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Commentary :: Human Rights
Johnny for President - In Your Dreams
18 Sep 2011
The Zombie Enemy Tea Bag Rightard Nazi
wills for evil to escape Bush and Cheney
on 9/11 with the banksters absconding
trillions, and that just will not do.
Click on image for a larger version

Johnny for President - In Your Dreams

Justice to the war criminals of indiscriminate
warfare would better serve ourselves to halt for
our safety. The bushmob did 911.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

So, instead of fighting for Justice to preserve
freedom, America is lawlessly still led by the
unelected illiterate Tea Bagger Repuglicons -
who claim we don't need evidence to form
their guilty verdicts. On the matters of Good
and Evil. And some people call ME crazy..

Justice is key to securing a better
future for all as freedom standing

The Zombie Enemy Tea Bag Rightard Nazi

The Zombie Enemy Tea Bag Rightard Nazi
wills for evil to escape Bush and Cheney
on 9/11 with the banksters absconding
trillions, and that just will not do.
King Johnny Canada for President of
These Here United States in Freedom.
Johnny for President in short maybe
though... I'm still working on the
campaign stratagem on how you are all
going to do this as bringing Justice
fairly meted to these here lands as
our true defending core values, as I
am all in for sure on getting this
accomplished by freely exchanging with the
evidence internationally, on just what do
we think about leaving the Public unfairly
further being taken for as granted without
following probable cause of science as
simple logic confirming. (drum roll..) !
Bush claims "we" needed not evidence to form
an innocent or guilty verdict. ! regarding
who it was then to set the explosives in
building 7., and my friend of this living
universe must think that that is the dumbest
evilest disturbingly true shit even to be
pronounced by a being anywhere. Ask around..
It's just the most evil thing a TV celebrity
president of pro war crimes fare could utter.
Escaping the bad guys left unchallenged.
Obstructor of Justice George Walker Bush is
a blinding stealer of good will as clearly
ungodly from any realm of believability. We
must secure our freedoms by demanding Justice
denied by Bush and Cheney here. Freedom is a
Just world where our rights are the same to
defend from ungodly criminals who will we
know not of such simplicity as our Natural
Will of Justice for all as anywho to truly
believe in such things. It works out on so
many levels. God is Greater.


Truce breakers Nazi Israeli steal
Peoples homes routinely. Corporate News
America sucks severely. The blind hatred
for Justice in America, as broadcasted
today, was near the sickest evilest
shit they've ever sold as pure gold.
Corporate News America whores openly
for the demon Antichrist enemy of Creation,
by disallowing US to follow probable cause
to truly defend one's self intelligently.
A fact is a fact.

911 - Ten Years Later - What Have We Learned

Yeah but anyway, what
about Bush and Cheney

How the Right Wing Destroyed the U.S. Postal Service

CNN's Tea Party Audience Cheers Idea
Of Leaving A Sick Uninsured Man To Die

/ / I thought "death panels"
we're bad... now they're good? \ \
Or did anyone catch the time they
cheered for the mass murder of
innocent Christian families
as the ungodly demonic enemy???


Worth much this is.

The Anatomy of a Still-Open Hot Case

/ / Again, we
are not talking about experienced detectives
and savvy and independent prosecutors. No;
just a handful of masterful and deceitful
politicians and their puppet administrative
staff. \ \

Happy Daze

Bush team 'agreed plan for WAR the day before Sept. 11'

Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

/ / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
[..] and was planning “large scale operations in
New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
provided this information to the US in August
2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in July -
60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly goes on
vacation - to warn who? - all the while. Condi
conniving her genius plot for overthrow.)

Condi said there was no plan, then Armitage said
there was, then she said, golly gee, there was
indeed a "top secret" plan after all, written
from her very own pen. Designed not to catch
the bad guys by finding those responsible by
documented fact, but, so they can blindly make
off as war crime thieves who immediately closed
criminal investigations regarding the tv matter.
Bush "There’s no need to discuss evidence of
innocence or guilt." Did you know, some
times people or the Antichrist commit
criminal acts to cheat ourselves
a better life?

And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 47
million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban.
Who the Nazi enemy grunts tortured for being
so, pro-America., as funded directly by the
Bush Administration weeks before. I mean,
come on..

Free Johnny!

Efforts to Impeach George W. Bush

Loose Change Final Cut (FULL VERSION)

Why would the Rightard criticize Wikki, but not
demand a death sentence against the Nazi grunts
who gunned down the journalist for reporting
facts, and the two little kids? Kids the Nazi
murders for claiming, it was the parent's fault
for bringing the children into this world? It is
a joy and a blessing for all when the godless
unlawful Bushite Nazi grunter dies rightly,
instead of the innocent, such as Yourself, who
the American Rightard Zionist takes no position
to defend. Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police
investigations. Know your enemy who refuses this
truth be told friend. Wakey wakey.

a real Jew concerned.

"You can't argue with the facts."

That's the truth. Free open debate
with the facts, will secure everyone's
future in a place where freedom is
guaranteed by Justice supreme. No
evidence against the accused for a
capital offense is a false accuser
found guilty of high treason forever.

Regardless of their TV celeb stats.

The Republican TV debate highlighted that
the Social Security monies were stolen,
and what did every last Rightard enemy
of God and Man pronounce on the stage
for remedy? Further lawless attack
against the victims. Not one spoke for
Justice of the murder victims on 9/11
in our beloved Libya either. Proud to be
an evil cowardly banking Conservative
Libertarian scumbag for blind evil still
Rightards? God who?

"We Don't Know Where 2.3 TRILLION Dollars Went!

These be ENEMIES of America's Defense, who
ROB America of trillions, clearly. Look, if
you were legitimately protecting America as
innocent victim, you would want to know
where every trillions is going.. Instead,
they war America as pro-torture grunters to
not have the sacrificing People ACTUALLY KNOW
what happens to near around 80%, EIGHTY
PERCENT!. 80% that the TAXED American pays
the Pentagon to Claim; they as most in
Congress have no interest in knowing about
9/11 either. So, so must with 'Socialist'
Obama, attack the elderly and poor. It's too
tricky apparently to the PAYING TV American,
but everyone else needs to get calculating
quick on this. We need Public FBI Warrants
for arrest to stop further lawless plundering
by those who steal our lives through NATO.
Done all above board with the lights on.
Johnny for President. Who's with you bro?

(VIDEO) Bushite_Nazi_Grunt_Enemies_Pushing_Heroin

Late Senator Kennedy reported that the
Congressional Budget Office has documented,
that US military expenditures DO NOT exceed
2.5 billion in Afghanistan AND Iraq, while
Maddow reported last night, the Bushite Nazi
grunting war criminals who are pushing rape
and heroin into Americans, are taking
[stealing] almost 120 billion a year in
Afghanistan alone. During the first eight
years, American tax payers were paying more
than a million dollars per soldier, per year,
a 40k- soldier that does nothing for freedom,
but to indiscriminately mass murder defenseless
innocent others, while openly with FOXSNEWS
defending poppy fields. Remember, the enemy
Nazi grunter doesn't get a penny of that,
and if they try, they get Court-Marshalled.
And dies too as a consequence of being so
un-believably ungodly cowardly evil to not
demand George Noory or pro-bigot FOXSNEWS allow
free speech with the facts on their brothers
and sisters dying forsaken for the escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11, and Obama with
the banksters on the crime of extortion.


Patriotic Obama?

/ / the United States has demanded the UN
Security Council (UNSC) to remove the
provisions of charging mercenaries with war
crimes in the killing of Libyan civilians.
\ \ accessory to murder.

Let US, as Humanity, demand a rightful
death sentence for these war crimes.
Kaddafi, when he rose his green book,
read that those who murder Libyans
as anyone, will be formally executed.
100% of Libyans are with US on this.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Death to the Bushite, death to the
enemies of God and Man.

Obama's Handing of Torture Cases Criminal

Exit strategy: Outlaw lawlessness.
Murder, rape, and the thieving of
billions from America as STILL wrong.

"Hey, I'm one of those barbarians," Boehner said, greeting Biden with a handshake.

"You are," barbarian Biden agreed, laughing. "We're at the gate."

These thieves of good will need
to face the truth of their treasons.
(..and they were not talking golf)

Cheney admits he gave the order to shoot down Flight 93,

Who would say what about "freedom" when
the Pentagon has openly 'lost' [stolen]
TRILLIONS according to auditors murdered
on 9/11 at the Pentagon where Cheney
refused to allow the plane be shot down.
Unlike, flight 93 which he takes credit
for. Honeywell confirms the flight
had radio remote control, and there
was an FAA report somewhere that talked
of the pilot regaining control..
Cheney and Bush are GUILTY of
Obstruction on 9/11, leastly.

Forward this post or be held by
the Universe in contempt.


Bushites Warring side by side with
Osama bin Laden's Army now in Lybia

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

We refuse to sacrifice further for
the evil 'no opinion' TV bullshitters
all to make the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11. War criminals
suck. Truth is our way. as we are
freely being to make that stand
in the greatness of all there is.
And right now, there isn't much..
We have alot of work to do here People,
so, let's get started on the charge of
Obstruction by Bush and Cheney on
9/11, and NATO commanders as clearly
traitors to continue bombing anyone
else but guilty parties - namely,

Our Priorities Are: 9/11, the lawless wars, and
the Banksters. Justice will be sought. We have
to start somewhere, and here is as good as any..

CIA’s Bin Laden Hunter Ordered to Stand Down 10 Times

Ron Paul Refuses to Demand a Single
Stolen Nickel Returned to the Victims

A Real Man Speaks to America

By closing Police investigations, how do
we ever expect to nab the actual bad guys
someone ask Ron Paul, or those like him
that would rather leave You out as anyone.

CENSORED! Truth about Libya CENSORED!

West Point Terror Center Confirms Al Qaeda in Libya

WordPress Suspends ‘Stop NATO’ news site

NATO is warring innocent Creation to escape
Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11.

The Bigot is a Less Than

Ron Paul "I do not believe it is our place
to dictate how Israel runs her affairs."
..against Humanity as pro mass murdering
war monger Satanists being ungodly? That's
a Rightard for You as innocent victims.

No restrictions against lawless war crimes
occurring (Israeli broke the truce, and
Gadaffy did call the cease fire!) as cash
paid for by Americans, Satanic war criminals
that can freely, without hindrance from the
Pauls, bomb anywho with the "free world" as
un-defended for further lawless lootings.
How can we compete against slave labor
"policed[RP interp.]" by Zionist blackwater?
When Ron Paul refuses to defend the rights of
innocent others, while 'elected' Senate members
personally profit off the kick backs of war
mongering for Satan through AIPAC, you are
refusing to defend freedom in a Republic as
or so Democracy. So, where is the magic TV's
'legitimate' political candidate, in this new
world order of Civilized Man?

understand: BP (who with KBR removed the
safety fluid to blow up the rig in the gulf)
doesn't pay royalties to take American oil,
then, get billions in free tax monies on top
of that with Banksters, and the Rightards
will to cheat innocent Americans further
because.. because.. well.. who really


Not Good Enough

True, it's lonely being a man around here in
the land of Rightard good for nothings who
with Alex Jones set their sights on the weak
and poor as disabled. Again, Alex Jones
stated on Sunday any critic of anything Ron
Paul dumfukedly believes falsely is auto
cointelpro like Johnny the Truer American
Patriot is. That's nuts. Crazy nuts. Near
as bad as 1076's Pope Gregory the Seventh,
or the Antichrist Puppet of Creation's
Public TV claim that, 'no evidence is
required to form a conclusion of guilt'.

Ron Paul On The Failures Of Obama In Libya

Gadaffy was NOT found in violation of 1976.
Russia claimed FACTUALLY that Obama and
Hitlerly were lying. Gadaffy called the
cease-fire 1976 WAS ALL ABOUT of which NATO
said, so? while continuing on strafing
defenseless innocent souls at airports,
hospitals, and schools. (They shoot high
caliber weaponry near straight up into the
sky continuously on TV 24/7 as "Freedom" for
example, a crime that should warrant
IMMEDIATE death as I order to all troops
everywhere being our true good King Johnny)
Gadaffy called for the cease-fire MANDATED
again several times, of which [NOT ELECTED]
NATO Stated with CNN no good still. Gadaffy
called for elections (lamely as likely brain
damaged from maybe vaccines or just being
blind pro-American all these years?), not
good enough for enemy to all lawless pro
al-Qeada NATO, for NATO does not want free
elections warring our worlds for the escape
of Bush and Cheney on 9/11. Why? because,
who on this dying Earth, would actually vote
for an al-Qeada leader from Langley in Libya
to STEAL their oil and banking for Evil as
Ungodly TV America? Bush whore ALEX JONES
SUCKS with Ron Paul here, and demands you
too, as HIS, left to lawless Americans must
also pay likewise for Ron Paul to advance
their naked sabotage to God's true Will of
Justice by falsely Demonizing Ourselves for
further ill. Get real. Ron Paul really truly
sucks, he just does on everything, like a
parasite might claiming money would magically
buy Rights not spoken now for without the
green, in a Rightarded evil world where Ron
Paul the COMMIE still gets a "Public Option"
(FEHBP) for himself and multi-million dollar
family of charity collectors, but not you
suckered further for to pay for his true
contempt of all Human Life left marginalized.
He is not a Constitutionalist, nor a 'Founding
Father Patriot' escaping Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11 nakedly in broad daylight
either. Facts are facts, despite AJ's Cult
of Rightards to air the voice we truly
proclaim our own.

Brutal Look At The "Cult Of GOP"

Netanyahu says "no apology" over flotilla child
killing, after Turkey expels its ambassador

It was an AMERICAN child the Nazi Israeli
enemy of God and Man gunned down in cold
blood. They lie like this for fear the
American male might wake up to become a man
God could hold pride in. Fat chance of that
happening anytime soon regardless. Most
Americans even refuse to raise their phones
for complaint, so, what does that tell US?
They are cowardly as they are evil to remain
silent over war crimes against our
civilization by who God in the
good book labels Satanic.


Alex Jones Sucks

/ / Why would FEMA, an organization
supposedly tasked with helping in a
time of crisis, deliberately cut
police communication lines? \ \

Ron Paul: FEMA - Why We Don't Need It

Ron Paul is a demon con escaping those
who did US wrong with stealing trillions
and mass murdering Americans.

Do you people know anything about
the trailers built by a Bushite in
FEMA that pocketed untold millions
and millions and millions personally
that poisoned innocent Americans for
it? Likely not, and, even if you did,
you know truly RP would never be there
to defend Your dying Constitutions
truly. FEMA forbade all nations from
helping with food, water, and medical
aid. American Rightards are serious
evil doers who hate wise men or women
speaking freely, because they are
cowards. And as cock sucker pro-Nazi
anti-American cowards, Ron Paul sells
them an excuse to not go after the
scary bad guys with the Laws of these
here Lands, but instead, leave
defenseless from further Rightard
attacks against the poor and elderly,
school children, or low cost health
care for those in costly need. Anything
to escape Bush and Cheney from 9/11
with the Banksters that do not cover
our loans we pay them back for, plus

Report: Intelligence Unit Told
Before 9/11 to Stop Tracking Bin Laden

Americans are gutless cowards who will
out Your Humanity to die as they do for
ungodly war crime evil censorship.

Rand on escaping the for sure bad guys
“Terrorists do not deserve the protections
of our Constitution” as OUR Constitution's
True Enemy. Literally. Alex Jones Sucks!

Ron Paul "You can't count on Congress or
the Courts to save yourselves" For the
Pauls are there to sabotage US by His
lawless congress or the pirated courts,
judged by, escaping war criminal traitors
for tyranny like General Mattis, a demon
enemy of everyone that Ron Paul would
state is free to go continuing 'Policing
America's world' for the final escape of
Bush and Cheney on 9/11.

Americans refuse to humble themselves to wise men
or women speaking, because we make them out to be
what they truly are. Moronic imbeciles.

How did OUR government lie US,
The People to Lawless War?

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

A New World Order

Ask NWO GLobalist AJ, 'what is the Crime of
the Taliban to ask for evidence to form any
conclusion'? Him and the Pakistan General made
no argument there, nor neither on Bush's
complicity as prime false accuser - who then
stopped police investigations from occurring as
following probable cause to nab the actual bad
guys. How is that possible that AJ remains quiet
here in a free to speak world of liberty truly
seeking? HOW!?! Rightards are plain evil for
who knows what all to not do so, pretending we
can't hear them being deviant. The word
“Extortion” for example, ask yourself, honestly,
why can not a Rightard say that 'trillions dollar
stolen by threat of harm' Justice word… why?
Because it’s true? Now they have no excuses to
be lame attacking the lame for furthering
misfortune to escape the ‘no money down’ Zionist
ungodly Banksters. And believe it Conservative
Rightard bigots, this truth is a good thing for
all without argument.

80% of American Military Costs
are Lost in Blackness to do things
Americans would not approve as
officially dying themselves for...

The Bushite Nazi Grunt is a Traitor to America

'I found what appears to be a summary of a
conversation between US congressman Denis
Kucinich, and [the] Libyan leader's son.'

Kucinich 'All it proves is that the Libyans
were reading the Washington Post... Any
implication I was doing anything other than
trying to bring an end to an unauthorized
war is fiction.' Kaddafi was NOT found in
violation with U.N. 1976. Russia told there
was no evidence what so never, to Obama and
Hitlery's FALSE TV allegations.. for Russia was
monitoring by satellite. And, Gadaffy did call
a cease-fire, that AL-QEADA with Nato and Alex
Jones didn't care for to look evil as dumb
mass murdering for nothing but to steal from
US all further. However, the Bushite Dumfuk
cares not for the facts, as it doesn't for
Your freedom on 9/11, or in Afghanistan or
Iraq either. When a Bushite dies we all win.

'The collapse of the Gaddafi regime means that
100m people in North Africa, from Tunisia to
Egypt, could be free.' Gaddafi doesn't have
a "regime" to topple though... dumfukin' evil
doers these Rightard Conservative scumbags are
that support the al-Qeada enemy of ALL Americans
openly. The story suggests that these Zionist
mass murderers of Jews too, are maybe/maybe
not al-Qeada? as they confess freely headed
by an American from the CIA neighbourhood
of the Langley office Al-Jezeera ignores?!?!!
Come on! what does al-jezeera think about
who You are here lost without a TV remote

'They only have to surrender completely to
the al-Qeada rebels and we will offer them
a fair trial.'

Evil is the deceived disguised.

Afghan chief of terror is on US payroll

/ / violence involving burglary, rape
and murder of civilians, desecration of
mosques and mutilation of corpses. \ \

A bushite liar, like Republicans, refuse US
to allow free debate with the facts, because
it knows, it is a liar, a cheat, and a thief.

'U.S. Blocks Oversight of Mercenary Army in Iraq'
(the most henious of war crimes imaginable)

Here where magic TV America plays
US all too stupid to compute this
is where we need to start at now.

Johnny for NEW! Coast
to Coast Radio Host!!

NATO dismisses Gaddafi’s truce offer

They have no right. No wanting for
peace, but to mass murder,
torture and

“Operation Summer Seeds”: Israeli forces train and arm settlers to attack Palestinian protesters

Ex-Bush Official Col. Lawrence Wilkerson:
"I am Willing to Testify" If Dick Cheney
is Put on Trial - YES!!!!

"Why are the Irene disaster victims
more important or needy than tornado
victims in Missouri?" Conservative
America is a dying nation being
plundered for lawlessness, by those
clearly un-qualified to lead anyone,
most especially themselves. So, no
wonder all Americans are so programed
as dedicated to continue censoring
all honorable men and women on their
Bushite Nazi grunter websites, TVs,
and national radios.

The Bushite : clearly an enemy at all far
and wide without question. Ask anyone bud.

NATO Admits Killing People They Have
No Formal Grief with In Murder Strikes

More Libyan children killed by NATO bombs

Murder is Murder: When a Bushite dies, we all win

/ / 15 people, including three
children, were killed by NATO without
apology \ \

First degree murder, that Obama and
Hitlerly need to be with all of NATO
formally executed for. No evidence of
such serious crimes, that would warrant
the dropping of a two thousand pound
bomb laced with radio-active toxic
waste is given, by anyone on magic
American television or newsprint for
cover. Understand. In Texas, any person
such as near every last EVIL Republican
who supports these war crimes deserves
an instant death sentence under Texas
Law. "Law of Parties" Be it your
demonic bushite father, your demonic
bushite mother, your demonic
bushite brother, or, your demonic
bushite sister, or if you are enemy
to God and Man, FOXSNEWS fan Ted Nugent.
Americans refuse Humanity the Right
to allow US to follow probable cause.

Working to deny you as ANYONE, the
right to form a made conclusion by
facts. Bush and Cheney closed
outstanding Police Investigations
regarding who did what on 9/11.
Like, who set the explosive into
Building Seven then? If bin Laden
did it all without an accomplice
on the inside as Bush and Cheney
claim without saying a word on
interest, how so then were they
able to prepare so well before
hand, with their "TOP SECRET"
invasion of Afghanistan plan
dotted to Saddam two days prior
by Condi? No wonder they immediately
closed Public investigations that
would have found them hanging.. And
too, torture rightly warrants death
every time under standing American
Law ushered by President Reagan. When
we bill the lawless Bushite Nazi grunter
as the Love of Justice for everyone,
you are truly being human and godly.
where even an Atheist could give
also, a great big thank you for
saving an innocent life. When a
Bushite dies, we all win.


"Ron Paul Is The Highest Polling &
Least Covered Candidate In The Race"

..and all at the same time being as a whore
for evil doers.., a traitor who claims
itself patriotic to support rigging
elections in sacrifice of the Republic to
escape Bush and Cheney for Obstruction on
9/11.. for torture, for the war crimes of
indiscriminate bombings of innocent millions
to kill off criminally cowardly American GIs
NEEDLESSLY for STEALING, [from "who" God
asks] so... what's the point? Rightard Ron
Paul sucks Satan's Horse's cock worse than
the most desperate, chemically dependant
crack whore would maybe for 20 dollars -
by blindly in Public, supporting the escape
of those truly guilty of extorting trillions
and 9/11!, as too supports the first degree
capital murder of a Mr. bin Laden, the
same Mr. bin Laden known by President Reagan,
as America's greatest freedom fighter who near
defeated the commies single handedly. Ron
Paul sucks Satan's horse's cock, and then
expects with Alex Jones we all must as they
do too, sell out our moral principles if we
want to go forward for victory with godless
lawless TV tyrants, where they enrich
themselves on our continuing sacrifices
ignored for further enslavement. That's
bollocks you wankers. Ron Paul sucks on US
all "losing" trillions, sucks on health
caring., on civil rights, on being a man,
and on and on as the staunchly rightarded
claim of Being, 'limiting everything into
smaller' at US for more painful then "needed"
sacrifices of the innocent forsaken in his
name wrongly marginalized relativistically.
No thanks Rightards 'clandestinely' escaping
Bush and Cheney as cowards, who then
publicly pick on the poor and elderly. How
much do we need to pay Ron Paul, or Rand the
Rightard Jones to allow US freely to know:
Saddam was doing everything that was asked
of himself plus more, being without
violation to the United Nation's 1441, the
"excuse" rightard's all con, to us all only
as blindly their sick puny selves.
Otherwising with sales of "Master" baiting
their nonsense straw man domains to
encompass what all "liberals", or any
'Legislation' means always as'socialist double
think', "down with regulations" they mantra.
When in truth, it is but for their truly
STUPID as EVIL BIGOT selves ideologing, that
we truly see the cheating nature of the
Rightard's tyrannical ungodly derision for
all us "thems" as demanding Justice as fair
play to others left victimized in their silence.
On a fair open playing field they lose to
those who actually know something of which
we speak here on saving real American lives.
It's like, a "Liberal" can too mean, someone
just not that stupid as or evil! like a
Rightard jackboots our poor and elderly
instead of the gang rapists of American
women 'hidden' in KBR. Done in by the
Bushmob to aid in the final escape of Bush
and Cheney for Obstruction on the 9/11
matter. History is History. God exists.
By closing Police investigations, how do we
ever expect to nab the actual bad guys
someone ask Ron Paul, or those like him that
would rather leave you out as anyone?
How stupid as evil do these Rightards take
US for as 'suckered'(ing) further eh? Love
Mike Rivero though still.. strangely the
answer to everything must be here somewhere.
I know shit.

"Ron Paul does not have a
snowflake's chance in hell."

How can Alex Jones sell that
Ron Paul can know nothing of
this? Forward we go.


GOP to restrict voters ahead of elections

AGAIN they know WE KNOW they are
traitors to the popular will of a
Democracy that they would naturally
lose to with paper ballots. Who
as crooks who torture, maim and mass
murder for the Nazi Zionist Ungodly
Evil Banksters making their escapes
from Standing America, believe
America can never be free as
represented fairly where a man
who speaks honorably as I do would
be heard everywhere for the benefit
of anyone.


PRO HEROIN PUSHER DOJ: Google to cough up
$500 million over trying to get poor
Americans low low low prices on their
life saving medications..

Obama's Patriotic American Chamber of Commerce
Leader, Advoctates Offshoring of American Jobs

"people effected by offshoring should stop whining"
(more than 40,000 FACTORIES shut down under Bush)

I can't believe Americans all as Rightards still
refuse as the enemy to forward my calls for the
truth to be spoken, but apparently, this is the
case that Sherlock would have walked off the set
for. They lie cheat and steal from themselves
willingly, if it means a wise man or woman won't
be allowed to speak freely on TV or their radios.
Pure godless Zionist Nazi filth to remain silent
against their Rightard tyrannizing, aimed now
directly against their forsaken neighbor being
'lawlessly' gang raped by KBR, while illegally
having their jobs and homes stolen in broad
daylight. Better that, than the "sand niggers",
or innocent Christian children from other
countries in the long run I suppose., See, in
other worlds, being Christian ACTUALLY means, you
believe in a God that is a greater love than what
Americans truly care for. As is why the American
Nazi grunts in Afghanistan sanction the first
degree murder of Peoples in Afghanistan for
simply believing in Christianity. So what DO
Rightard Americans care for then? Not much but
what they can get away to steal from others, so..
no wonder..

Videos: CIA Rebels play with corpses
& removed Heart of Libya Soldiers

These wouldn't be democratic forces for
freedom in Libya obviously, but minions of
Satan here to rob all Humanity with the
child killing dope pushers of enemy war
criminal pro-torture NATO. Again, NATO
war God to escape those guilty of mass murder
in NYC on 9/11, and Americans can not care
less to remain silent against Hitlerly and
Obama, who nakedly lied about Gadaffy
trying to commit "genocide", or refusing
like Alex Jones and happy George Noory too,
to acknowledge Gadaffy DID call the cease
fire that was demanded by Obama to save
civilian lives from their indiscriminate
bombing attacks by the evil enemy "lawless"
Bushite Nazi grunters of Blackwater (cia).
NATO is war criminal, as stealing Libya's
oil and better banking for Tim Spicer. They
deserve to fairly die by Public war crimes
trial. They OPENLY lie to murder innocent
people they intent to rob from as Zionist.
NATO speak nothing for a liberating free
society acting justly, for if we did, they
would fall with America's evil doing
Pentagon in a hail of true Patriots rising
up with Justice willed as freedom gaining,
against the evil doer war criminals who
lie as cheats, naked to us all then, hiding
from no one. Justice on 9/11 is a must if
we want freedom for this world.

Patriots Worldwide

/ / the Obama regime has decided to
try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for his
[alleged] role in the attacks of
Sept. 11 before a military commission
at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba \ \

Patriots Worldwide, we have to insist
on public trials for rightful executions
of these WAR CRIME nazi grunters at
Guantanamo who war to steal freedom
from the great American. Innocent
until proven otherwise. This just
won't do for you or me as anyone
else too to remain cowardly on this
Liberty issue. Nazi grunts who rightly
deserve to end for their crimes against
Life is what they are, nothing but
treasonous ugly evil nazi grunters,
who war crime God and Humanity for
our right to freely enlist for
victory in Justice not slaved.
That's We.

"BP's spilled oil is washing up in people"

Rand Paul: BP Should Not Be Held Responsible

Fox News completely leaves
out Ron Paul from results!

Again, the classic Rightard
enemy con. Ron Paul has no
problems with Bush and Cheney,
trillions dollar extortions,
or rigging elections with Alex
Jones. Nor with Nazi Israeli
breaking truces, to then go
out and burn innocent women
and children alive to death
from our skies with American
paid for white phosphorus as,
FOXSNEWS greatest demon friend.
They love him to death for his
sinister banksterism evil claiming
America is bankrupt, loved even
greater than the NWOer Globalist
blind bigot limp wristed Alex
Jones' Cult does to escape
themselves the responsiblity any
REAL man would have to speak out
against such blatant naked treasons
like rigging the Republican national
conventions. Evil American TV
people ungodly war our innocent
Humanity to not have US speak
freely, such as freely
understanding: Saddam wasn't
in violation with 1441, or BP
removed the SAFETY fluid in
the Gulf CAUSING the explosion,
plus, much many more naked examples
on their continuing assaults
against reason. While I, can
talk about whatever without needs
to deny facts from any other to
cheat ourselves a better life.
A winner I am as a honorable
man, even when I'm wrong.


Alex Jones "I called for George Bush's
impeachment" BULLSHIT. He will not give
anyone five minutes to run down how Bush was
guilty of treason in more than fifty ways
that he should have given time to every day

Alex Jones "I'm the Father of the 911 truth movement."

Bush "There's no need to discuss evidence of innocence or guilt."

Alex Jones, "Liberals don't like Bush."for
mass murdering Humanity as never elected
demon enemy of God he means?

Mr. Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Tenant
knowingly conned Congress and the TV viewers
to get in and murder millions in Iraq for
more stolen capital gains. Just as they
planned to do before hand.

Failure to Communicate

Extortion is against the Law in America. Let's
start there.. back on Sept. 18th 2008. Either
we pay them without question, or come Monday
morning, they would run the country into the
ground. Bailed JP Morgan had more than a
trillion dollars in capital, throughout the
entire so labeled "Crisis". Surprising to most
however, is that banksters do not actually cover
our loans, we do. As Extortionists, they
illegally took all our trillions of dollars for
'free' as private individuals. Stupidly. Crazy
man crazy. It's a good thing we're here.

The Bushite : clearly an enemy at all far
and wide without question. Ask anyone bud.

It says much of what America is truly
here, where, there is no evidence made
public linking Laden to 9/11, therefor,
an innocent man, corporate tv America
murders to escape those that truly did
the crimes as GOD and Humanity wronged.

Bush and Cheney are guilty of the crime of
Obstruction; by demanding the crimes scene
leads at the real mass murder scene be
ignored, as reported by the late Russert on
Meet the Press - after it had been revealed
as funded by the bushmob's own, General
Ahmad.(, and that someone planted explosives
in a cia secured facility named Building
Seven,) all Peoples being done in for
plundering, as a nation standing
un-defended. Enough.

The Bushite : clearly an enemy at all far
and wide without question. Ask anyone bud.

/ / AMERICANS! do not fight for
a just cause, and lie down to
die innocent victim for the
Peenacker Neocons \ \ with
"Patriot" "Constitutionalist"
election rigger Ron Paul and
it's mindless evil NWOers who
refuse by censoring our wiser
voices to demand real Justice
for our stays in a free world.
I give you this for free: No
evidence person innocent.

Again how much money do we have to
pay Ron Paul and Alex Jones before
they will freely allow the knowledge
of the Iraq war against mankind is
clearly criminal? Or that Bush and
Cheney are guilty of high treason?
Or that Ron Paul is into rigging
elections for war criminals? How
much are you worth sucker?

On the Tea Bagger Enemy Chopping Block:
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Alex Jones to Rand Paul "Your victory is our victory."

No it's not Rightards. Rand Paul is there
to escape those who stole the cash, then
blame the old and poor to receive his sadist
brunt. Nevermind the Banksters, Republican
rapists, and AIPAC war criminals, as the TSA
goons not following probable cause to defend
our taken as given rights. What about Bush
and Cheney fucks? These two evil bastards just
don't care enough for US victims to complain,
but for your kind donations to have their
furthering successes at your continuing
downfalls silenced chump. They war American
Patriots with their claimed ignorance as
censorship to refuse ourselves a just cause
to defend. Iraq. They will to hurt innocent
Americans, because they both freely admit
to have the corrupted minds of bigots,
when talking on the Bill of Rights, Economics,
Health care, banking, traffic lights, and so
on. Rightards. Evil doer rightards who refuse
Americans, all Americans Liberty. Justice
is Freedom, but a Rightard wants to blame
everyone as the bad big government, not the
little Bush bitch demon leaches, who falsely
as war criminals believe they will escape
hiding ourselves as honorable on this.
We want these AIPAC terrorists arrested for
accessories to mass murder of our innocent
selves, along with Bush and Cheney for
Obstruction on 9/11.

Forward this concern to anyone
as your own, please. Thanks.

New Plan by TSA Will Allow You to Bypass Their
Security Screening...If You've Got the Money

What must we do to get through to
ourselves here for fair grounds
all around?

'Israeli [NAZI] forces bulldoze Your crops'

God calls the Satanic Zionist of pirated
Israel, EVIL for every reason in the world.
They are ungodly, as truce breaking war
criminals, who targeted for murder,
Christian women, toddlers, and infants
they gathered into Gaza's city center,
and then burned them alive with American
paid for, white phosphorus. They need to
be publicly tried and executed being the
worst of criminals every known of. Their
hatred for God as Humanity in the
"American" Senate, is unprecedented
in pure evil. So evil, God talks directly
on their unholy crimes in our holy books.


The Rising Son

Without this progression for our natural
adaptation with Justice as our true calling
demanding trillion dollar action here
eventually, there would be fewer and fewer
dollars to spend anywhere, because the
'escaped' trillioniares will not be spending
a thousandth of their monies taken this
quarter from everyone's pensions, to
purchase the small town neighborhood
newsletter about the true cost of the magic
TV ignoring our financial frauds into the
trillions and trillions and trillions.
Literally, trillions they took freely from
us to starve out everyone.. trillions I
say, trillions. Trillions is a very big
number of dollars for anyone to take as
"earned" in less than six weeks for doing
nothing but fudging our maths skill of one
equaling one here where reason is King.
Our responsibility to one another is being
abandoned by the corporate media public as
the un-seen forbidden world of the missing
Human element in all this. So says all
true liberty lovers of good will to all
our innocent brothers and sisters named
whoever in one way or another under the
glorious flag of freedom as Justice for

It is an ungodly "law" in Israel to agree
to steal a Christ like Home and their
possessions, or go to jail, do not pass go.
God calls it Satanic, I call it Satanic,
Moses does not approve with Abe,
but you, little you, swimming in doubt,
go where on TV there to be minimized?

It’s Time We Restore Freedom To America

Understand, it was RON PAUL who okayed the
ten billion of American tax dollars given
to Saakashvilli, who spoke nothing for the
defense of who he knew were mass murdered
with then Sarah Palin. It was RON PAUL.
Ron Paul sucks as a series of serious
fool-pals that cost real Peoples innocent
lives here. Then, with AJ arguing to his
faithful blind NWOers, that anyone who
disagrees with himself on anything ever as
the dopey infallible pope CompleXor V2.0,
is auto-cointelpro, or hurting "our" cause
without questing for actual real world
understandings - as more ridiculous than
his beef with who as this mysterious
"Globalist", is responsible for everything
bad absolutely perioded again? Well, there,
I guess you can now clearly see this pointless
garbage right? God is a Globalist according
not to Alex Jones? "Globalist" means then who
that Alex Jones demands is 'Key' from not
knowing any other dictate from anyone else
of History's worst tyrannical examples for
fair comment on Us innocent until proven
otherwise? as simply starting on TRUE
FREEDOM? His form of self delusional
hypnosis over his cultism puppets is mostly
effective on the daft as blind and bigoted -
and that's a fact Jack - so, no wonder they
appose free communication with the Public
fairly. Facts of Bush, Banksters, rigged
elections, BP, 1441, torture rightly
warranting death by President Reagan, and
much more no one else either in corporate
media America tv drama circles has the
Humanity to speak as a real Patriot would at
least half the volume from this wakey wakey
sleepy realm. Ask the Rightard and those blind
as dumb like them, 'what is the Crime of the
Taliban?, or in fact America?, to ask for evidence
to fact our made summations therefor?', or, to
AJ's partner in crime, propagansterism's one
and only, 'the happy man', George Noory with
this: 'Nazi Israeli steal as the ungodly
from US Peoples targeted as the Innocent on
a routine basis, (Jews Included) done to
profit off our suffering as forsaken victims
in all this Christ is US business to raise
Caine over, as being children to the
timeless stars, we are all of something
spectacular here to witness such an epic
dying struggle as our own continuing
personal failures so far, failing to freely
communicate our mutual interests as fair.
Justice God Wills, and it is up to Us as any
Peoples to live that out as Justice dictates
in real freedom defending. For example:
some may claim Johnny, or the Johnster,
or Johnaroonie the loony is amazing, but
listen, carefully.. ..Closing 9/11 Police
investigations while then, TV blaming bin
Laden single handedly without any made
public connection as planned before hand
with Condi, as too, having someone planting
the explosives into Building Seven "policed"
by Blackwater's Cofer Black, (who calls
himself cia when arming al-Qeada in Libya
with NATO and the Pentagon) is ingenious to
whom?, as when Cofer thinks he can get away
from ourselves (or just me) on it with Bush
and Cheney, but clearly, it was as still is,
absolutely absurdly assinine these mass
murdering lawless wars the Rightard wages
with censorship to deny everyone our fair
speech. How is this so complicated, that it
requires further explaination on American
cowardice to be real men and women of our
dying communities? When the anti-Justice
Bushite pro-torturing dope pushing mass
murderer dies rightly, we all win a
better future by saving real Peoples
innocent lives.

"We the people need to rise up say
we'll take a stand for Israel,"
Demon whore of Satan, Sarah 'the
retard' Palin said.

Yeah, to defeat the Satanic evil
war crime enemy, God Wills Justice
from demons for our stays. Johnny
the Jew's Golden Rule.

/ / Besides, the Bankster will not
eat 20 tons or so of food from
the corner store at every sitting. \ \

Progressive is not regressive, and, no one
should fear they are the only person on the
entire planet currently living that knows
this. By taking more and giving back less,
puts you in a higher tax bracket than the lowly
that have to actually work for a living, IS
being fair. 50% of a person's budget can be
spent on government sanctioned regression
for *All* smoking taxes, or for expensive
taxed rent and taxed food, or as in America,
for expensive your life is not worth saving
surgery, vital running water, a phone, or
simply electricity. And so if the hapless
pal hasn't yet dropped the smoking habit,
the government comes in like a bushite heroin
dealer for someone lower than the mob and
Blackwater, by getting everyone heavily
addicted to 101 who-knows-what added
purposely concoctions, to then jacking the
price almost out of reach to the scrounging
middle class dying poor, hurting every one
of us as the biggest players too in this
whole "free market" loser economy. All
those billions taken from Main Street could
have been still in many Peoples hands to buy
beer with our smokes for parking down by the
lonesome river, instead of stashed away as a
trillioniare bankster retired at his private
Villa now, with his yachts, and subsidized
jets, private brewery and solid golden doors
on the 50,000 sqft Italian Marbled mansion
costing a paultery billions from everyone's
"lost" Pensions, as 'impressive' for a hedge
fund broker that did nothing to help anyone
for anything here. And no, he doesn't lend for
charity, why should he care for who's taxed
instead for death as smoking? Anyway, my point
i think was that, the cigarette manufactures
have this habit of inundating cigarettes with
deadly poisons the government pushers have
formally refused to ban as a known health
hazard for furthering stolen gains from
everyone too. It's like they are trying to
purposefully, with criminal intent, kill
ourselves as the talentless TV rejects. It's
like, what does George W. Bush, or Sarah Palin
know truly about anything?, and as such, do
you honestly believe they think they even
have to care for our forsaken species
without a true public accounting here?
Until now.

All the Answers to Every Problem
are contained in this outstanding
documentary named, GasHole. But
Rightards will have nothing of it,
for, they can't win but for stealing.


Incredible. Every car getting
a thousand miles to the gallon,
and these pro military dictatorship
savages, the Rightard american, being
the wickedest of ENEMY criminals.,
still, to this day, continue to deny
ourselves such riches, while lawlessly
in silence warring God and Humanity side
by side as Bushite Nazi dumfuk grunters,
the FOXSNEWS/UFC dope pushing torturing
gang rapists called American TV "Heroes",
the ungodly evil parasites who have mass
murdered now millions of innocent Peoples
for Bush and Cheney's final escape on 9/11.
They are bombing the Peoples of Libya
for no officially stated reason, but to
thieve from Mankind WITH AL-QEADA. I, as
any real man, Hate rightly to death the
godless Rightard evil american bigots,
and all their corporate media censorships
of tyranny for more stolen profits. It
is Your call for real Justice American
victims. Or, continue enslaving by
the mindless evil enemy Rightard
Zombie Tea Bag, who can't freely
compete with it's lies, so wills
sadistically as like the demon
whore of Satan herself OPENLY does,
(as America's most hugely 'popular'
Rightard TV celeb,) to censor for
first degree murder, all Peoples
from living freely here,

A big business magic TV plan that sells if
you're gloomy about your homeless gangland
toxic future, pop some expensive mind
altering pills, and oh yeah, don't do

Anarchy In The UK: London Riots Sparked
video of 16 year old girl beat by police

Answer: put the guilty "cops" with Peter
Power to death by fair public trial. Any
bushite nazi grunting "cop" who would
disagree, (back from war criming Iraq),
deserves to rightly die also at the moral
fair vote of their fathers, brothers,
neighbors, or old high school chums.
Again, in several major American
cities, they OPENLY hire war criminals
as pro third world military dictatorships
to "Police" our streets, warring to
escape the criminal enemy Zionist
neocon LIARS for 9/11. God Wills Justice
for All, as does Christ. Peter Power
did 7/7, and these "Cops" of London
care not for following probable cause,
for that is where real defenders of
the faith exist. While instead these
cowards who beat our young children say
nothing for Bush and Cheney as, for
sure guilty of minimally Obstruction on
9/11. for closing our standing criminal
investigations on how the CRIME actually
went down with those who planned to escape
our wrath hiding behind the Alex Jones bigot
cult. Like the British grunts who beat those
bare footed innocent children they kidnapped
to death on video. (Who should be rightly
dead, like the COWARDS of Seal Team Six are.)
How about yourself friend? Do you care to
forward this post to our forsaken world
now denied by Google our fair appraisal?
Or, as the American Rightard Libertarian
Conservative Republican BIGOT, would you
rather see another innocent person
fraudulently labeled for murder by the
ungodly demonic lawless enemies of GOD,
before you would ever champion the true
cry for liberty from enemy vote rigger
Ron Paul's treachery? By leastly getting
on the phone for some real accounting here?
The Banksters do not cover our loans, we do.
Ron Paul is clearly a traitor if the facts
are bared to witness. He steals our money,
our elections, as our freedoms with the
very worst of war crimes he actually calls
do gooder "Police" actions after 9/11
investigations were closed, or calls war
crimes to claim, we have no business speaking
outrages against, like in Iraq, or Satanic Israel
where they break truces to indiscriminately
for more blind American sacrifices.

'The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a
resolution on Thursday calling on the
UN to rescind facts on the Gaza war..

The resolution also asks UN Secretary
to "do all in his power to redress the
damage to Israel's reputation"'

THIS IS FOR REAL. The entire US Senate
needs to be Publicly charged for the
war crimes of Nazi Israeli. They
mass murdered countless innocent souls
by breaking a truce for more stolen
takes from paying to die victimized
Americans silenced through corporate
TV censorship.

Bushite 'I don't care to forward
this post to save the life of
innocent Americans. Where's the
money in that?'


How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning us to Death

There was as is, no reason to bomb Iraq, but
to steal through mass murder, and torture
for false arrests as ungodly war criminal
evil. Saddam did everything that was asked
of himself by the U.N. plus more that Bush
refused. And we know, they knew they were
lying to TV trick Americans for stolen
profits through mass murder. They knew full
well as we, there were no WMDs, but as even
so, Soldiers could have even simply walked
in without firing a shot. A Bushite Nazi
'lawless' grunter is a cowardly traitor to
his fellow dying teen soldiers, who remains
silent against those 30 Republicans with KBR
gang raping American women. Dope pushing
pro-torture enemies that War innocent
Humanity for the final escape of false
accusers Bush and Cheney for Obstruction
on the 9/11 matter.

'Operatives Assigned to Kill Gaddafi'

First degree murder. And again, those in
Texas, who support first degree murder,
need to be immediately formally executed
under the Texas Law, "Law of Parties"
Just look for a demon rat Republican
that Alex Jones would blindly label
as a bigot, being 'Constitutionalists',
like he does for traitor Rightard
COMMIE Ron Paul, the election rigger..
Bush and Cheney closed 9/11 Police

'Socialist' Obama to attack the poor?

When Ron Paul OPENLY refuses to defend
the rights of innocent others targeted with
the bankster crimes, (let alone the mass
murders of 9/11, 7/7, and so on) all the
while 'elected' Senate members personally
profit off irrationally bailing out the worst
of naked frauds into the trillions, for cash
backs from war mongering for Satan through
ungodly evil AIPAC, as by breaking truces to
indiscriminately slaughter INNOCENT defenseless
God loving Christians in Palestine, [TARGETED
You, as the silent American, are left refusing
to defend freedom in a Republic as or so
Democracy. To witness such Rightarded
treachery in our presence that election
rigger Ron Paul is anything but the worst
of tyranny, is un-questioningly un-patriotic.
To not call obstructers Bush and Cheney un-
Constitutional terrorists for 9/11, while
the war crimes of the worst of barbaric Nazi
savagery in Iraq now Libya, are called a,
trying to do good 'police action' as in
violation with U.N. 1441 and U.N 1973 for
example, doing to rob, to torture, to gang
rape, to push dope, while for no good reasons,
routinely bomb our loving innocent families
from our stolen skys is evil evil evil evil.
Understand, Bushite nazi grunts are warring
God and Humanity in Afghanistan to officially
RAPE children. If there was ever a good reason
to kill a Rightard's dope pushing grunt soldier
that bombs our communities indiscriminately
while shouting, 'whore ya, whore ya' that would
be it. Their godless nation refuses to defend
such children, for then we would all clearly
know who the enemy here is walking our
American streets. (i know i'm mostly writing
to myself here, but i just had to let this

The Words of God

Again, the lawless Bushite is an enemy to
every man woman and child on this planet who
wills a free world against godless tyranny.

In All The Years

In all the years the bushite nazi fucks have
been in charge of 'defending democracy' by
nakedly stealing, mass murdering and
torturing the innocent, WHEN, if ever, have
they actually arrested a for real terrorist?
Like their demon selves warring side by side
for the worst of military dictatorships that
freely bomb defenseless innocent folks NATO
has no formal charge against for anything?
Again, the lawless Bushite is an enemy to
every man woman and child on this planet who
wills a free world against godless tyranny.
When the anti-Justice Bushite pro-torturing
dope pushing mass murderer dies rightly, we
all win a better future by saving real
Peoples innocent lives. Innocent lives the
bushite grunter cares nothing for on 9/11
either. The dope pushing grunters of evil,
war God and Humanity for the final 'escape'
of their TV deities Bush and Cheney on 9/11,
and for the Republican faker Obama with the
banksters, walking with trillions absconded.
Siding together to suffer poor People near
no one on +*magic*+ TV really cares about
being honest with as easy victim. A big
business magic TV plan that sells if you're
gloomy about your homeless gangland toxic
future, pop some expensive mind altering
pills, and oh yeah, don't do drugs.. Grunts
are selling heroin to put America away for
life, and what do they TV blare about as
being only "Heroes" on the UFC to remain
cowardly silent on this robbing of the
American dream by beating down on the People?
The IMF are clearly bad guys here trying to
escape ourselves for rightful prosecutions.
The bail outs are extortion to cover
massive frauds involving entire nations.
Surprising to many, the private banksters
do not cover our loans, we do. I exist.

God's Will is Just,

but evil Americans refuse to respect
US as equals because we are so much
greater truly as real men and women.

For example, the creation of money
is suppose to be done under the authority
of the US Government's Treasury, not
a pack of Zionist private banksters who
insist on magic TV we must pay them for
our own credit hijacked, by sacrificing
the made poorer and naturally growing


War crime NATO needs to be taken in
with Obama and Hitlerly for their
lawless war crimes against our
Humanity. Gadaffy did call the
cease-fire. Those who disagree,
should be tried for immediate
death too in Texas under the
law, "Law of Parties". Death
to the Bushite, death to the
enemies of God and Man. and
do think we haven't forgotten
about the thieving banksters.

AJ guest "It's not Obama, it's not Bush."
AJ (silence regarding documented traitors)

In that Hell, individuals are not
treated as equals under the law where
we follow probable cause, no, instead,
a godless tyranny of evil is "freedom"
[FOR] the Satanic Zionist millionaires
streak nakedly., tyranny, one oh one.

Alex Jones' version of Obama, is in
'white face', with "Socialism" written
underneath. Or, on Rense radio and RBN
when Conservatives, 'Talk Cock' as the
anti-gay faggots about a promiscuous gay
guy hiding in a see through closet
somewhere pinching each other's asses.
Not as an un-Constitutional war crimes
extortionist Rightard Commie, attempting
final escape for evil with our 27trill+.

/ / Israeli soldiers armed with a
truck and a digger entered the
Palestinian village of Amniyr and
destroyed nine water tanks. \ \

Bushite Nazi grunts are attacking
the innocent Peoples of Lybia to
rob the nation for al-Qeada. DBD.

Kill a Bushite grunt for Freedom.

Bushite forces around Kandahar are blowing
up or bulldozing houses, assassinating
sympathizers and using mass reprisals
against the civilian population.

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Why Real Christians Kill The Bushite Enemy

/ / NATO warplanes bombed a group of small
children between the ages of 6-12, killing
six of them and wounding one other. \ \

You kill the Bushite for Christ, you kill
the Bushite for God. You kill the Bushite
for Afghanistan, you kill the Bushite for


16 trillion gave away while the
"Crisis" was in full swing...

Not a penny of these 'lost' loans went
to small banks or to ordinary Americans.
16 trillion "lost", while Congress instead
targets America's poor with Alex Jones and
his Nazi Ron Paul cult of evil election
rigging Rightards. Who know they can't fairly
compete without censorship, so cheat US all
further out of our say. Anything for the demon
Antichrist's escape on 9/11 they whore their
souls for, in contempt of God and Liberty.


TSA Developing Cancer from Naked Body Scanners

/ / So it’s better to just keep everyone
ignorant and keep irradiating all the
TSA employees and hope nobody notices,
apparently. \ \ FIGHT BACK!

Google is now officially pulling my
truthful material no one can find
honest disagreement with in the public
light, and instead, is actually
pushing SPAM for the rightards like
Alex Jones and the traitor Pauls..
Alex Jones spent Sunday 'teaching us
all' that lower taxes for trilliioniare
hedge fund breakers that run Rand
Paul's wheels, magically increases
revenues. (for him maybe) Without a peep
on the FACT that the private banksters
do not cover our loans. Rightards are as
dumb as they are truly evil. See, It
feels good to Alex, when he trumpets his
'know it all view' by blindly barely
understanding anything, but his
faggotry masturbation classes, where
while we die, he wiggles his finger to
tell US fools, he told us so, and that
we has nothing we could do about it
with his censor ships still flourishing
to cowardly hide the lies of rigged
Republican elections, Bush with Cheney
on 9/11, health care, education, religion,
Oath keeping, BP, or as You too, speaking
without fear to whoever of exposing
Alex Jones' prior sales routine on
war crime victims being nobody special..
while soldiers continue to die sacrificed
to wilful lawlessness, and so on.. like I
say, Alex Jones truly sucks at being US.

Yes, actually pushing spam. Fight back.


I told you, and now the IMF has told you,
and still, the TV sells you must without
question, attack America's elderly and poor
to run the nation further into the ground
for Obama and the banksters with NWOer
Rightard Alex Jones, Ron Paul, and
Rand. All before ever allowing simple
John's demand for our 27 trillion dollars
back for starters.

Boeing Overcharged Grunts Up to 177,000 Percent

Do American teen soldiers die for
these 'freedoms', to rob America
further, earn 'the win' to You?

The List Everyone Is Talking About

/ / McCaul, Michael (R-Texas) from
$34,176,566 to $137,611,043 \ \

NOTE: Rep. Michael McCaul, a Rightard
Republican, told the Houston Chronicle
that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed provided U.S.
interrogators the name of a courier
trusted by bin Laden. So, McCaul needs to
be arrested for 9/11 here as accessory
to sacrificing soldiers to the war crimes
of Iraq too with Powell. (explained in
detail further down somewhere) Besides,
where did he get all his money while
"serving" the Public to criminally escape
Bush and Cheney on 9/11 by closing our
police investigations dumfuckedly as
they did foolishly while the tv and
Alex Jones wasn't still looking?

That is allot of money taken from
somewhere by a Rightarded degenerate..
"Lotteries"? Heroin? i just don't know..
anyone know in 'messy pants' Texas?
Unlikely. Do you People out here know
anything about the Legislature in
Texas Inc.? It's beyond farce in
whoredum. So shockingly weak without
intelligence, they terrify as cowards
to even speak of it in the national
media, for fear their cowardice to
truly defend the flag from godless
tyranny would be showing also. Instead,
they sell the looking desperately for
work poor poor People are going to get
you, not the multi-trillion dollar
bankster cabal of evil doers responsible
in part, for the 9/11 terror attack
too against a True Patriot's America.

While You Were Out

/ / the Senate hasn't passed a
budget in more than 800 days. \ \
(jobs bills too they all killed)

misfits are "earning" millions and
millions of dollars while in office,
and you'd think with all that
America pays them in treasures and
sacrificed life, they could extent
the courtesy to at least, pretend
to be doing something productive.
They have no problem talking their
evil TV bigotry to divide ourselves
classified irrationally, while giving
away trillions for private banksters
and war crime war profiteers escaping
the 9/11 perps, but when it comes to
defending the folks on an issue that
is so central to their official
function, well.. who needs it?

where's the money in that?

Bushite 'I don't care to forward
this post to save the life of
innocent Americans. Where's the
money in that?'

Special Comment: Blackmail, Bullies


Bigger tax breaks for the trillioniare thieves!,
as hedge fund brokers of savings funds having not
"earned" anything of the trillions "lost" into
their personal private accounts as it was

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

Please Spread The Word! Sunny Sheu: Murdered for
Investigating NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia

90% of detained minors tortured in Israeli jails

Remember AJ Cult members, your not allowed
to care here, or if you do anyway, Alex
Jones and George Noory will refuse to
acknowledge the right for you to speak
publicly for such needs. Instead, go
pick on the elderly, poor and disabled
with Rand Paul the cheat why don't you?
Because, as we know, anyone who disagrees
with anything Bankster proxy Rand Paul
says, or does is auto cointelpro working
for the Globalist's New World Order
without needs to explain any further.
Nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.

I think America owes The People an
apology for treating US unfair here.

Justin Bieber On Health Care: U.S. System 'Evil'

This work is in the public domain