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Commentary :: Media
There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt
17 Jan 2011
American TV Rightards are liars,
cheats, and thieves, who deny
ourselves as victims the facts
for fair judgment.
Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

FBI Issues Death Threat Against U.S. Citizens

Look, Palin needs to be publically tried
the war witch enemy of God she is, then
upon easy conviction, formally executed,
or rot in a prison cell for the rest of
her ungodly Satanic life. She, like all
on magic tv, refuse to support the defense
of innocent American citizens mass murdered
on 9/11, or Christian Children in Palestine,
while very much like Bushite wannabe Jared
Lee Loughner, just wants to slaughter
defenseless innocent humans being, as
she did try with Cheney and McCain to
start a world war against ALL America.
Demon whore of SATAN Palin, claimed the
mass murder of children in South Ossetia
was rewarding for her TV fame and fortunes,
and for such willful war crime action,
she should hang Rightly.

American TV Rightards are liars,
cheats, and thieves, who deny
ourselves as victims the facts
for fair judgment.


Bombshell: How Fluoride Is Killing You and Your Children

What my answer to this, is what I've been stating for
a decade. George Noory, AJ's best bud, refuses to
allow a call for Justice ever. No, GN WANTS to mass
murder all INNOCENT Arab boys. Why? He has said so
broadcasted world wide, with only AJ's NWO
Globalists calling to tell, what a great 'man' he is,
to continue on just the same. Happy happy joy joy.
Insetead of being fired, or sent to prison for
high treason. Believe that AJ sees no concern in
demanding the 30 gang raping Republicans be
publically charged in our names for their war
crimes against American Women. No, AJ wants to
blame who instead again?

AJ "The media lies by omission."

Structured Fancy Words

Afghan girl raped, killed by US troops

Kill the Nazi Grunt and be loved by
God and Peoples defended everywhere.

Demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard'
Palin with 'The Liar' Huckabee, Publically
threatened to murder Anyone of Earth who
told the Truth outside of magic TV about
what Nazi Grunts were treasonously doing
as the ungodly., CRIMINALLY murdering our
children and Reporters deliberately., and
then, went on to say, their words don't
count as the for sure guilty of inciting war
crimes in Your dying World. Remember: the
demon witch does not hold any elected office,
as actually quit in mid term to escape
the hellfire of our Alaska.

Washington To Rearm Georgia For New Conflicts
Against OUR Innocent Children in Schools and
Everyone Else at a Hospital - WAR CRIMINALS

'US House approves large increase aid to Zionists'

But they are proven Satanic war criminals
who mass murder INNOCENT Christians, Muslims
and Jews for money by breaking truces. Is this
America to remain silent on these continuing
war crimes against God and Humanity?

Alex Jones and his NWO Globalist Cult work
to blindly escape the bad guys. Why? His
deceptions have grown on him, on how we
all so much can't know about Ron Paul's
rigged election, along with Iraq's 9/11,
and the nature of the Bankster extortions.
So instead hate each other blindly for
the final escape of Bush and Cheney along
with the Neocon Zionist Peenackers.

Nazi Israeli 'why do the Arabs all hate you'

Alex Jones "Mexico hates America"

Johnny Mex "Mexico loves America" [as the Cacti too!]

Alex Jones to Rand Paul "Your victory is our victory."

No it's not Rightards. Rand Paul is there
to escape those who stole our cash. Do
you People know what Ted Nugent thinks
about locking American teens into prisons
for 25 years for having a roach? Do you
know anything about the History of
America's Bush administration of bombing
Iraqis for no reason but to die everyone
victim to the most henious of war crimes?
Just how dumb does TV America take US for
here given in as the losers again eh?

Dumfuk Grunt "Duh, why are we here to kill good
people needlessly so the bushmob back home can
further rob our undefended families bro? Bro?"

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

We are having a communications problem
about freedom here. Peace sells. At
least it's suppose to... but Farook,
who's buying? Like: Justice for
ourselves is a good thing my
friends. For example: I had
consultations with near almost
every Canadian lawyer practicing
criminal law... So, maybe it's
just, that we needed time to put
our shoes on?

After all, Canada did win America
all the way to the southern tip
of Florida before, and we are still,
loved by all for it. True, it was a
time where men were men, and woman
were as they always are, wow..
so what is missing? .. (don't look
here for a second) This is just a
random thought to not let your mind
know before the time is right.. You

We think we need desperately to look at Bush and
Cheney still attempting their get-a-ways with
Humanity in tow by Clinton and Obama just now..


Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

"police" work isn't inherently bad. To believe
Ron Paul and the AJ Rightards is to believe no
one has ever been rightly put in prison for a
crime they were for sure guilty of.

Jeeze Ron, what about Justice winning? Never
heard such a concept expressed down there in
Washington? Crimes Ron, massive cons of fraud,
rape, mass murder through contempt for
constitutional freedom.

Tell the LORD why you as an American, believe a
Bushite Nazi grunt who volunteers to commit first
degree mass murder of innocent Iraqis to steal
all their nations resources for the Peenacker
Neocon Zionist robber barons, don't deserve to
rightly die for war mongering, but be allowed to
live to indiscriminately mass murder and torture
more as "American" for further stolen profits
pushing heroin now? Everyone in the American air
force responsible for dropping bombs need to be
arrested, tried, and executed along with the
public trials of the FOXNEWS poisonous liars for
their murderous ungodly Satanic crimes of
escaping Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11.

The NWO Globalist's Homeland Security

The NWO Globalists are Homeland Security.
Why? Because exactly like Homeland Security,
Rightards claim because we have a book
in our possession, we must therefore
be Liberals. Read a book about our wives
and daughters being gang raped by those
30 escaping ENEMY Republicans, you must
therefore, be a pro Republican gang
rapist though? Irrational Absolutionists.
Alex Jones' "Constitutionalists"?

Why AJ doesn't advance Justice for
Americans should have everyone concerned
about his over throwing all our Militaries
by force, blindly against tactical nuclear
weaponry., while refusing calls for Evidence
made public of seriously treasonous war
crimes committed by those in our command.,
as truly concluding ourselves of something
Patriotic. Torture warrants death according
to the War Crimes Act of President Reagan.
And, importantly, the Iraq war has no actual
cause worth dying anyone for, but to escape
those responsible for 9/11. Such as Bush and
Cheney. Soldiers are of the Public victimized
here too by the Banksters Mr. Alex Jones..
who of which, would rather war for what is
right, if they had a free choice to be heard
speaking honorably - For Justice is Freedom
in Victory.

Alex Jones' "Puppet" Mr. Bush
"we don't need any evidence"

The Peoples of Forever
"yeah, we do."

Alex Jones and the NWO Globalist Rightards do
not rule our Universe with his cut off switch!!


The History of Right Wing Hate Talk

"NO! I will not trust in God"

/ / Shooter Jared Lee Loughner Is a Jew, a
Satanist, a Pot-head, \ \ but then with
Alex Jones concludes, a "Liberal" just
the same(?) - Rightards are Just dumb man.
Jared's writings clearly indicate he was
a disfuntioning illiterate, fearful of
those who can structure fancy words, fear
of that in which he didn't understand like
money, and like AJ sells, he was fearful
of being led unknowingly by the invisable.
("Invisable Empire" an incredibly stupid
film produced by AJ.) They claimed because
he was a fan of Hitler, there too proved
he was a "Liberal", however, we can clearly
see, there is no way in hell he could have
comprehended the words of the books he
claimed near. For his own trained thoughts
of himself were just a bunch of gobbly-gook.
A disturbed child, drugged out, with no role
models. Not knowing the role I play as my
simple self, the supreme master of mind
control through any madness is my highest
gift to all Humanity here. I can answer
in seconds near any question on our TRUE
relationship to the Universe, but Peoples
just don't care enough to forward these
words to another as something important
to save our own souls. Bushite don't care
at all near ever, how about you friends?
Can you find it in your heart to give
this post to another, to allow them to
freely form their own conclusions on if
these words mean much to save many?

A No-Brainer - Alex Jones is Top Secretly Commie Pinko

'The result: saved more than $60 billion'

President Obama called it a "no brainer". Now,
why would not the same be thought of Health Care
that NEEDLESSLY funds private insurance companies
to the tune of over 1,000,000,000,000 DOLLARS
each year?, paid out to those who would rather
see all die before eating into their thoughtless
takes. After all, Obama called it a
"no-brainer". The "Professional Left" like a
Randy Roades or Bill Press, Ed Shultz and Maddow
[that's about it!!] in America don't want US to
discuss this freely with the Rightards, or on the
continuing criminality of Israel, or Bush and
Cheney, for it effectively destroys their CON on
how we are 'all' divided for plunder by shysters
who deny everyone free open debate with the facts
that stand as such, regardless of whether you are
a blind Bigot rightard Ideologue or not.

Right Wing Americans are true Socialist Commi Pinkos.


Conservative/Libertarian/Republican Americans as
COMMIES will go on and on about no improving
Health Care for America, (for a truly clever guy
or gal who knows the dollars and sense, might be
seeked) but Ron Paul and his Republican family
get socialist (no middle man for them) health
care without a complaint as top secretly
Communist? COMMIES!

Members of Congress and their Families are Blessed

/ / Members of Congress and their families are
blessed with their very own gold-plated,
taxpayer-financed, Washington-run health care
system. \ \

Imagine, TRUE COMMIE Ron Paul says nothing about
demanding at least half of HIS Health Care
fund, be thoughtlessly given away to
trillioniare banksters for nothing. But
he will for Your fund. Do you care as
sacrificing to die thoughtlessly American?

Commie Bushite "I don't care. I'd rather die than
my sickened family learn what a real man is."

Rand Paul: I Don't See Extending The Bush Tax
Cuts As 'A Cost To Government' ... -- WAKEUP

This is the Rightard nonsense AJ sells Americans
to give in sacrifice for, instead of demanding
911 police investigations be re-opened Coast to
Coast questing for anyone who disagrees in such a
liberation to speak freely, keeping the Peace.
AJ doesn't want this for US because easily half
of his politics is corrupted as a Rightard
bigoted fool that stands only for his refusals to
allow brighter days for all. Claiming Bush
escapes accounting because he is a "puppet", is
not freedom. To suggest Bush shouldn't be held
accountable for his wilful criminal
transgressions against the great America I
defend, is treasonous. The America I defend
is an America that respects all in fairness as
the Constitution stresses. That way the bad guys
actually get caught, and we're all better
served because of it. Don't let these Rightards
play US any other way for escape of those that
truly do US wrong.

Obama "..we are all Americans, and that
we can question each other’s ideas without
questioning each other’s love of country.."

Yeah but, Sarah Palin wants to have
mass murdered, more of our innocent
kids though, along with stealing more
Christian homes for Satan, so.. Did
anyone hear what she said just recently?
Likely not. Oh and, torturing innocent
Americans to death, or as kidnapping, is
a crime warranting serious Public reprisals
with Just cause as Our Side. So, words do
count.. despite Palin claiming hers don't
as separate from our existence, but every
one else's do as suffering her intolerant
ignorance of Blood Libel. She'll define
what she meant without any uncertainty
expressed in the minds by absolutely any
other Rightard out there, who like Alex
Jones, thought, she was something sweet
to mint those words for all to witness.
For the Funerals. That was just the
most painful laugh I've ever had.
Not much funny at all.

'Netanyahu Loves WikiLeaks'

/ / Any lingering doubt I may have had
about WikiLeaks being an Israeli propaganda
operation just evaporated. \ \ lingering?

Absolutionism. How can Rivero dictate
for conclusion what information HE has
quantified means absolutely? Toy trunked
away? Did you know: many cops do ask
questions of suspects, that often get
the guilty sought caught? Even one who
sides in state for no comment on
specifics made, can draw further
natural suspicions on 'why the
obstruction?', to the cop who knows
Life better on second thoughts
considering. The board game Reversi
is a good example to the uninitiated
of how Life truly is., or, have you
guys ever seen any of the magic TV's,
A&E's Cop's Realities shows, on
working in this boundless medium for
our mutual defense called "The First 48"?

Not even made your first baby steps
have you?

Scorpions - Send Me An Angel

Our True Natures

Ohhh boy. I.. ah. ahmm. (big breath). I
want People to judge fairly for themselves.
If you didn't see the excellent show with
Maddow yesterday on Cheney wanting to kill
Police officers with cop killer bullets, and
why Rightards like all of what America's
Internet radio provides, is ruled by the
clearly irrational, blindly trying to get
innocent Americans mass murdered with sanctioning
anti-aircraft weaponry to be sold freely to the
mentally disabled, watch Maddow. Then listen to
disturbing Michael Rivero (almost always the
greatest of Patriots) make up twisted evil lies
to cover himself an irrational fool who refuses
to humble himself to wiser worlds. WIKI. Maddow
is no Joan of Ark, but she did fairly cover the
plastic guns issue right out of the box, when
explaining we are being made blind like everyone
at RBN,, or at AJ's pro-Iraq war for ungodly Nazi
Israel's GCN, as on the gun issues - is as extremely
dangerous for all Americans concerned. As I've
said too, for whatever reason, Internet radio
offers not many celebrated great thinkers, truly
- as like instead, shrugging with evil Rightard
Ayn Rand, or just near any Libertarian that holds
no interest, TRULY, in defending the Constitution
as Justice is freedom won. They, like COMMIE AJ,
just masturbate on how all great they are,
refusing all calls as complaint for the obscenity.
But apparently, Americans are all just too
stupid to know any better. Again, look at this
true nature, I want open, polite debate where
Rightards lose severely in seconds because they
are generally extremely dumb bigots when it comes
to fairly governing ourselves, who can't compete
in Liberty without US all winning, as holding
exposed their BLIND beliefs of willing instead,
for more American crime victims under Rightard
hypno psychosis - FACT. Judge for yourself.



Olbermann covered this too,

Again, Rivero is clearly one of American
history's greatest patriots, who speaks
truth to power in defense of the innocent,
and then we get this tantrum, 'whatever Maddow
or Keith reports factually, I absolutely don't
want ever'. Like his thoughts on everything Wiki
being a fraud also. Something isn't balanced
right here, and it has everything to do with
free communications for Justice denied.
Bush as criminal as he is, has said some
remarkable things. Like, "We don't need
any evidence, we know he's guilty", or "I
don't have to tell you that" Or Obama's
"Nothing will be gained by laying blame
for the past." I do want to see Rivero
succeed here, as too You.

Alex Jones "When a Rand Paul supporter (wasn't
it his Chief of Staff? - or is that his Hedge
fund manager they have as money pro now? which
ever) steps on a woman's head, it's like it's
the end of the world." I don't know about you,
but I would have punched him so hard to save her
as innocent the assault, hIs head would have
been likely knocked off completely. Why? I would
have reacted as a man without near a moment of
thought - for as my Father's Son, I am a
Jack of too many disciplines. If you near knew
anything of my great Father, you'd immediately
know of what I am talking here. Evidently,
many males on radio in America do not.

Since when has evidence mattered to a Rightard?

Alex and his NWO Globalists, that hold
no strong complaint for how Americans were
wrongly tricked to war, forbid this knowledge,
among a great great great deal more powerful
ideas to deny US all Justice, dying his cult
further for his selfish contempt of Liberty.
Again, I want free open debates, Alex Jones
don't, for he has all his willful lies he
has to defend over the censored cries of
every last American Patriot sacrificing,
pro or con. Ron Paul's rigged election,
and Rand's total commitment to lawless
tyranny to name two right off the bat
after Bush and Cheney. Just who does
Alex Jones take us all for here with
his Obama, denied fair treatment?

Alex Jones "I'm light-years ahead
of the general Public in knowledge"

Like Ayn Rand? or on bigotry? or
do you mean the theatre?

True COMMIE Righards scoring corporate millions:
'Reading, like facts, are for the stupid people'

THIS IS HUGE - Death to the Worst of War Criminals

Bradley Manning and the Rule of Law

/ / Manning was ordered "to round up and hand over
Iraqi civilians to America’s new Iraqi allies,
who he could see were then torturing them with
electrical drills and other implements." Manning
questioned the orders he was being given to help
round up Iraqis and brought his concerns to the
chain of command. He pointed to a specific
instance where 15 detainees were arrested and
tortured for printing "anti-Iraqi literature" he
found that the paper in question was merely a
scholarly critique of corruption in the
government asking "Where did the money go?" \ \
know what what still is called enemy al-qeada

Alex Jones and the NWO Globalist Rightards do
not rule our Universe with his cut off switch!!

The Truth doesn't have to hurt, as instead, you
can become a better person for it. Or, you can
war your ego and loose to yourself. Your free
choice. I'm the good guy. Alex Jones ain't all
bad either. So far.

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into
trouble. It's what you know for sure that just
ain't so." - Mark Twain

"An inconvenient fact: The facts are always ignored by liberals."

"Always"? Now, "Liberals" means what? Everyone
else but an irrational Rightard Amerikan dumfuk?
Correct. Some good, some bad. Ideologues, be
they Rightards or the "liberals", are generally
weak of character to stand as an individual,
where committing to true freedom for any as
all, is beyond their willed comprehensions.

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography!


What kind of lawless world
is that, where they are so
sure, no real Cops can gain
access to defend ourselves?

Until now.

It's called criminal in
a free to be we society.

We. The Freedom to Believe that Justice is Ours.


Bush "International law? I better call my lawyer."

IDF DENIES disciplining top officers over
phosphorous used against children targeted

Special Report from Gaza

9/11: Mossad Is Guilty U.S. Army Study

light came into the world, but people preferred darkness

You know, when you say you blame the innocent
Jew, you serve the war criminal ungodly Zionist
enemy right?

USA makes it illegal to give aid to Gaza! In
"Holder vs. Humanitarian Law" While funding Nazi
Israel to main and murder the innocent loved by

This is so incredibly evil as ungodly war criminal.
Remember: the Jews of Lebanon were the first strike
targets, and Israeli prisons are filled with Jews
for refusing to commit a lawless act. Truly Satanic.

Bushite Nazi Grunt Enemy of America

Look at how this war criminal Republican lies
through his asshole for a mouth, on how he wills
to con US all here deprived freedom, duped to his
cunningness for those who have robbed US down
with 9/11 and so on, but never given completely
in to the Nazi Zionist War crime fear and
intimidation tactic, of lawless raping and
thieving through torture. Total traitor in life
to mame or murder the Bushite is, his criminal
mind as worthless for the cause of Justice for
9/11, as the TRUE American Way. It's like this:
"Boehner won't promise to end earmarks if GOP
takes House" to continue stealing from the
American sucker earns the votes of a Republican?
Are we here as Rightards to cheat us all a better
future as the willing victims led asunder by
rigged elections as politically alienated? Well,
I am here to say, we're better than that which a
Republican sells US out for as the less thans, or
Demonrat claims in utter contemptuousness for the
Flag of which We, The Peoples, Stand. Freedom
for All. That means everyone. Iceland, don't
think we've all forgotten about you. Ireland! I
can't wait to have time to visit to see how the
Bankster arrests have been going! And all yous
others out there, we'll be seeing you sooner than
later, as we get our lives back in order. We are
Amazing. Sgt. Jesse Kelly, Nazi war criminal,
LIAR, CHEAT, THIEF, not so good. A suspect who
expresses criminal intent. Remember: Justice is

Sent Out and Counting

"senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms
and are now equipped to defend themselves if
there is a populist uprising against the bank."

Ha. It's OUR police officers they should be
worried about enforcing OUR standing laws for
extortion, and Bank robbery. Unless that is who
they think they will over power, with all our
Governments, and the eternal timeless LORD of
Creation. Just what are the odds? Crazy bums..


So WikiLeaks Is Evil For Releasing Documents
But DynCorp Gets A Pass For Pimping Children

A Bushite, he don't care, but Men, of
America? As few as there are, we will
not back down against these lawless
tyrants who claim our laws do not
apply Here. The Declaration States,
no lawless tyrants of evil will steal
our Justice lying that we, "US", will
not apply ourselves as our falling
lives denied fair Judgment. See,
the Peenacker Neocons with Bush and
Cheney Committed the ungodly crimes
of 9/11 believing, they'll escape US
all for it because the magic TV and
Alex Jones states, we can't ever be
allowed to know there.. Not in this
world free of the shackles that bind
us my friends, not in this world where
Justice is Freedom, as Liberty is King
Johnny in Spirit. Down with tyranny.
Join US!

Gabrielle Giffords Explains the Danger of Right Wing Hate & Violence

Republicans: "We're shocked...shocked!...that
anybody got hurt after we posted a graphic of gun
sight crosshairs next to this congresswoman's
name!" Then they race to hide the evidence. You
weren't ashamed to post that? map dotted with
crosshairs before -- why aren't you proud of it
now" demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard'
Palin? (why isn't the demon whore Palin in jail
awaiting public trial for killing kids in South
Ossetia as pure Nazi evil war witch criminal?)

Rand 'give him a nuke?' Paul on
shooting: 'Weapons don't kill people'
..and on escaping the for sure bad guys
“Terrorists do not deserve the protections
of our Constitution” as OUR Constitution's
True Enemy.

Look, this demon fuck who wants to torture
Americans is so fucking evil, I can't even be
bothered to try to convince anyone who can't see
this for themselves. Alex Jones claims this
rotted enemy parasite, who champions Justice
NEVER, brings victory for his Rightard cause of
enslaving US all into their lawless prison

AJ went on all day about the greatness of Ayn
Rand. I hate to break it to you Rightards, but
Ayn Rand is truly retarded, proven to be so, in
under, 45 seconds. As is why a favorite with 22
year old Anarchists who claim to be wiser that
all others of all time - 'why bother for you?
I'm greater than great as a loser's loser.,
reading, like facts, is for the stupid people.
All Government is bad, therefore, don't bother to
demand a care for the Public, as arrests of war
criminals who mass murder US citizens, or bank
rob, or break traffic signals'. See if AJ was
half honorable he'd just simply watch FRONTLINE
on the nonsense that is sold as HIS personal
Greenspan philosophy. FORBIDDEN: Greenspan is
actually the culprit who started this Bailout AJ
thing with, 'yeah, bail out hedge fund managers
with trillions of Public dollars' because, the
dying American suckers can't fathom this [THEIR
GOVERNMENT] arena without magic TV corporate 'no
loyalty' coverage. Of which Greenspan did
apologize to all Humanity televised for real,
as cause Greenspan actually explained on how he
was faulted in blindness against his sworn Oath.
We never did get back a penny stolen though
however.. Yet. Watch the FRONTLINE episode on this,
not present at their web-site, or sadly as such
that God would be joyed in tears, on the powerful
torrents used presently to watch other vids about
everything else but. Alex Jones massively sucks
here because he has never granted himself as US,
the Listeners, the honor of excepting that there
are greater minds everywhere. But this Ayn Rand
business is a dud known widely as reasoned
through to be so for more than two decades. So -
where has Alex Jones been then eh? Again, hate
me, love me, but I bring great things either way
that AJ doesn't will for the Public to have
freely. Ask yourself, are you worth it?
Overall, I think so. Or would you rather die in
tyranny, than look the fool in the presence of a
man as great as pie?

Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast radio Host
- Vote Early and Vote Often.

Ron Paul "You can't count on Congress or the Courts to save yourselves"
don't tell us, from Hhis congress or the courts Right.

Americans refuse to humble themselves to wise men
or women speaking, because we make them out to be
what they truly are. Moronic imbeciles.

How did OUR government lie US, The People to Lawless War?


Soldiers all must war against the
lawless savages who deny Justice
heard. They have no evidence made apparent
that she fired any gun, yet the treasonous
Bushite grunter's war criminal 'Jury', worthy
of Death for sanctioning torture, convicted her
for "it". What is this "it" they spoke nothing
of, to steal our lives escaping again, the real
bad guys with our false imprisonments? Magna
States "No free man shall be imprisoned"
those who disagee, we publically arrest,
publically try, then publically execute
as our power, the LAW of these here lands
as stipulated without contention in all
surviving Constitutions. Censorship is
THE tool of tyrants for ungodly tyranny.
While, I, am a good guy. Most of the time...

Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast radio Host.

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.


Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

I wish Humanity could understand how serious
these CONTINUING corporate TV crimes are. 1 in
5 children of America were reported to have
received these shots containing mercury.

Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine

Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys. Starting with Ahmad for funding the
op, and then going to the Taliban claiming, no
evidence will be brought against the accused.
So, the FBI as acknowledged; they have no
evidence linking bin Laden to 911 to form an
actual warrant. PD51, W199i and so on, were/ARE
threats against real cops talking about this, or
moving forward with formal arrests of those
responsible for mass murdering Americans.
Bushite Nazi Grunter who wants 'limited
government' to escape himself from gang rape,
torture and murder of AMERICAN WOMEN states, "I
don't care... Ron Paul 2012! He rigged his last
election with Alex's Globalist NWO, so maybe
they'll rig it the smae this time, escaping the
crooks by refusing all calls for Liberty.

Alex Jones: DEA uses drug war to spy worldwide

Alex Jones at his best. Glen Beck still
massively sucks, escaping the crooks who
do US wrong every time,. oh like Bush and
Cheney, and the trillioniare thieves aligned
with Rand Paul and NATO to attack the old,
poor, and mentally disabled. Torture is
a War Crime according to Standing American
Law, for good reason, high treason. Oh
yeah, and the Taliban students never did
sell heroin.. Why? They are fundamentalists.


Jon Stewart's Producer Arrested for Assaulting 9/11 Activist

/ / his fellow Daily Show writer invaded my personal
space, and then sucker punched me before taking
off. Albanese was put in handcuffs and brought
to the 14th street precinct. \ \ Good Cops are
waking up to these shysters too, who think they
can TV con US all for further murderous sacrifices.
When a Cop, be he good or bad, learns that Nazi
Israeli break truces with targeting any as all
Police Officers as ungodly mass murderers for
stolen cash profits through AIPAC, all because
corporate Rightard TV America magically sells
they are US good guys to do so in our dying
stolen names, everyone smartens up. Even bred
dead Sports fans don't like to be cheated
their fair winnings, in a game everyone
playing is losing to.

Antonin "Women Don't Have Rights" Scalia
will teach Tea Baggers the Constitution

and no Soldiers demand his death sentence
by Public trial for high treason, as such
they should, against the thirty Republican
gang rapists of American women walking free
American streets as 'lawless'.

Bush and Cheney's Escape

"US Army sending hardcore neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan"
[now, 'policing' American streets for terror]

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
Bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

'active-duty Marine.. Norteno gang.. shoots two
random police officers killing one, FOXNEWS Hero'

Nazi Gangs in the U.S. Military

"Moral Waiver" Morality not required when raping
and mass murdering Afghans to push dope with Enron
escaping Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Die bushite die.

Bushite Nazi grunts GUILTY of Capital offenses
against AMERICANS, have been granted freedom from
prison to commit more crimes, as enlisting in the
Zionist's war against God and Civilization. Imagine,
Bushite Nazi grunts who are into murdering anyone to
steal our stuff, to torture, to bomb, recruited
from street gangs and the sowth's KKK, as the most
vile, evil, lowest of the lows deserving of death,
are becoming now, 'lawless' American terror officers
with their buds at KBR and Blackwater to rape and
murder more of Our undefended wives and children.
Sound "American" without questions? Apparently, yes.
Kill a Bushite to defend their next innocent mass
murder victims. Do it for children everywhere in
Afghanistan and Iraq, do it for Christ, do it for
God, do it for our dying America, do it for Yourself
to claim the right to be a man. Women, as you are.

AIPAC Zionist to the INNOCENT Jew "You deserve to die."


Why do Zionists keep on insisting "Jewish"
Peoples must all be crooks? like themselves?
The Jewish/Muslim/Christian Messiah would not
approve, if America's religious were at all
God loving.

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.

Obama Warns America Not To Challenge His 9/11 Story

/ / didnt we kill on a massive scale for no reason in iraq?? \ \

The real face of Obama. It's like he's trying to
pull a Harper here. How can he will to murder
innocent women and children in Afghanistan who
ask for evidence to form our conclusions? while
pretending he knows nothing of the indiscriminate
lawless attacks of the Bushite Nazi grunter? who
wars not against raping America with those who
carried out the 9/11 attacks? While naming
himself an American Christian? Who does they
think he's pushing dope onto here right? Death
to the 'lawless' Bushite enemies of America, who
so rightly deserve to die before anyone else as
the completely innocent they mass murder in my
honest to God name. How about Yours?

Obama Knows: "troops just air raiding
villages and killing civilians"

Obama’s Reign of Terror

/ / Two hours later, US drones fired more missiles at
people attempting to retrieve the bodies of the
victims of the first attack, and five more died \ \
[classic "Al Qaeda" terror attack in Iraq]

This is for sure, first degree mass murder by
Cofer Black as the "CIA". The Rightards want
America to go after the eldery and poor with Rand
Paul and the Tea Baggers they say, no other way
to defend the innocent from further plunder. How
about hunting Bushite for war crimes prosecutions
leading to their rightful public executions for
the ungodly traitors they are, warring God and
Man as war criminals for the final escape of the
Neocon Peenackers with Bush and Cheney? Texas'
"Law of Parties" should do the trick.

More than Twenty Cities Rally for Bradley Manning

CNN: WikiLeaks leaker felt abused by Army

This story makes me suspect he was tortured to
death already, and they figure if they call him
Gay, the faggot Rightard won't demand immediate
death sentences against every last Bushite
breathing who supports torturing innocent
Americans to death to escape those who truly do
US wrong. The Iraq war is a war crime, [as was
the shooting of the journalist and the two little
children] and in the time of Hammurabi, every
Last American citizen breathing that accused
Manning of a capital criminal offense, without
evidence, would be rightly executed on the spot
for the benefits of all as God's glorious
Creation. [Hammurabi is the founder of our
Civilization] But the Nazi America Rightards
can't comprehend treating others fairly, for
their love of personal Liberty, is near,
non-existent. No wonder they whore so much as
evil to escape traitors Bush and Cheney eh?

I am the Son of Man

Have you seen the list of antiGay Republican
faggots who like to take it up the arse? while
burning Christian children alive to death with
white phosphorus for AIPAC kickbacks, then
stating, it is all those who express concern
for the mass murder victims that secretly support
terror activities? The Canadian Gaza group
trying to give aid to those in a concentration
death camp is the case to point:

Know your enemy who refuses the truth
be told friends.

Child RAPE Condoned by Rumsfeld

Kill a Bushite for Christ.

The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.

Where are the Amerikan Rightards
as Silent on all this?

Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic
Relations told the Washington Times: "Memri's
intent is to find the worst possible quotes from
the Muslim world and disseminate them as widely
as possible."

Look,. these are Israeli Terrorists responsible
for publishing an "Al Qaeda" bomb manual,
encouraging the mass murder of innocent Americans
to aid in the escape of Bush and Cheney for 9/11.
HEY. American. It is time for You to wake up,
and demand your say in all this, 'sleeping at our
wheel business'. I am a good man who wills free
speech to defend America from the magic TV execs.,
now; who says no for you to continue their naked
short selling? Eh?

Al Qaeda bomb manual published by Memri

The organisation that makes these translations
and sends them out to corporate TV America is the
Middle East Media Research Institute, Memri,
based as AIPAC in Washington but with
recently-opened offices in London, Berlin and
Jerusalem. Its work is subsidised by US
taxpayers because as an "independent,
non-partisan, non-profit" terror organisation, it
has tax-deductible status under American law.
Giving out actual Al Qaeda terror handbooks, to
advance attacks against innocent Americans., a
handbook that no one had seen until they
admittingly started publishing them themselves.
Are you awake here yet partner?

At Least 2,043 Innocent People Randomly
Bombed in Pakistan by child torturer
Mr. "CIA" Cofer Black from 9/11 fame.

NYT Reporter behind war crime WMD claims to
kill Americans calls Assange a ‘bad journalist’

It's kinda like Globalist AJ telling, 'G, Peoples
are really starting to wake up to why the
Rightards refuse US free open communication with
the facts here.' like what is the crime of the
Taliban Mr. Alex Jones? someone should ask him
if he's ever seen, LooseChange's 'Final Cut'.
Alex Jones and the NWO Rightard Libertarian
Conservative Republicans are enemy antiGay faggot
bigots, the true Commies, robbing America of
Liberty, and we all know it. As is why they
refuse to allow Justice speak for our stolen
rights respected. so far.. Johnny for NEW!
Coast to Coast Radio Host! Vote early and vote

Johnny's GoodGodMan

[Peoples world wide must make the proper conclusions,
after all, we are talking about war criminals here
barely escaping arrests in our stolen names.]

Obama’s Liberty Problem - Indefinite Detention

It's called kidnapping. Serious criminal
offense. What?

BP Oil Disaster EXCLUSIVE - EXPLOSIVE New Revelations

I am saddened. I tell America that BP removed
the safety fluid which caused the blow up on
purpose, as documented in Congressional
Testimony, and yet.. Peoples still refuse to
raise their phones to allow US to speak on Coast
to Coast freely without censorship to resolve
these issues to the best of our abilities very
quickly. Why is it possible? Because we
actually know what we are talking about, when
we're allowed to speak beyond the Rightard bigot
TV liars, who whore for a "free" [lawless]
market, ruled for "freedom" [slavery] by
boundless magic [greed], with an Amerikan
Rightard Commie hatred for all Government,
Blacks, Hispanics, Chinks, Whitey, Liberals,
Socialists, Jews, Globalists, bookworms, and the
smart ass fellows who speak with real power as
honorable in the interests for any as all. But,
'Justice is Christ-like' doesn't sound as tough
an mean, as Alex Jones with fellow Rightard Rand
Paul, telling of how they have no choice but to
back a sicko sado fascistic attack against the
elderly and poor of America - 'no other way' to
stop these wars. No Justice for You. Well, I'm
here to declare there is another way, join
yourself to stand as an individual, committed to
allowing the facts be spoken, to earn ourselves a
less bleak picture than BP has painted US into
dying posioned here. Because near what ever I
write, Americans simply refuse to forward these
words everywhere as a good thing. Now I ask
myself, why must we allow ourselves to suffer
this way when we don't. I pray you will heed
this call and offer your own two cents on this
matter for a new call to brighten our days. We
don't have to give up before we've even started
bro. We need our stolen homes and trillions
back, just as Iraqis need all their stolen money
back, with Afghanistan getting the biggest of
appologies humanly possible. The 9/11 perps need
to be arrested by our nearest precincts, for to
be held without bail, for the up coming Public
Trial of all Trials, won by free open
international debate for Victory as measured.
Now that's entertainment! Now, who's with you?

"U.S. efforts fail to convince
Pakistan's top general to target Taliban"

For what? Taliban=Student.

CIA prevented 7000+ Random Vietnam Vets from Medical Aid
(of which a great many teens died because of)

WTC 7 Explosion That the Magic TV Refuses to Show - Why?

/ / NIST is now cornered: trapped within their web
of lies. Now that the video of the firemen reporting
explosions has been released from NIST archives,
they have? NO EXCUSE for failing to investigate

This is high treason. \ \ You got that right buddy.

Matt Taibbi on Wall Street's Weeps and Whines

Listen to Matt and know, these Banksters
want US to believe they have escaped with
our lives.

Geithner's Revenge - Elizabeth Warren Will NOT Lead New Consumer Financial Agency: Report

This is naked treason. It is for the not half
bad job she does to not continue. Half bad to
these war criminals is too good to the truth.
Treason. We all should care about this.
Elizabeth our Top Cop (CHAIR Congressional
Oversight Pannel) is not trying to do a great job
here battlin' evil, she was just doing her job
highlighting massive criminal frauds by
Geithner., and the Obamanoids with the Bushite
McCainiac don't want no real Cops looking around
here at what we actually have. "Lost." Who's
lives are they talking about victimizing further
wrongly right? Justice is Victory.

WikiLeaks being
‘exploited to spread conspiracy theories,’
Ungodly Evil Zionist Hate Group Claims

So, because Assange doesn't say that Nazi Israel
steals homes routinely as not hidden from anyone,
Peoples are beginning to awake to who our true
enemies are that openly break truces? Such as
those rightly called Satanic in AIPAC by GOD and
Johnny the Jew?

While Alex Jones with ENEMY Rand Paul IS
hammering down on the elderly, sick, and poor
with their LIES, telling our America will be
given no quarter to their continuing Commie
treasons. Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
Investigations. Americans pay more than twice
per-capita than Canadians do for Universal. Fuck
you evil Rightard Nazis who read this, and then
LIE some more to escape the maths... well, not
for long.. WE are coming for you Rightards, We
as Humanity are Coming for YOU freely speaking on
your treasonous Commie censorship, YOUR LIES as
the dumfuks they universally are. Why? They are
true bigot Commies who will to cheat US out of a
fair deal. Escaping Bush and Cheney for 9/11,
they just don't care about. Do You?

Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ by Enemy CIA

Innocent American Children Tortured to Death

Hoekstra Receives CIA’s Good Nazi Award

TREASON. I just can't wait to see that demon
fuck formally executed by Public trial for the
traitor he is. The never elected Bush bitch liar
is hugely evil, a war criminal who encourages the
torture of innocent Peoples to death to escape
Bush and Cheney, pure Nazi ungodly evil.

The Bushite claim as our enemy that the
truth hurts their cause of robbing Humanity.


'Assange with Israeli officials, ensured
that all such documents were removed'

Assange hasn't released the info that he has as
protection, but the NYT did. So why would
Assange take precident over everyone else at the
NYT who decided what wouldn't be allowed by their
judgement? That the Leaker could almost just as
easily leak somewhere else? [Iraq war has no
cause] The evil Rightards claim they wants the
juicy stuff, for all things else, are nothing
new.. [don't look at the curtain] Most
specifically, Not Evil Nazi grunts killing little
kids called Heroes by corporate News America, or
that Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 investigations.
30 Gang raping Republicans deserving of Public
Death sentences of course is mentioned once on
his entire site, as excused/able apparently of
those still freely walking our streets, and that
should say a whole lot to everyone, considering
the amount of Libertarian good for nothings
contribute for the Nazi Rightard cause, of no
Justice for You. Rand Paul, the traitor, is pure
Nazi evil, and that is no lie. He and Alex Jones
are gunning not for the Neocon, but for America's
elderly, the sick and desperately poor, as Alex
the true Fascist wills to have America all die
innocent victims, before he lets the truth be
spoken for our fair considerations as a real
Patriot would... not in my world, but perhaps
in that.

Rightards are evil bigot crooks who refuse US to
speak facts, for then they look as they truly are.

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Demand We be allowed to speak freely for open debate
in America on the Coast to Coast radio networks.
Alex Jones will be of the first invited guests.

Man arrested over blog list of pro-war MPs

Remember: Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the demon Antichrist plus more. As
is why the death of Bushites is a blessing for
all concerned. They war as Rightards for terror
to torture, to thieve, and mass murder the
established innocent, as escaping those who truly
done did do US wrong. Bush and Cheney.

Obama's US Drones Continue to Kill Aimlessly
Officials Don't Know Identities of Any of Slain

Kill the Bushite for Christ. It is a demon
enemy of Life to not demand death sentences
against Blackwater for these continuing
"CIA" strikes. Cofer Black calls himself the
CIA when pushing the button to mass murder more
helpless on the brink of starvations. Kill the
Bushite for America, for it surely deserves to
die before anyone else it targets as the
completely innocent, to pleasure a Ted Nugent
or Chuck Norris, or TV America's football Hero,
Vick the Puppy killer, the naked evil traitors
to America, waring US to escape Bush and Cheney
with their shit eating grins. How can George
Noory be happy to go ballistic against all
honorable soldiers!! Don't you too, just hate
the 'lawless' Bushite to death my friends,
hate the demon enemies of God and Mankind
to death? Because you should before
anyone else falls again as innocent victim.
Death to the Bushite, death to the enemies
of Life that war America for the final escape
of the Neocon Peenackers. Die bushite die. DBD.

The American Bigot

The American bigots, who measure a person's worth
unfairly, are controlling our free speech ranges
to deny following probable cause. They hate
blindly inside without question, incapable of
making sound decisions that aren't spoiled by the
delusional blanket they hold on to as themselves,
over our sacrificing innocent lives measured ill
gotten. Our Priority: The 9/11 War Crimes.
They'd rather you go without than be shown the
stupid they truly are, in the light of this
wicked understanding.

We is free souls here, born of great wisdoms of
why speaking freely for freedom is fab. 9/11
investigations need to be re-opened by US, the
Public, as, demanding the arrest for OBSTRUCTION,
Our Mr. Bush and Cheney, and the rest of the
cabal for fair trial as terrorist traitors. It
turns out contrary to popular amerikan TV
"belief", evidence is required for us to know
better where the bad guys are at still escaping
the long arm of the Law. Johnny.

Prison Planet White Wash
check out the awesome vid links here
/ / This is what prison planet white wash does:
They take specifics known about the WMDs lies and
turn it into a generality "they" lied about WMDs,
that's called a path to no where. \ \ I would
offer that many who bare no ill will, say near
the same flailing in the winds of Duhmphucizm,
yet still, would love to see those who LIED the
U.S. [ONPURPOSETODIE] for war criming against
our Humanity, escaping Bush and Cheney as stealing
everything, to be officially halted by Public
Prosecutions. As is why Justice is the coup de
gra. It's not left or right to support evidence
to convince ourselves of something; Liberty for
a Better World. Not impossible. Communications
is the answer. Pass this post to anyone as a
benefit freely articulating the benefits of
being Human, wising up. Justice is Victory.


Notice my friends, no mention of Nazi Israeli
killing Jews in Lebanon. NO MENTION. What kind
of evil Rightard would ignore that, while
attempting to claim ALL info giving by any
serving Grunt soldier trying to be honorable is a
fraud? all?!! to Michael at WRH?, and everyone
at GCN? and Republic Radio also?, I ask all our
Humanity? Who's conning who here? The Rightards
and the Rightards? who refuse too, to
acknowledge the Iraq war crime has no legitimate
cause?, and that torture warrants death? No
mention of the thirty Republican gang rapists of
American women?!!!??!!?!!??!! And no mention of
NAKED TRAITORS!!!!!! Bush and Cheney for
stopping the arrests of those who carried out
mass murder on 9/11. Refusing as godless cowards
to defend the "good" old red white and blue, to
sacrifice more un-represented cheated dying
American suckers for Satanic Zionism, escaping
the for real bad guys by denying this truth for
all to witness. Evil is DUMB.

Be a man and forward this
to everyone.

AJ "You should fear big government"

"Big" is relative. Alex Jones is Evil
escaping little Bush and Cheney, to
steal your Social Security with Super
EVIL ungodly traitor Rand Paul. FACT.
And whether a TV poll of Tea Bag
Rightards who claim to be
"Constitutionalists" says
otherwise, matters none.

Jesse Ventura "Why are we letting them get away with this?"

Alex Jones Didn't Predict 9/11 Bill Cooper Did

I wrote that Bush and Cheney were going to fly a
plane into the towers If I remember right, then -
anyway, Alex DID foretell something was going to
happen, and guess what? He claimed America
should blame Bush at the White House!!!! But
they always cut out that part, when bragging on
his inside knowledge, no one else of the Public
had. Ask Yourself: WHY? Was Bush planned to
die? Trivia: Who has AJ had on his show selling
the guest was a truther, when he was actually one
of the central actors in the mass murder attack
without question? hint mega mega.

Alex Jones puts Moronic Caller in his place!

Did you know: while AJ was buying his [second?]
$700,000 home, Burmas was bussing it? AJ did
finally buy him a car towards the time Burmas
left the air, for something like 500 dollars.
Now, Burmas does have serious Rightard problems,
as he is a disciple of AJ, but he is BY FAR more
open to advance the audience with respect, than
AJ is today to cover his lies. Example: AJ
tells I am cointellpro as the reason I must not
be allowed to express freely why following
probable cause for Public warrants is how Liberty
is ACTUALLY defended. I speculate it is because
there is so very little money in doing that for
himself, and also for the Rightards of his
"Police" state.

Dumfuk Grunt "Duh, why are we here to kill good
people needlessly so the bushmob back home can
further rob our undefended families bro? Bro?"

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Understand: Iraq played no part in 911, yet, American
nazi grunts have indiscriminately bombed easily more
than a million innocent souls, while cheering "whore
yeah", for the demons of CNN who only smile over such
ungodly treachery. To torture, to rape, to thieve
from America, left undefended for further corporate

"Propaganda from Wikileaks"

/ / Around a third of young British Muslims
favour killing in the name of Islam, according to
a survey revealed by the WikiLeaks' publication
of U.S. diplomatic cables. \ \ The Rightards
are losing their minds as evil good for nothings
eh? See, it's a shock!! Yeah, isn't that
incredible that the demons who con teen soldiers
to their needless deaths to plunder God and
Humanity further like Bush and Cheney, would
naked deceive only themselves with such hatred
for all Justice, being so non-distinct on
who they will as the innocent to mass murder
next, left for demonization - for as naturally,
Allah's will is Just always - "Jihad" it is
called. But Bushite behind closed doors state
they are dishonest with ourselves not counted
fairly. Where no one can see but You I suppose,
among evil Rightards a plenty like an Alex Jones?
Again, who is trying to con US here? Wiki or the
American Rightard, showing up to do what anyone
else can do on their own too? An American
Rightard wants to attack innocent poor others,
like America's elderly, or those that sympathize
with the Taliban's position of demanding evidence
to form a conclusion, so, what does that tell
you? Even if Wiki was headed by G.W., still
wouldn't change the info of war crimes treason at
hand, Treasons to kill more innocent Americans
off for further stolen gain. War crimes a
Rightard blindly dismisses altogether bigoting
like the KKK does, as 'nothing new', or, 'all a
fraud'. HEY! American sucker!, not everyone can
steal homes and walk with just a, 'golly shucks
I'm just a evil Republican dumfuk' forever,
lending out money at con pounded interest they
don't cover. Yet. See Peoples of Earth, In
America, it's just their neighbor’s family being
gang raped or pimped out for torture by KBR and
Blackwater, or losing their home to Bankster
grand thefts. So American: who should care
about ourselves better by demanding Justice
for 9/11? You. But that's just me. errr..
we I mean Jeeze.

9/11 bill was cut from ten years to five, along
with thirty percent chopped by Repuglicons. A
desperately needed bill that was completely paid
for by closing up defraud loop holes in 'the law'
where military dictatorships don't have to play
fair with the American suckers. Who cares there
I know, who cares there.

Because Bush and Cheney closed official 911
Police investigations, we will go nowhere until,
we arrest the demons for obstruction, to get back
to following probable cause to arrest the actual
bad guys.

Ungodly Evil Israeli Zionists call for
Murder of Innocent God Loving Jewish Women
Being Jewish is a religion of Love for
God.. Compare pictures...

Domscheit-Berg Denies Rumor of Israeli Deal

Facts still stand: Lebanon assisted Israeli
Nazis on finding where the Jews lived in Lebanon
as first strike target war crime victims. Then,
for those who know, they continued on to KILL
AMERICANS, and Canadians in Lebanon too. Do you
fucking care American Rightard enemy? Of course
not. A Rightard wills to attack the poor and
elderly of America today like Alex Jones, instead
of forwarding Johnny's "Nazi_israel.mp3" because
apparently as Humanity witnesses, "Americans"
will not rise in the defense of their dying
selves or their innocent elders if it means the
TV Rightard will face a Public demanding of free
communications for all concerned with the
documented FACTS here. Rightards are evil bigot
crooks who refuse US to speak facts, for then
they look as they truly are. Bush and Cheney
officially closed 9/11 police investigations, and
a Rightard just don't care.. do you?

American Nazi Zionist Sadomasochist
"Gays" Can Openly Slaughter Afghans


cable from the US embassy in Bogota
confirms that Washington was told
the Colombian army’s murder of
civilians was "widespread," yet
still Bushite approved 'America's
aid' to mass murder more helpless
innocent individuals to push
more of their dope into American
teen veins for more life term
prison sentences as more slave
labour as more big money, for,
who cares?

Bushite 'I don't care to forward
this post to save the life of
innocent Americans. Where's the
money in that?'

Bushite forces around Kandahar
are blowing up or bulldozing
houses, assassinating sympathizers
and using mass reprisals against
the civilian population.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Believe in God? kill a
Bushite enemy of Life then.
They do not deserve to live.
They know they are traitors
to God as enemies of the
Republic, of which we stand.
They take an Oath, with God,
they have no true belief in.
However, God is, AND has
a for real son that'll
rip a bushite limb from
limb in the cage broadcast
worldwide, if you support
our rise for Justice as
fair play. Contracts will
be signed, and Bushite will
die. Those Bush bitches
who claim to be warriors
who rape our women, or
torture our families will
be my first public demands
for reprisal. I crush.

Why Real Christians Kill The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing six of
them and wounding one other. \ \

You kill the Bushite for Christ, you kill the
Bushite for God. You kill the Bushite for
Afghanistan, you kill the Bushite for America.
We all know, the Bushite will hide as a Tea
Bagger, as a fan of Glenn Beck, a "Conservative",
a "Libertarian", or as TRAITOR "Republican", for
there is where Justice is not demanded by evil
Satanic Antichrist forces of tyranny to defend
the innocent lives of US war crime victims. They
blame an entitlement society of fairness, or
welfare mothers, they blame the elderly and poor,
they blame [unbound as not Ideologued] Liberals,
Socialists, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, the
Globalists, anyone else but the actual for sure
criminals guilty for extorting trillions, the for
sure war criminals Bush and Cheney as mass
murderers on 911. They are sadomasochists who
enjoy to hurt poor others, cause, it makes them
feel like whoring their souls for Bush’s final
escape isn’t all that bad as the ungodly. For
you yes, but not for them as thieves, gang
rapists, and mass murderers of children, escaping
their rightful death sentences at the hand of
Man. GOD, I HATE Bushite.

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to
my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a
threat," said Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal

"[General McChrystal says that] for every innocent
person you kill, you create 10 new enemies."

Bushite Heroin Pushers Murdering Civilians for pleasure as Satanic

/ / Morlock and another soldier, Andrew Holmes,
were on guard at the edge of a poppy field \ \

Let all men of every faith, join together to
demand these bushite nazi grunts be put to a
rightful death sentence immediately. Including
the military "Judges" that will find them free to
go in our world as no-law-school-for-him Mattis
has in the past, regarding gang rapists of
American women, or the Haditha child killers, and
of course his own terror assault against women
and children at a wedding party all for the hate
he has for a liberated Humanity. EVIL America
"grants" Bushites a right to judge all American
lives in lawless contempt. I hate these ungodly
Zionist war crime Nazi TV liars who claim because
they have criminally pirated my American uniform
with pro-torture traitor George Walker Bush and
FOXNEWS, they 'successfully' sell we can't at all
distinguish themselves worthy a bullet from Uncle
Sam. Any Uncle. Their own fathers should do all
US real men a favor, and take them out rightly as
they so truly deserve UNDER AMERICAN WAR CRIMES
LAW as the sworn ungodly enemies to all Peoples
in Christ. Warring our INNOCENT Humanity for
never elected 911 traitors Bush and Cheney, all
to escape God's Wrath for their hatred of the
good ol' red, white, and blue as all we will to
stand for as true. The Messiah has spoken: Die
Bushite Die.

Video: Israel Bans the Basics of Life for Everyone


Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
investigations.. imagine that. Not
on Alex Jones of course, but never
the less true, and teen soldiers
are still, never the less, conned
to die escaping those who done did
do America wrong as cowards.
Raping, torturing, thieving, and
bombing US Peoples indiscriminately
while chanting, 'whore yeh, whore
yeh' for the final escape of the
'lawless' demon Antichrist enemy
of Creation. Grandson to Hitler's
banker Bush is, but who could think
America wouldn't even find that
at all interesting? Or, when they
tried to over through America twice
HERO so and so. "The Enterprise"
is what they called themselves
then. Same traitors.. why? Because
Americans have been thus far, too
cowardly to defend the good ol'
red white and blue. Can't even
bother to raise a phone against
the demon enemy happy George Noory
for his willful naked contempt for
all soldier's lives. He told
Alex to his face, that he willed
to go ballistic against any soldier
who refused a criminal order, and
Alex didn't complain, no.. he whored.
As he has done on every last interview
with Noory that I've heard - which
is nearly, if not, all.

1933 - Zionists sign a

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