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Commentary :: Politics
12 Jul 2011
Over the last two or three weeks I have been writing about my views of the Democratic party and specifically the current president. Previous to that for a few weeks I wrote about about Republicans and was critical of them. Not that anyone is reading what I write but for, IDK - posterity's sake, this is not unusual for me. I am a registered independent not Democrat not Republican. I never have been registered as a member of either party, and I would not want to be.
To me there is no reason to be loyal to any political party as politicians don't always act on behalf of their party first except when it comes to election time and this is for many reasons not always greedy, underhanded or selfish in some petty way, but for many reasons – sometimes good – sometimes bad. But politics is not supposed to be Monday night football nor the presidential elections the Superbowl. The future of the country is supposed to be at stake and the framers of the constitution took that seriously. Not that anyone needs me to tell them that or that the Superbowl isn't a tradition taken seriously – but obviously they're not the same.
When I look at where the country is and where our leadership is taking it I really don't see so many distinctions between the only two choices we have to vote for. And, where there are rhetorical distinctions lately they have become so polarized that they become locked in these ridiculous jams that drag out wasting so much time and tax dollars and for what? A year gone on another issue that should have lasted a few months.
Often times it ends up seeming those are just like this years anthems and the two sides just want everybody to have the hook from their latest hit memorized like a song that gets played so much that, like it, hate it or be indifferent to it, everybody at least knows the hook to it. This year Republicans are “saying gimme no new taxes, gimme massive spending cuts and we will fight to the death.” Democrats are saying “gimme a raised debt ceiling, gimme no corporate entitlements and baby we will fight to the death.” Then (as always) when it seems like everybody has the hook committed to memory so nobody believes it's going otherwise they drop the hit duet single saying “no matter how much you hurt me baby I will always be there to take you back again – don't let our love die” (I think that one's about to be dropped summer of 2011 stay tuned!!).
Let's all hold hands and breathe a sigh of a relief. Killer! Couldn't have ben scripted any better. But are we intending to pay for tired entertainers with a touch of grey, bags under their eyes and odd tans that have gotten to the point of releasing three hit singles a year and getting to go home (excuse me fly home) on the taxpayer dime every weekend? Is that what we really intend our dollars to be paying for? Surely there must be some artists grant these guys could be applying for for these productions instead of using tax dollars. Shouldn't they pitch that as a reality TV show? Can't they get lost and get a record deal. They don't need us for that and we don't really need them for that either.
What's for 2012, the introduction of dance moves with each new long drawn out production? Have artists script songs and refrains for them? Diss songs and battle mixtapes? C-SPAN in 3-D and Spiderman effects?
If so, one of the the problems is we really don't get much bang for the buck for all that. Every year they deliver the majority of the taxpayers less and less sending them further and further back. The middle class has stayed at the same place since the 70's and instead of progress they offer us soundbites offered for the news channels that might as well have a beat behind them. One party sent us into two wars and kept shifting objects around and coming up with new excuses to keep us there, and the only other choice we had promised change and the change they have delivered so far has been... to keep us paying for two wars and just keep shifting things around (didn't they say they were going to do something different?).
Now the new Secretary of Defense is already saber rattling with regards to the one war his boss admitted was a mistake when he ran against the party on the other side of the coin. Who is he saber rattling against? Think Donald Rumsfeld... that's right… you guessed it, Iran. ( Familiar huh? It doesn't sound like the language of a guy that understands Americans do not have the funds or interest to continue the war or intends to continue a drawdown or even accelerate one to me. Doesn't sound like change either. You know what change would be - and I know this is going to sound like a novel idea but - leaving. It was a mistake remember? And the majority of Americans will go bats if Obama starts a war with Iran.
If we vote Republican in 2012 we get a recovering economy and two wars if we vote for Democrats we get a recovering economy and two wars. So what's the difference right now?
Both say they have different approaches to the two issues, but that really hasn't played out. Oh they have released their hit singles and made sure their money would keep rolling in, but have the American people gotten anything out of this years duet album besides a lot of lame songs and maybe a couple of okay ones that never seem to live up to their promise?
With the economy they say oh that's where the differences are. But not really that's just where the tunes are different. At the end of 2010 a bill crafted by both parties kept tax cuts for the rich and allowed a economic stimulus borrowed from the Chinese worth trillions over the next two years. ( In truth they are two different sides of the same coin singing what sound like different songs, but are meant to be played backwards and at the same time. That's when you really understand the true lyrics to the song, and it's the same song.
It is why we need more diversity in Washington. I don't advocate for getting rid of either party that is just some radical stuff and ridiculous. I'm just suggesting adding more to the mix. The never ending lack of cooperation the two parties get into in order to ensure we believe there's a difference in order to crowd out other voices, needs to be stopped and overcome. I don't mean at the presidential level, but starting at the levels of local, state and then on Capitol Hill. If it started at the presidential level you would get a three way jam instead of a two way with the Republocrats eventually working together to make it look as a failure because one of their ranks was not in the Oval Office – probably with another duet. It would be a one hit wonder with a familiar feeling fo sho.
There needs to be more diversity so that the nation can't get held for ransom by the antics and theatrics of two parties trying to out do each other in impressing the nation with this years political anthem. When they resort to the age old tactics of folding their arms and stubbornly pouting, others could be working. Simple stuff. Some might say they would never let it happen, but they said a Catholic would never get elected, they said slavery would never get abolished and that women would never get to vote. They were wrong. They usually are when it comes to such statements.
The presidential elections are unsure. There is no Republican candidate right now and as for me I can't advocate voting for the current president as he has not proven to be the person he said he was as of yet, and that's coming from one of his advocates in 2008. There's time though to prove he's not just another face on the coin. It will take something we have had little of yet... actions. This might have seemed like a different direction from the stuff I've written lately but if it isn't the change you were looking for well IDK Must be infectious... but delivering on change is still always possible no matter who you are.
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