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Commentary :: Human Rights
America - The Hidden Treasure
19 Jul 2010
Number 1 on Googlism

"Bush is the antichrist"

AJ 'Bush is just a puppet. Next caller..'

Dr Ricki Ott (Toxicologist) A message to BP workers and residents in the Gulf

BP KILLS. Do Americans care enough to forward
a concern for Justice lacking in our names left
forsaken here?
America - The Hidden Treasure

Number 1 on Googlism

"Bush is the antichrist"

AJ 'Bush is just a puppet. Next caller..'

Dr Ricki Ott (Toxicologist) A message to BP workers and residents in the Gulf

BP KILLS. Do Americans care enough to forward
a concern for Justice lacking in our names left
forsaken here?

Note: you know, if you were human, and had
forwarded this as critical to your survival,
more people would have been made informed
of our losses.


Torture Memos Admits Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Judge Rules CIA Can Suppress Information About Torture Tapes and Memos

No he can't, unless he's telling US he's a
war criminal with Cofer Black who has fully
confessed to the war criminal conduct as
done to escape the 911 terrorists. Bill a
bushite irrational demon enemy and be
loved by all. Bush and Cheney closed
911 police investigations. Die bushite


"We are an occupied country with a puppet government".

"UNIFIL has found nothing to support these [ungodly
Satanic] Israeli [LIAR] claims," U.N. Special
Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams said

We need we. Accountability we
must demand greater than currently losing
all of life to. We must demand arrests made
all over the place. Starting with Bush and
Cheney for 911. Americans were mass murdered
and the Republican and Demorats don't want
to see America defended from tyranny, only
to divide like Alex Jones does, to have you
fear 'socialists', or ANY Mexican, instead
of escaping war criminals like Bush, or Paulson
for frauds including extortion. Who cares who's
secretly a liberal socialist who wills fair
Public representation, before an actual, for sure
war criminal? Alex Jones the divider, who claims
Rand Paul, or Ted Nugent, or the UN-DEFINED
tea bagger illiterates that hold zero interest
in defending America from REAL criminal plunder,
is not his con he sells to escape those who have
truly done America wrong as bonifide CRIMINALS.

Clarifying [pro-racist but not a racist himself] Rand's Position on Guantanamo

/ / Should we release KSM because he was tortured? \ \

What is he guilty of demon fuk, and shouldn't we
try Rand for treason to suggest any other such
thing? He was tortured, as Rand wills against
innocent Americans to officially suffer his
criminal consequences. Libertarians are an evil
fuk, who as cowards, only suggest the escape of
those that truly do America wrong. Don't fight
to defend the rights of innocent victims by
demanding the arrest of Bush and Cheney,

[UN-CONSTITUTIONAL - where's Ron Paul and the
"Constitutionalists" here?]

no, torture innocent peoples to Death with
private mercenary Cofer Black while pimping child
rape. Just keep it hidden from US, the Public
like they do regarding banking, vaccines, and the
notorious VLT. Ergo, Palin and her crew go, 'no
public option! no public option!' and the self
labeled Libertarians, the Conservatives, the
Republcans, with the Tea Bagger racists and
bigots, rapists and Satanists all chiming in
unison - no fair share. No to the Public having
a fair say in these matters of your survival.
Still don't care to get involved in forwarding
these concerns as Your own? You'd better. I'm
just saying is all.

BP Blown out

Can this be done by bankster professionals who
have for sure defrauded America trillions?


FOX News Pushes Lesbian Prison Gang Rapes

/ / Haley added: "She'll be segregated from the general
population, but where she's going it is even worse.
It's the wing where the murderers are. \ \

Then we must save her. Right? Let her maybe,
come stay here under humane Canadian custody?

And the Gibson family, the Reality TV stars, compels
US all, to wonder about the corporate news elites
that disallow giving protection to the American
women gang rape victims, as why do they express
no care there as our unjust suffering world? Or, as
our Nigga Bros conned into dying silent further
victims for the final escape of traitors Bush
and Cheney for Obstruction of 911. and.. what
else did Mel do? Mel Gibson is a man we all
know fairly well. Giving brilliantly the complexity
of a good guy character isn't 'faked', it is
lived. Mel Gibson flicks all are near incredible.
We all say stupid things, and we hear his
significant other, play out the scene for
maximum effect as showcasing, together they
did, in a nasty way foolish (ex)lovers under a
undue influence sometimes do. Mel should have been
more respectful of his devious intelligent scorned
Queen. Fair to say though, they're both a couple
feuding for issues that shouldn't trump the
furthering escape of the trillioniares extortions
from the Just will of Life hanging on a cross
dying here forsaken everywhere.

Republicans for Rape [no, seriously]
[no, seriously]

King Johnny


/ / A US military officer sounded "pretty mad and upset" that
a group of soldiers had taken suspected Iraqi insurgents alive
during a raid in which they had been told to kill all military-aged
males \ \ages 10-55 for ALL males(no ID required), which turned out
to be all the little girls too.. Do you care as American to
remain silent against a George Noory or Ted Nugent?

Back to the Front - The King of Earth Speaks Out

Brig.-Gen. J.C. Collin, commander of Land Force
Central Area, that they were being told "not to
interfere in incidents in which Afghan forces
were having sex with children." Bushite grunts
raping kids, and what does the American man have
to say? too cowardly to speak for the interests
of innocent victims? No to Women's Rights is
what these bushites war unjustly our Humanity to
rape as thieves further, pushing for life term
third strike felony ("felony" in the American Tea
Bagger Zombie Commie State means as little as
shoplifting, or being a paraplegic suffering in
chronic pain) prison sentences to American teens
who buy their heroin, LIFE TERM PRISON SENTENCES,
so, no wonder.. Bushite truly serve to deserve
death before they are allowed to murder again
another innocent person loved by God as Human
defended to the death by the True American
Patriot Warriors. Take it from me, Christ would
rip these bushites limb from limb to defend their
next targeted innocent child victims, but the
good folks wouldn't understand it as being a true
act of love for Life and God. DBD. The less
fearful President Reagan warrants Death for
torture in his War Crimes Act, and we as
Humanity, will go with that. It is the standing
Law of America after all, and reason rules
supremely greater, than the bushite amicakan nazi
fukhed that doesn't champion the arrest, trial
and executions of the private mercenary firms
Blackwater and Aegis (along naturally 911's Bush
and Cheney). They mass murder innocent people
for stolen money if you didn't already know
anything of military history. Always for ever
the bad guys, who war Life not for a just cause,
but as war mongering war criminals who openly
support lawless military dictatorships presently
in near every so named dictatorship of slavery.
Example: Blackwater pimps child rape, and, Eric
Prince, war criminal deserving of Death, admitted
to tape that he supports the dictatorship of
Royal Dutch Shell over all the Peoples of
Nigeria, and wars those innocent Peoples for
stolen revenues today he openly claimed. Do you
care? Why do Americans own guns? He admits that
the bushite nazi grunts in Evil Florida, allow
him to call in Nazi air strikes against anyone he
wishes, then went on to tell, how he and his gay
faggot friend murdered that chap who had thrown
his shoe at war criminal Bush. That is called
murder in these here parts, and it is for that
crime alone, I ask all men who carry guns to
demand his formal arrest with torturer Cofer
Black as war criminals taking us all out for a
hangin', now, before he measures another Soul
with just as much distain he does to the millions
and millions of INNOCENT Nigerians.. Apparently
he with Aegis doesn't like us Niggers, and would
rather see them all enslaved or just made dead if
he has anything to say about who he wills to
murder next as disciple of the demon Antichrist.
TYRANNY. Bushite Nazi Grunts Said, "I DON'T
CARE.", and now, not surprising, they is dead
without sound principle as was dying cowardly to
'lawlessly' escape Bush and Cheney for the naked
treasons of 9/11 as it was. Still don’t care for
anyone corporate TV American? Your call, your
country, my voice, this world.

you care to remain silent still?

Dying for These Lies is the Silence of a Coward

The bravest, most eloquent 9 year-old kid in the world (English subtitles)

"Germany" owtlaws Freedom for ties with HAMAS -
HAMAS who won the, Bush Administration pressed
democratic elections in 2006. To, as REAL demons,
deny innocent Christian children cookies, health
care, education, and free from pre-mediated first
degree mass murderers indiscriminately attacking
our Humanty as Satanic evil enemies of all that


"Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate"

"Germany" said no such thing, but death to the NAZI
who has PIRATED the German Peoples to spew such lies.

One Reason - Another Wizard's World Wide Work of Wonder

The Zionist's Message to the Son of God's Peace Activist

/ / Let this be a message to any "peace
activists" who try to aid and abet the enemies of
the Jewish people and Israel. \ \ Kill a Zionist
demon liar, and be blessed by GOD and a Humanity

These are the crimes of Satan. Anyone world wide
who, as like a bushite grunting enemy, argues for
their escape on these mass murder charges, should
be executed too, no? You decide. They attacked
life saving emergency aid destined to assist our
innocent Humanity in the suffering for America's
AIPAC PNAC evil enemy forces of GOD. Why should
all of our Humanity suffer further for Florida's
continuing belligerence, with Corporate News
America, insisting these war actions against good
Peoples don't deserve public trials for death
sentences meted out against every last ungodly
AIPAC PNAC Zionist living the high life in
Florida as cop killers and torturers? Who could
possibly disagree but your typical, 'who cares
for anyone' American conservatives who murder for
stolen money in cash bribes? I am angry at
George Noory's soon to be even greater happiness,
I am angry at evil Rush Limbaugh, I am angry at
an America who refuses to complain for care of
anyone with Justice as our sides we do proclaim,
freedom for all.

"A Tea Party greets Obama in San Francisco
and the left is not happy about it"

Divide the masses who want Justice by claiming
Obama is a leftist? How so? It's ego before
facts, it's ego before Country. Rather see
America die, before a retard Conservative tea
bagging Libertarian is confronted directly for
their contempt for the Constitution, for the
flag, and on all we stand United. Justice for
911. Tea Bagging Retard "Bush is just a puppet,
and Obama is.. is... wahhh! I want my mommy!"

"Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, Tea Party Go Away!"

Note : the Tea Party was started in Boston to
redirect America to demand Justice for 911.
Then, multi-millionaire Ron Paul with Alex Jones
took it to be, no bad guys exist in American
politics while illiterate teen soldiers die for
nothing but evil as blinded in tyranny, then
Palin, demon whore of Satan stated, tea baggers
were about denying Justice for terrorists - and
the crowd of 666 televised world wide chanted,
whore yeah, whore yeah!


"The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security"

The 50 Ugliest Facts About The US

/ / In 2009, U.S. banks posted their
sharpest decline in private lending since 1942. \ \

Criminals who will to kill all as Satanic
evil liar Banksters, who DO NOT, I repeat,
DO NOT cover our loans. Demand Johnny be
allowed to speak for open polite debate
against the tyrant evil enemy Zionist
Nazis who pirate the American flag
as on all we stand united, Justice
for all. Thus, as such, we regain
our stolen trillions while saving
countless innocents.

/ / sanctions won't stop Iran from building a nuclear warhead,
according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. \ \

Liar demon evil ENEMY.


No no my friend, we need to not let ourselves
die innocent victims here. We need real
leadership that truly defends the Public's
interest, and we need we now.

Oil/Water samples from Gulf...VERY TOXIC

Crimes these are against America. Why
don't you demand the truth be told to
defend our lives "American"? Instead of
dying in lies like 'bin Laden did 911',
or the Iraq war isn't a crime against
God and Humanity to escape Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11.


"Afghans protest killing of civilians"

Taliban is arabic for Student. Kill a bushite for
Christ, and be blessd by God and Humanity. Bushites
who lawlessly war Creation for the escape of Bush
and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 to push their
dope deserve rightly to die today. Die bushites die.

"Intelligence Chief"

/ / Obama’s pick for intelligence chief thought
Bush was right about WMDs in Iraq \ \

How is this not sabotage? A mind that for
criminal gains, or being dumb to the facts of
reality, is going to now, head up as,
"Intelligence Chief" of these entire United
States of America? Do you think as I, that
President Obama needs a friend like us to better
judge our options here? Justice is what we will
to defend our freedoms understood. (WMDs was a
con, a con naked, a con treasonous. The bushmob
doctored the NIE for example) Not to war denying
others a right to liberty with false accusations,
false arrests, torture, bankster extortions and
so on far into realms a repuglicon demonrat
refuses as fathomable. Anyway, I'm King Johnny.
I am neither one without another even fancier
label system as a dynamically alive individual, I
am not left at the exception of being measured
correct, or right when I say, blind loyalty for
bribe money as stolen gain with fuzzy facts not
corrected as unstable in corporate America is
boulder dash. It's the groupings of celebrated
truly blind Ideologues, who insist their narrow
limited view like a bigot or racist does, could
stand as long as those who know better,
mathematically or as such logically, are not
allowed polite speech through open public debate
in defense of the innocent left victimized.
Starting firstly with, the deeply illiterate,
(fan of demon whore of Satan Palin for example)
on the issues that are highly important to
everyone. Peace. Debates on our political
stages to garner the minimal facts for action,
could be a great windfall if we put our minds
together fairly for actual freedom for any
individual. Not flailing madly through the
maelstrom of hell laughing at the passing of gas
plumes. I stand on my own sides. I'm old school
human. Multi dimensionally. No evidence person
innocent. A free man shall not be imprisoned..
While torturers are the serious bad guys with
Bush and Cheney we must bag as the law Publicly
demands. Do not except their broked excuses to
our public without shallow meditations on who you
really are here left without the rights that life
freely grants you among the stars in Heaven.
Treat yourselves better to know, we need to Start
effectively addressing the oil spill on actions
to commission a massive world wide effort to try
mitigating the further poisoning of our Oceans,
while simultaneously working with all Police
world wide on Justice for 9/11 starting with Bush
and Cheney, Condi and Rumsfeld. During this
time, we will have daily international debates on
the fact that these private trillioniare
banksters do not even cover our loans, so what
the hell is anyone paying them back for, but our
stolen rights to objectively complain, cause you
need be at least a god like genius apparently to
explain it so simply. Don't forsake your worth,
as the effort to defend as the innocent now.
Soldiers who serve to kidnap innocent persons for
torture are demonic traitors to God and Man.
Who truly serve to die before anyone else. That's
a fact. Kill a bushite and be blessed.

"A New World Order Based Upon Collective Action"
is not as the blind ideologue claim, always must
be a failure to conclude what they can not
comprehend where they fear. Ergo, Alex Jones has
a huge list of forbidden subjects that he
believes shouldn't be heard, denied all to defend
his quacky nonsenses. Like Ron Paul winning the
Republican convention. Or, about Bush's personal
criminal actions that stole America's freedom to
be. The State is God, good or bad. You choose.

Johnny Justice

Leaked Corexit Information

/ / The primary ingredient in aircraft anti-freeze
and automotive anti-freeze \ \ Shouldn't we make
BP execs eat it, considering they claim as DEMON
LIARS it is as harmless as dishwashing liquid?
They knew they were lying to Kill America, and
bushites will say, "I don't care.", while they
escape raping your wife or children, but, what
about You?

SEC: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options

That is a terrorist crime that should be tried
for death don't you think without the magic TV?

BBC "An Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound ship in May killed nine Turkish activists."

/ / Correction, the Israeli raid killed eight
Turkish activists and a 19-year old American
from New York carrying a US passport \ \

And Obama, the traitor, pledged more America
tax give aways for AIPAC kickbacks, while
shaking the hand of the grinning demon liar
who broke the truce to get killed Jews for
stolen charity.

5 of 9 people killed on gaza flotilla were shot in the back

Treason Warranting Death

/ / Congressmen Brad Sherman call for Americans on
the flotilla to be arrested for helping “terrorists.” \ \

Treason warranting death. Why do Americans have
laws at all, if we as Humanity let this demon
monster freely breathe our air, advancing as a
"Law Man" ungodly evil war criminal TYRANNY
unchallenged by the corporate snooze elites? We
want him publicly arrested, publicly tried, and
publicly executed without delay all Americans
say. Israeli Nazis broke the truce. They target
helpless innocent children with white phosphorous
for stolen profit as Zionist. They steal candy
from babies. Do not let Brad Sherman profit off
these Satanic mass murders at the loss of further
innocent victims. Death to the bushite war
criminals. It is good to be we.


Obama: 'I Have Met Israel and It Is "Us"'

Americans will the murder of innocent
Christian school kids to benefit Satanic
'lawless' demon enemies of God and
Humanity? I don't think so, and niether
do the rest of us out here among the
honorable as true blue Patriots of

Ted Nugent is a Godless Traitor

The Taliban aren't oppressing ourselves
by asking America to follow probable cause
as bringing forward any evidence to
form a warrant as arresting the actual
bad guys that done did do America wrong
as capital mass murderers. Demon evil
Ted Nugent is the Enemy to all free

Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”

The Watson Report: BP - Criminal Negligence or Deliberate Sabotage

Thumbs Down To Alex Jones & Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is known by all to
be a naked enemy traitor of
America warranting public
trial for his offenses. Just
read his NWOer propaganda on 911,
Iraq, and so on, all for the
escape of never elected George
Walker Bush and Cheney, who he openly
to this day, whores his Soul for
as godless demon enemy of Mankind.
Realize, he knows of AJ, yet has
never said a honest word for the
defense of real American lives who
have been conned into silence for
being raped, robbed, and murdered
for stolen neocon profit. Instead, he
TREASONOUSLY champions the sacrifice
of teen soldiers lives irrationally,
given for his blind lies aligned with
private mercenary forces to undermine
our pursuits of happiness. Ted Nugent
is an evil demon Nazi enemy Zionist
fuk to every one but a, NWOer Alex
Jones, who thinks America will
stand censored on issues like this,
or of 1441 and Bush and Cheney closing
911 Police Investigations, without a
Just cause to let that demon traitor
Ted Nugent LIAR spew his poisonous
contempt further un-contested for our
Flag, and on all we stand united.
Justice for 911 Zionist Nazi scumbags.

RETARD ALERT : Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."
for mass murdering Humanity as never elected demon
enemy of God he means?

Obama's Scheme to Kill Public Housing and Give the Land to Banks

Again, Obama the extortionist is a 'lefty'?

'Another KBR employee says she was raped'

Obama a 'lefty' by refusing to order grunts to
kill all still remaining at KBR for this? I
would tell, quit, for in two days, we'll as the
world's men, be hunting them down to the ends of
Earth for these rapes they FALSELY believe they
are 'magically' never to be held account for,
just because those 30 Republicans ruled so as war
criming traitors to the flag, and on all we stand
United. ? Paleeze.

Why can't AJ go with the better ideas? Like an
Ideologue of which he is, he thinks he's playing
football here. He's on the Conservative team,
the true Conservative team, his team where you'll
get robbed by puppets because you're falling to
look at this as Alex's big story board. All
these war crimes of high treason, pay little of
no attention, it's that they want to institute
something up ahead where wise men and women will
truly prevail because the bigots will be properly
exposed as, the weaker thans. Tea Baggers do not
have an ability to conceive a fair to speak forum
where the truth trumps all evil. To an
ILLITERATE Tea Bagger, other Human beings can't
be judged fairly in any context, because..
because... they just can't do it. Retards.
They as tyranny's whores, idiots, they hide from
the facts they knows others can speak fluently of
as Just causes. With everybody else that doesn't
follow blindly like themselves in error, is known
to a conservative as Liberal. While Canadians
know this as complete hogwash. Liberals in
Canada are a right wing group that advances
soldiers who refuse criminals orders should, and
have, go to prison. I allege it’s truly the
other way actually, (honorable soldiers need
defending, and our Governments have excepted ZERO
evidence from bushites to make false claims that
do not stand to reason.) but what do I know about
war with the bad guys who rape, torture, thieve
and mass murder for Bush Co. right?

Where censorship isn't practiced, the bigots lose
to the facts they doesn't own. Like our world.

Would you rather die innocent victim than have
Justice win by polite open debate denied this God
forsaken world?

We need to organize the enforcement of our laws
by priority. War of false imprisonment to
enslave the innocent, is a strategy, I contend,
nobody here in this arrangement adheres to. We
The Peoples are paying for going without good
enough attention to who is who here being left
forsaken to die on a cross somewhere. Dying
victims to the corporate news pros denying rights
to be defended as equals. War criminals who
pirate America's uniform to rape and pillage with
an official policy of denying an accused as
anyone any rights as defending ourselves are the
actions of the enemy traitors. All falling
victims for the cowardly bushite war criminal
sacrificers, warring for the escapes of the
neocon peenacker party of guilty 911 Nazi Zionist
conspirators - those who truly done did do
America wrong, as still wrong is it always will
for always be as. The Zombie Commies refusing
the FACTS that get in the way of attempting
further escape of Bush, Cheney, Condi and
Rumsfeld for the high treason called Obstruction.
As they did, when closing official American
Police investigations, as the "police actions" of
the dishonorable. Played by corporate control in
a self defeating no facts for US criminal
strategy, rooted as remaining us silented
internationally on furthering these crimes the
bushite "Judges" are guilty for at Guantanamo for
starters. Crimes that should be seen as clearly
in, warranting our outrages of un-acceptable
lawless standards to the cause of Our Great
Humanity. Now Rising. oh.. never mind, as you

'Reid defends Israel, blames activists for their deaths'

"Israel’s Crude Forgery of Tape Backfires"

Holy fuk, no wonder G-D calls these
unlawful demon enemies of all Satanic.. eh?

SHOCK: Israel Taps Every Single Phone In America

IDF Admits It [demonically] Doctored the Audio Tapes

Israel accused of fabricating flotilla video [as ungodly evil doers]


Drill or Die

Trans-Ocean A Swiss company, that registers
their rigs in the Marshall Islands, checked
by a Norway company that accuse these demons
being lawless enemies of Life, have now over
ruled all of Americans including the President,
to continue on risking all Americans lives for
further thefts. Understand, magic TV is not
telling that BP pays zero royalties for every
drop of oil they take from America, and sell
back at huge huge profits for lack of leadership
to demand the arrest of these 'Judges' for
sedition. Again, BP is operating TODAY, with
the MMS documetations they wrote themselves.
And you my reader, apparently don't care for
anyone at all, if it means you may have to
raise your phone, or send an email to demand
Justice for this day - that risks the rightful
death sentences against Nazi grunts that war
the innocent in Iraq and Afghanistan for the
ungodly escape of Bush and Cheney for 9/11.

‘Fun to Shoot People’ General Named as New
CENTCOM Commander - Kill a lawless bushite
grunter and be Blessed says Humanity in
Christ. Die godless bushite traitors die.

Just Johnny

Now, what cop in any right mind could
blindly support such furthering escape of
those who have truly done US all wrong
like this answer me that.

“Suck it fishes and birdies” – BP decisions making Goldman’s “prophesy” our WTF reality

“One oil rig goes down and we’re going to be
rolling in dough,” Mr. Tourre wrote in one
email. “Suck it, fishies and birdies!”

We will not stop until we see Justice done
for US. God, and everyone else.

/ / come too close to oil spill clean-up
efforts without permission [from BP] could find
themselves facing a $40,000 fine and even one to
five years in prison under a new rule instituted
by [BP, Obama, and grunters at] the Coast Guard \ \

Why do evil godless Americans refuse to demand
Justice to defend their truly dying freedoms? Because
theys evil to stay silent on Bush and Cheney escaping
for 911 with the grunts lawlessly raping and pillaging
in Iraq and Afghanistan. Grunts war in Afghanistan to
rape children and push dope to enslave America. That
is a very good reason anyone has, to proudly, for
9/11, for Christ, for Humanity, to kill a 'lawless'
nazi bushite grunting traitor who wars to rob
all Iraqis and Americans besides. Die bushite die.
Kill a bushite grunter to defend our loved family
of Mankind. Die bushite die.

Barack Obama is Guilty of Criminal Negligence the BP Gulf Oil Spill

No 'revenues' were to be generated.. for, BP
was paying ZERO dollars in Royalty to extract
American made 'free' oil, and then sell it back to
the blind suckers at huge huge huge mark-ups to
support lawless military dicatorships all around
our small world.

Uniformed Cops on BP Payroll?

We need arrests made regarding who has been
stopping skimmers, and us Peoples from attempting
clean ups, along with the arresting of all other,
BP war projects. They are not qualified to judge
our lives worthless to the bottom line.

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, through out the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.


"District 13 Ultimatum" - This Cop's Cop movie
tells it all, - 'we got the internet too'


/ / Pentagon is out to destroy the site after a
series of exposés, notably the US rules of
engagement for Iraq \ \

Example: Bushite nazi grunts are
told, they can shoot dead any innocent child, as
long as they claim the child was running from
gunfire or a bomb placed by the bushite nazi
grunter. Life will insure every last found guilty
bushite breathing is put to death for their war
crimes against Us, their war crimes against God.
We can not live freely knowing these nazi grunts
who would atract children with candy, then blow
them up with explosives, or fly in the Apache,
will walk dying American streets called Heroes
for DEMON LIAR Sean Hannity, Heroes for TRAITOR
Glenn Beck, Heroes on the UFC, heroes on the
movie screens. While the nation falls to
further ungodly lawlessness by Bush and Cheney
obstructing 911 investigations to be officially
completed. Justice to the war criminals of
indiscriminate warfare would better serve
ourselves to halt for our safety. The
bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Donkey, Horse and Cat in Israeli Jail

/ / where the mentally ill zionists reign supreme. \ \


/ / An Israeli journalist who went into hiding
after writing a series of reports showing
lawbreaking approved by Israeli army commanders
faces a lengthy jail term for espionage if caught \ \

Alcohol ban after BUSHITE MCCAINIAC staff were
'too hungover' to explain airstrike that murdered
many many innocent God Loved Peoples

"Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate"

"Germany" said no such thing, but death to the NAZI
who has PIRATED the German Peoples to spew such lies.

Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran

Palin is a demon whore of Satan.

Godless Demon Enemy Mossad threatens death
against all reporters for telling us truth

'TODAY: BP refuses to use industry risk test at wells in the US'

This is war.

This_is_War - another Wizards World Wide Work of Wonder Audio Spectacular.mp3

Can it rain oily compounds in the Gulf of Mexico? Yes!

/ / The bad thing about benzene is that it stays liquid
and partially evaporates above 42 F up to its boiling
point at 176 F at room pressure. That means it stays
with the oil until it washes up on beaches and marshes,
where it can fully evaporate at its boiling temperature
(the blackened surface gets very hot in the summer sun). \ \
42 F isn't realatively very hot in the southern states
sitting on a black rock, and alot of 'paritally evaporating'
can easily add up to a whole lot of everything over the
course of many days. Again, we seriously are in need of
serious leadership that treats ourselves fairly in demands
to start a major clean up effort at the location of cause
with everything we have available. With a great many
skimmers, and the stopping of dispersing poisons, we
would be moving in a better direction than we are right
now with these monster criminals.

/ / toluene, benzene, xylene, and napthalene -- those are
for the oil. Now add in 2-butoxyethanol, and dipropylene
glycol mono butyl ether, the volatile components from Corexit. \ \

Thank you good sirs.. This is serious. We need arrests
made regarding who has been stopping skimmers, and
Peoples from attempting clean ups, along with the halting
of all ON GOING WITH MMS FRAUD BP war projects. Obama
has told, he will triple the clean up effort now. Hmmm..
are we all alone on this without media viewerships?
(hint: that's You..)


The Political [Satanic demon] Whores Of Washington

All Bullshit Aside: Until we get our honorable
police officers on following probable cause for
the crimes of 9/11, we will countinue failing
to truly defend ourselves. Leadership not proning
to division among the innocent masses is the key
I believe. Taking 'no side' doesn't work fairly
for those with alterior motives either. Censorship
is the tool of tyranny. War in the priority.

Your long lost brother/father/son action figure,

Johnny the Man

National Treasure Declaration of Independence


Zionist "Jewish" Student Caught Painting Swastikas

Understand, American refuses to demand this demon
witch rot in a prison cell, or be formally
executed. Why? There are literally thousands
of these crimes every year by the Satanic in
America, and UNDERSTAND, they claim it is Satan
that protects them from hate crimes prosecution.

Is God's Will not Just?

Gaza villages Wiped off the map by Truce
Breaker Amerikan TeaBagging Zionist Nazis

/ / The? Gazans are the original Jews. The
Israelis are mainly converts from places like
Georgia. \ \ remember: Nazi Israel targeted
children diliberately, along with 239 Police
Officers they allege were innocent Peoples
loved by God.

Is God's Will not Just?

Massachusetts State Police Issue Death Sentence For Smoking Pot

/ / although ruled a homicide -- will not
be treated as a crime. \ \ Homicide is a crime.

As King, I would request that warrants for the
arrest of these bushite grunting "cops" for
murder be made, along with DA Jonathan Blodgett
as accessory, and upon likely quick easy
convictions, have them all publicly executed on
international television. Oh yeah. Death to the
bushite, death to the sworn enemies of both God
and freedom to live American. Justice for all.

Fight Back for Christ Sake God Damn You

Quietly, Israel is preparing the biggest illegal
land grab in recent memory, all on Obama's watch

/ / building of tens of thousands of Jewish-only
apartments \ \ Why do Zionists keep on insisting
"Jewish" People are crooks? God we are. Life
could be so much better if we realized, we are
the greatest of great, in this land of the blind
as being dumber than rocks. Yet, near everyone I
know personally, is like, sometimes, wiser than a
rocket scientist.. how's that then eh? Hmm.. I
think these corporate NEWS heads, who decide what
values of public interest we hold to defending
ourselves from lawless 'big money' screw overs,
are largely feigning ignorance on, what should be,
OUR, Top Priority subjects like needless Wars for
stolen profits. Answers to the tyranny of America's
NewsCast Elite parading as moronic imbeciles, WE DO
have well established, as a once, Civilized world
where we believe/d in ourselves as a rule of law.
Common law. Take a Simple law stated like, 'A
free man shall not be imprisoned', of with which,
pressed TV Americans could maybe write a pamphlet
as chored to do so, and where we, have written
important life altering Books about, that go on
for as long as we seek. (It's an important
principle, this, the government of The Peoples,
is of ourselves respected in kind to claim
freedom as found defended by just actions ruling
in our favors truly being) It's like, all of Life
is a miracle just waiting to happen, in a world
near the brink, due our failures at defending
ourselves. Defending as indivisible Justice
dictates to actually preserve Liberty. Ex. Bush
"We don't need any evidence", while no, that
would be incorrect war criminal. Here's where
you fit in. Why? You are. Incredible I am, and
any of you peoples who disagree, are just fools
to not recognize half as much as so included
freely. Pity. Oh well, let's change for the
better buddies. These indefensible Politicians
are akin to war criminals who want to imprison
the innocent with tortured confessions through
the private firm Blackwater. Treason of the highest
according to Reagan, and near all War Crime Law,
as warranting death sentences for true lawless evil.
We're better than what we are TV portrayed for
as dying suckers censored - so what's the answer?

heh.. Okay, back to work.


Obama warns Iran of new pressure, signs sanctions

/ /

Memo to President Obama and the US Congress: Iran is
developing a power station! Nothing more; nothing less.

Iran, as a member of the NNPT, has the right to develop
nuclear power for peaceful purposes, such as developing
nuclear energy.

As a signatory to the NNPT, Iran has had its nuclear
facilities rigorously inspected by the IAEA. To date
(at least, until the UN slapped sanctions against Iran
for having conducted its nuclear program by the book),
no nuclear material has been found to have gone missing,
and the enrichment performed has only been enough for
isotopes for medical use, which is a 20% enrichment.

Weapons grade enrichment would require over a 90% enrichment.

Israel, on the other hand, which does have nuclear
weapons, refuses to sign the NNPT, or to have their
nuclear facilities inspected.

The US is forbidden by law (the Symington Amendment,
among others) to send any aid or money to any country
which possesses nuclear weapons, but refuses to sign
the NNPT.

The US sends Israel billions of dollars illegally
every year.

This colossal double standard of the US's having
sanctioned Iran, which does not have nuclear weapons,
and yet continuing to fund Israel illegally, which
does have nuclear weapons, is truly amazing. \ \


*EXCLUSIVE* israeli Commandos OWNED, CAPTURED and Crying like COWARDS aboard Mavi Marmara.

A real, honest to Life HERO!

I'd nominate him an award, but he's already
earned it. What a man. All is possible. The
American Elected President should throw him a
five million dollar bonus just for being there
for US. If I had the money, you'd know, we'd be
calling up Everyone about this on the World Wide
Work of Wonder by Justice for Freedom is the
Answer, International radio Jam, with your side
kick, Johnny America - The True Patriot - coming
through - to you - LIVE! taking Your calls on
what happens next when freedom from tyranny
rings. What do we know?, could happen.


"A New World Order Based Upon Collective Action"
(you mean like, thou shall not murder?)

"Ron Paul: I need your [CASH] support. C4L is under attack."

/ / They say by telling you where your Congressman
and Senators stand, I may influence your vote. The
FEC election regulators contend that's illegal
electioneering. \ \ The elections are routinely rigged
for Republicans, who's congressional votes are blocked
from public access when they nakedly act CRIMINALLY,
of which, no one in their right mind would support in
a Republic/Democracy, but for Public arrest of
the CROOKS! as Zionist ungodly traitors promoting
lawless tyranny.

I am calling a serious 'Bullshit' on this one. Evil
is dumb like that. And again, Ron Paul's C4L is a
naked propaganda outfit for the escape of WAR CRIMINALS
Bush and Cheney for 911, along with the Bankster
extortionists. Don't be a dumb like Republican scum.

/ / Campaign for Liberty is a 501(c)4 lobbying
organization which neither supports nor opposes
candidates for public office \ \

How dumb and evil is that?

Ministry Lies Lies Lies

Be a Force for Good

The NWOers will blindly let all America die,
before Mr. Bush, their magic cash cow deity is
brought up on charges for the war crimes he is
for sure guilty of. Freedom is what I bring,
how about You?

'I don't believe in God,' says Australia's first female PM

/ / Ms Gillard added: ‘I am, of course, a great respecter of religious beliefs, but they are not my beliefs. \ \

No Justice for the Innocent victims out here
left forsaken for her ungodly as unjust criminal
gains to ignore our demands for self respect?
[note it is in the form of a question..]

America the Ungodly

Masked Men Attack UN Gaza Kids Camp

We all know these criminal actions against God,
are openly funded by American tax payers, who
die too, their own kids to these Repuglicon
Demonrat Satanic Zionist Enemy Liars who steal
from all Life on our planet. A Zionist wills to
steal your home, your Life, and then blame yourself
for the offense as a person who refused to demand
equal rights for all as Justice for this day.
Please fight happy George Noory with a phone
call demanding the facts to be allowed spoken.

"More than $3 billion in [charity] cash has been
openly flown out of Kabul International Airport"

by bushite nazi grunter bosses. See how they
actually blame the Taliban for this.. The Taliban!
The checks are cashed in Afghanistan, where Canadian
politicians went personally a year or so back,
and found, it was a small staff of five individuals
working with NATO that have "lost" near every
last penny the Canadian Peoples gave. Billlions
lost in a building that had People a hundred meters
away starving for lack of food and water. Near every
last cent of charity stolen, just like these
Zionists do OPENLY in Nazi Israel. Why? Because
they know the TV will not be truly fair in defense
of our innocent selves. So.. let's change this.
Let's get back every dime the bushite from the
third infantry stole, who now in some likelihood,
live in Florida with the drone strikers of
innocent women and children and the KBR gang rapists
of America, living the 'high life' worry free.
Die Bushite die. Note: The third Infantry is
headed by General Buford Blount, a Saudi wahhabist
who just prior to the Iraq war, was commanding Saudi
forces to attack Christians and Jews. For what you
might ask? For just being innocent Christians or
Jews. Maybe this is why Buford let Iraq's largest
weapons depot, Qaqaa, go looted, do you think? Do
you care? A Bushite grunter said, "I don't care",
and now they is dead, so, no wonder.

Mr. Karzai "Yes, [B]millions of dollars are leaving
this country but it is all taken by politicians.
Bribes, corruption, all of it," he said. "But let's
find out who is taking it. Let's not go on rumors.
I've said this to the Americans."

Bush 'we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty'

Does that sound American?

The bushite do not war our worlds to defend
freedom, but to kill all that is good, all that
is just, and all that is loved.

THE STATE IS GOD (Die Evil Bushite Nazi Fuk Die)

War Criminal Torturer George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'

BlackWater mercenaries slaughtering unarmed civilians

AEGIS is who this is, and the guy pulling the
trigger is an actual convicted war criminal from
South Africa who was left off a rightful death
sentence. Nic at CNN reported that not only was he
not fired (doing work for Rumssfeld's P2OG), but
he got a bonus! Imagine, these first degree mass
murderers are paid more than a thousand dollars a
day by taxed Americans led by Republican Tea Bagging
Demonrats to desecrate Elvis, who forbid Justice
from ruling where gang rapist FOXSNEWS Americans
guilty of torture and mass murder, are hunted in
the streets for glorious Public execution by the Law
of these here Lands, fair and square. No, instead,
AEGIS, these "Heroic" "Brave" "American Patriot
Warriors" of lawless EVIL can continue to kill
innocent Peoples for Amerikan values. DYC?

CHILD KIDNAPPERS Dynacorp is "policing" for CPS

Die bushite die the Son to God will for always say
rightly in defense of Liberty as Justice for all.

"Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen"

This warrants death as pre-meditated murder.

G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats + Strip Searched - Amy Miller

We need a criminal investigation here done by
responsible Police officers - but - Toronto is
easily known Canada wide, as thee worst right wing
groupings of Nazi Zionist hoods who have 'Police
Stated' the entire City to buy, extremely expensive
"Police" Stickers for their back car windows. It
isn't all cops, but a small hidden group of
rapists (in this circumstance), who hide with the
cowardly Police Chief and CBC with CNN to escape
rightful sexual assault convictions for their
treasonous contempt for the Canadian flag, and
on all we stand on guard with thee. Example: did
any of you hear what these illiterate G(8)20 leaders
have to say about what they plan to attack next?
Welfare mothers, the homeless, and pensions, (who
care about them right?) but, NOT the trillions
stolen through coporate fraud, or for the arrest
of war criminals who torture and mass murder for
the final escape of Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on 911. Now, what cop in any right mind could
blindly support such furthering escape of those
who have truly done US all wrong like this
answer me that.

CNN: Almost All Exxon Valdez Cleanup Crew Dead!!!

Look TV America, you demon fuckers, Israel, who
is funded to survive as war criminals by US
taxing payers, commits crimes against our species
on a daily basis, and Americans must be as
demanding, Justice rule our ways for better
outlooks. Freedom. Why must Nazi Israel get
away from US on this, knowing we all know of
their ungodly evil crimes, yet, the magic TV with
George Noory and the bunch don't think it worthy
your Life to defend. Innocent Peoples assaulted
by Nazis, who war to see our Humanity suffer the
loss of our rights OFFICIALLY - as our homes, our
food and water, our lives. They are NOT JEWS,
but AIPAC PNAC thieves labeled Zionists, is the
answer from up on high it is said here and now.
Forever. So, who are you going to believe?
Justice we must demand for Jews against the
criminal actions of the ungodly as evil Zionists.

"Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes"

So he WANTS a godless nation run by war criminals
who torture and murder innocent others for stolen
money? Vile demon enemy of God and Humanity the
Zionist OPENLY is. Don't take my words for it,
or of God in the Old Testament, Just honestly
hear it. Satanic Israeli ADMIT to breaking the
truce with Gaza, to have die, innocent Jews for
stolen money. They warned Hamas when they would
strike near their homes, while murdering,
ADMITTINGLY, at least, 239 Police Officers.

Nazi Israel

"Zionists believe Israel should not be defended
from war criminals who bomb Jewish communities
indiscriminately to murder children with millions
of landmines."

P.S. First strike war crime targets in Lebanon
were the Jewish communities. Take it from God in
the Bible, or as the fully documented History,
these ungodly Zionist demon enemies of everyone
are truly Satanic. NOT JEWS. Justice is

Obama: I will never waver from supporting Israel

To give money to target for murder the innocent
peoples with, does not support Israel, but to
bring the death of Jews to profit the Zionist
ungodly liars of Satan. In fact, it makes Obama
a WAR CRIMINAL for funding such as the willful
theft of innocent Christian Homes to please a
Zionist enemy of Life. Who the fuk does he think
he's lying to here? Just Johnny? The King of
the Jews is True Red White and Blue


Reports: U.S. Ships Massing Off Iran Coast As Israel Prepares To Strike

For what should millions die for? Kill a false
accusing war mongering Zionist enemy and be
blessed by God and Humanity as a free America
would champion..

'Israel with Obama's US ‘will probably react preemptively’ on Iran'

That would be capital mass murder warranting death
though.. These Zionist demons shall pay for their
hatred of our Humanity and God, their hatred for
Justice as Freedom, for the facts. For, the Peoples who
need war for just causes will be here for as long as
we remain alive to speak freely for fairness in our
names against the lawless enemy forces of tyranny. Kill
a traitor Bushite Nazi grunter who criminally wars all
indiscriminately for the escape of 911 traitors Bush
and Cheney, and be blessed a man truly defending his
rightful family. Die Bushite die. Notice my friends,
a bushite doesn't forward these concerns, in between
beating off to it's 'war porn'. because they know we
are honorable and true, while they as Zionist Nazi TV
LIARS whore for evil to profit off unjustly attacking
the innocent with robbery, torture, and mass murder
for ungodly Nazi Zionist enslavement. Die Bushite die.


COREXIT is Eating Through Boats in the Gulf

Again, BP hasn't been arrested for removing the
safety fluid which directly caused the well to
blow, all for the escape of Goldman with Bush and
Cheney. BP execs must be arrested for murder,
along with congressmen who have given a foreign
company authority over the US Military, and the
EPA - a treasonous act for sure. Wake the fuck
up man, wake the fuck up. This isn't a left wing
are all stupid cause theys not as smart as a
blind goose stepper Conservative Republican
Libertarian tea bagger, who wants to war everyone
with the insults of a bigot against censored
innocent immigrants, gays, women, children, Arabs
and Blacks, poor peoples, the falsely accused..,
it's a Justice for all Peoples as equally
respected being denied equal time here issue.
Example: Bush and Cheney closed outstanding 911
Police Investigations, and right wingers all,
just don't care for that fact, or to forward this
post in true concern for America's freedom..
How about You? Rather die victim, than allow a
greatly wiser man or woman like me to politely
speak freely for open public debate where
Conservatives Universally are exposed for their
willful ignorance to OUR bottom lines? George
Noory will kill You America, for, he has said as
much many times to those who have ears to hear,
and 30 Republicans in Congress today claim no
rights to be defended of American gang rape
victims. With me speaking, I would ask for
anyone to explain how they are not the enemy in
need of arrests with KBR for rape and mass murder
immediately also. God is the word, and we have
power here when we find ourselves being left
forsaken by a Public that couldn't care much less
as not officially recognized. Yet! Be my
friend, if not my enemy, and let's get this done
for everyone fairly by speaking as a Party of
One. Admit it, You are incredible, "Tea
Baggers"? Not so much..

Toxic Rain Hysteria Fueled by Internet Hoaxer…

/ / hysteria \ \ can't smell oil?

Figure, just lie and lie and lie and lie without
the facts in a blind faith initiative, and
somehow, a different outcome the measurements to

Deadly oil contaminates that include corexit can
become airborne or evaporate, and taken by the
winds, surely can be brought from the air with
rain to the soil and lungs of America. don't be
as dumb as MSNBC's Maddow, when she claims bin
Laden played some crucial role in 911 without a
scintilla of fact as scientific offered, done
treasonously to escape the enemy Zionist Neocons,
such as, General Ahmad, and Bush and Cheney for
closing 911 Police Investigations as traitors.
Strangely, in her blab, she did say, that some
components of oil do evaporate, but.. "but"
nothing. What about sulfuric acid, or the
natural gas then even? American TV
Conservatives, will say anything to get US off
the path of Justice demanding for 9/11 and 7/7.
A Nation with Condi that bombed the beaches of
Lebanon to contaminate the region for 50,000
years, the ungodly nation that covered Iraq and
Afghanistan with radio-active toxic waste to mass
murder with cancers for thousands and thousands
of innocent victims with their millions of land
mines they dropped to indiscriminately mass
murder our loved children over decades too they
champion as Satanic, now tell themselves,
somehow, the laws of nature do not apply to
themselves refusing to fact find for answers,
basking in the trillions stolen by those who call
Florida a home for war criminals. Those two guys
for one example of a great many, who were caught
trying to kill good FBI officers live there, and
LOOK! 'lawless' "Custer and Battles" aren't
hunted in the Courts of Florida for attempting to
KILL FBI officers who are just trying to defend
Americans as loyal. It's bad enough that the
Nazi nation rewards war criminals who torture and
pillage for the escape of Bush and Cheney with
KBR, it's another, where everyone knows the
culprits who are walking to escape their rightful
executions, live in Florida as free citizens with
all their stolen millions they conned from the
dying taxing payers. Florida is from where the
bushite grunters do their random drone strikes
against helpless innocent families who have
committed no crimes against anyone, yet, in
Florida they couldn't care less for Americans
either. Go to youtube and listen to near tell,
Humanity should still plan to come for expensive
visits because, hey, look, no oil here on
Johnny's beach. Mississippi and else where, who
gives a fuk about their plight of livelihoods
completely destroyed for generations right? !
In Florida, who cares about anything, but their
hedonistic pleasures of the fleeting moment, at
the loss of Life to innocent victims Florida has
never cared for, like their own children they let
play in the TOXIC oil spill, but for maybe now,
that their own sick lives are directly in
jeopardy for corporate criminals they routinely
give their souls for blindly. For this, perhaps,
they will demand of Zionist enemy George Noory
the truth be spoken for open national debates
where the good guys win? Better late than dead.
Florida could be paradise. Let's work together.
You guys should hear me sing!


Max Keiser on Oil Spill: Rewarding Eco-Terror

CIA Chief Sees Taliban Power-Sharing as Unlikely

Taliban is simply "Student", so why wouldn't a
student of Afghanitan have a right to be heard?
Classic tyrannical evil demon enemy speaks
Publicly for those who will the escape of Bush
and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11, Afghanistan,
heroin pushing, Iraq, mortgage scams in with
trillions dollar Bankster extortions, BP's
removal of the safety fluid that caused the blow
up, torturing, raping, and bombing our innocent
Humanity as the enemy of all Peoples. Enemies of
God, enemies of Atheists, enemies of Life
everywhere a Bushite is.

How Many Americans are Targeted for Assassination?

All American Life should know such ungodly
criminality is truly un-American as tyrannically
evil, promoted by terrorist liars 'escaping'
themselves as the bad guy enemies of the
Republic. Americans have murdered innocent
Peoples deliberately for stealing our rights to
party as ungodly evil Nazis in Iraq and
Afghanistan, with no greater rights to exist than
You do as Jew too. Support our rise to popular
acclaim. Demanding 911 Justice for real
convictions, wins Justice for everyone denied a
fair say.

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to
my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a
threat," said Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the
War criminal. The evil Bushite nazi war
criminal, who had grunts die pushing dope and
abusing women for escaping the Peenacker Neocons
of 911 with the banksters in tow.

"Republicans Argue We Should Stay in Afghanistan Indefinitely"

To continue sacrificing Amerikan TV made retarded
teen soldiers, warring God and Humanity all for
the Hitler's Bush family. Demonically evil who
war without causes, blind demon whores for
ungodly tyranny.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. Understand, Republicans don't have a
TV problem with gang rapists of American women
walking free in our America (as bribers KBR)
either, so counting on a Republican for honorable
commentary regarding this serious Life issue on
where they wish to further steal ourselves away
from a just rule, should be aptly considered when
we start taking calls on what all needs being
done intelligently to save our planet from these
lawless scoundrels, these liars, who pirate our
air spaces from free communications ruling. Let
Justice be our defense of Freedom.

BP is trying out their "Largest Land Rig in The World"

/ / BP's project, called Liberty, has
been exempted as regulators have granted it
status \ \ They wrote the regs as pre-approved
care to not forward this post to everyone

Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital

Let's do this. Justice is a Right for all to
truly defend. They certainly shouldn't be
allowed to continue practicing their criminal
misdeeds by letting loose to drill risking more.
They sought a waiver from Obama on the blown,
Blow Out Preventer, and REMOVED the safety fluid
designed to prevent a blow out. (ARREST here.)
They write their own defunct 'MMS' environmental
assessments TODAY - TODAY - and still, no
ARRESTS? Then these billionaires tried a 10
billion dollar bonus to themselves for doing such
great business with military dictatorships that
freely gun down BP workers if they get out of
line, and TV popular Zionist Peenacker Neocons
shilling with the bribe taking evil Republicans.
BP, with malice, with forethought, is attempting
to destroy America, before rotting rightly in a
prison cell for 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, and
everywhere else these Zionists steal from
Humanity and God our fair rights to be heard.
Men will rise against KBR and Blackwater for
their "un-accountable" torturing, gang raping and
pimping toddlers for one dollar victims.
Soldier: Would you kill every last one of these
"lawless" Blackwater goons, with KBR, claiming to
US, those in their company guilty of such
criminality can not be judged as ‘hidden’ behind
the flag of a private mercenary death squad
funded by the CIA, who target innocent victims
daily with their dope pushing, and hatred of
Christians and Women included? Blackwater
murdered with a CIA drone strike, the guy who
threw his shoe at Bush, along with who knows how
many other Countless lives stolen for the tripe
of a Bushite grunter to tell, it was from an
anonymous source we used to murder whoever as
anyone anywhere. Women's rights, Christian
Rights.?? who cares.. (While the Perps of 911
are still escaping as un-arrested.) These
specific CIA/Blackwater war crimes, warrant death
for every last Bushite grunting private employee
under the State Law of Texas, "Law of Parties".
First degree murder, and now, war criminal
Blackwater should pay with their lives, lives
they measure not worth the concern when innocent
peoples are gunned down for fun, or while
desecrating Elvis Presley with Aegis. True
Patriots everywhere, bill these bushite demon
grunts for US truly concerned please. Thanks.
In the true land of Liberty freed from the
antichrist demon evil faction of ungodly Satanic

BP Oil Spill - Clarke & Dawe

'BP Has Built An Artificial Island To Get
Around Offshore Drilling Ban In Alaska'
These execs Should be sitting in a prison
for removing the saftely fluid which directly
caused the well to blow.

Where are We? the little PEOPLES on these State
crimes continuing against ourselves I said?

Adminisration Recommendations Means Thousands
More Raped, Tortured, Murdered

/ / Holder's Inaction on Prison Rape Commission \ \

I can't understand why America refuses to send the
cops in to take these prison bosses out. How
could this happen? Messy pants Texas is a
culture vile as ungodly to stand silently as Bush
bitches for KBR gang raping American women,
including their own child prisoners. Real men
would kill for this, so where is Texas? How
could Texas stand silently knowing Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police Investigations? Just
because Alex Jones and his "Conservative" NWOers
won't let you in on the facts to truly save
yourselves, (1441, banksters don't cover our
loans, evil George Noory sucks, John is
cointelpro) shouldn't stop you from leastly
forwarding this as a concern you must share.

The NWOers will blindly let all America die,
before Bush, their magic cash cow deity is
brought up on charges for the war crimes he is
for sure guilty of. Freedom is what I bring, how
about You?

...fluoride, mercury, VLTs, and the near
difficult for everyone to understand simplicity,
of unjust private banking without Johnny Victory
- because it is truly so shockingly simple - and
NWOers like doubtable controversy as a hidden
factor of evil genius, a genius only they can
truly phathom as shadowy groups of shadowy people
without anything but claimed suspision without
evidence for a crime to be found accounting for,
with, "Bush, he's just a puppet". Frankly, it's
truly dumb I'm sorry to offend, but you guys are
mostly a bunch of evil dumb asses you are, you
just are. So is the Why of Whys: Americans
don't want to look dumb, (like newspapers don't
on Fluoride) so to hell with poisoned to pay

This work is in the public domain