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Commentary :: Human Rights
[PFMPE] the commandments of men
05 May 2004
Modified: 06 May 2004
Requires Bush, as purported messenger of God, to provide God's message on central banking.
Sunday, May 2, 2004

[PFMPE] commandments of men

And the transparent present.


Never mind that we have two wars already by this otherwise very unremarkable man, who saw forwardly enough to immediately fly his allies the bin Laden family to safety on September 11 while Americans were grounded, but allowed hijacked planes free rein — whose family's works, and ostensible patriotism and service to America, involved not only teaching covert operation and terrorism to Osama bin Laden, but working with, and arming, for many years, Saddam Hussein, with weapons of truly evil destructive capacity — among the results of which include tens of thousands of Kurds being gassed by weapons provided therefore by principal members of the present Bush administration, who "somehow" therefore have been on the wrong side of such affairs for quite some time. How can we believe then, these wars were truly set in motion by outer events?

The idea this very unremarkable family has anything to give to the world of the stature we should prefer warrant commanding a once great country, puzzles me despite these events. But in the wake of careers in covert activity, savings and loan scandals, subversion of the Florida vote to take the presidency, and "possibly" Iran Contra, it is time to recognize we have a very serious, long-term situation on our hands, just on these counts alone.

Is there no consistent thread of purpose? Is that purpose so conducive to humanity, when its very planning, whatever it was, was never even made available to us? We don't even know of it.

If he came so to the presidency, why did we never hear of this plan for war with Iraq? And now we are not so offended, when we give up our rights good men died to establish, while this "leader" pisses off the world, and intelligent people everywhere in the world can understand that, because to this moment, the very purported evidence for the war of the moment never even existed? How in fact can anyone deny, that how such men come to preside over a nation in unmistakably related decline, is the same story of corruption?

This man does not belong, ruling my country.

Long before these present players even began to act out their roles, this was a game of insiders, acting for the insiders themselves, and pretending to be patriots of a common cause we cannot be served by, even if we were granted the opportunity to conceive it, to assent to it, to even exhaustively discuss it publicly. Whatever we are fed commercially, right or left, will still be the fabrications of the central party, and certainly that body of "information" will never look beyond the purposed insanity of the central party, because the central party never will have the best plan for the rest of us. Iraq was put under the control of Hussein for the purposes of the oil bosses and financial barons of the world (who own the oil bosses); and the hapless Iraqi citizen was condemned, by these same men who claim liberation as their motive, to be denied prosperity — even from the very resources of their own country — as Iraqis will be denied prosperity from the very resources of their country after this war as well.

Just such a duplicate pretension of principle exists now in Iraq's purported liberation. The other day, I received an e-mail from Mark Yannone, Libertarian candidate for the US House of Representatives for Arizona's District 3, which notes that Executive Order 13303 of May 28, 2003, claims Iraq's petroleum:

"Section 1. Unless licensed or otherwise authorized pursuant to this order, any attachment, judgment, decree, lien, execution, garnishment, or other judicial process is prohibited, and shall be deemed null and void, with respect to the following:"

"(a) the Development Fund for Iraq, and"

"(b) all Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products, and interests therein, and proceeds, obligations, or any financial instruments of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to the sale or marketing thereof, and interests therein, in which any foreign country or a national thereof has any interest, that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of United States persons."

Furthermore we are advised of the "possibility" George Bush is now engaged in planting evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: Please CLICK HERE for 'New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq.'

"Liberation," indeed.

Those "persons" who shall "somehow" become the possessors of Iraq's petroleum are not you who fight or die, or give your assent to this war for those "persons." Nor will you finally be provided the truth, once their immediate purposes are accomplished, because their ambitions are far more than Iraq. Instead, you will fight more wars, and soon enough as well; to ensure the mastering of all mankind by the corrupt, the usurer, the principal violators of the very central tenets of every religion itself — while those who send you for their purposes have even the audacity and contempt for you to claim to be the messenger of God.

Long after us, "if" true history can be dredged from the deceit of the times, which deceit will be blatantly registered in a multitude of decrees conspicuously absent from Fox News (owned by the same conspirators who own the oil bosses), for eternity, these pretenders of patriotism, whose business has long been the business of profiting from usury, corruption, war, and oppression, will be known for what they are.

As in the time of Hitler, given the transparency of these works, equally plain and disturbing will be the lack of judgment or action by which multitudes elected to do the Bush family's deeds — even turning against each other, for the benefit of none. How will eternity know that Americans stood for peace, liberty, justice — the very purported ideals of the ostensibly "true" America?

If mankind ever re-achieves the objects of the founders, the only truthful historians will note how America, entering the third millennium, personified a strange enigma: while voting "for the lesser of two evils," America persistently elected greater evil; by conceding principle after principle to corruption, America fell to ever greater corruption, while forfeiting control of its very own destiny, even when every natural object of every citizen was falling out of reach by corruption; and all the while, instead of returning to principle, Americans yet conceded regularly amongst themselves, that if ever again they could be blessed by a leader who truly stood for the inalienable right of the people, he particularly, would never, by some undeclared adverse entity, be allowed to succeed but to the fate of John F. Kennedy.

This latter, regular, long enduring rumination, itself depicts an America haplessly hoping to look away from its decline under utterly corrupt government, as if either no solution can exist, or reason sufficient to ensure just and proper government, constantly and without exception conducted in concurrence with the true interests of the people, cannot be a common property of America the community. Instead, individually and divisively, America, haphazardly voting for the hope of the self, elects the enemy of all — likewise another empty soul, seeking the immediate benefits of the self (and thus benefits, if any, to be realized irrespective of America the falling community).

You have not such leaders as will ever serve you, because you, unlike the illuminated revolutionaries who founded this country, do not stand for every principle vital even to truth, much less to a cohesive, singular, tenable standard of liberty and justice.

It is our own lack of standard and principle, by which we are ruled by vipers and thieves. America itself, giving rein to them, is the looting ground for untold Kenneth Lays, and their most true and necessary ally, George Bush — each of whom knew their crimes from the beginning. By choosing ever greater evil, America makes itself the fishing pond for the world's worst; and the lies to perpetuate it all become all the greater.

Now it is ALL one huge lie, from corrupted "consumer price indexes" to purposely falsified employment figures, to blaming the citizen for the multiplication of debt, when we can only borrow what we pay to the thieves in power if we are even to maintain a vital circulation. An "economist" practices an expertise in earning without producing — inevitably at the expense of the rest of us. He is most content when his stealings are great. He has no interest in your keeping your earnings whatsoever, for the very nature of his "work" is an ambition to steal everything he can get his hands on — and you gladly provide for his stealing, by the utterly ignorant ambition that wealth can or should be multiplied beyond any person's production, or all production together (a thing which is impossible BUT BY PRODUCTION). There is no irony whatever in the fact "economists" report the "health" of the "economy" in terms of the magnitude of their latest thefts. "Economists" yet are only one of a multitude of pretended authorities of a conglomerated entity beyond government, purposely looting its people every way it can.

The principal instrument of that looting is what "economists" call a central bank; and these are the people whose oil you have now produced for them, and whose entirety of purposes you are advancing when you fight their wars for them; when you tolerate the corrupt currency they impose upon you; when you elect their phony figureheads, one after another after another to office, each necessarily more deceitful than their predecessors (if the graft of all together is to be perpetuated while the evidence of all this evil multiplies everywhere about us). To perpetuate every possible graft, every deception possible is imposed on the society, with all of it perpetually purposed to siphoning earnings from the real producers of wealth, even to the degree that this great parasite of every society of the world can suck the entire life blood from the entire world.

As there are those who believe all this is meant to be, I raise to you in particular the question, how? As for myself, I say it will fail, and that it has nearly reached the limits of its possible fruition, because this universally enmical pursuit itself is unsustainable. The idea of this, many times, I have already explained. But perhaps I shall try once more.

To the delight of the extremely shallow, now much is being said about an ostensibly "religious" nature of these wars, and the further wars we shall surely wage, if indeed so many are disposed to war on the purported basis of "religion," or ostensible "prophecy." Now, George Bush, of all people, claims to be the messenger of God.

My first question to you, George Bush, and to all those who would give you a moment of their time, is "What message from God do you have for us, concerning usury — the real, unjustified power, by which exists all this corruption of authority?"

We already know your answer, and whether indeed you are any such messenger, because you will answer NOT.

"Why," George Bush, we also know; and that is because it is conducive to your real purposes that all of us who you pretend to serve never understand that in no way do you serve us. Will George Bush invoke mathematically perfected economy, even if it is the one prescription for true economy which alone can save the world itself from perpetually multiplied debt?

Of course not.

He has denied us and the world the very opportunity for economic justice every moment of his life, for he was born to the clan of the central banker, who have not to answer to any citizen at all that if the very circulation is made the object of profit of their private institutions, set up likewise without our assent, that merely to maintain a circulation it is necessary for us to re-borrow what we pay against principal and interest as a subsequent debt, increased so much as periodic interest. No matter how smart George Bush may be, neither he or any member of his clan can disprove that, even if a system which irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to a circulation can only ultimately collapse commerce — having inherently converted every possible profit by production into the whole profit of the non-producer who finances our "elections."

It is in the bankers' interest that he ignorantly pretends we can sustain ourselves against the debt his kind multiplies upon us, while already we are at the brink of insoluble debt.

This man is going to lead "us" into a desirable future?

Or will it be "persons?"

As despair and personal failure multiply about the populace at an inherently escalating rate, George Bush lies that he serves us — and largely because, of his own volition, he is good for nothing else. Even today, he may discuss mathematically perfected economy — a singular prescription by which alone the people can receive for their production, an equal measure of production — something of course which every reasonable (and unselfish) person would want.

Believe me then, George Bush wants something else.

But if, of course, we are to understand the very prospect of obstructed prosperity, even for our very own country as if it should be an exception to the rest, we must also ask, then will John Kerry establish that singular solution by which we can even achieve the prosperity we deserve?

Surprise, surprise; Kerry answers neither.

In light then of this "possible," serious, long-term problem we "might" have, just exactly why is it that every American president since and including Gerald Ford has avoided mathematically perfected economy moreso than a hot potato, when none of them in eternity could argue effectively to an intelligent people, that to avoid inflation or deflation, indeed the money kept in circulation MUST be kept equal to the value of the very things it represents?

Because it is an utter embarrassment, because it is an impossible task, to explain that all this time since Gerald Ford, instead of multiplying the national debt 3 fold over as during the Reagan Administration's ludicrous experiment in balancing the budget, we could have been (and could still be) paying $29.16 a month for a $35,000 home built in 1963, and having a hundred-year lifespan. It is plainly not true it is to our benefit to pay over again and over again, full lifetimes of work against a home produced by a few months of work.

Everyone since and including Gerald Ford will not answer because it is an embarrassment which would defeat the whole facade of a central banking system, when a purportedly qualified "leader" (ignorant figurehead) must answer to questions depicting what unobstructable prosperity we would instead have enjoyed for every moment since then — but for ignorant figurehead after figurehead and for the profit of the central banking clan, instead we can AND HAVE only had our debt multiplied upon us irreversibly, merely for maintaining a circulation itself vital to the mere attempt to sustain commerce, until perhaps quite soon now, we can no longer pay even the costs of servicing debt "our" central banker "persons" multiply on every Iraq of the world.

Only an iniquitous, UN "economic" system can obstruct prosperity — even to the very least degree. But to both threaten AND ENGENDER multiplication of debt in proportion to a circulation UNTIL inevitable collapse, itself requires the ignorance and deception then of every society of the world. The central banking systems of the world are the only reason in fact the whole world is not so secure, that "security" would be a very unexercised word.

The truth ALONE sets "persons" free — even as a vital constituent of true representation.

mike montagne — PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™

To find the players in all the corruption of the world, "Follow the money." To find the captains of world corruption, "Follow the money all the way."

This work is in the public domain
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