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Commentary :: Politics
Don't Move To the Left, Or To the Right, Or To the Center – Just Fulfill Your Promises
21 Jun 2011
Now that the race for the White House has officially been kicked off - there is all kinds of talk about the candidates. As for the GOP we still have no idea which will be the party choice going into the elections. As for the Democrats barring any surprises the choice was made years ago. The Democratic option has held power for over two years now, and there is much that candidate said they would do upon taking office. Yet so many of those promises have yet to come to pass.
The mark of any person is their ability to keep their word. In the real world – today's world - outside of monasteries, convents and other rare places we would expect, no person can keep all their promises all the time. Even within those places sometimes people go back on their word due to unforeseen events or other circumstances. It's just part of adulthood and reality but when people throw around promises like cheap giveaways tossed around by all candidates something is wrong.
When a trusted politician is doing it people begin to feel disrespected. People start to feel like doormats the politician used or wants to use to wipe their feet on in order to gain power. We expect some of that from some politicians perhaps due to a collective sense of cynicism, distrust and jadedness. But when that person is supposed to be the one that will change it and promised to bring a new sense of order, fair-play and respect to the office of the White House and they don't at least keep their major promises, they can begin to take on the odor of a charlatan taking for granted a majority of the voting populace of a nation while smirking their way into office.
Now there is still time to prove things to the nation. There is still time to allay those doubts and that growing sense of distrust. There is still time to prove to the people that are starting to say, “I told you so” wrong. There is still time between now and the 2012 elections to do things that bring all those hope and change filled speeches to some measure of a substantial end.
In doing so it would cause so many to see that the man of hope didn't hang back and wait for the stimulus' of 2008, 2009 and 2010 (two of which Republicans helped to pass) bring down the unemployment numbers down enough to say, “see I did it.”
The president has finally said now he is going to start talking a draw down from Afghanistan and that is a great start. He should, as after all it was his stated goal to finish the job by tracking down the major players, perhaps not all, but certainly the main face behind the tragedy of September 11th. He did that precisely. He accomplished that. So now to not draw down while we are hemorrhaging so much treasury would be suspicious at the very least. That was part of one of his major promises regarding the wars. There was also the other.
That other was the no WMD trillion dollar “mistake” called the Iraq War. People keep talking about a way to win the war in Iraq. Well what exactly are we supposed to be winning? I mean the reason we were told we were going in turned out not to be true. It would be like being sold on going into Europe in WWII to liberate that continent and the world from the Nazi threat. We go in bomb, bomb and kill, kill only to find they never invaded any other countries and that in fact the Nazis had been wiped out in Germany itself over a decade ago. What do we do then keep blowing things up and killing people because... well... I dunno... we need to win? Huh? What was it we were winning again?
So we now know we didn't stay in Iraq for WMD because we remained there long after that point. One of the few prominent news people from the right to come out and say that oil had something to do with it in their opinion was Bill O'Reilly from FOX News. He said when David Letterman stated to him that it was all about oil, “Absolutely it's all about oil, the whole world is about oil.” ( Now one of the main the problems with that logic is that oil companies have been incorporating overseas to avoid taxes and still some have received more in tax returns than they have paid. This is not a progressive issue either, as the whole idea of corporate breaks and subsidies had been discussed by people from left, right and center, and when running in 2008 then candidate Obama said we would not go to war or remain in war over oil – period.
But if we are there to “stabilize” the nation so oil companies can do work why? If these companies are incorporated overseas and some of the major contractors in the area have not only incorporated overseas, but moved their headquarters overseas like Halliburton how are they even American companies? I mean if what it comes down to is that we are protecting the “interests” of US companies well these are technically not US companies. They split long ago.
So we should be bringing our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. We would love to help in nation building if we could afford it, but we can't. We are letting go of teachers back home, closing schools, cutting back on necessary educational programs, stopping college grants and scholarships and slipping further down the ranks in the worlds best educated students, youth and nations overall because in large part we are funding two wars simultaneously one because the Bush administration and the CIA gave us bad info on and another we no longer have a reason to fight. Sorry kids and the future of America, but Iraq and wealthy “American” oil companies, if you can even call them American anymore, need a stronger future. What? Please. Let's stop cheating American kids out of a future. Let's stop continuing the Bush legacy. Stop letting yourself be led down the primrose path.
If right now the poorer than ever since the great depression American middle-class that pays most of the taxes in America, is paying for our military to be security guards in Iraq for wealthy oil companies forget it. Those companies should just pay for their own. Good start with Afghanistan, but things are actually more stable in Iraq. Let's do what was promised with regards to that one too and shift our troops away from there.
When people say “so how's that hopey changey stuff going” those people that voted for you should be saying fine not having to put their hands in their pockets and mumble “I dunno – I think he kinda lied” while looking down at their feet a little disappointed and a bit ashamed. There is much work to be done yet. It is not too late, but it's getting there.
When we first got behind you the thought of you not keeping your main promises was like Bob Dylan or John Lennon not writing music guided by their own sense of integrity and morals. It would be like Chuck D of Public Enemy getting a tattoo of a slave owner inked on him. It would be like Tupac Shakur having federal officers tell him what to rap about. It would be like Lady Gaga not being proud of being born that way or Gretchen Wilson not claiming she was proud to be a redneck woman. It would be like Tori Amos and Stevie Wonder not writing about things that were important to them. Those things would never ever happen. Mr. President do the right thing and keep the big promises. Not for the votes it will surely bring your way as it was the independents and on the fence Republicans you attracted with those promises, but because it's the right thing to do. After all you said you would.
To not do so is disrespectful to voters, and it's disrespectful to Americans. “I'll do it next time” won't suffice this time. How could you be a candidate worthy of support if you lie about the most basic of things we all heard you say you would come through on? Not all obviously, but the main ones we all heard. No need to spin that BTW, just be a good man and keep your word. If you don't you will have turned out to be another lying politician unworthy of a second term or praise keeping us imprisoned by a two party monopoly uninterested in doing what the struggling hard up people of America want most – freedom and change.

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