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Commentary :: DNC
Why Bother To Protest The DNC?
23 Apr 2004
Why should we protest the Democrats? For months now we have been inundated with the call of “Anyone but Bush!” But then who are we encouraged to support; who is it that is rallying this anti-Bush call? The Democrats. Are they REALLY the answer? Our gut tells us no, but out of fear and a lack of choice we turn to them.
Why should I bother?
April 23, 2004
Bl(A)ck Tea Society

Why should we protest the Democrats? I know I hate virtually all that Bush has done to this country and the world since his administration was placed into office. Why don't I like Bush? Because he is corrupt, doesn’t allow the American voice be heard, because he bases his policies on the ideas and visions that are only shared by the elite and mega-rich. He veils this agenda in a well-spun and calculated manner by which millions of Americans are deceived and the rest are intimidated.

For months now we have been inundated with the call of “Anyone but Bush!” But then who are we encouraged to support; who is it that is rallying this anti-Bush call? The Democrats. Are they REALLY the answer? Our gut tells us no, but out of fear and a lack of choice we turn to them. When we listen to them, we get angry. We get angry at Bush, at the Supreme Court, at Republicans, really at anyone who doesn’t agree with Democrats. Bottomline…we get angry. But is that what America is about? Anger? Not my America.

I’m tired of living in fear, living in anger, living in despair. I’m tired of hearing how this year the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is spending more on prisons than on higher education. I’m tired of walking down the street and seeing the homeless and feeling guilty that I can’t give them a dollar. I can’t give them a dollar because our government hasn’t created an environment in which jobs that pay a fair wage can thrive. We have a government of Democrats and Republicans
that taxes me to the gills and lets corporations walk away with tax exemptions, tax credits and loopholes. Who has given us this state of affairs? The current structure of government. A two-party system. Republicans AND Democrats.

Where in the Constitution does it say that there should be two parties, let alone any parties? I’ll save you some time…it doesn’t. What the United States Constitution does talk about is a government by the people and for the people. At the time, that was revolutionary. Unfortunately, the revolution fell just short. We must continue the revolution of creating the
country and the world that the founders of this country envisioned.

The world I want to live in is one of hope - one where the rights of every individual are respected, validated and heard. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans do this. Sure they say they do and they craft elaborate policy schemes and deceptive rhetorical flourishes that appeal to the masses and gets them elected when the other side has power. But
once the power of government flips from one side to the other, they both act the same way. They go right back to the status quo (perhaps with some minor adjustments).

Well, I’m tired of the status quo and minor adjustments. The status quo SUCKS. Major adjustments are needed. We can be told that it’s the greatest thing on Earth, but then why do hundreds of thousands sleep on the streets without a home; why do millions go without basic healthcare; why are trillions spent on weapons and only millions on educating the future of our world? Why? Because our bastardized democratic government has been overrun by capitalistic and greedy corporations. Our government has slowly been stolen. And we must take it back. We will take it back. One day at a time. It has already begun. Come join us.

Everything we read in the media and are surrounded with tells us that everything is great. We should just shut up and go shopping. But our gut tells us that this isn’t right. That there is more to life than the movies, the stores, the cars, and sex, drugs and rock and roll. Not that those things are evil. I happen to enjoy sex, drugs and rock and roll, as well as the occasional movie, road trip and new shirt. But I know that there is more to life than those things. You know this, too.

Tired of things the way they are? Stop your bitching and do something. Be the change that you want to see. Volunteer. Organize. Mobilize. Educate. Speak out.

Come join us as we envision a better world and protest the powers that have gotten us to such a sad state of affairs.

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The Status Quo Does Suck!
23 Apr 2004
Nader doesn't have a chance.
Kerry? He does.
Tell the DNC no one but Kucinich
23 Apr 2004
Modified: 05:37:11 PM
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Screw Kerry, he isn't even trying to get the democrat's votes...he is taking our votes for granted. Intelligent people are not fooled by platitudes.

I think it says something that after lying to start a war, failing to protect the nation on 911, and then showing up at a press conference either drunk, completely out of touch...or both...well if Bush is still beating Kerry in the polls, shouldn't the democrats find another candidate?

We must tell the democrats it is Kucinich or no one. If they force Kerry on us, they will throw the election to Bush.
Re: Why Bother To Protest The DNC?
25 Apr 2004
Good fucking question!
Re: Why Bother To Protest The DNC?
25 Apr 2004
While the constitution doesn't explicitly say that there should be only two parties it does provide a framework in which there could never be more than two. The reason so many other countries enjoy a greater variety of political parties is that they employ proportional voting systems, in america our system is majoritarian. In a majoritarian system the only winning strategy in an election is to appeal to as many people as possible, you must have a wide, wide base. If, for instance, there were three parties, the one with the more central position between the other two would always win and the lesser of the other two would eventually die out because it would not be able to win. That is why we have always been in the two party situation (bar a couple of transition periods).

With that said, it seems that the real trick to changing american politics lies in changing our electoral rules. It may seem impossible but it's a hell of alot more possible than winning our cause while this system is in place.