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News :: Human Rights
Obama worked for C.I.A. front company Jesse Jackson helped C.I.A. murder Dr.King
09 Jan 2012
Barack Obama worked for C.I.A. front company BIC Jesse Jackson cooperated with the C.I.A.'s murder of Dr.King
Barack Obama was promoted,before his Presidential campaign,by the C.I.A. as a leader who would get African-Americans to give up their culture and be more willing to support the post 9/11 world the White government officials want.Jesse Jackson knew ahead of time that the C.I.A. was going to murder Dr.King and he went along with what the White gunman did.I will explain what both of them did.HERE’S WHAT JESSE JACKSON DID ON THE DAY OF DR.KING’S ASSASINATION AND WHY .
The N.A.A.C.P. felt that there was a great President named Lyndon Johnson who had gotten the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act,passed.Who had appointed the Supreme Court Judges who lifted the ban on Black White marriage.But because in politics there is always a catch,in exchange for his Civil Rights legislation,Johnson expected Blacks not to complain that they were twice as likely to be drafted and sent off to Vietnam as Whites.And Johnson also had agreed long ago that while there would be an increase in financial assistance and government programs for the poor and Johnson did support expanding Affirmative Action into a set number of jobs and college scholarships for Blacks.That there would not be a government job for every unemployed person who wanted one.Dr.King felt that despite Johnson’s Civil Rights legislation,while Dr.King supported Affirmative-Action,that poverty and the Vietnam War were also moral issues that also affected both Blacks and poor Whites.So Dr.King decided he would have a poor people’s campout not a march.Dr.King would take 500,000 of the poorest Americans,both the African-Americans who lived in the innercities and poor Whites from rural communities.And every morning all 500,000 of them,African-Americans from the Innercity,poor Whites from small towns,would sit in in a Senators office or sit in the Pentagon lobby or lie down on the steps in front of a government office building.
What made this idea so dangerous to the U.S. Government when there were Civil Rights,Poverty,and anti-war marches going on everywhere in the 1960’s?If this had been a poor people’s march,all 500,000 participants would’ve checked into a hotel the way they did for the 1963 March on Washington,carried picket signs,marched for a day and then after two more days of staying in the hotel flew home.Instead they would sit in in a government building on Monday,sleep in the park Monday night in tents,sit in in a government building Tuesday,sleep in the park Tuesday night in tents,sit in in a government building on Wednesday sleep in the park Wednesday night,and this would mean having 24 hours of nonstop demonstrating for at least 30 straught days which is more intense then a march.The reason Dr.King called the poor people’s campaign“Jobs or Income”.Is because if the poor people’s campout happened Johnson would either have to 1)Have the Federal Government offer everyone who wanted one a job 2)Increase the amount of money sent to every unemployed American or 3)All 500,000 people camping out in the park at night and sitting in in government buildings during the day,wouldn’t be leaving.
Johnson wasn’t sure during a war,if he could print enough additional money or raise taxes high enough to send every poor person more money.As for offering everyone who wanted one a job.Harry Truman had wanted to try that when he was President in the 1940’s.Truman was stopped by powerful people in the U.S. Government.So Johnson figured after 30 days of camping out in the park which leads to more frustration then just regular marching he would have to say no to the 500,000 people.Johnson felt unemployed Black people from the innercity,after two American cities had already had riots that burned buildings down (Both Watts and Newark had been set on Fire.)Along with Leftwing Whites,Latinos,and Native Americans would be told by Dr.King there wouldn’t be a job for everyone but to be nonviolent.And they might be mad enough to ignore Dr.King and throw a Molotov cocktail.All it would take is one innercity resident who liked what happened in Neward or Watts to respond that way and the U.S. Senate building could be on Fire!
Because Johnson despite opposing the campout and supporting the Vietnam War had promised after he eventually got around to signing the Open Housing Act to expand Affirmative Action so there was a job set aside for African-Americans.After Johnson decided to have Dr.King murdered along with the C.I.A.Jesse Jackson decided because Affirmative Action wasn’t a law yet that he didn’t want to oppose a President who would set aside jobs for Black people.While Bobby Kennedy supported the Poor People’s campout,even the anti-war Liberal Gene McCarthy so disliked what he felt might threaten his office that unless Bobby Kennedy won,the Black leadership if they stood by Dr.King would have a hardtime getting a special number of jobs and college scholarships set aside for them.Didn’t Jesse know,that Dr.King cared for both Blacks and poor Whites?
The C.I.A.,Johnson,and Hubert Humphrey,included J.Edgar Hoover who had wanted to kill Dr.King for a longtime as well as Mafia figures in Dr.King’s murder.Raoul the C.I.A. operative who set up James Earl Ray,had a cousin known as Armando(unless Dr.Pepper the lawyer for the King family in their 1999 wrongful death lawsuit and also James Earl Ray’s Lawyer as well in his wonderful book “Orders to Kill” is using an alias to protect a source) Armando weather it’s an alias or not worked for the mafia in Chicago the outfit.And while there were U.S. military snipers in Memphis,Mafia bosses Frank Liberto and Carlos Marcello were involved in hiring a shooter also.The shooter hired by Liberto,through Lloyd Jowers as a middleman,murdered Dr.King before the military snipers also needed to fire.One shot from the Mafia hired gunman killed Dr.King but the Mafia gunman was supervised by C.I.A.official Raul,Raul was C.I.A. and there were military men there watching the C.I.A. decided they’d rather risk riots in the innercities over this unjust murder,then have what they’d feel would be the burning of the nations capitol when it was intended to be nonviolent .So on the day of Dr.King’s murder this is what Jesse Jackson did.
All people who knew about what was going to happen to Dr.King and were in on it,were not to wear a tie that day,Jesse Jackson without a tie on,went over to the Lorraine Motel and asked members of the Memphis community organization the Invaders to leave the hotel(Getting rid of witnesses before the shot)Jesse Jackson then stood in the parkinglot Billy Kyles who lied about how much time he spent in Dr.King’s room and set Dr.King up was talking to Dr.King while Dr.King stood on the balcony.
Jesse Jackson,who knew a shot was going to be fired,stood in the parkinglot and spoke to Dr.King and never once did he warn him that a gunman was about to shoot.The White gunman fired a shot right after Dr.King hit the ground,Jesse Jackson put something in a bag and ran up the stairs of the balcony.Jesse Jackson was standing on the balcony with Andrew Young and Memphis Cop/future C.I.A. agent Merrel McCollough.As McCollough wanted them to do Jesse Jackson pointed at the room that James Earl Ray rented under his name so people would falsly believe the shot came from there (It came from the bushes the shot came from Bushes underneath Ray’s room)Jesse Jackson after Merrel McCollough did something to Dr.King’s body (Time Magazine said McCollough bent down and checked the body for life signs and Time admitted that in 1974 McCollough was promoted from local cop to C.I.A. agent)bent down and did something where he got Dr.King’s blood on his shirt(Grabbing evidence?) From there Jesse with no sense of shame called Coretta King and acted like he felt bad it happened he never admitted to her over the phone what he knew and did.He was acting like someone who felt so bad over the idea that they may have lost out on Affirmative Action that he had no feelings for the family of the man that supported both Affirmative Action and a Government job for everyone who wants one
From there because of the outpouring of grief over Dr.King’s murder,Jesse Jackson then did what Lyndon Johnson felt would be a brilliant way to calmdown angry Black people.Jesse Jackson announced they were going to finish Dr.King’s poor people’s campout.Except Jesse agreed that all the people would only campout in the park across from the Nation’s Capitol for a limited amount of time. .And he would limit what buildings they picket and then they’d go home. Dr.King’s bestfriend Ralph Abernathy who had nothing to do with harming Dr.King participated in the campout out of loyalty to his friend.(It was because he felt he was getting even with Jesse Jackson over Dr.King’s murder that Abernathy supported any candidate who he felt was anti-Jesse Jackson which led to the Black pro-Affirmative Action Abernathy backing some White Republicans who despite their dislike of Jesse Jackson were not supportive of equal rights for Blacks.)
From there a year later in 1969 Richard Nixon did what he said he’d never do he signed an Executive Order asking the U.S. Justice Department to expand Affirmative Action.Nixon then met with Jesse Jackson.Jesse Jackson had gotten what the U.S. Government promised him and the other members of Dr.King’s organization who went along with his murder.10% of jobs and college scholarships would be set aside for Blacks,since Jesse Jackson had agreed to never go for Full Employment and he helped them that day clear out witnesses.Jackson now had a new Federal law thanks to Nixon’s Executive Order that would let him demand White owned business’s give 10% of jobs to Blacks.Jackson marched for companies to set aside jobs for Blacks and used government money from one of the men who participated in Dr.King’s murder former Vice-President Hubert Humphrey to start up Operation Push.

In the 1980’s Barack Obama worked for the C.I.A. front company BIC while he was a student at Columbia here’s what happened with him.The setting was the 2004 Democratic Convention normally the way it works is not yet famous candidates for Congress and the U.S. Senate speak during the time when the TV cameras aren’t rolling.Then once the cameras are on and the world is watching,already elected and famous Senators and Congressman and sometimes Hollywood celebrities speak.People who are at the convention get to hear everyone speak.People watching the convention on TV,only get to watch the featured speakers who are already famous.In 1956 an already elected famous U.S. Senator named John Kennedy,spoke on National TV.And after Kennedy told America,why he felt Adlai Stevenson should be the next President of the United States(But Kennedy in 1956 shrewdly refused to run as Stevenson’s Vice-Presidential nominee) John Kennedy himself,4 years later,after Stevenson lost to Dwight Eisenhower,was the 1960 Democratic nominee for President.

But this time,on this night in 2004,the prime time speaker at the Democratic convention wasn’t an already elected well known U.S. Senator or movie star.He was a candidate for the U.S Senate.Normally a man like this would be speaking at the convention but not on Prime Time TV.Normally a man like this would be speaking during the time the cameras were not on.But in this era of Reality TV and non celebrities being given a chance to become famous.A man who was already established enough to be speaking at the convention,can be bumped up one spot to Prime Time,as long as he has a message that matters to America.He is a Professor at the number 5 lawschool in America,he taught Constitutional law meaning he knows so much about the U.S. Constitution that he has taught the future U.S. Senators and Supreme Court Judges (As a Professor at the number 5 lawschool in America he had been offered tenure.But he wanted to also serve as a local Illinois state rep which meant he wouldn’t have enough time to teach the required number of courses for tenure.So the number 5 lawschool in America liked him so much that they agreed to make him a member of the fulltime faculty.So he has the status of a tenured Professor without being tenured)

From there the crowd cheered as the man,as many politicians have unfortunately done in the past,was mean enough to accuse African-American parents of not being good parents.Saying Black parents are not turning off the TV and encouraging their kids to study, is Politician English for how the whole Black culture of TV,Movies,Music and Sports is supposedly not good.Saying that Black parents are not turning off the TV,is Politician English for how it would be better to have an America where we don’t have different slang words and different cultures which would make the White majority comfortable.A more conformist America is necessary to get people to accept having to take off their shoes in airports.Then the speaker accused Black kids of making fun of other Black kids for wanting to read (At a moment when Republican George W.Bush was trying to justify forced standardized tests No Child Left Behind the Federal Law had just passed blaming pressure from other Black kids on the low test scores people say Black kids have eliminates any discussion on the need to fund more government programs like community centers for Black kids.)

At the Democratic convention the speaker was doing a Republican President a favor.
The speaker then to a cheering mostly White crowd said to the audience, “There is no Black America there is a United States of America.”The reason Whites loved that line about there being no Black America just a “United States of America”,is because of America’s past history.When Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. marched for Civil Rights he said his idea of integration was African-Americans,Latinos,White Jewish people,Asians,people of different backgrounds all living together and feeling free to be culturally different.The 1990’s with it’s cultural diversity was Dr.King’s type of society.Because King had never supported the idea that Blacks would give up their culture.The U.S. Government for years wanted a Black leader who would support Civil Rights but unlike Dr.King try and get Black people to behave in a more culturally similar way to Whites.(The Black leader in order to be a leader in the Black community would have to support Civil Rights or else he’d be replaced in the Black community with a leader who might also want cultural diversity.So a Black leader who would support the anti-discrimination laws but not cultural diversity is what they wanted)
While Jesse Jackson went along with the C.I.A. and personally wasn’t a good friend to Dr.King at all Jesse Jackson also felt it was fine for Blacks to be culturally different then Whites while living in the same communities and eating in the same restaurants as them.Despite the things Jesse Jackson gave the C.I.A. the one thing they never got out of him was an elimination of cultural diversity.But now as the country was in a post 9/11 backlash to multiculturalisim,the speaker was calling for Blacks to give up their own culture while being around Whites.This speaker said that while his Grandparents were World WarII Generation W.A.S.P.’s Whites from Kansas who relocated to Hawaii.His White mom had been married to a Blackman.This meant he was considered under America’s ethnic classification system to be Black.So he was a Blackman saying these things about Black people,which meant White people could cheer for what he was saying about poor Black people without feeling they are racist.
Considering that Whites in America already liked Clearence Thomas,Colin Powell,and Condoleeza Rice.Three Black people who were in the Republican Party,while most Blacks are Democrats.And considering that while Thomas opposed all Affirmative Action programs for other Black people.Powell and Rice,both were willing to support having some government jobs programs for Blacks.And Powell and Rice both were still well liked by Whites,because they were seen as being supportive of other things Conservative Whites wanted.In 1995 many White businessmen said they’d support Colin Powell for President.Not surprisingly a Blackman who is half Black,half White,who was raised by his White mom,Asian step dad,and White Grandparents.Who because he is angry that his Black dad left him,agrees with White people that Blackmen aren’t good fathers,will support some government jobs programs for Blacks,just like Colin Powell.But he will say things Colin Powell would never say,in his calls for Blacks to behave more culturally similar to the White majority.And will spend most of his time focusing on issues that the White majority care about,the Economy,the Iraq war e.t.c. would be well liked by Whites.Had a Blackman who was Half Black,Half White with those views named James O’Grady been a candidate for Public Office.Whites would like him and as Conservative as he is towards other Black people,because he’s running as a Democrat unlike Powell,Rice,and Thomas,Blacks might be tricked into feeling he likes them when he really isn’t that much different from a Republican.
But what happens when the Half Black Half White guy,who would be loved by Whites had his name been James O’Grady,this is the mentality of the White voters who elected Obama,explains to America that his Black dad was an immigrant who chose to leave an African village and come to America,after marrying his White W.A.S.P. mom.That while there are Black people who are born in Ohio with the name Leroi Smith who are 100%American,who 200 years ago had an ancestor from Africa,who legally change their name to an African sounding name in order to make a statement that after 200 years in America they still are Second class citizens.His dad really was from a foreign country and said, “For thousands of years in this village people have given eachother these names.I heard over in America there are Black people named Smith who maybe 200 years ago had an Ancestor who lived here.They don’t have any relatives who live here today.they are not Africans and to make fun of America they change their names to African sounding names.Since I’m not an American I really am a foreigner if I come over to America because I heard it’s nice and I explain how I got this name I’m sure White people will understand it’s not the same as what those guys do.”
So his immigrant father had the First name Barack.The last name his immigrant father was given in the village isn’t necessarily just a Black African name.According to the online Encyclopedia Obama. “Is an African (Luo) surname. The origin of the name is based on the Luo verb that means ‘to be bent’ or ‘to be twisted.’[1] It is not an uncommon Luo surname.[2] The name comes from Swahili and refers to members of the Luo tribe who converted to Islam.[3]Obama is also a Japanese surname literally meaning ‘little beach’[4]. The Obama clan were a samurai clan of feudal Japan.” So there are Asian Japanese nonMuslims,Japanese people also named Obama.The sameway there are both Whites and Blacks named Jackson.There are Blacks and Asians both named Obama.Since he has a lastname that isn’t necessarily Black African.The only thing about his immigrant fathers name that is Black African,is the First name Barack,which he got from being a foreigner from a village not from joining a Black American political movement. And the reason Wikipedia says Obama refers to members of the Luo tribe who converted to Islam,is because the Obama’s were originally Christian Africans until his immigrant fathers father,his Grandfather,converted to Islam.
His immigrant father was an Athiest and his White mom was a Protestant.So because his immigrant father had a Pro-American,nonpolitical explanation for his name,Whites were able to accept the fact that his White W.A.S.P. mom decided to name him,after his dad,he was named Barack Obama Jr..The speaker who said that Black people in America need to give up their cultural differences and behave in a way that makes the White majority more comfortable,this son of a White woman and Grandson of White W.A.S.P.’s because his Black dad,was a foreigner, has the name Barack Obama Jr.And he likes to point out that unless there dads are from African villages,then American Blacks who have a relative 200 years ago who lived there have no reason to be calling themselves Africans,changing their names,and asking for reparations,when we are all Americans.
Since a Blackman named James O’Grady with these views would be loved by Whites and as popular as Clearence Thomas,Condoleeza Rice,or Colin Powell.Not surprisingly a Blackman who has a lastname that Asians have also,it isn’t just a Blackname,and who’s First name is because his dad really is a foreigner became a popular Black celebrity. His White W.A.S.P. mom bapitzed him as a Christian,his Asian stepdad was a Muslim,but he was raised a Christian,and then for most of his life he lived with his White W.A.S.P. Grandparents who raised him as a Christian as well.A White mother,who gave birth to him,White Grandparents who raised him,a childhood in mostly White Hawaii,an Asian stepdad,but because his natural Father who had no role in his life was from an African country,he looks like a Black guy and has the First name Barack.He was named after his dad,something Americans can relate to.According to David Remnick’s book “The Bridge:The Life and Rise of Barack Obama.” A White Community organizer from Chicago,who hired Obama for a job when he was a college student before meeting him face to face said of Obama, “I am White and married to a Japanese Woman she read the name before I met him and she thought he was Asian.She knows people in Japan with that lastname Obama.It said on the resume he was from Hawaii.”Hawaii has a large Asian population.
The only thing African about the name of a man who is Half Black is his Firstname.He’s got a White mom,White Grandparents,the same type of lastname as Asians,but he has a First name that Africans in rural villages give eachother,since his dad,his natural father is a Black foreigner.To many Whites this man who is considered to be Black under America’s ethnic classification system felt to them more like an ethnically mixed guy with an international background then a typical Black guy. Since Carol Mosley Braun a Blackwomen who was married to a White Jewishman and kept the Jewish lastname after a divorce was elected to the U.S. Senate.There was a Black Woman with a Jewish lastname,who was raising her ethnically mixed son Jewish,who had a relationship with a Whiteman,and was elected to the U.S. Senate.A Half Black Half White guy,who’s dads a foreigner and was raised by W.A.S.P.’s and who’s mom,who gave birth to him,is White,definetly could be elected in Illinois.
Since we have Jews named Feingold and Asians named Mink and an American Indian who’s known as Ben Night Horse in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S.Congress,would it be so much different to have a Senator Obama?Sounds like O’Leary.He has an explanation for his First name being Barack. A couple weeks after this speech slamming other Black people.Barack Obama was a guest on Oprah Oprah Winfrey was a big supporter of Obama’s attacks on poor Black people.At the sametime that Oprah was running a school for girls in South Africa that one Black parent said sarcastically,”This is not a prison”,when commenting on how her daughter couldn’t always call her on the phone.These are Black South African parents who don’t complain about school rules the way Americans do and they felt that way about the school rules. Obama’s autobiographical book,because of Oprah’s promotion and the support of White readers was a Nytimes bestseller.

While Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. tried to move America and the Democratic Party to the Left in 1968,by calling for an end to the Vietnam War and Full Employment.And unfortunately the Democratic Party nominee still was the Pro-War Hubert Humphrey.Obama in his book says the Democratic Party went to far and drove his White Grandma who raised him into the Republican Party how far should they have gone then?During Obama’s Three Years in the U.S. Senate,he quickly established himself as the one Black leader who would help to manage a corporate militaristic society.When President George W.Bush used a private mercenary Army,Blackwater Security,to put poor Blacks and some poor Whites in the Houston Astrodome and some people were talking about how Dr.King had said even if Black people have equal rights if it’s rich Whites and rich Blacks mistreating poor Blacks and poor Whites then there need to be Occupy Wallstreet style demonstrations.
The Three White U.S. Presidents George W.Bush,Bill Clinton,and George Bush Sr. after Hurricane Katrina appeared on tv with Barack Obama.Unlike Dr.King who called for nonviolence said riots are wrong,but Dr.King also said that the cause of the riots in Watts and Newark back in the 1960’s was an economic system that keeps poor people hungry and the economic system is a form of violence that was done First to the people of the innercity.Dr.King said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Barack Obama said that nice Americans with money just didn’t understand that poor people when they are removed from their homes by the same security forces that are used in Iraq,don’t have the money to go to a hotel.Obama after siding against the pesky American Constitution (I tried to explain to my son that Dr.King would lose his Senate seat to oppose what happened in NewOrleans it’s an insult when people say, “Yeah but he’s a Senator if he does that they’ll vote him out.” Dr.King would march into political defeat over Katrina.),had become a premier advocate for, “The absence of tension not the prescence of Justice.”
After Obama’s first week in the U.S.Senate he was already on the important Foreign Relations and Veterans Affairs committees.One of the biggest supporters of Obama’s attacks on poor Black people was the Actor Hill Harper.In January 2008,White people in Iowa were asked the same question,
“If a White Woman raised in your small town,the way his White mom was raised in Hawaii,went to the University of Iowa and there was a foreign student from Africa.Because people from that country give eachother foreign sounding village names the foreign African student had the name Barack Obama.She married him,divorced him,gave birth to a Half Black baby,named the kid Barack Obama Jr.,in honor of his father.She remarried an Asian guy and took the kid to Indonesia.A Black kid with a White mom,living in a country full of Asians.He attended Grammar school in Indonesia.Because of his White moms job with the Ford Foundation he was the one Black kid running around the American embassy in Indonesia.His Grandparents you know them they are the people you see at the store,at Church every Sunday,and at the University of Iowa Football games on Saturday.They are White W.A.S.P.’s there ancestors came over on the Mayflower.They decided when he was 9.,eventhough he’s Black because he’s there Grandkid they’d take him in.They weren’t happy,as White people,that there White daughter had gotten pregnant by a Black guy and they had a Half Black Grandkid but they felt it was the right thing to do.So after 9 years of being raised by the White woman who gave birth to him,her Asian boyfriend and a country full of Asians.You have a community full of Asians,White American foundation workers,a White woman from Iowa,and one Black kid who is a part of a completely White and Asian society.He now was being raised by another Two White people.He has never lived with any Black people,he is completely raised by Whites and Asians.And the woman who gave birth to him,is White.But because the man who got his mom pregnant and left was from Africa,this guy who was raised by Whites and Asians his whole life has the same First name Barack as his African natural father.But his lastname Obama isn’t just the lastname of Black Africans,Asians have that lastname also.So he is someone who many people feel is more international and ethnically mixed,then just Black.This isn’t a typical Black guy.”
“After 9/11 he decided because of his White Grandpa’s service in World WarII for Patriotic reasons,that in order to end a war the American people feel is unnecessary Iraq,win a war the American people must win for selfdefense purposes,Afghanistan,help fix the struggling U.S. Economy so White people from small towns like his Grandparents will have a better life.He would run for the U.S. Senate he has served on the Committee on Foreign Relations.He has helped out the returning war veterans from Iowa by serving on the Veterans Affairs Committee.And because he was born in Iowa and legally can do so,he is now running for President of the United States.He feels because his dad was a foreigner from an African country,who had that name that he being named after his dad is different then Black people who live in Chicago and who are named Jones legally changing there name to an African name to protest America.He has his First name for a nonpolitical,nonradical reason,and helps small town White Army guys by serving on the Veterans Affairs Committee..Would his First name being Barack make you vote against him?Because you substitute Hawaii a mostly White and Asian state for Iowa you have his story.Hawaii doesn’t have any cities with a 15to20% Black population”.
Barack Obama became the First person in American History who is considered Black,to win the Iowa caucus.Neither Jesse Jackson or Shirley Chislom won the Iowa caucus. Only White guys who eventually get nominated for President in the Democratic Party win in Iowa. Barack Obama’s win in Iowa made him as likely to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2008 as Jimmy Carter was in 1976.While Obama’s supporters were mostly White.And Dr.King’s bestfriend from the 1960’s Congressman John Lewis,Magic Johnson,and Quincy Jones did not support Obama.Hill Harper and Oprah Winfrey who approved of his calls for Black people to give up their cultural distinction campaigned for him throughout the state of Iowa.Did America end racisim that day?If a Blackguy is in no way culturally different then Whites,he is actually half White and doesn’t have a specifically Black lastname,but a First name that is nonpolitical but has roots in Africa,then they can accept him.That still excludes the majority of Black people.It then came out that while he would be Barack H.Obama,Barack Obama,or President Obama to the American people.That his middle name because his African Grandpa the other Grandpa was a Muslim is Hussein.Barack Hussein Obama is his full legal name.Because the Obama’s were originally Christian Africans,his Grandpa converted to Islam and changed his name to Hussein.Obama got it as a middle name.So the voters were given the message that in an unofficial form of Anglicizing his full name,he would always be referred to as Barack Obama or Barack H.Obama,many people don’t use their middle name Barack Obama had never used it before it was nonexistent but could be located on a birth certificate from 1964.
.But he might make one trip to Israel where he would explain on Israeli TV that yes his full middle name,he was born with it,so it’s considered his is Hussein.But he is a Christian supporter of Israel.So Israeli Jews would know he’s on their side.And he would be known to American school children as President Obama,Barack Obama,or Barack H.Obama.The Arabic middle name throughout his political career was nonexistent.From there,the Democratic Party said as long as he put White Senator Joe Biden on the ticket as his Vice-President.And he appointed maybe one more Black appointed official then Jimmy Carter(Bill Clinton appointed more Blacks to his cabinet)Barack Obama could have the Democratic nomination for President.Obama did appoint America’s First Black Attorney General Eric Holder.TV host Chris Mathews commented on how Obama’s lastname was not that much different then the names of Ethnic White politicians he had voted for.Obama some European names sound like it.And it’s a name many Asians have.Obama was Christian,had aWhite mom,White Grandparents,he spent his childhood in mostly White Hawaii and mostly Asian Indonesia.The only things that were different about him,were his skin color and First name(The middle name was non existent had it not been mentioned no one would’ve known it was on the birth certificate),.Now it is 2012,the U.S. Economy is worse then it was 4 years ago.The U.S. military is just now leaving Iraq.The U.S. military is still in Afghanistan. And at the sametime that White people feel that they are struggling to pay their bills and paying more money for food and heating oil.Obama has put the Black community in a bad position.
When the Black leader calls for African-Americans to be culturally different then Whites but treated equally and given the 12% of all jobs and college scholarships.White Liberals respond by calling for maybe 8% of jobs and scholarships.And White Republicans respond by calling for no Affirmative Action jobs and scholarships.When everyone is done negotiating Black people get maybe 10% of jobs and scholarships.So when Obama to win an election calls for Affirmative Action only as long as Black people give up their cultural distinction.White Liberals respond by questioning weather there should still be any Affirmative Action at all.And White Republicans respond by calling for getting rid of all government programs.And then Black people at the moment still have jobs but are not being treated as nicely by White people who expect everyone to behave in the same cultural way,because even Obama is saying people will be the same,which is Fascisim.People are supposed to have equal rights and be different.So Whites on the Left feel it makes a more Corporate society so they oppose it also.So Obama in order to win,ran a campaign that was against the interests of the Black majority because he by taking the policy positions he takes,is moving the whole society to the Right just to get votes.
So now that the White Republican candidates for President are as anti-Black as they are,African-Americans are being told that they now need to vote for Obama to protect them from the Republicans.When Obams is why the Republicans are as far Right as they are he took positions that moved everyone in that direction

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