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News :: Education : Environment : Social Welfare : War and Militarism
Polluted Gulf War; Stopping the BP Bioterrorists!
11 Jun 2010
People like British Petroleum did the Potato Famine, the Wisconsin Death Trip, the Spanish Flu, the Holocaust, and much more. They were sweet. They professed intelligence and authority that no one could contest.
They all behaved like they were Jesus Christ down there!

6/11 Soldier on Polluted Gulf frontline: "They were bioterrorists! They poisoned the entire Gulf. No one ccould talk to them! They kept talking utter nonsense. (Jer. 5:21; 2 Tim. 4:3-4) They carry an unlimited supply of their secret "power food" in their rectums. (c.) No one could oppose their stupidity! They were British, flying a Union Jack along with images of the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace taunting us. We had to stop this "leaking oil" madness before the octane rating of the Gulf rosed any higher. We blew their ships out of the water and plugged that leak within the hour. Now we will show the world that it is a lot easier to collect spilled oil than it is to drill for it."

6/9 - Aw! Poor America! Are the Brainless Petrolfools befouling your Gulfstream waters? Did you invite them? Maybe Canada will show you how to clean it up.

5/2 NOTICE TO FLORIDA REGARDING THE OIL SPILL: Attn: To all my brainless friends and relatives in Florida: When they first reported on this Gulf oil leak, they showed that it was from a broken pipe on the gulf bottom. Why can't they cap that pipe? They should have stopped that leak within a few hours, it seems. 5/12 I saw that the Brainless Petrolfools; i.e. the British Polluters had tried to cap the pipe with a cement cap but failed. I bet that it would work if the top of the cap had a pipe and valve. Open the valve when you cap the leak, seal the base of the cap if necessary, then slow the leak coming out the valve so that a flexible pipe can be attached to pump the oil onto tankers that had been anchored semipermanently. Don't they have any engineers in that field? 5/17 Why would there be leaks from more than one pipe? It seems like BP is just playing games with you. 5/19 Looked up the history of BP. Seems legitimate. Did find that GHW Bush was instrumental in the development of mobile floating oil rigs, but couldn't access the link with that info. 5/21 These dumkopfs are apparently trying to fulfill Revelations 8:8 by turning the sea into "blood" (oil). You should be ready to collect those underwater oil patches, separate the water from the oil at sea, or transport it to land to separate it. The technology is there. The oil is extremely concentrated in those patches. The government should have gotten rid of BP, sealed those leaks, and started collecting the spill weeks ago. All this talk of dispersants or oil-consuming bacteria is foolishness that is akin to "Let me stick my finger up your *ss, I'm sure you have cancer!" 5/22 The news today revealed how centrifugal force separates the oil and the water, and that hundreds of ships would be needed to collect the oil from a patch the size of Connecticut. I was talking about the massive blobs of oil beneath the surface. Those could be collected quite efficiently by using sonar to pinpoint the oil or something like that. Those blobs will probably pollute the Gulf for years to come. 5/24 Sarasota IMC: Re: BP oil leak - Rip the pipes out and cap it with heaviest cement cap you can find with an outlet pipe on top to transfer the oil to tankers. These fools are probably saying that they have to rebuild the old rig the way it was. They can always bring in a floating rig. Get rid of BP fools. Do not tolerate their contrived incompetence anymore! 5/26 The Coast Guard has arrived claiming that they can use mud to seal the leaks etc. Dispersants with unknown side-effects are being used. Kind caring dumkopfs are trying to save dead birds. This is what happens when you let fools play with such stuff. The Gulf will probably be poisoned for eons to com. 5/28 This has all been a ruse of the Bush fools to detract you from the matter of their iniquity and stupidity. They will stop at nothing! They think nothing of ruining the Gulf or any other place on earth. Their use of bioterrorism knows no bounds! 6/1 I repeat. Cap that oil leak! Rip the pipes out and drop a multi-ton cap (I wrote "100 TON cap"! Bush Nazi hackers never stop!) on it. Have the military do it if necessary. They could always use oil. Then collect every drop that you can before it hits shore. 6/2 The cap that they showed today looks like another attempt to show how smart they are. Looks like the well is dying out now too. I also bet that well was drilled into a main oil reserve that will cause a lot of the 3,000 other wells in the Gulf to run dry. 6/3 They are just playing games with you. I bet that they target anyone who tries to stop this foolishness. 6/5 Don't those dying Pelicans make your blood boil? Each one is worth 20 BP executives. I bet BP is Texas oilmen who bought the BP trademark too. We never heard of BP until recently. The US Military should have figured out how to collect that oil by now. Every drop that could be retrieved too! Putting booms up is retarded stuff just like dispersants. For those masses of oil on the Gulf bottom, they should have made collectors similar to vacuum cleaner hoses with attachments on the intake that filter the oil from the water before the oil is siphoned onto tankers. Such collectors could also be affixed to small tankers to collect what is on the surface. As for refining the collected oil, it may be necessary to do the refining themselves, for the oil industry really seems to be a satanical business that does not communicate with anyone; i.e. brainless Nazis. If the US Military is not still under the control of the Bush Nazis, they will surely show them how much more economical it is to collect spilled oil than it is to drill for it. Nuff said? There's enough oil there to feed the Military's petrol thirst for a long time. 6/7 What I have described above is the way to collect that oil, for there will be no discharge of contaminated water from the boat into the water. Latest attempt to cap that leak is pathetic. It looks like there is more coming out now; plus the Brainless Petrolfools are being heralded for having made manifest the biggest oil spill ever! In 1991 I moved a million man army on Saddam Hussein for 21 days, and I didn't lose a Gad damn soldier! If the US Military is not addressing this as an assault on our shores by now, that is proof they are catering to these Bush Nazis who spend their every waking moment dreaming up ways to fool with Bob, discredit Bob, interfere with Bob's affairs, block Bob's messages, etc. Maybe it's time for Canada to take a hand in this matter. After all, I am also the Concerned Canadian. They have rights in the Gulf of Mexico, don't they? They don't have much oil-producing land either. We should give them the Florida panhandle for doing it too. They could always use some Gulf waterfront. 6/9 These dispersants are probably making the water more toxic as well as making it impossible to collect the oil that has been treated. I told GHW Bush today that he had no power to end the Persian Gulf War because Congress had declared war. If he hadn't stopped our army after 21 days, Saddam would probably be now living in exile in some place like Turkey. If they had tried to start moving on Saddam again, he would have probably killed 100,000s of troops. Don't forget that there was a factory in Iraq with thousands and thousands of liters of anthrax, and a couple of liters was enough to kill the population of the entire earth. Saddam would have created a diversion and dumped so much anthrax on those troops that they would have died from the exposure that they received just while adjusting their face masks.

PGW Deja vu: POLLUTED GULF WAR: 6/11 Even if British Petroleum has no ties to Britain, we will address this as a bioterrorist assault on America by dumkopf British oilmen. We will not rest until the Gulfstream waters once again sparkle with clarity and abound will life. Short of keelhauling the BP oilmen through the oil spill, there is no way to impress on these dumkopfs the damage that they have done to the Gulf of Mexico and to everyone who lives on or earns their living from those waters.

Mom, BP, and the Diabetic Death Trip
global | actions directes | refuse jeudi 10 juin 2010 - 12:13 par Bobby Meade - The Lord's meaderobe at gmail dot com
Trust in Me! Can't you See? I'm the Pied Piper!

ATTN! Dunces in the Works: I suspect that Bush's blowfish have surrounded me with convicted sex offenders! Nicky says that they are harmless nonviolent perverts. Is that how you do it? Stock the libraries with Nazi dunces? Is that why you're all so stupid?

Rambo - Who Murdahed Bobby's Muddah? 5/29
Sat, 05/29/2010 - 11:16 — ConcernedCanadian
These Nazis slaughter innocent people who are not opposing anyone and hold themselves not guilty, for the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. From arsenic in the apples to oil in the Gulf, these Nazis now try to "Do something, whether good or bad, so that we will be dismayed and filled with fear." (James 5:6; Zech. 11:5 KJV; Hab. 1:4; Is. 41:23) 6/3 My friend Bob and his Diabetic Death Trip. "Did you know you're riding on the insulin express...?"

From Folly to Madness Over Mom's Body - The folly of the stupidest people on earth has progressed to pure madness as they try to shake up Bobby up by playing with his Mom's body.(Eccl. 10:13) My Mom's been dead for nine days. The only solution at this point seems to be Public Burial with calling hours at the Public Library or some place like that.

Mother of Israel - 4/7/1919-5/8/2010 ****
Thu, 05/13/2010 - 08:41 — ConcernedCanadian
Don't know what to say. Mom's body should be in the ground by now. After telling the world that she was murdered, brainless relatives have initiated efforts to cremate her body. A mere scope examination of her lungs would confirm what happened to her. Scattering the bones of those who conspired against her seems to be the only way to set matters straight. (Psalm 53:5; Mic. 4:3)

You all remember Mom, don't you?

My Mom, Mother of Israel - Study War No More!
Sat, 04/10/2010 - 08:15 — ConcernedCanadian

"The saddest thing under the sun above,
Is saying goodbye to the ones you love!" Melanie Safka

Today (4/7/10) is my Mom's 91st birthday. She has been a "rock" to those who have believed in her for her entire life. She has been a mother of seven, a teacher of thousands, a world traveler, and much more. Now she is about to enter His rest under the altar with her cherished husband, Thomas to await the coming of the Kingdom created by Israel, their sixth child, Robert. Those who were once not a people, are now God's people, Israel, a holy nation! "Never again will they hunger; never again will they thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, nor any scorching heat. For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; He will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes." (Rev. 6:9, 7:16-17) "And the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind together will see it. For the mouth of the LORD has spoken. A voice says, "Cry out." And I said, "What shall I cry?" "All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field. The grass withers and the flowers fall, because the breath of the LORD blows on them. Surely the people are grass. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever." (Is. 40:5-8) The WORD! "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. ... From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another." (John 1:1-5.....16) " people, will know that I am the LORD, when I open your graves and bring you up from them." (Ez. 37:13, Is. 26:19) "They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.) This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection." (Rev. 20:4-6) "You will live in the land I gave your forefathers; you will be my people, and I will be your God." (Ez. 36:24-27) From my Mom comes a Kingdom that will soon encompass the entire earth, a Kingdom that will not be shaken for time indefinite. (Hebrews 12:28) So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: "See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed." (Is. 28:16) "They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore." (Micah 4:3) "If any of the peoples of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD Almighty, they will have no rain." (Zech. 14:17) Peace Mom! Over and out. Love, Bobby

Israel, Deaf Messenger, Servant of Rulers, King of the Road, Rider on the Red Horse, Witness #2, The Concerned Canadian, Bobby Meade

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know. This has Bobby's blog listed in it! You weren't supposed to be reading it anyway! What do you know about Bobby's blog? I'm gonna tell everyone you been talking about Bobby's blog!"

Other sites with this article:

Excerpts from: Nazi Covenant - "With Hell are We at Agreement!" 5/9

Prelude: "....3/19 At the drug store yesterday I encountered one of my favorite nurses, a 350 pound "ball of laughs". I asked her if "Dr. E" "Dr. X" (Nicky Exarchou) was still up to the psych center. She said that he retired. I asked her, "From what?" She said, "Doctor!" I said that I tell people that he spells doctor with a "k" in it, then I tell them, "I'm just kidding! He can't spell at all!" Got another appointments with Nazi Mental Health 3/29/10(today). These Bush Nazis have been bugging me nonstop for over 15 years with harassment, toxic substances, and poisonous insects. They say that their doing this to me is proof that I have a problem. To keep me coming in to see bogus professionals so that they can point the finger and wag the tongue is the height of absurdity. So it looks like they still have me going to Nazi Mental Health so that they can prevent me from doing anything to stop them from murdering my Mom. I have never really talked to the nurse who I saw on Monday even though I have had @ 15 appointments with her, but I "stuck my neck out" to try to get some help for my Mom. One of her questions was "Who is "they"?" Trick question, for they will move on you for practically anything you say. Best answer is probably, "They is the stupidest people on earth!" Towards the end of the visit I showed her my glove with "The Lord's" on it, explaining that all it takes is one man and the Word of God and that Isaiah 63:1-6 describes what I will do with the Word..." 3/30 Survived the appt. yesterday. Couldn't get them interested in stopping brainless relatives from putting my Mom in a home on the basis of false information about her. Their professed concern about people is not worth Diddley-squat. They also brushed off my attempts to get her oxygen. Since these Nazis have more or less monopolized the oxygen market, they have set it up so that no one can get oxygen unless they already have "one foot in the grave". 4/2 I have determined that none of the people who worked with Nicky Exarchou have ever really talked with him. He only talked to patients, especially those who would honor him and tell the staff that he was a good doctor; thus the staff would say that he was a good doctor on the basis of what those patients had been manipulated to say. It works the same way as the "Smoking Joe" myth (see 2nd article in my blog). I looked for the AMA reference book on Physician Data by County that listed Nicky as being on the Board that certified doctors for the Southern Tier of New York, but they had placed it in the Annex. Understand what it means to have such a person responsible for certifying every doctor here. He probably doesn't even have to be on that Board anymore to exercise his influence. I am sure that the Board is full of Nazi supporters now. (4/21 Consider also what effect his being on such a Board has had on the entire medical profession throughout the country. 5/7 Understand that when one enters the medical profession, he or she immediately starts rejecting or ignoring many of the essential principles and practices of modern medicine because some Bush Nazi tells them; "That's not the way we do things here!") 5/25 Got another appointment with Nazi Mental Health tomorrow. "Oh! Did they rub out your Muddah Bobby?" "You probably forgot to say, "Heil Hilter!" or to salute those Nazis!" 5/27 Nazi Mental Health was alive and well yesterday. I explained what it took for a deaf person like myself to graduate from an Ivy school and become a CTRS. I also explained that one of the reasons that the brainless relatives would not listen to me was the bogus professionals of Nazi Mental Health saying that I had a problem. I told her to check my records and see if my getting one of the Health Care workers at the Psych Center to admit that he was throwing sulphur in my room every half hour while I was sleeping is still in my records. The report was there before, and I used it in court. I also told her to check the 1953 Publishers Edition of Encyclopedia Britannica that is up there for the formula for making cyanic gas from blueprint paper (what the dumkopfs call "blue stuff").

4/5 For the past week they have been throwing acid on Mom, causing chest pain and the probable destruction of a significant portion of the lung tissue that she has left; thus a lot of the false things that they said about her are coming true as her mental condition rapidly deteriorates from the lack of oxygen for the brain. (Unlike hydrochloric acid (phosgene), which immediately causes the lungs to fill with fluid, this acid (sulphuric?) just causes pain as it destroys lung tissue; thus the lungs don't start to produce fluid and a cough until after it starts to heal (a week?).) I went over and cleared the air in her apartment of acid with a box fan air filter, but there is no stopping these Nazis, for they have made a "covenant with death" (a.) to keep doing such destructive things. 4/12 Mom was dying Sat. night until I broadcasted for people to: "Call Tommy and tell him to bring his dying mother up to their house!" Mom probably thought, "Can't die if Bobby's doing such funny stuff!" All week they kept shuffling her around to public eating establishments. I went with them to one, and there was insects, phenylthiazine (phenothiazine?), and kitchen smoke being pumped through the ventilation. Tom took her to a doctor who prescribed antibiotics for what he said was "bacterial pneumonia". As I have explained, this has happened @ 20 times in the last 20 years when they dumped lung irritants on her and that they let up on the toxic onslaught while she is taking antibiotics. What these brainless relatives do not understand is that Mom's lack of oxygen is going to lead to the failure of other organs like the kidneys, the pancreas, and the liver; thus her activities are best restricted to the acitivities of daily living at home so that she can conserve what little oxygen she is able to get into her body. So they apparently dumped this acid on Mom to convince everyone that she needed to be in a nursing home. When I said that she was dying from the acid, they started shuffling her around town saying, "Don't she look good? She ain't dying!" So it goes. She says that her chest still hurts, indicating how severe that onslaught was. I told her to keep drinking plenty of water and cough up what she can; thus the acid-scarred lung tissue will soon calcify, then the pain will probably stop. FYI The corrosive spots from acid damage on the aluminum of the windows probably remains for several weeks then it flakes off. (4/23 Have determined that they probably opened the door and sprayed acid in the apartment while she was sleeping in order for that much acid to be in there.) I have been posting My Mom, Mother of Israel everywhere. Lets make that accessible via title (incl. Mother of Israel) with good images. It may be a "Banner for the Nations". 4/18 Yesterday Mom asked me why I was posting the Mother of Israel article everywhere. I told her that people were probably going to come from all over the earth to pay tribute when my Mom dies; plus she may get into heaven just for being Mother of Israel. I explained that God's prophets, servants, etc. are never accepted in their hometowns. (Mt. 13:57, John 4:44, Luke 2:24); thus none of them will acknowledge who I am. I also explained that I probably created IMC by writing the Letter That Shook the World of '89 "There is a conspiracy afoot..", the letters that made the PGW a 21 day war in which nobody died out of a million man army, and the Good News of '98 "There is a tribe that lives and dies and breathes that Sarah and Jennifer are a country as of this moment, a nation on that day."; thus IMC immediately became a reality shortly after I started using the computer. I further explained that the name Israel may never be mentioned like this again, for the nations that become part of Israel will never publicize that they are Israel; i.e. it will be part of the Mystery of God. As a result of their becoming part of Israel, " weapon forged against them will prevail, and they will refute every tongue that accuses them." (Is. 54:17) I also told Mom that they were testing aircraft in Europe to see which ones could fly through the volcanic ash (so they could come to her funeral?). She was doing okay today, but I still haven't convince the brainless relatives to get her a four wheel walker. (4/27 Mom is an award-winning photographer with many acclaimed photographs. I have been trying to get some of those pictures to put in her blog. I find that none of my brainless relatives are willing to help and that most of the pictures are missing. Maybe that is why they want to put her away so bad. They have all probably been walking around impersonating champion photographers, saying that those pictures were taken by them. To top things off, I find that her door cannot be locked! Creative! No?)

3/16 The Ruin of Joseph - From letters to Joseph: ... 3/26 I have determined that acidosis is probably one of the main symptoms arising from the low oxygen levels of people who have damaged lungs. Information on this condition is hard to find in modern texts. Since the acidic condition of the blood in acidosis produces among other things confusion and irregular heartbeat, this results in the doctors treating it as a heart condition or a mental problem when all it would take is oxygen to rectify the problems. 3/29 The acid condition of the blood in acidosis is caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide in the lungs and the blood; thus it is probably an easy task to produce the symptoms of acidosis in people with respiratory conditions by adding small amounts of carbon dioxide to the air. It was even easier when the forest fires out west had raised the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As a result of these induced symptoms, many people would be getting pacemakers, toxic heart medications, and other contrived "help" that they really didn't need. 4/19 Re: Mom. "She's dying! It's over! They threw acid on her to convince people that she needed to be in a home. They are too stupid to know what it does. She is most likely in end stage lung failure. She does not want to be in a home or have anything to do with Health Care. She needs a four wheel walker TODAY! They want her to stumble about that apartment, hoping that she will fall, convincing people that she needs to be incarcerated. If you call her when she has been doing anything, her mind is mixed up because she has depleted her oxygen supply. Tell her to breath deep for a while and see if it gets better while you are on the phone with her. Any activity does that so you have to understand how to interact with such a person. What happens at the end is saliva (spit) that is swallowed causes fluid to fill the lungs and the cough reflex stops; thus the person is suffocated." Health Care seems to be interested in promoting heart problems via elevated carbon dioxide level and pesticides such as phenothiazine that affect the nervous system and the heart rhythm, then they can say that the heart problem was the cause of death, concealing that the lungs were destroyed by stuff like gas, acid, and other lung irritants. Remember that @ six years ago, one of the first doctors that they took Mom to after her return from Florida said that she had asthma and emphysema. Then they took her to another doctor who said that she had heart problems, resulting in his prescribing heart medication with toxic side effects and a pacemaker. 5/2 She seems to be near death. I told her; "When you get to heaven, tell Him that they all behave like they are Jesus Christ down here, and none of them knows that His name was Immanuel!" "None of them believes in God either!" 5/3 Tommy took Mom to a nursing home today to see about having her admitted. She was in bad shape and couldn't remember anything about it until I repeated the name of the home over and over to her. I can imagine what happened there. "She's dying Tom!" "Well! Gee! Can't you prop her up in the corner over there?" 5/4 I told Mom that when the brainless relatives come to see her, she should say, "Are you Jesus Christ? I was certain that you were Jesus Christ! Boy! You sure sounded like Jesus Christ!" 6/2 Letters to Joseph are still being intercepted, so I have been broadcasting the main content here to the tribe of Joseph to teach people what it means to mess with Joseph. Do you think that we will get downloadable jpg images of Mom's award-winning photos and artwork before all of the brainless relatives disappear?

MOM'S DEATH - 5/9 Mom died yesterday @ 2PM at the age of 91 years one month and one day. On Friday Tom had taken her to the doctor to get a wheelchair, then left her in a chair that she did not like in the living room. She was delirious, incoherent, and couldn't remember what had happened. It had come to the point where the slightest amount of physical activity would deplete the oxygen in her brain so that it didn't function not to mention what it was doing to the other organs in her body. I kept telling them not to move her for any reason at all, to feed her, and to change the bed without moving her from the bed. It is common sense how to treat a dying person; plus most medical reference books have sections on death, dying, end of life care, end stage of diseases, etc. When I moved her from the living room to the bedroom on Friday, her breathing became extremely labored, and her teeth started chattering. The amount of physical activity that was required to deplete her oxygen supply seemed to have progressed to the point where her being awake for any significant period of time would deplete the oxygen supply to her brain. They seemed to have planned it so that Mom died shortly after my sister arrived from Boston. I bet that they had spent the morning dragging her around the apartment. When I pedaled to Mom's yesterday thru 70 mph gusts, Tom told me that they had plans to cremate her body and have a ceremony in June or July. I showed him her All About Me "diary" where she had considered cremation then crossed it out. I then told him that I had talked to her about this, and she wanted to be embalmed and buried next to Daddy. I even mentioned to her about her writing that she didn't want "Calling Hours" at the funeral home just burial. I told her that "Calling Hours" would be good, for we could see how many people came out just to make sure that she was dead. She laughed. Today I cut short my swim and caught five of the brainless relatives at the Funeral Home. After I had confirmed that they were still moving for cremation and the summer ceremony, I showed the Director what she had written and crossed out, and I told him about my recent conversation with her about it. I then stood up and said, "A month ago they dumped enough acid on Mom to destroy what was left of her lungs. They had been dumping such stuff on her for 20 years. It had progressed to the point where any activity would deplete the oxygen in her brain. Tom took her to the nursing home on Monday, and she was delirious, she couldn't remember anything. I kept telling them not to move her for any reason whatsoever. Then he took her for a wheelchair on Friday, and I found her delirious again. It seems like they planned it so she died on a weekend right when my sister arrived. It was murder! Her apartment is full of acid! They want to cremate the body in order to destroy evidence. I want nothing to do with these people!" Thus I left. I bet that they have been working day and night to cover up the evidence in the apartment. There is no way that you can eliminate such evidence completely and trying to conceal it is even worse. I bet nothing will happen unless several police agencies are brought in to ensure that a valid investigation takes place. As for the funeral and calling hours, I bet that Joseph would be the only one to support it, but they seem to have manipulated him to an extreme also. "Maybe it'll all be all right Mom! Maybe it'll all be all right!" 5/13 I heard that someone called the brainless relatives and told them that Bobby said that you murdered Mom and investigators are going to test Mom's apartment because Bobby said, "it's full of acid". "You better go try to vacuum it up! I'll help you! Bobby said that it's just going to make it worse if you try to clean it up. That's because you will probably just be stirring up the acid when you vacuum. Let me spray some of this stuff to neutralize it before you begin. This will make your lungs hurt too, but don't worry. It'll stop after a while. Turn on the air conditioner and the air filter. I'll go stand outside and keep watch in case somebody comes." (So they went outside and sprayed acid in the air conditioner the whole time that they were vacuuming.) "Boy! That really makes your lungs hurt!" "Don't worry! It'll stop hurting after a while! It seems like there was a lot more acid than we thought. I bet you missed a lot! We better come back tomorrow and do it with a wet vacuum." I hear that they film such stuff via a miniature camera on a brooch or a lapel pin and charge people to watch such scenarios on the computer. It's probably worth it because you pay a price for associating with such stupid people.

5/11 WHEN PAGANS MOVE FOR CREMATION: Since cremation was never a Judeo Christian tradition, there must be a way to set matters straight with these brainless relatives. I suspect that Mom's body may have been embalmed yesterday, but I have no way of confirming that. A notice in the paper today said that arrangements had been made for a June 25th burial of Mom. Although there are not many specifics about burial in the Bible, there is evidence that it was the norm for a person to be buried shortly after death. (Deut. 21:22-23) GHW Bush has inadvertantly revealed to me a way to teach these relatives what it means to be advocating the cremation of a Christian. I don't care what these godless spawn of Satan say that my Mom said. They all talked like the Gestapo to her so that she would give them the answers that they wanted just to avoid more of their authoritive bunk or just to get rid of them. GHW Bush said to trap them in their cars (a maximum of four cars would be required I figured), douse the vehicle with gas, light it, and film the expressions on their faces as things heated up. Tell them them that this is what cremation is all about, for they may be condemning the cremated person to hell. I bet you could send the film to funeral homes everywhere (For Educational Purposes Only) so they could show prospective clients that this is what happens when you try to cremate the wrong person. In conclusion I sign off with a message from Mesopotamia for those who think that cremation is an acceptable practice: "May the earth not receive your corpses!" 5/12 I doubt if any of these Nazis will be alive on June 25th. FYI GHW Bush says that living dismemberment would make a pagan believe in God. 5/14 I bet that this information about my mother wanting to be cremated is more than 30 years old. That is how these dumkopfs proceed to make manifest the future that they desire. They sieze on any information however outdated that will appease the dumkopfs that rule. That's like them saying that I didn't graduate from Cornell because I didn't go to graduation. Where is it written that you have to go to graduation in order to graduate? None of these brainless relatives talked to Mom about things that mattered, tried to understand what was happening to her, realized that she was not insane, or stopped to question the stupidity of what they were doing. Didn't they understand that a person's view of God and the afterlife almost always changes as one approaches the end of life? Now in an apparent attempt to upset me, they are playing with my Mom's body, thinking that I am going to go to one of the Devil worshippers that rule this area and get myself locked up for having tried to talk to such people. About a year ago Tommy berated me for sending a threatening Bible quote to the relatives (Jer. 15:9), then I told him that I had mailed only one such email to my sister in Boston; thus proving that they were hacking on the computer and intercepting my email. I was explaining that passage for the second or third time, for I had referred to it in my writings two years before that. My sister never did receive that email either! I hope that they realize that what they have done with Mom and her body will probably result in people fulfilling that prophecy by turning them over to the "power of the sword" and getting rid of them. That was surely the foolproof plan of these dumkopf Nazis all along. As for this funeral home, they have proven to me that nothing is sacred in this Godforsaken town anymore. I'm not going to some dumkopf ceremony where dumkopfs bury ashes. You don't bury ashes. You scatter them over the ocean or to the wind. Or you scatter them around this cursed town. I wonder how they convinced my brainless relatives that burying ashes had become the norm. Have they been burying a lot of Nazi Devil worshippers that way up here? They all knew that they were going to hell anyway. I bet that there will be no funeral homes soon as a result of such practices. "The dead bodies of men will lie like refuse on the open field, like cut grain behind the reaper, with no one to gather them." (Jer. 9:22)

5/21 I pedaled @ ten miles to Endicott every other day in March and early April, and every day for the last two weeks of Mom's life. I wouldn't stay long if any of the brainless relatives were there, but a few times I stayed for hours. All of the relatives had apparently been told not to listen to Bob and/or brush him off if he tried to tell them anything. For 20 years I had been publicizing anything that the Nazis had done to Mom, and I explained to her a long time ago that this was probably the only reason that she was alive. They were getting rid of anyone who tried to harm her. As a result of this, it seems like they used the stupidity of Mom's brainless children to get rid of her. After initially saying that she had emphysema and asthma, the doctors convinced them that she had a heart problems (implanting a pacemaker) and myasthenia gravis, prescribing Atenolol and Pyridostigmine, which have in common the side effects of labored breathing, wheezing, dizziness, fatigue, vertigo, rapid or slow heartbeat, and red-purple spots on the skin. They told me that they had stopped that medication in January, but they were still apparently giving it to her right up to the day of her death. As a result of that, they were telling me that I could not give her citrus fruit, for those medications are supposedly not compatible with citrus. (That is a good reason to always bring all prescribed medicines to appointments. (so that dumkopfs cannot continue "discontinued medications")) As death approached, I started telling them not to move her from the bed for any reason whatsoever; thus I wrote to my sister: "She was supposed to be on her Deathbed. You do not move such a person from the bed. You feed them, change them, change the bed, wash them etc. without moving them from the bed. Do you have any idea how much more energy it takes to sit in a chair then to lie in bed? Do you know how much energy it takes to transfer from the bed to chair etc. Every physical action she made shortened her life. You could tell by what it did to her brain that there was no oxygen getting to the brain whenever she used any muscles. Also she wanted to be buried body intact. She wanted calling hours too. I saw her every day for the last two weeks of her life. I studied her predicament and explained everything to her, including how it was going to end. I discussed every issue that mattered with her, especially if we were alone." My sister replied with some inane question like "How was she supposed to eat while lying in bed?", so I told her, "You prop her up!" A dying person does not eat much at all anyway. She told me how they had Mom sitting in a chair when she died too. I am sure that probably hastened her death. For years right up to the end of 2009, Mom was coming over to see me at my apartment at 3PM on Saturdays. I used to hide when I saw her car on my street so that I could observe her walking about 30 yards to my apartment and determine how the affliction was affecting her. If she saw me, she wouldn't park, and we would just talk in her car. She apparently gave me her All About Me diary that included her wishes to be buried without cremation because she didn't want to listen to the professed intelligence and authority of the brainless relatives bickering about it. For the same reason she never talked much about God and religion, but, mark my words, she believed in ISRAEL, saying that Bobby can do whatever the hell he needs to do to bring back Sarah and Jennifer and all the rest who have fallen as a result of the Word of God and the testimony that they had maintained. (Rev. 12:11) Now using the Italian thug lingo of Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, I have inadvertently summoned Rambo to come back saying, "Who murdahed Bobby's Muddah?!!" Stay tuned.


Remember my friend Bob who compelled me to try my hand at poetry again? "Bob's friends were Nazis, sweet and kind.
Sweeter Nazis were hard to find.
When Bob was born, they all did vent;
"It was a Gad damn accident!" ..."
About six weeks ago I went to the hospital to see Bob. He was there for a sore on his toe that would not heal. He was on the phone so I waited. By the time he hung up a female doctor and two orderlies had entered the room. I took one look at the doctor's name tag and recalled the NY Daily News articles on death doctors, "merchants of death". I quickly told Bob, "You got frostbite in January. Should have told me! I've healed much worse!"; and I split that place llke the devil was after me. That hospital is a maze; i.e. a death trap to anyone who doesn't know their way around it. These doctors who are written up by the NYDN probably never stick around long enough for the medical profession to investigate or prosecute them. They probably migrate to Nicky's Nazi "country" in upstate New York where Nicky or some other Nazi confirms that they are qualified with questions like "So! How many people have you killed?" Bob probably got frostbite when they have him out chipping ice when it was 20 below. I kept saying that Bob has brain damage from "chugging Floyd's liquor when he was a kid". Bob's dad, Floyd was a classic alcoholic. How classic? Well they built a liquor store next to his house! I actually got Bob to talk about "chugging Floyd's liquor", and he said that it was beer and that he got drunk when they gave him beer when he was two years old. I am pretty sure that it was liquor and that it put him in an alcoholic coma that did brain damage. Beer is just too dilute to do that. It happens all the time at Cornell when students make a stupid vow to chug a fifth of liquor or something like that when they graduate. They don't get drunk either, for the alcohol never reaches the brain. The liquor is absorbed by the tongue and goes to the heart, shutting down the body. Anyway Bob told me that he has been diabetic for twenty years. I never knew that. As you should know, the diabetic death trip is something dreamed up by Hitler himself, for he perfected it on the victims in the concentration camps before he went about promoting a diabetes epidemic worldwide. As I have written, there are probably several factors in the water or medications that cause diabetes by promoting electrolyte imbalances and blocking the production of Vitamin K in the intestines, resulting in the pancreas shutting down. So Bob's doctor fiddled with the bone in this toe sore that wouldn't heal, and a few weeks later he had black grangene growing up the toe, resulting in the amputation of the toe two weeks ago. I explained to Bob how diabetes usually results in progressive amputations that eventually result in death and that it looks like they may have innoculated that toe with black gangrene. So they wrap his foot up really well and tell him to come in every 3-5 days. I've been trying to find out what they put on a bandage that keeps for that long. His wife takes pictures of this toe all the time, and they have stitches in black skin at the amputation site. The pain is pretty intense and they have him doped up quite a bit. I have a 1974 Encyclopedia of Healthfull Living that has reports on Vitamin E taken orally and in creams curing black gangrene, but it looks like Hitler nipped that information in the bud. From recent publications I found information revealing that high concentrations of Vit. E; i.e. over 32,000 IUs, was most effective in stopping it. I suspect that the bandages are like an "incubation chamber" and that the black gangrene will soon erupt again, resulting in another amputation. This seems like a form of "living dismemberment" by the medical profession that can go on a long time, depending on how much money you have to pay for medical care. Black gangrene does not appear to be what usually appeared on diabetic limbs before this "diabetic death trip" started. That is, it is a foreign infectious agent, and they don't even call it "black gangrene" anymore. I believe that it is classified as Gangrenous Cellulitis by the scientific community, and it is caused by bacteria then it becomes a fungus. So the message or question for the day is "Is there anything unusual about putting stitches in black skin?" Tell me if you know! 6/5 Since there is no mention of the etiology of this gangrene as a fungus, I suspect that this information has also been intentionally suppressed; thus only the dumkopf doctors are supposed to know how to make that black fungus grow. I have contacted the military about this since Bob is a vet. I was saying that this is probably a secondary infection that appears in battlefield wounds; thus they would know how to treat it. Now I realize that may not be true, for it may require innoculation with both the causative bacteria and fungus, not to mention this inane practice of not changing the dressing several times daily as was the norm. "You wait long enough Bob, your foot will fall off!" 6/7 I have looked into what is written about diabetic gangrene, and it is gibberish. I suspect that what they call a "fungus" pertains to the bacteria growing in the surface layers of the skin like a fungus. It seems like the diabetics are targeted people who have become diabetic as a result of Nazis contaminating their environment with chemicals that cause the pancreas to malfunction. These victims usually develop respiratory and heart problems too, for the Nazis are also throwing lung irritants, cyanide, and stuff like that on them. An 85 year old diabetic that I know spent a week in the hospital for pneumonia, and they had him on oxygen. I asked him if the oxygen smelled like chlorine? When he said, "yes"; I told him that they had probably destroyed most of what was left of his lungs with hydrochloric acid (phosgene) in the oxygen tanks. Maybe Mom was better off never trying oxygen! GHW Bush was told last night that Bob's doctor has murdered @ 700 people; thus I am sure that he is in good hands and will die happy. "More codeine for the Bob fella here!" 6/9 "Did you know you're riding on the insulin express that's taking you to your demise?" I told Bob yesterday that his doctor didn't innoculate his toe with black gangrene. "She had someone else do it!" Remember that's how the HEAD and the TAIL of the SERPENT operate so that no one can be held to blame. 6/11 Tried to find statistics on the life expectancy of diabetic amputees, and there was nothing on the computer. Did find that diabetes is only mentioned as one of the underlying causes of death in 10-15% of all diabetics who die. It seems that no matter what type of doctor you go to, they will say that your main problem is one of the myriad of symptoms that arise from diabetes.

5/28 Yesterday I informed the supermarket manager that the 3 pound bags of NY apples at all their stores seem to have mold in them. You cannot detect it by smell until you bite into them. I tried washing them, but I could still detect that smell. Last night I determined that it was most likely arsenic, for arsenic has a metallic taste and smell that is similar to mold; plus it may be a reaction in the skin of the apple that makes it seem like mold. These apples seem to produce the intestinal pain and/or damage and vision distortion and/or damage that is characteristic of arsenic poisoning too. I bet that these apples were intentionally contaminated during the washing process with toxic amounts of some kind of arsenic-containing pesticide or fungicide. I believe that the packers and shippers are the ones responsible for this. Seems to be a conspiracy against New York apples, for they used to be the best in the country.

PS Since I've been blocked from posting in the Binghamton area, send this to every site and newspaper in the area. Make Mom's funeral an event to be remembered! 6/2 All attempts to repost this article are apparently being blocked by supercomputers. Could try scanning the article and reposting it that way. Try copy on Boston IMC:

FOOTNOTES (In case you came in late.)

(a.) Nazi - The Nazis are the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots, arising from the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan. Most of them do not know that they are Nazis. Satan's servants appear as preachers of righteousness. (2 Cor. 11:14) Sweet people!. People like that did the Potato Famine, the Wisconsin Death Trip, the Spanish Flu, the Holocaust, and much more. If you had read the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan, you would understand that most of the Israelites in the Middle East are Turko-Mongol Jews. Keep in mind that they are also intent on dividing and conquering; thus you can't feel sorry for anyone when the SERPENT is on all sides. These Turko-Mongols came from Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, and both those tribes actively promoted inbreeding. They worship stupidity. The Nazis are the ones who are destroying IMCs everywhere in order to suppress this information. The destruction of Indymedia sites happens because IMC is the only site where one can effectively oppose big business, Hitler's Health Care, government corruption, or the SERPENT that is Zionism. In fulfilling God's prophecy that these Nazis will have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear, Hitler probably promoted BAAL worship as described in (c.) below. (Jer. 5:21, Ez. 12:2) These Nazis boast, "We have entered into a covenant with death, with the grave we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by, it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place." (Is. 28:15) That is what makes them continue their destructive practices. They are continually being promised that that nobody is going to do anything about it and that they will be killed if they don't keep doing it. As a result of this, they will all disappear when they fall into a trap that they have set for their own lives by doing things that are worthy of death. (Prov. 11:19, 14:12, Rom. 1:32) From Boston IMC post: Hey Boston! I suspect that Bush's blowfish have surrounded me with convicted sex offenders here! Nicky says that they are harmless nonviolent perverts. You could do the same. Place ads for library employment in prison newsletters. How can you lose? Conf. to British blowfish: Is that how you do it over there? Stock the libraries with Nazi dunces? You're all pretty stupid. I bet your librarians are serial killers.

(b.) God talks to us via the Holy Spirit which He says, "...will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment: in regard to sin, because men do not believe in me; in regard to righteousness, because I am going to the Father, where you can see me no longer; and in regard to judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned.... when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on His own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you." (John 16:8-14) Inspiration comes the same way. It grabs you when you happen upon something that you know is worth pursuing. Also you should read the clouds! His power is in the sky! (Ps. 68:34) If you ask the Spirit any worthy question and the answer is "yes", check the clouds, and you will see a "Y" or "Yes". I have laid my life on the line every day to do my best to ensure that every word I say is true? It is not worth checking any books for knowledge that I have obtained from them, for the Nazis usually destroy those books, and they would know what you were looking for before you did and target you for seeking such info. God's Spirit will confirm any knowledge that I have relayed to you. I am His witness. I am His messenger. (Rev. 11; Is. 42:19) "You feel thafe?" "And way when our year has ended, and I have gone away, you'll often speak about me. And this is what you'll say;.." "Gee! Thafe Thaviour sure saved a lot of dumb boys!" (Acts 5:39; Rev. 19:13; 12:11; Hosea 6:5; Jer. 5:14; Is. 63:1-6) To these dumkopfs that keep saying that I am supposed to turn back: All who rage against me will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose me will be as nothing and perish. (Is. 41:11; 42:19; Rev. 11) For 20 years I have always had "The Lord's" on my hand or one of my gloves. Do you know what that is all about? That means that it will only take one person and The Word of God to ensure that His words do not return to Him empty. (Is. 44:5; 55:11) "I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me." (Is. 65:1) Hear, O earth: I am bringing disaster on this people, the fruit of their schemes, because they have not listened to my words! Very well then, with foreign lips and strange tongues God will speak to this people,"I am bringing a distant nation against you an ancient and enduring nation, a people whose language you do not know, whose speech you do not understand." (Jer. 6:19; Is. 28:11; Jer. 5:15) I bet these people are going to come and get you to sign over your house to them then they are going to get rid of you for having supported the inanity and lethal practices of the Bush Nazis. "Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?" (Is. 53:1) You? That "arm" appears in the clouds too! Keep in mind that "It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Hebrews 10:31)

(c.) Bush dumkopfs - Bush BAAL Worship; A Nation of Bush Imps - As revealed in my Bush Daddy Religion article of 2002, the BAALs are Bush's Asinine Anal Lovers. GHW Bush says that he has been eating feces (coprophagia) for 70 years. 70 years of brushing people off, saying he is too Gad damn important to talk to anyone and killing anyone who questions his stupidity. He and all his Bush Nazis have replaced the sulphurous fire of the Bible with feces(Gen.19:24 Lev.18:21; Ez.20:26; Is.13:16); i.e. the secret "power food" of the Moabites of Sh*ttim. (Numbers25:1-4) It fries their brains! If these Nazis can't fry your brains with feces or bile duct toxins one way or another, there are probably a number of other ways that they do it. For example, I suspect that they believe that the drug Prolixin permanently impairs intelligence. or Phenothiazine the pesticide form of that drug. GHW Bush fried W's brain @ 55 years ago. They can't feel emotions! They can cry on the spot. They say that is proof that they feel emotions. (Is.41:23-24) I suspect that imp look might be a sign that person had his or her brains fried at an early age. My dictionary: imp = Devil's offspring. This imp look might very well be the "look on their faces that betrays them". (Is. 3:9) Once they have had their brains fried, it is an easy matter to manipulate them into doing evil. Since the folly of fools is deception, maybe the impish look is the result of a stiff-necked people having been taught to put on a bold front. (Prov. 14:8; 21:29; Jer. 7:26) That is, as soon as anyone questions them, they probably start thinking of the evil that their compatriots have planned for anyone who questions their imps. CAN THE IMPS BE SAVED? With God all things are possible. (Matt. 19:26) Keep in mind that wisdom brightens the face and changes a hard appearance. (Eccl. 8:1) ) By supporting Bush Nazis, you have set a trap for your own lives. These kind caring Bush Nazis, feigning distress and regret 24/7 and talking terror are posing as angels of light, i.e. the Devil. (2Cor.11:14) Do you wonder why everyone appears to be "senseless and without knowledge"? (Jer. 10:14) These Bush Nazis publish and repeat senseless falsehoods to you until you are convinced that they are true. Of course they will also tell you themselves how smart they are. "Friend deceives friend, and no one speaks the truth". (Jer.9:5) That explains why there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. (Prov.14:12, Is.28:21; 29:14; Jer.8:9; Hab.1:5,Ps.37:10) Have you been listening to the Bush Nazis and heeding their requests to support falsehoods? Then you have probably set a trap for your own life. (Prov.5:21-23; 11:5,19; 16:4; 28:10, Jer. 18:22) All of modern society seems to have been built on the professed intelligence and the professed authoritiy of brainless Nazis. They are able to this because they have a lot of morons backing them up. They have made falsehood their hiding place. (Is. 28:15) Whoever knows God recognizes the Holy Spirit and the spirit of falsehood. (1 John 4:6) God will reject everyone who loves and practices falsehood. (Rev. 22:15) Thus we are told to avoid such godless chatter. (2 Tim. 2:16) These fools keep saying, "Let God hurry and do His work so we can see it!", and they are never going to see it. (Is.5:19, Jer.9:22) As you should know, "those who complain will accept instruction." (Is. 29:24) "Let me take you down cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields!" (If you doubt that anything that I say about them is true, keep in mind the following excerpt from Holy Smoke, entry dated 4/7/07 and based on my Rigging the Messenger article of 2001: "If you don't believe what I say about Bush Daddy (GHW Bush) saying such stuff, consider that he wears an electronic bracelet a la "Dick Tracy" that broadcasts via his audio-visual cortex whatever he says, hears, or thinks to me via the computer chip that they implanted in me at Georgetown Medical Center 6/3/95 after they broke a hairline fracture in the Emergency Room. In fulfillment of God's word, the sin of his mouth lets him be trapped in his pride (Ps. 59:12; Prov. 12:13; 13:13), proving that he is the "son of perdition", the "man of lawlessness" (2 Thess. 2:3) Do you doubt the truth of 9/11 as has been transmitted to you from Bush Daddy's own mouth and ears? Do you hesitate to fulfill the Sovereign Lord's words against them? How long will you serve the Bush Nazi god, i.e. their stupidity? (Deut. 13:6-9)" (10/19 These Bushes have never been convicted of a crime because anyone who tries to file a charge is immediately "neutralized".) That chip broadcasts everything from and to me via the audio-visual cortex of my body and infrared radiation emanating from and being received by the Eagle Stealth helicoptors that have dogged my steps 24/7 for 14 years now. I bet that Hitler's Health Care now attaches a computer chip that cannot broadcast as mine does to any implant made into the body; thus they can monitor a person's thoughts and speech and set traps and/or waylay them on the basis of the information that they have obtained. (Jer. 5:26; Ps. 64:6 (NWT of Scriptures calls it a "shrewd device")) 5/18 GHW Bush told me that Capt. Calvin Bush was dishonorably discharged during the War of 1812 for being a homosexual. Such stuff really does run in this family; thus I was right when I exclaimed last night that GHW Bush would love to "Stick his hand up Capt. Calvin Bush's (Mrs. Alletta George) dress!) Bah! Excrement - the opiate of the Bushes! 6/3/2010 Today makes fifteen years that I have been enduring the brainless chatter of the Bush fools who say that I am supposed to go crazy because their drivel has never failed to drive people nuts.

(d.) Has a nation ever changed its gods? Sure these Bush Nazis can do anything that they put their sh*t-eaten brains to! That is why they continue to do things that they know are worthy of death. Now as the "fruit of their schemes", the nations shall know that God gave them into the hands of their adversaries, and they fell all of them by the sword. In other words, when you dispatch these idiotic Zionist Nazis, you must cut off their heads, for they are the Holy-wannabes of Israel, and their heads are the idols of Israel. They have been behaving like they are "God on earth", calling good evil and evil good. Rest assured that God's words back them up in their efforts to become His people, for God says that after two days He will revive them; on the third day He will restore them, that they may live in His presence. Tell them that though they have fallen, they will rise and that God has promised them a new heart. Because they have sinned against Him, they will bear the LORD's wrath, until He pleads their case. Via these Bush Nazi Idols, God's salvation will be carried to the ends of the earth. ... The Bush Nazi Idols decribed above are the "key" to this Kingdom. Whether you are an immigrant or not, you just cut off the Bush Nazi's head and claim his or her house, saying they will be back in a few days. Their heads will probably end up in Hooterville where they will bear the LORD's wrath, until He pleads their case and establishes their right. Here I also thought that I was posting on Lancasteronline (another Bush Nazi site?), but it turns out that I was posting and proclaiming salvation from the "mountainous region of Ephraim"(Scranton area: Appalachian Mts.), for I am also "a voice from Dan". (Jer. 2:11; Rom. 1:32; Jer. 6:19; Ez. 39:23; Ps. 63:10; Ps. 12:3; Is. 5:15,20; Hosea 6:2; Mic. 7:8-9; Ez. 36:26; Is. 49:6; Deut. 28:30; Lam. 5:2; Amos 5:11; Jer. 4:15) 12/15 Before you send these heads off to Hooterville, which you should know is on mountaintops all over the earth, you will probably want to pin their lips to their ears to put a smile on their face then put them under a sunlamp to take a picture for the records; thus you will be able to say something like, "Don't it look like he's having fun? He must be in South America! He'll be back in a few days." Don't want to do that? Maybe you can find some Deadhead to do it. I was always wondering what they were here for. Deadhead - "He ain't dead! His stupidity will live forever!" 9/11 "Don't he look Spanish! I bet he was one of those Shining Path guerillas!" 5/18 Change of plans regarding this "change of gods" brought to you by CYRUS - "These heads are the heads of the people who stumbled and fell trying to get the Temple of the Lord and Sarah and Jennifer built in Jerusalem; i.e. they are the idols of Israel, Holy Nation." "Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the sword or be burned or captured or plundered. When they fall, they will receive a little help, and many who are not sincere will join them. Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless until the time of the end." (Dan. 11:33-35)

Nazi educational slogan from @ 1940: "Do not think! Let Hitler do your thinking for you!" Bob - "Fiddlesticks! Poppycock! Diddley-squat! Horse manure! "Trust in me! Can't you see? I'm the Pied Piper! Follow me! Trust in me! Can't you see? I'm the Pied Piper! And I'll show you where it's at!""

When God gets active, who can turn it back? (Is. 43:13)

"The time has come .... for destroying those who destroy the earth." (Rev. 11:18) not to mention those who "murdahed my Muddah"!

From arsenic in the apples to oil in the Gulf, the Bush fools will stop at nothing to divert your attention from their perverted criminality; thus God says; "you will not join them in burial, for you have destroyed your land" (Is. 14:20)
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