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Commentary :: War and Militarism
PURE SATANIC EVIL - Americans, know who your enemy is...
16 Feb 2011
No evidence against the accused is US being truly abused. John for NEW! Coast to Coast radio host.
PURE SATANIC EVIL - Americans, know who your enemy is...

/ / U.S. officials say Hatim trained at an
al-Qaida terrorist camp \ \ Zero evidence.

As leader of the free world, I will demand
the identity of this Nazi(s), insist he be
tried the war criminal he is, and upon easy
conviction we will personally be responsible
for his execution as such. Any "American" who
would disagree with such an act of freedom,
will be known by all as a traitor to the
good old, red white and blue. No evidence
against the accused is US being truly
abused. John for NEW! Coast to Coast
radio host.

Peter King: Al-Qaida hiding in your bedroom closet!

/ / torture and sexual brutalization are regular practice and called Camp Justice \ \

Americans, know who your enemy is. Ungodly
evil tyranny for the benefits of who again?

Ron Paul "They Said I Had Too Much Of An
Obsession With Individual Liberty To Be Elected"

Remember, this demon fuk holds no defense
for Americans being robbed, raped, tortured,
or lied to as naked treasons committed by
Bush and Cheney to mass murder millions
of innocent souls for cash profit. Expect
soon that this election rigger, with Alex
Jones, will call for Zionist cash donations
to win "Liberty" again. Not for Justice to
defend anyone though of course. For, as Ayn
Rand Rightard enemy cheats, they only 'win'
by censoring our cries for true freedom
from real tyranny. Bush and Cheney closed
9/11 police investigations designed since
the dawn of man to capture the ACTUAL bad
guys. The Iraq war has no cause of freedom
to die a teen grunt for. Rand and Ron are
cons. While our problem child Alex Jones,
he ain't half bad.

Dozens of Women Describe Hell Of Being Raped by The Nazi grunts in the US Military is a website
dedicated to the gang rapings of innocent
American women and children. Why I ask
all men in America do you own a gun, but
for to kill the lawless enemies of Creation
who claim, You will do no such thing under
the authority of Satanic influences.

Let all men demand the execution of
these bushite nazi grunts, who rape
American women while claiming, no
laws of God nor man can put it into
it's grave rightly, for the Antichrist
of Creation has deemed it "Lawless".
I HATE Bushite, as any real man would.
Americans are not men to remain nutral
on this, as they do regarding the
treasons of Bush and Cheney.

Torture of the INNOCENT authorized under former President George W. Bush

This is a war crime warranting death.

/ / Programs to be cut include not only
those targeted by Obama and the Republicans
in the current budget debate—home heating
assistance, Pell Grants, WIC, Head Start,
etc.—but the much larger entitlement
programs, Social Security and Medicare,
which will face cuts later in the budget
process. \ \

Rightards with Alex Jones and Obama, who
advance the criminal attack against
America's elderly and poor are the
enemies of American liberty. As is why
they are committed to censorship to steal
from US all.

Dershowitz Joins Legal Team for Wikileaks

Why? The demon Zionist enemy of God lies
cheat and steals to kill Americans for
profitable terror. So, he as a traitor to
freedom everywhere, has got to be the very
last demon you'd want anyone to get a real
defense together against bushite lawless
tyranny. A demon that openly supports
committing war crimes against defenseless
innocent Humans being. So.. whatthefuk?
Satanic Nazi Israeli steal Christian homes
routinely. They broke a truce, then mass
murdered specifically innocent children they
gathered together. God calls them Satanic
in our Holy Books. Again, whatthefuk?

RIGHTARDS Claim Health Care Law Kills "800,000 Jobs"

The Rightard dividers with Alex Jones,
at RBN, and so on, will try and con
US all here, to state, mediamatters is
"left wing" - case closed, because the
greater minds that they can't freely
compete with, make the Rightard as dumb
as they are when the facts are in. When
I first heard the statement of 800,000..
I listened, then could barely make sense
of what was being said.. (and all consider
myself the genius of geniuses.) Then I
thought it through, with the two minute
snipit offered as the Rightard's 'proof',
and the nearest thing I could figure, was
that because people will have better health
care, they'd likely, if ABLE to choose,
would work less. (Not exactly the CBO work
ethic.) But the real reason the bill is bad,
is it rewards the Tea Bag Rightard backers
with trillions of public tax dollars they'll
never have earned, just like the Banksters.
Alex Jones with his partner in crime Obama
and enemy George Noory will not allow Americans
to discuss this with truly wiser folks
factually, unless we change to be better
blokes. Because we is sadly, currently,
Supremely bigoted Rightard assholes. Alex
Jones don't got any problem with rigging
elections if it's for Ron Paul or Rand, and
his Cult would likely side the same for
tyranny, while they cowardly cry, to help
save ourselves from plunder, means top
secretly you die for their "New World Order".
Look at this one example:

'Afghan Government Cracks Down on Women’s Shelters'

We know the Rightard wills to not fight the true
globalist tyrannical TV powers of indifference to
women and children being raped in Afghanistan
by the dope pushing Nazi grunts, who claim it's
legal, because of their Antichrist Shariah. Where
the Taliban would kill the Satanic bushite Nazi
grunters without question, as demonic enemy
liars of God's Great Creation. Shariah is God's
will practiced fairly. Illiterates do not fair
well. But we all knew that already.

The Johnny America Show

Nominated for Best of the Internet 2011.
Thanks to all that participate in this.

Impeachment Speech and the 35 Articles in Full

What Is Missing - The Johnny Addendum

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

Suicide bomber kills 38, wounds dozens in Iraq

A suicide bomber giving his life, does
not attack the Satanic enemy Bushite
grunters, but members of his own
community standing as whoever at
a bus terminal? Then, oh, they know
so, because a soldier questioned him
on who had the remote, just before
they were both blown to kingdom come?
They, the Nazi grunts, think these
kind of crimes against God will get
Humanity confused on who the lawless
enemy grunting torturers are, who are
robbing all of every Iraqi for the
final escape of Bush and Cheney,
the traitors.

Wikileaks threatens action against ex-colleague of Assange

/ / Domscheit-Berg claims that he and the
programmer – who is known only as “The
Architect” – disconnected the submissions
section because they believed Mr Assange
could not be trusted to keep sources secret. \ \

Problem. As a true anonymous record keeper
there would be no records programmed for storage
by “The Architect”, and as for confidence, was it
the policy that only Assange has dictorial
overview over all Newspaper submissions making
inroads today, before we as anyone else does like
myself. NO. Second, are they alleging that Wiki
info of the most serious of war crimes; killing
respected journalists, or torturing honorable
American soldiers, along with women and children
kidnaped on official war crime orders by Satanic
Geoffrey Miller

"BOMBSHELLS: Bushite are using Satanic Rituals While Torturing the .."

and so on weren't allotted a fair public space
for airing?, and as so, why are they then, not
personally revealing what THEY know about the
facts of slight at hand? No no, they just want
US to forget about all this, and center the
coward Rightard's attention on their excuses to
teach the masses likewise to ignore, all Soldier
cries for Justice. This is dumber than Jared Lee
Loughner, where a Rightard cowers to the real
challenges of The People against, the censorship
of lawless tyranny. Censorship is the tool of
tyrants. Bush and Cheney are guilty of high
treason many times over here. If I go any farther
about Wiki this or Wiki that, I may take time off
my pursuit of Justice to truly save the innocent

The women and children that were mass murdered
were not all between the stipulated ages of 15-55.
The Nazi grunts were asked, 'why did you mow down
who you knew to only be "checked through", as
unarmed innocent women and children in the "many
thousands", just outside of Fallujah'? "It was not!"
evil war criminal they falsified as with Sattler, for,
'that they may have been boys and men pretending
to be women', and all as such, could be first degree
mass murdered. Ahha! But all those defenseless
innocent women and children were not all between
15-55. Most of the children were toddlers and
infants. Bushite grunts deserve to die as the
war crime lying traitors they are, warring America
for the final escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11.

/ / Governor Walker’s request to the State
Legislature to eliminate nearly all of the
collective-bargaining rights for thousands of
Wisconsin workers is big government at its worst.
\ \ Then, he orders huge bites into
everyone's salaries to cover shortfalls in the
pensions for only one example of several. Then
suggests that the American National Guard
wouldn't arrest himself, but all school teachers,
fire fighters, and Cops instead who would
complain(?), as those who would believe, they
have a right to vote for fair representation.
Public Unions of Wisconsin are not being accused
of corruption here from what I've read so far...
so? Again like Rand Paul, we can expect the
Rightards to attack innocent Americans to escape
the trillion dollar thieves along with Bush and
Cheney for mass murder on 9/11. Do you care?
Then forward these concerns to everyone. YES!
You. Heaven for Just living or Hell of death
as self destruction, you decide. Chump.

/ / Ron Paul is America's leading voice for
limited, constitutional government, low taxes,
free markets, a return to sound monetary
policies, and a sensible foreign policy hat puts
America first. \ \ limited is relative. Limited
from arresting gang rapists of American women in
KBR for example? The trillion dollar extortionist's
capture? The 9/11 perps?`FREE MARKETS FOR
LOOTING!!!??!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! How about

Demon liars who will to kill more innocent
victims for Bush and Cheney's final escape.
Escape from the Constitutional protects we must
excersize to defend ourselves from just this sort
of undermining. Trillions have be outright
stolen in broad daylight, while Ron Paul claims
he has no reckonning of such willful treasonous
conducts of criminals he calls his fellow
Republicans. Such as in kidnaping, in torture,
vaccines, bombing Iraq, and so on further into a
world of lawless destruction, because we know,
first hand, Ron Paul will never be there to win
US anything but more rewarding tyranny. His
arguments on Nazi Israel are NOT to defend the
innocent Christian children mass murdered by the
Nazis who broke the truce. NO no, no he ACTUALLY
STATES we must not help the INNOCENT victims to
his murderous cons of denying Justice for all.
Everywhere. If I sight the video, it will get
pulled by Google or the Jones cult, but just,
seek for yourself his comments on Gaza, on
military dictatorships being all, 'trying to do
good' "Police actions", and his complete contempt
for All American life by knowing the Bush regime
pulled off 9/11, and as 'public ally', sides to
say how dumb we all are to his enlightened view,
that trying to help can only do ourselves wrong
every-time, like Alex Jones will sell with
censorship to the dying suckers paying in willful
donations.. Censored on like, how traffic lights
work effectively as thought collectively to ease
congestion, while saving real Peoples lives. A
Rightard hates everyone here, because they know,
we know, they are not truly honorable men. Like,
to remain silent on Bush and Cheney's final
escape they do by blaming the weak and poor,
here and now.

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate warfare
would better serve ourselves to halt for our safety.
The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by the
unelected illiterate war criminal George Walker
Bush - who claimed/s we don't need evidence to
form a guilty verdict. On the matters of Good
and Evil. And some people call ME crazy..

No evidence against the accused is US being truly
abused. The Bible teaches this. Life teaches
this. Atheists rule as equals is God's Kingdom,
if only for the laughs. This is an all win kind
of a thing. Where the truth is relished.. for

Ed Schultz - Social Insecurity

This is Ed Shultz letting US know knowledge that
is forbidden in the Rightards worlds. These
truths expose the Ideologues as blind stupid
Rightards like an Alex Jones, who dance as the
'all' knowing blind chickens clucking at a
hypnotist's show. We shouldn't need be this way,
if the cheats were corrected for reasons won.
Good work Ed.

Openly Evil: A Study in the Death of American Liberty

/ / Attorney General Eric Holder, who will not
prosecute for torture and murder, says he is
mounting a criminal investigation against Assange
because anyone who breaks American law "will be
held responsible." \ \

Lawless Republican gang rape of American Women is
highly illegal, and frankly, I'm sure we'd All
with Christ like to see those 30 Republican gang
rapists formally executed for that serious war
time treason. While torture of course, as
everyone knows, warrants death every time, under
standing American Law, despite all the lies a
FOXNEWS Rightard Junkie will deny. Kill a
Bushite to be a True American Patriot Hero.

Indecent Exposure:
WikiLeaks Hounded for Showing Power Its True Face

Rand Paul the Traitor

Rand Paul the Traitor "I'm not singling out
Israel. I support Israel. I want to be known as
a friend of Israel," so they can mass murder more
Christians, Muslims, and Jews with breaking
truces? To steal more homes for racist Zionist
only roads? Rand Paul is a traitor. A godless
demon enemy of the Republic who supports Justice
never. Just like his pals in AIPAC. He is a
con. Hear him on earmarks to KNOW this as so.
He, like his father, thinks we're are just too
stupid to know better of what he sells as
huckster. Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police

"BP's spilled oil is washing up in people"

Rand Paul: BP Should Not Be Held Responsible

They removed the 'safety fluid' on purpose,
which caused the explosion, and Americans
don't care to forward my wise words, because
they know, they are fundamentally cowards
who sacrifice to Zionist war criminals for
Satan, as the ungodly enemies of our Humanity
to remain dying silenced with their vociferous
lies, while AJ sells this demon, Rand or Ron
isn't anything but vile pirates like George
Noory is of the Constitution, warring America
with lawless warfare against US, the Innocent,
for the final escape of Bush and Cheney
on 9/11.

WTC 7 Explosion That the Magic TV Refuses to Show - Why?

/ / NIST is now cornered: trapped within their web
of lies. Now that the video of the firemen reporting
explosions has been released from NIST archives,
they have? NO EXCUSE for failing to investigate

This is high treason. \ \ You got that right buddy.

/ / Honeywell describes an already existing
"secret" disabling FMC code that can allow a
GPS-guided aircraft autopilot system to take
away control of an aircraft from a pilot during
emergencies. Honeywell state-of-the-art Flight
Management Systems (FMS) were used by the four
aircraft reportedly hijacked on September 11, 2001. \ \

We must demand Justice.

Rightards are evil bigot crooks who refuse US to
speak facts, for then they look as they truly are.

Is Obama a Muslim? Examine the Evidence!

/ / the 5 pillars of Islam in Islam is
like believing that Jesus peace be upon
him exists in Christianity. \ \ The
truth of how this all fits together
for the common will of Justice for our
times. The same struggle that existed
as DOCUMENTED in the Dead Sea Scrolls,
is very near the same struggle today.

"Iowa Republicans believe that Obama is a Muslim"

..As the Rightard of FOXSNEWS enemy
suggest, To be a lover to God's Great
Creation, is a threat to their ungodly
evil tyrannies. as war crime Zionist
Nazi, breaking truces to slaughter
innocent Christian children for
Satan (AIPAC for the Atheists).

We Will Never Forget

/ / Actually what Palestine refuses to recognize
is Israel as a Jewish state having a right to steal
Palestinian land. \ \

Bingo. See the Zionist insist Jews are evil
crooks, and if you disagree they call you an
anti-Semite. Now Semites are not Caucasian, nor
are the real Jews from the Bible. But to the
truly SATANIC, the facts matter none to how many
innocent Christian children they can target for
mass murder, by TV tricking the dying American
suckers to pay giving more in blood sacrifice to
have it continue as demonic criminal AIPAC.

Silence of the Press:
US media turns blind eye to RT crew arrest

Bushite grunters warring for torture. Again,
American Law warrants death for torture. Kill a
Bushite for Christ and be called a true American
Patriot. Every rightful death sentence against a
Bushite Nazi grunter, can only hold respect for
the true warriors of Justice as Liberty.

/ / Lawyers for the Barack Obama administration
told a federal judge Monday that the U.S.
government has authority to kill U.S. citizens \ \

What is wrong with US? That is called MURDER.

American "Golly gee, if I had only simply
raised my phone for Justice, I'd be in a
better place right now.. better late than
never... hello friend."


Khaled Saeed Case - Egypt's Guilty as Sin

Try and execute the culprits for being
clearly murderers, then outlaw torture
with a rightly given death sentence, as
truly freeing the great Egyptian Peoples.

The lawless AntiChrist Zionist, war crime
nation of America certainly won't work to
help anyone be liberated from their
'proud' ungodly tyranny of liars truly,
so Peoples, we're going to have to do
this for ourselves. I'm with You.


What Oppression Looks Like

We are worried about any change in Egypt: Shimon Peres

Understand, why I, President Ronald Reagan
and other true Patriots, demand by Standing
Law, that torturers be actually for real
executed without question. Instantly of
those in the American Military. They, like
Blackwater's Cofer Black, deserve never
to live stealing another breath of our
precious air. The Nazi Israeli torturer
is an ungodly liar, a war crime thief, an
enemy of Liberty, who supports not, following
crime scene leads at real crime scenes
to defend anyone. Die bushite die.

A Bushite Grunt Walking Free Disguised as a Cop

Here is the video of King County Sheriff's Deputy
Matthew Paul slamming into Christopher Harris
like a [270 lb] linebacker, launching Harris
headfirst into a concrete wall. Harris is
immediately slumped and lifeless, never to
recover. \ \ let all men and women demand the
Bushite his rightful prison sentence. Why should
he be allowed to steal another breath of our air
working for our Force? You see his hatred for
all life clearly, against the innocent youth who
was of no threat. But as typical Bushite
grunting enemy, he believed he would have an
excuse in the godless tyranny that Americans have
become, as to escape by the unquisitive Rightard
doubter. No longer. Though Matthew Paul knew he
had likely killed the un-conscious youth, he
still felt it important to twist his arm
sadistically and continue on with his assault
missing from this 'pro' coverage. As like in,
the "Cop" Matthew Paul, was dressed in black
fatigues and did not address himself as an
officer of Law, for just this form of criminal
opportunity he is attempting to escape US from.
The "Cop" had no reason to push the youth, but
for the sadistic pleasure he and all other
Bushite Nazi grunters recieve in stealing
innocent American life for furthering godless
lawlessness. Enough.

/ / One deputy acknowledged on the witness stand
that the deputies did not identify themselves to
Harris before they started chasing him. \ \
known all along by those prepping the news crews?

George Collett, a juror "I don't think that the
officer intentionally tried to hurt the guy," Too
stupid to be an American Patriot. The assault
was unwarranted, clearly. Why hit the youth at
all?, never mind with all the force he could, to
throw the suspect into the wall he was aiming for
without doubt? Plus, the suspect looks to be
closer to 140 lbs, and Matthew Paul was 270, at

Halt in the name of the Law

Is the life of all Christopher Harris' in America
worth defending still? Then join me in demanding
the lawless "Cop" Matthew Paul be arrested for
the attempt at maiming.

RCW 9A.16.040(3), which states: "A public
officer or peace officer shall not be held
criminally liable for using deadly force without
malice and with a good faith belief that such act
is justifiable pursuant to this section."

This was clearly not the case in his unwarranted
attack. Plus, remember, the demon bushite grunts
in King County believe they shouldn't wear Police
uniforms to be recognized as such, for some
reason long gone lost with the minds of TV
Americans. Such as the Bill of Rights. To be
fair, I would request the criminal records of
complaint against Matthew Paul, if any, before
reaching final verdict on this matter. Note:
Americans seem to be suffering from not caring
enough to decifer this jargon called Freedom,
explaining a whole hell of a lot.

Former Guantánamo Bay prisoner speaks

Read of these crimes committed by the Bushite
grunter, and side with US to demand, no Police
agency accept anything else, but arresting
Bushite individuals without bail for war crimes
Reagan Death sentence prosecutions.. not to go
on disguised as a "Cop", we know is willing to
commit such assaults against a completely
innocent other. Such as Yourself. Or the Loves
of your life.

Had Matthew Paul's victim known of some basic
reflexs in Judo, or Akeido, that "Cop" would have
most certainly made himself into a liquid paste.
Bigger is not always better.

Moral of the stories: Bushite grunting War
criminals should be formally executed for their
crimes against our Humanity, not become lawless
Blackwater "Cops" as pro KBR gang rapist dope
pushers, warring Humanity as ungodly evil sadists
for the final escape of Bush and Cheney on 9/11.
Giving all Matthew Pauls out here a bad rap.


The Rightard's Treason


WeAreChange New Jersey Releases 100 New 9/11 Videos

Holy fuck.

VIDEO - "Where Are The Wall Street Prosecutions!": Angry C-SPAN Callers Sound Off On Criminal Banksters

We are not alone, despite Alex Jones and his NWO
Globalist Rightard pro Rand Paul cocksucking
bigots stealing our glories to escape real bad
guys everywhere, starting with Bush and Cheney on
9/11. Again, Alex Jones will be one of my first
invited guests to speak openly to this Challenge
of the gods. Humbling yourself a little would be
my sugestion Alex.. but you'd likely fear I was
something less that what I am. A good guy giving
sound advice. Let's do this...


Afghan Air War Doubles: Now 10 Attacks Per Day

Bush and Cheney officially halted American Police
Investigations designed since the dawn of Man to
capture the actual bad guys. Narco NATO war
Humanity to rape children, to abuse women, to
push heroin, to all steal all resources.. And
I'll tell you, we are not happy about it.

They deny us as the enemy real resolution for
hard copy indictments against actual terrorism.
The facts forge our freedoms. bushite are liars
who cheat ourselves a free world by bombing
defenseless innocent Peoples, who torture, who
rape, who steal. And that's a fact Mac. Let US
bring America back to where the People's rights
are defended, and nazi war criminals bare our
vengeance instead of ourselves left forsaken.
Or, do you just want to silently fall down as
innocent victim to third world military
dictatorship, fallen due your refusal to defend
yourself now, today. Justice is freedom, we're
arresting for public trial the criminals
responsible for 911. We are America, and we are
no greater than any other to proclaim, this is
our right, this is our destiny.

“uncompassionate by nature” is not Johnny the
Jew, but the ungodly Satanic enemies of God and
man who lie cheat and steal for more American


/ / “The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder
applies only “to a Jew who kills a Jew,” write
Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur of the
West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are
“uncompassionate by nature” and attacks on them
“curb their evil inclination,” while babies and
children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since
“it is clear that they will grow to harm us.” \ \
As lovers of Justice and God believers, like the
true Jews of those mass murdered in Lebanon as
the first strike targets by Nazi Israeli.

Then read of the demonic liars who twist as a
bigot Rightard liar does, for murdering innocent
Peoples targeted for war crimes plunder in our
God's stolen name. NOT JEWS, as the Holy Bible
teaches. I can explain everything. Does the
truth hurt more than losing a home? or teen son
or daughter for stolen profits? How about a


Obama's Patriotic American Chamber of Commerce
Leader, Advoctates Offshoring of American Jobs

"people effected by offshoring should stop whining"

The Chamber of Commerce has taken over these last
ten years, a direct position against every last
American, to side with military dictatorships for
stolen cash bribes. Shipping American factories
in the tens of thousands overseas. But what does
dying as Rightard America care for facts though
right? Obama claimed his Zionist Nazi Chamber of
Commerce, are Patriots of Freedom to sanction
breaking truces, who Obama claims, want what is
best for America, despite their willingness to
mass murder anyone for a stolen nickel, or just
outright, steal your body organs. This isn't
rocket science, nor dividing fractions, but
something so in our faces, that I honestly
believe, you'd have to be something less than a
emotional Human Being, to not be concerned in
naturally caring for your dying furtures being
sold out to Republican Tea Bag war criminals, as
the new, anti-"big" vactationing every third week
American Commie Congress. (saleried at $171,000+
plus perks!) Where limited government means
limited from all accounting for their stealing.
Their itinerary in officially, to do nothing but
go on extended breaks.. Why? Because a Rightard
in Government like Rand Paul is bad, just as he
says he is with Alex Jones championing the
destruction. What business is it for the
government to tell US what we can or can not do
right Rightards? Right rapists? Right 9/11
perps? Right trillioniare Banksters? Oh but
Abortion is an issue they will to pirate,
believing therefore no one could ever understand
it better. Hanging for cheats at Life. Killing
innocent Christian kids by breaking truces for
Satan though, for kickbacks through AIPAC? hey,
no prob. As is why Nazi Israeli call all
innocent human beings, crying for Justice,
"Nazi". It does apparently work for the American
Rightards, and for no opinion corporate snews
products, but, that is about it. I know i know,
'forbidden knowledge'.

I can't believe Americans all as Rightards still
refuse as the enemy to forward my calls for the
truth to be spoken, but apparently, this is the
case that Sherlock would have walked off the set
for. They lie cheat and steal from themselves
willingly, if it means a wise man or woman won't
be allowed to speak freely on TV or their radios.
Pure godless Zionist Nazi filth to remain silent
against their Rightard tyrannizing, aimed now
directly against their forsaken neighbor being
'lawlessly' gang raped by KBR, while illegally
having their jobs and homes stolen in broad
daylight. Better that, than the "sand niggers",
or innocent Christian children from other
countries in the long run I suppose., See, in
other worlds, being Christian ACTUALLY means, you
believe in a God that is a greater love than what
Americans truly care for. As is why the American
Nazi grunts in Afghanistan sanction the first
degree murder of Peoples in Afghanistan for
simply believing in Christianity. So what DO
Rightard Americans care for then? Not much but
what they can get away to steal from others, so..
no wonder..


We as Humanity must learn, these Nazi Zionists
who advance attacks against our innocent families
are for real. They openly break truces to
indiscriminately mass murder and torture. Real
Peoples Homes get stolen routinely. Real Jewish
families were bombed by Nazi Zionist in Lebanon
as the first strike targets for stolen profits.
They are not Human, but demonic enemies of Life
and GOD, committed to mass murder the innocent as
Satanic, and we all should know of it, Atheist,
or otherwise.

9/11 Doc of Docs.. "between the lies"

DVD image (4.1 GB)

This contains great evidence made by our Police
Agencies to get ourselves continuing on correctly
making the proper arrests on who tried to lead us
astray from our freedom path. Remember, this
documents a portion of the true 9/11 crew that
were for sure arrested, before being able to
dangerously fly two planes on the day of 9/11.
This is bombshell info demanding Public Police
Investigations being re-started on international
TV, so we as Humanity can arrest all Neocon
Peenacker Republicans, and the odd Demonrat, for
speedy public trials for the convictions of mass
murdering our American bretheren.

/ / Ron Paul has announced that the first
Monetary Policy subcommittee meeting will
focus on one of those two now forgotten Fed
mandates, that of creating jobs. \ \

What about all the criminal fraud in the
trillions you COMMIE Rightard parasite?
AIG was bailed to pay Goldman. The Bank
of Scottland threatened arrest of Goldman
if they didn't get back what they were
defrauded, and Goldman payed them back to
avoid a hanging. Americans too, must demand
their TRILLIONS back, but Ron Paul is a
con like Alex Jones, all to escape the for
real bad guys, while blaming the poor and
weak being ILLEGALLY left for closed.

a staggering $5 billion cut to Texas schools

"It's a catastrophe. No financial aid for kids
to go to college. No pre-kindergarten for kids
to learn their numbers and their letters. Health
and human services slashed," said Rep. Pete
Gallego, D-Alpine. "No Texan can be proud of this."

AJ, Rand Paul, and other Rightards of the NWO
Globalist Commie Elites, can't compete fairly
on a open playing field for Just cause, where the
facts are here for all to witness of them escaping
the worst of criminals in Your name. So, as a
Nazi, they promote with censorship the, 'must do'
indiscriminate attack against America's cheated
elderly, the cheated poor, school kids and
everyone else as Pensioners or Palestinian, before
we are ever allowed to freely demand Justice as
our defense willingly authored. This should be
what soldiers war in death for, to speak the facts
in open international debates, on how all we will to
not be further undone in ungodly stupid tyranny.


Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."


CBO: Health-care reform bill cuts deficit by $1.2 trillion
Rightards "How will we pay for a 1.2 trillion dollar health care plan?"

Your paying a private insurance company, when
in truth, you need not pay them a pretty penny.

BP Oil Disaster EXCLUSIVE - EXPLOSIVE New Revelations

I am saddened. I tell America that BP removed
the safety fluid which caused the blow up on
purpose, as documented in Congressional
Testimony, and yet.. Peoples still refuse to
raise their phones to allow US to speak on Coast
to Coast freely without censorship to resolve
these issues to the best of our abilities very
quickly. Why is it possible? Because we
actually know what we are talking about, when
we're allowed to speak beyond the Rightard bigot
TV liars, who whore for a "free" [lawless]
market, ruled for "freedom" [slavery] by
boundless magic [greed], with an Amerikan
Rightard Commie hatred for all Government,
Blacks, Hispanics, Chinks, Whitey, Liberals,
Socialists, Jews, Globalists, bookworms, and the
smart ass fellows who speak with real power as
honorable in the interests for any as all. But,
'Justice is Christ-like' doesn't sound as tough
an mean, as Alex Jones with fellow Rightard Rand
Paul, telling of how they have no choice but to
back a sicko sado fascistic attack against the
elderly and poor of America - 'no other way' to
stop these wars. No Justice for You. Well, I'm
here to declare there is another way, join
yourself to stand as an individual, committed to
allowing the facts be spoken, to earn ourselves a
less bleak picture than BP has painted US into
dying posioned here. Because near what ever I
write, Americans simply refuse to forward these
words everywhere as a good thing. Now I ask
myself, why must we allow ourselves to suffer
this way when we don't. I pray you will heed
this call and offer your own two cents on this
matter for a new call to brighten our days. We
don't have to give up before we've even started
bro. We need our stolen homes and trillions
back, just as Iraqis need all their stolen money
back, with Afghanistan getting the biggest of
appologies humanly possible. The 9/11 perps need
to be arrested by our nearest precincts, for to
be held without bail, for the up coming Public
Trial of all Trials, won by free open
international debate for Victory as measured.
Now that's entertainment! Now, who's with you?

Our Prison Planet is Populated by Disfunctioning Rightards

/ / As far as WMD, the US and UK gov didn’t
lie, Saddam did. He went to extreme lengths to
deceive the world \ \

How can the Rightards allow this form of Evil to
go unchallenged? Easy, they are Rightards.

/ / Dig down deep enough, and you have free heat.
All power plants operate on the premise of heating
water for steam to turn turbines. Why use coal
or nuclear when the earth itself is fully capable
of providing the heat? \ \ This sounds realistic,
as does the PROVEN power of the moon with the tides.
Jones' America stole Tesla's car than ran on static
electricity taken from near ground somehow.

Fact: Texas Coal-Fired Power Plants Release More Mercury Than Those In Any Other US State



Rep. Kucinich Requests A Visit With Bradley Manning

Kucinich is Presidential.


MUST SEE - Rand Paul Wants To Cut $500 Billion
In Federal Spending In JUST One Year, Slams Aid
To Israel - ABC Subway Interview

Look at this demon con, again by those who label
themselves 'truth tellers'. Rand the ungodly,
the traitor, has CLEARLY, 'Slammed' no such thing.,
about stoping payments to AIPAC for mass murdering
innocent children to die with white phosphorus.
Or dropping expensive bombs on innocent souls.
He, like Alex Jones, wants to attack America's poor,
to escape those with Bush and Cheney who have
openly stolen trillions. TRILLIONS!!! He should
be tried the traitor he is in this public Court.
Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 police investigations,
and Rightards like Rand are united in EVIL to
sacrifice all America for their continuing TREASONS.
Rand the traitor, has CLEARLY, said no such thing
the Rightard liars insist, but continue his silent
contempt for the innocent mass murder victims that
American tax money is directly used for. To mass
murder defenseless innocent human beings by the
Satanic truce breakers of Nazi Israeli. That torture,
that thieve, that mass murder with American 'freedom'.
They steal innocent Peoples homes routinely.
Individuals Rand Paul calls anything else but
the war crime demon enemies of GOD they are.
Rand Paul is an evil twisted demon enemy of
Justice, God, and Life, trying to pull the
blanket over all America's head, for he believes
like Alex, we must all be made too weak to defend
ourselves from Zionist war criminals who break
truces. From Zionist banksters that claim we owe
them now more than ever before. With money
they NEVER lent anyone to begin with! NO SHIT.

Saving Our Lives from Further Plunder

The strange thing is, why must I be the only real
player on this scene capable of such game? Do
you know, in better times, being of God is really
quite miraculous to all who love life as such?
We could bring such great wonders if only we were
respected for who we truly are. Instead, we have
Republican pro gang rapists who will to kill more
American teens to escape Bush and Cheney, telling
on magic American TV of how Christmas to
Christians, is where concern of another innocent
victim is secondary to getting America further
robbed by our inactions made poorer by
Congressmen. The Banksters are making off with
trillions man, TRILLIONS! No wonder these very
same Republicans get off on killing innocent
Christian children for Satan, hand in hand with
the Demonrats through AIPAC - for on an open
playing field where open debate with the
knowledgeable is openly relished, we all would
win, and they would lose as the ungodly war
criminal traitors they've proven to ourselves to
be, time and time again, fair and squared. We'd
save our lives from further plunder I'm saying.

Republicans are..

Hey, like I say, if you want to suck cock, do it
on your own time Republicans, for America has a
war to win here. Freedom for Everyone, is to be
whoever we will, as long as we don't deprive
another that same right. The Rightards and some
of the just as false "Left" will to try to fuck
this up for themselves with censorship, because
they can't stand as a humble individual Human,
(God loving or otherwise) as is why a Rightard
will tell you it's a Rightard that has no true
meaning to it's lifeless character, that chooses
stupid rules like, 'Privatize always' to further
die all stupidly for their inhuman tyrannies.
Tyrannies that wouldn't succeed in a world that
allowed respect for open polite debate with
experts of experts such as ourselves that insist
evidence is the only way to determine a Person's
guilt or innocence in this multi-dimensional
universe, that Alex Jones can't even presently
dream of as an equal to all contributer of the
Cause. Example: ask any Rightard what it
knows about "Health Care", or have them explain
Alex Jones' "Death Panels" and all they spew is
what they were TV trained to, without an actual
understanding of where they are coming from
without any qualifying quantifications. No real
measurement of understanding on how Obama's
"Health Care Plan" is seriously, Truly, flawed by
the Commies. A Rightard. The Commies.

Thus is the Nature of John Q. Public.

Alex Jones' open support of tyranny is not
acceptable I'm warning. For AJ to go on again,
how great tyranny is for Egyptians, because to
fight for liberty always means you just play into
his NWO Globalist agenda, is not going to wash
with even the dumbest of cowardly Rightards. Who
as Rightards, doesn't mean they all, every single
one, will to do harm on purpose to themselves. I
fight arrogant censor Alex with far superior
ideas, because he is like a retarded little
brother playing infallible Pope being abusive to
his closest friends to me. But others will not
be so generous, if he doesn't stop playing to
lose everyone in his irrational nonsenses of how
we all must be made to be powerless under his
authoritarian Zionist thumb. I want free
exchange of the facts for everyone to witness;
George Walker Bush is the actual, for real,
antichrist enemy of all Creation. The biggest
war criminal of all history ever recorded. While
Alex, the Rightard bigot, the Antigay faggot,
wants to blame anyone else but the for sure
guilty of war crimes. Blindly denying ourselves
the truth as witnessed. So, what would you say
if you were a real man like me?

Torturer Claims He'll Investigate His War Crimes Alone...
with no one watching.... where.. We Demand His Rightful
Public Arrest for the War Crime Offenses instead how about?

/ / New Egyptian VP says "conspiracy" behind
assault of protesters will be investigated \ \

This from the guy who gets off on torturing
[hundreds of torture flights out of America]
innocent Americans to death? Shouldn't he be up
for war crimes prosecution?, followed by a right
death sentence for such an offense in war time?
Did you know, through Wiki, we learned this
twisted demon fuck is responsible for torturing
no less than hundreds of innocent peoples
kidnapped without charges every day in Egypt for
Satan? You should, we all should know who a
Neocon is. Down with war criminals, starting
with Bush and Cheney I propose as Righteous, what
about you friend(s)? Sound good? It should when
you come to think of it in time, but we don't
have all day for you not to forward these words
as if they were your own on trial. To ask in the
Lord's name, would mean you would know. Justice
is a must if we want anything resembling a free
to be we, paradise on Earth. In Conclusion:
Rightards are cocksuckers.

Again, they SPEAK NOTHING TODAY for American
Women being gang raped by their partners in
war crimes. Speak nothing for Justice on 9/11.

/ / ..Egyptian army general told the BBC
the military was losing patience with the
embattled Mubarak, and would open fire
at regime loyalists if there were fresh
attacks on protesters... \ \ Yeah! Defend
the innocent of Egypt from these Rightard
pro-torture enemies of God who war Humanity
for lawless bankster tyrannies.

CHRIST SAYS 'Israeli are Anti-Jewish'

Let Fly

Zionist TV propagandist Steven Colbert, let fly
that The Peoples have nothing to fear from a pro
torturing enemy of Justice in America, namely a
Nazi Vet walking on our streets missing half a
brain, trying to become a lawless cop who beats
on women like Anthony Abbas did, or who gets off
on indiscriminately slaughtering our innocent
Humanity to escape never elected Bush and Cheney
for 9/11. Bill a Bushite and be Blessed by
Christ we will forever say, while we formally
hunt to have every last Bushite war criminal
publicly executed for crimes like gang raping
American women with KBR, or bombing entire cities
like Fallujah or Samara for no reason, (as too
the entire Iraq assault has no cause,) or for
dropping land mines in school districts, for
torturing elderly people to death countless times
by the likes of a Mr. Grainer. Who, received only
ten years, and only because he bragged to his family
and entire city that he could torture anyone of them
too, and there wasn't anything anyone could do
about it. (If it hadn't been for that, he'd be
walking free like the rest of them who did even
worse. Mattis' Haditha Child killers are
actually called Heroes by FOXNEWS TRAITOR Hannity
for example - for killing little kids to get back
at US all for something they freely state in
America today like is said Publicly in Nazi Israel.
Unremorseful child killers getting free health
care campaigning like Commie Pinko AJ does, to
not have that for yourself fairly though) That is
what Grainer told in writing to his threatened
(likely raped too?) young daughter - for why
her?. Ten years for murdering countless innocent
Iraqi Peoples he tortured to death, and after his
sentencing in a "Court" ruled by illiterate Nazi
savages with no Freedom commitment, claimed he
had no regrets in stealing so many innocent lives as
the criminally insane. He'll presently be trying
to be a Cop in New York City we're sure, because
he still surely believes though Americans own
guns, they wont kill Bushite enemies of Humanity
rightly to defend their next innocent god loving
victims as the Law dictates against war criminals.
Ungodly war crimes done to see their fellow teen
soldiers die as a consequence of an American male's
personal cowardice to be real men in their TV world,
to hide their anti-Gay faggotry by hurting innocent
others, such as children they several times were
CAUGHT blowing up with explosives just for
kicks.. Along with Police officers trying to
defend our communities. They stole all of Iraqis
money, and American's money, and then gave all
rights for oil to BP and other foreign companies.
Iraqi's fairer Christ like banking system and
replaced it with the American godless banking
corruptions of the IMF where YOU pay them back
for money they never lent you to begin with..
They put Allawi in charge who after crediting
himself for killing a bunch of innocent children
in a school bus, ordered Nazi grunts to execute
every last doctor or nurse who would even attempt
to treat an innocent child or women from
Fallujah. Then there were the ethnic cleansings
they funded on all sides, along with ACTUALLY
yes YOU, when finding this allegation true, join
me in hunting every last nazi grunt under Sattler
who carried out such orders without even
whispering a concern for their innocent mass
murder victims? They NEEDLESSLY dropped NINE two
thousand pound bombs murdering a conservatively
estimated 250,000 innocent souls in Fallujah -
FOR NO REASON. Then did near the same in Samara
before John Batist quit, because he refused to
carry it out completely - largely I speculate
because with his name, it would have been just a
little too demonic for his liking to needlessly
mass murder so many innocent Peoples for NO
REASON as Satanically evil.. Yeah yeah, I know
what the Bushite Nazi grunter is going to lie
about here, which is why I sooo much want to see
the Air Force tried publicly so all can witness
by War Crimes Law ushered by President Ronald
Reagan as STANDING AMERICAN LAW. For Bushite Nazi
grunters most certainly deserve it at the Hand of
President Reagan. Again, they SPEAK NOTHING
TODAY for American women being Gang raped by
their partners in war crimes. Speak nothing for
Justice on 9/11. For executing innocent men
simply because they are Christians, as they did
heroin pushing in Afghanistan without a word from
near anyone from the Nation of the FOR REAL
die. We've had near fifty kills this last week..
And things are only looking brighter.

Rachel Maddow_ breaks down how Mubarak is using age-old tech
(the rest of this is excellent..)

The Gremlins at MSNBC feel it's not important
to fix their server that is denying all
requests for Maddow's BRILLIANT 500 meg
performance last night.

Alex Jones and enemy of everyone traitor
Propagandist pro child killer George Noory, had a
real love fest today, on how anyone who defends
the rights of innocent human beings targeted by
truce breaking Nazi Israeli, is the bad guys
without any question considered. Their evil
selfish contempt for Justice as God Given Liberty
has fallen to such evil depths, it's no wonder
they can't allow US free Public criticism with
the facts here. George Noory sold propaganda for
the Neocons on 9/11, on the Iraq war, and on
vaccines - while refusing all calls from the
Patriot community - as such, he's is perfectly
fine with conning innocent Americans further to
die innocent victims, for his talentless cash
windfalls of given millions to keep You silent
under the cut off thumb of a bigot liar like Alex
Jones, his partner in war crime.


Mr. Bush closed 911 investigations and claimed
if we weren't with him blindly to mass murder
millions indiscriminately as the established
COMPLETELY INNOCENT, we were therefore to only
be, with the Terrorists of 911 apposing torture,
high taxes, or Banjo playing at 4 am, without any
distinctions drawn. Can you hear me now? Does
the truth hurt more than losing a home? or teen
son or daughter for stolen profits? How about a
country? Art Bell thinks so, as he has said as
much without a Johnny Justice broadcasting yet.
Let's Change things better, by speaking out for
Justice today as tomorrow and beyond for our

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?

Alex Jones "Liberals don't like Bush"
Alex Jones "Republicans are Constitutionalists"

Cause and effect is our true State.

Rightards are evil bigot crooks who refuse US to
speak facts, for then they look as they truly are.

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed


Notice my friends, no mention of Nazi Israeli
killing Jews in Lebanon. NO MENTION. What kind
of evil Rightard would ignore that, while
attempting to claim ALL info giving by any
serving Grunt soldier trying to be honorable is a
fraud? all?!! to Michael at WRH?, and everyone
at GCN? and Republic Radio also?, I ask all our
Humanity? Who's conning who here? Evil is DUMB.

Be a man and forward this
to everyone.

AJ "You should fear big government"

"Big" is relative. Alex Jones is Evil escaping
little Bush and Cheney, to steal your Social
Security with Super EVIL ungodly traitor Rand
Paul. FACT. And whether a TV poll of Tea Bag
Rightards who claim to be "Constitutionalists"
says otherwise, matters none.

Jesse Ventura "Why are we letting them get away with this?"

Dumfuk Grunt "Duh, why are we here to kill good
people needlessly so the bushmob back home can
further rob our undefended families bro? Bro?"

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Understand: Iraq played no part in 911, yet, American
nazi grunts have indiscriminately bombed easily more
than a million innocent souls, while cheering "whore
yeah", for the demons of CNN who only smile over such
ungodly treachery. To torture, to rape, to thieve
from America, left undefended for further corporate

Bush and Cheney's Escape

"US Army sending hardcore neo-Nazi troops to Iraq and Afghanistan"
[now, 'policing' American streets for terror]

Not American. Yeah, I've been calling them
Bushites, but whatever, not freedom fighters
that's for sure.

'active-duty Marine.. Norteno gang.. shoots two
random police officers killing one, FOXNEWS Hero'

Nazi Gangs in the U.S. Military

"Moral Waiver" Morality not required when raping
and mass murdering Afghans to push dope with Enron
escaping Bush and Cheney for 9/11. Die bushite die.

Bushite Nazi grunts GUILTY of Capital offenses
against AMERICANS, have been granted freedom from
prison to commit more crimes, as enlisting in the
Zionist's war against God and Civilization. Imagine,
Bushite Nazi grunts who are into murdering anyone to
steal our stuff, to torture, to bomb, recruited
from street gangs and the sowth's KKK, as the most
vile, evil, lowest of the lows deserving of death,
are becoming now, 'lawless' American terror officers
with their buds at KBR and Blackwater to rape and
murder more of Our undefended wives and children.
Sound "American" without questions? Apparently, yes.
Kill a Bushite to defend their next innocent mass
murder victims. Do it for children everywhere in
Afghanistan and Iraq, do it for Christ, do it for
God, do it for our dying America, do it for Yourself
to claim the right to be a man. Women, as you are.

AIPAC Zionist to the INNOCENT Jew "You deserve to die."


Why do Zionists keep on insisting "Jewish"
Peoples must all be crooks? like themselves?
The Jewish/Muslim/Christian Messiah would not
approve, if America's religious were at all
God loving.

FBI : 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Fake

America is a nation of cowardly males, too afraid
to be men in our world demanding Justice for all
as truly ourselves.

Why is this happening?

Banksters are walking away with defrauded
TRILLIONS. And the Rightard will to have
life die this way, denying free talk on the
facts surrounding their ungodly evilness.
Making the escape for the Antichrist
enemy of God, Mr. George Walker Bush who
Closed 911 police investigations as naked
traitor like themselves, enemies of the
Republic who refuse to allow a just cause
speak as America's will for Freedom.

Tea Baggers to protest "high taxes and big government".

98% of working families received a tax cut.
Every state's average tax cut was similar. So
tell me again: What is it they're protesting?

Not the war crimes, not the banksters, not the
tortures, not the vaccines. Not AIPAC, not the
demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the retard' Palin,
and not FOXSNEWS. Tea Baggers are Zombie dumfuk
Republican nazi whores who war America to escape
Bush and Cheney, and those at KBR who gang rape
America women left undefended. They champion
paying private insurance companies billions of
tax dollars irrationally as Ron Paul would
stupidly advise, because they hate, truly HATE a
wise man or woman being allowed to speak freely.
NWOers would rather see all of America die,
before allowing the truth be plainly told. It's
all about escaping Bush and Cheney for the
treasonous crime of Obstruction. A crime that
OFFICIALLY, escapes those responsble for mass
murder in New York City on 911. Americans don't
care for the innocent lives they steal for cash
profit, but, do you? Do you?? Then forward
these concerns, both pro or con. I demand open
communications to speak the facts, while You as
an American, would rather die for treasonous
liars who kill Americans for stolen gain? Your
call losering. We all could be Heroes.


Bush team 'agreed plan to attack the
Taliban the day before September 11'

"if it refused to hand over Osama bin Laden"

For what? No evidence for anything was Condi's
"TOP SECRET" war crime plan to escape the Neocons
responsible for mass murder on 911. Understand,
[911 mass murder occured here] Pre-planned.

Look up the Taliban offering to hand over bin
Laden to Clinton and HE REFUSED! Refused for
more than 40 consecutive days!!! It's the inside
scoop on this crime against Humanity, without a
love for God or his greatly gifted Son, John the
Baptizer truly.

Ungodly Evil Israeli Zionists call for
Murder of Innocent God Loving Jewish Women
Being Jewish is a religion of Love for
God.. Compare pictures...

/ / War criminal Blackwater’s Prince building
mercenary force with apartheid-era ‘hit squad' \ \

Mr. Gaylard remarked on 1 February 2011, "It is
difficult to understand the reasoning behind the
destruction of basic rain water collection
systems, some of them very old, which serve
marginalized rural and herder Palestinian
communities where water is already scarce
and where drought is an ever-present threat."

Why? Because they are truly Satanic enemies
of God and Man. They break truces to kill
Jews for money. Rightards are evil stooges
who will deny these trues from being spoken
openly for dissemination. Like how freedom is
Justice, and torture warrants an immediate
death sentence against the Rightard grunters.

What's the crime of the taliban to ask for
evidence to form a conclusion? Alex Jones Sucks!

/ / "There aren't even any Taliban in this
area," Taqwa said. "They were all working on
Mr. Khorasani's campaign." \ \Taliban=Student

This is another why I beg all real men to kill a
Bushite for America. These bushite enemies will
gang rape your American wife, and claim that FOX
still sells they are heroic for doing so without
question. Zionist Lawlessness is the enemy of
every last free man among US, and a Bushite LIAR
wars against a Just cause winning our Liberties,
as the dying loves of our INNOCENT families.

Child RAPE Condoned by Rumsfeld

Where are the Amerikan Rightards
as Silent on all this?

$285 billion defrauded from Americans

/ / The US military paid $285 billion over
three years to hundreds of military contractors
that defrauded the Pentagon \ \

Egypt - America’s favourite torture destination

Egypt’s new deputy linked to CIA rendition program

Correction. He is the guy responsible for
torturing innocent Peoples to death to please the
American Rightards who speak no words for the
defense of the innocent. Like of those who died
victim in NYC on 9/11. Rightards will kill
innocent Americans with their manufactured
silence of ourselves concerned on this issue.
How is it possible, with what Alex Jones knows,
to not speak of anything else? Have you guys
seen, Loosechange's "Final Cut" yet? Well, you
should, it near lays it all out for ourselves..
That the Bushite refuse to allow US to follow
probable cause, for they ACTUALLY, FOR REAL,
stopped OUR Police investigations immediately as
an 'embarrasing' act of 'hidden' true blind high
treason we suppose. Evil is dumb, don't be dumb.
Admit it, we are amazing.

Americans must demand real Justice.

Loosing the Goons:
The Mubarak-Obama Move to Crush Egypt’s Uprising


/ / One study found that approximately 41
percent of working age Americans either have
medical bill problems or are currently paying
off medical debt.

Did you know that medical bills are the number
one reason for bankruptcy in the United States?
Did you know that the vast majority of people
that go bankrupt due to medical bills actually
have health insurance? \ \ a Rightard paradise
of talentless rejects., of which, is as of their
governing that's 'all bad', as enough for them to
steal advantage from You. Ex. While Republicans
are challenging to remove all public protections
in the Obama Health Care legislation, they sell
to the sold of the tea bag fan graze, that they
are trying to repeal the whole deal, without the
known actions drawn for clearer TV picture of
what is truly going on here in our made to pay
for nothing shames. As Obama called it a
"no-brainer", I too will again tell, you don't
have to have a middle man, (private insurance
bankster reaping trillions), of who would rather
see you die than stop it to gobble Your 'Health'
Investment for nothing but government sanctioned
plunder as the bad guys ruining things again.,
.THAT Is completely un-necessary as exampled in
more than twenty other nations that got it
together at least that much better than the
Americans who reject the principled, no cost
over-runs Social Security program, or Medicare's
2% overhead to a system knowingly rife with
"Governing IS bad!" to themselves because they
lack just the most basic of simple maths skills,
and blink blindly to the noted accomplishments of
the government in running some things well, like
where we need the best service possible for the
costs alloted. Collectively like traffic signal
systems for example, waterworks, or an aray of
municiple codes that apply near world wide, as
useful basic platforms to ensure a thriving
life-style in the big city, or little ghostly
town running short from the 42,000 factories that
have left America for greener pastures in
tyrannical no-national dictatorships since Bush
stole our power for lawlessness in 2000, replaced
by cheating gambling devices called the VLT or the
Slots Machine, or the new, 'pay to use' your cash

/ / Oil and gas companies [Halliburton] have
injected more than 32 million gallons of fluids
containing diesel fuel underground [into ground
water] without first getting government approval, \ \
Watch American horror movie "Gasland".

all coming due with costs for the Republican
reward schemes of selling America out to the
Bankster and military dictatorships of real
tyranny, to compete against the falling slaving
workers, for the lowest common denominators below
the line of Law. All for lawless "America"..
anyway.. If you Know this knowledge from the
vantage of the flailing Bigot Rightard COMMIE,
the truth is like a bad thing were not suppose to
naturally know about divine rule.. Like how dumb
they most certainly are? Again, in TV land,
'facts like reading are for the stupid people'.
Never mind Bush, but just look at how far the
blind of TV America has gone with pro child mass
murderer Palin. She might very well be the demon
whore of Satan that she is, with her blind cult
all puppeting just the same broken tripe in true
contempt for God, general relativity, the flag,
as on all we stand. Freedom as Victory for
Justice - meaning our freedoms are measured
defended. A better future is possible. We are
being TV played for, as, all lost on this
'evidence as a requirement to convince ourselves
of something', but I am not lost to be the real
me., and as, not so prone to big brother's bogus
parlour tricks on whats all I knows heres for
sure sees. ..of the sold American Political TV
angst for a basic calculator. Or following the
9/11 evidence trail as worthy our interests.
Done to arrive having an actual measurement as
the fact; that there is a whole lot of lack for
elementary deduction applied for our benefits
here. Example: Nobody on magic TV gets
corrected. TV's Palin said, "Without
Provocation", and that was beyond bullshit.
Huckabee spews "Canadians have to wait weeks to
see a doctor" Like, as to what Americans believe
wrongly to be so Rightarded about "Public Health
Care" in 'totality', without having any real
knowledge speaking of just what the COMMIE tea
bag is bigotting in gibberish on all about again
today, while silently bailing out more banksters
with Bush and Cheney to make their final
get-aways with the going no where hoodwinked
Americans for mass murder on 9/11, is truly as

This work is in the public domain