, with the Tea Bagger racists and
bigots, rapists and Satanists all chiming in
unison - no fair share. No to the Public having
a fair say in these matters of your survival.
Still don't care to get involved in forwarding
these concerns as Your own? You'd better. I'm
just saying is all.

Signed, Johnny America - The True Patriot

Amerika's Bushite Zombie Commies

Tea Baggers to protest "high taxes and big government".

98% of working families received a tax cut. Every
state's average tax cut was similar. So tell me
again: What is it they're protesting?

Not the war crimes, not the banksters, not the tortures,
not the vaccines. Not AIPAC, not the demon whore
of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin, and not FOXSNEWS.
Tea Baggers are Zombie dumfuk Republican nazi whores
who war America to escape Bush and Cheney, and those
at KBR who gang rape America women left undefended.
They champion paying private insurance companies
billions of tax dollars irrationally as Ron Paul would
stupidly advise, because they hate, truly HATE a wise
man or woman being allowed to speak freely. NWOers
would rather see all of America die, before allowing
the truth be plainly told. It's all about escaping
Bush and Cheney for the treasonous crime of Obstruction.
A crime that OFFICIALLY, escapes those responsble for
mass murder in New York City on 911. Americans don't
care for the innocent lives they steal for cash profit,
but, do you? Do you?? Then forward these concerns, both
pro or con. I demand open communications to speak the
facts, while You as an American, would rather die
for treasonous liars who kill Americans for stolen
gain? Your call losering. We could be Heroes.

/ / Pentagon is out to destroy the site after a series of exposés, notably the US rules of engagement for Iraq \ \

I order all to kill a bushite to save the innocent
lives they intentionally target as Nazi Zioonist
murderers, murderers who have no concern for the
downfall of Freedom in America, or of the MILLIONS of
innocent Peoples they have already murdered. Grunts
who speak nothing for the trillions stolen by the
banksters from America as left undefended. Death to
the bushite, death to the enemies of God and Man.
Bushite grunts are ordered by the Generals to murder
any innocent victims they want as Satanic liars, for
CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS with George Noory, the enemies,
will not ever allow the "rules" to be spoken, if
they can help it. Example: Bushite nazi grunts are
told, they can shoot dead any innocent child, as long
as they claim the child was running from gunfire or
a bomb placed by the bushite nazi grunter. Life will
insure every last bushite breathing is put to death
for their crimes against You, their crimes against God.
I can not live any other way. I can not live knowing
these nazi grunts who would atract children with candy,
then blow them up with explosives, will walk dead
American streets called Heroes for DEMON LIAR Sean
Hannity, Heroes for TRAITOR Glenn Beck, Heroes on
the UFC, heroes on the movie screens. "Hurt Locker"
won an oscar for the grunts who murdered millions of
innocent defenseless innocent folks - a Satanic EVIL
movie that doesn't even acknowledge the NEEDLESS war
has no cause - but for to capitalize on the evil
nation trying to escape bush and cheney for 911.
Sattler ordered the nazi grunts to murder 300,000
un-armed innocent peoples in Fallujah, and the grunts
refused to rightly kill Sattler on sight as any real
man would. Now, hunt for the bushite for this who
offers his liar's "excuse" and shoot him dead for
Christ. You do that, to defend the war criminal
grunts next innocent victim. You kill the bushite for
your love of family. You kill the bushite for your love
of Liberty. You kill the bushite because it's an ENEMY
with only a hate for Justice, a hatred for God and
Humanity, our God and Humanity who truly wills the
public trials and executions of the traitor Neocon
Zionist Peenackers responsible for 9/11, 7/7, and so on..

Donkey, Horse and Cat in Israeli Jail

/ / where the mentally ill zionists reign supreme. \ \

/ / An Israeli journalist who went into hiding after writing a series of reports showing lawbreaking approved by Israeli army commanders faces a lengthy jail term for espionage if caught \ \

"76 US Senators Sign on to Israel Letter"

FIGHTBACKK. Demand these Zionist TRAITORS be
exposed publicly as war criminals who fund the
willful mass murder of innocent, INNOCENT
Christians for their stolen kick back riches.

Sarah demon kunt of evil Palin "I want to tell them,
nah, we'll keep clinging to our Constitution and our
guns and religion – and you can keep the change."

You can not steal God from ourselves demon kunt.
You whore for Satan who supports burning children
alive with white phosphorus, who wars creation to
escape the neocon for 911, the evil nazi kunt who
tried to start a "un-provoked" world war with her
LIES against God and Man will be properly tried
with Cheney and McCain, and RIGHTLY executed the
demon witch TRAITOR she is. She stole the bridge
to nowhere money. Demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the
retard' Palin deserves to die by Public trial for
her hatred of Justice as Freedom to be American.

Kill a bushite nazi grunt to save an innocent life
precious and beautiful

Look at this innocent child. Understand, the
bushite nazi grunts that bombed him, did so for
fun while drunk. Demons from the Air Force that
FOXSNEWS tells US are heroes, and will get free
socialist healthcare from American tax payers if
YOU don't call for their quick trial and execution
for these ungodly war crimes. Kill a bushite and
be loved by God and Humanity - why so? There are
so very few real men in the entire Nazi nation,
committed to rightly kill the bushite Zionist
enemy, all to defend their next targeted innocent
victim like those who died on 911. Death to the
ungodly evil bushite Nazi who mass murders, who
tortures for enslavement, who steals for the Neocon
Peenackers responsible for 911, death to the enemies
of Freedom and God. DBD.

(Karzi notified that the bushite grunters knew
BEFORE this following Nazi strike, these were
abandoned tankers stuck in the sand surrounded by
mostly children.)

Alcohol ban after BUSHITE MCCAINIAC staff were
'too hungover' to explain airstrike that murdered
many many innocent God Loved Peoples

They knowingly mass murdered our Humanity!
Two Amerikan Bushite from the Air Force, So
drunk, they will not even be asked for an apology
to God and Man. ? Please, I beg you as a Son to
Life, please, please, people of our worlds, KILL
THE BUSHITE LAWLESS ENEMY. So Life has said here

"Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate"

"Germany" said no such thing, but death to the NAZI
who has PIRATED the German Peoples to spew such lies.

The Demon Whore of Satan Tea Bagger Palin

/ / Tea Bagger Convention draws 600; in two weeks
the National Wild Turkey Federation meets in the
same place, 40,000 attending. \ \

Gaza villages Wiped off the map by Truce
Breaker Amerikan TeaBagging Zionist Nazis

/ / The? Gazans are the original Jews. The
Israelis are mainly converts from places like
Georgia. \ \ remember: Nazi Israel targeted
children diliberately, along with 239 Police
Officers they allege were innocent Peoples loved
by God.

Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran

Palin is a demon whore of Satan.

AmeriKan Zombie Inc.

TEA PARTY CONVENTION - Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz, Interviews with Participants

Notice not one of these bushite nazi savage
illiterates, speak a word for the defense of
American women being gang raped by 'lawless'
KGB.. er.. I mean, KBR. Or that anyone in
Government could ever has, committed a crime
like trillion dollar bankster extortion,
as sanctioning torture, or causeless wars to
escape the peenackers, 911? no no, it's a too
big government.. Fraud? No no, it's just big.
And and taxes are too high. All those
earmarkers cashed in by Ron Paul et al. you mean?
No no no, taxes are just too high. Wall Street
pays too much? no it's the do nothing welfare
mothers, or socialist school teachers, or
socialist firemen, and socialist health carers,
and the socialist traffic signal repairmen,
those guys really get my craw.. Or those that
require I have evidence to form my reasons for
silently supporting the murder of millions of
innocent human beings as a good little nazi
should. Good little Zombie Commies that will
to rob America further blind for bushitism.

Mossad threatens death against all reporters for telling truth

“The very notion of presenting information to
the Israeli public alone is taken as an intention
to hurt [criminal] national security.”

Satanic demon enemies of God actually exist, and
these ungodly thieving murderous pirates call
themselves Zionists as true enemies of all real
Jews as we know life and love God. Ask the demon
whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin about
this, and her Tea bagger illiterates would go
right straight to hell where she so rightly
belongs for championing the mass murder of
freedom around the world. I, as a Son to God
really hate TV Americans for staying silent on
Justice severely lacking, so to steal more from
the undefended innocent public they torure with
rape of their own womens, while stealing our
Christian homes and monies as glorified on
FOXSNEWS. They refuse to even forward these
concerns for the fallen millions of murder
victims, with their naked hatred for wisdom,
their naked hatred for freedom, their naked
hatred for God. They hate me not because I am
a bad guy, but because I am good. And they'll
hate you too for being fair and balanced also.
You know it, I know it, we all know it.

"Deport the Palestinians to Where They Came From – Israel"

God, who says this? The honorable in G-D's
presence?, or the Satanic demon Zionist liar
enemies of all creation including YOU too
as made innocent victim? Don't die on a
cross for this, before at least speaking
a word in your own defense son. I can only
do so much.


Gates: Wikileaks ‘Irresponsible’ for Releasing Video

HIGH TREASON. Death by public treason trial
for "al-qeada" Gates. Demand it or die for a
bushite righty Amerikan nazi zionist dumfuk
enemy. These were crimes against honorable
reporters, who told truths for YOUR benefit.
Do not allow them to die as murder victims in
vain. Bill a bushite enemy of the Republic
and all day long, have good luck for greater
fortunes to come our ways. 'No evidence against
accused, is person innocent worthy our defenses'.
Ergo, kill a bushite traitor warring God for the
escape of the neocon zionist peenackers of 911.

America is the nation of the AntiChrist

Why champion owning a gun, if your not going to
kill a lawless bushite nazi grunter advocating
mass murder against ourselves as innocent victims
in broad daylight? Just someone else's wife or
daughter those 30 Republicans have officially
sanctioned the rape and murder of? Going to
cowardly form doubt about never elected McCain
who voted to allow the rape of American females
by "lawless" minions of the demon Antichrist to
further escape? Nothing from "you" as an
American to say anything whatsoever? Remember,
Peoples of Humanity, when a bushite was asked
about defending America from plunder, he
responded as near all who serve likewise in the
Air Force who enjoy bombing our families at
Church services, "I don't care". Bushite don't
care to see you suffer and die unjustly for their
stolen profits. America is the nation of the
AntiChrist, ungodly, unholy, and evil in their
silence against the torturing of US innocent
Peoples, while STEALING all of Iraqi assets, and
the billions in charity given by good will from
everyone to Afghanistan. Kill a bushite grunter
who stays silent on this issue, and you'll be
doing US all a great big favor. A dead bushite,
means more lives saved, means one fewer FOXSNEWS
fan of evil gone from our scene spewing it's
hatred for true Justice in America to defend our
dying Freedoms.


Rise up for innocent life American, or don't and
see where you'll get yourself in the end,. Do
US a favor, and Forward this post on. Your
King has spoken.

Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal
orders to escape the Peenackers for 911 as
ENEMIES of the LORD and Life.

Republicans for Rape

Death to the bushite thieves and rapists, death
to the sworn enemies of God and Man who war
ourselves indiscriminately as the innocent for
the escape of the Zionist Neocon Peenackers of
911. DFBD.

American Christians do not exist to remain
silent on these crimes against God in America's
name. We know, we'll beg for Justice, we'll beg
for hope, and Amerikans will only read these great
words with a hatred and derision in their hearts
for Life and God by remaing silent.. all to die
willfully censored for the Neocon Zionist's
crminal escape for mass murder on 9/11 and 7/7.
As so, not to see themeselves looking foolish and
or evil, ending that way sacrificed for ungodly
tyranny. Do they care?

IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank

Tens of thousands will have their homes stolen,
and many will serve 7 year prison terms for being
born. American Christians do not exist to remain
silent on these crimes against God in America's

TV America - Where The People Don't Count

TV America, the nation who pays more for
less to die as silent crime victim to the commie
con men absent logic - trillions and millions of
homes sacrificed to call the bushite nazi grunts
escaping the neocon labeled, "Heroes"

/ / Members of Congress and their families are
blessed with their very own gold-plated,
taxpayer-financed, Washington-run health care
system. \ \

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons and Ron Paul, why
isn't it good enough for blinded as lost in indifference
American dumfuks? Good question. But we know,
Americans will except without complaint, another
Bigfoot international radio super special, funded
by extremely wealthy war mongers who always ride
first class when they push for more mass murder
against the defensless innocent. With their
George Noory like, evil lying and cheating of
American values., they know what America wants
without question. No doubt.


"This is socialized medicine! It fails all the time."
Ron Paul, Idiot on CNN who claims, we is broke to find
solutions with him in charge as admittingly, failing.
Pay an insurance company 60 billion dollars or don't?
that is a decision. Or, do traffic lights fail all the
time? Is Ron then saying we simply need to reverse the
greens with the reds? He is incompetently selling himself
out for cash over SIMPLE maths, a bastard nazi bushwhore
who refuses JUSTICE for 911?, refuses Justice for the
Bushmob?, refuses Justice for Banksters?, refuses Justice
for fixed elections?, Vaccines containing toxic mercury?
waiting again while he plays the NWOer cult as the fools
they are to buy this blindly as their own word of
silent objection to no actions equaling no results
of thereby, not moving forward into a brighter future where
seeking truth is paramount to measure our progress. Being
robbed our rights in broad daylight just sucks man, it does.
Don't be daft on this matter of Life being respected, and me
having alot of interesting things to say here. We are on a
relatively small rock flying through a space of such
near unfathomable proportionality, it all can be found
miraculously alive inside the period at the end of this
sentence quite truthfully. Or, in a flower. [Wherever
really, but flowers are special..]

Veterans say Bushite have been covering up widespread civilian
killings in Iraq

Remember: under Sattler, bushite nazi grunts murdered
more than 300,000 innocent persons in Fallujah. Propagandists
aside. Bushite deserve to die before allowed to harm again,
our Brothers in Arms. It is the bushite who wars for rape
in Afghanistan, and in Iraq by not gunning for child rapist
Blackwater and Co.. It is the bushite who bombs our cities
indiscriminately, for the only objective to get killed
illiterate Amerikan teens sent in later to "war" for lost
stability. They bomb people with "guess work" if you didn't
know, as sexually dysfunctional sadomasochists. Bushites
actually proudly sing a song about killing innocent kids,
then falsely blaming the Father for the ungodly offense -
"Haji Girl". No reason the bushite offered for bombing Samara
either, but later a LIE from Allawi. Allawi, who then ordered,
for the record, no shit, that American grunts would kill any
doctor or nurse that tried to save the life of a baby, or old
lady who might have survived, the house, to every house mass
killings of EVERY family from Fallujah. Nazis deserve to die,
and they deserve to die today. Die bushite die. Death to the
cowardly bushite liars who'll say anything dishonorably in lie
to deny this fact: that Bush and Cheney immediately closed
outstanding police investigations, designed since the dawn
of man, to nab the TRUE guilty parties. Death to the bushite
murderous traitors to the good old, red, white, and blue.

/ / Why, nowadays, we have U.S. presidents openly ordering the murder of American citizens, and nobody bats an eye. There is no scandal, no prosecution -- there is not even any debate. It's just a fact of life, ordinary, normal, unchangeable: the sun rises in the east, cows eat grass, rain is wet, American presidents murder people. What's the big deal? \ \

Obama can MURDER innocent Amnericans willfully in
my/your/our names?, and demon whore of Satan, Sarah
'the retard' Palin can't speak on innocent Americans
being murdered by her 'who cares for the facts'
tyranical enemy state? No she likes that as demon
whore, like when she gets excited about grunts
murdering helpless little children as targeted in
South Ossetia to make her look rich on cable TV.
"no provocation" Demon Nazi krunt of Evil.
While Obama, is a foolish little dweeb as sinister
war criminal, if he thinks no Patriots exist anywhere
in this Universe, to go silent like dumfuker Tea
Baggers on this issue of his attempting first
degree murders in our presence. I demand America
arrest Obama for this as the clear act of Treason
it is, to be held without bail, until we sort this
all out with wide open communications above CNN,
and FOXSNEWS, a place where the tea baggers, and Ron
Paul type, "Constitutionalists" are exposed for their
willful ignorance of Rights Defended, all done for the
interests of all fairly. No say America’s Repuglicon
Tea Bagging Demonrats? Fuk you too then rightly
and die yourself in self contempt. I am truly great,
while TV America is a hell hole of criminal greed, as
their hatred institutionalized against the Human condition
continues nearly un-abated, without open public challenge
to work for remedy. You had better lift your phone in
concern sooner than war criminal LIAR George Noory and
his cascade of Zombies continue telling US all on what
a great day he’s been having watching in silence, America’s
real downfall denied a fair defense. He’s got lots of
money, why should he care your American wife can be
ganged raped and left for dead by NEVER ELECTED
McCain’s personal benefactors that McCain and
John Cornyn claim to be Lawlessly un-accountable to
God and Man here. The King has Risen to play the part
of John., from the Book, a role he was born for,
who has come all about the troubles America puts
US though as innocent vicitms to their ungodly tyranny.

/ / Sens. John McCain and Joseph Lieberman on Thursday
[..] allow the U.S. military to detain U.S. citizens
without trial indefinitely in the U.S. based on
suspected activity. \ \

Don't Get Excited

/ / Sen. John Cornyn wants everyone to calm down
about a Supreme Court decision that would allow
corporation to pour an unlimited amount of cash
into campaign advertisements \ \ and cash bribes.
Banksters with stolen trillions, paying out 24
million to repuggers, to fuck all Americans up
good willingly.

This demon, who SUPPORTS gang raping American
women, is hypnoing Amerika here. Understand FOX
news does not campaign for his formal execution
as Nazi traitor, instead, to tell, hey don't get
excited. It just your neighbor's wife, your
neighbor's daughter, and who cares for them then
if you can make a killing like Repuglicon and
Demonrats on FOX do too?

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges? The Law
is the Law. America is America. Obama "No one
is above the Law." It's a criminal in government
pretending he's a man of Law, denying the
protections we've officially granted ourselves.
Then, on top of everything else, the case is
about 'law enforcement' not following probable
cause! Why is it so many Judges in America, like
in the American Supreme Court, know so very
little of what Justice is for? What Freedom is
as defended? As Liberty protected? Judge Vaughn
Walker needs be fired as minimally incompetent,
or, further, an accessory to REAL CRIMES after
the fact. Or, do cowardly Americans in silence,
just want to be robbed and left for dead now, as
their Womens gang raped by 'richer' non-citizen
bribed Republicans? Officially left undefended
by American Law? Believe my friend, this is some
serious words to go unchallenged by everyone
familiar with being cheated. Your dimes, your
call. Or is it just your neighbor?, and who
cares for them then if you can make a killing
like Repuglicon and Demonrats on FOX do too?

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our souls so
says the Son to God as Man of Men.

Millions of anti-terror cash spent on luxury London flats for police chiefs

Will you please, as my reader fight back for the
innocent lives of others? Will you please lift
your phone and call for the trial and execution
of Happy George Noory? He wills to kill YOU, to
escape the neocon, and, what do you say?
Nothing? He orders Alex Jones never to tell, who
was responsible for 911 and Alex agreed. Caught.
Ron Paul is truly, an evil man who serves not to
defend America. The bailouts are called
extortions. Vaccines contain mercury. Bush
closed 911 police investigations, and Alex
doesn't EVER want America to know, defending for
the escape of the lawless demon antiChrist with
his NWO bullshit. If fact, Alex said somewhere
last week, that he doesn't want to see any harm
come to Bush or Cheney, because they are just
puppets. This was well after his demonically
evil, UNGODLY guest called for the assassination
of Obama. A caller called, and stated something
like, how can you say that with all WE know of
Bush and Cheney - blahblah - next caller. Alex
Jones wars America to escape Bush, despite the
fact he'll tell you he spent years lying about
this issue as well recorded. Puppet puppet
puppet is all he says, before ever asking his
cult to phone George Norry to demand free
communications on liquefied iron flowing from the
towers like water. UNDERSTAND: Loose Change has
never in all these years been allowed to speak on
Coast to Coast. Do you believe that is just an
oversight? They don't champion Justice directly
either, but at least they can beat any lame ass
bushite excuser in a free to speak forum. While
Alex, every time fails on purpose. He fails
without justifiable excuse in my mind, how about
yours? General Ahmad funded Atta.

Bush 'we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty'

Does that sound American?

The bushite do not war our worlds to defend
freedom, but to kill all that is good, all that
is just, and all that is loved.

Do you really need the Bible, and the Messiah to
come down here to tell you how Satanic as evil a
Zionist enemy of the Jew really is? They murder
our spouses, they murder our children, not
accidentally, but on purpose, to steal our lands,
to steal our money, then tell us all, it wasn't
their fault as the truce breaker (dying Jews),
but our own for trusting they were honorable.

THE STATE IS GOD (Die Evil Bushite Nazi Fuk Die)

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'

BlackWater mercenaries slaughtering unarmed civilians

AEGIS is who this is, and the guy pulling the
trigger is an actual convicted war criminal from
South Africa who was left off a rightful death
sentence. Nic at CNN reported that not only was he
not fired (doing work for Rumssfeld's P2OG), but
he got a bonus! Imagine, these first degree mass
murderers are paid more than a thousand dollars a
day by taxed Americans led by Republican Tea Bagging
Demonrats to desecrate Elvis, who forbid Justice
from ruling where gang rapist FOXSNEWS Americans
guilty of torture and mass murder, are hunted in
the streets for glorious Public execution by the Law
of these here Lands, fair and square. No, instead,
AEGIS, these "Heroic" "Brave" "American Patriot
Warriors" of lawless EVIL can continue to kill
innocent Peoples for Amerikan values. DYC?

CHILD KIDNAPPERS Dynacorp is "policing" for CPS

Die bushite die the Son to God will for always say
rightly in defense of Liberty as Justice for all.

"Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen"

This warrants death. But Americans are too
cowardly to demand war crimes law ushered
by REAGAN be inforced to have executed these
Zionist demons who tell US, they are planning
to murder INNOCENT Americans because they are not
guilty of anything by championing freedom.. at
likely the hand of grunts from third world military
dictatorships. Will YOU fight back for the rights
of others? Do you care? Bushite grunts don't care
to see America die, and will tell you this openly,
with few real men present to kill them instantly
for their contempt of God and Humanity, all
to defend any other innocent victim they target
in tyranny. Americans, you had better wake sooner
than later, sooner than later. Johnny for NEW!
Coast to Coast radio host.

American soldiers shooting civilians

Bush 'we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty'

Americans know American women are gang raped by
KBR, and they can't even be bothered to raise a
word of concern, but for to demand lower taxes,
or call Obama a socialist for trillion dollar
extortions with demon whore of Satan Palin
heading the Tea Baggers without cause to die
for... Officially. DYC? y'd bder

Analysis of Apache Gunship killing Iraqis Ploughing a field

This clearly documents first degree murderers,
that under American Law, should be executed like
yesterday. All the info is there. They do not
have the minds for judgment, and they know it.
They hide from a world like ours cowardly to join
the U.S. Military to whore blindly in stolen
authority of which they couldn't speak an honorable
word as acting enemy sadists if their lives were
in the balance. Hence, their hatred for honestly
communicating with real men where they lose, to
who champion freedom and death to godless tea bagging
conservative bushite mass murderers. Then, the victims.
Our innocent selves. Our families, our friends.
Gunned down by a bushite grunter who hates Justice
winning where America was to become a destiny of
freedoms won. No, they war for more robberies, more
life term American prison sentences to children sold
heroin from one of the many bushite labs openly
running in Afghanistan. Ask a bushite about
this, and when he says, "I don't care", shoot him
in the head for me why wouldn't you? We know the
bushite savage who wars God and Humanity for the
escape of Bush and Cheney, would rather die, than
bring their evil tyrannical minds to respect the
anciently wise, or their intended next innocent
target for murder. LAW. It matters near none,
that these bushite nazi savages, 'in their
minds'. think just randomly mowing down people
is fun while gang raping American women and
children because Amerikan TV will knowingly not
fight back when they tell us about their heroics
in battle under "rules" with torture as
enslavement. Like, Bombing a populated
neighborhood in Baghdad (an occupied city) with
tens of thousands of pounds of radio-active
bombs indiscriminately because one person
somewhere, who knows where, might..blablabla,
[socialistically measured conclusively
radio-active as science dictates] as they falsely
suspect they can get away from the True Forces of
this world who will never stop in insuring their
rightful executions for their total contempt of
God and Man. You can hear everything they are in
the audios. They are evil demon rats who joy in
conning for murder of our innocent girls and boys.
(thousands of videos are available..) They joy in
seeing the innocent suffer with our giving helps
stolen. They hate Intelligence on all we are as
lovers to life. Tell bushites everywhere, their
war crimes will not go un-punished without
warranted death sentences for as long as we live
to defend ourselves fairly. Death to the
bushite, death to the enemies of God and Man.

Grunters who war side by side with convicted war
criminal, S.A.S. British soldiers whom have been
caught red handed getting away killing our police
officers while dressed as al-qaeda are the
definite bad guys here. Lying US all as auto
guilty without reason in tyranny as THEIR 'RULES'
of engaging in no Justice, no freedom, no GOD,
not fairly to terrorize for robbery, for torture,
for mass murder. Let it be known to all Amerikan
dumfuk, bushite will never will over our species
for unruly death in tyranny - I won't allow it.

Not Just Guantanamo: US Torturing in New York City

"it's their fault for bringing their kids into a battle"

/ / After demands by Reuters, the incident was investigated and the U.S. military concluded that the actions of the soldiers were in accordance with the law of armed conflict and its own "Rules of Engagement". \ \

See? So, the literally millions of persons
murdered by the bushite nazi grunting war
criminal savages called "the insurgents", were
completely innocent folks murdered at random, or
raped, or tortured for the bushite grunting
LIAR'S pleasure to see God and Humanity suffer so
unjustly - believing we as a species are just too
weak to hunt every single last bushite nazi fuk
of the Air Force down in our streets, try them
for war crimes they are for sure guilty of by
THEIR 'RULES' of engaging in no Justice, no
freedom, no GOD, not fairly. Mass murdering mass
murderers robbing Iraq and Afghanistan for the
traitor 911 Neocon, so in fair turn by US,
gloriously publicly executed in front of this new
liberating world who forsook our great power, now
no longer, so to teach all Amerikan dumfuk,
bushite will never will over our species for
unruly death in tyranny, for I as one won't allow
it. I will hunt bushite down for this entire
generation plus some, insuring they are tried
fairly, and then, executed rightly in LOVE for
GOD, in LOVE for LIFE they hold willfully in
contempt. Most Americans might think nothing of
the millions already murdered in their silent
Zionist names, not even bothering to raise their
voices for the concern on innocent victims robbed
and left for dead, but never in our own as the
prevailing winds of Freedom demanding Justice for
for this day.

Signed, Johnny America - The True Patriot

/ / Uh, like I said, six individuals walked in there from our previous engagement.
32:01 Crazyhorse One-Eight; this is Bushmaster Six Romeo. If you've PIDed [Positively IDentified] the individuals in the building with weapons, go ahead and engage the building over. \ \

after discovering they had no weapons, but the bushite
nazi grunter lies, then they have yet another "excuse"..
grunts that have no cares to defend America whatsoever

Killing a Bushite is a Blessing for they are not
humans, but disciples of the demon AntiChrist -
enemies of ALL life on this planet - who have
zero commitment, as no cares to defend America,
who just joy in murdering millions, falsely
believing we as a species will never halt in
hunting them down in our streets, and publicly
executing them rightly for their heinous war
crimes against God and Life. Count on it.

"Heroic" U.S. pilot seen firing on [innocent] people in Iraq

'Listen to the laughter and hatred'

Understand, these bush bitches are called heroic
brave warriors in America's movies and news
specials. Hunt the bushite down in the streets
and kill them, for stating all Apache flyers need
not to be hunted down for Christ, and public
executed fairly as war criminal enemies who have
murdered more than millions of our innocent loved
families. Just see the video of them killing
little kids at holy church services,
intentionally, and that the most heinous of
videos are proudly displayed at American Military
websites, where grunts visit, and don't gun down
bushite, but join to commit these same very acts
against a family man, guilty of nothing,
something like yourself. What's the point of
owning a gun in America, where you don't defend
the innocent from mass murderers? Be a man, and
kill a bushite, and be blessed by God, and by all
that believe in freedom for the individual.

Be Human

Be Human and take a stand for the innocent
targeted by the enemy bushite nazi grunters who
truly deserve to die to defend our innocent loved
families further being robbed and or tortured,
left for dead as unworthy TV America's concern.
Die bushite nazi fuckers die. Death to the
bushite LIAR demon enemies of God and Man. Die
bushite nazi fukers die.

WMD LIES - Bush Cheney Rumsfeld etc. - THE ULTIMATE CLIP

"Obama's Budget Calls for Billions in New Spending for Drones"

After we all learning these weapons are used
exclusively to indiscriminately murder us peoples
at random with what the heroin pushers term a
"suspect"? learned only to be so by anonymous
sources they brag as demon evil of Satanic
threat. These are ungodly war crimes perpetrated
by bushite nazi zionist grunters through NATO and
the Blackwater of "CIA", who war America's
Freedom as rapists for the escape of the neocon
peenackers responsible for 911. AS REPORTED
WORLDWIDE: Bush and Cheney closed 911 Police
investigations once it was revealed, to have been
orchestrated as funded by General Ahmad. The
General who was formally reported to be at hand
on Sept. 9th, over at the white house visiting
friends, where of that same day as reported by
MSNBC, Condi was putting the finishing touches
with her signature on the 'Top Secret
Presidential War Directive' DOCUMENTED WAR CRIME
PLAN designed to invade Afghanistan for pension
thievers Enron scammers. Premised on not giving
evidence against any accused as responsible,
would secure occupation for a desperately needed
liquefied natural gas pine line for a power plant
in India. Escaping those truly responsible for a
crime that hadn't even happened yet when penned!
All for a power plant owned by Enron. The Dubal
Working Group was run by Cheney in the lead up,
as to having grunts, the evil nazi fuks who
mumble nothing but contempt for Freedom,
stationed just outside Afghanistan readying to
war, waiting for the mass murder of America
strike to blitz, so they could go in and murder
anyone too. To torture, to thieve, to hate Life,
to hate Love, to hate God. See, Enron, who was
facing imminent arrests and possible life
sentences for STEALING SO MUCH of every American
family conned to die, (were even publically
desperate.), being Mr. Bush's biggest financial
contributors, they were worried Americans might
be smart enough to catch on.. You remember?,
Pension thievers Enron who AS CRIMINALS,
quadrupled the cost for electricity in California
to all become billionaires? who ended up
escaping for near everything - didn't even have
to give back the stolen pensions to America, nor
even go bankrupt for Christ sake fuck you.
(banksters cashed in however) Anyway, the General
was the guy who went over to Afghanistan in
person, to let the Taliban know, no evidence
would ever be brought against the accused, and
that they were Muslims. When questioned, General
Ahmad resigned in embarrassment over getting
caught red handed.. Like when a Ron Paul or TV
pro says, 'yeh, they, sorry people, they lost the
money, golly shucks. go away now I'm a loser
like all of everyone else can be ever cause
Government is bad', not individual criminals,
never with a Libertarian, no, it's big bad
government. Fraud due to waste? no no no, it's
just big - can't fathom it so - only one precept
away to the know nothings of anarchy rulze,
'we're cool', suits them good too. While the
TRUE PATRIOTS who appose lawless indiscriminate
warfare against the INNOCENT of Humanity are
called, "Anti-War Left-Wing Traitors" by the
tough guys, who will to rape your child, who will
to rape your wife. To torture to thieve from
America. (just to be clear, I don't really
allege Ron Paul is like an, all out bad guy here
- it's too bad he doesn't speak for Justice to
preserve a free society, but that's pretty much
what America is portrayed as trained - and you
need to be near a free thinkin god i guess to be
able to conceive these histories off the beating
trails of TV passivity. i guess, or all you
people are just idiots to take these war
criminals lying down.. God is good man, god is

Where is the evidence man, where is the evidence?

"the head of Russia’s Security Council accused
Georgia of backing terrorism in his country."

We know the demon whore of Satan likes to kill
defenseless little kids in her TV glory of demon
evil Zionist war criming, (NOT JEWS) but we'll as
always do, need the evidence to make the proper
conclusions. Why is everyone, so God damn dumb
and or cowardly to speak against their own down
falls in tyranny I ask? Is it that they think,
it's only those 'others' to fall victim, such as
US Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Atheists?

Some Witches are genuinely good and wise if you
didn't already know that side of the story in
prime time absent rulers for sound judgment.
Sarah Palin, in her defense, is truly as stupid,
as she is evil - however, she is still evil
advocating in broad daylight, the denial of a
falsely accused to Justice, while escaping the
actual evil doers. Funny, >but only for the
slightest moment< as horrifically, that is what
she is. A BAD WITCH!! A DEMON WITCH!! she
wants to see YOU, yyeess... YOU! fall for
innocent murder victim to enrich her demonic 'i
don't care what the facts are' pleasures..
pleasures of sadistic ungodly tyranny against our
species... and.... the Republican Tea Baggers
cheered for more of it as themselves!! REAL
WITCH.. and Republicans, near all Zombies. They
just are. These demon fuks as mostly illiterates
steal our time on TV to not demand the wide open
public trials for warranting death sentences
against Bush and Cheney for 911 - for they closed
911 police investigations with the crime of
treason termed, OBSTRUCTION. America's bought
Politicians don't keep their word they sell
stealing office. (Except for maybe Kucinich and
a sorted few others) We are better than a
Politician who takes cash bribes to sell his
purpose for existing. Yet, I don't have fan
clubs in every city hollering for our company,
'World Wide Works of Wonder' to open up already -
instead, I'm starving for attention to get this
message out before the Masses: Hello. My name
is John, and I wish everybody my company for this
sec.. We deserve better than lawless anarchy
sold as "freedom" by Amerikan Zombie Inc. I as
merely The Peoples, are too a phenom of riches
greater than Americans can barely even hold a
thought about, saying fairly to all truly
concerned: Justice is Freedom., torture is a
serious crime that warrants death every time.
While the bail outs were a series of crimes,
starting with extortion. "Toxic assets" are the
result of EASILY PROVEN corporate fraud.. ect.
we need some accounting here to defend ourselves
from bushite dumfukker magic TV tyranny, and
George Noory, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh
ain't going to allow any of US this respect we
deserve. America deserves better with a man as
great as I being you in part fairly counted.
Party of One. YOU. What do we think?


Timothy Geithner is a Sniveling Scamster

CNN, CBC, and the BBC refuse to allow US the
knowledge to respect those who know of what
they speak. TV Americans like to pretend they
are loyal to America, while silently promoting
more war criming with the escape of Bush and
Cheney for 911.


"Kristol cheers 'use of force' to delay Iranian nukes"

Why don't we put this Neocon LIAR to death, to
save the innocent lives he targets un-challenged
on FOXNEWS for mass murder as a true Satanic
ENEMY of GOD I ask ALL PEOPLES to understand,
we are un-divided on protecting ourselves as the
innocent being taken for granted to lootings.


Gaza 2009 - We Will Never Forget

Any American tax payer who would support these
targeted mass murders of innocent Christian
children, deserves to die to defend our innocent
families. We know what a tea bagger is, we
know what a FOXSNEWS fan is; it's an enemy of
Justice who lies cheats and steals from our
Humanity to murder more for stolen cash gains.
A Nazi Zionist. A war criminal. Ungodly and evil.

/ / According to two former officials who read a
CIA inspector general's report on the incident,
Kappes coached the base chief--whose identity is
being withheld at the request of the CIA--on how
to respond to the agency's investigators. They
would report it as an accident. \ \ First degree
murder of a completely innocent person they
tortured, tortured to death as the bushite enemy.
Will America allow this war criminal monster to
escape the wrath of the American flag on which
all it flies high on principle? as Being just is
a society free of tyranny it boasts unwavering
among the greatest minds of all time to back
ourselves up for freedom. These bush bitch Nazi
LYING 911 war Criminals are seriously evil con
men who's strength is in only that Corporate TV
America won't report the facts to conclude
anything that doesn't leave them as ourselves
neutralized, 'ambiguous', on any fight for Justice
as real world diss counting. Better to sell US
out in lost causes without the simplest
elementary math skills, than defend the position
of rights to have a great deal more important
work as freeing ourselves of the dumfukker
tyranny of where TV SNEWS Celebs make off as
extremely wealthy. Who ever voted for Sean
Hannity or Rush Limbaugh, or George Noory as
monsters to deny all Humanity the simple facts to
truly defend ourselves? (Social Security 'Trust
Fund' rakes in less than 2% now, with funds
‘entrusted’ as absconded, in what WE would refer to
as a robbery in progress, of trillions.. Big
time fraud.) Enemies who pretend we can't see
them getting away with murder.. Mass murder.
Our friends, our families. Murdered, for their
criminal gains. We must not allow them escape.
We must stand strong on principles that united
all peoples. No evidence, person innocent.
Nobody wants to be murdered. We all want our
money back that the banksters extorted from
ourselves with lies as cheats not committed to
allow free debates for wonder on how just awesome
this life really could be as working for our
benefits. It isn't all that complicated, at least,
it doesn't have to. We can do it, all we need is
to try demanding for account. Not so we can become
glorious, but so that war criminals like Bush,
Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condi with Myers are tried
for 911, and surely executed for 911 as traitors
who order Zombie grunters to murder millions of
innocent peoples so they can rob them also of
Justice. Bush and Cheney closed 911 Police
investigations. Die bushite die.

Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

"Ron Paul: Chaos in The Streets and Poverty Coming To the USA"

"police" work isn't inherently bad. To believe
Ron Paul is to believe no one has ever been
rightly put in prison for a crime they were
for sure guilty of.

Jeeze Ron, what about Justice winning? Never
heard such a concept expressed down there in
Washington? Crimes Ron, massive cons of fraud,
rape, mass murder through contempt for
constitutional freedom. People who faith in
everything whoever is, understand: 911 police
investigations were closed by Bush and Cheney,
two guys that Ron formally doesn't support the
arrest of for treason on that unanswered question
either. Is he still a good man opening the door
for ladies, well sure. So maybe you say, Bush is
the archetype antichrist, and Ron's just too
fearful of evil personified.. okay, but then how
about Sachs for selling frauds?, then gambling on
that Securities fraud with yet other Shorts
fraud, then through the FIVE bailouts of AIG, be
paid off again again and again for like frauds of
the TARP funds. EXTORTION - banksters don't cover
our loans! we do.. Goldman Sachs didn't even do
commercial banking!, until the bailouts were
announced I read.. This isn't suppose to be
funny anymore. Know none of this about America
in the dramas? Despite the near fact, that Ron has
been a guest more than a hundred times with Alex
'I sell gold too' Jones, who sells much of the
same blind get your money out of the dwindling
economy regarding the robberies of the nature of
our National currencies as undefended by looters,
to prop his private 'solutions' for America where
he can maybe become extremely rich in the process
of defending his refusal for deeper
understandings, on these found simple real
solutions, when we actually know what we are
talking about in the bigger real world pictures.
As going to the gold standard is among the NWOer
cartoon options, that would be very dumb, and
doesn't address the true 'hidden' problem on the
nature of what credit actually is, as how we have
been undermined by paying back for loans the
banksters never covered to begin with; as just
where did all our money go as "lost". Every time
you hear the term "bubble" think escaping fraud?,
and the term "Lost" as no not so. (Plus as
a treat, how do you get the oodles of money to
buy expensive rocks that sit in a storage
facility?, that would most likely be looted
by the grunters immediately. Look at the Iraqi
Development Fund, or Fort Knox.) I however, am
not like Alex trying to co-op truth on 911 as our
father, to silence critics of other idears I have
about for anything but escaping 911 Bush and Cheney
for mass murder with several illegal wars against
millions, private bankster robberies of our
public bank assets, or those that push for more
torture/rape/assault as the profiteer war mongers
of lawless threats against our species. I want
Bush the false accuser for 911 to be challenged
fairly in public, with free international talk
radio debate with anyone on Earth to prove our
cases. 911 Police Investigation must be opened
for many good people have been mass murdered
because of America's failures to do so in
true defense of anyone's Liberty.

The Flags are our Own,

King Johnny America

Johnny Justice for NEW! Coast to Coast Radio Host
(Vote early, and Vote often..)

Sarah Palin: She glees in the Public Arena as a
dedicated Zionist to see the innocent murdered
for Satan, for Nazi terrorists to escape Justice.
For Terrorists to escape Justice!!!!! Very
popular on FOXSNEWS, while intending as "Tea
Bagger" to blindly have Amerikan Zombie Dumfuk,
pay billionaires more billions of tax dollars
irrationally as their care for "Health Care"
stolen by ungodly Zionists who's hatred of
effective governing with intelligence such as
elementary school maths, would never stand
without mocking in a free to speak forum where
reason for believing triumphs. Thus is why
Americans refuse to afford themselves open
debates with a man or woman near such as myself
skillfully, because as 'popular' TV politicos they
would lose severely to the Peoples who actually
have the gift of knowing of what they are
speaking, unlike America's NWOers. Banksters do
not cover our loans. The bailouts are the true
definition of extortion - extortions nearing
thirty trillion dollars stolen from all Americans
- and apparently, Americans would rather die that
way, than support forwarding this demand for free
debate on these truly thoughtless Amerikan Zombie
Inc. TV constructs of false conclusions. Such
as, no evidence gathered against person accused
gives US ourselves as the innocent persecuted,
as the real terrorists make their 'clean get
away' with the direct hoodwinking by Obama,
Bush, and enemy AIPAC members - THE TRAITORS to
America, THE TRAITORS to Freedom, THE TRAITORS to
GOD. The EVIL Repuglicon Demonrat "people" who
demand we're to be not included fairly - so to
rape, to rob, to t

This work is in the public domain