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Parent Article: Rally Against the US Occupation of Iraq and the Siege of Falluja
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Afghanistan 4 oil, racism and sectarianism
22 Apr 2004

Afghanistan was invaded for UNOCAL, the plans were laid in advance, a UNOCAL man now leads the country - the Caspian Sea oil and natural gas wealth is the "prize" that needs to be seperated from the people, by any means necessary. Afghanis are incidental, in the way. There existence means as little to Uncle Sam as does that of the Colombians, the Panamanians, the Puerto Ricans, the Africans (yes, pretty much all across the continent), and those indigenous to these lands. Guess what the big development project we generous Americans are building for the people of Afghanistan? A pipeline! Who would have guessed it! The plan for Afghanistan was preordained. 9/11 was the pretext.

For whatever reason, when I am using the term "racism" here I sincerely mean it and yet it is being heard as an epithet to silence. For whatever reason, you and others use the term "sectarian" and I hear *that* as nothing but an epithet to silence.

I see I need to do a better job of explaining the connection between US exceptionalism and privilege and racism. Further, I might add that while those who *strategically* focus on the troops, etc. at the expense of focusing on Iraqis might not be doing it because of their own racism. I argue it is *pandering* to the racism of others and perpetuating the kind of exceptionalist thinking that makes us US citizens a dangerous crowd.

Now could you please attempt to explain what you mean by "sectarianism?" Long before NECDP existed I have noticed a divide between people who see, for example, that the US govt is now and ever had been about theft, domination and mass-murder. Others think the declaration of independence and bill of rights were great leaps forward for humankind, but that we "stray" from the path now and again. Some people burn the flag, others claim "peace is patriotic!" People who feel the former way about the US tend to feel that people who think the second way just haven't bothered to learn the real history of this country - whether out of laziness or denial or fear of examining their own unjust privilege in this society built on stolen lands, kiddnapped people, and genocide. I hope you don't think that all people who feel the first way are part of some kind of "sect." A current in the anti-imperialism movement, maybe, but a "sect?"

NECDP was formed to bring out a more honest framing of what is justice for Palestinians - all of Palestine including what was stolen in 1948 with equal rights for all people and return of those exiles with retoration of their property. On the Palestine issue that may seem like a local "sect", but it is connected with the thinking of the reparations movement for those of African descent, the American Indian Movement that seeks to have Indian lands returned to the peoples that they were wrongfully stolen from, the Puerto Rican Independence movement and many other currents that seek justice against US criminality. These currents may seem small inside the hub of the empire, but they are actually part of the same worldwide movement that seeks to end the US empire - ending US economic, political and military hegemony. Much of this movement realizes that people resisting overwhelming violence have the right to use any means necessary to free themselves.

NECDP is a focal point for certain activities around town, but all sorts of people around the area share the principles whether they do work on Palestine or not. And what I am trying to share about my experience on working on Palestine is that Palestinians on the whole have no problem with recognizing the right to resist, the right to return, the dismantling of Israel. This is not about a "sect" or growing a particular group - necdp - this is about struggling for fundamental human rights that continue to be trampled on.

I hope I am being civil, I try very hard to be, but I have only known about Palestine and thus many other issues for the last 2 years, and even I get frustrated and sickened with hearing the same exceptionalist assumptions thrown out over and over again. Imagine how a Palestinian who has known this all their life feels? It is a wonder they would even bother writing about it...

Read Ward Churchill "On the Justice of Roosting Chickens", "A little Matter of Genocide", and "Pacifism as Pathology" and then see if you still think folks in necdp are in a "sect" or if they are just speaking about a worldview that you have not heard much about yet, a view that is never allowed in mainstream media or school books... Zinn's "People's History" is a modest start, but there is so so much more to learn... William Blum's "Killing Hope" is an encyclopedic account of CIA activity since WWII. Ward Churchill is of the 1st Nations Peoples, a perspective we get hardly any of in this society... and the man is angry and maybe even considered impolite to some, but which of us settlers want to tell him not to be?

In hope,

PS Who told you protesters equated Dershowitz with Hitler? It was Sharon/Bush with Hitler and Dershowitz with Goebells, a Nazi propagandist charged with incitement to genocide... don't believe everything Dershowitz tells you.