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Commentary :: Human Rights : International
This is Explains the Million Man Terror List
17 Sep 2010
oh.. am I finally getting the selfish American
"Patriot" spirit jerked into a miff? Well, it's
about time, it's about time. We've only had
several million People so far indiscriminately
mass murdered, the world poisoned, and trillions
plundered, but, well, better late than never.
This is Explains the Million Man Terror List

/ / Group Demands Investigation into DHS, Long
History of Labeling Americans as Terrorists
(Israeli Company Used) \ \ gays, smart folks who
read books, and those with a command of their
faculties. Those who Empathize. Israeli are
anti-Jewish evil Nazi bastards of Satan. Or, the
bad guys in the X-Men. Just as explained in
Scriptures, or stories by Stan. Boo. Yes,
it's true, I am what is referred to as a man.
That's right. A man from a time where being as
such really meant something good. As mythical
Boy Wonder, I would suggest closing Homlund Skirty
by rightly seizing everything there as evidence for
FBI indictments of high treason, including, spying
for a foreign power. Plus the deliberate false
accusations created quite an expense for everyone
concerned. Billions and billions from last I
read. Wasted Police services, yes redrawn off
following leads at major Zionist crime scenes,
yes, but also jamming up the lines at the airport..
oh.. am I finally getting the selfish American
"Patriot" spirit jerked into a miff? Well, it's
about time, it's about time. We've only had
several million People so far indiscriminately
mass murdered, the world poisoned, and trillions
plundered, but, well, better late than never.
Welcome to the Cause of Man. Send this post to
whom you believe should be concerned. Just be


Mr. Bush closed 911 investigations and claimed
if we weren't with him blindly to mass murder
millions indiscriminately as the established
COMPLETELY INNOCENT, we were therefore to only
be, with the Terrorists of 911 apposing torture,
high taxes, or Banjo playing at 4 am, without any
distinctions drawn. Can you hear me now? Does
the truth hurt more than losing a home? or teen
son or daughter for stolen profits? How about a
country? Art Bell thinks so, as he has said as
much without a Johnny Justice broadcasting yet.
Let's Change things better, by speaking out
for Justice today as tomorrow and beyond
for our futures.

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?


Obama "I will not walk away from this fight."

Talking on how his "America" has plenty of south
African death squad goons who are into killing
Niggers, Or Uzbek Christian Muslim Jew murderers,
ungodly Saudi fundamentalist crazy persons? why
not, who'll be happy to become "American" to
"fight" for his criminal cause if the price is
right. It's only at the cost of taxing all of
American. You know, my friends, I really do
believe Obama has stepped over a line here, not
providing his Birth right as American, to make
such decisions as the "Democratic Party" in our
Names contrary to American values, but that is
just me..

"Birthers"! Hey, you know when I.. Never mind..
Where is?. .Obama's. credentials?

Obama's US Court OKs Torture and “Extraordinary Rendition”

I've written on this. It is a war crime
warranting death. Please defend America.


43.6 Million Americans Living In Poverty

Did you know that "Poverty" in America is when
you earn $21,900 as a family of four before
taxes? Now, everyone of the developed world who
doesn't know, rent for a small bachelor apartment
in Manhattan for individuals who are COMPLETELY
Bagger's brightest Scott Brown would leave not
paying taxes whatsoever) costs about $18,000 a
month. In California, as like many of the
southern States (Commie Pinko Alex Jones would
tell as the best in the world), many People can
not afford a phone, electricity, or water because
the Publicly paid for companies have been often
out-right stolen by a Republican Conservative
'Tea Bagger' for nickels on the dollar. I know,
I know, who cares right? Americans refuse to
forward my words to defend their own dying
selves. It's a TV nation comprised of almost
entirely bigots. At AJ's website, they'd never
know this. Why? They don't seem to really care.
AJ has gold, so.. who banking cares for the
plight of the little guy right? 'The Best in the
World'. You should have heard Alex shut down a
caller who's brother was expected to die because
the family couldn't raise the cash for an
operation to save his life. Alex said speak no
more. 'No way' he claimed, TV America has the
best health care in the world - in fact he went
on to tell all like Ron Paul does with a straight
face, you can get free health care anywhere in
America. by just simply asking - I AM NOT LYING.
Being an Alex Jones Commie Pinko sucks, where all
Americans give and give and give for only the
Elites of the Elites of his New World Order.
Americans pay twice as much per-capita as
Canadians do that recieve Universal coverage,
while the TV Rightard's censored poor victims are
expected to go out then and buy some private
insurance. The Iraq war has no cause. Commie
Pinkoism. Now, Am I alleging Alex Jones wears
pink panties as a sadomasochist depriving US an
equal right to speak freely with the facts? Yes.
Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.
Catch this pod from,


The Rocket Man 'This ISN'T rocket science!'


Soldier Killed for refusing to Torture the Innocent

"Peterson objected to the interrogation
techniques used on prisoners. She refused to
participate after only two nights working in the
unit known as the cage. Army spokespersons for
her unit have refused to describe the
interrogation techniques"

/ / she had been "reprimanded" for showing
"empathy" for the [innocent] prisoners
[randomly kidnapped] \ \

I would order all soldiers to arrest try and
execute these Nazi grunts for America, as
America. Nazi Bushite Grunts deserve to die to
defend their next innocent victims says Christ.
And we would know. Again torture warrants death
everytime according to President Reagan. Kill
the bushite as a Man in this God forsaken world.


The Johnny This Week


Normally I wouldn't make a deal winner, but this
work by The Daily Show crew I feel was
incredible. It was. So powerful, and the
audience, well, we were them when Mr. Stewart
covered the veiled threats that we've witnessed
Publicly, but maybe not entirely heard before
like that in his, high brow low brow context with
everyone listening. Then the needless conflict.
As who is pushing who. Bravo.

..and honorable mentions for the Johnny this
week... goes to.. Mr. Eddie Bravo, who on Alex
Jones stated something like, 'yeah that movie
Machete, that was good.'. Awesome. I thought It
weren't bad neither, not fantabulous or any
thing, but it certainly was a page turner. Broke
some new ground too If I recall.. I hadn't
thought of writing something about it till this
moment, so I'd need to watch it again to get that
second look to confirm my shadowy dynamic
assessment in whatever. But, it clearly wasn't
about Race, it was about injustice. It was about
the circle of life getting our way, good or bad,
(breaking in on all story telling with the, fence
and the saved changed assailant not being able to
undue "The Law" was timelessly unique as a
collage of forces nearing the god dilemma with
big politics as it's over view to consider) and
then, wow, as religious female figure enters out
of nowhere, and shuffles the seeds. That was
cool. I considered a little mabe too exessive
violence caught the movie off guard on the
accounting in the big scene I thought - where in
those indiscriminate lodgings, it would have
brought much worst consequences in the real
world. For fairly, as you would easily know, the
premise can be notioned as turned which any way
to state as such in metaphoric illustration, but
it had a strong core of realism that didn't lend
to the avant-garde, those actors were living.
Actors, unlike Politicians generally succeed
because they actually have talent, and that kind
of talent doesn't just magically appear out of
nowhere, but as individuals who have pulled
thoughtful reflection out of living this dream.
Least that is where I was when I experienced at
the ending.

So, it was a about Bush too. And, maybe it was a
little about myself as well. and yeah well,
maybe not enough about Mexico. 9/11.
Rockefeller.. But I digress..

Have you guys ever heard of W. C. Fields?

And I of course, as probably many Joes, thought
Alex's interpretation was shallow as he usually
paints with his typical definitive conclusion as
everything through the mind of the absolutely
foolish sometimes. Least we know better where
our bigots are pat. But Alex isn’t all that bad
a guy.. Truly. He HAS strengths. I tease him
like a brother might sometimes, but it's only
because I want to see him succeed in this world
by learning it's not all or nothing. And we are
really something. Honest John. I want us all to

Maybe when I get some time I'll right a short
book on the experience to just try to do it a
better Justice. Or, maybe even, someone might
want to make my production company a film offer
for how it all came to be? Hint hint?

Downers to UFC's spokesperson joking about women
being less than respected in his, Grunts are "us"
climate however., (Bravo's dork friend), showing
we still have a distance for some to become men
in this forsaken world. Everywhere. I have
hope. We have much to do however in this place
we will free, for you and me to be we alone in
company. Justice is Victory. Heaven is a Beauty
to Imagine. This is far from impossible that I
bring these ideas from the Universe we are born
timeless as. measured scientifically. First
step: No evidence, person is innocent.
Therefore, no evidence against the accused for a
capital offense, means we as anyone, are being
taken by a false accuser. Not a big deal in the
normal everyday, however when it's used to
destroy innocent souls mass murdering People to
steal all our monies I get quite Irate. Why? I
know these things. If they were we you'd be just
as steamed too probably. Well, they are. US I
mean. I heard something about someone showing up
to see how we've been doing, so let's put on some
Sinatra, and try to get them to understand, we
won't let it happen again.. okay? Don't make we
look bad. Thanks for helping. We have a job to
do. Just Do It.

That's right,
I did that,
King Johnny

Military Contract for American Paid for $100,000 Buckles

/ / You heard me right; soldiers were ordered to wear
body armor made by David Brooks even though it
was inferior to other available types. The order
to enforce the soldiers' use of Brooks product
came from "very high." But note that Generals
in the war zone wear Dragon Skin! \ \ [frm WRH]

Hi all Soldiers. My name is General Johnny,
or Johnny Patriot, or Johnny Two Tone, or
as just yourself all by your lonesome. So,
together we are now championing for Justice.
All Peoples will be treated fairly for our
benefit. Torture is criminal, and Capital
Punishment will be outlawed I will
successfully win for free international
debate in Peace Time hands down. With
fair elections by paper ballot I will
encourage it Politically we decide
to inform ourselves about the trillion
dollar private bankster scams [Yea or Nay]
as relevant to the Presidential Office
taking a stand against such extortions.
I will call for the, who is who, dropping
radio-active toxic waste bombs to get
anyone murdered for centuries to escape
Bush and Cheney as our top priority - IF - I
say if, we can get this ball rolling.
Let's Roll!

[Are we blowing your mind here or what?
We are as could be even more Incredible
for others to know so too. So, why don't
you forward this post top secretly even,
Justice as Freedom is Good.]

Bushite Nazi Grunt Enemies Pushing Heroin

INTO AMERICANS. Teens. Life term prison
sentences to those who get addicted as third
strike felonies, but not death to the grunts
displayed in this video, that FOXNEWS Tea
Bagger parasites will claim are Patriots.
Like themselves. Patriot's to what? Satan?
You got it. Liar evil enemies of Life in
the Universe to not champion Justice for
American murder victims on 9/11, and so on.
Claiming "FUNDAMENTALISTS" are not
"FUNDAMENTALISTS" who disagree with selling
heroin to send Americans down the river?
(Again a Shrine to the Taliban right on
Ground Zero, right on it, will be the
victory of Christ in Justice. ) Do you care
to still refuse to forward this to someone
else, that would care just as much about
our dying futures here as Yourself. Or
no.. you'd rather see freedom lose wouldn't
you. TV American males suck the Devil's
greasy Cock as the Anti-Gay faggots, while
the Women can near only Dream what a real
man is who truly defends The Family. with
honor as virtuous. America near no where
make those any more with their refusal
to forward these words of brotherhood for
Life. They hate We. Become a Man for a
change losers. Time for the arrest of Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 to continue
ourselves on following probable cause to
get the rest of these ungodly war criminals
responsible for mass murdering Americans.
...Or get back to what you weren't doing
'American Citizen' you'll be frantically
telling the lawless Bushite "Cop" when
it arrests you without cause just to see
what you have in your wallet.. Why not
TV American? "No Justice for them so you
can have it all as yourself" Right? (I
swear, that is very near a verbatim quote
from Palin/Huckabee 2012? - and not
far from AJ on AZ either) [..] Decide

"The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Massacre"

/ / This video or group may contain content
that is inappropriate for some users \ \

How so? Did you notice the counter of
"Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget"
linked at near 100,000 separate locations
for more than a year seen by who knows how
many greater than what Google is tallying,
has more than 1 for every 10 views a
comment? With largely people furious over
our failures to fairly communicate for
freedom? And the Rightard liar vids that
sell the mass murder of our innocent
families with Zionist demon lies weaker
than a seven year old tells, (youtubed
without restrictions!) is topping nearer a
million with comments in the Tames? Tell
God honestly, do you hate us because we
are wiser than you, as a TV "Rightard"? Do
you enjoy being a TV "Rightard"? I hate
Rightards with the evil minds of a bigot
who pirate our free wills to levy Justice
for our time. Don't You? Eh? Care at all?
This should be front page. Forward March.
Hey! People! Don't Be Evil.

Congressman: BP "Openly Blackmailing the American Government"

We have no real leadership. The Iraq war
is not a "Police action", but an info crime
against American teens to die for tyranny..

Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade

Why not save our soldier's lives, by fighting
for a just cause? Oh yeah, he wars God and
Humanity with lawless tyranny, to rape
women and children, to push heroin, all
to escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11 as
naked traitor. He's into running death
squads against every last one of US as
innocent victim, if it means more stolen
values into the ungodly evil pockets of
the enemy Neocon demon liars. He gets
teen soldiers killed for the escape of
those like himself who carried out 9/11.

Brothers in Arms

I cry for ourselves here, and your failures
as my reader to sent this post out to everyone
you can.. I've tried and tried for so long,
and we just can't go on all alone with
this if you will to not support our callings
for Justice to defend the innocent, real
Justice.. So I will pray there is another out
there who sees our desperate needs today for
open free communications above our TV clowns
for the cause of all fairly as freedom being,
Brothers in Arms. Please.

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?



CHRIST SAYS 'Israeli are Anti-Jewish'

.. on the naked lies of TIME magazine warring America
for the escape of the Zionist Neocon Peenackers in

/ / Deflecting criticism of [war crimes] Israel by
screaming "anti-Semitism" makes as much sense as
deflecting criticism of the Nazis by screaming
"anti-Germanism!" \ \

..or anti-Jewish because without argument from
anyone, the Palestinians are the Semite Peoples
here, and too, the millions of Iraqis dead or dying
from all the bushite Nazi indiscriminately mass
murdering. But the TV trained Zombie Rightards
we guess either go insane from programmed lies
in their personal self inflicted hellish cries,
or become Human.


Innocent Held Without Trial by Bushite for Torture

/ / Tens of thousands of detainees are being held
without trial in Iraqi prisons and face violent and
psychological abuse [..] [bushite nazi grunt]
military spokesman insisted Iraqi detention
facilities met international standards. \ \

Bushite "I don't care."

A Bushite isn't American.

AIPAC is a treasonous act against all Life in America,
that should warrant Public arrests without bail of
all in Congress inside the AIPAC club. But, my cowardly
dying American readers refuse to forward these fine
words, not because they doubt I am right, but because
they know I am not wrong as real Freedom I do
proclaim. TV'ed Americans would rather die than
learn what a real man is, hence is why they refuse
the light of God's incredible vision. A Bushite Nazi
Grunter was quoted saying, "I don't care." about who
did what to America left still undefended, and now,
not surprising to US, they is rightly dead for their
personal contempt for God as Mankind.

Obama's Naked Hatred for Christians and Jews?

"kill Jews" This is taught for
14-year-old boys in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia oppresses Christians, they oppress
Jews, they OPPRESS MUSLIMS. They are direct
enemies of Allah as life ourselves, when they do
not respect Muhammad's teaching on treating all
fairly, ESPECIALLY ALLAH, by respecting the
Gospels and so on as divinely inspired through
God. Saudi Arabia speaks nothing of the
indiscriminate mass murder of millions of Muslims
in Iraq and Afghanistan murdered needlessly by
war criminal forces aligned with Satan. Bush
gave no evidence to form any remote conclusion,
that bin Laden was tied in any way what so ever
to the crimes of 9/11. Crimes of which our
Police Services were near immediately halted from
acting upon by following the crimes scene leads
at the real mass murder scene. But the UNGODLY
Arabia dictatorship needs to buy the family
another fleet of multi million dollar cars
painted in blood red, that will sit in a garage
visited by vampires doing nothing as a Testament,
to their direct hatred for our entire Humanity by
LEASTLY, not using a thousandth of that money
wasted to provide safe clean drinking water to
the Innocent Iraq Peoples being directly deprived
to die by Bushite Nazi savages. Allah says to
those demon enemies hiding as "Royal" in Allah's
Saudi Arabia, fuck you evil tyrant enemies of
every thing imaginable, FUCK YOU. Now, where's
America's Obama on this growing issue of his
refusal to publicly address ourselves in honesty
as our best policy? Saudi Arabia OPPRESS MUSLIMS

How To Destroy a 9/11 Truther

Republic Radio's Dr. K uses much of this on his,
'there was no planes, I be the real deal'
nonsenses. It was all cgi we can only guess
then, while every witness offered is a plant by
the "Jews" he actually claims - no exaggerating
here that he can't be defeated on his baseless
falsehoods of "fact", "facts" of which he now, at
his worse, won't allow any to disrupt his train
wreck of total quackery. An actual half
intelligent person committed to Justice by
following probable cause he has suggested is
working for the Jews who did the 9/11 crime, no
question, no question. Dr. K alleges that just
because no evidence was offered for the arrest of
Laden by Bush, or through General Ahmad who was
officially sent to the Taliban to tell the
Fundamentalists as much directly matters not to
Dr. K, because those who say so, are those that
work with the Jews who carried out the attack
too. He Publicly supports NOT following Probable
cause, to get those truly responsible, as a high
jacking 911 truther who discredits US all being
irrational. Pure Zionist lawless control he is
attempting foolishly as a lashing blind man in
our presence over the minds of the weaker thans,
who refuse as himself to humble themselves to how
Freedom is defended by Law fairly practiced. Dr.
K is not being helpful to helping others to
discern what can be thus far proven correct like:
NO EVIDENCE was brought forward against the alleged
suspect, while then investigations were halted by
threat of false arrest by the ungodly bushmob
cabal of evil doers escaping still in progress.
(Not one of the alleged 19 suspects had been
found with any connection to Afghanistan or bin
Laden! just as Condi planned with her "Top
Secret" Presidential war crime plan to invade
Afghanistan dated two days prior to 9/11) Now, I
actually am a genius to be able to explain this
so simply, that near anyone world wide should be
able to understand just as much with minimal
effort. Effort banned for open Public consideration
by an NWO Alex Jones wannabe devote cult follower.
Including Dr. K... So why is he still spewing
crazy talk that way as he as done for years now
with no marked improvement on his reasoning
skills? Have you seen his ridiculed web site of
no content? Who cares for what here? Did you know
that Satanic war criminal Nazi Israel steals
innocent Christian homes on a near routine basis
from ourselves as innocent victims? If he hated
all Jews as the weak minded bigot he claims
strongly he is, wouldn't you think that would be
a, 'blame the Jews' issue with him too?? Why
not? Hmmm.... He's a Zionist (Jew hater) plain
and simple. A Zionist playing right into Nazi
Israeli interests. And yet, he's not all the
bad in the following vid.. (but fuk, who knows
what tomorrow will spin further down in London

AIPAC Zionist to the INNOCENT Jew "You deserve to die."


Why do Zionists keep on insisting "Jewish"
People are crooks?

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

We Will Never Forget

"In a strange way, I'm here to defend his right to
do that. I happen to think that it is distasteful,"
NYC's Bloomberg said about evil ungodly American
Kristian false accusers burning the words of
Christ in the Koran.

/ / Actually what Palestine refuses to recognize
is Israel as a Jewish state having a right to steal
Palestinian land. \ \

Bingo. See the Zionist insist Jews are evil crooks,
and if you disagree they call you an anti-Semite.
Now Semites are not Caucasian, nor are the real
Jews from the Bible. But to the truly SATANIC,
the facts matter none to how many innocent
Christian children they can target for mass murder,
by TV tricking the dying American suckers to pay
giving more in blood sacrifice to have it continue
as demonic criminal AIPAC. Why? (sorta..) Because
TV Americans are trained to hate the intellectual
that makes them to be what they truly are without
their evil ungodly war crime bigot bullshit. See?
The glory of God, is as such, that the honorably
committed Atheist would find themselves 100%
in agreement also on Justice for all ruling for
everyone's benefit. Not only on this, but near
absolutely everything else. Big G can seem like
something of a jerk, to not jump right in to rip
Bushite limb from limb, but there is even a
greater gift called Universal Liberty to KNOW,
that you can't even fathom just now, but God
really is amazing to not be doing much of anything
but relying on ourselves to make the right moves
for Freedom in our Time. The hope is that it will
all pay off in the big picture than no one can
see, but, we can believe. Make the right choice:
Kill the Bushite and save an innocent person's


Reasons to Kill a Bushite for America

A Bushite speaks nothing for the arrest of those
that truly did America wrong on 911. Kill the
Bushite for Christ to save an innocent's life.

/ / The father of a U.S. soldier serving in
Afghanistan says he tried nearly a half dozen
times to pass an urgent message from his son to
the Army: \ \ See how the Bushite Nazi grunt
leadership would have rather the honorable
Soldier die, than have to face the Nazis in our
rank who deserve death? Like Saudi Buford
Blount, Steven Russell, Sattler, or Mattis?
Godless war criminals who target defenseless
innocent Human beings for mass murder, on hopes
the surviving victims will rightly kill the TV
Grunts under their lawless charge? A grunt takes
an Oath, an Oath that means nothing, for the Iraq
war has no cause but to maim and kill the
innocent of our Humanity for the glories of the
Antichrist enemy of Humanity, George Walker Bush
and company.

/ / the US government has videotape of underage
boys being sodomized \ \by escaping Blackwater

Children raped by Bushite Nazi grunts, Nazi
Grunts defended by Obama with the War Crime
TRAITORS in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals,
claiming it's a secret that Obama WITH the 30
Republicans, and 'escaping' Blackwater, refuse to
disclose to America, for fear every able bodied
man in America would actively hunt to kill every
last Bushite Nazi Grunt still breathing our air.
Cofer Black and Eric Prince. They rape Women,
they rape children, they torture innocent Peoples
to death while shooting Peoples at random for
entertainment in your name "It's a Turkey Shoot!"
and the Republicans who have watched these said
videos for entertainment (for why then?) refuse
all to push for formal executions of all grunts
who serve silently at the American torture child
rape facilities, at home (NYC) and abroad. Kill a
Bushite for Christ. Kill a Bushite for America.
A Bushite speaks nothing for the arrest of those
that truly did America wrong on 911, while mass
murdering now millions of innocent souls to steal
our worths. Please, as King, I beg you on behalf
of our suffering once truly loved God as our
dying worlds, to proudly in God's Holy name, Kill
the Bushite. Please kill the Bushite who speaks
nothing for the gang rapes of American women.
Rapists who are officially defended by those 30
Republicans that deserve public trial for death
because of it. Republicans and Demonrats care
not for American women being gang raped, for all
cowardly evil Americans need do is blame
Liberals, or Muslims, or Niggers, or Mexicans.
or the Globalists, not actual for real war
criminals that will to kill any of US for
everything. Kill a Bushite for Christ, kill a
Bushite for Yourself. Done for nothing but the
respect of calling yourself, a man.

'Afghanistan Enacts Law That Gives War Criminals Blanket Immunity'

This is not the action of a Muslim country, but
of those Satanic, warring Allah for the escape of
the Tenth Mountain Division. The group of Nazi
savages, who instead of gloriously killing their
commander, would go into villages in Afghanistan,
and mass murder every inhabitant, to please the
demon Antichrist and "sexy" Rumsfeld. Likely
raping the children and dogs too, as sanctioned
by Rotten Rumsfeld as a way to war with
terrorism. You know me, "die bushite die". When
you see them, you bill them as any real man of
any nationality, or religion naturally would.
Just like Christ as the Mahdi would also. They
truly deserve to die, not to live warring as CNN
"Heroes" collecting expensive free health care.

Bushite Nazi Grunter “There’s no doubt that there
were insurgents there, and there may well have
been an insurgent leader in the house, but that
doesn’t justify executing eight children who were
all enrolled in local schools,”

No doubt what? That the Term Taliban means
Student in Arabic? And that a leader of 10 year
old Taliban are called school teachers in the
western world? Again, it was bushite who figured
they had an excuse to murder some innocent
children. Someone over there should look into
it, for these enemies of Life, are Satanic
enemies of Christ. They'll gang rape American
women, and Americans will "vote" for more of it,
without near anyone phoning George Noory, the
demon enemy, and complaining about his lack of
care, or respect for Americans falling further
victims with his laughter and chuckles. Bush and
Cheney closed 911 Police investigations. He
doesn't care, but, do you?

They, the Banksters, are trying to kill US.
Fight back for Christ Sake God Damn you.

NJ Watchdog Sues State Over Carbon Auction “Secrets”

Understand you NWOers out there. AJ will go on
and on about how you must argue against Gore,
when what we should be asking, is why would any
nation will to be taxed by private companies in
secret? It is beyond dumb, as evil to the core
to freely 'allow' these Zionist Banksters proven
to be fraud artists 30 trillion times over
already, bandits, to make off with more of our
money like this. Look, say Gore was 100% correct
for argument, but then why even if so, would we
allow them to take trillions of dollars because
of it?? Can you hear me now? This page has now
rung too long - I can't cut anymore to add for a
sacrifice to what is critically important to save
American life. So now, I may stop completely if
Americans will continue to refuse forwarding this
post to all others. I am forbidden to speak on
Coast to Coast, Alex Jones, and much of Republic
freely, not because any allege I am false in my
statements, but because I am correct. And many,
would rather every American die, than look like
they haven't lived up to the task at defending
America by demanding the re-opening of criminal
investigations by our police services to arrest
those who actually did US wrong by following
probable cause. To do so, is to recognize, not
all People have these intellectual skills -
especially The Republic's retard Dr. K - the 'no
planes, we don't need evidence because Jews set
off the bombs' mental state. And apparently now,
he gotten much worse not allowing anyone else
highly more intelligent ever to speak about it
freely without going into an irrational conipshit.
Why? He's defeated as a loser without cause but
to stonewall dying America in seconds.

If all Americans who read this work can't truly
care enough for their dying furtures to take
these words to the highest mountains, then so be
it. They'll deserve what they will in silence
against mass murdering Nazi savages. Demand the
arrest of Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on
911, or be damned by your refusal to truly stand
for the Rights of Man.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure
and the intelligent are full of doubt." -- Bertrand Russell

Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (HD)

American Workers to be Fired if they Refuse Poisonous Shots

/ / Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America
(SHEA) calls for mandatory flu vaccine for all
healthcare personnel. [of all America] \ \

As King, I will demand the arrest, trial, and
public execution of those responsible for this
terror against the American mind. Mercury causes
massive brain damage 100% of the time, and
influenza is a constantly mutating virus. It is
for this planned assault I assure you, if you
were informed of the facts I give without
argument from anyone on Earth but our mutual
enemies who refuse US to speak freely on magic
TV, all we as Humanity would rejoice to see these
Zionist Nazi filths publicly executed on Prime
Time. Wouldn't You? Or would you rather die for
pirate Glenn Beck and the demon whore of Satan to
become wealthy over the sacrifice of all innocent
American lives? Remember, Sarah Palin wills to
mass murder American cubs with a smile on her
face. According to who? According to the demon
whore of Satan herself who claimed the will to
kill all defenseless children at school, and
health care workers in our Hospitals as
Sakkasvilli did as planned with herself and
Cheney, which, if she'd have had her way, would
have turned into a gold mine of millions of
Americans mass murdered for her demonic liar's
benefit. (Look at the riches stolen from America
through AIPAC members.) Billing lawless Bushite
grunters means real American lives are defended
from furthering her Satanic plunder.

/ / The lethal laser gun, a "People Cooker" used
to torture and kill innocent Iraqis and innocent
Targeted Individuals is now ready to aim at Los
Angeles inmates, 75% of whom have committed no
crime \ \ Kill a Bushite for Christ as a lover of
Life. Do it American gun owners, do it for
President Reagan. Do it to defend the innocent a
Bushite Nazi grunt wars to rape or murder.
Remember, a Bushite Nazi grunt wears our American
uniform as a pirate enemy, for if they did not
personally gang rape American Women, they most
certainly will refuse to war for our defense as
something they concern themselves of. No it's
just torturing more innocent folks, pushing more
heroin, all to cowardly escape the Zionist
Peenacker Neocons for mass murder on 911.
Justice is a must that a Bushite Nazi coward
refuses for the American peoples, while dropping
bombs of radio-active toxic waste
indiscriminately on our loved innocent families.
Kill a Bushite for Christ, and maybe we'll pay
you a whole dollar - but we're not promising



Oh yeah..

Star Trek says 911 attack is a SCAM to start war and take away our rights!!

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be a Man, Make a Stand

I would ask all men but for Muslims to speak
against these Nazi Zionist LIARS who will be
in NYC to incite blind bigot hate against our
innocent God Loving Muslim brothers and sisters,
instead of rightly Bush and Cheney for closing
official 911 Police Investigations designed since
the dawn of a civilized world to nab the actual
bad guys. A dead Nazi is a good Nazi to every
real American Christian and Rastafarian too if
you asked in all honestly. So you Buddhists, your
included too, and the Hindu, the Jew (Real Jew
mind you), along with everyone else - Johnny is
counting on everyone but a Muslim - for they've
had much to bare alone unfairly as it has been
in our names left forsaken as is. Be a man, make
a stand. A shrine to the Taliban in NYC for their
fight for what is right as demanding evidence to
form a conclusion by anyone. DBD.

Let Fly

Zionist TV propagandist Steven Colbert, let fly
that The Peoples have nothing to fear from a pro
torturing enemy of Justice in America, namely a
Nazi Vet walking on our streets missing half a
brain, trying to become a lawless cop who beats
on women like Anthony Abbas did, or who gets off
on indiscriminately slaughtering our innocent
Humanity to escape never elected Bush and Cheney
for 9/11. Bill a Bushite and be Blessed by
Christ we will forever say, while we formally
hunt to have every last Bushite war criminal
publicly executed for crimes like gang raping
American women with KBR, or bombing entire cities
like Fallujah or Samara for no reason, (as too
the entire Iraq assault has no cause,) or for
dropping land mines in school districts, for
torturing elderly people to death countless times
by the likes of a Mr. Grainer. Who, received only
ten years, and only because he bragged to his family
and entire city that he could torture anyone of them
too, and there wasn't anything anyone could do
about it. (If it hadn't been for that, he'd be
walking free like the rest of them who did even
worse. Mattis' Haditha Child killers are
actually called Heroes by FOXNEWS TRAITOR Hannity
for example - for killing little kids to get back
at US all for something they freely state in
America today like is said Publicaly in Nazi Israel.
Unremorseful child killers getting free health
care campaigning like Commie Pinko AJ does, to
not have that for yourself fairly though) That is
what Grainer told in writing to his threatened
(likely raped too?) young daughter - for why
her?. Ten years for murdering countless innocent
Iraqi Peoples he tortured to death, and after his
sentencing in a Court ruled by illiterate Nazi
savages with ZERO Law/Freedom experience, claimed he
had no regrets in stealing so many innocent lives as
the criminally insane. He'll presently be trying
to be a Cop in New York City we're sure, because
he still surely believes though Americans own
guns, they wont kill Bushite enemies of Humanity
rightly to defend their next innocent god loving
victims as the Law dictates against war
criminals. (It's only God loving Muslims, or
Niggers, or Afghanistan Christians, or Japs or
Chinks, or Ruskies, or Liberals..) Ungodly war
crimes done to see their fellow teen soldiers die
as a consequence of an American male's personal
cowardice to be real men in their TV world, to
hide their anti-Gay faggotry by hurting innocent
others, such as children they several times were
CAUGHT blowing up with explosives just for
kicks.. Along with Police officers trying to
defend our communities. They stole all of Iraqis
money, and American's money, and then gave all
rights for oil to BP and other foreign companies.
Iraqi's fairer Christ like banking system and
replaced it with the American godless banking
corruptions of the IMF where YOU pay them back
for money they never lent you to begin with..
They put Allawi in charge who after crediting
himself for killing a bunch of innocent children
in a school bus, ordered Nazi grunts to execute
every last doctor or nurse who would even attempt
to treat an innocent child or women from
Fallujah. Then there were the ethnic cleansings
they funded on all sides, along with ACTUALLY
yes YOU, when finding this allegation true, join
me in hunting every last nazi grunt under Sattler
who carried out such orders without even
whispering a concern for their innocent mass
murder victims? They NEEDLESSLY dropped NINE two
thousand pound bombs murdering a conservatively
estimated 250,000 innocent souls in Fallujah -
FOR NO REASON. Then did near the same in Samara
before John Batist quit, because he refused to
carry it out completely - largely I speculate
because with his name, it would have been just a
little to demonic for his liking to needlessly
mass murder so many innocent Peoples for NO
REASON as Satanically evil.. Yeah yeah, I know
what the Bushite Nazi grunter is going to lie
about here, which is why I sooo much want to see
the Air Force tried publicly so all can witness
by War Crimes Law ushered by President Ronald
Reagan as STANDING AMERICAN LAW. For Bushite Nazi
grunters most certainly deserve it at the Hand of
President Reagan. Again, they SPEAK NOTHING
TODAY for American women being Gang raped by
their partners in war crimes. Speak nothing for
Justice on 9/11. For executing innocent men
simply because they are Christians, as they did
heroin pushing in Afghanistan without a word from
near anyone from the Nation of the FOR REAL
die. We've had near fifty kills this last week..
And things are only looking brighter.

Good Work Men

Not on CNN, CBC, FOXNEWS, nor near anywhere?
Why? Are American lives not important enough to
care they are being set up to die victim to
lawless tyranny perpetrated by illiterate Nazi
grunters, who actually repeat, 'whore yeah, whore
yeah' all day long while killing everyone in a
village for fun.. Freedom? For whom? Say it
with me, 'Die Bushite Die', why? They are true
parasites who war for the escape of Bush and
Cheney as Obstruction to nab the guilty parties
of 9/11. (example: what if Bin had one or two
accomplices? are you going to blindly support
Bush the Antichrist on his public position,
Americans need not evidence to find the actual
bad guy(s)?) Kill a Bushite for Christ.

HOLY COW: Former Senator, and Presidential Hopeful
'engineers offer ‘proof’ of 9/11 controlled demolitions'

First to go?

Bush and Cheney to start our Police Services
back up as going, with an international info
campaign to disclose FACTS without censorship.
Or the judgment of bigot ideologues who will to
blame shadowy groups blindly as bigots most
often do [rightards], instead of the direct
individuals most highly suspected to the
principle cause. Who's effects were criminal
in nature. It's called, "Following Probable
Cause" ..and Bush and Cheney are guilty
with what is called Obstruction, obstructing
our Laws from nabbing those responsible for
mass murder in America, along with
millions abroad. For how pray tell are we
ever, I said ever planning to arrest any bad
guys for anything if we do not.. tell me that.

Why Real Christians Kill The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing six of
them and wounding one other. \ \ Bushite "I
don't care."

You kill the Bushite for Christ, you kill the
Bushite for God. You kill the Bushite for
Afghanistan, you kill the Bushite for America.
We all know, the Bushite will hide as a Tea
Bagger, as a fan of Glenn Beck, a "Conservative",
a "Libertarian", or as TRAITOR "Republican", for
there is where Justice is not demanded by evil
Satanic Antichrist forces of tyranny to defend
the innocent lives of US war crime victims. They
blame an entitlement society of fairness, or
welfare mothers, they blame the elderly and poor,
they blame [unbound as not Ideologued] Liberals,
Socialists, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, the
Globalists, anyone else but the actual for sure
criminals guilty for extorting trillions, the for
sure war criminals Bush and Cheney as mass
murderers on 911. They are sadomasochists who
enjoy to hurt poor others, cause, it makes them
feel like whoring their souls for Bush’s final
escape isn’t all that bad as the ungodly. For
you yes, but not for them as thieves, gang
rapists, and mass murderers of children, escaping
their rightful death sentences at the hand of
Man. GOD, I HATE Bushite.

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to
my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a
threat," said Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal

"[General McChrystal says that] for every innocent
person you kill, you create 10 new enemies."

Evil Enemy Pastor Terry Jones is Satanic

SATANIC LIAR Pastor Terry Jones said, he's been
assured that the controversial Islamic center
planned near Ground Zero in New York will be
moved elsewhere, not that his actions are truly
ungodly. - See how the enemy of Christ nakedly
lies? Anything for the war crime evils of Satan.
No one would have said such a thing to himself,
lest they were from the Zionist CFR, and we know
the CFR in cahoots with bigot Alex Jones doesn't
want to give up their strangle hold telling US a
TV Muslim is one who stays silent on defending
the Taliban's moral position on evidence being
the only requirement to truly convict those
personally responsible for mass murder on 9/11.
[FREEDOM] So someone ask the demonically evil
enemy LIAR of GOD, who said this crap he is now
selling for more donations from the FOXNEWS Tea
Bagger parasites. Demon Nazi Zionist enemy FUK!

Did You See?

Did you see corporate TV News Celebs with
retarded Amerikan teen grunt mutes with the minds
of rotted twelve year olds, tell themselves how
they are cowardly "Patriotic" liars mass
murdering defenseless innocent families while
robbing as raping the nations of Iraq and
Afghanistan AND AMERICA for the final escape of
the Neocon Zionist Peenackers? Killing
dishonorable evil enemy Bushite Nazis saves
innocent Lives. Lives like American.

Bushite Heroin Pushers Murdering Civilians for pleasure as Satanic

/ / Morlock and another soldier, Andrew Holmes,
were on guard at the edge of a poppy field \ \

Let all men of every faith, join together to
demand these bushite nazi grunts be put to a
rightful death sentence immediately. Including
the military "Judges" that will find them free to
go in our world as no-law-school-for-him Mattis
has in the past, regarding gang rapists of
American women, or the Haditha child killers, and
of course his own terror assault against women
and children at a wedding party all for the hate
he has for a liberated Humanity. EVIL America
"grants" Bushites a right to judge all American
lives in lawless contempt. I hate these ungodly
Zionist war crime Nazi TV liars who claim because
they have criminally pirated my American uniform
with pro-torture traitor George Walker Bush and
FOXNEWS, they 'successfully' sell we can't at all
distinguish themselves worthy a bullet from Uncle
Sam. Any Uncle. Their own fathers should do all
US real men a favor, and take them out rightly as
they so truly deserve UNDER AMERICAN WAR CRIMES
LAW as the sworn ungodly enemies to all Peoples
in Christ. Warring our INNOCENT Humanity for
never elected 911 traitors Bush and Cheney, all
to escape God's Wrath for their hatred of the
good ol' red, white, and blue as all we will to
stand for as true. The Messiah has spoken: Die
Ungodly Bushite Nazi Zionist Liars Die.

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up

Every Bushite death is a mercy on our souls so
says the Son to God as Man of Men.

U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker “A citizen may
not gain standing by claiming a right to have the
government follow the law,

But then, that would be a citizen in government
being a for sure criminal. Un-American. So, a
standing among whom? Criminal Judges who should
be in our prisons awaiting a death sentence for
high treason?

US Legalizes Torture Of Innocent American Citizens

While I would see these war criminals formally
executed, or rot rightly in a prison cell for
their ungodly wicked evil crimes. But that is
just we. President Ronald Reagan orders their
deaths without exceptions as STANDING AMERICAN
LAW. Like the laws against kidnapping.. Death
to the bushite, death to the enemies of God and

/ / He claims Its of the devil, Islam that is.
“when Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the
Quran” Immortal Technique. \ \

All Words are of God. These Tea Bagger Zombie
type "Christians" are in league with Satan.
Anything to demonize the innocent in God with
their lies, as cheating Humanity as Creation to
steal our Rights for the final escape of Mr.
Bush - as warring for closing all minds wherever
on concluding something with the facts left not
given with official Police Investigations, of
which all were halted with threat of FALSE
ARREST! W199i, PD51. and so on.. Listen
carefully to this next podcast, as what WE ALL
KNOW; Dr. Jones is aware of these findings as
made so weeks ago.., Yet still, as an ungodly
demonic enemy of all Life in America, (a Zionist
as warned of in Scripture,) he will continue with
his hatred of Justice winning a real freedom
America would deserve - if they loved God with
the thought to truly believe as much on TV being
absent simple logic, science or maths. Petraus
for example says no words as to why freedom of
religion is a respected right in a free society -
way above his head as traitor war criminal
escaping those who done did do America wrong on
9/11 - no, he inste.. . This Dr. Jones character
doesn't for a moment consider why he should lie
so heinously in God's presence, only by obviously
not truly believing what he preaches falsely as a
'doubtless' pro-bigot FOXNEWS fan of PURE NAZI
EVIL. [No evidence person innocent] God is the
words he unfairly claims to only be the works
of the Devil. Anyway.. obviously he, like Nazi
Israeli, doesn’t believe in a higher power here
that hunts lawless bushite gang rapist heroin
pushers of America down, hunted down rightly for
war crimes trial for the tortures and
indiscriminate mass murderings too. Done in the
defense of all that are innocent, God's America
will succeed over those directly guilty of 9/11
who ‘think’ that Satan will protect them from the
wrath of real men that breathe in this Universe
that actually do exist for real like myself. You
can have this Word on that.

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

Exclusive with Dr Jones, the ‘Burn a Koran Day’ Satanist

/ / exclusive interview with Dr Terry Jones,
pastor of the infamous Dove World Outreach Center
in Gainsville, Florida that is planning to have
a ‘Burn a Koran Day’ this upcoming September 11th \ \

This is incredible. No, it is incredible. Give
this to everyone and know, God is real, as is,
the Synagogue of Satan. It is the TV American,
who will not help US in anyway on this last
ditch effort as 'escaping' the Antichrist from
our free words given on this issue. Let Justice
prevail by forwarding this to all Peoples.

Zionist "Jews" burn the New Testament in Hatred for God as Just

Video: Israel Bans the Basics of Life for Everyone

Israeli Settlers Step Up Attacks on Churches

/ / Israel executed wounded, abused corpses and
emptied automatic weapons into bodies at point
blank range. These were the acts of brutal
animals, not humans. \ \

IDF denies disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

9/11: Mossad Is Guilty U.S. Army Study On Mossad

"Anti-Mosque Coalition’s Website Owned By
Neo-Conservative Islamophobe Frank Gaffney"

/ / Gaffney: "It is regrettable that they had to
die, but I believe they did have to die. The
danger was inaction could have resulted in the
death of a great many more Americans than 4,000.
And that's the reason I'm still delighted that we
did what we did." \ \ Saddam was doing whatever
was asked plus more - whatdidtheywantbutnotaskfor

Saddam wasn't in violation of 1441. War
criminals truly deserve to die by war crimes
Public trial. Why? It's NEEDLESS mass murder
Neocon Gaffney supports on magic TV without the
facts there to defend anyone. Dying. The Iraq
war has no cause. Soldiers are warring there to
bring about a situation that was present before
the conflict began. Near Impossible now with all
the toxic waste and losses to everyone of
innocent lives made to suffer and die for nothing
but the Bushite's contempt for Law. Contempt for
Justice. Contempt for our wise leaders of
civility, contempt for Freedom. Once nearer a
civilized Humanity we were living for freedom,
and now, all suffering with God for more than a
thousand years, due these Zionist Nazi illiterate
savages, pirating our fire power. Innoculating
THEMSELVES blindly with posions that make US all
even dumber. George Walker Bush is evil
personified as the war criminal of the worst
order, ever. As Humanity it must all be our
fault, for I felt I could easily help everyone to
be more Human than all we've been left as on TV
since 911 happened on our watch. One thing is
for sure: Lawless wars for ungodly tyranny by
slavery sucks for everybody. Justice is a must
if we are to ever claim Victory here again.

Limbaugh wills to kill America for stolen gains.
As why, he must censor the facts from reaching
the general dumfuk masses, for on that day, we
will be taking him away in chains for the naked
treasons he has run, as a fellow 911 conspirator
that disallows the public from following probable
cause.. as how the police forces of good in our
communities do it, or to form ANY, I said ANY
conclusion. (No BS) Ask any American, and near
all will tell, they don't want to be victimized
if they can help themselves. Rush Limbaugh, as
like near every last Republican Tea Bagger
Libertarian doesn't want Justice if it means
America will be defended from lawless tyranny.
Pushed irrationally by rightard Ideologue bigots
and racists, as if their false judgments could
stand to open challenge in a free to speak forum.
Too much to steal from the dying suckers who
would refuse to forward these fine words..

Bush and Cheney closed 911 police investigations.

They were being told "not to interfere in
incidents in which Afghan forces were having sex
with children." Bushite grunts raping kids, and
what does the American man have to say? too
cowardly to speak for the interests of innocent
victims? No to Women's Rights is what these
bushites war unjustly our Humanity to rape as
thieves further, officially pushing heroin, and
executing individuals simply becasue they are
Christians. Do something good, and kill an
unlawful Bushite enemy for Afghanistan, for
America, and for Christ. Die bushite war
criminal nazi fuks die.

SCAM OF SCAMS : everything is true / take me to your leader

/ / One of Four Female College Students
Will Be Raped Before Graduating \ \

TV Americans don't care. They hold
women in contempt, as they do
for God, and everyone else.

'Explore Koran Day' Sept 11 NWO resistance

"Whichever God we believe in then it
must be a very disappointed God indeed."

Demon evil bush whore TV Americans of the
Antichrist don't even know the half of it. Nor,
do they care. I could justly answer this in two
minutes, but Americans, all Americans hold God in
contempt to remain silent. They hate Life. They
refuse these words, not because they suspect I am
wrong, but because they know I am right. That's
why they're all so contemptuous. All they want
is to rape our wives and children, steal our
money, as destroy our country for the glories of
the Bushite grunting savages in league with the
demon Antichrist of 9/11. I mean, look, they
can't even condemn the demon whore of Satan,
Sarah 'the retard' Palin, and that is truly
something by saying nothing at all.

You Know

You know, I am really beginning to hate
Republicans. They read these words, and don't
give a care for any innocent human being they
would rather see suffer, than to have freedom
prevail for US in this matter. They are like the
Nazi grunting soldiers who shoot innocent Humans
being at random, rape or rob, push heroin or
steal pensions, all for the ungodly Antichrist
responsible for 9/11 as lawless enemies of all
mankind. Wy do they refuse to forward a call for
Justice then..? They can't even be bothered to
raise a concern, never mind a phone but for to
tell how fantastic it is to refuse liberty to all
others for unjust victimhood. Republicans are
universally illiterates, FOXNEWS know nothings of
economics or law, con artists who hate our
species for being intelligent. (Otherwise we'd
know them for the cheats they are.) I hate
Republicans for being silently Zionist as Commie
Pinkos for Satan. Ungodly evil Zionists of AIPAC
who see nothing wrong as worth mentioning in
stealing an innocent Christian's Home if they can
profit from the war crimes against US as God and

Calling For Justice In This Town

Let US unite to know, we will under no
circumstances allow these 911 demons to escape
our authority.

Flight 93 Cell Call Exposed

We are dealing with some seriously evil Zionist
Nazi fucks. Like of Israeli, who will murder
your innocent family to steal our money through
AIPAC. Satanic of those who steal the title of a
fair minded bloke named the Messiah, or just your
average John calling for Justice in this town.
Let US unite to know, we will under no
circumstances allow these 911 demons to escape
our authority. Remember: In Nazi Israel, they
actually targeted innocent children for
incineration with white phosphorus, as
psychotically twisted mass murderers - truce
breakers to getting killed Jews too for the
stolen gains - through AIPAC, mass murdering war
criminals that are labeled, "Jews" as the story
told by God in the Book, of these pirating evil
ungodly wretches. The Satanic Nazi Israeli
government of body organ thieves, are demonic war
criminals who glee to see US, the innocent
suffer, as Christ on the Cross, or US black Jew
brothers across the pond. For they fear no real
God they mock to our faces in the Second Coming..
where apparently we take swift Just action to try
every last AIPAC member with the high crimes of
naked sedition they are for sure guilty of, like
bribe taking, as the war crimes committed of the
most sinister. Never shall I as King see them
escape my friends. Go to tell this on a mountain
somewheres why don't you? You decide. ..but
deciding not to decide is still a decision you
take with silence - don't be evil expecting
someone else to do everything. We are all only
men and women in this world of great war crime
sufferings - let's change this by working to
actually defend ourselves here - Justice for all
is a must if we want the freedom to be we alone
among the stars.

The New World Order

We demand open communications to speak the facts,
while You as an American, would rather die for
treasonous liars who kill Americans for stolen
gain? Your call losering. We all could be

Scott Horton Interviews Eric Margolis

"Justice is what they want today."

This was an incredible talk requiring
international coverage, to push further through
for a better world withn our grasps. if we
reach. For words much pray, forward marching
with this to say.

'Republicans are Constitutionalists'

Banksters do not cover our loans. Iraq is a war
crime scene, while 911 is yet to be investigated
by the Law. Torture is illegal, like rape, and
extortion. The smarter Public option of Ron Paul
and fiends, but not for the common folk who pay
twice as more to get nothing as claimed is..
tricky. The Congress men are too stupid to serve
the American Public's interest there BUT they are
smart enough to do it for thermselves privately.
Sounds exactly like Commie Pinkoism. Only the
Elites of the Elites, namely all of every last
Republican and Ron Paul, get what they put in as
the smarter players in all this, while You, yes
you, as the American sucker, you get left paying
for their denials of fair coverage. Commie
Pinkoism plain and simple. [Explained better two
pages down somewhere..]


There is no "Ground Zero" Mosque

Obama Targeted Killings Suit Spotlights US Targets

ehboei,.. murder it's called. Murder. Look, if
Obama has a true reason to claim an American
deserved their death sentence, it would be in
America's authority to rightly defend yourselves
with US as our side. To murder som... Look,..
Obama is guilty of attempting for real, first
degree murder here - a person he can't have
arrested for an actual offence against any, The
Peoples, for the falsely accused IS an innocent
American man or women. So, if a "Birther" or
Libertarian, or Republican was a true American
Patriot, they would be rightly teaed off here
about such an issue as critical to all involved.
Innocent Americans marked for murder by an
unlawful rogue state over extending their
usefulness into bad news for all as escaping
bushite war criminals. Why so mr. magic man of
a place where self respect is a given right?
Americans do not want to be murdered. Ask any of
them. Hi, my names John. Tyranny sucks.
Justice is Victory.

USA makes it illegal to give aid to Gaza! In
"Holder vs. Humanitarian Law" While funding Nazi
Israel to main and murder the innocent loved by

This is so incredibly evil as ungodly war criminal.

Wake Up! You're Being Murdered

Sent Out and Counting

"senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms
and are now equipped to defend themselves if
there is a populist uprising against the bank."

Ha. It's OUR police officers they should be
worried about enforcing OUR standing laws for
extortion, and Bank robbery. Unless that is who
they think they will over power, with all our
Governments, and the eternal timeless LORD of
Creation. Just what are the odds? Crazy bums..

There is more to this? Capitalizing? Awesome.
play on...

Demon Schemes against the Great America I Claim

/ / DCIS investigators identified 264 Defense
employees or contractors who had purchased child
pornography online. \ \ just 10 were sorta charged

But because they are likely in full support of
Rumsfeld's child rapist torture buddies, they
escape all lawless prosecution from males like
they have as "politics" in America. .like those
that to this day, are escaping gang raping my
AMERICAN WOMEN as FOXNEWS Heroes, or torturing
INNOCENT Americans maybe to death - 'who cares?'
as a Bushite says in America to not raise it's
free man's claim as demanding Justice for this
day. Bill a Bushite for Christ why don't we
then? Justice for all is a big win for everyone.
Trust US on this point. Be Human, and take these
words to have as your own thoughts in this
moment. Take a stand for the common man as
freedom must reign in a world that respects our
natural claim. To have some self respect. I
can't live in that world of personal cowardice
the FOXNEWS fan shoes in for slave labor,
torture, and the death of America with the escape
of demon schemes against the Great America I
claim. Why? To me, life is naturally a wonder,
a place to achieve for something greater. TV
Americans can not even dream of this world, but
for that they sacrifice as un-informed crime
victims actually TV rooting to more to be done in
for. Unless you maybe just do not know yet... I
know this philosophy, largely because I gave it
some thought. Well, now you do too, could, if
you tried, by forwarding this post on to a dying
world waiting to be saved with freedom as
realized. Welcome to Paradise. You bastards

John Oliver says Muslims are allowed to put a
mosque near Ground Zero, just like Catholics can
build a church next to a playground.

All aahhh.. Now i see

Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys. Starting with Ahmad for funding the
op, and then going to the Taliban claiming, no
evidence will be brought against the accused.
So, the FBI as acknowledged; they have no
evidence linking bin Laden to 911 to form an
actual warrant. PD51, W199i and so on, were/ARE
threats against real cops talking about this, or
moving forward with formal arrests of those
responsible for mass murdering Americans.
Bushite Nazi Grunter who wants 'limited
government' to escape himself from gang rape,
torture and murder of AMERICAN WOMEN states,
"I don't care."

PBS "The true cost of the bank bailout: $12.8 TRILLION"

U.S. Rescue costs 23.7 Trillion, Barofsky Says (Update3)

Look, are we going to go by the actual auditor
who claims with the pa

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