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Commentary :: Politics
The Transcendent President
16 Aug 2011
For the last two and a half years we have been waiting for the kind of change the nation opted for in November of 2008. We waited with baited breath and no matter what we kept the faith. Though not all, most Americans overwhelmingly voted for the current president and even more believed we would be moving in a better direction with him in office. President Obama has not accomplished the majority of his major promises. The economy is not significantly improved, the opportunity to end the wars has not been taken, healthcare reform was passed, but that was not why the majority of the nation voted for him, and it took up an entire year when so much else could have been accomplished.
This is not to say he did not have any opportunities to bring the reforms and changes asked of him by voters in 2008, but he really seems to have decided to have just done his own things when he got in. Where he decided to try and work with members across the isle from him he really tried, but has often come up short giving more than he has been able to cause the other side to be wiling to budge on. It's not that the change can't occur, or that he can't leverage some of his generosity to perhaps come through on some of the bigger promises by getting the folks across the isle from his party to make a few sacrifices themselves. Sacrifices he has shown a willingness to make himself.
There are plenty of people that don't believe the right thing to do is call him on his shortcomings, but they have been fairly large shortcomings. A nation and a world has waited for the delivery on the goods promised, but that has fallen short. Are people supposed to ignore the issues? What kind of leader does that make him if he can't take being pushed to do what he said he would?
People have trust issues when it comes to President Obama. This isn't because we all had trust issues with him going in, but because he did not come through, lied and disappointed. When this happens over and over folks develop trust issues. The only way to allay those feelings is to prove you can be trusted, period. And we want him to, though so far he has not done a lot of proving.
But the failing is not that of the president alone. They are really the failings of the entire system as it was through our current two party system we were persuaded to vote Obama in 2008. There was a certain feeling a certain vibe that seemed to permeate every thing everywhere. Obamania was what everyone was talking about and even those that did not want to see him elected knew his election would be something incredible for the nation. It almost seemed his enemies and opponents were running just as much for him as against him.
Every actor, musician, sports personality, politician, and other media personality was talking about candidate Obama. Whether for him or against him there was this feeling there was something different about him and that thing was emanating from everyone concerned. It's almost as though the system was designed that year so he'd win. If not, the environment could not have been better and it would have been really hard for him to lose primary. I too was in on the environment.
The only thing different between his supporters and others was most of his supporters believed candidate Obama would change America for the better. His detractors all said he would be a mistake, his inexperience meant he would not be able to overcome everything going against him, they said he would never come through on his promises and flap around like a fish out of water. So far the score is definitely in favor of his former detractors in terms of predictions.
He has not handled getting those major promises through well. In fact as a nation we are under more intrusive kinds of scrutiny from our government than under President Bush, though he promised that would be dialed back. His progress on the economy has been hit and miss, though until last week that was probably his strongest area of progress.
He promised to never use war as a way to enrich a very small percentage of Americans at the expense of the majority of us – a majority that can barely afford rent and mortgage payments. He has thus far not kept that promise. When given the person he promised to be it is in some ways a mystery as there's no reason for us to stay in Iraq, and there's no reason we should not just allow them to handle their own future while we focus on our own very serious problems. We have an economy to fix and we could use the money here. Now war only benefits oil companies that don't hire Americans over there, are incorporated overseas, get out of paying what few taxes they still have to pay here and laughed in our faces when we questioned them on it.
In Afghanistan our tax dollars have been used to pave the way for mining companies that want to get in and mine vast Lithium deposits discovered there since our invasion. But why? They won't hire Americans to work the mines, they are obviously going to be paying few taxes to us as their money will be made elsewhere, they will use branches of their companies based overseas to dig and as with oil companies what little taxes they might pay will be weaseled out of somehow.
Yet there we won, we got Bin Laden. Obama did what Bush could not and the war is over. We're not going to stabilize the country in three years time that's just ludicrous. Who really thinks that's a reality? When campaigning in 2008, he said we were there to finish the mission which was to get those responsible for 9/11, not to get rich Americans more wealth off of our tax dollars. There is no money for the majority of Americans in that. None. Just a handful of wealthy people who may not all be Americans. Why should we be forced to foot that bill? Why should American men and women serving in the armed forces keep getting maimed, traumatized and killed for a handful of wealthy people. That was precisely the change we voted President Obama in for; it is the kind of change he specifically said he would bring. There are certain powers as president he can exercise there.
President Obama said he would deliver us from corruption and for that we agreed to go along for the ups and the downs of the economic recovery process we all knew would be laborious and difficult. The one he inherited and that no economists seemed to have any real solutions for, that would show immediate results. They all promised a long road to recovery. We liked candidate Obama's ideas best, including the stimulus he promised he would give while running. Though so far it has not produced the kinds of results we wanted.
But many still want him to come through and be the man he said he would. We wanted not only his promises delivered upon, but also the system's promises. Yet, the system and the president have let us down thus far.
If it continues, it will be proof that the only real way we can get the results we want is to get in more political parties and more choice. From January of 2009 through to now, the two parties gave us no action because of the stubbornness of one party to make the other look inept and incompetent. What will happen when another gets in? Do any of us believe there won't be an all out effort for payback?
It will be the last two years and six months all over again. It was the other party that gave us the two wars. It was the other party that handed us the tanked economy, if we are to look at things from the White House alone. But of course it was the system that has let us down because the two of them have proven incapable of handling the nations requests to end the wars and fix the economy. In fact the system has made it worse and worse.
What we need to see is a system that works. One that works for the people. Rich people making a profit off of the limbs and deaths of our men and women is not change nor proof the system works for us. The people – not the rich people. Unemployment above 6% is not a system working for all of us. Political parties making sure nothing gets accomplished in front of all of us blatantly on our dime is not a system that works on behalf of all of us, just on behalf of a small few and the political theater is less and less entertaining.
The president's approval ratings are as low as they've ever been. Congress' are even worse and are nothing to be happy about. Anyone who thinks it's the problem of one party alone, think again. The party of change is at a huge low among their own, and the party trying to get the White House is even lower among their own. In case none of them got the memo America is looking for proof the system works. The credit rating downgrade was not proof one party or person was not doing their job. It proved they all needed to wake up. It proved the system was not working.
The president's numbers are low yes, but are far higher than either party in terms of Congress, so now they all need to stop looking at 2012 and stop the wars and improve the economy. That goes for members of Congress currently on the road spending more time campaigning that fixing our national issues.
What is needed from the next president is true transcendence and more than just talk of it. We need someone that will come through and not get mired down by party politics and has proven it. They must also prove they can work across the isle because that brings results. If they do not iron out their childish differences before 2012 it will not change after 2012, but will probably get worse. That is not pessimism it's human nature regarding politics and where we are now. If you step back that’s easy to see. So, who will be the transcendent president America has been hoping for? Good question huh?
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