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News :: Labor
Viva The Greek Revolution!
18 Feb 2012
It seems the only way out for the Greek people is open revolt
Viva The Greek Revolution!

By Lloyd Hart

It seems the only way out for the Greek people is open revolt. To over throw the government, to leave the Europe Union, default on the debt and get about the business of feeding, clothing and housing the Greek people with an agrarian economy based in family farming and city and town shopkeepers and open markets.

What the Europe Union is doing to Greece is almost identical to what the Versailles Treaty did to Germany but the Greeks, I doubt will create an imperialist fascist state as Germany did but rather as the fascist military regime that once ruled Greece is still fresh in the mind of the Greek consciousness, will form a real and deeper democracy where commerce is not the central organizing principal but only after a brief violent conflict which will toss the Austerity Scam over board and to the bottom of the Mediterranean where it belongs. The deeper I look into the Greek plight I feel a great compassion but also a great hope. In the absence of a government aided civil society as it has been almost completely destroyed by economic fascism, a new civil society is percolating up from the grass roots.

As the Austerity scam continues to strip the Greek people of their health, welfare and homes, the Anarchists, Communists, Socialists and just regular working folks are beginning to see how much they have in common rather than having constant disputes over what tactics will win the day. With hunger spreading through Greece like the wild fires of recent history, food and shelter are the two unifying tactics everyone can agree on. The Greeks are beginning to feed each other as the state has abandoned it's people to the street.

'New Poor' Grows from Greek Middle Class.,1518,814571,00.html

Anarchists, Communists, Socialists and just regular working folks must always focus on food and shelter while fighting the good fight but must provide these elements as a matter of fact and without ideological sermon. Most people are not thinking about ideology. Ideology is not part of our human instinct but sharing what we have with each other is. Just as when we take our tribal instincts of tribal defense to a nationalist level we begin to be deluded by imperialist ideologies of nationalist domination of our own people and other nations which we then call a defense of the homeland.

America has destroyed itself with it's own nationalist imperialist ideology. If America were to be judged by it's foreign policy alone, America is a mass murdering thieving pathological psychotic. For the last thirty years America has been turning screws on it's own people to maintain it's tyranny abroad creating the model for what they are doing in Greece, impoverishing it's own people in a fruitless effort to maintain global domination. And thanks to America's psychopathic domination of the global oil economy violently maintaining that all oil transactions be made in U.S. currency, they can then direct global financial traffic to treasury bonds of other nations, short selling a nation's treasuries, getting debt rating agencies to down grade a nation's debt, radically increasing the cost of borrowing for all nation's in America's cross hairs.

The majority of Greek debt is owned by Americans who have nothing but contempt for the European way of life but what the American financial fascists don't want to come to terms with is that Europeans have grown weary of being the uber-race and Greece gave up empire long ago. Europeans have been focused on the quality of life not the domination of it. But America had it's allies in Europe buy it's sub-prime mortgage backed securities with phony Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poors triple A ratings attached to them knowing full well what would happen to them as they had already seen the bubble burst in 2006 but kept heralding the housing boom as if it would never end right up until Sept. 2008 when it developed into the proper malignancy. When those mortgage backed securities blew up in the faces of the European bankers America had Europe by the financial balls. The federal reserve bank in the U.S. then bribed the European banks on the verge of collapse with 0% cash loans from it's discount window pumping billions into European banks who would then have to cooperate with American financial designs in Europe, the destruction of social and environmental safety net through a completely manufactured debt crisis that now justifies destroying people's lives in the name national debt reduction.

The last time the U.S. and European oligarchs created such a deliberate mess was when they were secretly building up nazism politically, financially and militarily as a military proxy for the purpose of wiping out Anarchists, Socialist, Communists, Jews and most specifically an attempt at destroying the Soviet Union which backfired in their faces in the worst possible way, Still most of the Jews and lefties in Europe had been wiped out as Henry Ford had envisioned and America rebuilt Europe in it's image creating a debt slave it controlled for it's next insanity, Global domination through the cold war and most importantly, the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency controlling all oil transactions. Krushchev tried to end the cold war in 1954 when he came to power but was refused nuclear arms reduction negotiations by President Eisenhower who was probably threatened by his own generals not to negotiate which probably provoked Eisenhower's "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex!" speech on his departure from the presidency. Eisenhower was also the only general who objected to the dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.

What America did not count on is that Europe would eventually reincarnate as socialist democracies. So cometh the next American attempt to remake Europe in it's own image through it's financial weapon's of mass destruction, the debt crisis and austerity scam. So instead of forgiving debt as doing so would lead to an economic boom, the plan is unforgiving austerity impoverishing millions upon millions creating debt slaves of us all.

Just as in the 1930s the left today is organizing aggressively against oligarch insanity. So, the question must now be asked is what world war are they planning to cut off the lefty overthrow of their. Well, it seems to me they are flipping Arab states to Muslim fundamentalist regimes where they can with the hopes of having Islamic Jihad states to declare war on as the war on terror has failed to capture the imagination of the public. Is it any coincidence that terror attacks on Israelis in other nations around the world are being blamed on Iran? If Iran is linked to acts of terrorism on European and god forgive American soil well the oligarchs have their war to force poor European and American youth into knowing their impoverished families will have something from their individual sacrifice in the war.

With this war with Iran the oligarchs will find a way to spread the war to the newly minted "Islamist states" of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya and maybe even Syria and of course where ever there are Muslims in a majority. Americanize or die is the oligarch mantra.

This is just one possible outcome of oligarch madness but their intentions are to remain in control and to radically lower our collective standard of living till we beg for scraps from their ever splendid dining table that is not theirs to steal form the rest of us.

This why the Greeks must revolt in such a away as to teach the rest of us that a socialist, ecologically sound democracy with standing armies banned, is the only form of government we can afford. A government that simply provides services such as universal healthcare and environmental regulation but without the trappings of nationalist zealotry.

The debt crisis and austerity that are artificially being imposed on the world are nothing but an organized crime from the world's wealthiest people and for this crime against humanity these people should lose everything and be put in the jails they are now privatizing and building for us that refuse to go along with their global domination plans.

So, I beg you Greece, please knock the first domino down, overthrow your government, default on your debt and feed, cloth and house your people with your own natural resources in the dignity they deserve and forget about the rest of Europe. Their nations are ruled by assholes anyway and need to have their own revolts.

Viva the Greek Revolution!

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