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Commentary :: Human Rights
All the Answers to Every Problem
09 Aug 2011
All the Answers to Every Problem
are contained in this outstanding
documentary named, GasHole.
All the Answers to Every Problem
are contained in this outstanding
documentary named, GasHole. But
Rightards will have nothing of it,
for, they can't win but for stealing.


Incredible. Every car getting
a thousand miles to the gallon,
and these pro military dictatorship
savages, the Rightard american, being
the wickedest of ENEMY criminals.,
still, to this day, continue to deny
ourselves such riches, while lawlessly
in silence warring God and Humanity side
by side as Bushite Nazi dumfuk grunters,
the FOXSNEWS/UFC dope pushing torturing
gang rapists called American TV "Heroes",
the ungodly evil parasites who have mass
murdered now millions of innocent Peoples
for Bush and Cheney's final escape on 9/11.
They are bombing the Peoples of Libya
for no officially stated reason, but to
thieve from Mankind. I, as any real man,
Hate rightly to death the godless
Rightard evil american bigots, and
all their corporate media censorships
of tyranny for more stolen profits. It
is Your call for real Justice American
victims. Or, continue enslaving by
the mindless evil enemy Rightard
Zombie Tea Bag, who can't freely
compete with it's lies, so wills
sadistically as like the demon
whore of Satan herself OPENLY does,
(as America's most hugely 'popular'
Rightard TV celeb,) to censor for
first degree murder, all Peoples
from living freely here,

A big business magic TV plan that sells if
you're gloomy about your homeless gangland
toxic future, pop some expensive mind
altering pills, and oh yeah, don't do

Anarchy In The UK: London Riots Sparked
video of 16 year old girl beat by police

Answer: put the guilty "cops" with Peter
Power to death by fair public trial. Any
bushite nazi grunting "cop" who would
disagree, (back from war criming Iraq),
deserves to rightly die also at the moral
fair vote of their fathers, brothers,
neighbors, or old high school chums.
Again, in several major American
cities, they OPENLY hire war criminals
as pro third world military dictatorships
to "Police" our streets, warring to
escape the criminal enemy Zionist
neocon LIARS for 9/11. God Wills Justice
for All, as does Christ. Peter Power
did 7/7, and these "Cops" of London
care not for following probable cause,
for that is where real defenders of
the faith exist. While instead these
cowards who beat our young children say
nothing for Bush and Cheney as, for
sure guilty of minimally Obstruction on
9/11. for closing our standing criminal
investigations on how the CRIME actually
went down with those who planned to escape
our wrath hiding behind the Alex Jones bigot
cult. Like the British grunts who beat those
bare footed innocent children they kidnapped
to death on video. (Who should be rightly
dead, like the COWARDS of Seal Team Six are.)
How about yourself friend? Do you care to
forward this post to our forsaken world
now denied by Google our fair appraisal?
Or, as the American Rightard Libertarian
Conservative Republican BIGOT, would you
rather see another innocent person
fraudulently labeled for murder by the
ungodly demonic lawless enemies of GOD,
before you would ever champion the true
cry for liberty from enemy vote rigger
Ron Paul's treachery? By leastly getting
on the phone for some real accounting here?
The Banksters do not cover our loans, we do.
Ron Paul is clearly a traitor if the facts
are bared to witness. He steals our money,
our elections, as our freedoms with the
very worst of war crimes he actually calls
do gooder "Police" actions after 9/11
investigations were closed, or calls war
crimes to claim, we have no business speaking
outrages against, like in Iraq, or Satanic Israel
where they break truces to indiscriminately
for more American sacrificed taxes.

'The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a
resolution on Thursday calling on the
UN to rescind facts on the Gaza war..

The resolution also asks UN Secretary
to "do all in his power to redress the
damage to Israel's reputation"'

THIS IS FOR REAL. The entire US Senate
needs to be Publicly charged for the
war crimes of Nazi Israeli. They
mass murdered countless innocent souls
by breaking a truce for more stolen
takes from paying to die victimized
Americans silenced through corporate
TV censorship.

Bushite 'I don't care to forward
this post to save the life of
innocent Americans. Where's the
money in that?'


How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning us to Death

There was as is, no reason to bomb Iraq, but
to steal through mass murder, and torture
for false arrests as ungodly war criminal
evil. Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the U.N. plus more that Bush
refused. And we know, they knew they were
lying to TV trick Americans for stolen
profits through mass murder. They knew full
well as we, there were no WMDs, but as even
so, Soldiers could have even simply walked
in without firing a shot. A Bushite Nazi
'lawless' grunter is a cowardly traitor to
his fellow dying teen soldiers, who remains
silent against those 30 Republicans with KBR
gang raping American women. Dope pushing
pro-torture enemies that War innocent
Humanity for the final escape of false
accusers Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on the 9/11 matter.

Alex Jones "I'm the Father of the 911 truth movement."

Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected
demon enemy of God he means?

Mr. Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Tenant
knowingly conned Congress and the TV viewers
to get in and murder millions in Iraq for
more stolen capital gains. Just as they
planned to do before hand.

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, throughout the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

The Bushite : clearly an enemy at all far
and wide without question. Ask anyone bud.

It says much of what America is truly
here, where, there is no evidence made
public linking Laden to 9/11, therefor,
an innocent man, corporate tv America
murders to escape those that truly did
the crimes of 9/11 as Humanity wronged.

Bush and Cheney are guilty of the crime of
Obstruction; by demanding the crimes scene
leads at the real mass murder scene be
ignored, as reported by the late Russert on
Meet the Press - after it had been revealed
as funded by the bushmob's own, General
Ahmad.(, and that someone planted explosives
in a cia secured facility named Building
Seven,) all Peoples being done in for
plundering, as a nation standing
un-defended. Enough.

'Operatives Assigned to Kill Gaddafi'

First degree murder. And again, those in
Texas, who support first degree murder,
need to be immediately formally executed
under the Texas Law, "Law of Parties"
Just look for a demon rat Republican
that Alex Jones would blindly label
as a bigot, being 'Constitutionalists',
like he does for traitor Rightard
COMMIE Ron Paul, the election rigger..
Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police

'Socialist' Obama to attack the poor?

When Ron Paul OPENLY refuses to defend
the rights of innocent others targeted with
the bankster crimes, (let alone the mass
murders of 9/11, 7/7, and so on) all the
while 'elected' Senate members personally
profit off irrationally bailing out the worst
of naked frauds into the trillions, for cash
backs from war mongering for Satan through
ungodly evil AIPAC, as by breaking truces to
indiscriminately slaughter INNOCENT defenseless
God loving Christians in Palestine, [TARGETED
You, as the silent American, are left refusing
to defend freedom in a Republic as or so
Democracy. To witness such Rightarded
treachery in our presence that election
rigger Ron Paul is anything but the worst
of tyranny, is un-questioningly un-patriotic.
To not call obstructers Bush and Cheney un-
Constitutional terrorists for 9/11, while
the war crimes of the worst of barbaric Nazi
savagery in Iraq now Libya, are called a,
trying to do good 'police action' as in
violation with U.N. 1441 and U.N 1973 for
example, done to rob, to torture, to gang
rape, to push dope, while for no good reasons,
routinely bomb our loving innocent families
from our stolen skys is evil evil evil evil.
Understand, Bushite nazi grunts are warring
God and Humanity in Afghanistan to officially
RAPE children. If there was ever a good reason
to kill a Rightard's dope pushing grunt soldier
that bombs our communities indiscriminately
while shouting, 'whore ya, whore ya' that would
be it. Their godless nation refuses to defend
such children, for then we would all clearly
know who the enemy here is walking our
American streets.

(i know i'm mostly writing to myself
here, but i just had to let this out..)

The Words of God

Again, the lawless Bushite is an enemy to
every man woman and child on this planet who
wills a free world against godless tyranny.

In All The Years

In all the years the bushite nazi fucks have
been in charge of 'defending democracy' by
nakedly stealing, mass murdering and
torturing the innocent, WHEN, if ever, have
they actually arrested a for real terrorist?
Like their demon selves warring side by side
for the worst of military dictatorships that
freely bomb defenseless innocent folks NATO
has no formal charge against for anything?
Again, the lawless Bushite is an enemy to
every man woman and child on this planet who
wills a free world against godless tyranny.
When the anti-Justice Bushite pro-torturing
dope pushing mass murderer dies rightly, we
all win a better future by saving real
Peoples innocent lives. Innocent lives the
bushite grunter cares nothing for on 9/11
either. The dope pushing grunters of evil,
war God and Humanity for the final 'escape'
of their TV deities Bush and Cheney on 9/11,
and for the Republican faker Obama with the
banksters, walking with trillions absconded.
Siding together to suffer poor People near
no one on +*magic*+ TV really cares about
being honest with as easy victim. A big
business magic TV plan that sells if you're
gloomy about your homeless gangland toxic
future, pop some expensive mind altering
pills, and oh yeah, don't do drugs.. Grunts
are selling heroin to put America away for
life, and what do they TV blare about as
being only "Heroes" on the UFC to remain
cowardly silent on this robbing of the
American dream by beating down on the People?
The IMF are clearly bad guys here trying to
escape ourselves for rightful prosecutions.
The bail outs are extortion to cover
massive frauds involving entire nations.
Surprising to many, the private banksters
do not cover our loans, we do. I exist.

God's Will is Just,

but evil Americans refuse to respect
US as equals because we are so much
greater truly as real men and women.

For example, the creation of money
is suppose to be done under the authority
of the US Government's Treasury, not
a pack of Zionist private banksters who
insist on magic TV we must pay them for
our own credit hijacked, by sacrificing
the made poorer and naturally growing


War crime NATO needs to be taken in
with Obama and Hitlerly for their
lawless war crimes against our
Humanity. Gadaffy did call the
cease-fire. Those who disagree,
should be tried for immediate
death too in Texas under the
law, "Law of Parties". Death
to the Bushite, death to the
enemies of God and Man. and
do think we haven't forgotten
about the thieving banksters.

AJ guest "It's not Obama, it's not Bush."
AJ (silence regarding documented traitors)

In that Hell, individuals are not
treated as equals under the law where
we follow probable cause, no, instead,
a godless tyranny of evil is "freedom"
[FOR] the Satanic Zionist millionaires
streak nakedly., tyranny, one oh one.

Alex Jones' version of Obama, is in
'white face', with "Socialism" written
underneath. Or, on Rense radio and RBN
when Conservatives, 'Talk Cock' as the
anti-gay faggots about a promiscuous gay
guy hiding in a see through closet
somewhere pinching each other's asses.
Not as an un-Constitutional war crimes
extortionist Rightard Commie, attempting
final escape for evil with our 27trill+.

debt ceiling is 'crazy talk'

The validity of the public debt is
bogus, just as the Rightard hypno
mugs Americans who talk on this
nonsense. Rightards haven't got
a clue about their mumblings of
blind superiority over fact.

/ / Israeli soldiers armed with a
truck and a digger entered the
Palestinian village of Amniyr and
destroyed nine water tanks. \ \

Bushite Nazi grunts are attacking
the innocent Peoples of Lybia to
rob the nation for al-Qeada. DBD.

Kill a Bushite grunt for Freedom.

Bushite forces around Kandahar are blowing
up or bulldozing houses, assassinating
sympathizers and using mass reprisals
against the civilian population.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Why Real Christians Kill The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing
six of them and wounding one other. \ \

You kill the Bushite for Christ, you kill
the Bushite for God. You kill the Bushite
for Afghanistan, you kill the Bushite for


16 trillion gave away while the
"Crisis" was in full swing...

Not a penny of these 'lost' loans went
to small banks or to ordinary Americans.
16 trillion "lost", while Congress instead
targets America's poor with Alex Jones and
his Nazi Ron Paul cult of evil election
rigging Rightards. Who know they can't fairly
compete without censorship, so cheat US all
further out of our say. Anything for the demon
Antichrist's escape on 9/11 they whore their
souls for, in contempt of God and Liberty.


TSA Developing Cancer from Naked Body Scanners

/ / So it’s better to just keep everyone
ignorant and keep irradiating all the
TSA employees and hope nobody notices,
apparently. \ \ FIGHT BACK!

Google is now officially pulling my
truthful material no one can find
honest disagreement with in the public
light, and instead, is actually
pushing SPAM for the rightards like
Alex Jones and the traitor Pauls..
Alex Jones spent Sunday 'teaching us
all' that lower taxes for trilliioniare
hedge fund breakers that run Rand
Paul's wheels, magically increases
revenues. (for him maybe) Without a peep
on the FACT that the private banksters
do not cover our loans. Rightards are as
dumb as they are truly evil. See, It
feels good to Alex, when he trumpets his
'know it all view' by blindly barely
understanding anything, but his
faggotry masturbation classes, where
while we die, he wiggles his finger to
tell US fools, he told us so, and that
we has nothing we could do about it
with his censor ships still flourishing
to cowardly hide the lies of rigged
Republican elections, Bush with Cheney
on 9/11, health care, education, religion,
Oath keeping, BP, or as You too, speaking
without fear to whoever of exposing
Alex Jones' prior sales routine on
war crime victims being nobody special..
while soldiers continue to die sacrificed
to wilful lawlessness, and so on.. like I
say, Alex Jones truly sucks at being we.

Yes, actually pushing spam. Fight back.


I told you, and now the IMF has told you,
and still, the TV sells you must without
question, attack America's elderly and poor
to run the nation further into the ground
for Obama and the banksters with NWOer
Rightard Alex Jones, Ron Paul, and
Rand. All before ever allowing simple
John's demand for our 27 trillion dollars
back for starters.

/ / Besides, the Bankster will not
eat 20 tons or so of food from
the corner store at every sitting. \ \

Boeing Overcharged Grunts Up to 177,000 Percent

Do American teen soldiers die for
these 'freedoms', to rob America
further, earn 'the win' to You?

The List Everyone Is Talking About

/ / McCaul, Michael (R-Texas) from
$34,176,566 to $137,611,043 \ \

NOTE: Rep. Michael McCaul, a Rightard
Republican, told the Houston Chronicle
that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed provided U.S.
interrogators the name of a courier
trusted by bin Laden. So, McCaul needs to
be arrested for 9/11 here as accessory
to sacrificing soldiers to the war crimes
of Iraq too with Powell. (explained in
detail further down somewhere) Besides,
where did he get all his money while
"serving" the Public to criminally escape
Bush and Cheney on 9/11 by closing our
police investigations dumfuckedly as
they did foolishly while the tv and
Alex Jones wasn't looking?

That is allot of money taken from
somewhere by a Rightarded degenerate..
Casinos? Heroin? i just don't know..
anyone know in 'messy pants' Texas?
Unlikely. Do you People out here know
anything about the Legislature in
Texas Inc.? It's beyond farce in
whoredum. So shockingly weak without
intelligence, they terrify as cowards
to even speak of it in the national
media, for fear their cowardice to
truly defend the flag from godless
tyranny would be showing also. Instead,
they sell the looking desperately for
work poor poor People are going to get
you, not the multi-trillion dollar
bankster cabal of evil doers responsible
in part, for the 9/11 terror attack
too against a True Patriot's America.

While You Were Out

/ / the Senate hasn't passed a
budget in more than 800 days. \ \
(jobs bills too they all killed)

misfits are "earning" millions and
millions of dollars while in office,
and you'd think with all that
America pays them in treasures and
sacrificed life, they could extent
the courtesy to at least, pretend
to be doing something productive.
They have no problem talking their
evil TV bigotry to divide ourselves
classified irrationally, while giving
away trillions for private banksters
and war crime war profiteers escaping
the 9/11 perps, but when it comes to
defending the folks on an issue that
is so central to their official
function, well.. who needs it?

where's the money in that?

Bushite 'I don't care to forward
this post to save the life of
innocent Americans. Where's the
money in that?'

/ / Frankly, we are getting pretty
damned tired of a Congress full of
millionaires lecturing Americans
working three jobs about "Austerity"
and "Sacrifice!" \ \

Special Comment: Blackmail, Bullies


Bigger tax breaks for the trillioniare thieves!,
as hedge fund brokers of savings funds having not
"earned" anything of the trillions "lost" into
their personal private accounts as it was

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

Please Spread The Word! Sunny Sheu: Murdered for
Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia

90% of detained minors tortured in Israeli jails

Remember AJ Cult members, your not allowed
to care here, or if you do anyway, Alex
Jones and George Noory will refuse to
acknowledge the right for you to speak
publicly for such needs. Instead, go
pick on the elderly, poor and disabled
with Rand Paul the cheat why don't you?
Because, as we know, anyone who disagrees
with anything Bankster proxy Rand Paul
says, or does is auto cointelpro working
for the Globalist's New World Order
without needs to explain any further.
Nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.

I think America owes The People an
apology for treating US unfair here.

Justin Bieber On Health Care: U.S. System 'Evil'

/ / "You guys are evil," he told the magazine,
out on February 18th. "Canada's the best country
in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't
need to worry about paying him," \ \

American incubators = $100,000+ a day
Canadian incubators = $1000ish- a day

[Same machine, but in Canada the medically
qualified oversee, in America, the Rightards.]

'Why is Israel apologising all the time':
Sarah Palin

Look at the demon whore of Satan.. Nazi
Israeli do not apologize for mass murdering
little Christian school kids as young as
infants targeted with white phosphorus, or
stealing Christian homes.. No, as SATANIC,
they spite GOD with pride in murdering our
innocent children for Satan - same as the
demon whore herself, who supported killing
innocent families guilty of nothing
indiscriminately slaughtered in South
Osettia for big buck FOXSNEWS popularity.
Ugly nazi whore of evil she is, ugly nazi
whore of evil. And I think ample bottomed
women are often quite attractive, especially
when they're legit - Sarah Palin? She just
wants to kill everyone for money as a
corporate success, so, she's always ugly no
matter what she wears as a con to commit
herself to lawless mass murder. Her
comments of Israel, while they randomly
gunned down some kids because, someone
unknown blew up a bomb is clearly ungodly
evil. Why doesn't Nazi Israel just kill
some people in NYC with that Satanic
argument as 'just' as valid? They do not
respect the godly in Liberty, to give the
public evidence for how they've come to form
a conclusion on committing the public body
to war some INNOCENT 'other'. NAZI

Nothing Dumber Than A Rightard

Truth is, from Christ's perspective,
near none of you people out here,
offer truer understandings about
currency as credit. that you
sacrifice, so to sound smarter
than you truly are. (instead of
just going, 'i don't know that
much about what a trillioniare,
does nothing for nobody hedge fund
breaker is, that Republican TV
insist shouldn't pay taxes either.,
as Rand Paul's personal economic
adviser! (to 'create JOBS' they
sell you blindly as not counted
fairly) while the hedge fund breakers
exercise licensed rights that you or
me can't - without going to jail for
embezzlement, cheating at play,
racketeering, extortion, ect..

To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11
and so on...

God is Divine

I would suggest granting US a free
few minutes to speak to America inter
nationally about Justice equally Freedom,
near nobody there can TV fairly. And
about the Treasury Department, as on
what it's function actually is. Every
last Rightard, and Patriot, or Truther,
gets this nature partly wrong from what
I've heard mostly. We need to discuss
fractional reserve debt as credit,
pirated privately by banksters, who
are for sure, defrauding ourselves of
every thing for not being more clearly
understood here. The bankster does not
cover our loans, we do for example. Or,
if we don't follow probable cause on
9/11, the terrorists will for sure escape
to commit more misdeeds against a dying
forsaken America. Dying for evil doing
cowards positioned to be officially
leaderless, as just another bankster's,
'teen pawn', lost in a checkers game
where the criminal cheat wins for
stealing our better moves on the dance
floor. Blindly willed by TV America to
be criminally sacrificed for lawlessness.
To 'Support the Troops' is not to have
them sacrificed COWARDLY to escape those
who done did do America wrong on 9/11.

Popular TV Republicans have taken an Oath
not to stop tax loopholes. Loopholes we
are told hurt as un-intentional. Unless
you were a Demonrat Republican cheat we
can now freely assess. These loophole
cons, are of the most obscenely wealthy,
paid instead for by every last American
suckered then. True, a Congressionally
de-lawing loophole is not only a gaff, or
an embarrassment, but sometimes criminally
willful to cheat the tax payers a fair
shake with no-money-down trillioniare
bankster lawyers who do not, I repeat do
not pay for our sacrifices. Nor do they
for the earkmarks of billions lost. Do you
realize now, how terribly unqualified all
Rightard (absolutionist pro bigot ideologues)
are as lefties too?, who for the life of
themselves, can not hear, see, or speak for
us truly, you or me being whoever naturally?
Just who the hell are we trying to convince
ourselves here that we should already
have had our very own, Justice for All
multi-media comedy pilot airing now!!!
Where everyone here is invited to
play your wares fair, or beware for
mankind is awakening to all that is our
right here to defend. 9/11 victims. God
is Divine, but shit really happens, so
John the Man was called in. But I'm just
a bit player in all this is as yours to
be far greater for a better future. How
ever, I know things. Example: The IMF admit
their austerity plans, do nothing but
exacerbate the growing worse then problem.
The Problem is: they refuse US to acknowledge
that we've been criminally had, by these same
shysters!, As that the credit is Ours, not
privately theirs hocuspocusy. So, they of
course do not want to truly help anyone here
communicate for Liberty.. Naturally, they
can't compete here in a free market of ideas
where reason is King. God wills fairness for
all parties, so as then, suffers less, and
celebrates more., is really super cool
being nothing thereaway as separate from
who you are here. We are more than
we know. If you seek, you shall find
answers.. God is truly greater than we
give ourselves credit for, or we even.
Justice is Victory in Freedom for Everyone.
Be True Blue American, and it will show
for place as the big win when words are
freely sewn for bettering a still being
injured unjustly world. Johnny is incredible.,
and as a natural consequence, you are
incredible now too. So then so, what's
holding us back, for you can count US in,
for who is what Life again as divided on
justice winning over false imprisonment as
a serious war crime against anyone? Who
supports tyranny without our concerns
present? That we pay for. Who? I have
already turned on the light ages ago.
See? That's what I'm talking about..

Ron Paul to Congress:
Stop Stealing from the American People

/ / We supposedly live in a nation of
laws. For once, government needs to
heed the law regarding the debt ceiling. \ \

This guy is a for real demon enemy
of the Republic. To read this poison
is to know Ron Paul is going in for
the bill. He is a traitor to every
American that has been first degree
murdered by his irrational Rightard
buddies he holds not to account ever
here while rigging elections with
Alex Jones and George Noory, but to
let slide with our stolen trillions
too, while advancing together their
Conservative pro private bank attacks
against the poor and elderly. Poison,
and the evil fool who supports Ron
Paul's do nothing really for Liberty
attitude is a delusional miscreant,
who cheats not only it's self, but the
whole world of fair consideration. At
least tries to. God's will is just,
but Americans refuse to respect US
as equals because we are so much
greater truly as real men and women.
Instead, the American "Patriots" who
whore out voting for Ron Paul to
decide for ourselves, know the banksters
walking with trillions are still escaping,
along with Obama Bush and Cheney walking
for obstruction on 9/11's General Ahmad.
America will never buy that from the
enemy Rightard censors who will to
only be bigot know it alls, who steals
our voices for Justice, by booing
everyone into, socialists, liberals,
progressives, niggers, spicks, whitey
and on and on, against all free men and
women who appose the criminality of the
Rightard enemy Ideologue that claims
understandably, no cognizant ability to
see US fairly. for as true Americans, we
will demand real Justice to defend our
real forsaken lives for as long as she
exists with the evils of Ron Paul and
Rand. Justice we demand from willing
enemies who cheat everyone out of a
better life.

The Republican enemy's position on
no taxes for trillioniares, is a heavy
heavy tax that every last American
will pay now for the lowering of their
credit. Think about it evil dumfuks.
Ohhh you will, you will. Evil fuckers.
Banks don't cover our loans, we do.
Fuck you Rightards, fuck you.

Experts: Drone Strike Has the 'Hallmark of al-Qaeda'

Obama and CIA (blackwater) now Openly
slaughtering defenseless innocent human
souls for Satanic pleasures. Die Bushite
enemy to all die.

Germany to lend €100m to Libyan rebels

"Germany" DOES NOT support funding
al-Qeada, but the Nazi enemy pirates
hidden within. So says all true liberty
lovers of good will to all our
innocent brothers and sisters under
the flag of freedom as Justice for

Obama to Congress : Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Me

/ / Probable-cause warrants would
only get in the government’s way. \ \

Blatant naked treason for tyranny against a
free Peoples everywhere. Not following
probable cause escapes the for real bad
guys, for our freedoms would be therefor not
defending, but wasting away on fictious
assumtions. Cops will be not working for
the Public's interest, like the FBI has been
wasting since 9/11 not doing the job
discription of nabbing General Ahamd who
funded 9/11. This is not the science of

Videos: CIA Rebels play with corpses
& removed Heart of Libya Soldiers

These wouldn't be democratic forces for
freedom in Libya obviously, but minions of
Satan here to rob all Humanity with the
child killing dope pushers of enemy war
criminal pro-torture NATO. Again, NATO
war God to escape those guilty of mass murder
in NYC on 9/11, and Americans can not care
less to remain silent against Hitlerly and
Obama, who nakedly lied about Gadaffy
trying to commit "genocide", or refusing
like Alex Jones and happy George Noory too,
to acknowledge Gadaffy DID call the cease
fire that was demanded by Obama to save
civilian lives from their indiscriminate
bombing attacks by the evil enemy "lawless"
Bushite Nazi grunters of Blackwater (cia).
NATO is war criminal, as stealing Libya's
oil and better banking for Tim Spicer. They
deserve to fairly die by Public war crimes
trial. They OPENLY lie to murder innocent
people they intent to rob from as Zionist.
NATO speak nothing for a liberating free
society acting justly, for if we did, they
would fall with America's evil doing
Pentagon in a hail of true Patriots rising
up with Justice willed as freedom gaining,
against the evil doer war criminals who
lie as cheats, naked to us all then, hiding
from no one. Justice on 9/11 is a must if
we want freedom for this world.

Afghan chief of terror is on US payroll

/ / violence involving burglary, rape
and murder of civilians, desecration of
mosques and mutilation of corpses. \ \

For every Bushite kill, will be a blessing
to God and Creation. A bushite, as Rightards,
hate freedom for Humanity, where wise men
and women are respected for enlightenment.
A bushite liar, like Republicans, refuse US
to allow free debate with the facts, because
it knows, it is a liar, a cheat, and a thief.

'U.S. Blocks Oversight of Mercenary Army in Iraq'
(the most henious of war crimes imaginable)

Here where magic TV America plays
US all too stupid to compute this
is where we need to start at now.

Johnny for NEW! Coast
to Coast Radio Host!!

Judgment Day - A New World Order Defined

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

/ / motive for Israel to bomb Norway who
routinely gun down our innocent children? \ \

What great Book does the Likudnik Republicans
read from, to actually have a candidate running
in Mass. that has as his stump, to torture more
innocent Peoples to death to escape Bush and the
Neocons for 911, and Netanyahu with Peter Power
for 77? Then, as AIPAC, CNN, MSNBC, and FOXSNEWS
reports, will likely win, with yet another,
typical American democratic rigged election?

Patriotic to Obama?

/ / the United States has demanded the UN
Security Council (UNSC) to remove the
provisions of charging mercenaries with war
crimes in the killing of Libyan civilians.
\ \ accessory to murder.

Let US, as Humanity, demand a rightful
death sentence for these war crimes.
Kaddafi, when he rose his green book,
read that those who murder Libyans
as anyone, will be formally executed.
100% of Libyans are with US on this.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Death to the Bushite, death to the
enemies of God and Man.

Obama's Handing of Torture Cases Criminal

/ / 101 cases involving alleged
illegal treatment of [kidnap victims]
detainees by the CIA and its
contractors [blackwater, Aegis, CACI,
99 were being closed. \ \

Remember these were rock solid cases
reviewed already by Prosecutors, crimes
like the one, where the bushite grunter
rapes the Iraqi female toddler, as he
proceeded to murder the father also,
for no other claimed reason. So, he also
likely murdered the young child too,
(where's Court TV's concern there eh?)
for she was no where to find, when he
went back clandestinely to the crime
scene where he consoled the very sad two
surviving boys of about twelve, of which
the terrorist then posed with them stating
in English as recorded, he raped their
toddler sister and killed their father,
and that they are all so dumb to be
nice to him still, for, they can't hear
a word he is speaking. Bushites this
Universe over will die at the hands of
every honest true loving family man out
here, this post guarantees it. Apparently,
the Bushite Antichrist 'lawless' Disciple
falsely believes that the Devil will
'magically' defend it from all men world
wide who have guns, knives, or fists.
Lance Corporal Boudroiux must go.

If anyone out there has the
details of these most heinous
of war crimes Obama has insisted
the perpetrators be free to walk
American streets, like those
bushite grunts torturing Manning,
let US know. President Reagan
would see Republicans tried and
executed for being pro torture,
in his glorious, WAR CRIMES ACT
as a matter of fact. Now who
truly loves Reagan more than

Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness.
Murder, rape, and the thieving of
billions from America as STILL wrong.

"I told him, there's women and kids
in that room," Lance Cpl. Humberto M.
Mendoza said of Lance Cpl. Stephen B. Tatum.
Tatum's response was, "Well, shoot them,"

Remember: America reports that Tatum is a Hero!

[who's calling the shots here then???]

Liam Fox needs to be executed immediately
for first degree mass murder of civilians.
Gaddafi did call a cease-fire. They did not
warn the janitors at the airports they were
going to indiscriminately slaughter everyone
within the mass murder crime scene. Nobody
nowhere voted here for Liam Fox. Who the
fuck does this bush bitch nazi grunter think
it is dropping American tax paid for bombs
costing billions? The UN did not sanction
such crimes. It must die for capital one
mass murder in war time. Peter Power did
7/7 and Liam Fox, he don't care. SAS troops
are cop killers. They kill cops dressed up
in al-qeada gears. Liam Fox must die.


/ / Washington will no longer seek an Israeli
settlement freeze \ \

'Go on, steal as you were going to no matter
what any innocent Human victim might have had
to say - steal from Christians and Muslims,
and Jews too you ungodly evil torturing
war crime thieves of Satan - wink - Palin


On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Alex Jones to Rand Paul "Your victory is our victory."

No it's not Rightards. Rand Paul is there
to escape those who stole the cash, then
blame the old and poor to receive his sadist
brunt. Nevermind the Banksters, Republican
rapists, and AIPAC war criminals, as the TSA
goons not following probable cause to defend
our taken as given rights. What about Bush
and Cheney fucks? These two evil bastards just
don't care enough for US victims to complain,
but for your kind donations to have their
furthering successes at your continuing
downfalls silenced chump. They war American
Patriots with their claimed ignorance as
censorship to refuse ourselves a just cause
to defend. Iraq. They will to hurt innocent
Americans, because they both freely admit
to have the corrupted minds of bigots,
when talking on the Bill of Rights, Economics,
Health care, banking, traffic lights, and so
on. Rightards. Evil doer rightards who refuse
Americans, all Americans Liberty. Justice
is Freedom, but a Rightard wants to blame
everyone as the bad big government, not the
little Bush bitch demon leaches, who falsely
as war criminals believe they will escape
hiding ourselves as honorable on this.
We want these AIPAC terrorists arrested for
accessories to mass murder of our innocent
selves, along with Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11.

New Plan by TSA Will Allow You to Bypass Their Security Screening...If You've Got the Money

What must we do to get through to
ourselves here for fair grounds
all around?

"Washington is shifting the burden of
bad choices today onto the backs of
our children and grandchildren."
- Obama, 03/20/06


Ok from THINK PROGRESS, 'during
Bush rule, CURRENT GOP Leaders
had Voted 19 Times to Increase debt
limit', and from a surplus under
Clinton, to a 16+ trill + 27trill+
tax give away almost entirely to
banksters and Hedge Fund breakers
by Republican demon tar rule over
ten years then. Now, they instead
of going to prison for extortion
and 9/11, want to dig in even deeper,
knowing the public TV elections are
clearly rigged by programmable
private ballots, owned by a private
company, as patented confidential
top secret information, not to be
seen by any ourside of this country.
A ungodly demon like obscenity that
TV America calls a freedom worth
dying someone else for as forsaken.
At least the Devil knows which side
his bread is buttered. I'm sorry,
but how do we expect to
survive in a world so


Who? Who there is aware, that the
banksters do not even cover our
loans - they just don't. Who?

Ron Paul: Department of Education
wants to ‘indoctrinate’ children

And Ron Paul, the traitor, doesn't want
them to learn about following probable cause
neither. Nothing dumber than a Rightard
dictate it's superior ignorance on public
education. Justice and maths, history as
science, always made absent for the
fledgling governed child slave laborer,
lost in the demon recanning of the wealthy
in money only, moronic Rightard degenerated
nonsenses. Refusing as the enemy to demand
Bush and Cheney go down for their well
documented to children everywhere, murderous
treasons of 9/11, torture, Iraq, and the
Bankster extortions. No, Alex Jones too,
wants people poisoned with evil to the
core, Ayn 'escape the bad guys for sure
hood wink scam' Rand. FRONTLINE had
Greenspan publicly admitting as much.
Who even knows this though as
American Rightard shills? Who? Who
there is aware, that the banksters do
not even cover our loans - they just
don't. Who?


Two Bushite Attack Entire Homeland Defense

DHS Whistleblower Endured Traitor
Reprisals for Doing Her Job Fighting
Against Actual Suspected Terrorists
Who Care Not for American Security

DHS Whistleblower Endured Traitor Reprisals

Same two agents. What other cases
have been under minded by these two
pro-terror traitors being able to
claim themselves the "FBI" when
doing nothing here but escaping
to leave terrorized, the American
suckered Public further? Where
did the 23 terror suspects tied
loosely to al-Qeada get maybe guns
in Mexico?, the ATF? Patriots!,
We can do this one.

'There have been NO investigations'
or 'no defense practiced to defend'
(about 23 timed for Terror suspects)

We need to seriously clean up the FBI

This is the most serious of criminals
hiding behind our American TV flag
still operating within the American
TV government of NEVER ELECTED TV
Republican celebs who claim
inpartiality on reporting US
fairly for freedom defended.

"We Don't Know Where 2.3 TRILLION Dollars Went!

These be ENEMIES of America's Defense, who
ROB America of trillions, clearly. Look, if
you were legitimately protecting America as
innocent victim, you would want to know
where every trillions is going.. Instead,
they war America as pro-torture grunters to
not have the sacrificing People ACTUALLY KNOW
what happens to near around 80%, EIGHTY
PERCENT!. 80% that the TAXED American pays
the Pentagon to Claim; they as most in
Congress have no interest in knowing about
9/11 either. So, so must with 'Socialist'
Obama, attack the elderly and poor. It's too
tricky apparently to the PAYING TV American,
but everyone else needs to get calculating
quick on this. We need Public FBI Warrants
for arrest to stop further lawless plundering
by those who steal our lives through NATO.
Done all above board with the lights on.
Who's with you bro?

U.S. House approves $649 bln
for Pentagon "defense" in 2012

Canada sent some of our Parliamentaries
right to Kabul Afghanistan before we jumped
the sinking Nazi ship, to personally ask the
American Bushite grunting NATO pro-lawless
traitors stationed where the heroin ships
for Vancouver, just what happened to the
TEN BILLION, $10,000,000,000 Canadians were
suckered out of, to not war for something
better, and we were answered, 'no one can
say'. They don't support truly counting our
costs, or as truly working out who did what
to escape the terrorists that for sure planted
the bombs in WTC7 on 9/11. So, as men and women
together, we must work to recover every last
stolen penny taken by war criminals for Bush
and Obama's final escape of a fair accounting
here. One plus one equals more ones.

(VIDEO) Bushite_Nazi_Grunt_Enemies_Pushing_Heroin

Late Senator Kennedy reported that the
Congressional Budget Office has documented,
that US military expenditures DO NOT exceed
2.5 billion in Afghanistan AND Iraq, while
Maddow reported last night, the Bushite Nazi
grunting war criminals who are pushing rape
and heroin into Americans, are taking
[stealing] almost 120 billion a year in
Afghanistan alone. During the first eight
years, American tax payers were paying more
than a million dollars per soldier, per year,
a 40k- soldier that does nothing for freedom,
but to indiscriminately mass murder defenseless
innocent others, while openly with FOXSNEWS
defending poppy fields. Remember, the enemy
Nazi grunter doesn't get a penny of that,
and if they try, they get Court-Marshalled.
And dies too as a consequence of being so
un-believably ungodly cowardly evil to not
demand George Noory or bigot Alex Jones allow
free speech with the facts on their brothers
and sisters dying forsaken for the escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11, and Obama with
the banksters on the crime of extortion.

Life Terms for Democracy Activists

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

These Bushites be, the true
enemies of both You and me.

GOP to restrict voters ahead of elections

AGAIN they know WE KNOW they are
traitors to the popular will of a
Democracy that they would naturally
lose to with paper ballots. Who
as crooks who torture, maim and mass
murder for the Nazi Zionist Ungodly
Evil Banksters making their escapes
from Standing America, believe
America can never be free as
represented fairly where a man
who speaks honorably as I do would
be heard everywhere for the benefit
of anyone.

Walker Walking in Wisconsin

/ /with or without
solicitation of bids \ \ Look, we are
having a communications problem. Walker in
Wisconsin needs to be immediately arrested
for treason. Now, how one finds doubt here
is the problem.

Justice is Victory in Freedom for Everyone

NATO's 28 members are "sharing the same
goal, which is to see the end of the
Gadhafi regime in Libya," for what? NO
tell falsely, Gadaffy was commiting
"Genocide". While Russia told, there
was no truth to their completely
BASELESS claims, for they were
monitoring everything from satelites.
Obama TV and Republicans said nothing,
hoping it wouldn't matter, for, Bush
and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
Investigations with Alex Jones and
Ron Paul so these bushite grunters
can escape lawlessly torturing and
thieving, dope pushing and child raping
as mass murdering Demonrat Republican
enemies of every last free willed person
here. EVERYONE. They are godless evil
enemies of the True American Patriot who
lives for a better future. Congressmen
who have "earned" millions while in
office doing nothing but sending more
teen soldiers to die in NEEDLESS wars
against God and Civilization.
I Select: none of the above.

I think America owes The People an
apology for treating US unfair here.


None elected, and all war criminals who
will to rape children in Afghanistan.
Who push heroin onto American streets.
Who torture innocent souls to death for
pleasure. They must rightly face war
crimes trial with death sentences
meeted by American Patriots world

I think America owes The People an
apology for treating US unfair here.

Further On possessors of fact, not fact as
possessions.. strangely interestingly,
prisonplanet did do a story a little way
back that seemed to suggest because AJ spoke
of issues before Glenn Beck stated them,
made him the Patriot and Glenn the traitor..
I never read the story mind you, just the
preamble.. but Jeeze, this is some weird
cheese - Neither of them still to speak of
Justice denied on 9/11 by Bush and Cheney,
or that Saddam was not in violation with UN
resolution 1441 - granting full unrestricted
access to do whatever the neocon war crime
enemies willed., Meaning there was as is, no
justification to bomb anyone there to kill
off sacrificing illiterate teen soldiers, to
bring about, 'hopefully', a state that was
present before the senseless indiscriminate
attack of lawlessness with torture began.

I think America owes The People an
apology for treating US unfair here.

Welcome one and all to this
International Media Empire of
glories, soon to be found through
naturally speaking, as a found
miracle of wonders, just waiting
to be discovered by the casual
listener who plays the key role
in making it all happen for a
better world. No evidence against
the accused is US being truly
abused. Justice is Victory in
Freedom for Everyone.

i hate bushite dumfuk scum
with every breath i take

We Are Nature

"We cannot elevate nature above
people," Citrus County Tea Party
Patriots leader Edna Mattos told
the paper. "That's against the
Bible and the Bill of Rights."

Well, I, for one, and hoping
for Edna Mattos' natural death
far sooner than later. In fact,
every time a TeaBagger traitor
dies, the natural world is a
far better safer place. Think,
for example, how wonderful this
world will be when traitor Ted
Nugent kicks the bucket, either
from a rightful Texas death
sentence as the mass murderer
he is easily, or maybe trips
down some stairs to die in a
stranglehold with a banister
made as naturally would? A
holiday from a godless parasite
that publicly wills more mass
murder against our near
defenseless innocent Humanity,
all to escape Bush and Cheney,
who he knows directly like Ron
Paul does, (as a guest on Alex
Jones hundreds of times asking
for more giving millions to
battle the do gooders,) carried
out the treasons of obstructing
Justice on 9/11. General Ahmad
funded Atta, and what is the
crime of the True American
Patriot demanding evidence to
ensure the actual culprits get
caught? Alex Jones SUCKS!!!

Fox News completely leaves
out Ron Paul from results!

Again, the classic Rightard
enemy con. Ron Paul has no
problems with Bush and Cheney,
or rigging elections with Alex
Jones, nor with Nazi Israeli
breaking truces, to then go
out and burn innocent women
and children alive to death
from our skys with American
paid for white phosphorus as,
FOXSNEWS greatest demon friend.
They love him to death for his
sinister banksterism evil,
probably even greater than
the NWOer blind bigot Alex
Jones' Cult does to escape
themselves the responsiblity
any REAL man would have to
speak out against such
treasons. Evil American
people war our innocent
Humanity to not have US
speak freely, such as freely
understanding: Saddam wasn't
in violation with 1441, plus,
much many more naked examples on
their ungodly continuing assaults
against reason. While I, can
talk about whatever without needs
to deny facts from any other to
cheat ourselves a better life.
A winner I am as a honorable


Alex Jones "I called for George Bush's
impeachment" BULLSHIT. He will not give
anyone five minutes to run down how Bush was
guilty of treason in more than fifty ways
that he should have given time to every day

/ / We owe Social Security 736
billion right this minute. \ \

BULLSHIT. It's a "Trust Fund".
If anything, it has been criminally
pilfered, and the Rightard argues,
oh well, hides it all somehow.
Privatize for unforseen massive
losses? No, won't sell, Peoples
are too smart there... er how about
IMFing it?.. take it out on ripping
off America's poor and elderly.
Instead of grasping, as a nation,
the Fund receives less than 2%
interest on a multi trillion dollar
TRUST. AND that the 27tril+ bail-out
is a crime called Extortion. So, We
need to recoup Our STOLEN losses,
if such a reality is so growing.
with auditors the fund exceeds
2.6 trillion, as it is suppose
to, OTHERWISE, billionaires
and trillionaires might go to
prison, while the kids, gramps
and granny could be then going
out on the town to celebrate
their happy care free years

Resign for Condemning Abuse of Manning

..and that ain't even the half of it. IMPEACH!

Again, those that are torturing him, torture
innocent women and children with power tools
to death for Satanic pleasures, in league
with the demon Antichrist false accuser. I
want every last "American" who supports
torturing innocent people to escape those
that truly do US wrong, formally tried by
HUMANITY, and executed RIGHTLY for their war
crime high treasons. I don't care that they
learned to be so un-American by evil FOXNEWS
- it isn't an excuse that would stand before
the true Constitutionalist, or the Son of

/ / But superior officers decided
to ignore the advice because the
unit was short of intelligence
analysts and needed Manning's skills,
two military officials familiar with
the investigation told McClatchy
Newspapers. \ \ This requires a real
police investigation with our guns
loaded. Why? We KNOW, Manning is
guilty of nothing, but being upset
over these two NAZI grunts torturing
innocent women and children to death
for Satan.

No evidence against the accused is US being
truly abused. Justice is Victory in Freedom
for Everyone. We Am.

What do we have to say here, to understand,
these terrorists don't want the facts made
present, otherwise, we'd see Bushite
formally Publicly executed for their ungodly
war crime 9/11 treasons. Torture warrants
death for example, and there is no evidence
(as planned by war criminal Condi) connecting
bin Laden to 9/11. America will continue to
deal with it, in one way or another. thank
you for trying.

American Safety Tests are Rigged to Kill

In a normal world, this story would
get wall to wall American TV coverage
demanding formal arrests with public
trials of the culprits in crime. They,
as criminal, attack all indiscriminately
for stolen gains through the treasons of
9/11. Fight for Justice as anyone in
America being plundered without say.
(Catch Johnny on DHS admitting openly,
they steal Peoples Laptops routinely
without a suspicious cause to. STEAL!)
Despite the American Rightard, Public
Warrants establishing probable cause
just makes sense.

/ / On February 12, 2003, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told a Senate panel that he had reviewed a transcript of a message from bin Laden stating he was in “partnership with Iraq" which was to be broadcast on al Jazeera.[14] Al Jazeera initially denied having the tape,[15] but subsequently located it. \ \ This is HUGE! Why?

The Bush Admin had prior knowledge
about the tape, that was later that
same day, hand delivered to the head of
Al Jazeera, well after the fact. When the
head honcho was asked about it, he claimed,
that yes, the tape did eventually come,
but from the very same courier bin Laden
has used all along in Qatar, and it was
because of that, al Jazeera claimed that
was what made it genuine like all the
others - up until that point., where they
then claimed, the Laden tapes came all
the way from some hidden cave in
Afghanistan or to the Pakistan office
clandestinely by someone never seen.
Over, and over, and over again. True
Story. So, what does this mean? 'Evil
is Dumb.'? yes yes grasshopper, but in
the big picture? We is going to see
Bushite torturers Rightly, formally
Executed through fair Public trial by
US, the truly moral as The People of
Freedom fairly wagered, free to put
to death the Bushite Enemy for their
heinous ungodly treason against
American Justice. For their Nazi
Zionist war crimes against our
innocent Humanity deliberately
targeted on 9/11 starting.

SWAT Kills Bushite Grunt In Our Defense

Better it, than absolutely any other
innocent person it willed blindly to
first degree murder for the escape of
those who done did do America wrong on
9/11 truly for starters..

Nazi Grunt War Criminal Rightly
Gunned Down in America

/ / Neither Jose nor his wife had
a criminal history of any kind. \ \

These grunters in America that sell; to
drop bombs wherever without justification,
indiscriminately slaughtering millions of
innocent others, is magically found as 'no
crime', under the demonic TV authority of
the lawless godless, 'No Opinion' cheater
eaters, .. is a blind sickness of ungodly
tyrannny. A bushite warring to steal,
rape and torture from Mankind, all to
escape the Neocons guilty for 9/11, is
clearly an enemy at all far and wide
without question. Ask anyone. Griggs
however, is truly one of the best public
commentators for the cause, but,
gearing to the heart of what really
matters is not always so cut and dry. I
trust the truth will will out on this
case, if the Cops involved in obtaining
the public warrant, speak openly on
the justification of their actions.
Which, is, how it is done.

CIA admits faking bin Laden confession video

Thus, it means bin Laden had no complaints
known to make. Why does CNN and FOX think
America not news worthy to have America die
innocent victims suckered escaping those
truly guilty of mass murder instead I ask

Dennis Kucinich "Scial Security Will be Able
To Pay 100% Of It's Benefits Through 2037!"

Do you now understand what blind
evil Alex Jones and Ron Paul is?

Erik Prince’s “Christian Crusaders” warring
for ungodly Tyranny in the UAE, while TV
America imprisons up those who expose real
criminals in the Republican and Demonrat
party of election rigging war crime commie

Blackwater [cia] warring Humanity for
dictatorships to enslave the innocent for
cash profits over the loss of our Liberties.
And the American TV and radio Rightard says
what about Obama having arrested Americans
who expose criminal politicians committing
high treason? or the victimized innocent
poor and elderly?

Ron Paul is a War Criminal Under Texas Law

Ron Paul, the un-Civilized Pirate for
the War Crimes of the Satanic Stated:
"We should respect Israel’s sovereignty
and not try to dictate her policy from
Washington." to be officially done in
by war criminals, has been disturbingly,
Ron Paul's entire vision for America
just about. Remember, AIPAC Congressmen
give Nazi Israeli white phosphorus to
burn alive defenseless innocent women
and infants, on purpose as targeted,
done for Satan as God tells in Scripture.
(called truce breaking war criminals in
the civilized world) while Alex Jones,
ain't gots no problem with his blinded
NWOer cult on that, no, they still
support the Commie Pauls to steal more
elections from made poorer American
grannies and the kids too..

Ron Paul "I do not believe it is our place
to dictate how Israel runs her affairs."
..against Humanity as pro mass murdering
war monger Satanists being ungodly? That's
a Rightard for You as innocent victims.

No restrictions against lawless war crimes
occurring (Israeli broke the truce, and
Gadaffy did call the cease fire!) as cash
paid for by Americans, Satanic war criminals
that can freely, without hindrance from the
Pauls, bomb anywho with the "free world" as
un-defended for further lawless lootings.
How can we compete against slave labor
policed by Zionist blackwater? When Ron Paul
refuses to defend the rights of innocent
others, while 'elected' Senate members
personally profit off the kick backs of war
mongering for Satan through AIPAC, you are
refusing to defend freedom in a Republic as
or so Democracy. So, where is the magic TV's
'legitimate' political candidate, in this new
world order of Civilized Man?

understand: BP (who with KBR removed the
safety fluid to blow up the rig in the gulf)
doesn't pay royalties to take American oil,
then, get billions in free tax monies on top
of that with Banksters, and the Rightards
will to cheat innocent Americans further
because.. because.. well.. who really

Panetta To Troops In Iraq
“The reason you guys are here is because
on 9/11 the United States got attacked,”

Report: Intelligence Unit Told
Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking Bin Laden

Harry Reid: Leave Social Security Alone
- It's Solvent For at Least 30 Years

Yeah but, Rand Paul needs to, so he'll
anyway with CNN continue with AJ and Obama to
go after the near helpless elderly of America
as ungodly evils. Remember AJ Cult members,
you're not allowed to even think truly
such realities, cause then therefor, your
auto discredited for everything you've ever
been. Mindless irrational Cults, geared to
escape Bush and Cheney, by pirating the
title [no justice for You] Patriots.
What must we do to get through to
ourselves here for fair grounds
all around?

Americans are gutless cowards who will
out Your Humanity to die as they do for
ungodly war crime evil censorship.

Rand on escaping the for sure bad guys
“Terrorists do not deserve the protections
of our Constitution” as OUR Constitution's
True Enemy. Literally. Alex Jones Sucks!

Ron Paul "You can't count on Congress or
the Courts to save yourselves" For the
Pauls are there to sabotage US by His
lawless congress or the pirated courts,
judged by, escaping war criminal traitors
for tyranny like General Mattis, a demon
enemy of everyone that Ron Paul would
state is free to go continuing 'Policing
America's world' for the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11.

Americans refuse to humble themselves to wise men
or women speaking, because we make them out to be
what they truly are. Moronic imbeciles.

How did OUR government lie US,
The People to Lawless War?

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

A New World Order

Ask NWO GLobalist AJ, 'what is the Crime of
the Taliban to ask for evidence to form any
conclusion'? Him and the Pakistan General made
no argument there, nor neither on Bush's
complicity as prime false accuser - who then
stopped police investigations from occurring as
following probable cause to nab the actual bad
guys. How is that possible that AJ remains quiet
here in a free to speak world of liberty truly
seeking? HOW!?! Rightards are plain evil for
who knows what all to not do so, pretending we
can't hear them being deviant. The word
“Extortion” for example, ask yourself, honestly,
why can not a Rightard say that 'trillions dollar
stolen by threat of harm' Justice word… why?
Because it’s true? Now they have no excuses to
be lame attacking the lame for furthering
misfortune to escape the ‘no money down’ Zionist
ungodly Banksters. And believe it Conservative
Rightard bigots, this truth is a good thing for
all without argument.

80% of American Military Costs
are Lost in Blackness to do things
Americans would not approve as
officially dying themselves for...

Two Cents

'Obama warned Monday that
attempts in Congress to choke
funding for all or part of US
operations in Libya would send
a "bad message" at a time when
Moamer Kadhafi's days were
"numbered."' For what 9/11
demon fucks? Obama with Defense
Secretary Gates and NATO need
to be publicly tried and executed
for their indiscriminate mass
murderous war crimes against US
Peoples of Lybia, Peoples they
are attempting to arm rob all
from as ungodly Satanic Zionist.
Gadaffy did call the cease fire
Obama's UN insisted was needed to
prevent Obama with al-Qeada from
bombing the nation thousands and
thousands of times with radio
active toxic waste, to kill for
generations upon generations.
Instead, do right, and Kill the
lawless Bushite Nazi grunter for
Christ the Son of Man shouts
from every hilltop. When a
Bushite grunting nazi whore
of the lawless evil enemy
Antichrist dies, we all win.

Jeremy Scahill: Keep US Troops Out of Libya

Just because the Rebels appose Gadaffy,
doesn't auto mean that they do not intent to
mass murder and steal all oil resources by
Declaring who the head of Oil and Finance is
[Blackwater], without ANY ELECTIONS YET on
unsubstantiated claims of lawlessness as
it's public pledge drive, or IMPORTANTLY,
whether Libya would will to now be charged
interest on their loans that the Zionist
bankster will not even cover like it is
rotted in war crime TV happy America, and
forced by gun in Iraq for pro-torture
terrorists. LISTEN: Blackwater speaks near
nothing, but pronounce their "CIA" glee in
already stealing hundreds of barrels of oil
for traitor to America, 9/11's Cofer Black
and Tim Spicer. Individuals who Declare
absolutely no interest in serving the public
fairly in any which way whatever as war
crime torturers.. Libya or AMERICA. Why?
They claim as 9/11 war criminals they are
magically 'immune' from Public prosecutions
for high treason. Why on so many levels?
Gadaffy did call the cease-fire Obama said
he should.. or else. So Gadaffy did
immediately what was asked to save Peoples
lives, and the Bushite nazi grunter bombed
the airports anyway to mass murder innocent
civilians. While the mercs from America and
Israel allegedly went after our black
brothers and sisters to attempt divisions
against our innocent selves to finally
escape Bush and Cheney from the 9/11
crime scene.

CIA: USA worst economy in the world!

"Best" is the welfare State of ungodly
Nazi Israel, where they drown in our
free tax money to break truces. Or leave
Jews to starve for death in garbage
dumps.. abandoned derelicts, camps,
deprived food and water, whatever

Killing Old People Is Fiscally Responsible

This work is in the public domain