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Commentary :: Race
Video Tsunami of rationality
18 Feb 2012
Modified: 11:23:07 PM
The expression of joy of a former Muslim turned an atheist and a humanist on his liberation from shackles of Islam.
Here, I am.
The Tsunami of rationality is over.
After the tsunami of rationality did its job.
There was a strange calm.

Nothing that was old, decadent and hateful within me escaped wrath of rationality.
Everything that was evil, got deconstructed.
Islam was the biggest causality.
Caste, tribe, race, ethnocentrism, male chauvinism, fear of death, fear of unknown, Herd mentality, herd morality, narrow identities, got washed away
nothing remained untouched.
Only I stood like a rock.
My humanity intact
my morality anew

Now I belong to no religion, no caste, no tribe, no race.
I am what I am, a specie being.
A seemingly independent autonomous node of a great social network we call the humanity.
A node embedded in a great web of human relations in which and through which I manifest myself.
I am part of the humanity.
I am apart from it.
You are not the other; it is me out there, one of my unique copies.
I am a new man.
My social being does not conflict with my specie being.

I am a part of nature.
I am apart from it.
I do not feel a sense of separation from nature any more.
I see my mother earth being striped of the ozone layer
being raped by economic man.
In acid rain, I see her tears
I listen to the cries of my mother earth for help.
I listen to my daddy, the sun, ridiculing me for depleting the ozone layer which can harm his beloved the earth and her children.

I dance with a butter fly like a kid.
A dance that is a celebration of its existence.
That fills my heart with joy and happiness.

After a long toil and labor
after passing through so many appearances, so many stages,
Butterfly attains freedom.
After saving itself from the dangers and threats of its predators since its birth as a larva
When it was most vulnerable.
Now it can fly, and enjoy the freedom and manifest its essence.

Like a butter fly, I too toiled very hard to reach this stage
saved my soul from the poachers and bag pipers, the secular as well as religious.

As I attained awareness. I could see how my parents, missionaries, teachers and clerics acting like poachers, predators of my soul.
They tried to capture me, and make me their cage bird.
Freeze me in a particular social mold
treat me as a category
dissect me reduce me to a slice of myself

see this cute kid. I was innocent like this kid,
they filled my heart with hatred of my fellow human beings,
they tried to kill my creativity, my dreams, my imagination, my innocence.
It fills my eyes with the tears.
I could not stop weeping and crying.

I was like this kid.
So innocent and full of trust, love and respect for my parents
They betrayed my trust
degraded me to the level of a parrot, to a helpless lamb.
Much lower than even to sub human primates
Abusing my childhood degrading my specie being

my parents behaved like merciless shepherds. With hot
iron rod, they tried to mark me as a Muslim forever.
This fills my heart with pain and anguish.
The Organized religion is a crime against humanity.

Soon, I awakened; I understood I am a hostage to the house of Islam
my submission to Islam, identifying myself a Muslim was actually a Stockholm syndrome.
However, the Rationality made my escape possible from the house of Islam.
The Rationality became my savuoir.

It was not so easy.
I had to undergo a torturous and painful process.
I had to confront my own self and the other, including my loved ones.

After the Tsunami of the rationality cleaned my heart from hatred of my fellow human beings.
Something strange happened.
My beloved came to me for a kiss.
She was not alone.
My inner freedom was with her.
I kissed her
that changed everything.

Love overwhelmed me
I cried with joy.
I am in love.
I am in love with the humanity.
I am in love with you.
I am in love with my fellow human beings.
I turned mad with joy.
Love turned into a little Junoon
a Little madness.

Earlier, I was feeling senselessness and purposelessness of my life.
Now to become one with humanity with love is the purpose of my life,
she is my reason to live.
She is all my reasons.
She is the reason I am.
To serve her is the purpose of my life.
She is as near to me as my jugular vein.

Now I understand
the role of love and altruism in the human relations.
When you love someone, you love yourself.

I have fallen in love with the humanity.
Fall in love
Fall in love
Fall in love
Love is the kernel of the human life.
Love alone makes death un-threatening.
Love keeps flames of the life alive.
Love alone survives the death
without love a rational person looks like a Skelton or a robot.
Love alone gives me flesh and a human face.
Rationality was patiently listening Junoons cries of joy.

Junoon requested for some space from rationality .
The request was immediately granted
Junoon got embedded in my consciousness.
Rationality was over confident of itself.
However, Soon rationality felt uneasy and beseeched Junoon.
Please do not kick me out.
It is I who saved him from the poachers of soul.
Otherwise this time he would have been dead man walking.

Junoon replied
Without me, he is merely a calculator.
Without me, he is only Dr. John Nash’s ummah.
Cold, calculated, callous,
Isolated, alienated individual.
I alone can transform him from a part into a meaningfull whole.
A loving, lovable a joyful human being
It is because of me. He can enjoy inner freedom and happiness.

On listening to this the Rationality got emotional and ridiculed Junoon and said:

How can you enjoy inner freedom without being free from the outside?
How can you be free while your fellow human beings remain in the chains?
There can be no inner freedom without freedom from the external forces.
Your inner freedom is incomplete unless you have outer freedom.
Do not declare freedom in haste.
Do not think freedom as an end in itself.
Without freedom of fellow human beings, you cannot be free.
In their freedom lies your freedom.
Until then, your inner freedom is an illusion.

Freedom means freedom to grow, to evolve to become we from, I, to become a unity, a gestalt
To overcome any hurdle in your way in becoming and in being
Without subsuming your inner freedom
Without becoming a victim of herd mentality
you cannot attain true freedom without my help.

Junoon meekly agreed.
And said

Now I understand love is the basis of the human relations.
There is no good, which is bad for others.
There is no good which you cannot share with the other.
There is no freedom which you cannot celebrate with the other.
Our social life is a grand festival a great celebration.
The Rationality which was my only guide had a rival
a Little madness.

Now I perceive Junoon everywhere.
In electrons of an atom, in clouds, in falling snow, in mountain rivers

I feel the sense of liberation as a butterfly feels after it first-time flaps her wings.

I feel as if I am free like the predictably unpredictable clouds.

I appreciate joyful dance of the Snow flakes, proud of their uniqueness, dancing and falling on my face.

Telling me hey you are not the only one
we too are full of a little Junoon,
The very moment the snow flakes made this statement, these ceased to exist as if these were their last words.

I am a Mountain River making its own course
overcoming myself, any obstacle in My way.
and anything that stops me in becoming, in evolving.
I am a river that does not tread a fixed path,
never in a straight line.
A river that does not stagnate.
I am non conformist Oppositional and joyful.
Not dull like the old rivers like Nile, Tigris, Ganges,
The rivers which did not change their course for the centuries.
At times, these create misery in the lives of human beings when these are in rage.

Instead, a joyful Mountain River creates amazing waterfalls and
miracles. I am a miracle of rationality.

This work is in the public domain
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