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Commentary :: International
Zionists threatening the Life of Christ the true Jew
02 Aug 2010
Zionists threatening the Life of Christ the true
Jew, will end with Zionists burning in hell for
their criminal offenses against God as Man
Zionists threatening the Life of Christ the true
Jew, will end with Zionists burning in hell for
their criminal offenses against God as Man. Trust
we on this, God is greater than the greatest ungodly
evil Zionist war criminal who believes Life has
no meaning but to suffer all forever at their
Satanic indulgences.

American TV celeb Sara Silverman

"Good. I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I'd
do it again, I'd fucking do it again in a second."

Fuck, what an evil nazi cunt of Satan
to all our God loving Humanity eh? Why must
she get away threatening the life of Christ,
the Jew, while freely getting all over our
TVs on how it's so important to not care
for the sacrifice of teen grunts for the
escape of the Zionist Neocon terrorists
truly responsible for 911. Or for the
trillioniare UNGODLY Zionist banksters?

'Drunk israeli settler brags how jews killed Jesus [, an innocent JEW]

Ungodly Satanic America doesn't care, for they
will lie to God's face, while they murder innocent
Christian children in our names. Ungodly evil
the nation of America is, who refuse to demand
the arrest trial and execution of the Bushmob
for 911. God's Son says, "Die bushite die."


Why do evil godless Americans refuse to demand
Justice to defend their truly dying freedoms?
Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Now, what cop in any right mind could
blindly support such furthering escape of
those who have truly done US all wrong
like this answer me that.

We will not stop until we see Justice done
for US. God, and everyone else.



/ / I have just been informed by the Alex Jones show
that they are canceling my monthly interviews
commencing this coming Tuesday. \ \

But why? It has been told over and over again,
how valuable the contributions are for all far
and wide.. So why? I don't know.. but I look
at this as a loss for the NWOer community I
do. I don't hate you guys, I just think your
being led away from following probable cause
to nab the bad guys - and in this America, you
apparently have to be near John like to fathom
the answers are truly as simple as I claim, and
all right here waiting to be discovered. Mike
just stands as a good man trying to do something
right for our world, who knows all kinds of cool
facts, (and seldom, something of a doofus.. but
who isn't?) and we'll be hoped to hear, still
the valuable contributor on GCN as Alex rightly
claimed he is. A fact is a fact. Cause Jeeze man,
if you heard my past cast with several over at
GCN, you'd know it as a huge loss also. Example:
'why are all you whites racist' for three solid
hours. All the best Mike to your move on up over
to the Republic.

The way I see it, Alex can be a great contributor
to help US truly secure our freedoms, absent
himself being a total idiot often who has
near no clues about which he is pontificating on.
While our true top priorities of getting things
ACTUALLY done, such as reasons understood Nationally
for warrants on high crimes like extortion, mass
murder, and other serious treasons, goes waning as
blinded. Incidentally, this, 'Warrant' idea, is
done as such by officers of Law, as following
probable cause to nab the actual bad guys. Deceptively
simple is it's genius, and sadly, too inteligent for
fearfully bigoted Alex Jones to get behind as anyone.
You don't have to be Christ like to know your true
rights. Err. mostly I suppose if free communications
that seek understanding were granted a voice Coast to
Coast for open debate on solutions.


96 percent of the special fund created from the
sale of Iraqi oil and gas-and frozen Saddam
Hussein-era assets is missing - according to
the Pentagon ["we"] is "unable to fully account
for" it.

Fuck you America. Bremer with Greenspan stole
19 billion, and we all know it.

Bush demands total impunity on the war crimes he is personally responsible for



MARKETS INTO [rigged as Illegal] CASINOS

“You all are the house, you're the bookie. [Your clients]
are booking their bets with you. I don't know why we need
to dress it up. It's a bet.” - Senator Claire McCaskill,
Senate Subcommittee investigating Goldman Sachs

Talk about wow!


"Stand Together or Don't"

I just noticed the actual paper titled,
"Stand Together or Don't" has near all
disappeared mysteriously. Get yours before
they're all gone on how we all are being
done wrong here to the tune of billions
and billions stolen from the desperately
poor every damn year.

"Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage contradicted
Rice's claim that the White House had a strategy before Sept.
11 for military operations against al Qaeda and the Taliban."

Isn't this incredible? You bet.


crazy about the truth

'all liberals think this, and that's why my
judgment of them is bad' American goose stepping
"Conservatives" think retardedly


who can't see the reason for what Mr. Bush is,
in everything he has done for ungodly tyranny
home and abroad as war crime monger escaping
those who did 911, isn't a responsible literate
citizen. No evidence against an accused is US
being truly abused. Torture warrants death, but
for censorship to allow us free national debate
with any bush bitch FOX snooze fan still
breathing toxic waste.

CIA admits faking bin Laden confession video

Why doe CNN and FOX think America
not news worthy to have America die
innocent victims suckered escaping
those truly guily of mass murder

Rand Paul: Obama's criticism of BP 'un-American'

Forbidden NWOer knowledge:
Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441.

Remember: Ron Paul calls these war crimes of
millions indiscriminately mass murdered, all for
the TREASONOUS LIES of the grandson to Hitler's
banker, simply, "a Police Action"

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, through out the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

/ / The lawyer group sued thousands of BitTorrent
users who allegedly file-shared motion pictures
belonging to their clients, including the
Oscar-winning Hurt Locker. \ \ Support my demands
to have the propaganda writer, director
and principle actors arrested for high treason.
These are the most heinous of evil doers to
fraudulently sell the bombings, rapes and
tortures of innocent Peoples to escape the
Neocon Zionist Peenackers doesn't warrant
rightly a death sentence for these ungodly
Zionist WAR CRIME enemies through a fair
public trial.

/ / Audit shows 95% of the funds for rebuilding
Iraq 2007-2009 is MISSING and 100% from the
years 2004-2007 is unaccounted for \ \

And the NWOers want you to fear wiser
men and women speaking freely who
understand socialist health care like
traffic lights, or our true nature
to God, to make you look as truly evil
and ignorant of the facts you are
believing Pope AJ is honorable in
escaping Antichrist Bush from the
crimes he is for sure guilty of.
Like Obama is for EXTORTION. Not
the Globalists, Mr. Bush, not the
Elites, President Obama.

Obama "Nothing will be gained by
laying blame for the past."


The Story of Cosmetics (2010)

anarchists are evil to all man who refuse
US Justice fairly as ourselves. Bigot
rightard Ideologues (privatize always,
governemnet is always bad [as themselves])
steal our concern under their corporate
whoring, as blaming the poor for being
poorer today, instead of the IMF escaping
trillion dollar bankster frauds. NWOers
will go on and on about no improving
Health Care for America, but Ron Paul
and his family get socialist (no middle
man for them) health care without a
complaint as top secretly Communist?

/ / Members of Congress and their families are
blessed with their very own gold-plated,
taxpayer-financed, Washington-run health care
system. \ \

TV America - Where The People Don't Count

Oh for Pete's sake.. Republicans give themselves
"Socialized" Canadian like, "Socialist" Health
care, but not for the suckers who pay more for
less to die as losers to the commie con men
absent my logic. If this system is good enough
for Obama and the Repuglicons and Ron Paul, why
isn't it good enough for blinded as lost in
indifference American dumfuks? Good question.

This is war. Repuglicons and Demonrats
are poisoning ourselves due our failures
to communicate. Care for Life and demand
too, we fight for Justice now by allowing
US to set priorities over mass murderers.
Bush and Cheney are guilty of Obstruction
on 911 by closing Police Investigations.

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

/ / how can you mock against having the biggest
concentration camp in the world \ \ while stealing
cookies from children as tactic against the living
rights of everybody - Satanic I think is what G-D
tells of in the Bible, these demonic enemies of
Christ who steal the label Jew from greatness
that God truly wills for all our fellow man.

Ah yes, but did you know: That in ungodly
Satanic Israel, if you as a child, think stealing
from others is unholy, they put you in prison for
refusing to steal from others, or to bomb our
Humanity without justified reason as a bone to
pick? Nazi Israeli openly confess to breaking
the truce by fire bombing our loved children.
Seven million land mines they dropped on Lebanon,
in more than 140 towns and cities. Israeli Nazi
prisons are filled with Jews who believe in
Scripture, who are honest, who are God loving,
who are INNOCENT. First strike targets in
Lebanon? Jews. Satanic just as is explained in
the Bible. The Holy Bible. NOT JEWS, war criminals.

We exist. Life could be something greater.

AIPAC and PNAC are who America must demand
Justice be taken against naked traitors, that
will innocent peoples be murdered, so they can
profit off the kick backs. Let's defend
everybody on this issue, by demanding their
formal public arrests, public trials, and public
convictions. Easier than pie.

Truth about Israel's last war

These Satanic demon enemies of God and Life, just
simply say, we do not target civilians, while the
magic TV refuses to represent the innocent
they routinely target for victims - again, as God
states, Demonically evil in it's affront to
all our Humanity.

Lieberman who advocates incarcerating Americans
indefinitely without trial tells internet
universe to 'relax' about 'kill switch'

Yeah, but he doesn't support the arrest of the
911 conspirators to judge, so what cause is he
serving to stop free speech from winning over the
murderous cheats? A cause that he believes
American men don't have the voice to freely
debate himself for public trial for the traitor
he is? The guy is a naked godless traitor, plain
and simple, who wars the good of America to not
allow the truth be told, that we all know, the
bigots and racists of FOX news like you that way.
Still nothing to say?


What is consistent with AIPAC? They are demon
liars who cheat us the respect we have for
innocent life.

Republicans just can't stand freedom of speech.

Again, Americans, must demand Mr. Bush and Mr.
Cheney's formal arrest for high treason. Anyone
who can't see the reason for what Mr. Bush is,
in everything he has done for ungodly tyranny
home and abroad as war crime monger escaping
those who did 911, isn't a responsible literate
citizen. No evidence against an accused is US
being truly abused. Torture warrants death, but
for censorship to allow us free national debate
with any bush bitch FOX snooze fan still
breathing. Reagan warrants as, still standing,
death to the grunts of Guantanamo, and Americans
would refer to the War Crimes Act to confer.
Cory E. Jones tortures because he likes it, and
like many before him, falsely believes the men of
Humanity will do nothing whatsoever about it.
Like TV Amerika Inc. near haven't regarding Bush
giving zero evidence to form a conclusion on
anyone's guilt or innocence to argue a war crime
as "Patriotic", premised on whether you form your
own conclusions by facts, or follow blindly in
irrational fear against innocent others for evil.
And if you do, then your with them. Who's that?
All those people out here who think for
themselves - and Bushite ameriKans call ME!
crazy. Simply, Bush and Cheney closed official
911 police investigations, designed since the
dawn of civilization, a pre-requisite to arrive
at the identity of the true guilty party, and
those that disagree are those who disallow such
knowledge shared.- As Freedom for All. Including
Space Case Johnny Victory.

Nature is freaky.. and war is hell.


Mitt Romney Calls Emergency Rooms "Entirely Free Care"

Now..see? Corporate Amerika refuses to correct

Mr. Bush the War Criminal Antichrist
"we don't need any evidence"

The Peoples
"yeah, we do."

Americans refuse to humble themselves to wise men
or women speaking, because we make them out to be
what they truly are. Moronic imbeciles.

The Rendon Group and Mexico

(Taxpayers are paying Rendon himself $311.26/hour.)

The guy gets paid more than the President for
rigging elections, and "Americans" say what?

Who Cares?

"Patriot" Minutemen had scheduled other 'operations'
when they were arrested for murders of Americans

You know, they likely still campaign for
funds to build a fence across private
properties.. where they can't be bothered
to even confess it ain't going to happen,
but they'll take your money though, sucke..
er.. I mean, no-concern-for-escaping-911-war-criminal
'Patriots'. Anything to escape from American
Justice, the enemy Zionist Nazi Neocon Peenackers,
along with their fraudulent bankster hustles.,
through the un-documented treasons of dumfuk
Conservative Republican Libertarian BIGOTS, that
insist it is the innocent made poorer as
disenfranchised from being, that must bare the
burdens of crime victim for their complicity
in the death of America. Example: Social Security
is a crime scene wiseguy.


Give US Liberty

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D) Maryland, talking about
Tea Baggers being top secretly Zionist Republican
degenerates who truly hate freedom for America,
like NWOers who can't champion following probable
cause to arrest (arrest=stop) the Bush Junta

"Americans have lost 17 trillion, not billion,
not million, 17 TRILLION DOLLARS in retirement

Lost? Where did it go? Nothing is ever lost.
So, no no, STOLEN by a pro-Tea Bagger. Just
like crimes ridden Social Security. Understand,
those who have STOLEN trillions from Social
Security support the illiterate Tea Bagger
contingent because they'll, as fascist
nazis aligned with a Palin, Ron Paul or Alex
Jones, will to war cheated innocent elderly
Americans for the escape of the for sure
crooks - (Like Bush and Cheney) paying with
the destruction of all life in the dying for
their lawless ungodliness. STOLEN. Note: Bush
and Cheney closed outstanding 911 Police
investigations. PD51, W199i, P2OG.

'Democrats Deeply Divided Over Afghan War'

"The democrats up for re-election are against it,
and the Democrats NOT up for re-election for it!"

It's like, some of these "Democrats" are
Demonrats warring to kill an undefended
from lootings America. Let's change this
together by going on sound principle: We
will the arrest of the 911 conspirators
starting with Bush and Cheney as an act
of true Liberty for prime example.

King Farook says, Forward this far and wide.

THE GIG IS UP - Time to Clean House

US colonel charged with smuggling weapons to al-Qaeda

Not on CNN, CBC, FOXNEWS, nor near anywhere?
Why? Are American lives not important enough
to care they are being set up to die victim
to lawless tyranny perpetrated by illiterate
Nazi grunters, who actually repeat, 'whore
yeah, whore yeah' all day long while killing
everyone in a village for fun.. Freedom?
For whom? Say it with me, 'Die Bushite Die',
why? They are true parasites who war for the
escape of Bush and Cheney as Obstruction to
nab the guilty parties of 9/11. (example:
what if Bin had one or two accomplices? are
you going to blindly support Bush the
antichrist on his public position, Americans
need not evidence to find the actual bad guy(s)?)
Zionist Nazi scum. More than half of the Tenth
Mountain Division's demonic Zombies who mass
murdered our innocent families have been
struck down so far!! Good work men.

Hans Blix: "The Iraq War Was Illegal"

/ / A U.S. audit has found that the Pentagon cannot
account for over 95 percent of $9.1 billion in Iraq
reconstruction money, \ \ Stolen from Iraq like the
19 billion from the Iraq Development Fund as Bremer
and Greenspan did? Ungodly demonic thieves are the
bushite enemy. Die bushite die.

No Evidence, Person Innocent. Who's In?

/ / President Bush was expected to sign detailed
plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two
days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance
before the terrorist attacks in New York and
Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC
News. \ \ What would have been the Justification
used then without 911? A lawless war against
'terrorism' world wide without end? Did you know
a spy had inflitrated the FBI and actually was
responsible for providing the explosives that
near brought the WTC down the first go around?
This is a critical communications issue that is
still costing innocent American lives because the
nation is a land of cowards who refuse to demand
the likes of a George Noory and FOX Snooze fans
to take US seriously in these demands for willing
just causes. Millions mass murdered, pensions
stolen, bailed out to the tune of trillions
banksters foreclosing on everything by refusing
all new loans, WAKE UP, while BP countinues as
criminally negligent un-hampered with Obama still
stating, "nothing will be gained by laying blame
for the past.", With bonuses of billions besides
not paying our continuing costs. Very expensive
this passive, Americans, 'I don't care' for You
dying attitude. Peoples are being poisoned by
deadly COREXIT, and CNN, CBC, and George Noory
don't think it's worth demanding an account here
to save our falling loves. Banksters do not
cover our loans, Zionist Neocon Nazis must not
succeed against our species. Fight back for
Christ sake God damn you. For we're not going
anywhere until we get this solved for the
betterments of everyone. I wish to host Coast to
Coast in a five hour special on why Justice is
Freedom. No evidence, person innocent. Who's in?

/ / plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida \ \

This is a lie by Jim Miklaszewski. MSNBC was
told that the plan was fully implemented, as was
fully comfirmed by his Pentagon sources. Then in
2005 or there abouts, MSNBC scrubbed the story
that sat for years on the public server, to
presumably hide the war crime from America, as
Jim done did do, doctoring the story to now
foolishly say, the plan of Condi's wasn't carried
to completion to have soldiers suckered to die
escaping the actual bad guys guilty for 9/11.
The Plans were top secret and provided to Jim by
someone from Condi's office trying to save
America's ass from these Neocon Zionist Nazi
Liars, and Jim sold US all out to see America die
too apparently, before returning the facts for
America still falling to their personal contempt
for Freedom to not demand Justice for this day.
(Bushite enemies to Life, who rape steal and mass
murder say, "I don't care.") By closing
investigations as Bush and Cheney did and that
Jim failed to report as critical, and then as
they did, bring forward no evidence to form a
conclusion by anyone, would secure criminal
invasion for Enron as the bad guy enemies of
America. God's actual for real Son says, "die
bushite nazi fuckers die."

Cheney's Daboul Working Group explains much..

Max Keiser on Oil Spill: Rewarding Eco-Terror


"Mr. WMD" CIA Chief Sees Taliban Power-Sharing as Unlikely

Taliban is simply "Student", so why wouldn't a
student of Afghanitan have a right to be heard?
Classic tyrannical evil demon enemy speaks
Publicly for those who will the escape of Bush
and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11, Afghanistan,
heroin pushing, Iraq, mortgage scams in with
trillions dollar Bankster extortions, BP's
removal of the safety fluid that caused the blow
up, torturing, raping, and bombing our innocent
Humanity as the enemy of all Peoples. Enemies of
God, enemies of Atheists, enemies of Life
everywhere a Bushite is.

Israel's Ungodly Government are Satanic as Evil Doing Liars,7340,L-3644568,00.html

/ / attempts to plant rockets inside Lebanon pointed
back at Israel have been discovered and disarmed. \ \

Plus, when a tincan rocket dropped harmlessly on
Hifa I think it was, it was argued that the
guilty party couldn't have been more than twenty
miles from where the Zionists, without evidence,
claimed it came from. Where they then, dropped
more than seven million land mines on more than
140 cities and towns to mass murder
indiscriminately for decades. But for when they
targeted the Jewish areas as first strike
targets. In total, Mostly innocent children to
die by America's continuing refusal to stand for
Holy Justice Here Man.


U.S. Rescue costs 23.7 Trillion, Barofsky Says (Update3)


"senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms
and are now equipped to defend themselves if there
is a populist uprising against the bank."

Ha. It's OUR police officers they should be
worried about enforcing OUR standing laws for
extortion, and Bank robbery. Unless that is who
they think they will over power, with all our
Governments, and the eternal timeless LORD of
Creation. Just what are the odds? Crazy bums..


Goldman Sachs admits to using American tax
dollars and giving US to undisclosed
(trillioniare?) no national Hedge fund brokers.
This is a crime to do if you didn't care enough
to know still.

Hedge Fund Manager Locks Up Most Of The World's Cocoa

/ / Anthony Ward has pretty much cornered the
world market on cocoa and from what he says in
this video, will be going after food and water,
too: \ \

Someone was saying something like, four fifths of
near everything we pay for as commodity, goes
into the pockets of trillioniare hedge fund
brokers who truly do nothing for any of US by
nickel and dooming everything. Do you care to
know, on top of all this, Greenspan actually gave
away uncontested Trillions in American tax money
to private hedgers, as criminal fiends to the
bigget heist then ever heard of? Trillions. No
no, not 'Illuminati', or the Globalists, the
Liberals, or the Socialists, GREENSPAN. Annie

Can it rain oily compounds in the Gulf of Mexico? Yes!

/ / The bad thing about benzene is that it stays
liquid and partially evaporates above 42 F up to
its boiling point at 176 F at room pressure.
That means it stays with the oil until it washes
up on beaches and marshes, where it can fully
evaporate at its boiling temperature (the
blackened surface gets very hot in the summer
sun). \ \ 42 F isn't realatively very hot in the
southern states sitting on a black rock, and alot
of 'paritally evaporating' can easily add up to a
whole lot of everything over the course of many
days. Again, we seriously are in need of serious
leadership that treats ourselves fairly in
demands to start a major clean up effort at the
location of cause with everything we have
available. With a great many skimmers, and the
stopping of dispersing poisons, we would be
moving in a better direction than we are right
now with these monster criminals.

/ / toluene, benzene, xylene, and napthalene --
those are for the oil. Now add in
2-butoxyethanol, and dipropylene glycol mono
butyl ether, the volatile components from
Corexit. \ \

Thank you good sirs.. This is serious. We need
arrests made regarding who has been stopping
skimmers, and Peoples from attempting clean ups,
along with the halting of all ON GOING WITH MMS
FRAUD BP war projects. Obama has told, he will
triple the clean up effort now. Hmmm.. are we
all alone on this without media viewerships?
(hint: that's Your Que..)


This is important. Halliburton is warring to
kill America as we speak about hidden forces of
the Globalists, the illuminati, Builderburg, CFR,
and the dumfukker indust complex. (excluding KBR
gang rapists of undefended American women walking
free in messy pants Texas)

Afghanistan war logs: Task Force 373 –
special forces hunting school teachers

Kill a bushite enemy for Humanity as a blessing.

/ / claimed that troops "had surveillance on the
compound all day and saw no indications there
were children inside the \ \ SCHOOL.

"all day "



To support Israel, is to see Netanyaho convicted
the war criminal he is, and executed as such
without delay. He broke the truce getting Jews
killed for stolen charity. Satanic.

Cops Charge Irish Government With Treason

This is important.

Exclusive: Jesse Ventura Talks with Alex Jones
About Government Harassment of His TV Show 1/2

This is important. The privatized Military isn't
to be run for the personal infringment of rights
against Americans for further stolen gains. Bush
and Cheney closed 911 Police Investigations.
Soldiers are being conned to die for the escape
of the actual bad guys that done did do America
wrong for furthering ungodly tyranny. God's
truth. Bush and Cheney are guilty of

Afghan bombing kills 5 U.S. service members

Christ thanks all men worldwide who kill bushite
for the love of God and Countries. There is
nothing honorable in mass murdering our Humanity
indiscriminately to escape Alex Jones' 'puppet'
Mr. Bush and fellow traitor Cheney, along with
the rest of the Zionist Nazi Neocon enemies of
the Republic. Remember: NWOers sell it absent
critical to not allow anyone to discuss freely
the criminal guilt of their false deity antiChrist
Mr. Bush and Cheney, niether never elected. As
closing 911 police investigations for example.
1441. Or, even Obama for extortion. Banksters
do not cover our loans.

'Big bonuses at Citigroup despite huge losses'

Gen. Petraeus slams Taliban for 'indiscriminate' civilian kills in Afghanistan

They just again, as routinely do, bombed a group
of innocent Peoples dead for alleging they were
suspects to those who war America for the escape
and Bush and Cheney by refusing to allow US to
follow proubable cause. We are talking Cop
killers here. KILL A BUSHITE as a Real American
Patriot, and be blessed by God in Humanity. Die
bushite grunting enemies of Life in America die
rightly by the words at hand of Christ as
Saviour, or Joe Brothers from the Bronx.

America - The Hidden Treasure

'HIV test a crime, AIDS 'cure' killed a whole generation'

Dr Ricki Ott (Toxicologist) A message to BP workers and residents in the Gulf

BP KILLS. Do Americans care enough to forward
a concern for Justice lacking in our names left
forsaken here?

Note: you know, if you were human, and had
forwarded this as critical to your survival,
more people would have been made informed
of our losses going un-adressed still..

Israeli jail

..and your going to tell me these aren't the Evil
Ungodly Nazis of History? As defined "Satanic"
in the Holy Bible for those following for a just
cause.. believing in ourselves equally committed
for Living to be free from the injustices of evil
tyranny. They steal our Homes there if you
didn't know already who was who for the lack of
corporate pro war crime concerns. They con our
dying teen soldiers for the final escape of Bush
and Cheney after all, so, what were you expecting
for them to do for US anyway?

Hillary Clinton ADMITS that the US and Pakistan created [Al CIA DUH]
Hillary Clinton Announces $7.5 Billion Aid Effort For Pakistan
Hillary Clinton: Pakistani Government Knows Where Bin Laden Is


Man, this is the best for stating the actual criminal
case as widely documented but left as ignored by the
lame maimed screamers for TV silence on lawless wars
winning stolen gains against everyone. Well done.

Yeah, but anyway, lawlessness sucks.

IDF: We don't have to promise not to hurt [innocent] civilians [exclusively as Satanic],7340,L-3923421,00.html

They as SATANIC broke the truce to get killed Jews
for stealing our good charity as vile evil enemies
of Christ in G-D man.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped


Don't want the facts?

The Republican TRAITORS all on the magic tv
telling American dimwits not to support wise
Justice for pirated America, should then earn
them life term prison sentences for naked
sedition escaping the Peenacker, what say You?

How did KSM get the explosives in WTC7 then?

Bushite McCainiacs are evil stupid people of
History's worst example for false accusations.
To near never apply our skills of communicating
to seek greater understandings, but to divide
our/itself as a bigot false accuser not qualified
to hold such a position in complete disregard for
the worth of it's viewer. US, the Audience.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

'Afghanistan Enacts Law That Gives War Criminals Blanket Immunity'

This is not the action of a Muslim country, but
of those Satanic, warring Allah for the escape of
the Tenth Mountain Division. The group of Nazi
savages, who instead of gloriously killing their
commander, would go into villages in Afghanistan,
and mass murder every inhabitant, to please the
demon Antichrist and "sexy" Rumsfeld. Likely
raping the children and dogs too, as sanctioned
by Rotten Rumsfeld as a way to war with
terrorism. You know me, "die bushite die". When
you see them, you bill them as any real man of
any nationality, or religion naturally would.
Just like Christ as the Mahdi would also. They
truly deserve to die, not to live warring as CNN
"Heroes" collecting expensive free health care.
Note: ABC News reported a little while back,
that half of the entire division has been struck
down so far, either dead by the trigger finger of
the true American Patriot, or with clinical
retardation. A beautiful thing when a bushite
nazi grunter ends don't you think? Yeah way man,
yeah way. Plus, all the Taliban asked for was
any evidence to form a conclusion by those who
lawlessly whore blindly for the demon Antichrist
escaping America for 911. Then, bin Laden
offered to just hand himself over as an innocent
man to save the lives of innocent millions. Die
bushite die the Son to God will for always say
rightly in defense of Liberty as Justice for all.

Bushite Nazi Grunter “There’s no doubt that there were insurgents there, and there may well have been an insurgent leader in the house, but that doesn’t justify executing eight children who were all enrolled in local schools,”

No doubt what? That the Term Taliban means
Student in Arabic? And that a leader of 10 year
old Taliban are called school teachers in the
western world? Again, it was bushite who figured
they had an excuse to murder some innocent
children. Someone over there should look into
it, for these enemies of Life, are Satanic
enemies of Christ. They'll gang rape American
women, and Americans will "vote" for more of it,
without near anyone phoning George Noory, the
demon enemy, and complaining about his lack of
care, or respect for Americans falling further
victims with his laughter and chuckles. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police investigations. He
doesn't care, but, do you?

All Scientists World Wide call on Obama to stop DEADLY chem-spray

They, the Banksters, are trying to kill US.
Fight back for Christ Sake God Damn you.


Los Angeles Times
"BP officials knew about a problem on a crucial well safety device at least three months before the catastrophic April 20 explosion in the Gulf of Mexico but failed to repair it, according to testimony Tuesday from the company's well manager."

"Investigators said BP did not disclose the matter to the appropriate federal agency and failed to suspend drilling operations until the problem was resolved, as required by law."

That is a crime that Obama and the Crew don't
want arrested [aka stopped] for continuing their
onslaught against our suffering Humanity?

Our Time Has Come

Because instead of siding to lock yourselves up
in prison as innocent persons denied a fair
trial, we could decide as a nation, to arrest the
kidnappers, and give them 9 to life behind bars
instead. Sound balanced fair? Of course it
does. What Law man would allow such a demon
whore to steal everyone's right to Liberty,
instead of demanding the arrest of those who are
currently enforcing such naked tyranny, because,
that's just not my America, I'm sorry, I just
won't let my America, my baby, my ride, to go
down that road any farther, I've got an image to
protect. I'm a Human. I am just a Human. It's
a species you'd naturally be more familir with,
if clean water and a balanced diet was your
minding body concerned as I am about the toxins
put into ourselves by total quackery sold as top
TV products to the kids and elderly.

Generation.RX.2008.DVDRip - "Will we surrender,
or will we fight these medical dictates?, will we
embrace the truth, or succumb to the lies?"

I wanna hear from you.
nothing is imoveably set in stone here..

Cause life is good, and God is loved so awesomely
that you can't even barely imagine right Johnny,
but give this time. Time in your day to forward
this to another person as freely considering the
outcomes of Intelligence by design, our own.
Justice we prevail. Let's do this. Ladies, your
my goddesses, if you want we can capitalize,
Goddesses, which ever you so desire, throw the
notion out entirely if you prefer, you rule, and
men,. we're mostly acting like something we're
not. I'll start. I really can't like, fly fly.
Not like, actually take off like a bird or a
plane, least not yet, but everything, in a way,
is possible I do within reason believe. like, 1
plus 1 can equal 1 in a spirited discussion up
here among the stars when less is risking from
lack of understanding. And maybe the beer is a
little too, free flowing. That's like from
Johnny's graduating Master Class, near highest of
difficulty to comprehend as holding, but
freakishly absurd our imagination can conjour
when left to these devices of Plato. Plus, i
know some other wild and crazy stuff about not
being, of your self pondering as never separate
from existing timelessly as a conscious 'aspect'
to reality, that is of everything you've
ever\never been. (it's all private stuff from
then on out so, but yeah, anyway, anyone want to
sign up for a class about nothing? It is a
little pricey right now, cause I am in desperate
need of financing for our continuing survival, so
maybe later when all things are going better,
I'll be able to lower the price.. but anyway.
On second thought, maybe we could sue the entire
nation of Washington (Inc.) on behalf of Humanity
here? these have been extremely well documented
war crimes committed against The Peoples. God,
and everything, perhaps a lawyer or two could
advise US on effective winning strategies..?)
Your go.

Let's work this out.
We have the tech you know.

Child RAPE Condoned by "Sexy" Rotten Rumsfeld
[enemy grunts don't kill him before anyone else]

Republicans for Rape [no, seriously]
[no, seriously]

See in America, they have no gripes about
bushites raping children, or gang raping American
women, or torturing innocent peoples to death.
Let's as Humanity give life terms to those who
walk free in America that gang rape American
Women from KBR along with those 30 Republicans,
or those that rape/torture children as CNN's
"Heroes", the bushite nazi grunters of the demon
evil antiChrist how about?

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

IDF destroys West Bank village after declaring it military zone

"Poof, you're a military zone!"

Satanic evil enemies of all innocent Life on our Planet.

The Olympia Food Co-op Needs Your Support Now!


CIA now pretending 'lawless' private contractors are CIA officers

Cofer Black needs to be executed under the War Crimes
Act of Reagan. He tortures innocent Peoples to give
false confessions for terror crimes, of which are then,
'closed' for real Police inspection. America MUST
target Cofer Black for high treason warranting Death.

/ / What we've been doing, Mr. Chairman, in all reality,
is taken a hundred billion out of the Social Security
Trust Fund, transferring it over to the spending column,
and spending it. \ \ as criminals.

Satanic America - Government Stopping Charities From Feeding The Homeless

John Cornyn: We'll Be Happy to Cooperate With Democrats to Destroy Our Social Safety Nets
[for Paulson and the IMF trillioniare thieves]

Who could ever vote for this pro-rapist in a
democracy where the votes weren't rigged I
ask anyone?

AP 'Election Official's Body Found in Burning Car'

Cornyn defends Israel's right to kill innocent Americans

Remember, this demon enemy also supports gang
raping American women with FOX. And American men
don't care enough to murmur a concern, let alone
demand his head for treason. Again, all American
women, you need to find a real man like me who
will stand in defense of all that is right, as
all that is beautiful. Bushites deserve to die
for their treasonous crimes of mass murder and
torture against the targeted innocent done to
escape TRAITOR Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Bushite
are enemies of our Humanity, and God.

Tea Baggers to protest "high taxes and big government".

98% of working families received a tax cut. Every
state's average tax cut was similar. So tell me
again: What is it they're protesting?

Not the war crimes, not the banksters, not the
tortures, not the vaccines. Not AIPAC, not the
demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin,
and not FOXSNEWS. Tea Baggers are Zombie dumfuk
Republican nazi whores who war America to escape
Bush and Cheney, and those at KBR who gang rape
America women left undefended. They champion
paying private insurance companies billions of
tax dollars irrationally as Ron Paul would
stupidly advise, because they hate, truly HATE a
wise man or woman being allowed to speak freely.
NWOers would rather see all of America die,
before allowing the truth be plainly told. It's
all about escaping Bush and Cheney for the
treasonous crime of Obstruction. A crime that
OFFICIALLY, escapes those responsble for mass
murder in New York City on 911. Americans don't
care for the innocent lives they steal for cash
profit, but, do you? Do you?? Then forward
these concerns, both pro or con. I demand open
communications to speak the facts, while You as
an American, would rather die for treasonous
liars who kill Americans for stolen gain? Your
call losering. We all could be Heroes.


Alex Jones quoting the NAACP (late 3rd hr 20th Jly)
"We don't help white people because they're scum."

Alex Jones the bigot is scum. He wars America to
divide the innocent masses among ourselves to
escape Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on 911,
and the guilty banksters for extortion. Again,
his guests who will to kill America further for
stolen gains Alex welcomes freely.. Openly.

Again, ask yourself, why doesn't Alex Jones
support the formal execution of Ted Nugent for
mass murder with the Texas Law, "Law of Parties"?
Because he'll allow traitors to a dying America,
call themselves murderous patriots with his nazi
censorship to forbid the facts from being spoken.
Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441, and we had
unrestricted access to go where ever we wished
without delay, so American soldiers have been
conned by a Un-American TRAITOR Ted Nugent to
escape the true bad guys responsible for 911.
Die bushite die.

Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

"Ron Paul: Chaos in The Streets and Poverty Coming To the USA"

"police" work isn't inherently bad. To believe
Ron Paul is to believe no one has ever been
rightly put in prison for a crime they were for
sure guilty of.

Jeeze Ron, what about Justice winning? Never
heard such a concept expressed down there in
Washington? Crimes Ron, massive cons of fraud,
rape, mass murder through contempt for
constitutional freedom. People who faith in
everything whoever is, understand: 911 police
investigations were closed by Bush and Cheney,
two guys that Ron formally doesn't support the
arrest of for treason on that unanswered question
either. Is he still a good man opening the door
for ladies, well sure. So maybe you say, Bush is
the archetype antichrist, and Ron's just too
fearful of evil personified.. okay, but then how
about Sachs for selling frauds?, then gambling on
that Securities fraud with yet other Shorts
fraud, then through the FIVE bailouts of AIG, be
paid off again again and again for like frauds of
the TARP funds. EXTORTION - banksters don't
cover our loans! we do.. Goldman Sachs didn't
even do commercial banking!, until the bailouts
were announced I read.. This isn't suppose to be
funny anymore.

"US says it may kill Americans abroad"

That would be murder, and no you may not.


Radical Muslim group run by Israeli [Satanic Zionist liar] Jews!


'Spending and Deficit Too Large to Pay Unemployment Benefits'
'Republicans agree that tax cuts don't have to be paid for'

Republicans are evil parasites feeding to kill America.

Fox's Coulter: Liberals "always" root for Nazis.

Mr. Bush's grandfather was Hitler's banker, and
the bushite nazi grunts murdered millions,
MILLIONS! of innocent defenseless Peoples they
shot, or bombed at random with, "guess work" -
sadistic ungodly demon fuks who rape, torture,
steal from AMERICA to push more Heroin for life
term prison sentences meeted out against not the
bushite nazi culprits responsible

92% of American Conservatives Believe Obama is a Socialist

SEE! ILLITERATES! Dumfuk enemies of Life who
can't be bothered to consult ever for facts, but
to only spew what they as Zombie Commies have
been trained to re-gurgitations. Floundering
further America into irrational lawlessness as
Hitler's Banker family minions. Freedom is
Justice. And a Bushite McCainiac just hates
that. They can't compete when free
communications are allotted for legitimate

Obama Knows: "troops just air raiding villages and killing civilians"

Kill a Bushite for America, kill a Bushite for
Humanity, kill a Bushite for Christ in God.

Bush and Cheney's Escape

"'US Army sent 'hardcore' neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan'"

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure. Too dumb any grunt is to make
hide nor tail of anything that surrounds them,
(vaccines I'd suspect) so, justly blindly frays
as war criminal the good work the real men, the
real Patriots who are trying to accomplish here -
as saving the deaf soldier's blind brother that
is right there at the front with him going,
'Can't you see, this Iraq war has no good cause
to speak of?' If the Marines were loyal to the
Marines, they would war for Justice by freely
communicating, and as such, no soldiers would
have died rightly in these other needless forays
of evil false accusers, who rape, who torture,
who steal, who push heroin, who mass murder,
giving their lives for Bush and Cheney's escape
for the crimes of 911 with the banksters in tow,
telling how we now owe them more than ever

Soldiers saving lives. Yeah, that's right,
saving lives. I shouldn't have to kick anyone's
ass to get this going for Johnny rules already
gone without no one but you to surmise just as
much truthfully. Good luck! We're going to need
it.. oh hey, check this out..

Alex Jones and The NWOers are bigots trying to
divide our innocent masses, all to escape Bush
and Cheney from the real Patriots of Just causes.

"Progressives Want “Direct Action” and a Disarmed Public"

Look, can't we respect ourselves enough to know
your term "Progressives" makes no cents? I can't
even agree myself with whatever half the time, so
how can these categories of the largely
un-classified, be dally wagged there as mocked
foolishly, 'in the dark'? We the People are the
People. Innocent until proven otherwise.
Progressives want Bush and Cheney arrested for
the crime of Obstruction - Obstruction to nabbing
the true culprits responsible for mass murder on
911 fool. Why? Because that would be
Progressive. And... buying in bulk is cheaper
too. Good debate this makes for the cools.
Check. Justice is this Possible.

Side note: did you know, in America, school
debating classes of the troubles of our world,
was a worthwhile popular thing back in the day
when freedom was sought in the names of all as
the noble, the righteous, the civilized, back
somewhere near the late twenties, where a twenty
could buy you enough to feed the family for a
week, or when in the thirties where Canada said,
'hold on a sec. you mean to tell us, you
banksters don't even cover our loans! arrest
them and get our money back, and Create an answer
to the SCAM with, The Bank of Canada' - somewhere
along the way the vision stalled in mid flight
due the wars and starvation, but that time we
were very close.. we can do it for real this
time. Justice is Victory! Bushite McCainiac
domestic TV junkies are defeated by simple fact
when open communications are realized for our
measured betterments. Let's bring back the will
to set things right as Jesus would you say what?

a pause.. GOD IS AWESOME!

We all know who a Republicans generally is, and
what box they fit neatly in as ungodly evil doing
liars on FOX, but who are we the rest of
everything else entirely as un-classified?
without form in the minds of the bigots and
racists? (in that context) The left wing right
wing thing reported by TV is a con by those who
don't have the strength or will, to stand US on
our ownsies. Have no fear, I'm a pro. Here you
go. Justice is Victory. Hi, my name is John.
I'm old school Human.

We are having a communications problem
about freedom here. Peace sells.

I think we need desperately to look at Bush and
Cheney still attempting their get-a-ways with
Humanity in tow by Clinton and Obama just now..


Rise up for innocent life American, or don't and
see where you'll get yourself in the end,. Do
US a favor, and Forward this post on. Your
King has spoken.

Honorable American soldiers do not obey criminal
orders to escape the Peenackers for 911 as
ENEMIES of the LORD and Life.


Number 1 on Googlism

"Bush is the antichrist"

AJ 'Bush is just a puppet. Next caller..'


Torture Memos Admits Techniques Were Not Approved By DOJ

Judge Rules CIA Can Suppress Information About Torture Tapes and Memos

No he can't, unless he's telling US he's a
war criminal with Cofer Black who has fully
confessed to the war criminal conduct as
done to escape the 911 terrorists. Bill a
bushite irrational demon enemy and be
loved by all. Bush and Cheney closed
911 police investigations. Die bushite


"We are an occupied country with a puppet government".

"UNIFIL has found nothing to support these [ungodly
Satanic] Israeli [LIAR] claims," U.N. Special
Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams said

We need we. Accountability we
must demand greater than currently losing
all of life to. We must demand arrests made
all over the place. Starting with Bush and
Cheney for 911. Americans were mass murdered
and the Republican and Demorats don't want
to see America defended from tyranny, only
to divide like Alex Jones does, to have you
fear 'socialists', or ANY Mexican, instead
of escaping war criminals like Bush, or Paulson
for frauds including extortion. Who cares who's
secretly a liberal socialist who wills fair
Public representation, before an actual, for sure
war criminal? Alex Jones the divider, who claims
Rand Paul, or Ted Nugent, or the UN-DEFINED
tea bagger illiterates that hold zero interest
in defending America from REAL criminal plunder,
is not his con he sells to escape those who have
truly done America wrong as bonifide CRIMINALS.

Clarifying [pro-racist but not a racist himself] Rand's Position on Guantanamo

/ / Should we release KSM because he was tortured? \ \

What is he guilty of demon fuk, and shouldn't we
try Rand for treason to suggest any other such
thing? He was tortured, as Rand wills against
innocent Americans to officially suffer his
criminal consequences. Libertarians are an evil
fuk, who as cowards, only suggest the escape of
those that truly do America wrong. Don't fight
to defend the rights of innocent victims by
demanding the arrest of Bush and Cheney,

[UN-CONSTITUTIONAL - where's Ron Paul and the
"Constitutionalists" here?]

no, torture innocent peoples to Death with
private mercenary Cofer Black while pimping child
rape. Just keep it hidden from US, the Public
like they do regarding banking, vaccines, and the
notorious VLT. Ergo, Palin and her crew go, 'no
public option! no public option!' and the self
labeled Libertarians, the Conservatives, the
Republcans, with the Tea Bagger racists and
bigots, rapists and Satanists all chiming in
unison - no fair share. No to the Public having
a fair say in these matters of your survival.
Still don't care to get involved in forwarding
these concerns as Your own? You'd better. I'm
just saying is all.

BP Blown out

Can this be done by bankster professionals who
have for sure defrauded America trillions?


Back to the Front - The King of Earth Speaks Out

Brig.-Gen. J.C. Collin, commander of Land Force
Central Area, that they were being told "not to
interfere in incidents in which Afghan forces
were having sex with children." Bushite grunts
raping kids, and what does the American man have
to say? too cowardly to speak for the interests
of innocent victims? No to Women's Rights is
what these bushites war unjustly our Humanity to
rape as thieves further, pushing for life term
third strike felony ("felony" in the American Tea
Bagger Zombie Commie State means as little as
shoplifting, or being a paraplegic suffering in
chronic pain) prison sentences to American teens
who buy their heroin, LIFE TERM PRISON SENTENCES,
so, no wonder.. Bushite truly serve to deserve
death before they are allowed to murder again
another innocent person loved by God as Human
defended to the death by the True American
Patriot Warriors. Take it from me, Christ would
rip these bushites limb from limb to defend their
next targeted innocent child victims, but the
good folks wouldn't understand it as being a true
act of love for Life and God. DBD. The less
fearful President Reagan warrants Death for
torture in his War Crimes Act, and we as
Humanity, will go with that. It is the standing
Law of America after all, and reason rules
supremely greater, than the bushite amicakan nazi
fukhed that doesn't champion the arrest, trial
and executions of the private mercenary firms
Blackwater and Aegis (along naturally 911's Bush
and Cheney). They mass murder innocent people
for stolen money if you didn't already know
anything of military history. Always for ever
the bad guys, who war Life not for a just cause,
but as war mongering war criminals who openly
support lawless military dictatorships presently
in near every so named dictatorship of slavery.
Example: Blackwater pimps child rape, and, Eric
Prince, war criminal deserving of Death, admitted
to tape that he supports the dictatorship of
Royal Dutch Shell over all the Peoples of
Nigeria, and wars those innocent Peoples for
stolen revenues today he openly claimed. Do you
care? Why do Americans own guns? He admits that
the bushite nazi grunts in Evil Florida, allow
him to call in Nazi air strikes against anyone he
wishes, then went on to tell, how he and his gay
faggot friend murdered that chap who had thrown
his shoe at war criminal Bush. That is called
murder in these here parts, and it is for that
crime alone, I ask all men who carry guns to
demand his formal arrest with torturer Cofer
Black as war criminals taking us all out for a
hangin', now, before he measures another Soul
with just as much distain he does to the millions
and millions of INNOCENT Nigerians.. Apparently
he with Aegis doesn't like us Niggers, and would
rather see them all enslaved or just made dead if
he has anything to say about who he wills to
murder next as disciple of the demon Antichrist.
TYRANNY. Bushite Nazi Grunts Said, "I DON'T
CARE.", and now, not surprising, they is dead
without sound principle as was dying cowardly to
'lawlessly' escape Bush and Cheney for the naked
treasons of 9/11 as it was. Still don’t care for
anyone corporate TV American? Your call, your
country, my voice, this world.

you care to remain silent still?

Dying for These Lies is the Silence of a Coward

The bravest, most eloquent 9 year-old kid in the world (English subtitles)

"Germany" owtlaws Freedom for ties with HAMAS -
HAMAS who won the, Bush Administration pressed
democratic elections in 2006. To, as REAL demons,
deny innocent Christian children cookies, health
care, education, and free from pre-mediated first
degree mass murderers indiscriminately attacking
our Humanty as Satanic evil enemies of all that


"Germany has insisted the killings were appropriate"

"Germany" said no such thing, but death to the NAZI
who has PIRATED the German Peoples to spew such lies.

One Reason - Another Wizard's World Wide Work of Wonder

The Zionist's Message to the Son of God's Peace Activist

/ / Let this be a message to any "peace
activists" who try to aid and abet the enemies of
the Jewish people and Israel. \ \ Kill a Zionist
demon liar, and be blessed by GOD and a Humanity

They attacked life saving emergency aid destined to
assist our innocent Humanity

"A Tea Party greets Obama in San Francisco
and the left is not happy about it"

Divide the masses who want Justice by claiming
Obama is a leftist? How so? It's ego before
facts, it's ego before Country. Rather see
America die, before a retard Conservative tea
bagging Libertarian is confronted directly for
their contempt for the Constitution, for the
flag, and on all we stand United. Justice for
911. Tea Bagging Retard "Bush is just a puppet,
and Obama is.. is... wahhh! I want my mommy!"

"Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, Tea Party Go Away!"

Note : the Tea Party was started in Boston to
redirect America to demand Justice for 911.
Then, multi-millionaire Ron Paul with Alex Jones
took it to be, no bad guys exist in American
politics while illiterate teen soldiers die for
nothing but evil as blinded in tyranny, then
Palin, demon whore of Satan stated, tea baggers
were about denying Justice for terrorists - and
the crowd of 666 televised world wide chanted,
whore yeah, whore yeah!


"The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security"

The 50 Ugliest Facts About The US

/ / In 2009, U.S. banks posted their
sharpest decline in private lending since 1942. \ \

Criminals who will to kill all as Satanic
evil liar Banksters, who DO NOT, I repeat,
DO NOT cover our loans. Demand Johnny be
allowed to speak for open polite debate
against the tyrant evil enemy Zionist
Nazis who pirate the American flag
as on all we stand united, Justice
for all. Thus, as such, we regain
our stolen trillions while saving
countless innocents.

/ / sanctions won't stop Iran from building a nuclear warhead,
according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. \ \

Liar demon evil ENEMY.

Oil/Water samples from Gulf...VERY TOXIC

Crimes these are against America. Why
don't you demand the truth be told to
defend our lives "American"? Instead of
dying in lies like 'bin Laden did 911',
or the Iraq war isn't a crime against
God and Humanity to escape Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11.


"Afghans protest killing of civilians"

Taliban is arabic for Student. Kill a bushite for
Christ, and be blessd by God and Humanity. Bushites
who lawlessly war Creation for the escape of Bush
and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 to push their
dope deserve rightly to die today. Die bushites die.

"Intelligence Chief"

/ / Obama’s pick for intelligence chief thought
Bush was right about WMDs in Iraq \ \

How is this not sabotage? A mind that for
criminal gains, or being dumb to the facts of
reality, is going to now, head up as,
"Intelligence Chief" of these entire United
States of America? Do you think as I, that
President Obama needs a friend like us to better
judge our options here? Justice is what we will
to defend our freedoms understood. (WMDs was a
con, a con naked, a con treasonous. The bushmob
doctored the NIE for example) Not to war denying
others a right to liberty with false accusations,
false arrests, torture, bankster extortions and
so on far into realms a repuglicon demonrat
refuses as fathomable. Anyway, I'm King Johnny.
I am neither one without another even fancier
label system as a dynamically alive individual, I
am not left at the exception of being measured
correct, or right when I say, blind loyalty for
bribe money as stolen gain with fuzzy facts not
corrected as unstable in corporate America is
boulder dash. It's the groupings of celebrated
truly blind Ideologues, who insist their narrow
limited view like a bigot or racist does, could
stand as long as those who know better,
mathematically or as such logically, are not
allowed polite speech through open public debate
in defense of the innocent left victimized.
Starting firstly with, the deeply illiterate,
(fan of demon whore of Satan Palin for example)
on the issues that are highly important to
everyone. Peace. Debates on our political
stages to garner the minimal facts for action,
could be a great windfall if we put our minds
together fairly for actual freedom for any
individual. Not flailing madly through the
maelstrom of hell laughing at the passing of gas
plumes. I stand on my own sides. I'm old school
human. Multi dimensionally. No evidence person
innocent. A free man shall not be imprisoned..
While torturers are the serious bad guys with
Bush and Cheney we must bag as the law Publicly
demands. Do not except their broked excuses to
our public without shallow meditations on who you
really are here left without the rights that life
freely grants you among the stars in Heaven.
Treat yourselves better to know, we need to Start
effectively addressing the oil spill on actions
to commission a massive world wide effort to try
mitigating the further poisoning of our Oceans,
while simultaneously working with all Police
world wide on Justice for 9/11 starting with

This work is in the public domain